Recovery: Priceless
                                       Bellaire, Michigan
NAME                                                  CLEAN DATE


CITY                           STATE          ZIP

AREA CODE PHONE NUMBER                              E MAIL ADDRESS                                                      ®
                                                        Be a part of…I have willingness to be of service as a:
                                                          Workshop Chair (*6 mos.)         Workshop Speaker (*3 yrs.)
Registration: Price         #           Total_            Main Speaker (*5 yrs.)           Hugger
Before 3/31: $25.00         ___        $_____             Serenity Giver (*6 mos.)         Marathon Meeting Chair
After     4/1: $30.00       ___        $_____             Other/wherever needed (*1 yr.)
                                                                            *Clean time requirement
Brunch         $15.00       ___        $_____           To be considered as a main speaker, send tapes/CDs by
Banquet        $25.00       ___        $_____           March 17, 2012 to:
Newcomer Donation                      $_____           MRCNA Program Committee
TOTAL:                                 $_____           P.O. Box 169
                                                        Travers City, MI 49685
           Send your registration to:                   Do you have an additional need?
          MRCNA Tickets & Registration                     Visual          Mobility     Hearing
                 P.O. Box 169                              Other ________________________________
            Traverse City, MI 49685
  Make checks or money orders payable to MRSCNA.
                                                                            HOTEL INFORMATION:
     Please, DO NOT send cash through the mail.
                                                                       Shanty Creek Resort
                                                                5780 Shanty Creek, Bellaire, MI 49615
             WHY PRE-REGISTER?
     Many people ask this question.                                 Hotel Guest Rooms $109.00 plus taxes
Your registrations fee pays for the convention                     Sawtooth Guest Rooms $99.00 plus taxes
                                                           If you have mobility issues it is recommended you stay
cost: meeting & workshop space, speaker travel
                                                                                  in the hotel.
cost, convention flyer’s, DJs, entertainment,
registration packet, decorations, and most                                HOTEL RESERVATIONS:
importantly indigent packages. The committee            To get the MRCNA discounted rate, hotel rooms MUST be
would like to thank you.                                booked using the hotel registration form. Please visit
                                               for detailed information.
                                       Convention Contact Information
Chair                                 Dave T                                       (231)632-3635
Programming                           Sally B                                      (231)675-0601
Tickets & Registration                Barb P                                       (616)475-5741
Entertainment & Fundraising           Kitty M                                      (231)282-1825
Merchandise***                        Michelle E                                   (231)735-3371
*** Contact to sell alternative merchandise on Sunday, 7/8/2012
                         Find us on the web at

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