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   There are two separate matriculation
    programs at Bankstown College of

    • The Higher School Certificate (HSC),
      which is issued by the Board of

    • The Tertiary Preparation Certificate
      (TPC), which is issued by TAFE
Common factors for the HSC and
          the TPC

• Both offer a Year 12 qualification.
• Both can be done on a part-time
  or a full-time basis.
• Both can be accumulated over several
• Both will give you an Australian Tertiary
  Admissions Rank (ATAR) or equivalent,
  to get you to university.
    The Higher School Certificate
   The HSC can be done in a variety of
    different modes:
    • Year 11 and 12 in one year.
    • Accumulation of subjects over 2 to 5
      years (known as Pathways).
    • Limited ATAR: 5 – 9 units.
    • HSC study.
    • ESL Preliminary program: one year of
      intensive language work, in preparation
      for either the HSC or TPC.
(a) Year 11 and 12 in one year
 • Students do 10 units at Year 12 level
   and 12 units at Year 11 level. (10 units
   are sufficient, if the student has already
   met the Preliminary requirements.)
 • Gives the HSC and an ATAR.
 • Not available to those who have only
   just completed Year 10 at school (unless
   they are already 17 years of age).
     (b) Accumulation of the HSC
          over 2 to 5 years:
   Day students usually do three Y12
    subjects in their first year and three
    in their second.
   Those receiving Youth Allowance
    must satisfy CentreLink’s study
   Gives the HSC and an ATAR.
        (c) Limited ATAR
• 5-9 units, done in one year.
• English is compulsory.
• Does not offer an HSC, but does give a limited
  ATAR (which will get you into most university
  courses). The Limited ATAR is calculated from
  at least one of your English units plus your
  four best other units.
• The HSC can be completed the following year,
  to give a full ATAR.
• You must be 20 on March 1st 2012 in order to
  be eligible for a limited ATAR.
 (d) HSC Evening program
• Limited subject choice.
• Students may only complete a full HSC
  over two or more years (on an
  accumulation basis).
• English not available in 2012.
• Day students may take evening classes.
• A Limited ATAR can be done in one year
  (with English done at another college or
  at OTEN).
(e) ESL Preliminary program

    Offers a year of intensive language work, for
     those with language difficulties.
    Full-time or part-time.
    All subjects are language-oriented, and
     delivered by ESL teachers.
    Limited range of subjects (6 only).
    Gives access to the HSC or TPC the
     following year.
    Subjects available in 2010


   Standard English   Day and evening

   Advanced English   To commence in
                       second term.

   Drama              Day only
Maths and computing:

   General Maths       Day only

   2 Unit Maths        Day and evening

   Extension 1 Maths   Day only

   Extension 2 Maths
     (Year 12 only)     Evening only

   IP & T              Day only

   Biology          Day only

   Chemistry        Day

   Physics          Evening only

   Senior Science   Day only
   Modern History        Day only

   PDHPE                 Day only

   Society and Culture   Day only

   Studies of Religion   Day only

   Legal Studies         Evening only

   Ancient History       Evening only
               Other subjects:
   Subjects may be done in the evening at other
    colleges. Timetables are available from the HSC

   Subjects may also be done via correspondence :

     - OTEN (TAFE’s correspondence school) offers its
    subjects in one and two year mode.

    - the Saturday School of Community Languages
    offers all its subjects in two year mode.
            Other information…
   If you repeat a subject for the HSC, UAC counts
    the mark you got in your second attempt when
    calculating the ATAR.

   Students in TAFE are expected to fit into an adult
    learning environment. Poor behaviour will not be

   Teachers will be on hand to help you with your
    subject choices at the time of enrolment.

   If you are under 18 years of age, please bring
    proof of age, your School Certificate and school
    reports to the interview.
   There is an administrative charge of $462. The
    charge is $53 if you are receiving a government

   The above fee is refundable upon completion of
    the HSC, as long as the entire course is done in

   Other charges:
    - $40 materials charge (non-refundable).
    - Textbooks may need to be purchased for some
The Tertiary Preparation Certificate
   TPC is a TAFE alternative to the HSC,
    especially aimed at mature aged students.

   It gives you a Tertiary Entrance Score that
    can be used for University entry.

   It can be done as a one year full time
    course (20 hours per week), or part-time
    over 2 or 3 years.

   You must be 18 or over to do the course.
   Cost: $984 for full-time; $724 for part-
   For those receiving a government benefit,
    the cost is $53.
   All fees are refundable upon completion of
    the course.
   $20 per semester materials charge.
   The TPC information sessions are on
    Wednesday 25th January at 10 am and 5
    pm in E1.10.
   The TPC course co-ordinator is Jackie
    Evans. Tel: 9780 5583.
  Other aspects of the TPC
• More emphasis on skills than the HSC; less

• More project-style assessment; no big end of
  year exams.

• All subjects are one semester only.

• A total of 9 subjects are needed to complete
  the course

• The Tertiary Entrance Score is calculated from
  three of the higher level subjects.
            Further information
   Further information on the HSC at Bankstown
    TAFE can be found by going to the college HSC
   Go to Google and type in bankstowntafehsc and
    click on the first hyperlink.
   Once on the website, go to Year11/12 on the
    menu, and click on Enrolment for 2012.
   This PowerPoint presentation is on the website,
    as well as other useful information.

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