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									                                Explore the Advantages of PSD to WordPress Conversion

WordPress is the one name that every web developer relies on and rightly so. As an open source content management system
(CMS) and powered by PHP and MySQL, WordPress gives ample opportunities for developers to unleash their creativity and
develop top-class websites to attract more traffic. Being an open source CMS, there are thousands of WordPress theme
developers who are constantly working to improve the platform and offer best services to the businesses. PSD to WordPress
conversion is one such technique that WordPress developers offer and it has become an instant hit with businesses that are
interested in making a dynamic, user-friendly and interactive website.

With the help of PSD you can get some amazing themes developed. When the unlimited features of Photoshop are used to design
a theme and launch a website using WordPress, it paves in better business opportunities for any company. PSD to WordPress
conversion gives you ample advantages. Let us look at some of them:

      Easy to Use: Though PSD to WordPress theme conversion needs expertise, once this is done it is very easy to use the
       CMS. There are no technical hurdles that can obstruct the use of WordPress even though PSD is integrated into the
       software. Content of the website is easily customizable and can be edited without technical help.

      Cost-Effective: There are thousands of WordPress theme developers who have sufficient expertise to convert PSD to
       WordPress. Outsourcing such projects is also very common as they are cost-effective. You can easily get in touch with
       developers specifically to make the conversion and pay only for the specific job.

      Cross Browser Compatibility: One of the reasons why some websites become runaway hits and some don’t is because of
       the availability or lack of cross browser compatibility. PSD to WordPress conversion ensures that your website is cross
       browser compatible and can be efficiently browsed in any of the popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google
       Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

      SEO Friendly: While converting PSD to WordPress, slicing the original file into different layers and coding them using
       markup languages HTML/XHTML is essential. With HTML and XHTML coding, you can make sure that you are avoiding
       unnecessary codes, thus, making the site lighter. When you use a template you are unable to do anything about the
       codes. Lighter codes mean that it makes a site SEO friendly thus driving in more traffic to the site.

      W3C Validation: To get an error-free website and develop a website that has great designs, it is important to follow the
       structure prescribed by the industry. This validation happens via W3C, a consortium of organizations brings together all
       the frame rules and laws to standardize website coding. Coupled with the advantages of W3C framework and the
       flexibility of PSD to WordPress theme conversion, you can easily get a great website to represent your business.

      Semantic Coding: With the help of semantic coding you can ensure that all the contents of the website are in proper
       place. Individual elements of a site are defined with semantic coding and this makes it easy for search engine crawlers to
       quickly index the web pages. Thus, semantic coding makes your site search engine friendly.

      Pixel Perfection: Good designs and easy navigation have always attracted users to websites. To achieve similar effects for
       your website it is important that you convert PSD to WordPress seamlessly and without pixelation. Even when the
       different parts of the PSD file are sliced, all the layers should maintain the same pixel ratio.

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