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Sample Criteria for Judging


Sample Criteria for Judging

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									Mechanics                                           Each band will have a five (5) minute
                                                    preparation. A point will be deducted from their
The contest is open to all amateur and              total score for those who can’t start after five
professional bands from different regions,          (5) minutes.
towns, cities, and provinces.

This is an open category which allows bands to      Scoring
perform any kind of music genre.
                                                    Each band will perform three (3) songs of any
There is no age bracket or limit. Any band at any   kind. Each song will be scored according to the
age can join as long as they know how to play.      criteria and the total score for the three (3)
                                                    songs will be divided by three (3) to get their
Each entry must perform three (3) songs of any
                                                    total score percentage.
genre they like.

Each song must not exceed five (5) minutes.         The total score percentage from each of the
                                                    three (3) judges will be added and divided by
Each band is given a maximum of five (5)            three (3) to get their final score percentage.
minute time preparation and should start their
first song within five (5) minutes.                 The band with the highest total score and score
                                                    percentage wins.
Entries that would exceed five (5) minutes in
preparation and cannot start their first song
                                                    Special Awards
after five (5) minutes will be deducted one (1)
point from their total score.
                                                    There will be four (4) special awards selected by
No sessions allowed. Each musician/player must      the judges. These are Vocalist of the year,
join only in one band and should not join in two    Guitarist of the year, Bassist of the year, and
or more different bands.                            Drummer of the year.

Criteria for Judging                                The Special Awards are scored by the judges.
                                                    Whoever gets the highest score wins the award.
Artistry                         15 pts.
Musicality                       15 pts.
Voice Quality                    10 pts.
Stage Performance                10 pts.
Timing and Coordination          10 pts.
Harmony                          10 pts.
Diction And Clarity of Words     10 pts.
The X Effect                     10 pts.
Audience Impact                  10 pts.

Total                            100 pts.

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