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									Personal Statement

Since childhood I was always dreaming to travel around the world and live an adventurous
life. Art and culture also has been my biggest passion for a long time. My latest education is
international tour leadership from organization of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts
in Iran. My most recent job was working as a tour guide in two of the most famous
historical monuments of my country. I have also many years of practical experience and
qualifications in Persian handicrafts and miniature painting. I have found this area very
interesting and challenging.

I recognize that there is a big future in tourism industry, especially with the recent well
publicized boom in travelling. In the same time Iran, after many years of communicational
and cultural restraints is now in the process of preparing a master plan for tourism
development. To keep pace with this fast growing industry and to be able to be effectively
involved in my country’s improvements, I have realised that I need to upgrade myself
further and take my skills to the next level. I really desire the opportunity to learn more. I
would like to embark on a Master’s programme in Arts and Heritage Management. Having
looked at the content of this course, I believe it is the most appropriate route to upgrading
my existing skills and achievements and also a great chance to fulfil my desire to become an
expert in this specific area.

Throughout my studies and professional activities I have always been punctual, attentive,
supportive and reliable. I am also able to prioritize my workload and handle many tasks
simultaneously. I believe that I have the necessary determination and competence to
succeed at university and feel very positive about my chosen course.

I obtained a BSc (Honors) Degree in Computer Software Engineering at Azad University in
Iran in 2002. I was always very interested in international cultures and languages. I speak
in five languages. In the last year of my university study, I joined a German language
course. My teacher happened to be a professional tour guide too. He introduced me to the
exciting world of tourism. Soon afterwards I found myself very interested.

Even though I finished my university successfully in IT, I was so much magnified with
tourism that I challenged to change my career towards it. I started with travelling and
visiting historical and cultural places and they have been both enjoyable and enlightening,
providing me with a new and different prospective on the world in which we live. I soon
familiarised myself with tourism environment and began to develop my contacts and

I started my Tour guide activities in 2004. I obtained my first certificate in domestic
tourism from an Iranian Government organization, following with hotel front office
management and restaurant management certificates. I worked voluntary as a tour guide in
some of the historical sites of my city. I have also undertaken a number of successful
projects while studying tour leadership which included long distance travelling in some
hard and challenging yet exciting situations. I have a personal photo gallery with more
than 50 000 images from historical and cultural places all around the world, mainly Iran
and I am planning to put most of them together as a website available to the public.
Almost all my activities and researches were complemented and encouraged with most of
my teachers, like professor Iran Ghazi which is also one of my references. She encouraged
me a lot to continue my education in this field and she recommends me this university as
she had also her PhD from UK. A full list of my recent skills and achievements are included
in my attached CV.

I believe that my country is one of the most fascinating historical places in the world and
can be well known by its rich arts and heritage. Although Iran is rated among the 10 most
tourist magnetize countries in the world with its attractive natural and historical sites, it
ranks 68th in tourism revenues worldwide, therefore it is important to plan a
comprehensive programs to promote tourism in Iran. Today tourism has become the
agenda for development in many countries and in fact it would not be far reaching to say
that, Iran also can soon become one of these countries.

After revolution in 1980 and eight years of war we had a huge step backward in our
heritage management and unfortunately even today our beautiful ancient face of Iran is
hidden behind world politics and there is no careful attention to the enormous existing
heritages which belongs to all human nations and some are even under risk of being
destroyed and forgotten for ever.

I can see the need for new approaches to understand, preserve and respect our cultural
heritage. In terms of a career, I see myself as a responsible individual who dedicates her
knowledge and potential towards our cultural and historical assets. I would very much like
to develop expertise in high-quality academic understanding of cultural theory and arts
policy, as well as the competencies required to manage cultural facilities, attractions and

I strongly believe that Arts and Heritage in Iran and every other country, apart from being
an important asset nationally and scientifically, is a concrete opportunity to encourage
tourism and to create a genuine dialogue between the visitors and the host. It will promote
positive communications, respect and love between people, all around the world. As an
industry, tourism can be an effective way to fight against poverty and racism and also to
protect the environment and to create mutual appreciation of cultures.

I have done some voluntary works in different occasions. I have supported and actively
helped a charity called ‘Dar Al Mahdi’ since high school. They support orphans. I have also
regularly supported deaf children in Iran by selling promotional financial support tickets
and paintings for them (including my own paintings) and also by helping with their
advertisement. Contact details and references available upon request.

During my short stay in UK I have already been assisting with Multimedia activities in Joy
House London, a Christian church and community charity. A reference letter is attached. A
few months ago I had an interview with an Arab magazine called Almoshahed about my
activities in the UK, a copy of which is attached. In time I am writing cultural articles for
this magazine.
I finish with this poem from one of the most famous poets of my country, Sadi Shirazi,
which is written on entrance of United Nation:

All Adam's race are members of one frame,
Since all, at first, from the same essence came.
When by hard fortune one limb is oppressed,
The other members lose their wonted rest.
If thou feel'st not for others' misery,
A son of Adam is no name for thee.

I am very much aware of the reputation of your school, and my conversations with several
alumni have increased my interest and determination to study in this institution. I believe
that Metropolitan University will provide me with a good educational environment to
simulate my mental growth, expand my horizons and broaden my outlook as well as
improving my prospects. I hope that you will grant me the financial support so I can have
the privilege of continuing my studies at London Met.

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