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phrases moral lesson

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     1               2

1. must own those    1. pick them under
2. warm them hot     2. today and always
3. before and now    3. upon which
4. too good          4. very clean
5. live after        5. together again
6. big blue can      6. thick where
7. find help from    7. new and pretty
8. keep cold         8. could not pull
9. know where        9. three funny
10. put over         10. only myself

     3                   4

1. been always its   1. under the light
2. little help       2. three yellow
3. went under        3. drink too much
4. make funny        4. many would wish
5. laugh together    5. how small
6. thank every       6. own pick up
7. ate under the     7. hurt so much
8. always around     8. open but clean
9. must eat          9. many was here
10. best buy         10. know how much

    5                       6

1. ran around          1. found many
2. show how to start   2. must like it
3. sing so loud        3. laugh and play
4. does not like       4. will not go
5. been here before    5. walk here and there
6. would jump into     6. funny because
7. after six           7. made us laugh
8. work and play       8. came over
9. stop at four        9. ask any one
10. up to where look for

    7                       8

1. clean and pretty    1. so very funny
2. call me first       2. down at the
3. pick up some        3. hold him fast
4. never be together   4. all are going
5. try today           5. must do better
6. will fall into      6. goes best with
7. bring about         7. jump around
8. where help us       8. call of the
9. shall show us       9. was with hot
10. would wish into    10. came upon

    9                       10

1. cannot make          1. with water
2. once every one       2. very much
3. buy and sell         3. always be together
4. have done better     4. better than those
5. long laugh           5. your best
6. all of them          6. her work
7. must use its         7. you can do
8. warm now             8. be happy
9. use like a           9. a pretty flower
10. write about         10. going out now

    11                      12

1. for the girls        1. not there
2. now and forever      2. to sleep now
3. make it              3. buy me a small bag
4. to the ground        4. little old man
5. in the palace        5. not know me
6. between the shadow   6. over him
7. out right away       7. keep it clean
8. pull it down         8. be here now
9. sit down here        9. better than you
10. under the table     10. find my book


1. I came upon a funny man.
2. The doll can laugh and sing.
3. They found it under the table.
4. The fly goes out right away.
5. Only you can find him.
6. Many would just sit down here.
7. Do you know many of them?
8. I saw you before in this place.
9. Come around and see me.
10. They have to pull it down.


1. Do you know my name?
2. You are so beautiful.
3. My bag is on the table.
4. You cannot make my assignment.
5. You look clean and pretty.
6. You must eat vegetables.
7. Let me see your project.
8. Keep away from children.
9. Do not do it again.
10. Please turn on the light.


1. Wash it well with water.
2. Thank you very much.
3. We will always be together.
4. The green light is on.
5. May you buy this for them?
6. Could she be here with us?
7. They need your help?
8. These are much better than those.
9. Always do your best.
10. She has done her work.


1. Show me what you can do.
2. I will always be around.
3. How are you today?
4. Where did you buy your dress?
5. They found a pretty flower.
6. Come down with me.
7. Are you going out now?
8. The red light is on.
9. Both of them are here.
10. Try your best.


1. Put this here not there.
2. It is pretty and cold.
3. I would like to sleep now.
4. Today he will buy me a small bag.
5. They came and saw him.
6. Did you find the little old man?
7. He does not know me.
8. Stop and look where are you going.
9. Walk fast over him.
10. Wash it and always keep it clean.


1. I will show it again to you.
2. Please come here right away.
3. Where do you sleep?
4. Have you found my book?
5. Can you draw a yellow bird?
6. The first five boys are out.
7. I just live over there.
8. Which is yours?
9. She can read much better than you.
10. They must be here now.


1. We must always be together.
2. You made me laugh.
3. Don’t just play around.
4. Give him something to eat.
5. Always be good and kind.
6. Try your best today.
7. Let me know where you are.
8. I got the hotdog myself.
9. Come here after six.
10. Carry what you will buy.


1. Soon the show is over.
2. Look before you start to run.
3. Which is your house?
4. Come and see me right away.
5. Please bring this to your teacher.
6. Why you are here today?
7. Keep on doing your very best.
8. There are those who are always kind.
9. She saw me and run right away.
10. Why do you wash your face?


1. Why do you come here?
2. What did you do with that?
3. Where do you want to eat?
4. I cannot sing well.
5. He can drink eight glasses of water.
6. They laugh, play and sleep.
7. He gave me much of what he has.
8. The pretty little girl is gone.
9. Keep on doing well.
10. Never keep what you found.


1. Please, buy me a brown bag.
2. Thank them for what they did to you.
3. What is your work today?
4. She does not drink anything cold.
5. Always think of me.
6. Ask anyone who is here.
7. How do you come to know here?
8. Yes, I will do it for you.
9. May I help you carry your things?
10. They are going to write about it.

                The Cat and Fox

      A fox boasted to a cat, “I have a hundred
ways of escaping my enemies.”The cat answered,
“I have only one. But, that’s enough for me.
      Then heard the cry of hounds coming
towrds them. The cat used his only means of
escape. She immediately climbed up a tree and
hid herself.
       The fox, on the other hand, began thinking
which of his tricks he would use. He was
confused. The hounds caught him. And soon the
huntsmen killed him.

Moral Lesson:

       Learn one trick or trade; master it. That
would be enough to see you through amid the
challenges and uncertainties of life.

             The Wind and the Sun

        The wind boasted to the sun, “I am stronger
than you”. The sun quickly answered, “No, I am
stronger than you”.
        By then, they saw a man coming down the
road. To find out which of them was stronger,
they agreed that whichever of them could make
the man remove his jacket, that one would be
regarded as stronger.
        The sun hid behind the clouds. And the
wind began first. He blew as hard as he could. But
the harder and stronger he blew, the tighter the
man held on to his jacket. After several more
tries, the wind gave up.
        It was the sun’s turn. The sun came out
silently and without violence. The sun shines
brightly and gently. After a short while, the man
felt the warmth of the sun; and slowly he
removed his jacket.

Moral Lesson:
      Sometimes, the power derived from brute
force does not work. And force is not only source
of power you need to achieve something.

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