Interested In Vacations To Brazil? Don't Forget To Visit These 4 Beaches

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					    Interested In Vacations To Brazil? Don't Forget To Visit
                       These 4 Beaches
Vacations to Brazil just aren't complete without some time spent at the country's many beaches.
With more than 4500 miles of coastline, the country's beaches are plentiful and one of the biggest
travel attractions for locals and visitors alike. Before you book vacations here, learn about some
of the top places to visit. Visiting one of these can help make your vacation a memorable one, but
this is only a fraction of what you can find here.

Beach Option # 1 Taipus De Fora

Taipus de Fora is one of the most well-known beaches in the country. If you're traveling with
children, this beach is one of the best because the coral reef underneath the water is close
enough so children can snorkel for the first time. It's possible to rent snorkels so don't worry if you
don't have your own. Other people report that taking the night dive tour is exceptionally fun when
there's a full moon since the moonlight allows divers to see clearly, even though it's dark outside.

Beach Option # 2 Lagoinha De Leste

Lagoinha de Leste in Santa Catarina can only be accessed by a hiking trail or by a boat -- no cars
allowed. Because of this, it's very secluded and perfect for couples who want to spend some time
together. This seclusion also means that it's important for visitors to bring their own food, drinks
and other necessities since there are no shops available. This location is also known as one of
the better beaches for surfing so it's not unusual for surfers to ride the waves of Lagoinha de
Leste. However, there are no lifeguards available so make sure to swim and surf at your own risk.

Beach Option # 3 Atalaia Beach

Atalaia is only accessible with a guide and only small groups are allowed to visit, which means
visitors can have a truly personal experience at Atalaia Beach. The area is a protected one, which
also means that sunblock and other chemicals are not allowed. The end result is a beautiful reef
where snorkelers can see hundreds of small fish and maybe even a shark or two.

Beach Option # 4 Arpoador, Rio De Janeiro

Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular beaches in the area. Here, you can find
weight lifters displaying their strength and surfers that show off their moves while in the water. If
you're looking to fish, you can do it here, but professional fishermen might just have the best
spots, as this is a popular commercial fishing spot. It's a good idea to keep a close eye on your
belongings because the area is known for its petty theft, but visitors don't need to worry about
violent crime.

Other Beaches In Brazil

Although these four are popular, they aren't the only ones in the country. Others include Bonete
in Sao Paulo, Caraiva in Bahia, Lopes Mendes in Rio and Praia de Fazenda. These are only a
few of the thousands of beaches that line the coastline in Brazil that visitors can travel to on
vacations. If you're considering learning more about what vacations to Brazil can offer, definitely
don't forget to research what beach you want to visit before you go.

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Description: The beaches in Brazil are some of the biggest reasons visitors take vacations to the country. Learn about some of them and what makes them so special.