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									                                   Risk Management Resources                          A HEAD FOR INSURANCE...A HEART FOR NONPROFITS                      (800) 359-6422
                                                                           NIAC’s Nonprofits’ OWN
                                                                                                    The Other Guys
  FREE Services Available to Member-Insureds:                                Specialized Product

  •	 MEMBER-ONLY Secure Website	–	Free	access	to	risk		      	
  	 management	tools,	including	easy	to	use	checklists,	sample		
  	 forms,	reference	documents	and	more
  •	   Employment Issues Assistance	–	If	D&O	insurance	is	pur-	
  	    chased,	member-insureds	are	eligible	for	free	unlimited	labor		
  	    and	employment	consultations	with	our	Labor	and	Employ-	
  	    ment	Risk	Managers.
  •	 Personnel Handbook Review –	If	D&O	insurance	is	pur-	
  	 chased,	member-insureds	are	eligible	for	a	free	review	of	their		
  	 personnel	handbook	to	ensure	they	are	current.
  •	 Loss Control Assistance	–	Free	and	unlimited	loss	control		
  •	 Driver Training –	If	auto	insurance	is	purchased,	member-	
  	 insureds	are	eligible	for	free	driver	training	(online,	in	person,		
  	 and	self-study).
  •	 Vehicle Monitoring Program	–	If	auto	insurance	is	purchased,		
  	 member-insureds	are	eligible	for	this	800	“How	Am	I	Driving”		
  	 tool	to	assist	in	managing	fleets.
  •	 Educational Booklets –	Risk	management	educational	book-	
  	 lets	on	various	topics	important	to	nonprofits	which	can	be		
  	 downloaded	from	the	web	or	ordered	in	hard	copy
  •	 Audiovisual Lending Library	–	Unlimited	use	of	dozens	of		
  	 titles	for	nonprofit	staff	meetings	and	training	sessions
  •	 Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors	–	Online	resource		
  	 for	meeting	state	requirements		(For	CA	members	to	comply		
  	 with	California’s	AB1825	requirements)
  •	 Webinars –	Free	60-90	minute	risk	management	web	seminars	
  •	 BOARDnetWORK	–	A	customized,	web-based	tool	that		
  	 will	streamline	your	governance	activities	and	help	boards	of		
  	 directors	stay	informed	and	organized.

  Discounts On:
  •	 Background	Checks	–	Significant	discounts	available	for		
  	 background	checks	through	IntelliCorp	(Two	packages	with		
  	 savings	of	$30	–	$50)
  •	 Disaster Recovery and Planning –	Significantly	discounted		
  	 rate	of	$180	per	year	for	MyAgility,	a	web-based	resource
  •	 Drug	Screening	–	Discounted	rate	on	10-panel	drug	screening		
  	 tests	through	IntelliCorp
  •	 Motor	Vehicle	Record	Checks	–	Discounted	rate	on	MVR’s		
  	 through	IntelliCorp

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