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What are the benefits of eating chili

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									What are the benefits of eating chili?

In cold climates we need to increase and strengthen our immune system. Surprising as it may sound the
chili plant can protect us from common winter ailments. If you can tolerate the ‘hotness’ of the chili that

What do chilies give you?

       Red chillies are very high in Vitamin C and pro Vitamin A.
       Chili peppers rates high in the content of Vitamin B, especially Vitamin B6.
       Chilies are a high storehouse in potassium, magnesium and iron, while they are low in sodium
       They are also high in protein content, and an excellent source of fiber.
       Chilies are known to prevent the formation of blood clots, and have the property to break
        down existing clots.
       The consumption of chillies triggers the release of ‘feel good’ endorphins, which result the
        ‘good’ attitude towards general well being.
       The use of chillies in the diet increases the breakdown of carbohydrates during rest periods.
       It also contributes in the reduction of obesity as it increases metabolism and helps to burn the
        calories faster, including the burning of fats.
       Chillies lower the risk of diabetes, and scientific research has shown that regular intake of
        chillies could improve insulin control by over 55%.
       Eating chillies is known to help in alleviating pain in arthritis as it helps to reduce the
       Chillies help in easing the nasal congestion conditions, and are thus effective as a cure for
        sinus. This is because the ‘hotness’ in the chillies help to dislodge the mucus layer lining the
        nasal cavity.

Nowadays, research studies have shown that consumption of chillies can act effectively against the
formation of cancer causing tumors, especially in the prevention of prostate cancer.

While chillies have been used in the daily diets of Asians, South Americans and Mexican diets, it is
gaining popularity in the diets of other countries also. Care must be taken in the use of chillies.
Caution is to be taken while the chillies are being cut, so as not to get them on the skin and in the
eyes. Some enthusiasts have taken to wearing gloves and swimming goggles when they attack and chop

The benefits of eating chillies are plenty, but one has to be careful not to go overboard. Not that there
is too much scope for this, as the ‘hotness’ will pour water on the enthusiastic and brave person!

It is a well-established fact that eating chillies can boost the immune system, and that chillies are
loaded with vitamins and other essential ingredients. Hence, the benefits of eating chillies, but in
controlled quantities.

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