How to Register a New Zealand Company Quickly by KirillKruger


If you want to ensure that your New Zealand company is registered as quickly as possible, it is important to ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted and that they all meet the right standards.

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                                 How to Register a New Zealand Quickly

                                 New Zealand is already regarded as the jurisdiction with the world's quickest and
                                 easiest process for registering a new company. However, in order to complete the
                                 process in the fastest possible time, there are several small steps which should be
                                 taken so that the incorporation process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

                                        Ensure that the proposed name for the new New Zealand company is unique
                                         and not identical to the name of any company already on the Register.

                                         The names that are already on the register can be checked with our online
                                        Ensure that the name for the proposed company does not contravene any
Development Manager at                   New Zealand regulations or include any restricted or offensive words.
Abaconda Management
Group , Director of AMG
                                        Ensure that the Proof of Identity and proof of Residency documents are ready
Business Development.
                                         for all of the Shareholders and Directors for the new company.

                                        Ensure that all documents are couriered to New Zealand in a timely manner.
                                         Before the incorporation can be completed, original signed Consents must be
Kirill Kruger is a young but
                                         submitted to the Companies Office by the Directors and Shareholders of the
experienced financial
                                         company. The Consents must be accompanied by the Proof of Residence and
consultant, with a
                                         Proof of Identity for the Directors and Shareholders. Once the Companies
specialization in
international and New
                                         Office receives the documents they can grant final approval for the company
Zealand taxation research,               on the same day and place it on the Register within minutes of registration.
management and planning.
Being a successful                      Ensure that the certifications on the documents provided to the Companies
entrepreneur he has also                 Office meet New Zealand standards.
authored advanced studies
in the field of financial                In order for any copy to be accepted by the Companies Office it must contain:
academics, and regularly
writes reports on current                   o   the full name of the certifier
affairs and developments in                 o   the phone number and address of the certifier
international and New                       o   the seal of the certifier
Zealand finance, taxation                   o   the original signature of the certifier
and management.
                                            o   a description of the nature of the certification (e.g. "True Copy")
+64 7 8080 444

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    In addition, the documents used as Proof of Address must also:

        o   Be provided to the Companies Office within three months of being
        o   Contain the full residential address of the Shareholder or Director

   Ensure that all the documents provided to the Companies Office are in English
    or Maori.

    If the documents are not in English or Maori, the translation of the document
    must be completed by an recognized and authorized translator, and contain:

               o   The full name of the translator or translation service
               o   The full contact details of the translator or translation service
               o   The original seal or signature of the translation service
               o   Certification that the translated document is a true and
                   accurate copy of the original

    The original document must be submitted alongside the translated copy.

    In some cases we can arrange for your document to be translated by the
    Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand, which complete a selective
    translation which only includes the information necessary for the Companies


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