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									                              Cougar Pride Baseball
                                                   PO Box 353
                                                 Canby Or 97013

Dear Sponsor,

The supporters of Cougar Pride Baseball invite you to participate in our sponsor’s fence
program by purchasing a signboard to be installed on the outfield fence on the Varsity
Baseball field. Canby’s facility is thought of as one of the nicest in the State and our
Home games are very well attended. Our spectators as well as our parents and students
who visit our facility will see your sign on a daily basis.

Sponsorships are for three year terms. The first year commitment includes fabrication
and installation of the signboard board for $300. The renewal cost for years two and
three will be $250. You will be reminded to submit the renewal costs annually. The
contribution to our program is tax deductible.

Your support of our program and its continued success is appreciated. Come out and
catch a game and catch Cougar Baseball Fever!


Cougar Pride Baseball
                                          Cougar Pride Baseball
                                          Signboard Agreement
                  This agreement covers the fabrication and installation of an 8’x 8’
                 advertising signboard to be installed on the outfield fence of the Canby
                High School Varsity Field. The sponsor will provide a suitable logo for
              imprinting on the sign. Cougar Pride Baseball will provide reasonable
repair and upkeep of the sign during the contract term.

The First year price (includes fabrication and installation) is $300.00. The renewal cost
for years two and three will be $250. An annual renewal reminder will be sent to the
sponsor. We do offer a paid in full discount for your convenience. If you choose to pay
all three years in advance you will save $100.00 for a total cost of $700.00.
(You may end your contract before the 3rd year for $150 buy out)

It is requested that our company sign be installed at the Varsity Field of Canby High

Sponsor: _____________________________________________ Date:_________



City:_______________________________________ State:_____ Zip:___________

Phone:_______________________ Fax:___________________________________

Email address:________________________________________________________

Please make checks payable to:                   Cougar Pride Baseball
                                                 PO Box 353
                                                 Canby Or 97013

____ Attached is a copy of the Logo/ Message or Business card as you wish to appear.

____ I will email you a copy of the design we want used (.eps & .ai formats are preferred)
       Please email to:

____ I’m not sure of the message or design, please have someone contact me.
*Please note that if the design has to be created and/or altered by our graphic designer there will be a minimum
additional $50.00 fee.

For more information, please contact:
Ryan Oliver

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