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									                                   St. Johns River Alliance
                 Middle St. Johns River Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
                            Meeting Notes-Friday, August 24, 2007

      The St. Johns River Alliance Middle St. Johns River Basin Technical Advisory
      Committee (TAC) met at Seminole County’s Sylvan Lake Park on Friday, August 24,
      2007. The attendees were:

Bill Baer, City of Altamonte Springs     Kevin McCann, City of Orlando
Mary Brabham, SJRWMD                     Ian McDonald, City of Maitland
April Breen, PED                         Christine Mundy, SJRWMD
Tom Carey, Volusia County                Kim Ornberg, Seminole County
Nancy Christman, SJRWMD                  Leroy Pearman, USGS
Lisa Curtin, City of Orlando             Vincent Peluso, City of Oviedo
Dana Denson, FDEP                        Zynka Perez, City of Winter Springs
Mike Garcia, Seminole County             Jim Peters, Brown and Caldwell
Jennifer Gihring, FDEP                   Roland Raymundo, Seminole County
Anthony Gonzalez, City of DeBary         Lakshmi Sanleran, Seminole County
David Hamstra, PEC                       Deborah Shelley, FDEP – Aquatic Preserves
Ed Hayes, FWC                            Joseph Stewart, SJRWMD
Migdalia Hernandez, City of Sanford      Ed Torres, City of Casselberry
Jay Holder, FWC                          Mark Troilo, SAI
Dan Homblette, Orange County EPD         Gregg Walker, FDEP Wekiva River Basin State Parks
Beth Jackson, Orange County EPD          Bob Walter, Seminole County
Chris Kintner, City of Longwood          Walter Wood, Lake County E.S.
Marie Lackey, Seminole County            Tom Ziegler, SJRWMD
Rod Lynn, Orange County Stormwater       Dennisse Zornan, FDOT
Regina Morse, SJRWMD

      Information concerning this Technical Advisory Committee is available at MSJRB
      Webpage:     http://www.sjrwmd.com/MSJRB_TAC.html

                                     Meeting Discussion
      The attendees introduced themselves, and the presentations listed below followed.

      Development of a Hydrodynamic model for the Middle St Johns River
      Joseph Stewart, P.E., Engineer Scientist with the SJRWMD, provided a presentation
      on the work that he is doing at the District. The hydrodynamic model for Lake George
      was shown in detail, and an introduction to the model work that he is beginning in the
      MSJRB was also discussed. More information regarding his model results will be
      presented at a future meeting as the model becomes more complete. Joe’s
      presentation can be reviewed on the MSJRB TAC web page

      GIS Database Development (Arc Hydro) and HSPF Visualization, Lake Jesup Basin
      Chris Mundy, GIS Program Coordinator, Information Resources Department at
      SJRWMD, provided a presentation on the project that she is working on to develop the
      GIS database and HSPF (Hydrological Simulation Program—Fortran) Visualization for
      the District. The pilot basin that was chosen was the Lake Jesup basin. This Lake
      Jesup watershed data and the other parts of the District that the database will be
      established for will be available on the website in the future. Chris’ presentation is
      available for review on the MSJRB TAC web page.
St. Johns River Alliance
Middle St. Johns River Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
Meeting Notes-Friday, August 24, 2007
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Wekiva Basin TMDL Update
Jennifer Gihring, FDEP, provided an update on the Wekiva Study Area TMDL’s.
Preliminary reductions were provided as was a schedule for roll-out of these TMDL’s.
Jennifer’s presentation is available on the MSJRB TAC web page.

2008 State Funding: MSJRB Initiative
Mary Brabham requested that projects to be included in the District funding request
to the Legislature for next session be sent to her and to Regina Morse. They are
currently working on the funding request and will finalize in the near future. Project
information was requested the following week, or to call with questions or proposals.

For the Good of the Alliance
       Beth Jackson announced that land acquisitions at Orange County have
         included an 87-acre parcel in the St. Johns River basin. The parcel is
         located adjacent to the Joshua Creek property.
       And, September 29th – a Land Acquisition Day event is scheduled at the Hal
         Scott Preserve
       Beth also announced that an RFP is currently being advertised for the TM
         Mitigation Bank design – for any interested consultants
       Nancy Christman announced that an LID workshop has been scheduled for
         Seminole County; for information, Tony Matthews in Seminole County
         Planning Department should be contacted
       Tom Carey announced a cleanup on October 27th – National Make A
         Difference Day in the DeLeon Springs springshed. Information on this and
         all Volusia County cleanups can be found at www.volusia.org/cleanup
       Walter Wood announced that Lake County is having contour mapping done
         using the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) method. Also historic aerials
         have been added to the Lake County Water Atlas, newer aerials are also
         available, a Springs Page will be included next year, and a new data
         download system is available.
       Leroy Pearman announced that all USGS sites are now available in real time,
         including old data. Leroy has offered to provide a presentation to the
         MSJRB TAC to overview the USGS website and the information that it has
         available…look for that at a future meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 9th at 10am at Sylvan Lake Park.

Information pertaining to this TAC is posted at:


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