; Users Delight and an iPhone Developers Dream
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Users Delight and an iPhone Developers Dream


It is a phone with an incredibly user-friendly touch experience, amazing features, and rock-solid stability.

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									                User's Delight and an iPhone Developer's Dream

Apple's claim that it takes years for the competition to catch up with iOS may be disputable.
But the heart of the iPhone, Apple's mobile phone, is seriously impressive. As an iPhone
developer, the capabilities of the iOS stare at you in the face. You realise that its features
and technologies is what gives it that distinct Apple touch. Literally. It is a phone with an
incredibly user-friendly touch experience, amazing features, and rock-solid stability.

Today you find a lot of phone users, who just cannot do without the pinch and zoom
gestures of touch phones. But the revolutionary multi-touch interface was an iPhone
development that caught the imagination of both cell phone users and the competition. A
free iOS 5 update caused a furore among iPad 1 users, who had enabled its multi-touch
features with the developer versions of iOS 4.3. As Apple had only promised multi-touch
features to its iPad 2 users, the free iOS 5 upgrade disabled these features on iPad 1. But
popular demand forced Apple to provide an update that re-enabled iPad 1's multi-touch
capability. Aahh... what's life without multi-touch!

Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, its design and iOS caused ripples in iPhone
application development market. Apple launched the App store in 2008. Today, four years
later, there have been five generations of iPhones accompanied by five major releases of the
iOS. More than 50,000 application software (apps) are available at the App store including
Apple and third-party Mac-approved apps.

The latest iOS 5 mobile operating system is now even more powerful and has over 200 new
features. Let's look at some of them.

Notification Centre: The iPhone now has a Notification Canter that works with your apps.
It keeps you informed about the messages you missed, your friend requests, calendar
invitations, and so on. New notifications appear at the top of the screen discreetly. If you
use the hand gesture of swiping down from the top of the screen, you'll also see a summary
of recent notifications. It's a bit like having a personal

Twitter Integration: Recognizing Twitter, the online social
messaging, networking, and micro blogging services with
over a hundred million users, iOS 5 has integrated it within its system. So, Twitter users can
now sign in once and start 'tweeting' from almost anywhere in the world.

Messaging with iMessage: With iMessage, you can send unlimited messages to your
family, friends, and co-workers, who also own the latest iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can
communicate with them together through group messaging. You can even update them
about your location, contacts, photos, and videos.

The world’s largest collection of mobile apps: Apple gives third-party developers a rich
set of tools and APIs. This has resulted in iPhone developers all over the world developing
thousands of apps for practically all kinds of users. This collection only gets bigger and iOS
is the platform for it.

Apart from these, you can take rich quality photographs, shoot 1080p HD video, edit your
photographs and videos and much, much more.

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