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 Paul R. Godin       Updated December 2010
                                              Presentation #0


         Synchronous Down Counter

                      Instructor Background
• Paul Godin
   • Industry Experience:
       • 13 years in Data Communications (manufacturing & distribution environment) primarily in
         sales and management.
   • Instructional Experience:
       • 13 years experience:
             •   Network Cabling (copper & fiber)
             •   Analog and Digital Electronics, Instruments, Electronic Fabrication
             •   Computer Fundamentals, Computer hardware
             •   Interpersonal Skills, Time Management, Customer Service, others
   • Learning Experience:
       •   Industrial Electronics.
       •   Over 1000 hours of industry training from approx 100 manufacturers.
       •   Over 500 hours of courses taken while an instructor.
       •   Achieved BC Instructor Diploma, 2007.
       •   Continuous Learning

          Contact Information
• SAIT Office:
            Tel: 284-8976
            Room: G238B (please call at reception)
            Email: paul.godin @
             Schedule available on web site

• Personal/Home Office:
            Telephone contact provided in class

             (Information available on site web page)   #0.4
• You may communicate with me to:

   Discuss any aspects of the class you wish.

   Discuss your marks and achievement level.

   Address any issues you may have.

   To advise me of any absence.

         SAIT Campus Services
• Student success = SAIT success.

• SAIT has many services and resources
  available to help students succeed.

• Take advantage of these resources. Part of
  your tuition funds them.

• Detailed in the following pages…

                     Campus Services
• Stores: Bookstore, Computer, Second hand
• Food and Food Services
    –   Prepared foods: Heart, 4-9’s, Highwood, Burns, etc)
    –   SAITSA: stores, Odyssey Coffeehouse, Gateway
    –   SAIT Food store (Marketplace, near 4-9’s)
    –   Sobeys
    –   Coffee Shops (Tim Horton’s, Starbuck’s)
•   Parking
•   Housing (SAIT for on-campus; SAITSA for off campus)
•   Recreation
•   Security & Safewalk
•   C-Train service
               Learning Resources
• Tutors and Learning Skills (includes student skills)
• Library (computers and printing available)
• Laptop and computer support
• Student Advising & Counseling 284-7023
   –   Anxiety, Stress and other emotional challenges
   –   Personal Issues
   –   Crisis Issues
   –   Career and Educational Issues

          Student Resources
• Athletics (includes swimming, weight training,
  bowling, ping pong, organized team, etc)
• Campus Health office 284-8666
• SAITSA (Student Association) 284-8036
• International and Aboriginal Student services
• Student Employment & Pre-Employment
• Special Needs services
• Interfaith Advising
                     Other Resources
• Student Financial Awards (Bursaries, Scholarships).
  –   See the Student Awards Guide
  –   Applications typically during the fall semester
  –   Additional grants/scholarships available outside of SAIT
  –   DO IT (

• Innovation and Applied Research funding
  – Funds for student projects (need to meet specific

• Accreditation examinations
  – SAIT is an exam center for Microsoft, Cisco, and more.
               Other Resources
• Prior Learning and Recognition (PLAR) Center
   – Credit transfers to and from other institutions.
   – Documented industry experience for prior learning credits

• Articulation Advisors
   – Credit, Certificate and Diploma transfers between SAIT,
     different SAIT programs and other institutions.

• Other Services
   – SAIT has access to experts to provide the specific resources
     a student needs, or may purchase equipment needed by a

                Other Resources
• School of ICT
  – Office located N401 (Burns Building)
     • Reception: 403-284-8543
  – Dean: Rand Ayres
  – Associate Dean: Mary Resch
  – Program Chairs:
     • Jim Catley (Semester 1 IT, IT-CS)
     • Jim Murtagh (BXST, ENT, IT-SD)
     • Darwin Risdon (IT-TS, IT-NS, Apprentice)

• The Freedom of Information and Protection
  of Privacy Act is in effect at SAIT.
  – Your privacy is assured.
  – Marks, any other evaluations or personal
    information are not publicly given out, nor are
    they provided over the telephone or via email.
  – Discussions between the student and the
    instructor are kept confidential.

            Core Competencies
• Professionalism is an integral part of a successful

• Considered important enough by industry to become a
  gradable component of every course.

• These Core Competencies will be assessed and a mark
  will be assigned.

• More information will be provided, including the
  worksheet and other details.

 • “The policy of the Board of Governors is to expect
   student attendance in all aspects of every program.”

 • ICT Attendance Policy (effective as of Fall 2009):
Unexcused             Warning Meet With        Consequence
10% of Total Course   1st     Instructor       Discuss consequences
Hours                                          of further absences
20% of Total Course   2nd     Academic Chair   Deduct one letter grade
Hours                                          from final course mark
30% of Total Course           Academic Chair   Course fail (‘F’ Grade)

• SAIT prepares students for the workforce.

   – “The policy of the Board of Governors is to expect student
     attendance in all aspects of every program.”
   – Check the course outlines, as attendance is a requirement for this
   – I will be taking attendance.
   – If you must miss a class due to circumstances, please email or call in
   – If you miss too many classes, you will need to meet with the program

             Class Attendance
• Instructors will be taking attendance at the
  beginning of class.
• Attendance is also part of the Core
  Competencies assessment.
• If you must miss a class due to circumstances,
  please email or call in advance.
• It is difficult to make up missed classes,
  especially missed labs.
• Follow the policies and guidelines for laptop
• Don’t let it be a source of distraction

       Student Success Strategy
• Time Management.              Manage you time and prioritize your
  tasks. Complete all assessments in advance of deadlines.
• Attendance.           Catching up is frustrating and time-consuming.
  Attend every class.
• Balance. Maintain a balance between study, sleep, and
• Reward. Do what is important first, and reward yourself for
  accomplishing it afterward.
• Understand the material. Aim to understand as much of
  the material as possible and continually maintain your knowledge level.
  Prepare for the next class. If you have difficulty understanding a
  concept, seek help immediately.
                    Be a Professional Student                    #1.19
              Learning Resources
• Textbook
• Web Pages
   – HTML pages (learnat site)
   – PowerPoint Presentations
   – Word Documents
   – EWB files
   – Other Web Resources
   – Other instructor sites
• Lab Modules
   – On-line
   – Lab kits provided in lab
• Instructor Presentations
• Electronics WorkBench
       Please note there are no specific theory modules available.

• E-Learning Based:
   –   Laptop Usage
   –   Web Page
   –   Assignments and Exams on D2L (possibility)
   –   Handouts and other Information

• The PowerPoint presentations and web site I’ve authored are
  continually being updated.
   – Please provide positive suggestions and feedback

        Technology Overload

             Technology Relief

This certificate entitles the bearer to a relief period
   from a Technology-Enhanced Presentation.

         Course Web Page Tour
• Sections of the web page
  –   Modules
  –   Labs
  –   Assignments and Exams
  –   Outline
  –   Links
  –   Instructor
  –   Other instructor sites

         Tools you’ll need to use
•   Electronics WorkBench
•   MS PowerPoint
•   MS Word
•   MS Excel
•   MS Paint
•   Browser (Firefox/Chrome or Explorer)
•   Printer Configuration
•   Altera’s Quartus II software




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