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									  Visiting Punta del Este, Uruguay? Where To Stay To Create
                   Unforgettable Vacations
If you've decided to travel to Punta del Este, Uruguay, it's important to decide where you're going
to stay. Vacations can be made even more fun by great hotels, so research them extensively
before booking one and you can help ensure that you have a fantastic time. Here are three
different hotels in Punta del Este, Uruguay that can help you have an amazing time, whether
you're planning a romantic trip, are on a budget, or are looking for a once in a lifetime luxury
travel experience.

Planning Romantic Vacations? Stay At Hotel L'Auberge

Hotel L'Auberge has a reputation for being one of the most romantic hotels in Punta de Este. The
property is tucked into a residential neighborhood and the result is a personal experience for
guests. Each room is decorated differently and there are more than seven different types of
rooms, including cozy rooms located at the top of the towers with a beautiful view of the sea. If
you're looking for something that's a little larger, consider staying in the Terrace Special Deluxe
room, which is the most popular option for guests. This room is ideal for people who are looking
for romantic vacations since it includes a Jacuzzi, a large terrace with an amazing view of the
hotel's main garden and some even include a fireplace. Rooms here range from $122 to $270,
depending on the type of room and the time of year.

Looking To Travel On A Budget? Stay At Hotel Florinda

If you're traveling on a budget, consider the Hotel Florinda. Here, you'll find rooms that cost just
$80-$150 a night, but that doesn't mean that you'll be lacking in service. The hotel's breakfast is
well-known and the service is superb. However, it's the location that people flock to. It's located
just 100 meters from the beaches and offers free beach chairs, bicycles and more to guests. The
rooms are simple, but clean and the staff goes out of its way to ensure that guests have a great
time on their vacation.

Want To Travel In Luxury? Stay At Hotel La Bluette

Hotel La Bluette is known for its luxurious accommodations and location that's right on the beach.
The owner makes it his personal goal to treat each guest as if they're family and it's not
uncommon for guests to receive rides into town from the owner himself! The breakfast each
morning cannot be missed with its freshly squeezed orange juice and assortments of fresh fruit,
omelets and other breakfast foods and it's served until noon for guests who prefer to sleep in a
little on their vacations. Rooms range from $120 to $562 per night, depending on the time of the
year and the type of room.

These are only three of the many hotels visitors can choose while on vacations in Punta del Este,
Uruguay. Whether you're considering a romantic trip for two, are staying on a budget or want to
travel in the lap of luxury, you can be sure to find something in Punta del Este.

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