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									                              The Shofar
May 2008                  Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                         Av 5768

                                                                 On May 18th, at 11:30 a.m., the Israeli Independence
Dear Friends:
                                                                 Celebration 60th Birthday will be held at the synagogue.
                                                                 Fhlomat Daniel is coming from Connecticut to speak.
                                                                 There will be games for the children outside. Lunch will
This Shabbat will be my final Shabbat in Hunstville! I           be served after the program, with both Israeli and
have the distinction of having served Etz Chayim for 6           American food.
years --a record that will last at least as long as Hank
Aaron's 755 home runs. During Shabbas I hope that I
will get an opportunity to say farewell to each and eve-
                                                                 On May 19th, at 11:30 a.m., the Sisterhood will hold a
ryone of you and wish you well in the future.
                                                                 General Membership Meeting at Grille 29 in Provi-
                                                                 dence. A reminder postcard will be mailed out to all
                                                                 members. Election of Officers will be held, and nomina-
Thanks for the memories,                                         tions will be taken from the floor.

Rabbi Allan Meyerowitz

                                                                 This has been a very successful year for our Sisterhood.
                                                                 We were very blessed to have such a

Last Rabbi Weekend:
                                                                 caring and dedicated team of women, who worked hard
        May 2 – 4, 2008                                          to make things happen. Our accomplishments included
                                                                 providing some great meetings and programs, support-
                                                                 ing synagogue activities, offering fun social events, and
                                                                 holding successful fundraisers. Our goal is to get more
                                                                 people involved, so please come join us!!

                                                                 A heartfelt thanks to all of you who contributed!!

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May 2008                 Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                        Av 5767


Sue Paddock

Etz Chayim Sisterhood President

                                                                We are saddened to advise you that Mr. Jeshua
                                                                Wischinsky, Grandfather of Sam Kleiner, died April 26,
MEN’S CLUB                                                      2008 in the Chicago, IL area. The funeral services were
                                                                held in Arlington Heights,IL on Monday, April 28, 2008.

                                                                He was 93 years old and had been struggling with a
                Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, May 27,
                                                                number of health conditions for a while. He is survived
                2008, 8 PM at the Synagogue.
                                                                by his daughters and their children.

MENS CLUB ANNUAL DUES $10.00: Now Payable
                                                                The family has requested that memorials be sent to:
                                                                The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), 400 Washing-
                                                                ton Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104
IMS: deliveries are made bi-weekly to FOOD PANTRY
AND FIRST STOP. Please remember these important
projects. Drop off a few items at the synagogue entry
                                                                Or, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), 125
way. They will greatly appreciate your mitzvah.
                                                                Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004

$75.00 RESPECTIVELY. Please call Joe Sacks for further
details at 883-1889.                                            May God comfort the Wischinsky-Kleiner family along
                                                                with all the other mourners of Israel and Jerusalem.

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May 2008                  Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                          Av 5767

                                                                                     Yom Hashoah

                                                                           Holocaust Remembrance Day
Ori Ben Shalom an Israeli student studying Marketing at
UAH spent Sunday morning April 6th with the kids of
TBS/Etz Chayim Sunday school. He spoke
                                                                                Thursday, May 1, 7:00 p.m.
about growing up in Israel and visited all of the classes
to spend individual time with the kids. Ori played soccer
at UAH last semester and played a pick up game with
the students. The kids all had a great time and look for-                   The Jewish Federation of Huntsville
ward to his next visit (see Photo).
                                                                                     & North Alabama

                                                                                      The New Room

                                                                              Trinity United Methodist Church

                                                                                  607 Airport Road, S.W.

                                                                                    Reception to follow

                                                                                  For information, contact

                                                                                Sue Farbman, chairperson,



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May 2008                    Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                          Av 5767

                                                                   Thanks to all who sent me their kind wishes and kept
    Israel Independence 60th Year                                  me in their prayers during my recent illness.
              Celebration                                          To: Ted Roberts - A speedy recovery

             The Jewish Federation of Huntsville                   From: Harriet & Joe Sacks

                      & North Alabama                              To: B.J. Brigadier - We wish you bundles of sunshine and
                                                                   healthier days ahead.

                Sunday, May 18, 11:30 AM
                                                                   From: Janet & Morris Schindler

                                                                   To: B. J. Brigadier - To let you know we are thinking of
                     At the Synagogue
                                                                   you and pray for you to get well soon.
              Games, Prizes, Crafts for the Kids
                                                                   To: Robin Kirby - Continued good health.
               Lunch: Israeli & American Food
                                                                   To: Cecily Hovanes - In Memory of her husband, John
                  Speaker: Shlomit Daniel                          Hovanes.

               No Charge, come One Come All

                                                                   From: Sara & Charles Crocker

                                                                   From: Robin & Bruce Slomka

                                                                   From: Mr. & Mrs. Howard Levingston

                                                                   For the Building Fund

                                                                   From: Millie & Max Rosenthal

                                                                   To: Cecily Hovanes - In Memory of John Hovanes

                                                                   From: Shirley & Ted Roberts

                                                                   To: B. J. Brigadier - Thinking about you, hope you have a
Building Fund                                                      speedy recovery.

From: Diane & Stan Belsky
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May 2008                     Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                             Av 5767



Outdoor Lighting Fund

In Memory of Gertrude and Perry Schlein by their
daughters, Natha Hancock and Robin Slomka and their                 WHATS A MILLIGRAM ??

                                                                    For a $5.00 per message donation Millie Rosenthal will
Sisterhood Fund                                                     send a handwritten message from you to acknowledge
                                                                    a Simcha or loss. These donations will also appear in the
From: The Liles Family                                              Shofar. Help your synagogue, send a Milligram. Call or
                                                                    e-mail Millie.
To: B.J. Brigadier - We are thinking about you and we
know that your strong will, will get you through this dif-
ficult time.

                                                                                       May Calendar 2008

                                                                    Date     Time        Event                    Place
                                                                                         Holocaust Remem-         Trinity
                                                                    5/1      7:00 P
                                                                                         brance Day               Church
Remember the food pantry on your Oneg. First Stop
                                                                    5/2      7:30 P      Friday Services          EC
needs personal hygiene items. Bring a few cans of food
when possible.                                                      5/3      9:30 A      Shabbat Services         EC

Be sure to visit our website for the latest news…                   5/3      8:00 P      Adult Study              EC

             TU   UT                                      Rabbi Visits Religious
                                                                    5/4                                           TBS

                                                                                         Israel Independence
                                                                    5/18     11:30 A                              EC

Online Donations are Now Possible                                   5/19     11:30 A
                                                                                         Sisterhood General
                                                                                                                  Grill 29
                                                                                         Membership Meeting
             Make a donation the Etz Chayim
             Website using Paypal. Look for
                                                                    Unless otherwise noted Shabbat Services are Friday
                                                                    night 7:30pm, Saturday 9:30am
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May 2008                   Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                             Av 5767


                                                                  May 19       Ralph and Barbara Donsky

                         YARTZEIT   TT                            May 20       Harriet and Joe Sacks

    May-4    Nissan 29       Joseph Goldstein*                    May 24       Lauren and Steve Goodman

    May-5    Nissan 30       Leo Ginsburg

    May-6    Iyar 1          Frieda Margol Katz

   May-16    Iyar 11         Rose Harrison*
                                                                   Shabbat Onegs & Candle Lighting
   May-17    Iyar 12         Harriet Herbin
                                                                                                 Light Candles: 7:14 PM
   May-19    Iyar 14         Perry M. Schlein*                    Fri, May 2
                                                                                                 Oneg: Shapira
   May-20    Iyar 15         Sarah Kauffman*
                                                                                                 Shabbat Ends: 8:14 PM
   May-20    Iyar 15         Dexter Burdeshaw                     Shabbat, May 3
                                                                                                 Parshah: Kedoshim
   May-21    Iyar 16         Ruth Cohen*

   May-21    Iyar 16         David Kopkin*                                                       Light Candles: 7:20 PM
                                                                  Fri, May 9
   May-24    Iyar 19         Anna Polin*                                                         Oneg: Hall

   May-24    Iyar 19         Alex E. Streit*                                                     Shabbat Ends: 8:20 PM
                                                                  Shabbat, May 10
   May-26    Iyar 21         Irwin M. Schindler                                                  Parshah: Emor

   May-26    Iyar 21         Richard Harris                                                      Light Candles: 7:25 PM
                                                                  Fri, May 16
   May-28    Iyar 23         Aaron Rodkin*                                                       Oneg: Kolchin

   May-29    Iyar 24         Betty Kamisher*                                                     Shabbat Ends: 8:26 PM
                                                                  Shabbat, May 17
   May-29    Iyar 24         Elaine Ornstein                                                     Parshah: Behar
   May-30    Iyar 25         Morris J. Green*
                                                                                                 Light Candles: 7:30 PM
                                                                  Fri, May 23
   May-30    Iyar 25         Rita Fleishman*
                                                                                                 Oneg: Zelickson
   May-31    Iyar 26         Linda Lindy*
                                                                                                 Shabbat Ends: 8:32 PM
   May-31    Iyar 26         Lawrence Kamisher*                   Shabbat, May 24
                                                                                                 Parshah: Bechukotai

                                                                  Fri, May 30                    Light Candles: 7:35 PM

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May 2008                        Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                             Av 5767

     Shabbat Onegs & Candle Lighting                                                              BIRTHDAYS

                                                                       May 31      Brenda K. Liles
                                 Oneg: Edmondson
                                                                       May 31      Sarah Sacks
                                 Shabbat Ends: 8:37 PM
Shabbat, May 31
                                 Parshah: Bamidbar

TU     UT
                                                                                    ETZ CHAYIM BOARD MEMBERS

TU      UT
                                                                       President                              Dennis Bulgatz

                                                                       Vice-President                         Jeff Yalowitz

                                                                       Treasurer                              Michal Hall

                                                                       Recording Secretary                    Holly Kent

                                                                       Corresponding Secretary                Michelle Lapidus
May 4         Sandra Anderson

May 5         Alexis Burdeshaw                                         Trustees                               Abbe Adams

May 8         Diana Polin                                                                                     Brenda Liles

May 10        Michael Adams                                                                                   Larry Weinberger

May 13        June Lash                                                                                       Larisa Thomason

May 15        Sandra Wiederecht                                                                               Sam Kleiner

May 19        Jared Ralston                                            Mens Club Representative               Joe Sacks

May 20        Glenn Polin                                              Sisterhood Representative              Mille Rosenthal

May 22        Fernando Cerezo

May 22        Gina Yalowitz

May 22        Benjamin Lash
                                                                       Let us know if you currently do not get an email ver-
May 23        Jordan Hall                                              sion of the Shofar and would like to receive it.
May 24        Jake Adams

May 25        Larry Levitt

May 25        Ron Stauffer

May 28        Jeff Yalowitz

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May 2008                 Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                       Av 5767

                                                                For additional infor-
                                                                         mation, call Sue Farbman, 883-5471.
       PUBLIX in HAMPTON COVE The Publix on
        Whitesburg has special deals on some Kosher
        Cornish Hens (almost half price) and they have
        also stocked up on a lot of other Kosher chicken
        & meat. They want to sell this Kosher meat
        soon, if possible. Please try to help.

       We just got a bunch of Passover items from the
        Redstone Commissary. The items include
        Matzah, Egg Matzah, Syrup, Matzah Meal and
        other items. They are in the back room of the
        synagogue. Please help yourself. Max

       May 18th – Temple Night With The Chefs…stay
        tuned for more information from Arlene

       Independent Musical Productions will present
        Stephen Schwartz’s Children of Eden on June 13,
        14, 19, 20, and 21 at 7:30 p.m., with matinees
        on June 15 and 22 at 2:30 p.m. This innovative
        musical holds meaning on many levels. The ba-
        sis for the play is Genesis—the stories of Adam
        and Eve and Noah’s Ark. But audiences imme-
        diately realize that the relationships between
        Father and Adam and Eve and Father and No-
        ah’s family relate to earthly families, their im-
        mediate challenges, and their generational leg-
        acies. This is truly a show that all ages can en-
        joy. Tickets are available at Harrison Brothers,
        Gates Cleaners, A.B. Stephens Music, and Off
        Campus Bookstore. Tickets for children, stu-
        dents, and seniors, as well as family packs and
        group tickets are available at discounted rates.
        For phone reservations, call 859-2563. Tickets
        may be purchased online at

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