2012 Sponsor Letter by LvZKbg6


									                     CROWN POINT GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE

                                     P.O.BOX 702

                               CROWN POINT, IN 46307

                        A NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION

Dear Supporter,

The Crown Point Girls Softball League (CPGSL) will be starting soon, and we have a
team that would love to advertise your business on their shirts. In addition, we are
offering signs that will be displayed around the outfield fences.

CPGSL provides shirts, shorts, and socks for the girls during the season as well as
trophies and awards at the end of the season. All of our revenue is expended on the
girls and helps provide updated equipment in our concession stand, field improvements,
and player equipment. Your contribution will help us reach those goals.

On behalf of the CPGSL, we hope you will consider sponsoring one of our teams or
having your business name displayed on a sign at our fields.

Supporter participation fees for the 2012 season are as follows:

Team Sponsorship                  $150.00       Furnishes a team with shirts showing
                                                the sponsor’s name ($225.00 for two

Advertising Sign                  $150.00       4’ x 8’ banner placed on the outfield

Team Sponsorship/Banner           $275.00       One team sponsor and a 4’ x 8’ banner

Please mail your payment, along with a business card, letterhead and form that is
attached to the address above. Should you have any questions, please contact me at
306-2159 or email me at cpgsl@att.net

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Vince Rock

President Crown Point Girls Softball League
                            Sponsor Registration Form

Name of Organization or Business __________________________________________

Contact Name    ________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

Phone Number _________________________________________________________

Type of Sponsorship _____________________________________________________

Amount    _____________________________________________________________

Do you want a Logo on sign or Shirt? ________________________________________

Do you have electronic file of logo? _________________________________________

Do you have color preference: Please note colors are limited _____________________

Please include logo or business card with form and payment to:

                                    P.O. Box 702

                               Crown Point, IN 46307

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