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									Experience the beauty of Todos Santos — El Pueblo Magico.

CalyCanto is pleased to offer EcoTour Packages in Todos Santos.
Meet the locals. Discover the natural, cultural and culinary delights as you step back in time in a true Mexican oasis.


aja California Sur was once an island and is a natural wonder, with an ecosystem unlike anywhere on the planet. With what Jacques Cousteau described as the “Aquarium to the World” (the Sea of Cortez) on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, the area has a very high rate of endemism in both plants and wildlife. Our guides have lived in Baja for over a decade and are certified Wilderness First Responders, each very knowledgeable about local history, flora, fauna. They are all great story tellers who love sharing their home town with visitors to the area. We’ve found the most important aspect of a successful adventure is having fun people with whom to spend a few days adventuring.

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alyCanto is pleased to offer EcoTour Packages in Todos Santos at the promotional rate of $200 per person, per night (min 4 ppl). Includes: Fully	furnished	luxury	2BR	2BA		 	 casitas for 4-6 people. One	activity	from	List	A	or	two	ac-		 tivities	from	List	B	per	night	stayed. Refrigerator	stocked	with	fresh	fruit,		 cereal, juices for breakfast. Knowledgeable,	experienced	local		 	 guides. Transportation	to	and	from	 CalyCanto to activities in 4x4 Suburbans. Meals	where	indicated. Airport	transport	can	be	arranged	 for an extra fee).

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Horseback Riding In addition to its magnificent desert scenery, Todos Santos has 70 miles of pristine, virtually empty beach for you to enjoy on horseback. We can arrange guides who are are not only experienced riders, but also avid birders and naturalists who enjoy sharing their local knowledge. Morning and sunset rides are available for riders of all skill levels. 1 hour riding. About 1.5 hours. Picnic lunch on beach. Swimming with the Sea Lions A truly incredible experience, snorkeling and playing with the sea lion pups at the permanent sea lion colony	of	Los	Islotes.		Includes	guide,	lunch,	all	gear	and	transportation.		90	minutes	drive	each	way	 to/from	La	Paz.		 Trip to San Vicente/Visit Mountain Potters This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the traditional way of life of the mountain ranchers in Baja. We’ll meet local potters in a true mountain oasis, and learn how Baja Californians have carved their homes and livings out the mountains for centuries. Doña Ramona will give us a pottery class while sharing her ranching way of life. Her family will prepare an incredibly delicious ranch lunch for us,	and	will	give	us	a	tortilla-making	lesson	just	before	dining.	Driving	is	90	minutes	roundtrip.		 Scuba Diving or Snorkeling with Whale Sharks ($75 surcharge) (Sept to Jan) If you have ever dreamed of swimming with a giant from another era, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with the largest fish in the world. Whale sharks are rare, elusive and magnificent creatures. There are only four locations in the world where Whale Sharks are known to return reliably each year. To locate the whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez we use a spotter plane. For those who are not divers they can also go on the boat to do some snorkeling. The trip includes two to three dives, depending	on	weather	conditions.	Lunch	on	board.	

Desert Triple Waterfall Adventure Hike through incredible desert canyon featuring 3 waterfalls and fantastic desert scenery. 4 hours roundtrip, 2.5 hours walking. Picnic lunch at waterfall. Mexican Cooking Lessons with Local Chef First, learn to make a great margarita. Second, pay attention, because you have to eat what you make! Mucho music, margaritas and great Mexican food! Cliff Walk and Beach Picnic Terrific scenery featuring sea lions, birds, whales and cactus. Picnic lunch on pristine, palm-ringed beach. Swimming at the beach. 3.5 hours of walking, unlimited time for lunch, swimming, relaxing on beach. Champagne, Stars & Cactus Beautiful evening of stargazing with champagne and local astronomer. Aztec, Mayan and Greek mythologies explored while exploring the skies. Includes dinner.

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Sample Itinerary:
(Airport Transport Can be Arranged for a Fee)

Morning: Evening:	 Desert Triple Waterfall Adventure Mexican	Cooking	Lessons	with	Local	Chef		

Morning: Evening: Cliff Walk and Beach Picnic Champagne, Stars & Cactus

All	Day:	 	 Swimming	with	the	Sea	Lions		

All Day: Trip to San Vicente/Visit Mountain Potters

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