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First Floor , flat no 1,Matruchaya building,
Plot no 27,Mitramandal Colony,
Parvati, Pune-411009
   +91 - 20 - 24420209

        HU Consultancy Pvt Ltd (HUCPL) was established with the aim of providing complete range of corporate
        advisory and transaction support services under one roof. The services include mergers, acquisitions,
        strategic planning, restructuring, takeover, and valuation Business and Assets turnaround, buyback.
        Services are offered on 'Turnkey' basis or as customized assignments. HUCPL has developed its
        competency to execute successfully.

        HU Private Limited came into existence by way of Demerger of web portal, M&A Critique and Valuation and other software of HUCPL to HU
        Pvt Ltd., is an idea conceived in year 2001 by HU Consultancy Private Limited. came into existence when Indian companies started realizing the importance of
        corporate restructuring as a tool for growth and hence the very basic philosophy behind coming with this
        portal was that the various companies and professionals could access all the aspects of corporate
        restructuring any time. Thus, the portal equips all the concerned with updated laws with in-depth
        applicability, case laws, daily M&A news, a very comprehensive database of schemes, and so on. The
        portal also provides online and offline services such as valuing your business, drafting the scheme, the best
        restructuring plans and so on in cost and time effective manner.

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