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Why to be the ‘winter-dependant’? A question for leather coats
   Leather jackets and leather coats are worn during winter. There is nothing
    wrong about this. But for the ‘winter-dependant’ leather coats manufacturers,
    there is a matter of concern because marketing and promotional activities
    should not be the ‘winter dependant’ at all. Usually, buyers and consumers of
    other products and services are approached throughout the year but whenever
    it comes to promote and advertise leather coats and jackets, almost all leather
    coats manufacturers advertise their products during the winter season only,
    especially in the Asian and African countries.
      leather coats manufacturers especially by the
              wholesale buyers and importers
 So, these ‘winter dependant’ leather coats manufacturers are not able
  to make the most of those periods and seasons which are not blown by
  the cold air or chilly winds. On the other hand, the very hot period or
  dry season can turn out to be really ‘hot’ as far as purchase of leather
  coats and jackets is concerned, especially by the wholesale buyers and
 Wholesaler buyers and importers of leather coats and jackets tend to
  buy these items in bulk throughout the year as leather coats and jackets
  are sold on much reduced prices during other non-winter seasons.
 Advertising these winter apparels to individual customer or buyer
  during winter is effective but for those wholesale buyers and importers
  who always buy these items in bulk, it is not rational to advertise and
  market during the winter season only.
 Leather coats manufacturers and suppliers have to understand
             that as per the consumer psychology

 as per the consumer psychology ofpeople living in these naturally tropical
  environments, they look for discounted rates and reduced prices when buying
  any product or commercial item due to low income per capita together with
  other socioeconomic vulnerabilities, deeply rooted in these less-developed
                         AT THE END
leather coats manufacturers and suppliers can also offer less expensive
leather coats and jackets in these countries after a bit modifications and
adjustments into their products.

In short, leather coats manufacturers can witness exceptional
business growth by transforming their companies into ‘all-
weather’ companies. Success guaranteed!

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