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									Timber door frames have already been common in homes for several years.
The timber used will range from soft to hard wood. The length of the
frame is from six inches to about one foot wide. The thickness is
approximately 2 to 3 inches. The type relies on the venue along with the
desire of the home owner. Once the door is external, a much more robust
frame is used. This especially with the heavier panel doors. The flush or
hollow core internal ones utilizes a moderate frame for hanging the door.
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Today, timber door frames are anchored into the wall differently. This
could certainly operate the lugs, dowels, hoop iron or bolts. The lugs
are typically small items of strong gauge sheets with fish tailed end.
They can be about 6 to 8 inches in proportions. The frames is often
rebated or just plain faced. It can relies on the style of your home and
preference on the owner. The frame really should have right angles for
the corners in order to remain plumb when being fixed.
It frame opening need to be thoroughly prepared. It must present an
allowance of an quarter inch maximum on wall ends. The top of the frame
must not carry any wall loads. The entrance opening need to be bridged by
having an arch, beam or lintel. The frame is usually the measurements the
wall thickness including plaster or rendering. It must be flush together
with the wall finish on sides on the wall. This is no less than nearby
the door opening in particular for external timber doors.

The timber door frame is measured into your door opening. The task for
sinking inside the lugs is marked. There're then nailed in to the frame.
Holes of six inches by six are dug on the wall. The frame using the lugs
is fitted back. It truly is aligned and strong mortar with chippings
familiar with add the holes within the wall. The plaster might be made
good. After day or two the door is hang. The other methods uses screws
which are driven with the door frame into the wall. this methods is
required on finished homes or when replacing a door frame.

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