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It is to certify that _________________________________________________________________________
Guardian (see note) of the applicant __________________________________________________________
is an Pakistani national and that
          a)        he/she is living in (name of the country) ________________________________________
                                                              since ___________________________________
          b)        his/her current address is ___________________________________________________
          c)        he/she is employed as ( title of the post) _______________________________________
                    in (name of the organization) ________________________________________________
                    he/she is self employed earning his/her living by (profession)

                                                                                   Embassy of Pakistan

                                                                                       (Official Seal)
Dated: _____________

Note for the Embassy:
The University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore has reserved one hundred and sixty eight seats on its
Bachelor’s Degree Programmes for the children/wards of Pakistanis working in foreign countries. To ensure that these
seats go to the rightful claimants, the parent (father/mother) of the applicant is required to produce this certificate from
the Pakistani Embassy in the country in which he/she is working alongwith a photocopy of his/her resident visa attested
by the Embassy. The University will be obliged to the Embassies for their co-operation in this respect.

          Definition of Guardian:
          1. Father or mother of the applicant
          2.   For Orphans, Guardian may be:
               i.) Real brother or real sister;
               ii.) Real maternal uncle (Mamoo);
               iii.) Real paternal uncle (Chacha, Taya)
               Proof of relationship in the for m of CNIC is required. Attesting officer is required to attach his/her copy of
               CNIC alongwith the attested copies.

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