Planning A Recital For Dance Classes? What Parents Need To Know Before The Big Day

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					  Planning A Recital For Dance Classes? What Parents Need
               To Know Before The Big Day
Many children take dance lessons throughout the year in preparation of one big event -- the
recital. However, the dancers can't do everything themselves and parent participation can be the
difference between a successful recital and one that's full of chaos. If you're volunteering to help
make sure the recital is a success, here are a few things that people who teach dance lessons
want you to know.

Coordinate Costumes, Hair And Makeup For Students In Dance Classes

It's important that all the kids match each other for the recital. For many girls who take dance
lessons, this means wearing the same costume, hairstyle and even makeup. While some parents
might balk at the thought of their very young girls wearing makeup, it's actually important when
they're on stage and under the bright lights. The makeup helps highlight eyes and facial
expressions while the kids are performing on stage and these facial expressions can be an
essential part of the dance. Additionally, if the teachers have requested a certain hairstyle, bow or
other headpiece, take the time to make sure each dancer has their hair properly styled. Some
parents get together and appoint one person in charge of hair and makeup to make sure the
children are all coordinated.

Bring Extra Tights, Just In Case

Tights are some of the most fragile pieces of dancewear that students need. They can rip, run or
tear easily and it's not uncommon for dancers to go through more than one pair of tights during a
dress rehearsal and recital. If you can, consider packing an extra two or three pairs into the
costume bag just in case. Ask if the instructors prefer matte or shiny tights and take care to
purchase the right ones. The different materials can look drastically different under the bright
stage lights and this can be a big distraction for people in the audience.

Ask Whether Photography Is Allowed

Many recitals, whether they're for a ballet class or another type of dance lessons, don't allow
parents to take photos during the recital. If your child's instructor has asked you not to take
photos, there's a good reason. The flash can distract the students as they're dancing and it can
be distracting for other parents who are trying to watch their own children.

As a compromise, many studios hire a professional videographer to make a DVD of the
performance so parents have the option of purchasing a professionally recording of the
performance. Others will allow parents to take photos or videos during the dress rehearsal or
even during one of the regular dance lessons.

Whether your child has been taking dance classes for years or they're in their first ballet class,
the recital is a celebration of a year's worth of hard work. To help make the event a successful
one, ask the instructor what you can do to help. If you can, use these tips. You might be surprised
at how thankful your child's teacher will be.

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Description: If your children take dance classes, they'll probably have a recital at the end of the year to show off what they've learned. Use these tips from instructors who teach dance lessons to help the recital run smoothly.