; All about home safety and your baby (DOC)
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All about home safety and your baby (DOC)


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All about home safety and your baby

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1.Put child safety latches on all cupboard and cabinet doors under the kitchen or bathroom sink or anyplace
you store medicine, cleaning supplies, garden chemicals or poisons. In the garage or storage shed, store all
weed killers and chemicals in a locked cabinet and place the key in a location where your child cannot find


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When you first have a newborn baby, you are very protective of it. You are always afraid of something
happening to it. Well when you are at home you should not be afraid of anything happening to it because you
are there and it should be safe. Keeping your baby safe at home is very important. First, prevent people from
coming to your home that are going to smoke, or do any type of drugs, this is your first line of defense
for baby.

To be safe, when you are at home by yourself lock all the doors, this is vital if you live in a big
city. than other people, to keep your baby from getting injured at home the best thing to do is a buy safety
thing for all over the house. Prevention of problems will include the ability of the baby to walk away,
or get swimming pool. Prevent problems in the home by locking doors, windows, cupboards and garages with locks
to the
that a baby or toddler can’t open.

You probably would not want to have animals like a dog or a cat around your baby until it gets older. A pet
can maul a baby, or a toddler when the pet is not accustomed to being around children all the time. Avoid
having a cat near the baby, so the cat doesn’t cuddle up on the face of the baby, which will then smoother
the without your realizing what is happening.

When you put your baby to sleep at night make sure that it falls asleep on it’s back because of crib death.
Crib death is when a baby suffocates to death. Also, keep loose blankets out of the crib. The crib is a place
for the baby to sleep, not to play. The crib should have bars that are close enough, so the baby can’
t slip and the crib should have bars so that the head of the baby can’t slip through and get stuck. Avoid
potential problems and situations where your baby could easily be hurt.

Once your baby starts to crawl, the best thing for you to get is a walker to let it learn how to walk.
If you
have steps in your home, the ‘thing to get’ is those child gates. They have them at most department stores
if don’t know where to purchase them. This will prevent your child from falling down the steps. You could
even use them in doorways to rooms that you don’t want the child in without you. If you have animals, you
could even use the gates to keep the animals away from the baby.

Once your child starts to walk you should keep things back away from the edge of the counters and the table.
If you drink coffee, you should definitely keep that away so it is not reachable. You should not let any
thingis small laying around because if you do so this it will help so that your baby does not choke
anything. Just remember to lock all the doors when you are there by yourself. Any thing like this will
helpkeep your child safe at home.

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