Best measurement techniques for noise pollution by jeniferchameli

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									What is Noise?
How to measure noise?
Frequency Analysis
From where noise pollution originates?
Why we should bother about noise?
How to control noise pollution?
What should be the guidelines for the normal people to reduce

noise pollution?
Simple term – noise is nothing but unwanted sound.
Sound - a form of energy -> reaching through body to ear and
ear causes the sensation of hearing through nerves.
Noise pollution’s Consists
   1. Sender (Source)
   2. Receiver
   3. Transmission Path
Intensity is measured in SPL – Sound Pressure Level it is
measured in DB.
Frequency analysis allows to separate main components of signal
by dividing frequency range interest into small frequency band.
Some sounds can not be divided into set of harmonically related
pure tones.
Generally noise is produced by the source of community noise.
    Eg. Aircraft engine, automobiles, submarine.
It may vary from daily activities. It may domestic, natural,
commercial, Industrial … Source
Generally it is neglected. But it impacts on human and also living
organisms. Its adverse effects are shown below.
    1. Damage of material
    2. Nervous System
    3. Human Performance
    4. Physiological effect
    5. Annoyance
    6. Sleeplessness
    7. Permanent loss of hearing
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