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									Retrouvaille of Cleveland
Cordially Invites You …

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                The Cleveland Retrouvaille Community invites you to the
                   2009 Retrouvaille International Council Meeting.

Our community has been working hard to prepare for your visit. We hope you will enjoy this
ICM and find many blessings in all that has been planned. We are waiting to welcome everyone
from the many cities and countries that will be represented this year.

We chose the site of Sawmill Creek Resort and Conference Center as the venue for this event
because of the spacious meeting space that it offers. We also love the quiet atmosphere of the
surrounding area and hope that you find time to enjoy the ambiance while you are there. It
was actually the quiet location with water in several areas that inspired the theme of “To Restful
Waters He Leads Us”. We all give so much of our time to this ministry and we believe God is
calling us to rest and refresh ourselves. He has taken us from the turbulent waters that we
were in during our marriage crisis, and given us a “rebirth” in His restful waters. So let us all
come together this year to rest, reflect and refresh ourselves while we also tend to the business
side of Retrouvaille during the meetings.

If you are interested in spending a few extra days, there is a golf course, tennis courts, a beach
area and hiking trails at your disposal right on the property. The very popular Cedar Point
Amusement Park is only a few miles away, but will only be open on weekends at that time of
year. We will also be on the shores of Lake Erie for those who like boating and fishing. Charter
boats are available close by. However, we do need to warn you that you should check the
weather before you pack all your gear since this part of the country is well known for very big
weather changes in a matter of hours. Those who came to the ICM here in 2000 might
remember the beautiful fall weather and then the snow that came down on Sunday late

There will probably be a need for an overflow hotel, so rooms will be assigned on a first come,
first served basis unless there is a health need. The venue is also about 50 miles from the
Cleveland Airport, so you will need to make sure you reserve a ride to and from the airport.
Please be sure to carefully read the instructions for this under Transportation Information.

Thank you – and we are excitedly waiting to greet you in Cleveland!

Retrouvaille of Cleveland

                           Schedule of Events
Thursday, October 1st, 2009
     Registration / Check-in                             2:00   pm – 9:00 pm
     Board Mass & International Board Meeting            2:30   pm – 5:00 pm
     Dinner on your own                                  5:00   pm
     International Expansion & Development Meeting       6:00   pm – 8:00 pm

Friday, October 2nd, 2009
      Breakfast on your own
      Registration / Check-in (after 12:00 noon)         9:00 am – 6:00 pm
      Formation Team Meeting                             8:00 am – 9:00 am
      Workshoppers Meeting                               9:15 am – 10:45 am
      International Concerns (Lunch Meeting)             11:00 am – 1:00 pm
      Lunch on your own                                  11:00 am – 2:00 pm
      Hospitality Area Open                              2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
      Coordinators Meeting                               2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
      Dinner on your own OR Optional Pre-paid Dinner     5:00 pm
      Procession / Welcome / Opening Mass                6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
      Break                                              8:00 pm – 8:15 pm
      State of Retrouvaille                              8:15 pm – 8:30 pm
      Keynote Speaker – Dr. Ray Guarendi                 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm
      Announcements / Evening Prayer                     9:30 pm – 9:45 pm
      Hospitality Area Open                              9:45 pm – Midnight
      12-Step Meeting                                    9:45 pm

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
     Breakfast                                           6:30 am – 8:00 am
     Full Council Address from the International Board   8:00 am – 9:15 am
     Business Meeting                                    9:15 am – 11:45 am
     Workshops – Session A                               9:30 am – 10:45 am
     Workshops – Session B                               11:00 am – 12:15 pm
     Lunch                                               11:45 am – 1:30 pm
     Business Meeting                                    12:45 pm – 2:45 pm
     Workshops – Session C                               2:30 pm – 3:45 pm
     Workshops – Session D                               4:00 pm – 5:15 pm
     Polka Mass                              5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
     Dinner Banquet                          6:45 pm – 8:00 pm
     Entertainment                           8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
     Announcements / Evening Prayer          10:00 pm – 10:15 pm
     Hospitality Area Open                   10:15 pm – Midnight
     12-Step Meeting                         10:15 pm

Sunday, October 4th, 2009
     Breakfast                               6:30 am – 8:00 am
     Business Meeting                        8:00 am – 12:30 pm
     Workshops – Session E                   8:30 am – 9:45 am
     Workshops – Session F                   10:00 am – 11:15 am
     Lunch                                   12:30 pm – 1:45 pm
     Thank You/Cleveland & Thank You/Board   2:00 pm – 2:30 pm
     Closing Mass / Saints of Retrouvaille   2:30 pm – 3:45 pm
     Hospitality Area Open                   4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
     International Board Meeting             7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

                   Transportation Information
Travel by Plane:
You should book your flight into Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The airport code is
CLE. Continental Airlines has a hub here, so they have many flights coming in from many cities
to CLE. Of course there are many other major airlines that also have flights here too.

The airport is approximately 50 miles from the ICM site. Getting a cab to go that far is
extremely expensive, so we have made arrangements with Aqua Limo to supply vans or busses
to bring you directly to Sawmill Creek Resort. The cost for this service is $30 per person for a
round trip. You must register separately for this service in advance so they can be prepared
with the correct size vehicle for the group. When you register for the ICM, be sure to click on
their link (available in both English and Spanish) to make your reservations at Aqua Limo. Aqua
Limo service is available on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. You will also
need to pay them directly at the time you register with MasterCard, Visa, or possibly an
electronic check payment option. There will be a representative from Aqua Limo at the airport
to greet you and direct you to their vehicle. They will have a sign with our ICM logo on it and
be in the baggage claim area. They will also provide a direct phone number in case of any
problems. Simply click on the ICM logo on their website to reserve your ride.

Travel by Car:
It seems everyone today has either a GPS system or will go to a website, such as Mapquest, to
get specific driving directions from home to the final destination. It would be impossible for us
to supply such detailed information for each individual. If someone does need more detailed
information, please contact the registration couple and they will do their best to help you. The
destination address of Sawmill Creek Resort & Conference Center is 400 Sawmill Creek Drive,
Huron, Ohio 44839. Further directions are available on the Sawmill Creek Resort Website.

Parking is free at the hotel. There is room to park an RV, but the hotel will not permit anyone
to stay in the RV while you are there. We personally would like to ask that those who may
bring an RV, to park it in an area further away from the building since many of them require
two parking spaces.

When you arrive:
Our registration area will be set up in the area called Wilderness Hall. We will greet you there
and give you your bag with all the ICM information in it. We will also give you your room
assignment. At this time we are currently working on arrangements with the hotel so that you
will not need to wait in line at the hotel desk for your keys, but the details of this are not
finalized yet. So at this time, we are asking that you please check in with our registration table
before you go to the front desk. One exception to this would be for those who plan to arrive at
Sawmill Creek before Thursday, October 1st. Those folks will need to go to the Front Desk.

When you depart:
Check out time is at 11:00 am. For those who will be leaving on Sunday, October 4th, we will
have a room to store your luggage in and will tell you where to put it at the time we make
announcements on Saturday night. Unless you have any incidental charges that need to be
paid for at the Hotel’s Front Desk, you can leave your keys in your room and simply depart.

If anyone is staying for additional days, check out is still at 11:00 am. If you need a late check
out for any reason, you must make those arrangements with the hotel yourself after you arrive.
There may be an additional charge for this.

Aqua Limo will provide transportation back to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on Sunday
and Monday. These arrangements should have been made when you registered for your round
trip travel to and from the airport.

                         Workshop Information

Workshop Registration Directions:
It is very important to register for your workshops in advance so we can schedule the size of the
room that is needed. Do not expect to just go into any workshop and find open seats that
someone else may have already signed up for.

Workshops will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If a workshop’s space is filled,
you will be offered the opportunity to choose another workshop.

Please make sure that you choose workshops that are offered during times that you are
available to attend them. For instance, if you are a voting member for your community, you
should plan to be at all scheduled Business Meetings and then the only Workshop Sessions you
would be able to attend would be Session C and Session D. If you are not a voting member for
your community, then you are able to choose one workshop you would like to attend for any of
the Workshop Sessions offered. Please be sure that husband and wife sign up for the workshop
they each prefer.

                        Workshop Descriptions
Heroic Leadership
Description: Inspired by the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Fr. Dan explores principles for
Christian leadership and how these can be applied within our Retrouvaille communities
throughout the world. Learn how St. Ignatius called his followers to reflect on their daily lives
and grow to be more like Christ day by day.

Bio of the Presenter: Fr. Dan Schlegel was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Cleveland on
May 28, 1988. He has served the parishes of St. Leo the Great in Cleveland, Holy Cross in
Euclid, St. Christopher in Rocky River and presently serves as the administrator of the Church of
the Holy Angels in Bainbridge Township. Fr. Dan has been involved in the Cleveland Retrouvaille
community since 1994.

Spirituality of Imperfection
Description: Someone once wrote, “God comes through the wound.” How is it that God works
so beautifully through our imperfections and failings? Learn more about what St. Paul meant
when he wrote, “Power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9). Find out why the
12-step program is such a powerful influence in the spirituality of millions throughout the world.
Fr. Dan will lead us in a reflection about how God’s power is at work in our broken lives.

Presenter: Fr. Dan Schlegel

Living the Paschal Mystery
Description: Retrouvaille reminds us that a married couple shares in the suffering, death and
resurrection of Jesus. The Paschal Mystery is a metaphor for the Christian life. With Fr. Ronald
Rolheiser’s book, “Holy Longing” as an inspiration, learn how sharing in the paschal mystery can
be a way of life for Christians leading us from the suffering of our Good Fridays to the joys of
Easter Sunday.

Presenter: Fr. Dan Schlegel

The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on the Marriage Relationship
Description: Quentin and Jo Lauer will be sharing their personal experience with the effects of
childhood sexual abuse on their marriage, their struggles and their ongoing healing. Time will
be allotted for questions and sharing.

Bio of the presenters: Quentin and Jo Lauer have been married for over 40 years. They have
three children, five marvelous grand children, and are owned by two cats, Boots and Lucy.
They made their weekend in October of 1990. They have written and presented Stages 1, 2,
and 3. They have written and presented all 12 Post talks and have written and presented
Formation weekends. They are presently the coordinators for Retrouvaille Arkansas. They were
the expansion couple for Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Memphis for five years.
They have presented in over 120 weekends.

Theology of the Body
Description: Sex is plastered on every billboard and magazine. Is this normal? Are you
appalled? Have you grown used to it? For the past two years, Dan and Pam have been studying
“Theology of the Body” and applying it to their story. They found their story is not unique.
According to the stats, 50% of married couples share their very story. Come and “gird your
loins with the truth” (Ephesians 6:14). Hear how Pope John Paul II affirms that SEX really IS a
big deal! The truth will change your marriage AND your sex life. THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION,

Bio of the presenters: Dan and Pam Lipp have been married for 22 years and live in Alvaton,
Kentucky with their 8 children. They made their Retrouvaille weekend in January 2002. They

have been the Community Coordinators in Owensboro, KY for 4 years and lead the Bowling
Green, KY CORE. They are also weekend and post presenters.

Los Cinco Lenguajes del Amor
Descripción: Introducción a "Los Cinco Lenguajes del Amor" basado en el libro del mismo
nombre de Gary Chapman. Como expresar devoción sincera a su cónyuge. Si nosotros
aprendemos a hablar el lenguaje del amor de nuestros esposos y nuestros hijos, cambiamos la
situación emocional en nuestro hogar. Por naturaleza hablamos nuestra lenguaje del amor,
tenemos que aprender como hablar el idioma del amor de la otra persona. En este corto taller
identificaremos los Cinco Lenguajes del Amor y descubriremos la manera que nos sentimos
amados (as). También veremos como identificar el lenguaje de nuestros hijos.

Biografía del Presentador: Luiz y Erika Bueno, de la Comunidad de San Diego, 15 años de
casados, 2 hijas de 11 y 3 años. Acudimos a nuestro fin de semana en Octubre de 2004 y desde
entonces estamos participando en Retrouvaille . Actualmente presentamos etapa 1 del FDS y los
seguimientos 1, 9 y 12, también organizamos las reuniones mensuales de CORE Español.
Ademas de la participación en nuestra comunidad local, servimos como la pareja de Apoyo y
Desarrollo de la Región 14 Hispana y representamos a las comunidades Hispanas en los
Estados Unidos en el Comité Consultivo Internacional. Hispana y representamos a las
comunidades Hispanas en los Estados Unidos en el Comité Consultivo Internacional.

Reuniting: Recovering from an Extramarital Affair
Description: This presentation explores the aftermath of an extramarital affair and how the
married couple may work toward reuniting and moving on. The emotional and psychological
effects of an affair, forgiveness and healing will be discussed.

Bio of the presenter: Dr. Michael Pavlak is a licensed psychologist and a licensed
independent marriage and family therapist and is a clinical member and approved supervisor for
the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He received his Master and Doctoral
degrees from the Pennsylvania State University and is a trained leader in the Prevention and
Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) and a trained counselor and seminar director in the
Prepare – Enrich Marital Evaluation and Counseling Program. He is in private practice with
North Coast Mental Health Associates in Beachwood, Ohio. He is an adjunct faculty member at
Ursuline College, and Conducts Pre-Cana classes for the Cleveland Catholic Diocese using the
PREP model. He can be reached at 216-464-3358.

The Couple Check-up: An Online Survey to Keep Your Marriage Growing
Description: The Couple Check-up is a shorter version of the Prepare-Enrich inventory used by
clergy and counselors to help engaged and married couples identify their couple strengths and
growth areas. This online inventory asks couples to separately agree or disagree with items
describing aspects of their relationship. Items vary depending on the couple’s status: seriously
dating, engaged or married. Upon completion, they receive a confidential profile with
suggestions for improving their relationship. The Checkup can also be utilized for marriage

enrichment by a parish. Parish leaders receive a group profile that ranks the strengths and
issues most common to their married parishioners. They can then design an enrichment session
to address these. Individual couple profiles are not seen by parish leaders. A great tool for
individual and/or parish marriage enrichment!

Bio of the Presenter: Bill Boomer , a Certified Pastoral Minister for the Diocese of Cleveland, is
employed by Catholic Charities as the director (since 2004) of The Department for Marriage
and Family Ministry. His responsibilities include developing and promoting the Family
Perspective of the Catholic Church in parishes and diocesan offices as well as families. He
previously worked in three parishes as a pastoral minister (RCIA director, adult education,
sacramental formation, Liturgy planning and music director). He (re)married (2007 to Leslie-
wife extraordinaire, sales specialist, pastoral ministry candidate: [previously married to Barb 17
years then widowed (2002) for 5 years]; active father of two children (Kristen 19, Brian17);
stepfather to Sara 27 and Joe 22. He has a M.A. in Systematic Theology – St. Mary Seminary
(1988): B.A. Religious Education – Oral Roberts University (1980). He loves cross-country
skiing, windsurfing, running, eating, piano and singing.

Mental Illness: Helping Each Other End the Silence, Learn the Facts, and
Regain Intimacy
Description: Fred and Cathy Vrabel will be speaking on the subject of how chronic depression
affected their marriage, and the challenges they faced as a couple, to acknowledge and come to
terms with having a chronic mental illness that impacted their relationship and family. They will
talk about what they experienced individually, the challenges they faced dealing with the stigma
and fear they felt, and how they benefited from decisions to be open, honest, and willing to
share with each other, instead of remaining silent and alone during cycles of depression. They
will share their experience, strength and hope that couples can recover, maintain stable mental
health, and grow closer no matter how long a time mental health problems have been a part of
a marriage. They have also dealt with mental health problems with their children and will share
about this as well. Besides sharing their personal story, they will welcome questions, have
educational handouts re: various forms of mental illness, and resource lists detailing where you
can look for help, if you or someone you love are dealing with depression or other mental health

Bio of the Presenters: Cathy and Fred Vrabel made their Retrouvaille Weekend in 1987.
They have been married 34 years and they have 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren. They
were separated for 1 ½ years after 13 years of marriage before attending their weekend. They
were one of the pioneer couples who helped establish San Diego Retrouvaille in 1991. They
have held a variety of positions in the San Diego Community and are currently the Coordinating
Couple for their community until 2010. They currently do Stage 1 of the Weekend and several
of the Post Weekend talks. Fred has worked with children in schools and libraries for the past
20 years, and Cathy is a Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist who has worked in the field of
mental health and addiction recovery for over 20 years. They frequently have couples say how
relieved and thankful they are to hear a Retrouvaille couple share about depression and how it
affected their marriage. They judge there are many couples suffering in silence and without
information, and are committed to sharing their hope that treatment and recovery are possible.
Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage (DVD Presentation)
Session I, II– The Tale of Two Brains
Description: In this highly entertaining DVD, national marriage expert Mark Gungor explores
the differences between men and women or what he calls, “The Laws of Relational Physics”.
Specifically, how men and women are wired differently. They act differently, they communicate
differently and most importantly, they think differently. Mark shows couples that their problems
may result from how men and women THINK about life in a different way. He explains that
many of the struggles couples face in marriage are the result of a HEAD problem, not a HEART

Session III -Why Does He/She Do That?
Description: In this session Mark teaches couples how to discover the true reasons why their
spouse does what he or she does.

Session IV -How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anybody
Description: Mark Gungor covers the subject of forgiveness and shows how to avoid building
resentment in marriage.

Bio of the Presenter: Mark Gungor When Mark Gungor presented his first marriage seminar,
he did so for one reason - because somebody had to do it, and no one else was reaching the
couples in his area. The enthusiastic response he received from his first audience was just the
tip of the iceberg. Today, he is one of the most sought- after speakers on marriage and family
in the country. Each year thousands of couples attend his Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage
seminars. Mark's candid and comedic approach uses unforgettable illustrations to teach proven
principles that are guaranteed to strengthen any marriage. Mark has been featured on national
broadcasts such as Focus on the Family and ABC News. His daily radio program, The Better
Marriage Minute, is heard on over 250 radio stations nationwide, and he has been featured in
television specials broadcast on the worldwide TBN network. In the fall of 2008, The Mark
Gungor Radio Show debuted broadcasting live over the Internet weekly. He is also the creator
of a new television series: Love, Marriage, and Stinking Thinking. He is married to his high
school sweetheart and constant travel companion. The Gungors have been married for over 34
years and have two grown children and three grandsons.

"FORO ABIERTO" Para las comunidades Hispanas
Description: - aciUn espacio abierto para todas las comunidades Hispanas para compartir sus
logros así como sus dificultades, y una oportunidad para expresar sus necesidades y opiniones.
Unidos podremos hacer nuestras comunidades mas fuertes y con mas soporte. Los resultados
de este foro los enviaremos a la Mesa Directiva Internacional (Internacional Board) para

Bio of the Presenters: Luiz y Erika Bueno, de la Comunidad de San Diego, 15 años de
casados, 2 hijas de 11 y 3 años. Acudimos a nuestro fin de semana en Octubre de 2004 y desde
entonces estamos participando en Retrouvaille . Actualmente presentamos etapa 1 del FDS y los
seguimientos 1, 9 y 12, también organizamos las reuniones mensuales de CORE Español.
Ademas de la participación en nuestra comunidad local, servimos como la pareja de Apoyo y
Desarrollo de la Región 14 Hispana y representamos a las comunidades Hispanas en los
Estados Unidos en el Comité Consultivo Internacional. Hispana y representamos a las
comunidades Hispanas en los Estados Unidos en el Comité Consultivo Internacional.

Coping With Disability
Description: Mary Lou Beers shares with us the story of coping with her husband’s debilitating
disability. She shares her source of strength in facing the many challenges presented to her
and husband Jim as they journeyed through the many years of their marriage until Jim passed
Gain strength from Mary Lou and learn how to cope with whatever challenges you are facing.

Bio of the Presenter: Mary Lou Beers and her husband Jim shared their story of God’s
unconditional love and the challenge of living the sacrament of marriage for many years. After
Jim suffered a debilitating stroke at the age of 29 and then a second stroke two years later that
robbed him of his speech and nearly all movement, Jim and Mary Lou shared the story of the
challenges they faced, with others who were preparing for marriage. Frequently they were
guest speakers at confirmation retreat days and many high school events. They were honored
by the Cleveland Plain Dealer with an award for excellence for their inspiration and dedication to
sharing the good news of God’s love. Together they raised five children and enjoyed the arrival
of grandchildren. After Jim passed away, Mary Lou continued to share with others how she was
able to cope when faced with the many challenges of Jim’s disability.

Financial Planning for a Healthy Community
Description: Be not afraid! Get your questions answered about tax filing, reporting and
balancing your community’s budget

Bio of the Presenters: Dick and Irene Reimbold are members of the Metro Detroit
Community. They made their weekend in October 2003 and their Formation Weekend in March,
2007. They are Weekend Presenters (Stage 1) and Post Presenters (Talks 1 and 12). They
currently serve as Assistant Coordinators for the Detroit Community. They have served as
Finance Couple for the Detroit Community in the past. They also serve as the International
Finance Team. Dick retired as Director of Accounting for a Regional Midwest Railroad, a
position he held for 10 years. He had also served as Assistant Treasurer and Manager of
Budgets and Financial Planning for that railroad. Irene has been a Real Estate Broker in the
Detroit area for thirty-five years. As an offshoot of the Real Estate business she started a
Personal Tax Preparation business approximately 25 years ago, which also extended to financial
counseling. Upon Dick’s retirement in the early 90’s, he joined Irene in the Tax Preparation
business where they were able to expand the business into Small Business Tax Preparation,
Accounting and Payroll Accounting. In 2003 they sold their Tax Preparation Business but
continue to work for the new owner’s part-time. Irene has continued her Real Estate and
Financial Counseling business. They have made past Retrouvaille Presentations on both
Personal Finances and Community Finances.

Teología del Cuerpo
Descripción: Escuche cómo Juan Pablo II reafirma que el sexo es un asunto importante.
Descubra cómo su vida sexual y su matrimonio pueden cambiar para bien.

Biografía de los Presentadores:
Luly y Joel Domínguez son originarios de Chihuahua, México. Han estado casados por 17
años y tienen 3 hijos (Alejandra de 15 años, Joel de 10 años y Josué de 7 años). Tomaron su
fin de semana de Retrouvaille en octubre de 1996. Han estado muy involuctrados con
Retrouvaille como Coordinadores Diocesanos el Equipo de Chihuahua (200-2001); Equipo
coordinador para Latinoamérica (2001-2004); Equipo de Asuntos Internacionales (2004-2008).
Son presenatores de fin de semana de las etapas 1, 2 y 3, post presentadores y están en el
Equipo de Formación. Han participado en la expansión de Retrouvaille en otros países fuera de
México: Córdoba, Argentina en 2003; Santiago de Chile en 2003; Valencia, España en 2005;
Managua, Nicaragua en 2005; Quitom Ecuador en 2006 y Bogotá, Colombia en 2009.

La Espiritualidad de la Sexualidad

Biografía del Presentador: El Padre Bob Poandl es un pastor misionero que trabja en el Sur
del Estado de Georgia. Presenta fines de semana de Retrouvaille en inglés y en español, Fines
de semana de Foramción en inglés y español y es parte del equipo de Expansión/Desarrollo en
la Mesa Directiva Internacional.


Priest Workshop
Presenter: Fr. Walt Bracken serves on the International Coordinating Team. He was ordained in
1971. He is a priest with the Society of the Divine Word. According to his profile on the
Retrouvaille website his personality style is the "helper" and the mask he wears in "Mr.


Boundaries: Learning to Say NO is a Good Thing
Description: “Only when you and your mate know and respect each others needs, choices, and
freedom can you give yourselves freely and lovingly to one another” says Drs. Henry Cloud and
John Townsend in their book: Boundaries in Marriage. Boundaries (the way we define and
maintain our sense of individuality, freedom and personal integrity) are so important if we want
our marriage to flourish.

Bio of the presenters: Dave and Terri Norris hail from Cleveland, Ohio and have been
married 43 years. They have three adult children and three precious granddaughters. They
have been involved in Retrouvaille since they made their weekend in 1991. They have served
their community in the past as Stage I presenters and co-coordinators. They currently present
10 of the Post talks. Ken and Jean Nagy have been married for 36 years. They have 3 adult

children and two very precious grandchildren. They made their Retrouvaille in 1995. They have
been Post presenters in the past and now serve the Cleveland Retrouvaille community as the
Friday night registration couple. They have been known to haul around a sound system and
other Retrouvaille stuff.

En una Nota Espiritual
Biografía del Presentador: Fr. Florencio Fuentes ha sido un sacerdote Diocesano durante 25
años. El es de la Diócesis de Tehuacan, Puebla, México. El ha sido implicado con Retrouvaille
durante 10 años.

The Prodigal Family
Description: The Prodigal Family is based on the Book by Henri Nouwen. We will look at the
ways we have been the Prodigal Son. The ways we have lived as the Older Son and our
attempts to be the Forgiving Father/Mother. We use Rembrandt's painting of the Prodigal Son
as a visual aid to allow us to see ourselves in this Gospel Story.

Bio of the presenters: Bill and Peg Zwaan have been married for 54 years now but according
to them, much of the credit for this is Retrouvaille's healing power. They attended Marriage
Encounter in 1976 and they then drew a line and told each other they would not cross it. They
didn't heal until they attended a Retrouvaille in 1989. They founded the Delaware Valley
Retrouvaille Community and they were discerned International Coordinators in Los Angeles in
1995. They served with Fr. Marc Roselli. They have parented 7 children. They have 12
grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. They now live in Wauchula, Florida. This is the real
Florida where cows are the biggest population. They live with cow hunters not cowboys. They
teach in the Sacramental program at their parish and also serve as Eucharistic Ministers.


Healthy Touch for Couples
Description: Come learn about touch and how it affects those you touch. Learn healthy and
loving ways to express yourself through touch.

Bio of the presenter: Heather Waldron has been a massage therapist for 5 years. Heather’s
interest in the human body and its’ response to touch was what brought Heather to massage
therapy. She has worked for various massage clinics, and independently since June of 2006.
She also works at a chiropractor’s office, Highland Wellness Center, and has been there since
July of 2005. Heather is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Ohio, and with the National
Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Heather received her certificate of
Massage Therapy at Cuyahoga Community College, and also holds a bachelors of science in
Mechanical Engineering, a degree which has helped her gain a deeper understanding of the
mechanics of the body

(Note: At the time of this printing, there is still a possibility that some of the information for the
workshops could change. It would be best to check the on-line workshops for the most up-to-
date information.)
                     Workshop Selection Form

Choose 1 workshop per person for the time slots you are able to attend. Note that voting
members should be in the business meetings for all but Sessions C & D.

Saturday, 09:30-10:45 - Session A

Husband/Priest       Wife Title
                          Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Marriage

                            Heroic Leadership

                            Laugh Your Way-Session I

                            Mental Illness –End the Silence

                            Theology of the Body

                            Los Cinco Lenguajes del Amor

Saturday, 11:00 -12:15 - Session B

Husband/Priest       Wife Title
                          Spirituality of Imperfection

                            The Prodigal Family

                            Teología del Cuerpo

                            Couple Checkup

                            Coping with Disability

                            Reuniting: Recovering from an Affair

                            Laugh Your Way – Session II

Saturday, 02:30 – 03:45 - Session C

Husband/Priest       Wife Title
                          Heroic Leadership

                            Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Marriage

                            Los Cinco Lenguajes del Amor

                            Mental Illness- End the Silence

                            Theology of the Body

                            Laugh Your Way - Session III

Saturday, 04:00 – 05:15 - Session D

Husband/Priest       Wife Title

                            Priest Meeting

                            Spirituality of Imperfection

                            Financial Planning for a Healthy Community

                            Reuniting: Recovering from an Affair

                            Laugh Your Way - Session IV

                            Coping With Disability

                            Couple Checkup

                            La Espiritualidad de la Sexualidad

Sunday, 08:30 – 09:45 - Session E

Husband/Priest      Wife Title

                              Living the Paschal Mystery

Sunday, 10:00 – 11:15 - Session F

Husband/Priest      Wife Title

                           Foro Abierto Para las comunidades Hispanas

                           The Prodigal Family

                           Laugh Your Way – Session IV

                           Boundaries: Learning to Say No is a Good Thing

                           Healing Touch

                       Registration Instructions
Online Registration:
Online registration is available by going to the Retrouvaille International Community Page
website or by going directly to the following URL: . You can easily
register there by following the prompts. Please be sure to fill in all areas of the registration.

Payment can be made by most major credit cards or using your PayPal account. However, we
would like to encourage you to pay by check to avoid the high fees we must pay to utilize this
service. Make checks payable to Retrouvaille of Cleveland and send them to:
Dave & Rosemary Seeley
28440 Aspen Dr.
North Olmsted, OH 44070

Please remember that if you are reserving a ride to and from the airport with Aqua Limo, that
you will need to pay the $30.00 per person fee directly to them when you register for their

Registration by Mail:
Please use the registration form that is on the following pages. Registration by mail must be
paid by a check made payable to Retrouvaille of Cleveland. Please be sure to fill in all areas of
the registration and mail it with your payment to:
Dave & Rosemary Seeley
28440 Aspen Dr.
North Olmsted, OH 44070

If you need transportation to and from the airport, you will need to contact Dave & Rosemary
Seeley (Address above) to have them make the arrangements for you with Aqua Limo. Or you
can go directly to the Aqua Limo Website to make your own arrangements (see instructions
under “Travel By Plane” on page 6 of this document.)

Voting Privileges:
Each community in good standing with Retrouvaille International has 3 votes. If you have any
questions regarding whether or not you are eligible, please contact either the International
Finance Team, Dick & Irene Reimbold or the International Secretary Team, Bill & Sharon Kalber.

Optional Friday Night Meal:
Many of us have felt the crunch of trying to find a quick meal on Friday evening after the
Coordinators Meeting and before the Opening Mass. Sawmill Creek Resort is located in a quiet
area, and most restaurants are not within walking distance. We have made arrangements for
an optional meal to be served at Sawmill Creek if you register in advance. This meal will be at a
charge of $14.90 per person. It will include the following: Tossed Green Salad Bowl,
Condiments Bowl, Dressings, Potato Salad, Silver Dollar Buns, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Egg
Salad, Soup du Jour, relish tray, Chocolate Brownie, Ice Tea or Ice Water. PLEASE BE SURE TO

Saturday Evening Banquet:
You will have a choice of three plated dishes. They are: Beef Tenderloin, Chicken Forestierre, or
Vegetarian Plate of the Day. Please mark the choice for the husband and/or priest and the wife
(if applicable).

Extra Nights:
The extra nights available on the registration form include Wednesday, September 30th,
Thursday, October 1st and Sunday, October 4th. Staying any of these nights will be at an
additional charge of $125.00 per night when you register. If you plan to extend your trip for
more nights than this, Sawmill Creek has granted us a special rate of $125 plus taxes per night
– but you must register directly with the hotel for an extended stay. Be sure to mention that
you have special pricing through Retrouvaille.

Sales Tables:
There will be sales tables for communities wishing to purchase one to sell items at the ICM. We
do ask that only items appropriate for the ICM be sold. No outside vendors will be permitted.
Or if you wish to have a raffle table, that is fine too.

As you all know, the Cleveland Community has worked very hard to keep the price of this
Council Meeting as low as we can. One way you can help us to save some expense is by
making payment by check to avoid the fees charged to us by PayPal or Credit Cards. If it is
possible, we are asking you to pay by check. However, we are prepared to accept payment in
the method that is best for you. We thank you for considering our efforts to avoid excess
spending in this regard.

The early registration fee is $600.00 for couples and $425 for priests. This price will be good
until July 15th. Registrations made after July 15th will be $650.00 for couples and $475 for

The discounts for the cookbooks can not be used when you register for technical reasons.
Please contact Marce & Liz Gliha at after you register and they will mail
a discount check to you. They will send you instructions on how to get the discount. We are
sorry for the inconvenience.

             Shirts and Other Items Available
Every year there are clothing items available to purchase with the ICM logo on it. Many of us
have quite a collection of these memorabilia in our closets! It is always fun to wear them on
weekends and especially when representing Retrouvaille at other functions as well.

Items ordered before September 1st, will be given to you when you arrive at the ICM in
Cleveland. If you order after that date, the items will be shipped directly to your home with
shipping charges added on. So, you can save a few dollars if you order in advance!

Orders can be placed on-line and there are many items and colors to choose from. Simply click
on Company Casuals to view the selection and make your purchase.

At this point in time, we are not sure whether or not we will have a limited number of items
available for sale at the ICM. It is simply too difficult to know what items will be desired and
what sizes to have on hand. It is possible that we’ll have a few samples there for you to see,
and those few items will be sold, but there will definitely not be enough for everyone.

                          Saints of Retrouvaille
Please be sure to fill in all information:
Name of the Saint:

Community they served:

Positions they have held (both local & International Board if applicable):

Name of Spouse (if deceased, please include when spouse died):

Where and When they attended their original weekend:

Date of Birth and Date of Death:

_________________________________                _______________________________________

Names of family survivors (spouse and children):

Will any members of the family be present for the Saints of Retrouvaille Ceremony?

Who will carry the candle if a family member is not present?

Please use the rest of this page to add any other information about the Saint that you would like
to have included.

Mail Completed form to:

Marce and Liz Gliha
575 Southington Blvd.
Painesville, Ohio 44077
Email address:


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