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									DPSLA soaring high @ 35 :
“building unity in the field of

Speech delivered by
Dr. Briccio M. Merced, Jr.
at the 35th founding anniversary of the Davao Private
School Librarian’s Association (DPSLA)
Saturday, 20 September 2008
Brokenshire College, Davao City
“A Soaring Speech?”

• Taking stock after 35
• Librarianship today
• DPSLA’s present milieu
• Building Unity at
Taking stock after 35 years
    • Point 1 – What’s in a name?
    • Point 2 – Is there a reason to soar high
      at 35?
    • Point 2 – PVMGAO
    • Point 4 – Structure matters
       – Membership
       – Officership
       – Relevance
    • Point 3 – Quo vadis

 • Davao, Development-
 • Professionals who are
 • Successful
 • Leaders whose
   leadership and
 • Achievements are

 • Bases for
 • Unity in the generation and
   management of
 • Information where
 • Librarian-members are
 • Dedicated to the
 • Intellectualization of its association
   that espouses
 • Novelty in
 • Governance such that it

 • Unites
 • Networked institutional libraries and
   associations for the advancement in
   the utilization of
 • Information and
 • Technology infrastructures performed
 • Yeomen
Davao, development-oriented

   • technology-oriented
   • working library which provides for teaching,
     reading and research
   • apart from his professionalism, a librarian
     needs to be an intellectual through reading,
   • the Library, global implications for
     knowledge economy
   • reading habit declined, restored by
     University Librarianship so that the
     University Libraries could become
     development partners in Higher Education.
Davao, development-oriented

   • The Professional Librarian is an
     integral link in the development of
     an intellectual culture in the
     Universities, and this Association
     should discuss the relevant
     issues which need to be
     articulated to make the
     professional Librarian a
     unique kind of intellectual.

• Attributes of a profession (Ernest
  Greenwood, 1957)
• A systematic body of knowledge
• Professional authority and
• Regulation and control of members
• A professional code of ethics
• A culture of values, norms,
  and symbols
Criteria of a Profession

 • A Profession is guided by a code of
   ethics that regulates the relationship
   between professional and the client;
 • A Profession is distinguished by the
   presence of specific cultures, norms
   and values;
 • A Profession has a clear standard of
   education preparation for entry into a
Criteria of a Profession

 • A Profession attracts individuals of
   intellectual and personal qualities who
   exact services above personal gains
   and who recognize their chosen
   profession as a life’s work.
 • A Profession strives to compensate
   its practitioners by providing for action
   and opportunity for continuous
   professional growth and
   economic security.
7 habits of highly successful librarians

         • Habit 1: Proactivity, fanaticism,
           and downright aggression
         • Habit 2: From Librarianship to
           World Domination - yes, YOU
         • Habit 3: Prioritization and
           Delegation - keeping the
           trivial in some else's
7 habits of highly successful librarians

         • Habit 4: Believe in yourself
         • Habit 5: Exceptio probat
         • Habit 6: Synergy,
           empowerment, paradigms,
           viability and other jargon
         • Habit 7: Imagination,
           ingenuity, innovation,
           inspiration, and inventiveness
Every librarian a leader

 • all staff, professional and support, do
   their best to take a leadership
   mentality and apply it to whatever they
 • Warren Bennis and Noel Tichy. book
   Judgment: How Winning Leaders
   Make Great Calls, Oct. ’07, Harvard
   Business Review (p. 94), wrote “we all
   make judgment calls throughout our
   lives and careers - and so do all
Every librarian a leader

 • your library’s leader for
   information literacy or
   communications, has
   got a significant role in
   shaping future

• John McKinlay: University Librarian; Quiet
  Achiever, James Cook University, Australia
• John’s multitasks at JCU - the staff of
  Careers and Employment reported to him,
  Study Skills/Aka Learning Advisors/AKA
  Language and Learning twice, Counselling,
  Medical Services, Archives, Records, Mail
  Room, Student Admissions, Printery,
  Student Equity, Disability Support and
  Equal Opportunity. Quite a variety
  of responsibilities for any
• A worst moment
• February 1985: As a result of industrial action, the
  library buildings suffered frequent and unpredictable
  power, light and air conditioning outages over several
  weeks, mercifully pre-orientation. Meanwhile, it was
  very hot and humid and there was a cyclone hovering
  about. In spite of the appalling working conditions,
  library services never missed a beat.
• Achievement
• I took great pleasure in the establishment of a brand-
  new library service in Cairns in February 1987,
  followed by celebrations for its move to increasingly
  bigger and better homes in July 1995 and December
  1999. The Cairns connection has been both a
  pleasure and a privilege.

• Changes in the profession
• When I first started work in a university
  library in 1963, printed book and journal
  collections were everything and cataloguing
  was King. Services to readers (as they were
  then known, because they did) struggled out
  of the mists somewhat later.
• Experiences with CAUL
• The companionship of my university
  librarian colleagues is what has kept me
  informed, entertained and sane over the
  past 22 years. I will miss them very much.

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