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Were you injured in a Car Accident _856_ 507-1000



                           Were you injured in a Car Accident?
                                You may need someone to fight for you.
THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW                             is one of the most important considerations.          people who make the selection are unaware         difference or the “under” insured amount.
If you or a family member were injured in a         Those that have selected or are members of            of exactly and precisely what the selection
car accident you probably have questions re-        a household that selected the “verbal” or             entails. In retrospect, following a motor ve-     WHO FIXES THE CAR?
garding how your medical bills will be paid,        “lawsuit” threshold are at risk of not collect-       hicle accident most people indicate that they     It is really your choice. Some people have
who will fix your car and whether or not you        ing anything whatsoever to reimburse them             would not have made the selection had they        a form of “no-fault” insurance or collision
are entitled to any compensation for pain and       for pain and suffering. The verbal or law-            known of the restriction and bar to bringing      coverage that provides money to fix the
economic loss. You should review your dec-          suit threshold is a selection most often made         a claim.                                          car following an agreed upon estimate less
laration page for any insurance policy that         by the owner of the motor vehicle on their                                                              a deductible. The deductible ($250.00 -
may provide coverage or benefits and have a         insurance policy. Unless you have selected            WHAT IF THE PERSON WHO HIT ME                     $500.000) is often reimbursed in whole or
copy of the police report handy in case you         “no” threshold or a “zero” tort threshold, you        DOES NOT HAVE INSURANCE OR                        in part by the at-fault driver’s insurance car-
have any questions after reviewing the fol-         may be barred from pursing a claim for per-           LEFT THE SCENE?                                   rier. Some people deal directly with the at-
lowing.                                             sonal injuries even though the accident was           New Jersey Law requires what is known as          fault carrier and skip the deductible process.
                                                    not your fault. Fault is not part of the anal-        uninsured motorist protection. This protec-       Rental reimbursement is also available and
MEDICAL BILLS AND LOST INCOME                       ysis as to whether or not you may recover             tion or coverage is provided by the car in-       in some instances actually renting a car is
In most instances, medical bills are covered        for personal injuries when dealing with the           surance company to “cover” the situation in       unnecessary to obtain reimbursement.
by personal injury protection coverage (PIP)        verbal or lawsuit threshold. Unless there is          which someone is injured in a car accident
under the auto policy subject to a co-pay and       death, dismemberment, a broken bone that              where the other driver leaves the scene or,       WHO PAYS FOR ALL OF THIS ?
deductible scheme. PIP works in conjunc-            is not merely broken but also displaced and           unfortunately, the at-fault driver’s insurance    Well, your insurance should pay for many
tion with one’s health insurance and also pro-      other such serious injuries a person injured          coverage has lapsed or is non-existent. The       of the items mentioned above. The at-fault
vides what is known as income continuation          in a motor vehicle may have given up their            injured person’s policy “steps in the shoes”      driver’s insurance pays for a claim for pain
benefits following exhaustion of any state          right to pursue a claim for pain and suffer-          of the at-fault driver and provides benefits.     and suffering unless, as stated above, you
disability benefits that may be available. It       ing. Those that have selected a zero tort             In most instances the policy’s UM limits are      have to turn to your uninsured motorist cov-
is very important that your medical provid-         threshold or involved in a motor vehicle              identical to UIM limits. “UIM” stands for         erage. Most attorneys will handle your case
ers know who to bill, when to bill and how to       accident with a commercial vehicle are not            under insured motor vehicle coverage. UIM         on a contingency fee basis. The charge, cov-
bill. That information should be given to the       unduly burdened by this restrictive policy            coverage comes into play when the injuries        ered by court rule, is one third (1/3) of the
medical providers from the outset.                  provision. The majority of owners have the            sustained are significant and the policy of       net recovery for the first $500,000.00. The
                                                    verbal or lawsuit threshold selection on their        the person at fault is woefully insufficient to   fee is reduced thereafter. Most attorneys do
MY PAIN !!!                                         policy. The “selection” (not always delib-            “cover” the injuries sustained in which case      not charge a fee if they do not make a recov-
For many people injured in a car accident this      erate) lowers their policy premium. Most              the injured person’s UIM policy makes up the      ery on your behalf.

                                                                                                                The Law Offices Of
                                                                 dollar companies, the State and
                                                                 local governments. Damages are
                                                                 routinely obtained for lost wages,

                                                                                                             RichaRd M. PescaTORe, P.c.
                                                                 emotional distress, reinstatement
                                                                 and punitive damages.

                                                                 Richard M. Pescatore, Esquire has

                                                                                                                             (856) 507-1000
                                                                 been practicing in the area of civil
                                                                 litigation for over 25 years in nu-
                                                                 merous areas with a primary em-
                                                                 phasis in Employment Law and
                                                                 Personal Injury. He is certified as
                                                                 a Civil Trial Attorney by the New

                                                                                                                  1055 East Landis Ave., Vineland, New Jersey
                                                                 Jersey Supreme Court. To be “cer-
                                                                 tified” as a civil trial attorney, one
                                                                 must have substantial trial experi-
                                                                 ence and be recommended by                             30 S. Maple Ave., Marlton, NJ
                 Richard M. Pescatore                            judges and attorneys based on ex-
                                                                pertise. Less than 5% of attorneys
                  Jennifer M, Carlson                           licensed in New Jersey carry this
 The Law Offices of Richard M. Pescatore are                    distinct qualification and have suc-
 located in both Vineland and Marlton New            cessfully completed the required testing.
 Jersey. The firm concentrates on Employment
 Law and serious personal injury. The major-         Jennifer M, Carlson , Esq. is an associate with
 ity of cases involve discrimination, sexual ha-     the firm and focuses her practice on employ-
 rassment, or retaliation by supervisors or co-      ment litigation and workers’ compensation.
 workers. In some circumstances independent          Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Carlson served as
 contractors are protected as well. The firm’s       a Deputy Attorney General in the New Jersey
 attorneys successfully represent victims of dis-    Attorney General’s Office also practicing em-
 crimination, sexual harassment and retaliation      ployment litigation. Ms. Carlson is licensed to
 and consistently make recoveries against a          practice in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the
 variety of employers, including multi-million       District Court of New Jersey.

 The County Woman                                                                                   35                                                                       April/May 2012

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