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					               The How of Boiler Pumps Repair
There are different issues that can affect your pump. One of the most common is leaks. Leaks
can happen inside or even outside of the boiler and can lead to other problems and even lead
to corrosion. The first places to check in case of leaks in your boiler are the boiler pumps. These
pumps are liable for circulation of hot water to the radiators that run around your business or
home. Leaking means that some replacements need to be done as soon as possible. You can
actually diagnose this problem when you come face to face with colossal amounts of corrosion
or if you detect leakage from the top or bottom of the pump.

This is not a very technical problem and in any case you can actually handle it all by yourself
without calling experts and spending money on it. The first step when it comes to pumps repair
is for you to turn the thermostat off so that there is no heat in the system. You will also need to
turn off the breaker that runs to the circulation pump. Remember to close the water valves so
that there is no water flowing.

You can then open the box that houses the wires and disconnect every wire that runs to the
pump motor. Ensure that you note very keenly the connection of each wire. Screw the wire nuts
over the wires that run into the boiler breaker panel. There are bolts located on top and at the
bottom of the flanges. Use a socket wrench to get rid of those. To keep the flange stable, you
will need to keep the bolts in the flange holes. At this point you can keenly take the pump out
and rid it of the corrosion by cleaning the outside of the flanges. You can make use of a brass
brush. As you remove the flanges using a wrench, be careful lest you twist the pipes.

For installation of boiler pumps, you may need to mount new flanges before inserting the bolts
and securing them to the flanges. Make every necessary adjustment and then test by opening
the water shut off valves. As the water runs through the system, look for any possible leaks.
Once you ascertain that all is okay, you can wire back the boiler and turn on the thermostat.
Following these easy steps will help you fix your boiler pump without a problem. In case of
anything major, do not hesitate to call in the experts.

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