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									Information Technology Application
  in Animal Husbandry of China

               Dr. Wang Wensheng

      Agricultural Information Institue of CAAS
                What is IT?
Use the scientific principles and methods to obtain
information,which goal is to extend the ability of getting
Also be called “3C” technology
 Communication,Computer and Control
• Information Sending
• Information Receiving
• Information Processing
• Information Controlling

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                   What is IT?
Information Sending
• send information to the destination
• make sure of accuracy, fastness and ontime
• we have used:
 telegraph switching
 Integrated Services Digital Network
 fiber communication
 satellite communication
 digital mobile communication

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                 What is IT?
Information Receiving
• extend the ability of human organ
• impove the sensitivity,perception and recognition
• we have used:
 sensor technology
 measure technology
 remote sensor and measure

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               What is IT?
Information Processing
• recognize the information type such as
text,grahics,audio via hardware,software and network
• convert one type to another
• use database to store all type information

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               What is IT?
Information Controlling
• the right information must be sended to the right

• according to the instructions users enter,control
information to meet users’ need

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                What is IT?
So far, Information Technology has a lot of applications,
such as :
Database Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Expert System
GIS, Geographic Information System
GPS, Global Positioning System
CAD, Computer Assitant Design
Comupter Network Technology
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What is IT?

     DB Application




Database Architecture
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What is IT?

Expert System Structure

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                 What is IT?
                          Data Input

                          Database        Data Processing
Application Module
                         Management          & Analysis

                         Data Output

                     Main Module of GIS

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What is IT?                 24 satellites
                            •Navigation Satellite
                            •Controlling Station

Global Positioning System
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With the development of IT and animal agriculture, the IT
applications will take a large part in animal husbandry.
In a word, there may be:
 MIS, Management Information System
 AISS,Agriculture Introduction and Service System
 BAS,Breeding Analysis System
 SFMS,Stock Farm Management System
 ES,Expert System
 Network System
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The store and management of information is the
basis of information technology, is also the foundation
of other information technology.
MIS can gather, process,store and manage data by
MIS also can supply information for users to make

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MIS application in animal agriculture of China

 Name           Source                        Province
 PIGMAP MIS     http://www.gdswine.org        Guangdong
 GoldFarm MIS http://www.cau.edu.cn/dongke/   Beijing
 ComputerMS     www.chinaswine.com            Beijing
 MilkCowMS      Chen Dezuo

 PPMIS          http://www.gnbss.com/         Guangdong


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Hogpen Product Management System
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The agricultural popuralization is most important part of
modern agriculture,which has functions:
•offer farmers information about economicy,market and
knowledge of science and technology
•generalize and popularize new knowledge of science
and technology
•give farmers consulution services and help them settle
problems of production and management
•train farmers and help them impove the production and
management skill

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As previous page said, the functions of AISS are relative
to the information technology. So the based-on computer
network Information Technology is very vital to
farmers,which will benefit farmers.
• get information as much as possible
• update information easy
• cooperate with experts and exchange information
• get a lot of relative information,such as weather forcast,
market intelligence report,policy and law

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In recent years, our government and science and
technology workers contribute their time and knowledge
to the AISS. So farmers can obtain information by :
•Radio Broadcast

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Farmers watch TV to learn how breed milk cow.

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       SDIC of CAAS

Expert is answering the questions from farmer about hens.

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The farmer is seeking useful information online.
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Computing is the basic function of computer and become
more and more powerful,which make the complex
mathmeitics and statistics analysis possible.As far as
animal agriculture is concerned , computing is very vital.
Modern animal breeding has two characters, one is to use
the principle and method of modern heredity breeding and
the other is the application of computer.
So far, there is the regional information center on animal
husbandry in Beijing and Shanghai

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 BAS application in animal agriculture of China
Project                        Source                                    Province
Computer Statistics Analysis   Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Science   Jiangsu
Evaluation on animal factor    Fujian Academy of Agricultural Science    Fujian
ComputerMS                     Institute of Animal Science of CAAS       Beijing
Software of BLUP & VCCE        Chang Zhijie
Simulation on Genetic Drift    Chen Guicai


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Breeding Analysis System on Piglet
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In farm management, there are three important aspects :
 make the right decision timely to response to
provide good conditions for livestock (nutrition, the
environment, health, etc.) so that they can realize their
full genetic potential of livestock products
Make sure of the guarantee of food safety and not
environmental pollution.
In this three IT can play an important role.

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Farm managers frequently have uncertainty to make
  decision of enterprises and the development ,which
  mainly from the following three areas :
1) the lack of the necessary information (including
   internal and external),
2) the lack of professional knowledge,
3) The development of the random nature of things.
A good manager should fully consider these
  uncertainties, and minimize uncertainty, so that the
  probability of reaching a correct decision biggest
  (smallest risk).

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To achieve the goal previous page said, human brain
and experience is not enough. So we should turn to the
computer information (including knowledge) analysis of
storage capacity and computing capabilities.
Managers not only make use of computer and network
access, comprehensive and detailed internal and
external enterprise information, but also use some
specialized computer software, such as expert systems
or decision support system.

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Modern livestock building involves building process,
construction, environment, and drainage, which calls
for more professional staff coordination. Building
modern farms can easily produce a variety of works by
using AutoCAD, 3DSMAX, PhotoShop and other core
software , which has the overall effects of maps and
map graphics to facilitate the construction side with
the visual exchanges.

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 SFMS application in animal agriculture of China

Project                         Source                          Province
Hen Paperless Recording         Animal Science College of CAU   Beijing
Automatic Recording System      Beiing Pig Performance Measure Beijing
on piglet feed                  Center
Automatic Milk Recording        Beijing Milk Cow Center         Beijing
CAD System on Feed Project      Yang Juncheng


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Stock Farm Management System on Milk cow feed

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               Expert System
Expert Systems is the mixture of knowledge of related
professional fields and the experieces of experts and
According to available information, Expert System can
provide analysis of problems ,diagnosis and prescription.
                    user                 expert

       Resolution          Illationer          Acquire

                    DBMS                Knowledge

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                      Expert System
 ES application in animal agriculture of China
Project                          Source                   Province
Feed Database MS                 Zhang Ziyi, CAAS         Beijing
Milk Cow Feed Database           Sun Delin

DDS on Hen Feed prescription     Lu Chanhua

Software of Feed prescription    Huang Hanying, HZAU      Hubei


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          Expert System

Expert System on diagnosis of birds disease
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               Network System
 The basic function of network is information
  transmission and resources share. Compared to
  traditional information transmission methods (mail,
  telephone, fax, etc.), the use of information
  transmission has its own characteristics :
• fast speed
• Information transmission at any time to any where
• Transmit any type of information by the Internet,
  such as text, images, audio etc.
• low cost

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            Network System
What benefits can Network System bring ?
• transfer and obtain information,which includes
market information, science and technology
information, policy and law, enterprise and personal
•improve management by the intranet and Internet
•cooperative breeding
• network economy

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                 Network System
Website on animal agriculture of China

Name                         Website                 Province
Animal and Veterinary Net    www.cav.net.cn          Beijing
Swine Information Net        www.chinaswine.com

Feed Information Net         www.chinafeed.org       Beijing

Animal Husbandry Net         www.china-ah.com        Beijing


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Network System

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Network System

                   SDIC of CAAS
Network System

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Network System

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Although the IT application in animal husbandry of
China has developed, there are some problems.

The role of government is not fully realized

Information collection is difficult

Management system is unreasonable

Networks system is imperfect

high cost and low quality of consumer groups

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1.The role of government is not fully realized.

with not enough attention and weak sense, the
governor is not really aware that the tremendous
role of animal husbandry information will play on
the development of modern animal husbandry.

the governer consider livestock informalization as
a waste. Because of lack of funding , the IT
application and research in animal agriculture and
hardware construction are limited.

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2.Information collection is difficult.

the capacity of farmers household information
consumption is limited;

the lack of network infrastructure, livestock
information requests timeliness and accuracy;

China is a model for every household raising poultry,
which is ubiquitous in the transaction;

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2.Information collection is difficult.

information collection system is not perfect. So a
large number of livestock information is disorder and

the situation is very difficult forecasted because of
the rapid economic development

breeding enterprises are unwilling to provide accurate
information, even spreading misleading information.

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3.Management system is unreasonable

In the industrialization process of animal husbandry,
production, processing and marketing belong to
different departments.

Because different departments compete for power,the
result is impacting the information collection.

Different department are not cooperative

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4.Networks System is imperfect.
In the livestock sector, there is lack of computer
technology worker.
In some areas, the servers (or computers) of the
national project are regarded as typewriters,and even
are considered unuseful

the development and use of animal husbandry
software lag behind, practicality is poor, and it is
difficult to play a role in the production,
The number of user who connects the network is
relatively fewer.

                                              SDIC of CAAS
3.5. high cost and low quality of Consumer groups

livestock information is the urgent needs of the

the higher cost and lower quality of the information
consumers remain the bottleneck for information,
although there has been great improvement in farmers’
living standards

                                            SDIC of CAAS
Increase publicity of information

Formulate and perfect the relevant laws and

Increase government support to the establishment
of a virtuous network operating mechanism

Personnel training and team-building

Develope practical software systems

Livestock website building.

                                          SDIC of CAAS
1. Increase the publicity of information
 we should increase the propagation of information
   and expand the area of advocacy to solve the
   problem that people has low awareness of
 At the same time we must realize livestock
   informationization, and promote the strategic
   objectives of animal husbandry industrialization.

                                           SDIC of CAAS
And also we should attach importance to the following
  aspects :
 informationization construction works together with
  market mechanisms;
 livestock integrates in other industries, and this can
  bring more development opportunities in animal
 the production information , sector supervision
  information and market information should be hold
  together simultaneously;
 from localized, regional and market information to
  national and global information is necessary.

                                            SDIC of CAAS
2 .Formulate and perfect the relevant laws and
 The government should formulate and perfect
   relevant laws and regulations,especially in
   information security and confidentiality policies,
   prevent hacking attacks against computer virus
   infection and dissemination of information ,concern
   worldwide high-tech developments in animal
   husbandry and play catalyst role in the course of
   translating information into productivity.

                                           SDIC of CAAS
3. Increase government support to the establishment of
   a virtuous network operating mechanism
 In the livestock information system early, the
   government should provide necessary financial
   support for start-up and maintenance, strengthen
   leadership and supervision, and pay attention to
   human resources, create an environment which is
   conducive to the maintenance and development of
   the benign information network operation
 Financial information will be included in the
   construction budget, and government should
   establish special funds, manage as enterprise,
   introduce competition mechanism in a variety of
   forms, and attract community inputs.
                                          SDIC of CAAS
4. Personnel training and team-building.
 Livestock informationization construction need a
    contingent of qualified personnel, which is required
    to complete standardized tasks of information
    collection, transmission, processing , management,
    and application services.
To do this work :
 to improve the training of existing personnel;
 to create a good environment, to attract
    outstanding talents in the most favourable

                                           SDIC of CAAS
5.Develope practical software systems .
 livestock information services have very broad
  market prospects.we should speed up the
  researching and developing information collection
  &processing& applications software ,try hard to
  develop livestock production and management
  software for the rural farmers, apply smart
  multimedia functions, develop decision-making
  software that can forecast the operating results of
  the management system.

                                          SDIC of CAAS
6. Livestock website building
 Livestock website building features should be based
   on livestock industry, focusing on the following
   aspects :
 establish and improve livestock information network
   system, to ensure that timely and reliable
 strengthen and consolidate the main information
   channel which is based on animal husbandry , to
   provide reliable information for the decision-making
   of livestock production sector .

                                           SDIC of CAAS
 establish information resources networks for
  information collection, collation, transmission,
  publication, use and feedback.
 establish livestock network resources search
  engines to facilitate the network livestock user.
 establish an integrated online pastoral education
  system, to progressively realize online education
  system in our country.
 establish a comprehensive e-commerce systems on
  livestock products.
 strengthen the exchange interactive functions of
  network information , such as "online classroom"
  "online discussion."

                                         SDIC of CAAS
         Development Trend
With the development of animal husbandry and
  information technology, the trend of IT applications
  in animal husbandry of China will be:

 Integration of information technology
 specialization of software for anmimal husbandry
 multimedia of animal agriculture resources

 network of information services
 popularization of information education

                                            SDIC of CAAS
Integrated development and application of
 RS,GIS ,GPS in animal husbandry is very

We must use integrated management in the
 achievement of improved production, fodder
 production, animal product processing and
 product marketing, monitoring and

                                   SDIC of CAAS
Feed prescription softwares are
 mature,generalized and applied in animal
Using certain software can automatically
 control the environment and maintain
 optimum production environment

Development of decision-making software
 will optimize the management system.

                                    SDIC of CAAS
The information center must have the
 multimedia information of animal species
 resources, keeping processes, disease
 prevention and control

The information center should provide the
 multimedia for the farmer who need

                                   SDIC of CAAS
Establish a perfect animal husbandry and
 livestock information network system

Send the useful information to the network
 such as food infomation, feed information,
 disease information, veterinary products
 information, technical information,
 professional information and live animals
 and products prices, sales. transmission.
Freely search for any information

                                     SDIC of CAAS
Train high-level information technology
 professionals for animal husbandry

Help farmers master information
 technology and apply these technology to
 their works

                                 SDIC of CAAS
Thank you

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