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									Protect your skin from natural damage
The sunlight bears ultraviolet the time photons gets through the skin, it creates free
radicals are unstable atoms and molecules. Can damage this UV your DNA. Burns of the results
in the short term. Long-term results are the untimely aging of the skin and skin cancer.
UV comprises of two types of UVB and UVA rays photons:. UVB is more shorter wavelengths,
which is not as deep inside skin photon UVA. Lengths of UVB rays for whipping and possible
skin cancer. Lengths UVA liable for premature aging of the skin, and skin cancers.

Let we know how to protect your skin :

** Seek for shade when you are outside.
** Put on a hat, rather with full 4 inches around the world, covering the potency of your face,
neck and ears.
** Porter of long sleeves, long pants, assuring that you are made of tightly woven fabrics.
** Use a sunscreen with a sun protection of at least 15 day factor to help protect against
incidental sun exposure. reapply after swimming or sweating.
** Keep in mind that the model had less protection than a shirt of the Sun and to advocate the
"American Cancer Society", where you will need to apply a sunscreen to areas covering the t-
** Be aware that ultraviolet light reflected by the water and sand in General, snow and any color
surface, such as concrete; exercise care in applying sunscreen when you're on these surfaces.
** Don't forget that some UV will penetrate water and frames, so you still need protection.
** Avoid the darker tanning bed of pigmentation, where they could be more destructive to your
skin from the Sun.

** Stay inside during brutal winds if possible. If you must be outdoor, try to stay under cover.
For example, by using a bus instead caliber directly in the wind.
** Cover exposed skin with clothing when the wind. On the beach, wear light dress and Hat. Sun
coverage against excess wind. In winter, wear protective gloves. Hat weshah commended the
areas of often difficult UNRWA cover, but more vulnerable to wind burn.
** Use the moisturizer every day, both for the body and face. A company named fire made
specifically for cold and windy, but any moisturising creams can help keep your skin moist and
strong on a daily basis. Also, apply moisturizer relief soothing wind exposure.
** Use sunscreen when outside to minimize skin problems. Sun protection with SPF 15 or more,
not only against the damage of the Sun, but against the damage of wind that acts as shield against
irritants also.
** Stay away irritants to the skin such as smoke and intense heat or cold, who feel the wind
worse damage. These elements also tend to Leach of moisture of your skin, leaving more
vulnerable to wrinkles and burns.
** Application of oil on the skin jelly to protect severe wind. This freezes the moisture and acts
as a barrier against drying and burning winds. You can also use petroleum jelly to soothe your
skin after you really weindborn.
** Drink plenty of water to help keep your skin hydrated. The healthy body initially, better it
may be irritating.

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