The Ice Cold Guyabano Leaf Tea

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					The Ice Cold Guyabano Leaf Tea

The guyabano leaf tea is becoming a regular part of my morning routine. Coffee and tea taste better but
this guyabano has a different effect. It makes my body feels lighter and more energetic. Knowing that
it’s a miracle cure for cancer makes me wanting for more. I have no cancer or whatever disease but I
want to follow the saying “an ounce of prevention is better than pounds of cure”.

A cup of leaf tea in the morning is enough. Just boiling a cup whenever I want it. Go for other drink if the
leaf is not available or too lazy to prepare. I am taking about one kilometer walk, forth and back, to get a
bunch of leaves. Getting it in middle of busy schedule is almost impossible.

I got this idea from my big brother, I saw him drinking an ice cold guyabano leaf tea. He told me that he
always prepare three liters and store it in refrigerator. He always take tea in early morning and after

Again I walked and got a bunch of guyabano leaves. I boiled it until the water was slightly golden brown.
Let it cool. Transferred to bottle and placed inside the refrigerator. I refilled the casserole with water
and boiled it again – boiled the same set twice. I think this will last for several days.

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