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					                          Sims Social Energy Cheat
                              By: Facebook Gamerz

                                What you need to use the Cheat:

    Cheat Engine 6.0

    This only works with FireFox and you will need Cheat Engine.

     These Cheat will speed up your energy regeneration time on the game , the Sims Social.
(Facebook Game).

Follow the few steps below:

      1.        Go to The Sims Social Game

          2. Open your Cheat Engine Version 6.0.
          3. Select a process to open. Iif you use Firefox select plugin-container.exe. Then Check
"Enable Speedhack" Adjust the speed to 7.

  Note:     ( Dont use 10 as a value! that will be too high use 5-7 only.)

       4.You will notice that everything goes fast forward same with your energy recovery.
   Enjoy the Game!
Note: Repeat this process when you restart the Game.

note: If you keep getting a snag, turn the value to 5 and get some
energy. after that spent it on things you want to get items. the
progressed will be saved

note: Refresh it will be at 0 energy thats why you are supose to play
while you are still using the hack. your progress will remain.

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