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									                                               Michigan Prescribed Fire Council
                                               Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
                                                                      March 3, 2010
                                                                      10 am – 2 pm
                                                                    DNRE (DEQ) Office

Attendees: Andy Henriksen (NRCS), Dennis Ireland and James McGee (Michigan Firemen’s Association), Don Johnson,
Randy McKenzie, Steve Cross and Jim Fisher (DNRE-Forest Management Division), John Lerg (DNRE-Wildlife Division),
Robert Clancy DNRE-Recreation Division), Michele Richards (Ft Custer Training Center), Paul Rogers (Kent County
Conservation District), Ulrika Zay (MDOT), Barb Bonefeld (USFS), Mike McCuistion (Ed Lowe Foundation)

Agenda and Minutes
The agenda for the day and the December 3, 2009 Minutes were approved. It was noted that Tom Callison of the Grand
Traverse Bay Tribe has accepted an invitation to the Steering Committee.

New and Old Business
Charles Goble from Ohio State University and representing the Lake States Fire Science Consortium contacted the Council
inquiring into our interest in membership with their group. The Consortium has had a hand in the National fire plan and
various researches that they sponsor. The Council expressed favor in our membership. Don Johnson will send a letter
indicating our interest and naming Jack McGowan-Stinski as their point of contact within the Council.

A fire equipment vendor approached the Council asking for the opportunity to advertise through Council outlets, particularly
the annual meeting and our website. He also asked for an email list for Steering Committee members. The Council agreed
that his presence as a vendor at the annual meeting was acceptable. The council will not be making email addresses available
to the vendor. However, the opportunity to provide other advertisement was approved by RC vote (8-2-1). The decision was
to allow his promotion on the Council website on a vendor page. It was noted that our mission includes the exposure of
information on products and services related to the application of prescribed fire. This action was considered in keeping with
that element of our mission.

A complaint received by the Steering committee on a contractor listed on our website prompted discussion on what processes
we might want to add or remove contractors from the website. The Council agreed that a regular review of contractors to note
their continued interest on the website was appropriate. They also agreed that the Councils mission was not promoted through
a heavy filtering of contractors asking to be placed on our website. Yet for cause, the Council also agreed that it was
occasionally necessary to remove contractors. The current disclaimer on the contractor page was reviewed and considered to
be adequate to address these concerns. Lara Rainbolt will be contacting contractors before the June meeting to inquire if they
wish to remain on the contractor page. This poll will be used to create an updated contractor list. The complaint will be
resolved at the June meeting following review of the results of Lara’s poll.

Officer and Committee Reports
The travel display is with Michele Richards, Education and Outreach Committee. As covered in previous meetings, a new
display is needed. Michele will proceed to order a three-panel table top display, paid by Ft Custer, to which pictures or other
materials can be attached by Velcro. As ownership of the panel will remain with Ft Custer, they will have priority use and
make it available to the Council as available. The Council will prepare materials to attach to the display to meet Council needs.
Those materials/pictures will be on display at the Council June meeting for final endorsement by the Council.

Selection of officers began at the December meeting. However, Michele R was nominated for vice-chair in her absence at that
meeting. Michele accepted the nomination and was seated by unanimous vote. Congratulations Michele! She also offered to
continue serving on the Education and Outreach Committee but urged the Council to recruit for a new chair.

No Secretary has been seated. The Council opted to recruit someone from attendance at Steering Committee meetings to
produce meeting minutes.
Lara Rainbolt provided a treasurers Report. For the report period from July 2009—February 2010, she reported a net income
of $4691.95. She reported this does not include S-130 training registrations or costs that have accrued recently. An accounting
of this training activity will be forthcoming later in the year.

Steve Cross, Training and Certification Committee reported on upcoming S130/190 training and field training days on March
20 and March 29. He noted increased interest in another S290 class and encouraged the Council to consider offering one in
the coming year. He noted that he would be leaving State government and urged the Council to select a replacement. We will
miss you!

A committee of the whole continued on the subject of the Annual Meeting. Don J called for committee interest and seated
Ulrika Zay, Jack McGowan-Stinski, Michele Richards, Don Johnson, and Lara Rainbolt. A Conference Call is scheduled for
March 18, 3pm. Don will provide call-in detail.

Ft Custer has been selected as the venue for the fall function. September 10-11 or September 9-10 are the dates. There was
discussion regarding the merits of both periods. Several comments were offered:
     Keynote speakers on both days
     Possible speakers Jerry Wilhelm, Ron Panser, Steven Pyne, Joint Fire Science representative, National Coalition of
         Fire councils representative, Michigan Forest Association
     Audience engagement is highly desirable
     Grand Rapids smoke management success story
     Discussion of layout, use, and interpretation of monitoring plots
     Use of breakout sessions
     Possibly repeat past talks
     Poster session tied to a cocktail hour and mixer with keynote speaker (snack room/poster room/evening session)
     Advertise through NRCS/MSU Extension
     Utilize save-the-date as a tiered announcement process
     Commemoration if 9/11 is one of our meeting days—but note VA functions across the road.

Safety Snippet
An accident was related where a firefighter wearing safety toe boots cut his little toe as his axe blade followed the steel
protection and then entered the boot behind the protection – over confidence in the protection offered by the safety boots.

Next Meeting:
June 2, 2010 at 10 am at the Howard Christensen Nature Center, hosted by Paul Rogers.


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