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(COMMANDER’S)- You have just completed a 100% inventory of all the
equipment in a unit your about to take command of. You’re excited and ready to
sign the main hand receipt at the different property book offices, STOP. Prior to
signing your main hand receipt you want to ensure all the property you’re going to
sign for has been sub hand receipted to personnel in your unit. Sit down with your
supply sergeant with your main hand receipts and go line, by line to verify
everything that you’re going to be signing for has been sub hand receipted to
someone in your unit. Once your comfortable knowing this has been accomplished
you’re now ready to sign the main hand receipts at the different locations
(Organizational, Installation, FMB, TASC, etc.). You’ve signed all your hand
receipts, you’ve accepted the guidon, and you’re now the commander. What
guidance will you give to personnel in your unit on Property Accountability? You
probably want to start with your sub hand receipt holder’s, which are normally the
leaders in your unit. Prepare a memorandum for each of them outlining your
expectations in regards to property accountability. An example of this
memorandum can be found on www.standalonepbo.com when you enter the website click
on the C-O-C link. Now that you’ve provided guidance to your leader’s, what about
the other soldier’s in your unit? Coordinate with your PBO to provide training to
your entire unit. I’m sure he/she would be glad to provide training to the soldiers in
your unit. Now that you, and the soldier’s in your unit have training on property
accountability how do you maintain the standards and ensure property
accountability is enforced? By conducting inventories (Change of Sub Hand
Receipt Holder, Sensitive Items, Cyclic Inventories, etc.)

INVENTORY- A sub hand receipt holder in your unit is scheduled to PCS,
what do you do? First, you want to identify another soldier in the unit to sign for
the property. Normally it will be that soldier’s replacement. If there is no
replacement for the soldier at the time the soldier is scheduled to depart, you want
to pick the next highest-ranking individual in the Platoon, or section. Once this
individual has been identified, have them report to the supply sergeant to receive
guidance on how the inventory will be conducted. An example of a memorandum to
use for change of sub hand receipt holder’s can be found on www.standalonepbo.com
when you enter he website click on the C-O-C link. Have both the incoming and
outgoing sub hand receipt holder’s sign the memorandum and maintain it on file.
Ensure the outgoing hand receipt holder understands that it is his/hers
responsibility to account for the property they’re signed for. They must accompany
the incoming sub hand receipt holder through the entire inventory until all the
property has been accounted for. Once the inventory is complete have them report
back to the supply sergeant with the results of the inventory. If there are any
discrepancies the supply sergeant will prepare the necessary adjustment documents
Administrative Adjustment Report (AAR), Statement of Charges, Report of Survey,
etc.). Once the adjustment documents have been processed, the supply sergeant will
correct the deficiencies on the hand receipt and the incoming hand receipt holder
will sign for the property. Once the incoming hand receipt holder signs for the
property, the outgoing hand receipt holder can be cleared. Ensure that either a
Component Hand Receipt or Shortage annex is prepared if the sub hand receipt
holder has signed for any equipment with components.

SENSITIVE ITEMS INVENTORY-                                 In accordance with AR 710-
2, the Sensitive Items inventory will be conducted once a quarter. In our unit we do
it once a month so it can count for the monthly Weapons and Ammunition
inventory, also. The Commander, or any sub hand receipt holder can conduct this
inventory. The armorer cannot conduct the inventory, nor can the same person for
two consecutive months. Since this inventory counts as the Weapons and
Ammunition Inventory also, the individual conducting the inventory must be a
NCO or above. I recommend to Company Commander’s that they conduct this
inventory once a quarter. In preparation for the inventory make a schedule for the
entire year and publish it. Let the individuals on the schedule know if for some
reason their unable to do the inventory on their assigned month to let you know in
advance so the schedule can be adjusted. Have your supply sergeant coordinate a
date and time the inventory will take place with the hand receipt holder’s signed for
the equipment. Ensure the information is published in a memorandum so everyone
involved in the inventory knows what’s going on. Ensure the individual conducting
the inventory physically verifies the serial number on the equipment, with the serial
number annotated on the inventory. Make sure the individual records any
differences so that the information can be reported to the PBO. Ensure the
individual conducting the inventory annotates the location that he/she found an
item. If a like item is found, that is not on the inventory, report it to the PBO
immediately. After the inventory is completed, and there are no deficiencies found,
report to the PBO’s office to sign the original copy of the inventory. Place the
individual’s name that conducted the inventory in the bottom right hand corner of
the inventory sheet. If there are discrepancies on the inventory report it to the PBO.
Ensure the individual who conducts the inventory knows that it is their
responsibility to conduct a thorough inventory of the property on the listing.

CYCLIC INVENTORIES- In our unit I have elected to conduct a
10% cyclic inventory. This means each month you will inventory 10% of the
equipment you’re signed for. The commander must conduct the cyclic inventory, it
cannot be delegated. At the beginning of the year I provide you with the 10%
schedule for the entire year. I do this so you can place the inventories on your
training schedules. You will receive your cyclic inventory sheets at the beginning of
each month. Have your supply sergeant publish a memorandum, with a make-up
date included, detailing how, when, where, and who will be involved in the
inventory. Ensure when the sub hand receipt holder’s lay out their equipment, that
it’s laid out identically to ensure the inventory goes smooth. Ensure all like items
are inventoried at the same time. If the item being inventoried has components,
ensure they’re laid out as well. When you’re conducting the inventory it’s not only
for accountability, it’s also a serviceability check. If you identify unserviceable
equipment report it to the PBO for disposition instructions. If for some reason a
sub hand receipt holder is not prepared for the inventory on the date and time
originally scheduled, have them lay the equipment out again on the make up date.
If other hand receipt holders have the same equipment, ensure everyone lays his or
her equipment out again. If the hand receipt holder is still not prepared on the
make up date, offer them a statement of charge’s to make up their shortages. If
they refuse to sign the statement of charges initiate a Report of Survey. If they find
the equipment after the survey has been initiated, have the entire unit lay out again.
If no discrepancies exist, coordinate with the PBO to cancel the survey. After the
inventory is completed, and there are no deficiencies found, report to the PBO’s
office to sign the original copy of the inventory. If there are discrepancies on the
inventory report it to the PBO.

HAND RECEIPT- Although it’s not required by regulation, I have each
unit commander update his or her hand receipt monthly. This is done to ensure
you’re reconciling changes to your hand receipt on a monthly basis. Everytime
something is posted to your hand receipt the system that post the change, Standard
Property Book System-Redesigned (SPBS-R), generates a listing that shows
transactions that affect your equipment balance (turn-ins, receipts, etc.) and
transactions that don’t affect your property book balances (serial number’s that
were added or dropped, supply statuses, etc.) Your supply sergeants should be
maintaining these printouts in the supply room. Each month when you receive your
hand receipt go line by line down the hand receipt comparing it with last month’s
hand receipt. If there are any changes in quantity on any piece of equipment, or
something that has been newly added or removed, your supply sergeant should be
able to look on the daily transaction sheets to tell you what happened. If or some
reason they don’t have a copy of the document that was submitted to make the
change, you can get a copy from the PBO. After you’ve compared your hand
receipt with last month’s hand receipt, and also with the transactions affecting and
not affecting your hand receipt balance, and no errors exist, report to the PBO’s
office to update your hand receipt. If there are discrepancies on the hand receipt
report it to the PBO so he/she can determine the error. (Sometimes when we post
changes to the hand receipt we may post the wrong serial number, or the wrong
quantity. We’re not perfect. That’s why it’s important that you reconcile your
hand receipt to ensure everything was posted correctly. It’s easier for the PBO to
correct a discrepancy when it first happens).
SUB HAND RECEIPT HOLDER-                                This person is normally the
platoon leader, platoon sergeant, or section leader. When you conduct your change
of hand receipt holder inventory ensure you do it in accordance with the change of
hand receipt holder memorandum located at www.standalonepbo.com under the C-O-C
link. Once you have completed the inventory you must sign for your property. For
equipment with components you should have either a component hand receipt, or a
shortage annex from the unit commander. After you’ve signed for your equipment
you must then hand receipt it to the users in your platoon, or section. Any
equipment that has components must be hand receipted to the user on a component
hand receipt. Component hand receipts can normally be found in either Appendix
B or C of the technical manual for the piece of equipment. If you can’t find one in
the TM check with your supply sergeant. If you still can’t find the component hand
receipt contact the PBO. Now that you’ve sub hand receipted your equipment to
the user doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You still have a supervisory
responsibility for the equipment. It’s now your job to ensure the young soldier who
signed for the equipment is safeguarding it, and maintaining it. You can do this by
conducting regular inventories. The equipment doesn’t have to come up on the
commander’s cyclic inventory for you to inventory it. It’s your equipment, you can
inventory it whenever you like. If any of your equipment becomes unserviceable, or
needs to be turned in for repair, turn it in to supply. I repeat, turn it in to supply
and let them take care of it. When you turn it in to supply make sure they provide
you with a change document for prove that you turned the equipment in. What
happens when you go to a service school, or on leave? Sign your equipment over to
the next highest-ranking person in the platoon, or section. When you return, do a
thorough inventory and re-sign for the equipment. When you get ready to PCS, or
change sections conduct the change of hand receipt holder inventory in the same
manner as when you initially signed for the equipment. If some reason you manage
to PCS without signing over your equipment you can still be found liable on a
Report of Survey for anything that’s missing.

USER – This is normally the young private, or specialist in the unit.     This is
where property accountability first begins for you. When you sign for equipment
from your supervisor, and it has components, (i.e. HMMWV, MTV, etc.) ensure
you’re given a component hand receipt that list everything that you’re signing for
on that vehicle, or whatever equipment it may be that your signing for. If you’re
signing for equipment from CIF, or supply, ensure you receive everything you sign
for. Once you sign for the equipment, you are responsible for it. Ensure your
equipment is safeguarded, and maintained at all times. Do not give them equipment
to anyone, or sign for any equipment without going through your supervisor.
Ensure if your equipment comes up missing, or is damaged, that you report it to
your supervisor immediately. Don’t be afraid to use the equipment for fear you
may damage it. At the same time don’t neglect your equipment with the attitude
that “Uncle Sam, paid for it, not me”. When you get ready to PCS or change
sections, make sure you’re cleared from every person, or section that you may have
signed for equipment from.

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