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                       ITS Workrooms Questionnaire Results 2005
Total records in survey: 2006
An email inviting students to participate in the Workrooms' Questionnaire was sent out to
4100 students who had logged onto a workroom computer at least 10 times in the
last 3 months. However, there was also a link on the desktop which invited any student to

Please provide your email address or usercode for further correspondence.                   Count    Percentage
Answer                                                                                         1925       95.96%
No answer                                                                                         81       4.04%

What is your current status at the University of Canterbury?                                Count    Percentage
Undergrad Student                                                                              1750       87.24%
Postgrad Student                                                                                 199       9.92%
Student in the Halls                                                                              95       4.74%
Staff                                                                                             18       0.90%

Which computer workroom do you usually work in?                                             Count      Percentage
No answer                                                                                         42         2.09%
Cave                                                                                              39         1.94%
Crypt                                                                                            375        18.69%
Library                                                                                          220        10.97%
Loft                                                                                             608        30.31%
MacLab                                                                                            29         1.45%
Vault                                                                                            322        16.05%
Other Workroom                                                                                    65         3.24%
Other                                                                                            306        15.25%

Does NOISE in the workroom affect your ability to do your course work?                      Count      Percentage
No answer                                                                                        95          4.74%
Yes                                                                                             760         37.89%
No                                                                                             1151         57.38%

In what workroom (s) does NOISE affect your ability to do your course work?                 Count      Percentage
Cave                                                                                              29         1.45%
Crypt                                                                                            222        11.07%
Library workroom                                                                                 106         5.28%
Loft                                                                                             443        22.08%
MacLab                                                                                            12         0.60%
Vault                                                                                            140         6.98%
Other Workroom                                                                                   116         5.78%

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Do GAME PLAYERS in the workroom affect your ability to do your course work?          Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                 166       8.28%
Yes                                                                                       249      12.41%
No                                                                                      1591       79.31%

In what workroom (s) do GAME PLAYERS affect your ability to do your course work?     Count        Percentage
Cave                                                                                       12           0.60%
Crypt                                                                                      75           3.74%
Library workroom                                                                           38           1.89%
Loft                                                                                      125           6.23%
MacLab                                                                                      5           0.25%
Vault                                                                                      45           2.24%
Other Workroom                                                                             39           1.94%

Does the WORKROOM LOCATION affect your ability to do your course work?               Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                 123       6.13%
Yes                                                                                       213      10.62%
No                                                                                      1670       83.25%

In what workroom (s) does the LOCATION affect your ability to do your course work?   Count        Percentage
Cave                                                                                         30         1.50%
Crypt                                                                                        57         2.84%
Library workroom                                                                             42         2.09%
Loft                                                                                         95         4.74%
MacLab                                                                                       18         0.90%
Vault                                                                                        55         2.74%
Other Workroom                                                                               28         1.40%

Do QUEUES FOR COMPUTERS affect your ability to do your course work?                  Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                 102       5.08%
Yes                                                                                     1288       64.21%
No                                                                                        616      30.71%

In what workroom (s) do QUEUES FOR COMPUTERS affect your ability to do your course
work?                                                                              Count    Percentage
Cave                                                                                     40       1.99%
Crypt                                                                                   270      13.46%
Library workroom                                                                        488      24.33%
Loft                                                                                    805      40.13%
MacLab                                                                                    8       0.40%
Vault                                                                                   319      15.90%
Other Workroom                                                                          193       9.62%

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Does the COMPUTER HARDWARE affect your ability to do your course work?              Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                116       5.78%
Yes                                                                                      354      17.65%
No                                                                                     1536       76.57%

In what workroom (s) does COMPUTER HARDWARE affect your ability to do your course
work?                                                                             Count    Percentage
Cave                                                                                    52       2.59%
Crypt                                                                                   88       4.39%
Library workroom                                                                        55       2.74%
Loft                                                                                   206      10.27%
Vault                                                                                   82       4.09%
MacLab                                                                                  22       1.10%
Other Workroom                                                                          83       4.14%

Please explain how the computer hardware affects your ability to do your
course work?                                                                        Count    Percentage
Answer                                                                                   339      16.90%
No answer                                                                              1667       83.10%

Does the COMPUTER SOFTWARE affect your ability to do your course work?              Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                151       7.53%
Yes                                                                                      238      11.86%
No                                                                                     1617       80.61%

In what workroom (s) does COMPUTER SOFTWARE affect your ability to do your course
work?                                                                               Count      Percentage
Cave                                                                                      41         2.04%
Crypt                                                                                     90         4.49%
Library workroom                                                                          56         2.79%
Loft                                                                                     132         6.58%
Vault                                                                                     61         3.04%
MacLab                                                                                    23         1.15%
Other Workroom                                                                            67         3.34%

Please explain how the computer software affects your ability to do your
course work?                                                                        Count    Percentage
Answer                                                                                   224      11.17%
No answer                                                                              1782       88.83%

Do ACCESS HOURS affect your ability to do your course work?                         Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                112       5.58%

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Yes                                                                                            395        19.69%
No                                                                                            1499        74.73%

In what workroom (s) do ACCESS HOURS affect your ability to do your course work?           Count      Percentage
Cave                                                                                             32         1.60%
Crypt                                                                                           148         7.38%
Library workroom                                                                                 77         3.84%
Loft                                                                                             76         3.79%
MacLab                                                                                           19         0.95%
Vault                                                                                           149         7.43%
Other Workroom                                                                                   66         3.29%

Do you know that there are scanners in the Loft, Cave and Crypt?                           Count      Percentage
No answer                                                                                       88          4.39%
Yes                                                                                           1418         70.69%
No                                                                                             500         24.93%

Do you know that there are CD-Writers in the Loft, Crypt, Cave, MacLab and Vaults?         Count      Percentage
No answer                                                                                       66          3.29%
Yes                                                                                           1666         83.05%
No                                                                                             274         13.66%

Do you know that there are DVD-Writers in the MacLab?                                      Count      Percentage
No answer                                                                                       83          4.14%
Yes                                                                                            302         15.05%
No                                                                                            1621         80.81%

Are there any additional items of hardware you would find particularly useful in the ITS
Workrooms?                                                                                 Count    Percentage
Answer                                                                                          535      26.67%
No answer                                                                                     1471       73.33%

Would calendaring software be useful to you?                                               Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                       551      27.47%
Yes                                                                                             420      20.94%
No                                                                                              324      16.15%
Don't know                                                                                      711      35.44%

Are there any additional items of software that you would find useful in the ITS Workrooms? Count    Percentage
Answer                                                                                           441      21.98%
No answer                                                                                      1565       78.02%

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Would the availability / non availability of public computers affect your choice of which
university or other tertiary institution to enrol at?                                       Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                        104       5.18%
A lot                                                                                            304      15.15%
To some extent                                                                                 1043       51.99%
Not at all                                                                                       555      27.67%

Do you have trouble finding help in the Loft or Crypt?                                      Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                        386      19.24%
Yes                                                                                              405      20.19%
No                                                                                             1215       60.57%

Do you think the Loft or Crypt Supervisors should be more visible?                          Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                        360      17.95%
Yes                                                                                              903      45.01%
No                                                                                               743      37.04%

Would you like the supervision hours to be extended in the Loft or Crypt?                   Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                        544      27.12%
Yes                                                                                              612      30.51%
No                                                                                               850      42.37%

Would you like supervision provided in other ITS Workrooms?                                 Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                        552      27.52%
Yes                                                                                              501      24.98%
No                                                                                               953      47.51%

Do you find ADDING MONEY confusing?                                                         Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                        121       6.03%
Yes                                                                                              221      11.02%
No                                                                                             1664       82.95%

What workroom (s) do you find ADDING MONEY confusing?                                       Count    Percentage
Loft                                                                                             108       5.38%
Library workroom                                                                                 139       6.93%
Other Workroom                                                                                    73       3.64%

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Do you find COLOUR PRINTING confusing?                        Count    Percentage
No answer                                                          444      22.13%
Yes                                                                532      26.52%
No                                                               1030       51.35%

In what workroom (s) do you find COLOUR PRINTING confusing?   Count      Percentage
Cave                                                                97         4.84%
Crypt                                                              191         9.52%
Library workroom                                                   196         9.77%
Loft                                                               381        18.99%
MacLab                                                              72         3.59%
Vault                                                              167         8.33%
Other Workroom                                                     103         5.13%

Do you find DUPLEX (DOUBLE SIDED PRINTING) confusing?         Count    Percentage
No answer                                                          313      15.60%
Yes                                                                554      27.62%
No                                                               1139       56.78%

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In what workroom (s) do you find DUPLEX (DOUBLE SIDED PRINTING) confusing?   Count      Percentage
Cave                                                                               80         3.99%
Crypt                                                                             172         8.57%
Library workroom                                                                  219        10.92%
Loft                                                                              366        18.25%
MacLab                                                                             70         3.49%
Vault                                                                             159         7.93%
Other Workroom                                                                    119         5.93%

Is FINDING your PRINTED OUTPUT confusing?                                    Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                         174       8.67%
Yes                                                                               374      18.64%
No                                                                              1458       72.68%

In what workroom (s) is FINDING PRINTED OUTPUT confusing?                    Count      Percentage
Cave                                                                               23         1.15%
Crypt                                                                             144         7.18%
Library workroom                                                                  112         5.58%
Loft                                                                              255        12.71%
Vault                                                                              52         2.59%
MacLab                                                                             18         0.90%
Other Workroom                                                                     64         3.19%

Do you find SELECTING A QUEUE/ PRINTER confusing?                            Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                         192       9.57%
Yes                                                                               226      11.27%
No                                                                              1588       79.16%

In what workroom (s) do you find SELECTING A QUEUE/ PRINTER confusing?       Count      Percentage
Cave                                                                               22         1.10%
Crypt                                                                              87         4.34%
Library workroom                                                                   82         4.09%
Loft                                                                              136         6.78%
MacLab                                                                             16         0.80%
Vault                                                                              49         2.44%
Other Workroom                                                                     40         1.99%

Other confusing aspects (please state).                                      Count    Percentage
Answer                                                                            268      13.36%
No answer                                                                       1738       86.64%

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On what day of the week generally are your assignments that require printing due? Check
any one.                                                                                  Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                      263      13.11%
Monday                                                                                         346      17.25%
Tuesday                                                                                        102       5.08%
Wednesday                                                                                      115       5.73%
Thursday                                                                                       391      19.49%
Friday                                                                                         769      38.33%
Saturday                                                                                         4       0.20%
Sunday                                                                                          16       0.80%

Do you find WebCT video recording of lectures useful?                                     Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                      111       5.53%
Yes                                                                                            731      36.44%
No                                                                                              87       4.34%
I don't have lectures videoed for my course (na)                                             1077       53.69%

Documentation: What documentation have you used in the past year?                         Count    Percentage
How to access 'My Documents' from home                                                         453      22.58%
How to print - 6 slides per page                                                               773      38.53%
How to print - double-sided                                                                    404      20.14%
How to print - in colour                                                                       161       8.03%
How to scan                                                                                    212      10.57%
How to type and read computer files in other languages                                          79       3.94%
How to write to CD / DVD                                                                       161       8.03%
ITS News                                                                                       133       6.63%
ITS Student Handbook                                                                           176       8.77%
ITS Web pages                                                                                  337      16.80%
Self-paced tutorial                                                                             91       4.54%
I didn't use any documentation this year                                                       591      29.46%
Other                                                                                           30       1.50%

List any areas where more extensive documentation would be helpful.                       Count    Percentage
Answer                                                                                         185       9.22%
No answer                                                                                    1821       90.78%

Personal Safety: Are you satisfied with your personal safety?                             Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                      136       6.78%
Yes                                                                                          1790       89.23%
No                                                                                              80       3.99%

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While using the workrooms?                                                             Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                 1930       96.21%
Yes                                                                                          37       1.84%
No                                                                                           39       1.94%

While entering or leaving the workrooms?                                               Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                 1931       96.26%
Yes                                                                                          28       1.40%
No                                                                                           47       2.34%

In what workroom (s) does PERSONAL SAFETY affect your ability to do your course work? Count    Percentage
Cave                                                                                         3       0.15%
Crypt                                                                                       19       0.95%
Library workroom                                                                             6       0.30%
Loft                                                                                        38       1.89%
MacLab                                                                                       3       0.15%
Vault                                                                                        8       0.40%
Other Workroom                                                                               8       0.40%

How can the situation be improved?                                                     Count     Percentage
Answer                                                                                      32         1.60%
No answer                                                                                 1974        98.40%

Home Computer: Do you have access to a computer where you live during term time that
could be used for your university study?                                               Count     Percentage
No answer                                                                                   97         4.84%
Yes                                                                                       1542        76.87%
No                                                                                         367        18.30%

Home Computer: Do you have access to a computer where you live during term time that
could be used for your university study?                                               Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                   719      35.84%
and it meets ALL of my study needs                                                          299      14.91%
and it meets SOME of my study needs                                                         956      47.66%
and it meets NONE of my study needs                                                          32       1.60%

Disk Allocation: Is running out of disk space a problem for you?                       Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                   116       5.78%
Yes                                                                                         640      31.90%
No                                                                                        1250       62.31%

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If yes, do you run out of disk space on:                                              Count    Percentage
Mail system                                                                                173       8.62%
Home folder/ directory (P: drive)                                                          537      26.77%
Other                                                                                       69       3.44%
Don't know                                                                                  33       1.65%

Internet Browser: What web browser on campus do you use the most?                     Count    Percentage
FireFox for PC                                                                             606      30.21%
FireFox for Mac                                                                             70       3.49%
Internet Explorer for PC                                                                 1370       68.30%
Internet Explorer for Mac                                                                   98       4.89%
All of the above                                                                            34       1.69%
None/ Don't care                                                                            64       3.19%
Other (please state in comment box)                                                         27       1.35%
Other                                                                                       36       1.79%

Mail System: What program do you use to check your mail ON campus?                    Count    Percentage
Thunderbird for PC                                                                       1299       64.76%
Thunderbird for Mac                                                                         79       3.94%
Web Mail                                                                                   936      46.66%
All of the above                                                                            50       2.49%
Don't know                                                                                  12       0.60%
I don't use email                                                                            2       0.10%
Other (please state in comment box)                                                         54       2.69%
Other                                                                                       72       3.59%

Mail System: What email program do you use to check your mail OFF campus?             Count    Percentage
Thunderbird for PC                                                                         179       8.92%
Thunderbird for Mac                                                                          9       0.45%
Web Mail                                                                                 1538       76.67%
All of the above                                                                            19       0.95%
Don't know                                                                                  28       1.40%
I don't use email                                                                            4       0.20%
I don't use email off campus                                                                84       4.19%
Other (please state in comment box)                                                        181       9.02%
Other                                                                                      220      10.97%

Are you happy with how the University's e-mail system (especially the mail program)
works?                                                                                Count    Percentage
Yes                                                                                      1707       85.09%
No                                                                                         243      12.11%

Laptop: Do you have a laptop?                                                         Count      Percentage
No answer                                                                                   68         3.39%
Yes                                                                                        770        38.38%

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No                                                                                       1168       58.23%

Does it have an ethernet port?                                                        Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                1344       67.00%
Yes                                                                                        522      26.02%
No                                                                                         140       6.98%

Does it have wireless capability?                                                     Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                1271       63.36%
Yes                                                                                        439      21.88%
No                                                                                         296      14.76%

Do you need access to the University's Network for a laptop?                          Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                1284       64.01%
Yes                                                                                        445      22.18%
No                                                                                         277      13.81%

Should there be more study areas (desks without computers) in the University?         Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                  235      11.71%
24 Hour Access                                                                             951      47.41%
8am -12 Midnight                                                                           340      16.95%
8am --> 6pm                                                                                152       7.58%
No                                                                                         312      15.55%
Other                                                                                       16       0.80%

Should there be more study areas for group work (with computers) in the University?   Count    Percentage
No answer                                                                                  349      17.40%
Yes                                                                                      1227       61.17%
No                                                                                         430      21.44%

Overall: What is your overall opinion of the ITS Workrooms?                           Count     Percentage
Poor                                                                                       40         1.99%
Fair                                                                                      437        21.78%
Good                                                                                     1254        62.51%
Excellent                                                                                 289        14.41%

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What can we do to improve our services?                   Count    Percentage
Answer                                                         709      35.34%
No answer                                                    1297       64.66%

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                                          Which computer workroom do you usually work in? [Other]
 te whare
6th Floor Commerce Building
6th floor geog
Afis honours
Any of the floors in the library
APSY lab
APSY lab, Psychology Department
at home
at the fire escape doors in the library
bioengineering centre
biol \"studio\"
Biology Postgraduate workroom
Bishop Julius Hall computer room
BJ Hall Workroom
Civil Engineering Computer Suite
Civil Engineering Suite
civil suite
civil suite
Civil Suite
civil suite
Civil Suite
Civil Suite
civil suite
Civil Suite
civil suite
Civil Suite
Civil Suite (L2) Civil Wing
civil suite, Glade
college house
Computer Alcove
computer sceince labs
computer science lab
Coms Honours Room
Cosc Lab 2
Department workroom
departmental postgraduate room
Dipl workroom
econ lab
econ postgrad computer lab
Econ postgrad workroom
electrical engineering cae2
Electrical Engineering labs
Eng Cad
Eyrie (7th floor zoology)
fine arts refernece library
first year psyc lab

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Forestry undergrad computer lab
Four computers on 1st floor by journals
geog 6th floor
Geography Department (office and 6th floor)
Geol Postgrad room
geological sciences
Geology Postgrad
Glade, Grotto
glade, grotto, mechanical suite
grotto, glade
hall pc room
Hall workroom
History (Rm 213)
history post grad
hons lab
Image Processing Laboratory
in own office
in psyc building or on laptop
law dept floor 4 postgrad computer room
law lib
Law lib
Law Lib
law lib or 4th floor law
law library
Law Library
law library
law library
law library

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law library
Law Library
Law Library
Law Library
law library
law library
Law library
law library
law library
Law Library
Law Library
Law Library
Law Library
law library
law library
law library
law library
Law library
law library
law library
Law Library
law library & level 4 law bdg
law library computers
law library which ever that one is
Law library work room
Law Library workroom
Law School room 420
Law Study
Law tut room
lawlib level4
Level 4 Law School Computer Lab
level 6
level 8 physics
little crypt
macmillan brown
Management Computer lab
management honours
Management Honours Lab
Management Lab
Maori students study centre
Masters Room
math computers
Math honours lab
maths labs in basement
mcmillian brown
Mechanical Suite
Mechlab - level 2 mech building
Mgmt Hons Comp Lab
MSCI honours lab
mscs basment labs
my office
my office
my room
my room in the r&r hall
NCRE office
Office computer
Office computer
office provided by the department
Own Office
own office
Phys 817
phys 817, Science library
phys lib
Physical Science Library
Physical Sciences
Physical Sciences Library
Physical Sciences Library
Pols Dept workroom
polsci lvl 4 comm blg
post grad office

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Postgrad Computer Room Law school
Postgrad lab, 5th floor commerce
Postgrad office or departmental lab
Post-grad psyc
postgrad psyc lab
PSL Library
PSL up stairs
Psyc 2nd floor
Psyc building
Psyc building
Psyc building
Psyc Building Labs
Psyc building level 2
psyc computer lab
Psyc computer room ground floor
Psyc computers
Psyc dept PG lab
psyc lab
Psyc Lab
Psyc lab
Psyc Lab
psyc lab
Psyc lab 2nd floor
Psyc labs
Psyc labs
psyc pg
Psyc postgrad computer lab
psyc post-grad lab
PSYC undergrad
Psych postgrad
Psychology Computer Lab
Psychology Computer Labs
Psychology department computer labs
Psychology lab
psychology lab 1
psychology lab lev 2
Psychology undergrad
Psychology undergraduate level 2
Pysc level 2
r & r halls
R and R Hall Comp Rm
R&R Hall
r&r hall computers
R&R halls
rutherford pool
Rutherford Terminal
SBS computre studio
SOCI Grad Rm & Library
soci/anth gradroom
student office
the 105 labs and matlabs opposite the crypt in the basement
the den
The Den
time split equally between cave and vault
Undergrad Mathmatics labs
Uni Hall
Uni Hall
uni hall
Uni Hall
Uni Hall
uni hall
Uni Hall
uni hall
uni hall computer room
uni hall computer room
Uni Hall lab
uni hall lab and psyc building lab

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Uni halls
Zoology top floor

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                        Please explain how the computer hardware affects your ability to do your course work?
 slow and frustrating, lag
1. monitor, LCD is must easier on eyes than the old, ordinary monitor. 2. speed, both cpu and network, may be need to expand memory size as well, to increase
computer speed.
a few times that I can not login some times it became very slow
A lot of people working and not enough cd writers to be able to download and burn power point presentations
A lot of the keyboards are old and hard to type on. It slows my work down.
A number of the computers are set to a display resolution of only 800x600, even if they have a 17\" monitor. I find it very difficult to work effectively at a low
resolution like this, and would like to reccommend that as many computers as possible be set to 1024x768 or higher. Many of the computers in the loft are quite
old and slow, this is especially frustrating when the loft is the only location open 24hours.
access to scanners, cd and dvd burners
Apple and Mac computers are not as easy and understandable to use as the older computers in the loft
Apple computers are very slow and hard to use, the other computers are awesome tho
At times, the computers in the crypt are out of the order and no fast actions had been taken to rectify the problem. The mouse in all the workrooms mentioned
above are sort of faulty and it makes the learning process a lot harder. I usually end of very irritated.
Because some computers are too slow.
Because the computer keeps telling me i don\'t have much disk space and it sometimes doesnt let me save things and i\'ve tried to delete all unnecessary files
but it doesn\'t make much difference
By not working (so far I\'ve had a non working keyboard and a no working mouse).
Can have random errors if running multiple programs on cave computers coand bigger monitors would be nice.
can not print many slides in one page and coputers work slowly. in the libirary some computers have really bad mouses.
Can\'t always read/write CD\'s or the A drive will be broken
can\'t plug in USB easily, can\'t write to CDs on many computers
Can\'t use headphones on the pc\'s
Cannot connect USB drive (ipod-shuffle) to a port. This is due to the amount of space around the port. Only a problem in the crypt and the loft. PSLibrary, the
Den and that type of computer tower are fine. This is not a huge problem as there are few times when I can not get to one of thoes computers to get my files.
Cant access a website that shows videos of case studies. Get the site but cant play it. Have not been able to time it right to get to the person in the loft to ask
cant play video on web ct
cash reload machine is not available in vault and it is very inconvenient.
Cave computers are incredibly underpowered considering they are expected to be used by engineering students
CD writer soemtimes not working
Celeron processor is better for electric cost than Pentium, but I feel a bit of stress.
Compatability to laptop files
computer is slow and takes time to load
Computer sometimes seems slow to run applications needed for assignments (simul8) and causes computer to just about hang.
Computers are extrememly slow. The old moniters hurt you eyes after a few hours, LCD\'s dont cause that problem. Printers often out of order especially early in
the morning. No CD writers on most workstations and you have to crawl around under the table to use USB drives. Not enough computers the place is always
computers are just so slow they keep freezing and not loading programmes or downloading. no choice but to work here because other work rooms too busy and
its close to where my classes are
Computers are relatively slower in loft!
Computers are slow, struggle to run more than one program.
Computers during the first math171 case study were very slow, which made it very difficult to work on the case study
Computers slow response leads to increased time to perform normal tasks. Slow saving - network lag - slow log on. etc
could do with more space on my P and J drives
Crap computers and the resolution is shit
crap mouse that dont work properly
crappy mouses (mice) where the cursor doesn\'t move consistently with where you point the mouse
CRT monitors are terrible for my eyes. The Den\'s LCD panels are excellent but the que to get to them is normally very long
Crypt is very good-has great modern technologies. The vault however, is central, yet has chronically old computers. The library computers outside the Den tend
to be a bit slow.
different keyboards, some keys don\'t work well
duplex printers not working
easy to hang, processor too slow. need optical mouse with scorlling wheel for better control and editing.
far to slow
For programming in Jade the screen resolution settings are too low to be able to use the IDE efficiently
Frequent annoying pauses when using Matlab, particularly when opening files or switching between windows.
Frequent pauses when using Matlab particularly when opening files & switching between windows
Front USB ports are inactive, meaning I can\'t easily take files home to work on.
hard on wrists. no wrist rests.
having to turn the computer around to access USB ports for memory sticks. Not good for health and safety and a pain to have to do.
I am impatient. Loading takes a long time, monitors are small and often dirty. Sometimes the mouse doesn\'t work well.
I do a lot of work on my laptop which has no wireless capability. sometimes i want to save stuff to cd and print it out on the uni pcs but there\'s only two with cd
capability in the law library so it\'s bloody hard to get onto one
i do not know how to right click on the mac\'s mouses.
i have a pen-drive and only a few computers have those facilities, and they are usually being used, more pen-drive friendly computers please
I have epeated issues with email that get temp resolved only to surface again.
I have to constantly burn information on CDs to free up space in the computer.
I need a fast processor to run GIS software
I need wrist rest to type for long periods, and these arent available to me.
i really cant use apple computers and half the computers in the loft are apple, i think others feel the same way as there are always apples left.
I use Protel and MATLAB and other electrical engineering programs extensively so the computers need to be fast enough to run these CPU hungry programs
I use some computer programs that are only on computers in the Vault, when these workrooms are free, there is nowhere wlse i can work
I usually work on Mac\'s the macs in the crypt are slower than PC\'s.
I work on macs in my dep so my files are stored on a removable hard disk. I need a computer with a usb port and the only ones are downstairs in the library
and a few upstairs. The wait to get on these s often considerable,
I would like all computers to have headphone jacks for video recorded lectures

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If the computers are slow
Imacs are way too slow.Would be nice if all pc\'s had headphone jacks.
In Lab2(MSCS building),my eyes cannot see very clear after long time watching the screen,hope they are changed to LCD.
in my office we are four students on one computer. this is unsufficient. if the computer is used by someone else i have to reschedule my workload for the day,
and instead of continuing to write on my thesis i have to go somewhere else or read.
In some of the rooms (the ones with tutorials/computer labs in them) the USB flash drives will not be accepted. this is difficult because you have to get up and go
to another room, save your work from home onto your \"my documents\" and trek back to your origional computer. also, some of the keyboards are REALLY
shitty, the keys are very stiff, and after about ten minutes of solid typing your hands are sooooo sore, you just have to stop.
Info saved to floppy has been unable to be read at a later time by any computer. This has happened at three different times.
it affects the time taken to complete your tasks.
it perform really slow when the windows start, it takes ages to start
it seems often when i am wanting to print the printers are out of paper.
It\'s really slow. I don\'t think it\'s because of heavy internet traffic etc, coz when I work in the Vault or Crypt or Library, i usually have no problem, even when
there are lots of people around.
It\'s too damn slow, particularly the mac computers
Its old and faulty
Its shit at times
Just the mac computers which as I and alot of other students have little experience using them they make just getting lecture notes a real hassle.
just the small amoutn available of memory!
Keyboard doesn\'t work well.
lack of adjustibility of workspace. Monitors out of focus. Mouse / keyboard old, connecting wires not long enough. Screen height to low. Slow log on. Priners
malfunction, print quality variable. Not enough computers. I use my laptop as much as possibleto avoid using university computers.
lack of CD writers
Lack of front panel accessible headphone sockets, lack of front accessible USB ports.
lack of headphone outputs in rooms
lack of usb connections on the front of the machines in these workrooms
lack of usb ports on computers
Larger monitor make me more comfortable.
Limited space for saving work
loadng slowly
Loft computers should have a scroll wheel mouse.
loft computers very slow to load
long signing in times on the caves computers and general slow running gets iritating
Low resolution/small screens. would prefer to have multiple documents open. Screens are starting to lose focus and get hazy. Yes, this is getting picky. Also,
faster computers would be ideal - fast loading at peak times.
Mac computers are frustratingly slow to load on intial start up.
Mac hardware is too old, and too slow for most modern applications to be run effectively.
Mac hardware too slwo
mac\'s take a long time to load
MACS ARE SATANi think that counts as hardwarebut i mena honestly the macs alllllllll round uni are so horrifying
macs are shit!!!
Macs are too slow, too old
Many of the mice are very small. This aggravates any residual inflammation in my wrists making it hard to operate the mouse. Additionally some are also ball-
mice which make the movement lumpy.
Many of the monitors flicker, apparently due to low refresh rates, which I do not have permission to change. This is very irritating.
Many without CD writer. No DVD ROM reader.
MATLAB is very slow. I would use The Glade for MATLAB but there are not usually any computers free when a deadline approaches. I can ALWAYS get a
computer in The Cave
Memory sticks cannot be used on some computers.
Mice that don\'t work well
Monitors are usually small, computers are slow.
more computers with USB
more powerful machines will fun the maths software. e.g. matlab, maple, etc.
Most computers are very slow.
Most have the computers in the pysical sciences library do not have the ability to run educational cds on them.
most of my work has to be done in vault, however, when i need to use scan, i will have to move to loft or crypt then move back.
MOst of the computers are fast enough, but when it is busy there are only slower ones left which battle
Most of the computers in vault do not have CD drive, making it hard for people with CD-RW to access files and documents. Some of the computers in vault do
not have headphone plug-ins, making it difficult to listen to recorded lectures.
mouse and keyboard in loft do not work properly. some screens in vault and loft are too small. and also some computers do not have USB.
mouse wheels would be a great help
Mouse with not enough reach on some sites. Keyboard no good and chairs sometimes no good.
mouses sometimes don\'t work very well
my computer hardware disk kept syaing it was full, and would not let me save any work, james haowever kindly fixed that.
Need for a USB.
need more speed
need to have more scanners in other areas, i didn\'t find one in the crypt.. but maybe there is
Need USB plugs on the front of the Box to plug in usb keys - no one uses disks these days..
no cd player, bad monitor
no cd-rom drives in the den computers or the other ones. also in the loft, there are only 6 computers that you can use the cd rom drive to get sound properly.
also some computers you can\'t even connect headphones to the computer
no front usb plug-in
No scroll thing on the mouse is annoying when using matlab/Maple software. (im guessing that the crypt is below the maths block)
No scroll wheels on the mice
no usb
no usb port for most of the computers
no usb ports

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No usb ports on the front makes connecting usb drives difficult
No vioce afford.
not all computers have access to what i need or they are substantially slower which can be areal proble eg computers on library level 2 at the copy center end
not all the computers have jump drive/pen drive ports and its hard to find a free computer that does!! specially in the student pc login comps at the lib
not clean, people rub grease off their hands from eating greasy food
Not enough cd-rom drives in the loft and library workrooms. And computers that do have cd rom drives often don\'t have headphone plugs at the front that work.
Not enough frontal USB ports and not enough frontal headphone ports
not enough memory, when computers are full windows usually crashes when u open more then two applications. Why in the maths basement computer labs
cant we use USB memory sticks?!!!
Not having access to CD drives when I need to copy information on to a cd
not having cd writeable drives on the comps. No scanner.
Not so much the pc\'s but the mac computers are very slow and can be very fustrating.
Not very good screen resolution, and some screen always flash.
Often I find that the mouse is difficult to move around the screen.
Often the scanners aren\'t properly working, are out of order etc.
Often the screen is blurry, out of focus and doesn\'t seem to be able to be fixed from the screen settings. This is highly annoying and makes it hard to work
often the system is very slow later on in the day, this is usually right before an assignment is due in.
Old mouses that are frustrating to use
on the computers that are on level two at the back left hand side of the library near the copy centre, the computers do not open files so it is not possible to print
lectures etc off the k drive.
One computer monitor goes to pink shade! It\'s uncomfortable to see.
Particularly slow at spooling pdf files for printing
PC\'s in the Loft and the Cave, are rather aged, and run quite slow.
poor conditions on mornitors
printer always jams,
printers jammed printers not setup correctly
Printers out of paper and the ones in loft are locked so students can\'t replace paper
problems ejecting disks fom Macs
Processor and Monitor
Runs slowly on matlab in particular. Also much slower internet connection and smaller screens. Mouses useless on most comp\'s - wheels need cleaning
scanner in the vault please, port to hook up laptop with Uni LAN
Screen Resolutions are too low, slow to log on.
Screens in the loft are really small compared to Crypt and maths and engineering computers
Screens to small, and computers too slow (take too long to load, Sophos Antivirus takes half an hour whenever it installs, about every second time you use a
computer, and makes the computer unusable).
Slow at times
slow computers which take far to long to load pages, or even a word file.
Slow cpu speed.slow loading. not enough Ram. need to upgrade that.
Slow loading, jams occasionally.
slow loading. wasting time.
Slow login speed. Too few cdrws. Location of the usb ports are at the back of the pc, make quite an adventure to plug in usb drives.
Slow network + slow computer = slow work.
SLOW old school blue iMacs
Slow pcs, macs slow
slow reaction and out of control of mouse
Slow response of may bring up irritation when doing the assignment. Also, it makes one uncomfortable and sometimes inconvenience when in a hurry.
slow server connections, and occasional denied access to internet despite account having money & correct user code & password.
slow speed on running programs, keyboard, low resolution and so on all solw down the speed of work
Slow, sometimes
Slow. Lack of CD burners.
slowly to log in
slowly, always gets some problems.
small monitors set at low resoultions have so little viewable space/work space on screen
Small screen,cannot see display clearly!
Small screens in the loft limit ability to see material on screen.
Sme computers have nothing to put the CDroms on which is quite annoying because most of the laptops students work with do not have floppy discs any longer
some computers are sooooo slow it takes five minutes to load anything
Some computers can not read floppy disks from my laptop; works, windows xp
some computers cannot be used with my USB/thumb/pen drive.
some computers do not have easily accessible usb ports, so i cant plug my flash drive in without crawling under the desk.
Some computers do not have the programmes like corel draw which means that i have to find a room at particular times of the day to complete my work
some computers don\'t have the require programme. Therefore it is difficult to get into the math computers since usb ports dont work on them
Some computers have limited access to USB ports.
some computers have nasty keyboards, screens with very low resolution, or mice which are completely clogged up with gunk
some computers in crpty so slow
Some computers only has the USB port at back. It is difficult to use removable disk. It is good that the computers in vault 5 has USB port at the front. In addition,
some disk drives are broken.
Some keyboard buttons are weird to type on they function alright but they are abit stiff.
Some machines are too slow
some monitor doesn\'t work well sometimes i cannot see the content clearly
some mouse doesn\'t work very well,and almost of type hardware is dirty.
some mouses dont work properly,really annoying!
some of the computer are really slow.and some of that cant work well.

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some of the computers do not have a cd disc drive, in the law library
some of the hardware is too old
some of the keyboards and mouse do not work and are sticky to operaate.
some of the machines do not have a USB plug-in in the front
Some of the monitors are too small so you can hardly see what you\'re doing!
Some of the Mouses (meece?) are very sticky and unresponsive
Some of the older computers do not have easily accessible USB portals. Seeing as they have had their CD drives taken out it makes it very difficult for me to
use many of the computers, as I can only save onto CD or USB from my laptop at home. I can only use a few of the computers in the loft Also, I dont\' like the
some of the olders screens in the loft are fuzzy and give me headaches
some of them doesn\'t have convenient usb plug to use, it\'s really annoy and some of them doesn\'t have cd-rom. these also bother me when transfering file
between uni and home
Some old mouses run very poorly
some times it restarts automatically
some times the apple computer\'s speed is so slow, the machine always dead when i browse some web
some times when i open progremm the computer has no response
sometimes i store data on my pendrive, and the usb connection is hard to get access, and the computer sometimes can\'t sense my pendrive. Other than that it
slow down the entire computer, and have a higher possibility of computer crash
Sometimes it is too slow
sometimes it is very slow (depending on what computer you are on) and also when have big documents word can handle them and keeps shutting down.
sometimes keyboards and mouses do not work agilely.
sometimes the comp will freeze and sometimes the mouse will not work and i feel kinda mad coz i may be in a hurry to a lecture etc.
Sometimes the computers run slowly, which makes it difficult when using certain software.
Sometimes the printers print dark lines across the pages.
Sometimes the system is just so slow
sometimes there are no roms and no earphone jets
sometimes things from web ct take a long time to download, i know these are mainly just the big files, but sometimes after 3min or so it still hasnt loaded properly
somw of the computers can be very slow
stiff keyboards and jumpy ball mouses with no scroll wheel.
The Apple Macs in the Crypt run so slowly that it takes 15 minutes to log in, start a browser, download course notes, adjust the print settings, and print. They are
The CD drives are not writeable (only readable) so I cannot put any of my work onto a CD-R or RW. I need to transfer documents to my lap top. Because it is
new, it has no floppy disk drive, so I cannot transfer any files at all because the hardware is insufficient. (Law library computers)
The computer is slow,it take too long to log in and run programe.
the computer running too slow for some sofware
The computers appear to have a hard time handling the large excel files that i use, maybe a processor issue as cannot compute all equations very quickly
the computers are extremely slow to load and do not allow access to eng cad servers.
The computers are really shit
The computers are too slow to run engineering applications.
the computers are very slow to access software.
the computers at the loft are realy slow, and the computers screen are small.
The computers at workrooms other than the Den are slower and often will freeze, not work or just be a pain.
the computers can be very slow sometimes
The computers don\'t appear well maintained, are often ridiculously slow and there seems to be atleast 5 out of order at any one time in the loft
The computers in Civil suite run very slowly, but glade and grotto are alright
The computers in the Apsy computer suite are terribly noisey (they whine) and CRT screens are tiring when you look at them for too long. Also, there are no CD
The Computers in the Loft do not have USB points on the front so i often can\'t use them if i have information to transfer from my home computer.
The height and location of the keyboards makes typing for long periods painful.
the keyboards are too old and need to be a softer touch they cause problems in my wrists and fingers after prolonged use
The keyboards in some vaults are too old, sometime it very hard to type, and it reduces the typing speed.
the lack of cdrom drives and headphone jacks that are working, the incompaterbility of the usb drives, and accessibility of these are a huge inconvienence wen
only one in ten actually work. Not all mouses being roller mice, and the egsistance of the very old key boards causes trouble with writting for a long time period.
the lack of usb portals.
the large space of hardware we have ,the more information can be saved .
The location of the USB plugs are really hard to get connected to.And the computers seems slower than other areas\'.
The Mac computers take a long time to load and sometimes dont load at all but just close themselves down.
The MAc\'s are too slow to load user seetings are log on and too slow to open applications such as Word, Excel etc
The machines in the Cave are slow, with very small screens and the seats aren\'t adjustable to get an ergonimic position. I would use one of the ElecEng labs or
walk to the Crypt to avoid using the Cave computers for a long period of time.
The Macs are soooo slow! they take for ever to log in and fore applications to load.
The Macs don\'t work, full of bogs
The Macs, while being the computers which usually have the smallest queues, are painfully slow at loading simple programmes such as word and firefox.
The Maths labs are slow when outsiders are connected by remote desktop, the programs go slow.
The moniter is too small, if I work on some graphic work si too hard.
The monitor is too small in vault and loft, make my eyes painful.
The monitors in vault 3 is 15 inch which is too small. since only this room have MS project, focus my eyes on a small screen is painful and time comsuming. the
layout of MS project need a big monitor anyway. I just wondering, when some department trying to sell 17 inch monitors to students, why don\'t they just
upgrade all the computers to 17\' screen
the most PCs in Loft and Vault are set 800*600 Resolution, where 1024*768 would be GREAT.
The mouse is very poor. Uses a track ball and has no scroll wheel. Frequently needs a clean. Software can take ages to load with no mouse pointer feedback
that it\'s doing anything. Suspect most is installed remotely.
The new scanners are much more complicated to operate than the old scanners were. I also find the apple mac computers difficult to negotiate due to the vastly
different set up.
The old mice which are not optical sometimes are clogged up and some of the mice\'s scroll wheels are sticky
The PCs are always full and no one uses the Macs because some programs aren\'t in Macs, they take a while to get used to using them, are not easily
transferrable to PCs later on.
The printers are always broken and take ages to print, computers are really slow
The printers smudge the printouts; there\'s black smears on the whole page.

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The resolution is way to small, i try to use Jade in the vault on 800*600 resolution and I can\'t see the whole programme, its a joke having the resolution that
small. And to my knowledge unadjustable
the screen is too old and not clear to read something on it
The server which i connected with for math is too slow.Especially before the exam,many students are connecting with the same server and it makes Matlab go
so slow that it can\'t run any command!
The small number of computers that take CD and are able to write them.
the speed is slow in level 5 of the central library. the screen is so small.
the speed of the computer is a little bit slow,and the maclab computers don\'t read portable drive.
The speed of the computer is annoying when you have a sudden inspiration and having to wait for the window on the computer to open. It takes ages to open
and you forget what to write or search for while waiting.
The speed of the processors and the slow speed and oftne faliure of the Mac in mac lab to connect to some internet and network sites.
the system is too slow,sometimes!
The USB plug point is not obvious to access.
There are limited computers with USB ports. There are mouse without the scroll button.
There are not enough PC\'s and the macs are impossible to use and understand.
there are not enough PCs over there, people quite often queue to use PCs, however, only few people use apple computer, they are normally not fully used.
there are too many mac computers that never see to work properly, and they are always the ones that are left over because the loft is in such high demand.
there is no consistency in the screen resolution. Some of the screens have font that is too small to read. Also, i seem to get an extra piece of paper when i print
something (which I\'m charged for i think)- this also happens to a number of students in my class. Finally, I dont think we should be charghed for printing items
that are essential for the course.
there is not a DVD-burner.
There was a PC monitor that did not work for about a week, however no one from IT came to fix it or replace
Theres not enough space for us to use on p drive. There needs to be twice as much allowable space
They are very old. We are post grad and undergrad have access to better computers.
they can be sooo slow
they get slow sometimes and stuck maybe my fault too
they run real slow when trying to use matlab
things dont work
This might seem kind of petty, but a lot of the computers seem really slow - Macs and PCs - some of them seem to have very little RAM
Tiny screens, can hardly fit anything on them
To slow in the computer lab.Sometime it stopped.I think should improve the computer in the campus.
to slow to log on. run programs e.g. matlab, log jams on the hour.
Too many Mac\'s they dont work very well I\'m not very good at using them
too many macs they are slow and stupid
too many macs, no one wants to use them yet we are forced to because there are not enought PCs
Too slow
too slow
too slow
too slow
Too slow And not too used to Macs
Too slow at lunchtime, when there are so many users
too slow especially Mac computers at Loft
Too slow for large data sets.
Too slow Mac`s.
too slow to do multiply tasks in same time ..
Too slow to run some applications like CorelDraw. Lack of easy access to USB sockets is also a problem as a lot of documents are transfered using flashdisks.
too slow.
too slow.
Unable to use maths course(eg maple and matlab) unless log into the computers at the maths building
Uncomfortable keyboards and blur vision on monitors. Also inability to adjust resolution.
Underpowered for mathematical and statistical packages.
USB drives are not available on the majority of computers. This means work from home can\'t be transferred between uni and personal machines.
usb is not available on every computer.. surely ths should be a uniform feature..
USB ports are not on the front of the hard drives. At other tertiary institutions such as teachers college they have extension cords plugged into the USB ports at
the back of the hard drive, making them more accessible.
usb ports do not always work
usb ports, cd rom drives
usb thumbdrive does not function in the mscs dept workrooms.
usually there are only macs left in the loft, but they are incredibly slow and i often have trouble with printing. sometimes my job doesn\'t get sent to the printer at
all, and sometimes it gets sent but just dissapears before my print job gets through. is 1 and a half hours acceptable to print 4 pages!!! if other computers in the
loft had USB ports I could avoid the macs altogether.
Very computers have CD writers and most computers only have USB ports on the back of the tower.
Very slow computers!
Very slow machines. Always seems to take much longer to log on and get working. Access to USB ports is also now more important to floppy drives. This
needs to be rectified in the Cave.
Very slow response times to login as well as opening applications
Well, it is very slow. And often there are not enough cd drives for me to load my work from cd to computer.
Well, nobody uses the Macs, so I am often forced to use them when there\'s a huge queue. Of course, it\'s not that fun waiting for around five minutes for it to
open Firefox.
well,nothing big problems tho
when busy some of the computers do not hae USB ports
when the mouse is not optical, or does not have the middle wheel button, it reduces productivity.
When the printer has a dirty drum and I can\'t get anyone to come fix it and it is dirty for days at a time, then I waste money printing documents I can\'t use.
Whenever a printer jams, there is no way to fix it yourself, and help is often very hard to get. Thus I\'m charged for printing, without receiving anything for it
where there are non rw cd drives as I don\'t have a floppy on my laptop so have to use cd
Would be good to have new mouses on all the computers.

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Please explain how the computer software affects your ability to do your course work?
no matlab in the hall computers so you have to remotely log in
A program used regularly in Psychology - SPSS 12.0.1 for Windows - is not installed in computers outside the Psychology Department.
access to Japanese language software
access to some statistical software packages for mac (e.g. statistica)
arobt reader always cannot work
As above (with hardware) I feel that there is currently a gap between the software expectations (XP etc.) running on old machines. In relation to other
workrooms (i.e. the Civil Suite), some specialist software is required for Natural Resources Engineering course such as GIS software. Currently this is only
loaded onto a few machines in the civil suite. The Nat Res students would like access to their own machines with this software available.
As far as I know, this is the only room which has MS project. However, most students in this room do not use this prgramme at all, which means student like
me sometimes have to wait for a hour to use the program
At times the maths server becomes very very slow
Can not find or instore some software in loft!
cannot type in Asian language
Cant get the videos of case studies to play. Same as above
cant log onto ENG account in cave
CAPE workroom only workroom in uni with hysys, to many people and not enough computers.
Certain software i generally use is not available in the University network. The problem with ENGCAD and IT deparment being on the DIFFERENT server is a
Certain software relevant to my course is only available on a select few computers. The number of people requiring the program far outweighs the number of
available computers.
Certian rooms do not have Japanese language applications installed on them, others on the first floor of the libary do not have power acrobat reader on them.
complicated and not userfriendly.
computer is too slow
computer science
Computers by the copy centre do not have some programs such as power point for lecture notes.
Computers sometimes too slow, esp in times of high usage. Also unable to run matlab very well, or use all the functions.
Consistent versions of software in workrooms is critical.
crypt computers should have maple/matlab
damn virus checks
did not have a program that i used in the lab so I could not open my work.,\\
do not have matlab and maple programmes
Dont like using Macs
Engcad isn't available in the cavecomputers that are in the engineering building. There just aren't enough engcad computers to fill supply for a good portion of
the year, not just during exams.
failing to save and allowing to print
faulty installations on some computers limited range of maths software
files - this has only been a problem for post-grad study. I would suggest giving post-grad students more privliges in regard to the amount of software avalible -
spesificaly memory capacity
For example, this semester I took BIOL304. The laboratory work results for this course required PowerLab software in order to be viewed. The Crypt did not
have this software, meaning that I had to go up to the laboratory, and spend long hours copying the results into MS Word.
Freezing computers
geography dept has software loaded on their comps that required to do asgns that not avail in other labs
Hardly any computers have microsoft project on them and I need to use it for Project Management
Having a link to the regyweb website would be fantastic. Its the hardest thing to find. Also having the Windows XP on the computers, so transferring between
home and uni pc os more efficient/easier.
having both mac and windows programmed computers, windows is a way better program to write assignments on etc, but come the times when you need a
computer, these mac computers are the only ones left
having to use the remote connection to access programs such as maple and matlab
How long it takes to load up like matlab can take up to 10 minutes
i am a chinese, and i would like to add my language into the language bar, however it can not be done at vault, this does affect my ability to do my course a
lot, for instance, i like make my own revision notes, and sometimes even just a few chinese words that i would like to add will help me understand and
memorise a lot. there are quite a few other languages available, however, chinese international students are a very big portion of commence student as a
I am not familiar with macs so find it very hard to use them
I believe Matlab has licensing issues with many users logging off and onseems to slow to a crawl with about 5-10 minutes before any serious plotting can be
done. Logging off or rebooting are ineffective.
I can not save the work which I done in the campus.
I cant access my files from my cosc account.
I cant seem to print from excel (this happens to other students I know) so I have to transports things to word (and reorganise them) in order to print.
I don't know how to open maple on the PSL computers.
i dont like the os of the mac computers, and often they are the only ones avaliable. i also find they work slowly.
I find mac computers really confusing to use and often they are the only ones available when I need a computer
I find the computers that say 'cd-rom only' harder to use. It is more difficult for me to access the internet and word documents
I have asked for software to be installed so I can do my research work. Our IT technicians are great and they installed them quickly after my requests.
I have newer versions of the software at home ie maple 10. obviously maple 9.5 doesnt understand work done in maple 10.
I need a more specialised software installed for doing data anaylsis than the university currently has access to.
I need quicktime to do CD Rom activities.
I need the Lindo system to do my msci course work, but most of the computer workroom don't have it. I can only use it in Vaults.
I'm unable to download some software onto the computer that I would like to use
If it is outdated or doesn't have full functionality.
Image analysis programmes on too few computers in biology work rooms
it doesn't always have the facilities I need to read pages, or have Web CT to do the exercises
It is windows based, and that galls me. It is hard to work when one is galled.
it really hurts my eyes when i look at thoes old fasioned monitors,paticularly when you doing an assignment,which needs lots of time in the labs
it runs so slow

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it take quite a long time to response
it will affect on the speed of surfuing internet.
It would be good if we had a fetch program for windows, so that we could fetch assignments for Cosc labs.
It would be nice to have a graphics program such as Photoshop or Paintshop Pro so we could edit graphics and images for presentations, posters etc that
are required for my coursework
It would be nice to have mathematica for the maths computers.
It's not uncommon to have programs crash. (for example Internet Explorer)
It's really slow to start up and so am less likely to quickly use to get course notes, look up books, etc. Maths computing labs are so much better.
Lack of certain software on some computers
Lack of JAVA.
Lack of Microsoft Project Licenses Problems with What's Best loading properly
Lack of software doesn't allow all programs to open like media files
Lack of some software in some rooms mean I have to go to particular computer rooms to be able to access the software. (Java SDK, BlueJ)
Library computers do not access Maple. Maths building computers do not access a lot of the databases that available in libraies.
limited software, prevents cad drawing etc
Lindo is not available in the crypt. Also at the moment, simul8 is only available in the vaults but it's annoying to work in the vaults because of the labs that are
held there.
loft does not have jade which i use it for my course. Not all vault computer rooms have MS project and visio
Loft doesn't have updated versions of SPSS
MAC OS can't open MS Office files properly
mac's are usually the only computers left and they are soo slow at setting up webct etc that it takes ages. plus the new computer thing in relation to printing in
all computer rooms that means that u have to save the webct to ur documents and then reopen inorder to print slides as handouts. it takes ages to open,
save, find, open, change print setup, and then finally print, whereas before you could just open and print straight from webct.
Macs are too hard to understand and use.
Macs don't have K drive
Macs slow and confusing
Many (perhaps all) of the computers do not have basic Maths software (like Maple and Matlab). I know that I can just go to the Crypt to access it, but it can
be annoying when, for instance, I recieve a Maths assignment in my email in the Library and can't view it or print it off which causes a sort of pointless waste
time in switching workrooms just for such a simple thing.
maple on psl computers is non existent to my knowledge
Maple would be good in in the glade and the civil swite. I use it as a tool.
MAPLE would be good.
MATH105 MAPLE student- MAPLE needs to be on LOFT computers and others around campus. Also it would be good if the PCs in the loft and elsewhere
had a headphone plug in so we can watch lecture videos for revision and so forth. Finally there's not enough MEMORY on the student network- I'm just a first
year and even just with my normal work documents I sometimes exceed the limit- very frustrating.
matlab and mapple software is not available in all computers
matlab runs slow
Microsoft photo editor has been removed. This was useful for report writing
Microsoft Word is different so printing always comes out formatted differently to screen or cd
More 'common' unix tools could be installed on pcs in the crypt and loft. Furthermore, if the university could get more license for Frontpage 2003 so it can be
used outside the afis lab.
My course work relies heavily on computer software. However, a few times this year some software wasn't available (e.g. Orcad, which was not the fault of
the IT staff) -- these issues were resolved as quickly as possible.
Needs to be updated perhaps the latest Microsoft Word as it has better dictionaries.
No ability to read .pdf files on the library computers at the back near the disabled pc access.
No access to MAPLE
No access to Matlab or Maple
No access to Prism on the computers in the Eyrie.
No current version of Maple (9.5 at the moment)
no foregin language provided when doing word process in the Vault
No Latex installed.
no maple or matlab
no software such as BlueJ, SAS, XMAC
No SPSS or Statictica so i have to change to a IBM style computer for those so i generally use the level 2 psychology dept lab for that as too hard to get a
computer else where
Not able to use Matlab or Maple without remote desktop which slows computers in maths labs
Not all computers have Maple and other course software. So sometimes you cannot print the documents you need for an assignment.
not all computers have the required software, for example MS Project is not available in all the vaults or in the loft.
Not all computers have the same software this can be frustrating. For example only Vault 3 has Office Project and no other computers have this.
not all software are install in every computer, sometimes need to gain access to a specific computer in order to use the program
Not all the software is avalible on all the computers e.g Matlab in the loft -though it is fairly reasonable the way the system is set up
not being able to download fonts onto the control panal limits the scope of what I can do when doing marketing/brand assessment
Not having some of the software that i need for the course work.
Not having the same software installed on every computer in a lab. Expired licenses Slow speeds over network
Not really software but once when I had no money on my account and subsequently topped up I wasn't able to log on for more than 40 minutes so had to use
another persons account to complete work
On Mac computers, you cannot seem to be able to log into Hotmail. I assume Apple doesn't allow you to do this because its a Microsoft site.
Only two valuts have Project and Visio
out of date!
photoshop on windows machines would be a great help
Photoshop program only available in Mac lab
Printing, PPF
prints excess blank pages
Program isn't loaded onto the loft computers and I have yet to figure out what the crypt computers are called so I can log on to them remotely.
Programs in the Geog system are not available. Also having problems running programs on my network space.

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Programs such as GIS are loaded onto only a limited numbers of computers, even within the engineering suits
Quick Time player is not installed(can't use them to watch Stat112 video) and doesn't support USB
quite often, firefox takes quite some time to load up
reformatting from microsoft works when to microsoft word
resolution on the screens need to be bigger maybe?
same thing as previous
See above.
See below
shit at times too
Slow computers makes doing anything a painful process
Slow login speed. No proper cdrw software, eg. nero's incd.etc Outdated software versions, most school softwares are the old versions. When I work from
home pcs using the same programme, eg. Statisica, SPSS, BlueJ, the difference in user interface between newer version at home and older version at
school can create an problem. Also compatitability between older software at school and the newer ones at home can be an issue
Slowness can lead to frustration.
Software available only in Vault 2,3,4, problems to find a computer and to get after hours access.
Software incompatable with software I use at home
Software needed only found on a limited number of computers. Some software not loaded on computers (flash media player)
Software not compatable
Software packages for courses (eg MENTOR, Excel add-ins) only available in Vault, which are often busy or booked.
some applications onlt available on eng network
Some computers lack the software i require and if the 1 or 2 machines that have it are busy i can't do work.
Some course softwares only in specific workrooms, e.g. Lindo (used in management science)only available in the vaults;matlab/maple only in computer labs
in MSCS building
Some floppy disks and the communication science's SALT CD did not work.
Some of the computer programmes available on the computer math labs in the MSCI building are not available in other computer workrooms. Thus if all
computer labs are booked for classes we are unable to do our work
Some of the computers around uni don't have the statistic and maths programmes that the lab computers have.
Some of the computers in the campus do not have certain software those are require for study.
some of the computers in the library does not have other software such as adobe and this effects me because i have to look for a computer that actually does
have it and then i can print off my lectuer notes
some of the programes that i have on my computer at home are not capable on the university computers
some of the psychology programs are only avaliable in the psyc department, so i cannot use them in the loft etc, this pisses me off.
Some of the workrooms don't have the software we need for my course.
Some programs are not available on any but the math workroom computers.
Some softwares are only availbe in certain room, therefore, if you want to use some of them, need to travel around the campus.That's a waste of time.
some softwares just can be used at vault. when vault is closed, can not keep working at loft.
some softwares like ms project are only installed in vault. if i stay at uni overnight, i am not able to use the software at Loft
some specified softwares for the course are not available, especially in 24 hrs workroom
some times you need to download somthing you cant cause of some scurity resons.
Sometimes I cannot open pdf type file.
Sometimes Safari does not work properly on the macs - doesn't really affect course work as such, but still annoying after you've logged on! Won't allow
westpac site to load either, PCs do.
Sometimes the computers do not have all the video codecs needed. Not being able to change the resolution of the desktop is also a pain.
Sometimes when I reply an email, I cannot type chinese,but I can type chinese in vault or library workroom
Sometimes, have problems accessing microsof office eg word
Speed of computers
The apple computer desktops seem more confusing and harder to access things, and the email system is great but its difficult to send large amounts of work
to other addresses
The cave doesn't have vital eng software for us to do work on when the others are computer labs are full (e.g civil suite and glade). It would be nice also to be
able to access our eng network throught the cave computers and maybe also other computer rooms. Because it is a pain when the civil suite glade grotto are
all being used and you have files on there which you need and we cant access them when we come to the cave. It would make it a lot better if we could
The civil suite computers can be really slow sometimes, especially running MATlab. Sometimes they don't let you play music while you work.
the computers at the loft are realy slow
The computers at Uni use Word, which isnt that compatable with Microsoft Works, which is on most new computers.
The iMac ones don't work as efficiently as the old ones.I am not sure whether it's because of the hardware problems or the software problems.
The inavailibiity of mathematical and statistical software like R or Maple in the above workrooms makes it very hard for me to complete my assignment as the
Math and computer science workrooms (opposite the crypt) closes at 11pm.
The lack of an office suite that supports file formats other than those provided with microsft office. Some of us either cannot afford to, or choose to not, use
office at home, and are out of luck when it comes to working on the university computers with simple office documents that we created at home. The IT staff
generously provides CROSS PLATFORM alternatives to web browsers and email clients, namely the mozilla components firefox and thunderbird, but
manages to neglect a far more critical cross platfor application like an office suite such as
The Loft computers don't have the software required for the work, particularly for MSCI papers
the loft computers haven't got the software programs for management science.this is the only place that operate for 24 hours!
the Mac computers take time to load
The macs are terribly slow and prone to crashing.
The macs are very slow and often the only computers available
the matlab not working at the loft !
the microsoft office program on the imacs is hard to use and hard to email documents to other computers
the pc are limited. i dont like mac.
The pdf that loads up messages slows things down, and the computers never remember my settings (including whether I have opened word before: it always
says \"you have not opened this before, are you sure you want to?\". On the macs Firefox is very slow and internet explorer doesn't go to hotmail or national
the printer setup is different in crypt, it's hard to print the notes in form i like. sometimes i have to go to further place to print my notes,which is hard especially
in the \"rush houre\"
The programs that are required for some geog courses are not on these computers, and as night and weekend use of the geog 6th floor lab is for postgrads
only it makes doing work really difficult.
the software I need is not available on ITS computers, only the engineering department ones

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The software required by my tutors is not on my hone PC because here is Linux and I run Windows at home.
The softwares on Macs aren't all there.
The system setup (more software than hardware so in this section) is so restrictive and borked that trying to use files over the network and locally
simultaneously is impossible. Furthermore the inability to remove default items from the Dock results in my Dock taking almost the entire width of the screen.
 I have not used a single one of the default items as I choose to use Mail and Safari instead of Thunderbird and Firefox.
the vault and the cave don't have all of the speech and languge processing programs that we need on the same computers.
the vault computers cant detect my external harddrive
the windows PCs are usually taken up in the loft, leaving the macintosh computers- which seem slower, either because i don't know how to use them, or it IS
There are only 2 computers with the GIS software I need on them
There are only 2 rooms (vault 1 + 2) that have MS Project, and these are usually packed.
there are times we cannot read lecturer's PDF file due to font problems
There aren't enough computers with solidworks and matlab
There is no apple quicktime on the mstsc servers, which I need to view my stats lectures
They do not have the necessary biological statistics programs (such as minitab)
They dont have the programs I need for my engineering courses, and i can't log on to the eng domain in these two places
They should all have maple
Too many dock defaults (and inability to change the defaults). Outdated software being used (IE, as opposed to Safari).
too slow
too slow to log in
Trouble e-mailing from webmail to hotmail, so I can pick up my work on my home computer
Ummm I'm not sure this is the right place to write it but no graphing software for say hypothetical information such as in economics
unable to load software packages such as matlab and maple
Unable to manipulate photos
Unable to use USB Flash drive devices to transfer work between campus and home - function disabled by Admin
Unlimited licenses (MATLAB)
used to have simul8 in crypt, loft & vault. However, can only find it now in vault now.
Varies from software available in the labs used for MATH171 ie Matlab is hard to locate and Maple doesn't seem to appear anywhere.
Vault - only can type in English. Loft - does not have MS project
vaults won't print SAS outputs
very slow to load and this affects the speed at which you can access the internet and journal articles.
we can not use all the software in all the computer room
We can't do programming under current Windows setting as COSC students. We usually use Linux in COSC labs, but they are closed at night and loft does
not provide anything we could use.
We sometime need to be able to draw diagrams but there doesn't seem to be any decent graphic programmes available on the network to do this e.g. corel
of something like that
When all the Microsoft windows computers are full and there is only the Macs left.. I needed to use Excel for my statistics assignment and had been given
instructions of how to do it on windows, but of course the Mac program was different so I didn't know how to use it!
When I do my assignment on the loft.I found the computer alway got no responess.So i need to close the programme and restart it, waste time
when i need to research from my own country site, i can't write or read my own language, i mean other foreign language
Why is endnote not standard on uni workstations?
Would be useful if ChemSketch or ChemDraw were available outside the chem deptmental computers

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Are there any additional items of hardware you would find particularly useful in the ITS Workrooms?
 The service is already outstanding, but more lazer mice would be cool for easier cutting and pasting.
a better screens would be good
a cash reload station is needed near vault
a CDR despenser. You never have a cdr when you need one
A coffee machine :)
A drive is particularly useful.
A fax machine
A new scanner/faster computer that does not crash all the time in the Glade
a thing that i can plug my emmenory stick into
Ability to plug in memory cards from cameras and phones to print off pictures
ability to use split screens, that is two big screens linked, using two computers together suffices though. I have noticed a big difference in ease of reading
online notes and info via the 17 inch and bigger screens, seems so hard to go back to the small opnes sometimes, but it is good. most students have internet
access at home but for those in flats, the wookrooms are great and warm too. well most of the time. My friend just pointed out that a tv program was on and
did I wish to leave this survey and go home to watch it, and a thought came to mind, could a tv be available in say the cafe 101 area available perhaps only
after they close so to see important items and then get back to the work? just a thought.
access to engcad in places such as the cave
Actually putting DVD writers in maclab - they are in the loft. Having USB cable/port extenders on PCs to allow pendrives etc to be used easily.
addition hard drive(not enough space for saving)
adobe photoshop
after hour \"coin recharge machine\"
all computers being able to take CDs
All computers have USB jacks
All to have UBS ports on front of computer for Pen dreive access, more duplex printer advertising together with more provided to reduce amount of paper
An electric stapler.
As I have a CD writer and scanner at my flat, Im not overly worried about those sort of peripherals - Im more concerned about DVD writing large amounts of
data on PCs, as Im not good at using Macs. Also, printer jamming and lack of ink is a big problem for me, as my printer at the flat is not as economical to use
as the ones at Uni.
As previously mentioned, capacity to hook headphones up.
as said before.
Being able to use CD-Roms would be useful but most computers dont seem to take them - just the CD writer capable ones and they arent always available
better 'mouses' in some of the terminals in the loft! some without wheels or not optical ones are harder to use.
better mouse pads
Better PC needed
Big monitors and optical mouses
Bigger display screens
cabling for laptops, laptop area
camera :)
can not think of anything right now
can you just give us some instuction of how to use apple computer
can't think of any others right now...
Can't think of any, perhaps more than just one or two CD writers per room would be better.
Can't think of anything else
cannot think of any
cant think of any.
Canterbury card machine in the vault???
card readers, more dvd writers, usb connection all around the place, and faster computer.
CD writter printer scan
CD/DVD Burners on ALL computers
CD-rom drives in Library computers (I refer to Level 8 - I don't know about the other computers)
Cd-rom drives on all computers!!! and new keyboards, they are all crudy and annoying to try to type with. like they have to at least be about ten years old or
something. also while you are at it, you should get ergonomical keyboards especially for those who need stuff like that due to oos or something.
change the mouse in loft plz.
Changing all mouse to optical mouse, with mousepad included.
Cheap colour printer, BETTER SCREEN RESOLUTION. Flat screens would be cool, but not necessary.
Clean printers
coffee machines
colour printer
Colour printer
colour printer
colour printer
colour printer
colour printers
Colour Printers
Colour printers
colour printers
only have coins and more computers with headphone jacks please
compatible USB drives
computer cases with front USB port and earjack plus canterbury card recharge units near every workroom.
Computers with USB drives at the front for easy access. Like for USB memory keys and stuff.
Connecting materials

                                                               additional items of hw
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dial up internet for those with laptops
Digital camera reader
disk drives that let you access files without saying disk error.
don't know
don't know
don't think so. I don't use the hardware very often.
Drives eg. Zip drives allowing for more portable (rewritable) storage. Floppies don't really cut it.
Duct tape! For those who choose to talk!!!
Duplex printer at the vault was there is now gone.
DVD burner on the pcs
dvd burners
dvd burners in loft and vault
DVD burners on a few of the PC's maybe, just so no need to go to the maclab always
DVD readers and writers on PC's
DVD Writer in other labs e.g:VAULT and Crypt
DVD writer, headphones,biger screens
dvd writers
DVD Writers in Crypt
DVD Writers in the Crypt, Loft and the Vault. Front USB access to the Vault machines would be a nice change.
DVD writers on normal pcs, not macs.
DVD-Writers in Crypt
DVD-writers in crypt and Vault
dvd-writers outside the mac lab
Easier access to digital voice recorders for interview. Not sure if this is your area though, probably more AV.
Easy access for memory stick
Easy access USB ports for flash drives as i transfer and save lots of uni work on them.
Eftpos account top up machine in the loft for after hours
Encarta Encyclopedia?
everything is fine
everything is fine
extention cables for USB sticks so we don't have to crawl under the tables to insert them
Extra personal disk space.
faster login on the loft pc computers would be great.
Faster network access >=100Mbit
faster processors? it takes very very long to wait for the system to load up (during login) during peak hours.
Few DVD-writers on machines in crypt or loft
Firewire ports
floppy drives are good for people who can't be bothered with usb stuff
footrest stools would enable a more ergonomically correct sitting position for students who are short in height.
front Usb ports good in engineering, but very few in loft etc.
Front USB ports!! (for flash drives)
Getting rid of the mac computers
guide to use scanner and CD writer
Have a announcement system like they have at airports that announces that \"there is a lab on for students enrolled in so&so if you are not part of this course
please log off\"
having a mouse without a scroll button is quite annoying, it would be good if the all had a scrolling wheel
having built in scanners with photocopiers, this would allow scans directly into acrobat form
headphone jacks in all the computers
headphones and softer and quieter keyboards
Headphones in Crypt would be useful
headphones that come with the computers, CD players and headphone jacks on ALL computers
headphones, infrared
Headphones, that way any music or sound from websites wouldn't disturb others. People don't make the noise but it would be good if they could - silently. The
hardware that is already provided is great.
Headphones? Im not sure if they are supplied or not - but headphones would be good.
headset for lecture review.
Heaters that work during the night. It can get cold especially during weekends.
I can't think of any others that would help me at this time.
I don't use IT workrooms as I have my own office.
I found there is no SIMUL8 on some loft computer.
I havent't notice that
I mainly use the computers for report writing, so the hardware is adequate.
I think it would be really useful if there is a top-up money machine in the Crypt. Thanks.
I think more colour printers and duplex printers would be helpful in printing projects and documents.
I think students need more of hard space on our P-drive as workload is getting heavier.
I think the CD writer is useful
I would like to see more mice with lasers and roller balls. they are so much better.
If u can provide some computers which i can plug usb flash driver into it in every lab,so i don't have to go to another workroom to transfer my work onto the
computer for printing out!

                                                               additional items of hw
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Improving all the old ball-roller mouse to optical mouse.
in loft there are too many macs that are not in use when people line up for the use of pc's
in the 1st floor math department the printers just shoot out the paper and dont layer on top of each other so u have to reorganise all your sheets.
in the MacLab, there don't have the flopy disk, it is not good to use flopy to save, hope there have in the future.
Increased diskspace again for the email. Don't penalise people who actually use it. So many people only use the hotmail (or whatever) they already have and
never use their uni account. Get rid of them first then attack the ones who make the use of the university email facility
ipod cameras- for communication face to face with a broadban connection.
IT top up machines to add money to student accounts in the vault! Its a real hassle having to go to the library to put money on your account when you want to
use the computers in the vault.
It would be nice if there were CD-drives on all the Loft computers, although obviously this would cost a lot. Also, an optical mouse on each computer would
most handy.
It's not a hardware but maybe stapler would be good to be available at workrooms. It's such a mission to run around to the Copy Center to get hand outs or
assignments stapled
Its hard to access USB drives on most comupters (Vault computers especially)
Just generally faster macs. It takes forever to open firefox for example. Not sure why. Also large size HD space for one-off tasks such as burning cd or dvd
would be great. Or may be I just dont know how.
Just give us some more space on p - drive
Just more computers in the loft
just more computers, not macs!
Laptop connection ports, that *actually work*
Larger disk for personal space, ie the P drive.
Larger Hard Drive
larger monitors in the cave
larger screen monitors
laser mouses, and regularly cleaned keyboard+ mouse
lcd monitor
LCD monitors in more locations would be nice, as they are easier on the eyes.
LCD screen
LCD's and optical mice in 24 hour access ITS workrooms.
Leave one of the vaults open all night
Library room need change the mornitors
Loan UBS cable for when I forget mine from home.
Mac computers are slow.
machines to load money into canterbury cards in teh crypt.
machines to top up canterbury cards
Matlab and Maple
Maybe some computers with track and ball mice as they are more ergonomical
memory card readers
Mice with 2 buttons and a scroller.
Mice with scroll wheels at every computer, Front USB ports are always useful too.
More available computers
more cd drives on comptas.
more CD n DVD players (for reading data from CDs) in Vault (especially Vault 3), as there is only one CD reader in the whole room, while Vault 5 is usually
more CD writers
More CD writers
more cd writers
More CD writers
More CD writers and scanners
More CD writers or dvd writers in loft and crypt
more CD writers would be great it is often hard to get on one that has one
MORE CD writers. So many students have laptops, and almost all new laptops no longer are made with floppy disk drives. The only 2 options are CD-Rs or
RWs or a flash drive which, on top of the $ for the laptop, is unaffordable in comparison to CDs!
More CD/DVD writers, more scanners.
More CD-Writer and DVD ROM Reader.
more cd-writers
more cd-writers
More CD-Writers
More CD-Writers as it is hard to get a computer with a cd writer which means you have to keep circling rooms until you find a cd-r computer that is free.
More CD-writers would be better as I don't use floppy disks.
More CD-writers, colour printers (instead of going to the Copy Centre).
more computers in shared offices, please.
More computers in the post-grad lab on the 1st floor of psychology!
More computers need to have easy access to USB ports for flash drives. A few in the loft do but they need to be avaiable on every computer.
more computers that have usb ports available
more computers with scanners, or those with them only used for scanning - maybe a seperate scanning room
More computers.
more double sided printers
More duplex printers would be useful. The queue for duplex printing can be very long! More CD/DVD writers in the vault.
more dvd and cd readers, headphone jacks. not just on the macs
More dvd-writers. possibly on machines only operating for the use of the writers as well.
more instructions on how to use scanners because I have found that confusing in hte past because I am not used to mac computers
More LCD monitors
More Macs and less PCs. More up-to-date Macs too i.e. newer machines.
More newer PCs, so you don't have to climb around behind the PCs to find the USB port.
more optical mice
more optical mouse..ball mouses are not handy to use anymore

                                                              additional items of hw
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more optical wheel mouses
More pc's
more pc's less macs
More PC's perhaps. It is evident that there are far too many Mac computers. Users prefer PC's and often we have to queue for ages whilst there are 15+ mac
computers free.
More PC's with CD drives
more printers and photocopiers in central lib, please
More reload stations. One in the crypt could be great, especially after hours
More scanners
more scanners more personal space (hardrive capacity) Front USB adaptors, sometime I plug my USB at the back of the computer and forget to take it back,
I got lucky a couple of times before finally losing my memory stick. Make those USB adaptors more visible.
More scanners, especially ones with OCR functions. They would make referencing and researching a lot easier. Earphones, it would make the rooms A LOT
more sci finder
More than 1 slide/ negative scanner
More usb drives on the front of computers or easier access to them, for my pen drive. Also some more power plugs so i can use my laptop at the same time
(neccesary for group assignments).
more usb gates on the front of machines
more usb port computers
More usb ports
More USB ports in the Vaults
More USB ports on the computers in the Loft would be helpful
More usb ports to use flash drives from home would be a very valuable upgrade.
mouse with a scroll button, CD writer.
Need more ram. When programing large files-it takes longtime for outputs
Newer computers in the vault
Newer keyboard. some of the keys are wearing and becoming stiff
Newer Macs with faster processors.

                                                             additional items of hw
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     additional items of hw
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no answer
no at the monment
no i think Everything is ok
no idea
No just make sure that they are all working please. Thanks
No not now that I know there are scanners and DVD writers
no not that i can think of.
no really it's cool
No thanks the facilities available are just fine.
no that i know of
no vereything i need is here
No, all I need is fast internet, excel and word
No, Current resources are sufficient
No, don't think so.
No, everthing i need is available
No, I think the range is good.
NO, the computer hardware available is more than sufficient
Non that I can think of.
None really, possible improvements could be made to the hardware but the current hardware is sufficent, que's aren't too bad usually but sometimes i have to
wait for 5 or so minutes
None required for first year
Nope, all fine
Nope, i'm not really a PC geek that needs every gadget there is on the market
Not any that i can think of on top of my head now.
Not as yet. It has been sufficient.
not at the moment
Not have a limit on the memory of our student accounts
Not particularly
Not particularly any at the moment
not particularly. just more computers to use on campus overall.
not really
not really
not really
not really
not really
not really
not really
not really
Not Really
not really.

                                                              additional items of hw
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not really.
not really.
not sure
Not that I can think of
Not that I can think of
not that i can think of
not that I can think of
not that i can think of
not that i can think of on the top of my head...
not that I can think of.
Not that I can think of.
not that i know of
not that i know of
nothing special at the moment.
nothing that comes to mind
Of course a wirless network everywhere would be lovely. But we cant have everything *stupid hacker types*.
outlook setup
PC based film scanner, got completely lost trying to use the macs last time I tried to scan negs/slides and gave up Someone had stolen the instructions, I
have no idea why). How about setting film scanner up with a PC thru Photoshop Elements or similar?
perhaps more printers and update the old computers.
Perhaps mounted cameras, but that may not be practical.
photo printer
photocopier in the loft
Photocopiers, staplers, hole punchers
photocopy machine
photocopy machines would be a great help.
Photo-copying machines; would be useful to have them there when you need it instead of having to go to the libraries to photcopy.
Please put \"reusable\" paper trays as next to ALL printers (as well as \"recyclable\"). So much paper gets recyceld that has only been printed on one side.
This is a cost to the university and should be promoted as a resource for studentss to use. It makes excellent study paper.
possibly get rid of the old mice (the non-optical ones)
power points, LAN cable connections, workspaces and wireless coverage for laptop users, then we dont have to use the crappy old PC's or the unreliable
wireless avaliable in the library to get decent network access.
Print both side options on printers so that printing isnt so bulky
Printers are the most useful harware, but sometimes I'm struggling with them. When I print out my handouts, there is no more paper. It happens many times
in the vault.
probably don't now enough about hardware to no what I'm missing :-)
probably enough
Provide headphones or earphones to be borrowed for the students who dont have their own.
Provide more DVD-writer in the Vault and Crytpt.
Put dvd writyers in the engineering computers.
Real DVD writers ie on a PC
Replace the ball mice, as they get stuff with crap far too often, and can make mouse movement very difficult. Even a check optical mouse would be sufficient.
Some of the smaller 15inch monitors replaced, and the resolution on the windows machines should be modifiable by the user, I find it impossibly awkward
working with the lower resolutions.
scanner in maclab
scanners and CD-Writers
sci finder
should minimize the talking in computer rooms.
Slide Scanner
some computerusb ports dont work, i have a pen drive and it would be helpful if i knew i could use a pen drive in every computer. also the little roller things on
the mouses on every computer would be handu ebcause many computers int he loft dont have them.
Some Crypt PC's are unable to access USB Key Drives (well I think they can't)
some of the video clips cannot be displayed by the uni's media player
Somewhere to plug in my laptop (power-wise) with either wired network ports or wireless access, and perhaps more duplex printing facilities.
spaces for laptops see otago uni library
staplers and holepunchs
staplers in the vaults, so you can staple your assigns once they're completed
staplers would be great
the airconditioning in vaults are ofter making us feel cold
the black ones in the loft (at the back of the room-sorry dont know their names) are particularly good because really easy to use and can listen to webct
lectures on them. the mac comp are the worse and bearly any1 uses them!
The Loft should be allowed to access the same network that the engineer's workrooms can access.
The option of printing in color in the vault
the printer i guess
The sacnner in the glade. but the computer needs to be upgraded. the mouse is shocking
the wheel on the mouse

                                                                additional items of hw
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There are only a limited number of cd writers in the LOFT and other its workrooms. It is tremendously,extremely, stupendously difficult to find a computer
when there are queues
There should be an Eftpos Canterbury Card recharge station in them all.
There should be machines to load your print credit up in the vault.
there should be more cd writers...
Thunderbird, Excell, Word. :)
update the monitors to LCD would be perfect for the students
upgrading to faster and better machines as much as possible
USB 2.0 ports on some the Den Computers
usb connect
usb connections for digital cameras etc
usb extension cables for computers without front usb plug in
USB interface
USB jacks Speakers
USB plug-in
usb plugs on the front of the computers in cave
USB points on the front of the computers so i can easily access information from my flash card
USB port in some of the Vault workrooms (at the front of the CPU)
USB ports for flash drives on all PC's, 17\" screens as standard.
USB ports in front of computers, not behind them
usb ports on the FRONT of computers, so i can take work to and from home on my usb flash drive
use of own laptop
web camera
web cameras
well it would be great to know where internet ports are for laptops
wi-fi or other hardware to link the laptops and the pcs
Wireless for laptops - u get mad when we plug in our laptops to the lan, but there is no wireless in the loft....
Working front USB ports on computers so can use pen drives and take work home.
would be nice to have those clips that hoold pages of notes up so it is easier to copy quotes/notes into files. not really the hardware you meant i know, but still
Yes, a colour printer for each area might be useful
Zip Drives

                                                                additional items of hw
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Are there any additional items of software that you would find useful in the ITS Workrooms?
.I don't know.
??wireless mouse maybe
A link to map to the engineering home drives would be useful
A pad for hands when typing. Reduce harm for long time only use same pose
a purpose built graphing software
a simple graphical editting program
A way to download music - limewire, kazaa etc.
Access to higher resolution settings
Adobe Acrobat (Acrobat Reader does not count) Microsoft Visio
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop
adobe photoshop
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Professional 7.0 (to create pdf files - VERY IMPORTANT) , EndNote 7, MYOB Accounting Plus, MSN Messenger (updated version), Microsoft Outlook,
Adobe Reader
adobe reader and microsoft office
ALL monitors have at least 1024*768 res, why does the vault and loft have 800*600 on 17inch monitors????
All software available in the uni should be installed on ALL computers
An MSN type network for the university of canterbury network.
As long as all the softwares I need for my courses are installed (which they are) i'm happy.
As stated above, current school softwares are extensive, but however, new versions would certainly help things easier to some certain extent.
Asian language read&input support
Auto-cade. i am not sure about acto-cade or Auto-cate.
Better design software ie photoshop
Big signs in different languages saying \"this is a quiet environment so shut the F##K up!!!\"
biological data analysis software (in particularly statistica on at least one computer)
Blank desk space for places to put laptop and to be able to work on that. Also, maybe, the possibility of hooking up personal laptops to printers and scanners.
BlueJ, Visual Studio
can't htink of any but a guide to learning linux would be great.
Cannot think of any right now.
Cant think of any.
CD Burning software (ie programs that burn iso files,etc)
chinese input
Corel Draw
differt extensions to word, such as mathtype other math tools such as mathematica other writing tools such as latex
do now
don't know
don't know
Don't know
Don't know
don't know
don't know
don't know
don't think so
dont know
dont know
dont know of any
DVD writer for PC's would be nice and maybe a chargeable videoripping from vhs to digital file service - that would avoid copyright infringement issues
Easier way to transfer files from COSC accounts to ITS accounts and vice versa
electric guitars
Excel or adore or sth like these
Film editing software
Fixed mouse pads
freehand and photoshop
Frontpage 2003
Geography software in the Loft would be useful
good cd writing stuff, like DragonNT or Toast on macs, Nero on Pcs
graphic design programmes
Graphics or photo editor.
Graphing software for economics graphs etc
Have maths & stats programmes on the computers in the crypt
having Publisher available on the computers would sometimes be helpful
I can't access restricted Web pages at home - I don't know if that is normal or if my home computer is too old.
I can't think of any at this time.
I don't use IT workrooms as I have my own office.
i dont know how to get MSN messager towork, and its rather irrataing, also, a better graphics program would be useful. perhaps headphones for those
students using recorded lectures

                                                               additional items of sw
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I haven't notice that
I would find it IMMENSELY usefull to have some pcs/macs (perhaps the older ones that are dead slow) loaded with linux and a minimal software set like an
office suite, web browser, email etc. so that i wouldn't have to suffer with antiquated hardware issues when using these dinosaur machines. I'd also just
appreciate some linux based desktops as well (gnome/kde/xfce) would be a blessing.
i.e MSN
I'd like to gain more expereince with open source software. I think it's great that we're using Firefox and Thunderbird. Would be good to also have the option
of NeoOffice or something similar. This could also be a huge financial saving for the University.
I'm not sure.
Id find greater access to ArcGIS (ie Loft computers with their 24hr computer room access)useful, as the Geog labs can become crowded and it is not
conducive of a student who needs to go back and forth for tea then goes to the computer room etc
In AutoCAD the \"help\" thing doesn't work, it would be useful.
Informatic materials.
Installation of free chemistry drawing software, eg. ChemSketch
internal messenger for students
International language
internet explorer, Micrsoft office
It would be good to have Jade in places other than the commerce building, also when I was a firts year I thought it would have been useful to have BlueJ
everywhere, not to mention .NEt now I remember..
It would be nice to be able to VNC back to my home network occasionally.
It would be useful to be able to remotely access other computers through any computer on campus e.g. accessing Maxwell while on UOCNT
it would be useful to have chinese typing capability on all computers in all workrooms
It's all good.
iTunes compatible so can listen to music through headphones on individual workspaces
itunes loaded for all the ipod owners
Jade and Java
JAVA Money adding software needs upgrading
Java SDK, BlueJ
just the latest upgrades are always welcome
Larger Hard drive
Lessons on how to use mac computers.
Maple 10, Linux avaliability
maple and matlab avaliable on all computers
MathType would be useful on all computers and also all Microsoft programs
Matlab and Maple as i do maths papers
Matlab and Maple running in more than the math workrooms. Better Image editing sofware, anything is better than MSPAINT.
Matlab in the crypt.
may be ear phones for comps? coz some people like to listen to sounds while studying on the comps and they dont take comp classes
Maybe some good editing software for film students (i am aware that this could be expensive just wishing!)
Maybe to highlight the fact that one can acess their My Documents Folder from home via the ftp server (I only found this out after 12 months of cut n pasting
off usb drives
microsoft 2003, thunderbird
microsoft front page
Microsoft Money
Microsoft office
Microsoft project and Adobe writer
Microsoft Publisher
microsoft works
More cd writers
More cd writers and scanners
More CD writers and scanners would be helpful on cutting down queues
More computers
more computers with chinese input availble.
More computers with MAPLE and MATLAB capabilities (ie computers in the Crypt)
More corel draw
More pdf acess to data base journal articles, although the software service is already excellent.
More rooms with MAPLE and MATLAB would be useful to me for my maths subjects.
More space on personal harddrives. EMAIL THAT DOESN'T DELETE ITS INBOX FOLDER RANDOMLY!!!
more statistics software
More wi-fi.
mp3 avaliability
MS Outlook
MS outlook, visio
Ms project

                                                               additional items of sw
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msn installed so I can communicate with others who is not in the university
MSN messenger
msn messenger
MSN Messenger or similar program would help organizing plans with friends and such.
MSN messenger please.
msn or any other charting tools :)
music availability to listen to through headphones
Music software-such as sibelius or finale
MYOB Mind Your Own Business Accounting

                                                            additional items of sw
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no but in terms of hardware - Cat5 network plugs would be cool for laptops - not all of us have wireless!
no everything i need is on the computer
No everything that is essential and more is available in the computer rooms already.I am impressed by the computer system on campus.
no idea
No Microsoft products. Anyone who uses Microsoft is in the embrace of Satan. (Apparently ).
No, again I think the range is good!
no, everything I needed was there.
No, for a first year student like me, there's nothing more required. I personally it is still sufficient. But i dont know what will happened next year.
No, now is fine.
no, other than the addition of geog ones like surfer, statistica (avail in vault) etc.
No, quite the opposite -the amount of software availible is generally unnessary and not userfriendly. Instead of buying more, just simplify the software that
you already have.
No, that's enough

                                                                additional items of sw
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No. The software provided are sufficient for my course.
none at the moment.
None that I can think of
None that I can think of.
none that know of
not at the moment
not at the present time
not at this stage
Not at this stage
not found yet
Not really
not really
not really
Not really
not really, its enough now
not really.
Not so far.
not that i am aware of.
Not that i can think of
Not that I can think of
Not that I can think of
Not that I can think of
Not that i can think of at the moment
not that i can think of.
Not that I can think of.
not that I have thought of.
not that i know of
not that i know of
not unless required by the particular course
not yet
not yet.
Nova (?), for writing rewritable cds and being able to re write them.
only really use word and internet
Only to be able to access graphics programmes
open office
Paint shop pro and chinese characters input in crypt
paintshop pro
people can use msn messenger, but i can'twhy is this? and messenger would be good to have.
Perhaps the macromedia studio would be helpful, it could also aid students in the design of web pages and other online content. I'd also perfer photoshop, but
not many people know how to use it, so buying licenses for all the students would be kind of useless. Perhaps having it avalible on request, like at my last
photo shop
Photo shop
photo shop type software
Photoshop or similar image processing tool
photoshop style picture and some sort of video editor
Photoshop, coreldraw
Possibly already on campus somewhere which i obviously dont know about.but some sort of high quality move/video editing programeg mac final cut pro

                                                               additional items of sw
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Prism - graphing program
probably none.
Profesional Cd/DVD buring softwares
Programming resources for cosc papers, and programs formath papers like matlab in general workrooms.
Quick Time player
real one player
realone player
realplayer and rar
Remote Desktop Connection on the Macs!!!
Rented headphones
Rome Total War.
Roxio toast.
Salt for the department of communication disorders is only loaded on the Cave computers and these computers are not always the most convenient place to
scanner in Law school library
See above.
software that can reading .ps files, convert files to .pdf
software that has relation to the subject ie accounting software
Some ability to convert documents to PDF
some chat tools can contact each other in campus should be good
some computers with a bigger screen for spreadsheet work
Some fast way of getting to the Linux profiles for cosc students
some graphic editing programme, like photoshop, although am not sure how feasible this option is.
something to remind me of my test, assignment when I log in would be good.
Sometimes MaTLAB runs very slowly on some of the computers in the civil suite.
sony digital camera software photoshop
SPSS 12.0.1 for Windows
Statistica and/or SPSS
Statistica on all computers?
Stats packages need in more workrooms.
the ability of connecting to departmental computers, so that we can do and use the programs in IT workrooms, as we do in depts.
The ability to top-up our canterbury card via the internet by use of credit cards
The language software. I am a Chinese, and sometimes I need to use Chinese to apply my emails, but not many workrooms have that, only the loft and
library workroom have it.
The Linux PC's can connect to a Windows PC via rdesktop program. Where is the Windows to Linux software package?
The Statistica on the 4th floor psyc lab computers seems to have expired. It eventually loads but sends you a bunch of grumpy meesages first.
Timetabling software for daily timetable to check for clashes? Perhaps organize something together with the registry.
To be able to top up our IT accounts using internet banking would be fantastic, as it can be a real hassle having to leave a workroom and go to the library to
top up - the eftpos thing is good, but internet would be brilliant!
to have more space, so we can keep more work in the university computers throughout the year
top up machines? quite troublesome to walk all the way to library for the topup for IT/canty card account.
Try to install Linux so people may want to know how convenient it is!!
typing software that teaches you to type faster.
USB fileshare software
video player software.
Visual Studio
What is the diff between software and harware?
windows media player
winrar, vlcplayer, some electronic simulation software
Would be useful if ChemSketch or ChemDraw were available outside the chem deptmental computers
yahoo messenger ? hehehe
YES!!!! Please download the phonetic transcription symbols onto word!!!! Not having them caused HUGE amounts of problems for us this year.
yes, maple for mathematics

                                                               additional items of sw
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Other confusing aspects (please state).
1)There aren't alot of signs prohibiting others to talk or eat at all. It distracts me from doing my work when people talk rather loudly or bring food into the room.
Perhaps put up more signs/give a friendly reminder when the user logs on/complaining a certain user/automatic fines? 2)why can't i put my pen drive into the
USB ports located in the front of the PC (in Crypt?) I have to insert it at the back of the PC which is quite annoying.
A lot of these things don't apply to the Psyc building work rooms, as there are only single printers, and most don't print colour or duplex (I don't think!)
Access to computers in the Loft are generally really good. Only about once or twice I haven't been able to get one but its been really good accessability
Active status of printers
Apple Computers!!!!
Apple computers, it took me ten minutes to find the log-out button. Also sometimes its hard to tell which \"computer box\" belongs to which screen (especially
if you are in a middle row) they usually have numbers on themm but alot dont.
As there are limited numbers of Duplex printers around, when they do break down, its quite frustrating. I would like to see a Duplex Printer in Physical
Science Library.
Besides being confusing it is a pain to have to put money on our cards manually at the library - what about a credit card facility online? or by phone.
Changing printing slides from one to a page to six to a page etc. Different software programmes do it different ways and some then default to that setting and
some dont
Cleaning hours.
didnt know you could colour print anywhere but the copy centre
Does the money get taken out from a/c when I press the print button or when it actually prints? Sometimes out of paper and jams, means will have to send
the document twice. Also, could the printer queue be more interactive? Eg if Valut 3 printer is jammed or out of paper, the whole queue should be transferred
to Vault Duplex, have a screen pops up on the Vault 3 printer queue screen says \"all printing transferred to Vault Duplex due to Vault3 printer error\", when
someone sends a document to the faulty printer, it will say \"printer not ready, please try another one\", sends a message to IT helpdesk or the IT supervisors
to come and fix it. I know how to fix it, but they are locked all the time, and there is no access to papers, so it could be a bit difficult.
dont have
Dumb arses keep takin my slides - not really your fault.
DUPLEX printers should be the default printer as we all use way too much paper and the world is running out of trees!
Duplex printing from the macs in the loft.
Easier ways to top up your account
Emergency procedures.
finding computers with headphone jacks
For a particular paper the course notes can only be printed out as '6 to a page' etc, not as handouts. If you print them on duplex they slides come out all back
to front etc.
for some reason my colour jobs are coming under previous users' name and corrupted. They print out well via e-mail. (colourpass at copycentre)
Found it hard to log out on Mac at first :)))
Have never tried Duplex or colour printing so cannot answer, but I do not know how to do Duplex so could be considered confusing
have to restate the print setup, each time changing the different printer
Haven't tried to colour print or duplex print so I don't know whether these are confusing or not.
Having to change the paper format to A4 if printing a Word document from a Mac.
heaps of trouble tryingto put cash onto canterbury card. cannot change printer when loged onto remote computer
How can I get my computer in my room (at R&R) to print off stuff in the computer room at R&R?
how internet charges work
How much is it to print colour - printing over sized material as well.
how to delete from the queue
how to send myself stuff or access stuff from home at uni, and vice versa
How to use mac computers
i am unaware of how to find out how to color print and double side print
I can't do much with the printers except print. I don't know how to choose colour/double sided printing & i don't know what selecting a queue is.
I didn't even know there were workroom supervisors so they definitely need to be more visible. more instructions for how to use resources such as the
I didn't even know you could do colour printing.
I didn't even know you could print in colour at the University!
I didn't know about the colour printing here, since I've never needed to use it at uni. Any confusing aspects have been quickly remedied with provision of IT
instruction sheets, info on the uni web site and class tutorials.
i didnt know the university had colour printers in any of the work rooms. There needs to be more information surrounding this for computer users.
I didnt know you could print colour. Is there instructions on walls to say how?
I dont know where half the computer workrooms are, I only know loft , den , on under the library by James Hight and psychology computer room.
i find all these aspects confusing as i am computer illeterate, i think you should have approchable, friendly staff capable of explaining what to do in english.
i have never attempted double sided or colour printing so i can't say as to whether or not i would find these confusing.
i haven't been able to do duplex printing on any computers at uni except for the staff ones i do know how to do it at home and on the staff computers but it
doesn't seem to work on the student computers.
I know the Maclab printer is Duplex capable, but cannot locate this printer queue to use it.
I need to type Chinese sometimes and I have found loft provides it, but later I discovered that not every computer in loft could be used to type Chinese, some
of them were enabled. This really annoys me because I will know wether or not a computer provides it after logging in.
i never understand why the mac computers cannot print duplex (double sided)
I personally find nothing too confusing, excep for finding printouts in the bottom of the maths and stats department.
I say to print when using macs in the loft and it doesnt come out sometimes. I check to see the printer is on line, other peoples stuff is printing out but even if I
select print again it still doesnt appear!! Very annoying and probably I get charged for this adding to the large cost of printing I already face.
I think my lack of experience is the main problem not the services offered
i think the money top up machines should be located around the computer areas rather than in the libraries so that when you run out of credit on your
computer you don't have to go all the way to the library to top up
I thought a warning saying \"available profile low\" meant the P drive, that could be made clearer.
I want to know how to print to the hall printers from the uni.
i want to know if i go photocopy, and i swip my UC card so it displays i can have 20 copies then press 'enter', if i copy less than 20 copies and forget to
press'enter'then, will that costs me 20 copies?

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I wish we didn't get charged for using the 'net. Job hunting online and uni research projects are so expensive, have probably spent bout $30 in the past 3
weeks on that and printing.
If a printer is broken down it is not helpful to just have a sign on the printer, as you don't look at the printer until you go to collect your output. Please could
there be a notice on the screen of the computer either as you log in or as you attempt to print to say which printers are down?
If I print something off in one of the tower levels of the library it says it prints from the Blackhole printer. Where is that????
if printpapers run out ?
If you print two documents at the same time. One would get printed on a different printer and the other one on another printer.
If you remote access a maths computer, your default printer is changed from the building you are in (PSL or 8th floor of Physics, for me) to the basement of
the Maths building. This can be annoying, especially if it is raining and your printout gets soggy
IS frustrating when printing on duplex in vaults if there is no paper or is out of order, not to be able to canx print jobs. Maybe my ignorance though? i just dont
see an interface to it.
is there anyway to print color straight from a computer in Uni rather than sending the file to the copy centre to get it printed?
It is only confusing when you have to run around the place looking for a free computer workstation to use. esp during busy times.
It should be slightly cheaper to print duplex considering you are using half the paper.
It's often difficult to add money as th machine sometimes refuses to accept a note for no apparent reason. I once tried to add money directly from my eftpos
card but that didn't work either.
Its easy to get caught out when people change the printer and then you are working at the engineering library and it gets printed at the loft - a practical joke
perhaps, but not funny when you need to print it at uni within half an hour of handing it in - and spend more money printing it.
just have to remember to check doe snto always wrok on one
Just to make a comment on the printed output, sometimes it doesn't even print! This is frustrating especially when you ar ein a hurry, it queue up the job but
then disappear.
knowing where the printers are eg. 'blackhole' does not give me any idea as the the phsyical location of the printer.
loading moeny onto yuor cards, the machines are crap
mac computer changing document page set-up to letter, sometimes computer set to printer in another workroom
maybe im just dumbbut how all the folders workas in where the hell should i save?
My allowed total space on P-Drive, dont know where to check it.
never heard about the colour printing
No detail on my IT account & I have no idea what charges have been added.
no idea
no money machine available, only in the library. printer problems is really anoying
no other
No other
no others.
No, everything is fine as it is.

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none really.
None that I can think of
none that I can think of right now
None that I can think of.
none, find all systems very self-eplanatory and accessable, supervisors accessable to explain things I don't know also
None. I can easily find my way around things.
Normally, when printing, there's a small icon on the taskbar that indicates the documents being printed. But this icon is no where to be found.
not at all
not at all
not getting good enough answers from the IT-staff in the workrooms after hours
not knowing if a class is using the Crypt or other workrooms
not knowing when the crypt is booked for a lab or test or some such other activity. It's a bit annoying when a class comes in when your doing assignments etc
and end out having to pack up and leave in the middle of your work and find somewhere else. It would be easier to know before I go in, whether the room is
booked in the next 2 hours or so etc
Not so much confusing, but trying to add money to your UC card in the machine in the Engineering Library is bloody frustrating. You have to insert your card
>10 times before it will read it and has been like this all year. Please try to get it fixed!!!
nothing confusing.
nothing so far
Nothing thanks
On Geography department computers you can't log on under UNOCT and print to the geography printers, even if you find the geography printers which are
not the default. I have no idea where it printe to.
Operating your account from off-campus
pdf files are s ometimes hard to print
Personal space: I don't know why, but something is taking a lot of spaceI later found out its that \"Mac\" stuff, it took 25Mb..
Pissed off when printers break down
Please replace the 'add money to your account' machine in the PS Library as everybody I know has had a wrestling match with it.and although you can
exchange bills for coins in the machine nextdoor it too sometimes plays up.
price;does duplex printing cost per sheet of paper or per side? ie, is it 20c a sheet or 10c?
Print WebCT pages.
Printers particularly in the library workroom are confusing when items do not print out
Printing from Web CT and your transcript
Printing off macs, my work often doesnt print.
Printing off the macs in general! I've had problems, especially when the docs were originally 8.5 x 11.
printing page format - PC to Mac (A4 - paper sizesetc)
printing too slow. and sometimes printer automaticly delete the current printing work.
Printouts are often lost in the system. This costs me money. There needs to be more A3 paper availiable.
Putting money on your account then not being able to print for over half an hour. The stupid machines not accepting particular $2 coins for no apparent
Recently in the glade things have not been printing or only partially printing
regarding above supervision, it is quite visible in the loft but not in the crypt - i never see anyone there. Also, would like to know how to access crypt on
should be able to access canterbury card balances and transaction summaries via web
Some computers lack earphone outlets
some of these questions werent well constructed. on many questions I was inbetween. this is difficult when there is only two answers
Some people have printing job which need 10mb transfer of data. However, the printer seems stuck after it have those kind of jobs on the queue
sometime clicked 'print', but nothing come out, and my account has money in it.
sometimes dont know how to print say 6 pages onto one using some programs
sometimes i caanot find my work from printers
sometimes i can not print out the lec notes
sometimes i click on the wrong location for the printing output.
Sometimes i swear the stuff I print just dissapears. Or it only prints the first page or 2 and prints a half blank one and finishes.
sometimes i worry that people will put my printings somewhere else and i can't find it.
Sometimes in the Library, I feel confused when collecting the printing papers. The printers are sometimes very slow and don't work, like it was stuck. I
suffered one time in the library printer.
sometimes it is confusing about where the printer is
Sometimes it is hard to see how many pages will print (if off a website etc). It may say 5 but then print 10. this could be the software.
Sometimes it takes too long for a print out due to paper shortage/insufficient ink and some printers are just slow.
Sometimes my printouts appear elsewhere from other printers, and not the default. (eg in the library)
sometimes the pr inter is not printing the job requsted that's really not good
Sometimes when in a Matlab workroom, it prints to the printer in between the other two workrooms from the one I am in.
that there are no money adding machines in the vault (not sure about other computer labs also)
the black screen computers telling you where there are spare computers. and when labs are on or not in the vault.

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The booking for workrooms,sometimes they just don't have any sign for having a tutorial or sth in those workrooms. At this point, the library workroom
(Den)does it well. There is white board there to show that if the room is availible!
The cost of printing. Because the deduction of my account is not instant and i do not have a breakdown of deduction, i am unable to track my account
the default printers are confusing because they are not in that workroom, eg. print stuff in chem dept, but the actual printer is in crypt or loft
The facilities are not well advertised.
the fromat of the handout
the helpdesk tracking system doesnt work very well if at all
the hours of service are not really explicitly posted anywhere. eg when the crypt and loft are closing would be good to see the hours in large print up on the
wall saves looking it up on the web
The length of time it takes money to be added to cards can be inconvieniant. perhaps a warning when logging out that your credit is nil or negitive
The Mac computers are so hard to use. I hate them and know so many others that wont use them too.
the order it prints in - seems to be random
the price for double side printing and one side.
The printer in the postgrad psyc computer lab is broken so we have one that we have to feed paper into, which is a pain.
The printers always stop working, I think cos they run out of paper. I don't know how to fill them up again.
The printers in their box in the maths block(crpyt) arent label and its a guessing game!!
The printing off express computers is not explained properly. I had to listen to the staff member explain it before I knew what to do. It would be easier there
was a breif explanation by each computer so students know instead of waiting on staff members.
the question below does not allow you to choose more than opne day. My assignements are due on any day and frequently
The scanners
the time between loading $ onto cant-card and then being able to print varies quite a bit.
the time it takes to load canty card is confusing
The update time after putting money on your card for printing / internet access ideally this should be instant
The volume of PCs. It hurts MINE EYES.
There should be more machines around to add money onto student card
There's always an extra blank sheet printed each time (the \"bonus\" sheet)
This questionnaire - e.g. I have never tried to colour print so I had no view on whether colour printing was confusing or not
Time table in the Vault work room In the timetable there are classes going on but the fact is (often) not
timetable. have to leave when some class suddenly on.
Too many drives. Being in the engineering department, I have access to an \"Eng\" login as well as the normal UC one. I get confused between the P, J, L
and all the other drives that appear on my computer
Too many people printing at once - could there be a queue limit?
Trying to get email from SPAM
Unless your inthe know, location of the printers is hard to find.
Waiting for money to upload on your print quota when it takes over half an hour
Was not actually aware that we could colour print ourselves, or where.
well some of these things i have only really figured out in my fourth year at uni just before i leave
Well, it's kinda hard to read the timetables for the Vaults in the off chance that i'm using a PC there. I did find all of the things above confusing at one time or
another. I never had to use color printing.
what computers do what
What could possibly be confusing in such a standard setup.
what is the purpose of the \"black hole\" printer?
When all the computer printers are out of paper and there is nobody to fill the paper up.
When documents are queued up on one printer (ie 10 ) with first in the queue failing to print while other printers have no queue is there someway to put a
timeout on a print job?
When my selected printing output fails to print out at all; usually this occurs when the content I am printing is on a website, it is confusing to say the least. I
usually have to copy it into microsoft word just to be able to print properly (the website is usually in the form of an Adobe file)
when my so-called printed work ends up nowhere (IT have still to solve this, Ive been having to print at the IT office)
When other people take your printout by mistake.
When the loft opens again at 10pm, why do so many students run up the stairs? There's nearly always enough computers to go round at that time of night!
when using remote access and wanting to print to where i am at that time, not where i got the access from
When using remote access, changing the default printer can lead to problems. \"Denied rights\" etc
When you spend money to print to a duplex printer, only to find that after it has printed ther is a sign onthe printer saying that duplex is unavailable, so you
waste all that money and not even get duplex printing. Also that signed said it will be fixed by the end of today and stayed ther for over a week. It is hard to tell
from the computer that you print from which printers have queue's
where all the computer rooms are
where are the colour printers? why is photocopying and printing so expensive?
Where are the printers located and how to switch to another if you need to? Do both the Windows and Linux PC's print to the same printer? Why does the
account balance figure never change and what happened to the usage page? I print else where because I've no idea about the computer system here.
Where can you print colour? What workrooms?
Where do you print to for color and where does it go?
Where is a printer situated,cause when you're printing from mscs net in Crypt it prints out on room 034 and etc
Where some of the printers are located esp in the lib, perhaps a map so if you change where doing printing
Where's the coffee machine. :)
whether to use \"Loft duplex\" or \"loft printer 5\" was initially confusing. Actually, most aspects of printing were a little confusing for the first little while.
why if the vaults are fullor noisy, one can't open the spare vaults that are locked, perhaps have it card accessed. Also, when working as a group, the liabary
workrooms are in very short supply and the only way to access info via computer is to bring one's own or nip out get the info and come back, could either
some of the older computers be used in the workrooms / disscussion rooms of the liabary or a way of linking our laptop to the internet be made?
Why it takes so long for the system to process money
Why no-one uses the Macs in the Loft.. I don't either now but don't know why!!
Why on some computers usb memory sticks aren't read.
Why some cultures find it appropriate to use the computer rooms as social \"hang out areas\". Why the fuck don't these people go hang out at their friends or
in a bar? They really distract me and other computer users. I use the computer room because I have to not because I like to hang out there. These loud
selfish people distract me and irritate the hell out of me. I've told people to shut up before but they out number me and just start talking agian five minutes
later. There should be a big signing saying \"if you don't shut up and someone kicks your arse its your own fault!\".
why the other computer room on the 5th floor is not open after hours?

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why we are billed the same amount for both double and single sided printing, (it defeats the purpose).
Wireless; I have no idea how to connect my laptop to wireless and the IT staff didn't know either. And the Macs that i have to use in the music computer
room- extremely confusing.
Working on a Mac computer
Wouldn't have a clue how to do it!
You can never find help in the loft
you never really know exactly where your printing is sent

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Documentation: What documentation have you used in the past year? [Other]
because I had read them last year
Changing page numbers around to change from landscape to portrait within a document
Didn't know you had documentation.
Hours and locations of workrooms
How to connect to the wireless service
how to get wireless connection
How to print A4 from a mac
How to Print on a Mac
How to print two pages per side
how to setup wireless networking on my laptop
How to view WebCT videos of lectures
I can acces docs from home!?? I didnt know that.
I didn't realise this was available
internet proxy address
mapping p drive etc
reducing email storage space
Refer to the ITS webpages often when using laptop, email from home, network settings etc
remote dial up internet
remote log ons
setting up dial-up access & email server addresses
setting up wireless
some quizzes.
WebCT video lectures
Where do we find these?
Wireless network documentation
Wireless networks
Wireless services for on campus laptop use
word for thesis writers

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List any areas where more extensive documentation would be helpful.
a documentation that teaches COSC student how to access files under COSC Linux system from a Womdows platform.
A place where you can look up and answer the above questions ie all answers are in one place
access \'Class\' from home
Access from home to documents etc
Actually didn\'t now about the range of options re information available on them above, would be good to have this info more advertised AS availablemore
All of them, i didn\'t even know documentation on these was available.
ALL printers should all the the same ability-all able to print up to 6 sides, souble sides, and colour, especially the modern ones (eg Crypt)
Being able to access WebCT video lectures off campus would be great!
bibliographical formats for each department available on screen
Bring back proper account usage breakdowns
broadband connection from home
can\'t think of any
CAve, Crypt and loft, needs to be visible!
CD writers in the LAW building, and scanners
Color Printer
Colour printing
colour printing
colour printing - didn\'t know we could do this - in any workroom? also, scanning, cd/dvd writing
colour printing and scanning
Colour printing information does not state to only print coloured material. Had to pay for whle document.
connecting your lap top to UC Wireless (I did find it on the internet, but it didn\'t work for my lap top)
cources advise
Crypt and MacLab
crypt i guess all above are easily accessible
d0 all of the above. I didnt even know there was documentation.
Didn\'t even know there was documentation!
don\'t know
Dont know
dont know
doubled sided how to
Email access from home
exporting contact lists, but I can\'t remember if it is already there or not
halls hook up at the start of the year
have no idea
Having lecture videos on WebCT is fantastic and one of the best learning tools there is. More please!!
hours of service for each computer lab. possibly some documentation on specific software eg how to use excel, word. just a basic outline for students that
may not have too much experience with those programs.
how do you access my documents from hm?
how to access \'My Documents\' at home
how to access \'my documents\' from home
How to access \'My Documents\' from home
how to access my documents from home
How to access My Documents from home, i didn\'t even know i could do that till now. but i still don\'t know where to find the \'documentation\'
how to access your my documents from outside uni. & how to have your uni e-mail address work through outlook express at home.
how to autosave assignments Before they get eaten by the computer ! My freind saw me typing this and showed me in 1 minute, oops.
How to find these documents.
how to load wireless network onto laptop
How to personalize computers. How to add special software to my suite.
How to print \'my documents\' from home - I couldn\'t make it work
How to print double-sided, how to write DVD
How to print in colour
How to reference
how to replace paper in printers + how to fix any small problem that may arise with them
How to scan
how to setup up printer driver if not existent
How to use endnote.
How to use Linux software. All tutors assume post-graduates know how to use Linux software because they assume you did your under graduate studies
here or on systems running Linux. How to connect from Windows/Linux into each others respective disk space area since they have different location and
How to use Mac
how to use the how to use
how to use USB ports the many different ways of writing to CD and how to know which computer uses which
how to use wireless internet
I can only access \'my document\' from at home through an ftp client - not sure if there ought to be another way but this is not really explained anywhere and
less computer literate students would not be able to work this one out.
I can\'t think Of any.
i didn\'t know there was any it would be helpful if there was a link on the desktop saying helpful information or something similar
I didn\'t realise I can access My Docuemnts from home. This is useful.
i didnt even know there was documentation! where do i find it!?
I didnt even know you could print off in colour - this would be helpful to know in the future.
I didnt knew those documentations exist!
I didnt know all the above was available
I don\'t have any comments

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i don\'t know
I don\'t know how to access the documentation
I don\'t know how to acess this documentation!
I don\'t know where to find these documents and up until I didn\'t know or had forgotten they existed.
i found the scanner help sheet hard to understand, plus i couldn\'t even find one in the loft.
i had know idea that you could get your my documents from home, being able to access k-drive for printing from home would be useful
I think that there are files on online to help people e.g. the one listed above but there is no index of them etc. It would be helpful to have an online index of
common problems that people have with working the software or common difficulties people have that students could access. It would save the technicians
time explaining the same thing over and over again and solve a lot of student frustration!!!
I think these documentations mentioned above are pretty thorough, but i wouldn\'t know where to find these. Perhaps they could be in a more obvious places?
I was not aware that there are so many documentations available until now. could you make them more visible.
I wasnt even aware that there was any documentation! And i dont even know how to find it :/
if it is possible to access the from home that would be good to know
In the computer rooms
Infomation on mac computers
Internet access and costs
is ok
IT website needs more easy access to find stuff like pop3 and imap settings. You end up trawling through pages and pages to finally find what you are after.
The search is useless.
it would be helpful to be able to access k drive from home
Just more obvious in well used areas. Handouts always available to be taken
k drive
Lists of important/useful servers (such as wireless, internet enabler, etc.)
Loading money on to account
maybe documentation on how to load money onto account etc. ie. at what time will the money be loaded etc.
Maybe providing the manual of the softwares that being used in the particular workroom. eg. Manual for Matlab.
More detail on you computer account and what you have been charged for e.g. break down charges into printing, photocopying, and internet access (uni and
home dial up separate)
More linux info please all distrosmaybe a warning period to let you know when your account is getting low (ie $2-$5 before hand):-)
More simple instructions on how to check computer account balances and on how to find out how much space we are using on our accounts so that we are
not charged when it is confusing to find out how much space we are using
my document from home accessibilty
News media Case laws.
no answers
no comment
No comments
no idea
no idea
no more.
No suggestion
None comes to mind.
None that I can think of.
None that I can think of.
not really
nothing I can think of
obvious links to all above mentioned pages (I didnt know most of them existed!!).

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On how to use the Mac computers. I know there was some, I think there used to be, but it ran out.
Please say in the \'My Documents\' page that Firefox can access My Documents by using the address ftp://username:password@mydocument/
Possibly accessing UC HOME STUDENT from home along with the K drive. Its not cheap to print at uni, I seem to spend a minimum of $5 per week on
printing and scanning- I couldnt make the scanner work the only time I tried
probably all of the above because i don\'t know how to access any of the above information.
Regarding the phasing out of disks, it would be good to let people know of the other options (I only found out accidentally when i picked up the IT news) as
well as perhaps recommending suitable things to purchase instead and how to use other options
routing of documents produced on a laptop to an it or departmental printer
scanning and CD writer. Once I wanted to scan a document, I looked the whole loft work room for a help sheet but could not find any. There were copies for
MAC computers but no copy was available for windows pcs. Finally I had to ask another student to help me and guide me.
setting up wireless is very confusing, had to go to helpdesk for help.
signs on walls telling people to be quiet!
Some of the documentation on the web page is difficult to find. eg. email server addresses
The burning of CDs tutorial was unsuccessful, since a change in the system does not enable people to copy CDs due to limited disk space
The following services I have not used simply because I was not aware of them and also dont know how to use them. how to print in colour, how to scan, how
to write cd/dvd and view them and which IT workrooms have them. Could you possibly provide instructions/manual and if they already exist, could you post
on wall as to where they are, how to access to them?
The help and support could be better documented.
There are documents that tell u this stuff?!?! where?
There seems to be a lot of software installed that I have no idea how to use or even what to use it for. It would be nice to have better understanding of what
is available to me eg. music storage etc. Also how to make programmes eg. Statistica and EndNote (once installed) appear as an icon on the desktop?
\"Drag n drop\" doesn\'t appear to work
Trouble and shooting for some common problems that might occur to the computer in uni
Using the scanners
What do you mean by documentation?
Where can you find all the above how to\'s!
Where to find help. Trying to find specific help on the ITS webpage is like navigating a maze.
Whether it\'s possible or not to access the same sort of information that I find on the uni computers on my home computers or lap tops eg web ct, lecture/lab
notes, student email, etc

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How can the situation be improved?
At night, around the buildings - don\'t know if improved lighting would help. Generally pretty scary all over campus when there\'s no one around.
By having the security guards roaming the area, or doing more rounds frequently especially at night. It will be nice if we could have the service of calling the
security guard to accompany us to the car, especially late at night.
Cameras in the hallway
car parking at night is too far away. For example 2 weeks ago some drunk people outside the foundry tried to hop in my car. I hate having to walk so far to the
car at night. Perhaps if you enter the loft after 10pm, you could get a car park closer.
First of all. I have a few encounters with \"PC STEALERS\" While I\'m away from my pc and left it unattended, some people would come and log me out, left
all of my work in unsaved. Then login with their accounts. A login name and password verification after the screensaver would certainly improve the situation.
There also have been a couple times when my personal belongings in my bags are stolen, when I\'m away from my pc. A safe place for students to put their
belongs/bags would helpful, just like the UC bookshop.
health standards
I find the toilets outside the loft are very isolated at night. Perhaps security cameras or patrols would be possible
I find walking to and from my car when using the loft is quite scary at night and quite dangerous. I don\'t think there\'s really anything that can be done apart
from having a car park put closer - but this most likely cannot be done.
I\'m not sure that it can, it\'s just that being on campus at night (when leaving the loft) can make me a little nervouse.
It seems to easy for intoxicated individuals to enter the loft and make a nuisance of themselves and and in some circumstances vandalise university property.
Security seems to arrive after these people enter the building (usually in the afterhours period)and after they cause disturbances.
maybe more visible security staff It can be intimidating to have to walk round uni at 3am after using the loft and you never see any security, or if theres only a
couple of ppl in the loft
Maybe, security needs to be more present. Should be allowed to park our cars closer after hours, for a female walking to a car alone at night is not so good
More cameras/greater security presence
more lighting around cave and crypt in the darker months, in the cave you have to leave onto creyke rd and walk around, at night this isnot safe as it is dark
and longer way to go instead of through the engineering block.
More lighting around the university at night, I\'ve also never seen security people driving or walking around at night which would help the safety issue
more lights underneath the library and around
more lights, mayb security walking people to cars after hour because the car parks are so far away and its really dark with not many lights around campus.
brighter security lights would also come in handy.
More university security guards patrolling
no idea
no idea
No log in sequence for every time one goes online!!!!
put each computer further away from each other
security cameras and extra personnel patrolling the area
security services keping an eye out
Security should come past the workrooms say every hour when it is late, eg at 9,10,11, or maybe just 9 and 11and escort people to where they need to go on
campus.just a thought!
security should have a more regulate checks on intoxicated people enter the loft using others card
Security walking people to Ilam/Clyde roads
Supervisors (whether in personal or electronic form) or swipe card access.
The building can be rebuilt/restructured so that in case of an earthquake it would be guaranteed to stay up.
The psyc buildings have card access 24hrs a day, but it would be really cool to have posted notices and maybe a telephone so that you could ask security to
escort you to your car if you are working late. The route from the Psyc building to the Arts car park is a little dodgy at night.
the supervisors should be more visible

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If yes, do you run out of disk space on: [Other]

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Internet Browser: What web browser on campus do you use the most? [Other]
don't care
don't know
dont know
fire fox is my prefered browser
FireFox for Linux
FireFox for Linux
firefox on linux (suse 9.3)
firefox on linux (suse 9.3)
I think?
I use slimbrowser when using my laptop cause i can open several pages at once
macs are confusing
Mozilla for Linux
Mozilla on Linux
Navigator (though it takes too long to load in the Glade)
Netscape for PC
Netscape on eng computers
not sure what I use to be honest
Safari (Mac OS X)
Safari on the Mac
Safari, Netscape
scrap IE , its a pig
would like to use OPERA

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Mail System: What program do you use to check your mail ON campus? [Other]
Apple Mail on the Mac
don't care
gmail -I have my mail redirected
hotmail also
hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail
international(hotmail etc)
Internet Explorer -- Paradise Email
Kontact (KMail)
Kontact (Kmail)
Mail (Mac OS X)
microsoft outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
MS Outlook
netscape glade
Netscape mail
Netscape mail
Netscape navigator
Netscape on eng computers
Office Outlook, which is terrible
OS X Mail
Outlook Express
very good system
web based, various
webmail on Firefox (

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Mail System: What email program do you use to check your mail OFF campus? [Other]
actrix, not a uni address though
Apple Mail
Apple Mail
Apple Mail on the Mac
Entourage 2004 for mac
entourage for mac
Evolution (Novell)
explorer for mac
Gmail, Hotmail
gmail, yahoo

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Hotmail in browser
hotmail, gmail
hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail
hotmail, so internet explorer
hotmail, xtra
hotmail, yahoo
hotmail, yahoo and gmail
I didn't know that I could
icqmail, hotmail
ie for mac
Incredimail & Hotmail
international(hotmail etc)
internet, hotmail
kiwi online
mac mail
Mac Mail
mac mail
Mail (Mac OS X)
Mail (Mac)
mail mac through internet explorer
Microsoft Office
microsoft outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
microsoft outlook express
Microsoft Outlook with imap protocol
MS Outlook
MS Outlook
MS outlook
MS outlook
MS Outlook
MS Outlook
MS outlook express
MS-Outlook through Uni's stmp
office outlook
office outlook
OS X Mail
Oulook express via POP3
out look

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outlook 2003
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2003 (at home)
Outlook as well
Outlook express
Outlook Express
Outlook Express
Outlook express
Outlook Express
Outlook Express
Outlook express
outlook express
outlook express
outlook express
outlook express
Outlook express
Outlook Express
Outlook express
Outlook Express
outlook express
Outlook express
Outlook Express
Outlook express
Outlook Express
Outlook Express
Outlook Express
Outlook Express
Outlook Express
Outlook Express
Outlook Express
outlook express
outlook express
outlook express
Outlook Express
Outlook Express
Outlook express (for clear account)
outlook express (IMAP)
Outlook express (is embarressed)
Outlook Express (unfortunately)
Outlook Express 6
web based, various
web mail suck. the user interface is crap
webmail for uni stuff.
yahoo mail
yahoo! mail
yahoo, hotmail

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What can we do to improve our services?
(If possible): Provide more areas where work on computers can be done accompanied by a space next to it where study can be done also; this way if there is
the need to consult the computers while studying, it will be much easier and can be done simultaneously. There is less bother this way. This would also be
beneficial to group projects/assignments also where the group can thereby consult each other using the computer and table/desk to do their work
1. Have more mice with scrolls. This affects my choice of computer and often even my mood. 2. Less Macs as they are always sitting empty when there are
queues for PCs in the loft. 3. It would be nice if there were sanitary wipes available to disinfect the keyboard and mouse, but I suppose people who are that
anal about hygiene should carry their own. 4. Finally, it would be great if the uni e-mail system had better features, like those found in outlook. I can't work out
how to get read-receipts for e-mails - I'm sure Webmail used to have something like this last year. Anyway, I might just not be looking properly.
24 hour access mainly, plus access to ITS work rooms after hours by engineering students too!!
24 hour access, if not possible,then at least during exam time
24 hours computer access in ALL workroom, Less crashes of the system - WAN and LAN, more disk space, server spaces for those who want to publish
website (many universities offer this..50-200Mb)
24hour study area would be helpful
a bit more infomation on how computers work
a coin operated coffee machine outside the loft for the late night study efforts, and seriously relax the anal rule of no coffee in the loft, we're not preschoolers,
we can drink cofee out of a lidded cup without making the computers short circut!
A couple more computers on the upper floors of the library would be very helpful especially around exam/study times.
A drinking fountain on level 5 would be great. As after hours you cant access fountains on other floors and the toilet hand basins are pretty filthy by that time
of day. Also its always to warm in the loft, it puts me to sleep.
A few more computers would'nt hurt, especially internet capable ones. Also the noise in the loft particularly should be monitored with offenders being told to
leave. it's not fair when you're trying to work and people come to the loft for a chat. I'm not being racist but i find also that asian students often don't
understand that talking at a normal level isn't permitted in the loft. So maybe clearer signs or a regular check by supervisors would prevent this
a longer and more room access for vaulf after hour. a clearer sign or light to let people know that the helpdesk in crypt and loft, sometimes i don't see any
people when it is time. start to change monitors in campus, these old one really hearts my eyes a lot even just look at it for a minuate.
a room which is silent, and a room in which people can communicate. Its very frustrating when people come in and chat.
A smile won't hurt!!!
able to put money on canterbury card without going to the machine. ie. use your credit card as a payment option
Access to ethernet ports for laptops in a dedicated room for such (one of the bigger library study rooms for example), then you can enact additional security
at a set location and don't have to worry about affecting other systems.
Account management: - should not lock out your complete account without first sending a warning email. - should not allow you to print when you have zero
balance, i.e. balance should update instantly. - adding money should be faster
-account top up machines should be located near the computer rooms (more logical) -access to the roooms should be 24 hours -more disk space, for both
mail and p: drive -can't think of anything else at the moment
activate LAN-ports for laptops. get another spam-filter since the one you got doesn't work. even if i turn it off it scans my mail and wont let me recieve
everything. get new web-based email system
add desks with no computers and put in a photocopier
Add more machines to put money onto student cards
add more PCs in the loft, more 24 hours access, add chinese to language bar at vault thank you very much
add more pc's, preferably not apple macs.
add more RAMs to any computers that current has less than 256MBs, especially the older Macs.
Add some more computers to group study rooms in the library
Adding money to card - doesn't show up for hours. There needs to be signs in chinese explaining that it is a study area not a gossiping area. The room is
always bloody freezing.
Additional computers, ports for laptops, machines with more hardrive space and processing speed
Adjust the heating level,it is often too hot and stuffy in the computer workrooms and the windows/doors don't open. Staffing promblem-there is nobody around
when you need help. There is also a shortage of computers.
Allocate certain computer rooms for group discussions and others for quiet study. That way, we won't get annoyed with people talking when we are doing our
Allow access to lecture videos from home please!
allow everything that can be accessed within the uni to be accessed from home or other outside PC's eg videoed lectures
allow laptop users to access the network without the wirless connection(lake of connection slots).
Allow non-engineering student to use the cave facilities. It is blatantly unfair to not be able to. Why do law/arts/commerce students get stuck in the loft after
11pm when engineering students get such great computer workspaces. Especially since they are beiing cross-subsidized anyway.
allow people to alter the screen dimensions on the CRT monitors
Allow transactions to be view on IT account and allocate more memory to students.
Allowing people to change refresh rates on monitors would be very welcome. Some ability or documentation on how to forwards university mail to another
inbox would be helpful, I find it difficult to remember to check my university mail often.
Although difficult, mice and keyboards would be nicer to use (hence workrooms) if they could be cleaned ((more) often).
although my overall opinion of the ITS workrooms is excellent, like many other students I find it extremely anoying when other people are talking around me
especially at a stressful time of year. I have only reported people once and it was dealt with well although it didn't help me at the time when I was trying to
finish an extremely important assignment. Is there anyway to overcome this problem? I know there is signage around the loft but unfortunately it would
appear that people take no notice of the requests to keep the noise down. Asking people to quieten down could be somewhat dangerous especially being a
AMD64 for labs
Around study times there is always a massive queue in the loft maybe make the training room more accesible and known to use for students when no classes
As a first year it is all new to me and a big learning curve. Im happy with the facilities but do find noise distracting and have told people off myself.
As a first year student,i am quite confusing about how to use the computer at Uni at the beginning.I hope there will be more help around me which is easy to
As I have dont have a vast knowledge of computers I find I dont know what I dont know until I need to do or access something. I learn best on a need to know
basis so having someone around to trouble shoot would be very helpful.
As I try to avoid using windows on pcs as much as humanly possible, I often use the macs scattered around campus. Unfortunately, there is a TON of
software that I'll never use loaded on the macs (and windows machines as well really), which slows them down a bunch. Most of the time I just need to sit
down in front of a computer, check/write an email, print some notes or a document, or find something quickly on the web. It often takes me twice as long to
log into a computer than it does for me to accomplish my task. To have access to 'quick use' machines that have a minimum of software/functionality would
be a great benefit to me. And perhaps if there were 5min limits on logins on them they would tend to be open most of the time for these quick tasks as well.
at this rate, i think it will sustain its practicality. we just need better student ethics sometimes and be more open and understanding of others needs.
Availability of computers in engineering department there are seldomly computers free as we all actually study on a regular basis
Availibility of computers can be limitied at times. Expecially when alot of assignments are due.

                                                                 how improve services
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Basically, I think the equipment provided and access hours are brilliant - Screens with higher refresh rates would be great, but the number one issue for me is
noise - some people are considerate but they are a minority in the Loft. Beeping cellphones, people talking on their cellphones whilst seated at their
computer, people talking constantly. I could dictate to you right now word for word the conversation going on next to me.
Be more consistent - sometime service is exellent sometimes its not The questionnarire needs a sometimes box, sometimes the software clashes,
sometimes the workrooms are noisy etc
Beautiful and naked dancing women, 24/7.
Because most of ours assignment are due on monday, please prevent making noise and check ID at loft on every Weekend.
Being able to change the desktop would be useful also being able to create a quick launch bar. More disk space on the P drive, user profile.
Better commumnication in terms of what services u offer/where ppl can access this info.
better computers faster internet speed needed.
better help desk
better instructions and easier programme to use with scanner in loft. More scanners
better network abilities
better printer in the postgrad computer room in Floor 4 in the law dept
Better reliability. Generally, it's good, but on occasion I can't check my mail.
better to provid more computers, sometimes hard to find.
better ventillation- in the rooms in the basement of the MSCS building, the computer rooms often reek of, well, people.
Bigger hardrive or whatever the technical terms are - just before a big assignment is due for maths the computers were overloaded and were working
incredibly slow. more space would be good in these situations (they've cut down the amount of remote access). thanks
buy more new computers
By providing more printers would be good due to major queues on last minute rush when an assignment is due.
By putting a printer in the parents room
can not think of anything right now
Can the computers go any faster? Sometimes they're quite slow! : )
can you afford to? Its pretty good. Long live broadband internet.
Can you keep the computer to run more faster? Thank you
Change the chairs in workroom. change the all flat monitors to LCDs
cheaper internet fee!!!
Cheaper surfing!!!
check computer equipment, some of the mouses'on computers are hard to move, and some keyboards the buttons are hard to push down
clean computers
Clean the computer equipment! The key boards are always really dirty.
Colour printers in workrooms, stop game players/movie watchers in order to free up more computers, improve webmail so that all messages can be read in
the same format. Otherwise very good
Compared to the last uni I was at IT sevices here are shit. Lucky I've got a laptop and connection at home (even though its slow) or I would be really unhappy.
Currenlty this uni provides NO services for laptop users other than the unreliable and expensive wireless network (that has poor coverage). This needs to
change, maybe if you provided decent servide for laptop users more people would get them or use them (most of my friends have laptops but dont even
bother bringing them to uni due to lack of space, power points and network access and expense) thus relieving pressure on the overloaded, crowded and
outdated workrooms. Why is the network so slow?
computers around campus like a couple outside lecture theatres to check emails etc. (like they have at Vic Uni)
computers availaible for longer with usb ports on the front
computers in Cave are rather slow, not sure how this could be improved but would be helpful :)
continue doing the good work. :)
Could you provide a machine that you can add money to your Canterbury Card which accepts coins, in the Loft please, not everyone has notes to put into the
machines all the time. Is there a possibility of having a system which updates your printing/internet balance as soon as you put money on your card, having
to wait about an hour later to access your card is a little inconvenient.
Crypt 2 - has a water leak when it rains that makes the room smell putrid. Carpet is rotting and I have lost weight from not being able to eat all day after going
on those computers! not happy, not hungry
definitely hole punches. Most have staplers but not hole puches. USB ports. more cdrw capable computers. bigger screens outside eng. we have 17's but the
rest of uni's 14's are horrible to work on.
Disk space Group work computer rooms
Do more to eliminate noise. Most people in the Loft take no notice of the silent study area signs and talk without whispering, have the volume of their phones
on etc. This is the most frustrating thing for me about working in the Loft.
Do something with those Macs in the loft.There are people lined up, waiting for computers but no one wants to touch the macs. They just take up space. Oh,
and clearly defined cleaning times, im still confused about that.
Do surveys like these to find out what the users want.
Dont get people out of loft between 9:30 - 10pm, security checks could be easily done with a simple lock door policy, check i.d's, then leave us to do work, its
just a niggle when you get into working and u have to bum around in library or outside for half an hour then you might lose your computer on the way back up
don't know
Don't know Thats your job
drinking fountain in the loft area
DUPLEX printers should be the default printer as we all use way too much paper and the world is running out of trees! It is also a mjor pain in the butt being
kicked out of the loft for half an hour at night - you loose your train of thought you have to pack up all your books and notes which is a mega hassel, and most
of all it is a big waste of precious study time. Plus it is way too noisy in there after 10, and people just don't get it that some people just want to work in peace!
Duplex printing should be cheaper even though same ink/toner is used, less paper is used .. duplex printing should be encouraged to help reduce waste
e-mail forwarding could be improved by leaving a copy (or having an option to) of the message on the local mail server as well as forwarding on to an external
server and should be customisable from web-mail options.
Ensure that there are enough computers for the anticipated increase in number of engineering students for next year, and that they are capable of running
the appropriate software. Ensure (not just 'encourage') more consistent use of WebCT. This is a great resource when used well. But it can be confussing
when some lecturers use it and others don't. Also I think there are too many options. Too many places to put things. There should be fewer ways of
organising documents and files so it is more consistent. There should also be an option for email notification of new material so students know via email when
something has changed or been added.
ergonomic workstations' more work stations
ethernet ports for laptops

                                                                  how improve services
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Every time Ive needed help in the loft (9-5) there is never anyone in the office there. if they're helping someone, a sign saying that they'll be back shortly
would be helpful. Or even a closed sign, rather than just a locked door.
Everything good from me perspective! Good work.
Everything is great, but the computers in the Cave are particularly slow.
Everything is pretty good
Everything is pretty good, Probably just increase the amount of computer work stations available. Especially in the Library, and the Crypt.
Excellent as far as concern !
Explain things a little better so that instead of having to rely on a staff member, students can work things out for themselves. This would be more time
extend hours for crypt
extend the opening hours
Extend the wireless range more farther, at least, five kilometres.
Extend workhour for workrooms at night
Extending the hours at which the IT people are available to help in the loft, and also if they could be there at the times specified on the door would be a great
faster computer
faster log on and log off times, even if it means reduced personalisation.
Faster logging on especially on macs and the whole blurry screen problem.
Faster login time on the macs
faster servers or move away from terminal server setup. Two previous universities I studied at didn't have terminal servers, as a result the computers were
faster. Particularly during programming labs.
Faster servers or move away from the terminal server setup. Both universities I previously studied at didn't use terminal servers and as a result the
computers ran a lot faster, particularly with programming classes where students do silly thinks like setting up infinite loops. This makes teaching
programming classes frustrating at times (and I magine more so for the students).
faster speed
find our needs
find some way of enforcing silence! People dont shut up!
Fine. PHAROS is a little weird - why do you have to do it like that? Library finding books and articles etc. is EXTREMELY confusing. System is not good for
locating study material. Even after tutorials on it i'm still confused. Never bother to try finding stuff in the library too confusing.
First off all you have to do something about the printers. They are always jamming, runnig out of paper or taking forever for them to start printing- even after
warming up process. We also need more computers (windows based) at this uni. At lunch timeits hard to find one in the vault, loft, or crypt. And we dont have
time to mess around waiting for one. I've been here 4 years and nothing has been done, so I'm not expecting any changes. If you dont use the info provided
in the surveys to make changes then whats the put of getting us to fill them out?
Fix broken down computers quicker (I'm looking at one thats been out of order for almost a whole week now).
flat screens!
follow the above comments
free internet
Free internet !
free internet access in campus!!
Free internet! I come from France where it is free to access any website. My overseas friends tell me it is the same in the US ad elsewhere so I really don't
understand how it cots so much to UC student using the internet
free internet. in the university of otago,acessin internet is free. why not in here? why not only to international sutdent? we pay so much money, and paying
another additional fee for internet use. that is not good.
Get a faster server,please.
get a few more computers
Get more computers
get more computers
Get more pcs (not macs)
get people to shut the F%$k up in the workrooms!!!
get really tought with people whom dont turn their cell phones off, also there seems to be a lot of 'groups' congregating in computer rooms and that bothers
my study a lot.
get rid of all the macs, not only do i HATE them, but no-one else seems to like them either. and abolish webmail, provide option of having ur private e-mail
given to lectureres, so you actually get the messages rather thna discovring a month later that your class did indeed move and you weren't just losing it.
Get rid of all the PCs and Microsoft products.
Get rid of mac computers or supply training or infomation on use of mac computers
Get rid of most of the macs in the Loft. They are the last computers to be used while people queue up and wait for pcs. There is the whole maclab which is
never fill so people can go there for macs. They are a waste of space and resources in the Loft as they just aren't used enough. Replace them with pcs.
Get rid of the macs and bring in more PCs! no one uses them
Get rid of the slow macs which noone uses and put in some real computers, and make adding money to your account instantaneous.
get rid of the vending machines outside the computer rooms- very bad for health and concentration
get rid opf the macs and put in more pcs. nobody likes them too confusing
get some more updated computers in
get unix
Get webmail to read HTML coding so emails dont look like jibberish if sent in that format.
getting our feedback! good job
Give some guidelines of how to use the printer in the printer center& how to type other languages on the workrooms'computer. Otherwise we always need to
look for someone who knows how to do these which is really inconvenient!
good enough
good job, carry on the trend
Group study areas with computers would be very useful. But other than that nothing.
hand out chocolate fish :) just kidding.
hardware upgrade
Have 24 hour access to library study areas. IT is good no complaints. Though in loft would be nice to have 20 min break without having to worry about
computer being logged off.
have a talking / noise area and a non-talking/ no noise area in loft workroom, as although there are signs stating there is to be no talking, most people tend to
ignore them!, making it very hard for others to work on assignments in the loft.

                                                                how improve services
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Have actual real people to help if you have a problem. It's hopeless trying to email the IT department and wait for an answer to your problem the next
dayespecially when you have an assignment due the next day.
Have computer work areas for group work so people can talk when getting group presentations ready without disturbing other students working independantly.
Have help available for more hours of the day, whether this be in person or via email, and also have someone patrolling the loft (in particular) at night for
noise. It is such a pain having to leave at ten at well, if there is any way around that it would be greatly appreciated!
Have help visible and available when I run into difficulties Have more computers available for use
have more comps in the it work rooms
have more computers
Have more computers available, especially during the last weeks of term.
have more computers aviailable in the loft areas if possible.
Have more computers in the den and lev2 of libary. Myabe with some of them there to specifically check email, so they could have 10min automatic logouts
or something. Its annoying when all you need to do is check you email, but either have to wait 10mins or go up to the loft with the posibilitly of waitng another
have more computers in the loft so that you dont have to wait so long for a computer
have more disk space on the P drive. Sometimes we need to save graphics, and it irritates me when i don't have enough space. Also, it would be helpful to
have a reminder when our printing account is under $2 or so, so that we don't get stuck with a \"NO MONEY IN PRINTING ACCOUNT\" when we really need
to print. I know for a fact that it takes ages for the printing account to get updated once the money has been topped up, so a reminder will avoid this scenario.
have more exclusive computers available to variouse departments. eg have more computers avaliable for commerce students that other students cannot use
similar tothe stats labs.possibly create AN exclusive library and IT facility for commerce similar to the LAW and ENGINEEERING departments, as commerce
is a large study group and would take pressure off the central library facilities which are run down from overuse. up grade the computers regularly and
specifically repair damaged seating adjustment handles. and replace old key boards. and if possible find more quieter computers. repair damaged cd drives
Have more money load stations - one in each workroom so you don't have to go all the way to the libraries.
Have more psyc computer rooms that aren't interrupted by labs.
Have more screens on campus that say where free computers are. Have more PCs in the loft so you do not have to wait.
Have more work rooms. There is a shortage of computers during peak times and it is really frustrating
Have more workstations with computers for group work, or for groups that need to use (a) computer/s at one time. Possibly more computers in the loft- there
is always a queue at any given time during the working day
have one place with computers where people can't talk at all!!! its so off putting while trying to do assignments and haing people talking not whispering but
talking away like they are outside! all the other floors are quiet - why cant the loft be? Also maybe a printer on the 6th floor, i use those computers alot and i
still dont know where the print out goes too? the black hole?? where's that! they need a printer up there.
have people who tell people to be quiet in the workrooms when they are being noisy-especially in vault - it just gets ridiculous!
have places to plug in power for the laptop but have desks with them as well. make the apple computers easier to understnd, they are quite slow. but overall
computers are pretty good.
Have reload stations accessible 24 hours so you don't have to wait for the library to open i.e in the Maclab
Have some copmputer workrooms where talking is ok, and some where it is not. Have some Linux machines for non-cosc students.
Have some nice places in order for laptops to be allowed access onto the university servers.
Have study rooms with one computer in it for group assigenments so groups of people will not be talking in the computer rooms
Have the printing cheaper
Have top up machines to add money to student accounts in the vault! Its a real hassle having to go to the library to put money on your account when you
want to use the computers in the vault.
haven't found any page describing how to setup mozilla thunderbird for uni-account via pop3&dial-in.(still have problems with sending emails) Is there any
forum/newsgroup for similar problems on the UC webpage? If not, a forum with moderator could be an improvement to your services.
Having a \"Adding Money\" station in the Vaults area and the Crypt workroom would be useful
health food vending machines
hook up the flash monitors like the ones in the central library workroom in the loft. 24hr access to all it workrooms and provide desks without computers also
with 24hr access. other than that everythings sweet in my books. cheer
How about setting up the default on printers to the handout mode instead of the slides format. I have spent so much money clicking the quick print button only
to hav 50 or 60 pages spat out at me
How do you access sent messages through firefox all i can get is inbox
I am confused when my disk space is full on P Drive as to what all the other folders are. There is one for Mac which takes up a lot of space and I am not sure
whether I should delete this as my disk space fills up. I have a work folder in my P Drive but there are a lot of other ones which take up a lot of space.
I am generally happy with all computer services at canterbury. I have not encountered many major problems which I have not been able to sort out easily.
I believe the systems are pretty good this year the only trouble I have is the availibility of computers there never seem to be enough now, especially as the
university population gets bigger.
I cant find instructions on how to use the scanner! 24 hour access to crypt
I did not even know colour printin was possible in all workrooms. This could be made more obvious. I i find something confusing in one workroom, i will find it
confusing everywhere. They are all the same.
I dont know how this could be improved but, people sitting here eating, and talking loudly when others are trying to do their work its incredibly rude and
distracting, perhaps more signs up stating that this is a no eating zone and also a quite one. Cheers!
I enjoy working in the Crypt but the Cave is more conveniantly located for me, but the Cavee is not a nice working environment so I prefer to use the
Electrical Engineering computer labs
I find the loft terribly noisy and stuffy place to work sometimes
I found sometimes students who work together are the source of noise. They start discussing and make noise. Some times they have no idea it's bothering
somebody else. Though it's clearly posted on the wall that Labs are quite zone people overlook this quite often. I would like to see a quite environment all the
time. Please do your best to motivate people to keep a quite environment in the lab.
I get messages sent via group email that get spammed. I have been recieving correspondance from this source for 3 months, 6-7 times a week and I have to
reply to retrieve them. Is there facility to trust the source and not spam it?
I have difficulty getting on a computer in the law library - there are often long queues for computers.
i have found the computers at other universities much faster to log on to, but am not sure if its possible to do anything about that
I have no expectations for you to improve much, i am fine with the services for me
I hope there are more earphone port in the front of the computer
I require more space to save my assignments/essays in on my hard drive as I am forever being told I don't have enough space to save.
I think having 24 hour study space is a good idea - without computers
I think it is ridiculous that it takes 40 minutes to update credit on your account. I don't have a lot of money to put on my card, and I'm constantly running out. It
is highly frustrating logging in just to print something out and finding your account is overdrawn and you have to wait 40 minutes.
i think it's well done overall but it'd be great if the work space in the computer workrooms in the maths building is increased.

                                                                 how improve services
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I think the IT services are really good already.Cleaning the keyboard keys more often would be appreciated. Maybe have a work space where people can chat
would be good, I find them really distracting but in some cases it is probably important for them to talk about course work.
I think the web-mail system is not quite good comparing to the free mail system (e.g. yahoo, hotmailetc) and it would be great to have quick time player
installed, USB supported on all the pcs. regards
I think they are really good services provided for us students. Keep it up!
I usually go to the vault to use computer, sometimes i need help, but there is noone in that area to help me with the problem.
I will be appreciate if you provide vedios for more courses and offer them to students even off campus.
I would like seminar or study rooms to be set up, where students can work on group projects together and discuss. It is not possible to do this as the
computer labs are meant to be quite areas.
I would like to see better coverage and cheaper access for wireless networks.
i would like you provid more desks without computers and can be accessed 24hrs
I would really like the ability to change the display resolution. I really hate being stuck on 800x600 on a 17\" monitor. Oh, and can Firefox please be the default
I would suggest that you reduce the number of macs, especially in the loft, as most of the time very few of these are used, and replace these with pcs. Also
more computers on campus would be good to cut down time needed to look for/wait for free computers. Thanks!
I'd like to be able to pay library fines online
I'd like to now how I can use thunderbird to access my student emails from home.
I'd like to receive your answer.(I sent a e-mail to help desk about updating flash player)
If it could be easier to get instant help from any computer workroom, it would be great!
if possible make it faster to log onto computers
If there are \'rules\' about eating in the computer labs, then these need to be policed. I have raised this once due to blantent abuse and spoken to students. It
is seen by some students that you eat and use the computer at the same time. The duty person in the loft neede to get out more and walk arounds as
regards eating at computers, the use of laptops in the computer rooms and advise students that are studying at a computer station while the moniter screens
are doing contusions about logging off, when other students are waiting for a computer, to move on. What breaks the camels back for me, is that not only are
some students eating while using the computers but that they leave wrappers, food crumps and empty drink bottles on the benches when they leave. Some
manage to do all of the above and field calls on their cellphones. Most students are good and leave the room to talk on the phone, no problem, others are too
tired to move and it is more than I would care to know about their lives having to listen to a one sided phone conversation. The bigger eating problem seems
to be in the computer labs other than the loft. This is when I say something.
if we can have longer time for using computer during the night time will be great, cos sometimes system automaticly shut down, have not have enough time
to save my work, also need to waiting half an hour to re-enter.
If you could print out the lecture slides outside the university. Im sick of having to go to the vault to print out all my lecture slides
if you forget your canterbury card, would it be possible to just look my name up on the computer.
If you had the help people more bvious in computer rooms lyk wearing a tshirt that says it help or sumthing, coz i have not seen one once and im n the loft n
e where btween 2-30 hrs per wek also how do u sign off mac computers they r s confusing i think ther should b one more computer room in the loft for
groups, and some desks wif no computers for studying ps the buzzzing that the omputers make are really annoying, the atmosphere is quite unrelating and
computers make you go blah
I'm an international student and back home, the university's computer services are not as good as here. So I'm very much satisfied with the way things are
going in the IT workrooms.
Im happy to say you provide a service unmatched by anyone anywhere Ive been!.
I'm not a fan of the turnaround time when students are kicked out of ther Loft when the Library shuts down, and have to wait 20-30mins to get back into the
Loft. I'm not sure what can be done about this though.
I'm not sure.
I'm pretty happy with everything.
I'm unable to access the wireless network from my PDA, and, as your docs say you're blocking things like POP access to email, I'm not sure it's actually
useful anyway. I've been to the helpdesk who were unable to support anything other than Win XPSP2. Well, my PDA doesn't/can't run Win XP SP2. I'd like
to see a little more support, than the bog standard \"we don't support that\" answer to my questions so far. I realise that there's a cost to doing this, but feel
you could reach a better balance for your power users. I don't need a lot of support from you to get a heck of a lot more out of the facilities, but could
occasionally use 5-10 minutes. If someone would like to contact me about getting the wireless on my Ipaq working, I'd be keen to talk. Cheers, Don.
-implement our suggestions - computer chairs uncomfortable i.e. low backs that don\'t sit upright, so tend to slouch back
Improve advertising of the computer workrooms: Some people have been at uni all year and didn\'t even know some of these places existed. Also, some
people tend not to know that thunderbird is faster than logging onto webmail at uni computers, and just tend to waste their time.
Improve the accessibility for home users conenct to University\'s network.
improve the computer Also keep the computer keyboard clean. :)
Improve the computer speed.
improve the quality of the computer hardwares,update them regularly
Improve Video Quality, especially for Econ105 Get DUPLEX PRINTING into the Physical Science Library please.
improve webmail..
In Lincoln University,students don\'t pay for Internet,but here it costs me too much!!
In past years when I haven\'t had access to a postgrad comp room finding a computer could be a problem at peak times. Printing in the loft was sometimes
difficult as I was never sure of what printer it was supposed to be coming out of. 24 hour access to study areas would be great, i\'m aware that engineers
have this priviledge and I think it would be valuable for all undergrads. Probably the biggest thing I noticed was the difficulty in doing group assignments at
uni. Often we would have to source a lap top and book a study room or alternatively go to someones flat. As far as I am aware there is no rooms for group
assignments at UC? There should be alot of these rooms in my opinion, catering for groups from two people in size up to five-six.
in the after hours,especially at weekend, sometime a bunch of intoxicated people entered the loft and makes horrible nosieand some people play games while
u need a computer
in the library especially and some other areas, make better ways of cooling the rooms
include more cd writers
Include more computers as certain hours people can be seen queueing up for comps.
Increase availability of computers
Increase computers so there are not many ques. Especially in the engineering department
increase hours for tech help - such as fixing paper jams etc in printers - and make it easier/more obvious as to how to get help.
increase library hours
Increase mailbox limits, 50mB is hopeless. Increase J:\\ in electrical engineering. 180mb is no where near enough.
Increase more workrooms areas in the uni in 24 hours Access.
increase P drive space

                                                                 how improve services
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increase the supervision hours in the loft - often when i need help during normal uni hours (9-5) there is no one there. Improve or replace the macs in the loft -
 no one uses them, even when there are no pcs available people would rather wait than use a mac. they are so alow i don\'t blame them. the work spaces
could be better occupied by pcs.
Install more computers, get more help up at the loft and have computers available for 24 hrs
install more lighting to make it brighter for students to study
Instructions on the walls in the different rooms in case we get stuck and theres no superviser around EG in the Commerce building
Internet banking for IT account top-up. Vaults can be cold when sitting under the air-con in winter!
Introduce a Flat rate!!!
Invest in some faster hardware.
Is it possible to access the class folders (K drive) off campus like we can now do with \'my documents\'?
It can get rather stuffy in the math deparment computer labs. Better ventilation.
it is only access to a computer at the ends of terms when most people have large assingments that are due. At this time there should be no people in the
computer rooms that are playing games and only people researching or typing projects.
it might be costly for international students as the printing fees is too much. should be at a much cheaper rate.
It seems pretty good to me
It seems that the ITS improves its facilities on a regular basis. I have been here for 3 years and have seen regular changes made over this time resulting in
better services, there is not much else except keep up the good work.
IT staff should be more helpful to students.
It will be great, if the \"lag period\" around noon can be solved. Since lunch time is the easiest break for checking emails.
it would be better if we have more Computers in workshops
It would be good if everyone did not have to leave the loft and come back up when the library closes. I understand the reason for doing this, but if some other
system could be thought up, then that would be good.
It would be great if you could offer the network outlets to plug into around campus. I\'ve noticed there are quite a few around, but not many are live
It would be made a lot easier if there was an area that you could hook up your laptop to the network without it affecting the computers
It would be really good to get PC\'s that can take memory sticks in the loft as I use this often and I have to go to the crypt to print out my work because the
computers in the library den and outside are usually taken with other people.
it\'ll be excellent if we can visit the outer web for free,haha
It\'s a hassle to walk to the library when I\'m working in the vaults to add money, so it would be great it you could add a money adding machine in the vaults
areas. Also, I found it really annoying that when I run JADE (for AFIS213), it runs on MY directory space. So, when the program is big, I have to delete MY
stuff from P drive. I mean, it\'s academic stuff, so I think it should be run using the space that\'s not student\'s space because we actually pay for the course!
It\'s annoying waiting in line for computers, so i guess more workrooms would be good - or perhaps i should just be more organised and come in earlier!!!
It\'s pretty good already!
It\'s really important to be able to load money onto my card 24/7, if one of the eftpos canterbury card machines were moved up to the loft it would be very very
its all good ^^
Its all pretty good really. No major concerns.
its ok
Its pretty good. Its only a problem when I want to burn on to cd as my computer gets too full. Supervisors have been helpful the times I have call on them :)
I've been having trouble sending messages from home lately. In the past it has worked fine. I receive messages fine. I use thunderbird at home.
just furthur help create a quiet environment.
Just have more visible people in the loft to help out because in the past when I have had problems I can\'t find any staff to help me.
Just keep on the effort. Probabily update some of the computers around the campus as sometimes they can be irritating. But other than that, i am satisfied
with your services. Thanx!
Just the speed the computers load at
Just what u r doing :)
Keep control of noisy students, esp in workrooms, level 0 of maths building.
Keep doing what you do do well, well!
Keep doing what you\'re doing.
Keep it up. No need for improvement
keep on improving the software and hardware in computer..
keep people aware of the areas of service that can be provided
Keep software as updated as possible. Possibly make the computers on each floor all capable of internet etc not just library catologues.
Keep the Crypt open 24 hours
Keep those noisy people quiet, even during the day at time its a big gossip session for some groups of individuals, that said, perhaps you guys do enough as
it is!! Thanks
Keep up the good work and if possible, plss provide services to borrow headphones n earphones to those who dont have their own.
Keep up the good work.
keep up to date with PC hardware and software. Make sure that people have to wait for the shortest possible amount of time to get a PC
Laptop non-wireless network access
less apple computers!!!!! no one likes to use them, people wait till the others are free while the apples are not being used!
less cost on using internet
less Macs because noone uses them and there are never any PCs available
less macs. there are always free macs in the loft bu t cues for pcs
less talking allowed in computer rooms.
Less talking in the Loft at any time but especially after 10pm..It makes it incredibly hard to concentrate when people are there for social gatherings rather than
doing work :-/
Let cable internet connections be allowed for laptops.
Let us plug our laptops into the network in computer rooms without wireless. We NEED more power plugs available for laptops (batteries dont last forever)
let us use laptop in the lab people get use to working on their own computer and it\'s troublesome to transfer the file to the lab pc, and transfer back to laptop
to bring back home (even with portable drive!).
Line sis a problem at key tiimes, but is not really an issue if you are an organised person.
Loading money onto canterbury cards after hours is VERY difficult. There should be an eftpos machine in the loft as well as in the library foyer. also.. the
machine in the loft takes only notes (one or the other, i cant remember which) and considering that the national bank atm machine is the only one that spits
out $10 notes, and it isnt available after hours, there should be something that takes coins, as $20 is often too much for us to afford!
Loft is too busy when we all having finals. Why not open some other labs 24 hours, just for exam weeks!
loft should be open to 11 before we get kicked out and have to return. 10 is a pain. more study desks. need to be available till midnight
Longer access hour in Vault!

                                                                how improve services
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longer hours best 24 hours a day more computersnot enough sometims.need to wait for a long time:( can connec t internet by using my laptop
low noise areas, places to work in quiet and without a computer in front of you and definately need ethernet connection to the university network for laptops
lower costs
Maintain the printers in the crypt. It\'s smudging my bloody assignments.
make cash payable yo top up your computer card
Make flat-rate broadband/ethernet conections available to residence halls.
Make internet access cheaper. (I know it\'s unlikely but it would be nice) Provide Sophos antivirus for Windows Laptop users that want to connect to the
network. Make wireless access to university servers free (I am assuming it isn\'t, because on all the web pages it states that it isn\'t)
make it cheaper. Allow us to log on from home (remote connection). more wireless, more computers in ENG.
make it cheeeeaaaappppeeerr
make it clearer and easier to find where there is a spare computers during busy go up to the loft to find there is no spare computers.
information on how to use MACs
make it free? built into fees? (internet)
make it more obvious when we can use the library training room coz it\'s hard to tell when its being used or when its randoms using it
make it so KDrive can be accesed at home
make more mathermatics computer labs
Make people more aware that you guys are there to help
make sure I get a $20 credit for filling out this surveylol
make sure people don\'t smoke just outside the door of the MSCS building, as the smoke gets into the airconditioning system and I can smell it in the
make sure supervisors are visible in workrooms to stop people mucking around and talking and disturbing others.
make sure the internetnet speed stays at a stable and quick level.
Make sure the rooms are quiet and all computers have the same applications.
make the computer speed fast
Make the internet access free for foreign research assistant, to be able to use internet tools communication to do some research and to contact our family
and friends in Europe.
Make the mail system suck less. Make delivery faster and (beyond your control) stop stupid lecturers sending the same mail twice. Make attachment handling
better ie make it work. Thunderbird rocks. Netscape mail sucked. More p: space.
Make the SPAM filter stuff more user-friendly. Make places and office hours of where people can go for help more visible.
Make topping up of accounts easier. EFTPOS topup terminals available after hours. Meaningful details about account. i.e. where the money is going.
make your pages more pleasing to the eye. ie this questionare and the email ones. they seem un streamlined/unwelcoming to the eye/old
Making possible access of My Documents from home with Internet Explorer for Mac or other Mac browser that is OS9 compatible. (yes,it is a bit older now!)
manage quieter workrooms. some sort of easy to use complaint form to report noisy people who come to the workrooms to watch movies, play games .. or
socializing. THANK YOU
Many of the computers in the loft and library are quite old and are very slow
May be to have 24 hour access in other compueter areas. Some computer prorammes can only be accessed in certain computer rooms and not in others. If
not it would be nice if most computer programmes on campus can accessed in the Loft as this is not the current case. Even if the computer programme is
prensent with the computers in the Loft, it does not function as well as it should be.
May I suggest that the cleaner clean the computer room once or twice a week?? Especially the computer screen and the desks in the loft.The desks of loft
always looks dusty and dirty.
Maybe a higher ratio of PC to Macs. As you will find in the loft all PC\'s are taken up and there are usually many Macs unused. This could be because Macs
can be difficult to use for those unaquainted with them.
Maybe have some places where you can bring your own computer and use the internet somehow off your own computer
Maybe make print quality more consistent. I get heaps of pages with blurs on them etc and messy looking ink under my text
maybe more information leaflets etc to perform actions to do with the computers and how to access the web via wireless
maybe the use of cellphones to top up the uc card? or maybe some way to use the PSP on the wireless network?
maybe u could extend excess hour in the math building
maybe upgrade some of the computers
Merge with the ENG cad network
Monitor computer labs and ask people who are being to noisy to leave. Make more computers available to students.
Monitor excessive talking and noise (the Crypt is particularly bad). Also poor screen resolution and flickering lights in the computer rooms make for terrible
More \"aggressively\" control noise, especially in the Glade. It has an atmosphere more akin to the Foundry than a place to study.
More 17\" monitors. Larger Servers for MATLAB. More Computers in PSLibrary.
More access hours. More computers.
More access to the top-up money machine would be useful! Thanks!
more aggressive anti talking campaign. Especially people talking on phones. The odd conversation with a fellow student is fine, we all do it, it is the long loud
talking about what happened on the weekend that really gets me!!!
more areas, pref in the library, where we can connect to the network with a cord because some of us dont have wireless networking!
More away from uni accessibilty. K Drive would be useful to be able to access from home etc
More better comps.
more cleaning
More comptuers
More computer please!
More computer workrooms and study areas avialable and have heating available in those rooms.
More computer, larger storage space-especially when collecting data from instrument-it is annoying when you keep on running out of space
more computers
more computers
more computers
More Computers
more computers
More Computers
more computers
more computers- access is a big problem especially when you need to print urgently
more computers and more rooms for study
More computers and perhaps monitoring of gameplayers who are not using computer for eduactional purposes. I have also been in rooms where people are
\"using\" a computer but are actually reading magazines or sleeping, while there are cues of people waiting to use computers for writing or printing
More computers as the queues at peak times are very frustrating!

                                                                how improve services
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More computers avaiilable in the law library
More computers available 24hours, and more non-computer study areas available. Computers with specific software (Matlab etc.) in the MSCS building
working properly with the ENGCAD server.
More computers both in the Loft and in other areas
More computers for during the day.
more computers for engineering students. most days its hard to find a computer especially during matlab.
More computers for less queues. Encourage people to use laptops and limit their time to about 10 mins on those ground floor computers in the library.
more computers in busy areas such as the crypt for me personally. If a lab is on in cypty 1 and tutorials in the smaller rooms it doesnt leave many options on
that side of the uni for finding a free computer.
More computers in the law library, or only allow law students to log on in there like in engineering.
More computers in the library. There is too much competition.
More computers in the loft
More computers of course, though obviously this is not alway possible due to funding, but waiting in ques is my only complaint
more computers on campus would be nice
more computers possibly
More computers required. Specifically in engineering where demand is always high.
more computers scheduling - rather than queing for the comps. (maybe you already have this but if not it\'s a good idea).
More computers there are always long lines of people waiting for computers
more computers with chinese input availble use the samr print setup, in all computers
More computers with headphone jacks. Replace old keyboards, mouses etc in loft and vaults.
more computers with math related software installed so that you dont have to be in the always crowed math building to do math work.
More Computers!
More computers!
more computers! 24 hr access find getting kicked out at 9.30pm for just half an hr to be a nuisance
More computers! Everywhere has queus. Longer law library hours so we can have access to computers in that library as we quite often need the books at the
same time
more computers!!
more computers!!
more computers, and cheaper internet
more computers, and cheaper prices
more computers, its annoying having to wait for people to finish, especially when you have important things that need doing quickly.
More computers, less talking
More computers, more study areas, warm areas to study in winter and quiet areas where people don\'t talk alot and use their telephones
more computers,more working space and less noise.
More computers. it is always a mission to find a computer in the engineering block during the day
more computers.faster ones and the ability for Laptop users to connect to the fast internet that is provided by the university computers
more desk areas for individual quiet study, all computer labs with 24 hour access
more desks without a computer outside a computer workroom will be really handy, cause in the night time there are too many people in the loft who do not
really need to use computers but they still takes a sit and waste my time
More disk allocation and better mail service.
more diskspace would really be useful, especially in the \'windows profile\' where i\'m always having to clean stuff out.
more helpful staff sometimes the staff are really horrible about fixing a problem or they treat you like your stupid it can be a real hassle
More hours, more computers, stapler in working rooms (please!), areas for laptop users, greater wireless network range (especially in lecture blocks or even
cafes - so that we can do work while having a cuppa.)
More information about the email scanning system and how to set it up to work well - it seems random in the messages it chooses to quarantine
More Linux system support
more machines for adding money
more machines with usb ports is all I want
more macs, newer macs, on the Loft level rooms. easy access to usb ports for pen drives on pcs.
More MAT-LAB or maple computers (or more with software). i often find myself queuing for this when i do not really have the time.
more money adding machines - would be excellent to have one in the commerce building
more money loading stations in other areas of the university
more of the important things, more computers, more study area :)
more pc, please
More pc, really annoying having to line up for 15mins to use a computer for 30mins. If the tutorials were isolated to 1 lab/vauld would be heaps better, or
something else, its very hard to get a computer currently and most of year between 10am and 2pm especially.
more pc\'s in the loft
more pcs
more pcs
More pcs in ITS Workrooms. More security functions. More drive space allocations. And group study rooms with computers would certainly be a solution to
eliminate the unwanted noises/distractions for individuals who are already stressed out from loads of work.
more PCs in library
More PCs so less queues, esp in loft and crypt; can understand that is not necessarily easily solved though!
more pcs. macs hardly ever work and no one uses them.
more places for laptops as well as A/H access to maclab.
More ports for laptop users
More powerful computer more computer availability 24 hour access cheaper printing and internet more cd-writers/dvd writers more storage space on both p-
drive, mail and so on
more private, quiet areas in the library where there is enough room for books and study material to be used in conjunction with the computers
More proactive about advertising general info, more tutorials for things like how to scan, use a CD writer, use powerpoint etc. Thanks for the chance to
comment by the way!
more room for discussing
more security leaving the workrooms otherwise its excellent.
more security officers.
more security through the night, more computers open all hours, less expensive internet rates

                                                               how improve services
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more service for stuents who are confused with how to use computers, how to print etc
more study area (desk without computers) in the univercity
more study area without computer for 24 hrs access. more study area with computer for group work for 24hrs access. (not only LOFT)
More study areas for group work. A few more printers.
more study areas in library workroom
More study areas with computers for groups would be extremely helpful, as it is hard to do group assingments with out a computer, and you do not want to
disturb others by working in a computer workroom.
more study rooms for groups and more computers in the central library. otherwise pretty happy, you guys are doing a good job:)
More supervision to keep the noise down. Put a time limit on the computers that have C.D.writers so students don\'t \"sit\" on them for hours.
more supervision/prompter help
More visibility of supervisors to assit in stopping people from forming groups and talking constantly (maybe have group study rooms that are not booked out
and you can just dropin)
More wifi, after hours study desks.
more wireless coverage areas.
More work stations, better policing of noisy students, more visible assistance in work rooms
more workroom
more workrooms, more computers/printers - usually waits to use computers and printing is slow when lots of people are printing (i know this costs money, but
these are the only issues that i have had this year with the computer labs). Also 24hr access to the Loft is great. I wish there were other areas of the library
that had 24hr access (or extended access)or study rooms, etc
more wprk stations open for longer with a increase in computer volume as well as non-computer areas. an easier website to follow that doesnt seem so
cluttered. one central website instead of the several different access point for mail\\webct\\info etc.
Most of the computers in the Loft are over 5 years old. Need to update computers more often. The monitor settings are very low. The whole system is alot
slower than it should be.
Must say that the email system, particularly thunderbird/webmail is excellent especially with its quick attachment of important files to work on at my flat in my
spare time. Keep the floppy disk drives, sure you will, as I use them disks to take finished works back to Uni for printing
need superisors in each level of the library to stop students talking loudly
Need to be more generous.
New mouses on all computers- the new ones are better with a scroll button and some of the old ones need to be cleaned (which I sometimes do myself
anyway). Keeping the loft quiet- particularly after 10pm- some people think is ok to hold loud conversations. Quiet chatting I don\'t mind but some people
speak normally for long periods of time.
New, quicker computers that are more accessiable
newer and more computers in the loft, time limit ont he black comoputers byt he library help desk so people who only need to print notes don\'t have to go all
the way to level 5
no answer
No answering cell phones, and talking to others in the library might help
no comment
no waiting time for comp to become free put stabler and hole punch where the printers are located!
Noise control in crypt when is filled with people, loft on the other hand is doing a good job
Noise in the computer rooms can be terrible. Sometimes I can hear it over my music. Especially the Crypt. More notices or supervision is necessary.
noise reduction in the loft- especially late at night, people on cell phones etc. Just one of those things you have to deal with though, if people aren\'t
None that I can think of.
Non-wireless network access for lappies.
Nope, just fine
not a lot
not charge for internet??
not charge for use of space on webmail because it\'s the easiest way to transfer files.
not charge us for email usage and have more disc space allocated and allowances
not crank the heaterz on the coldest days so when you get to the computer room you dont have a sweat fest
Not make us pay for the internet and make it all round cheaper IT costs. We already pay enough for our fees, where is all that going???? (sorry i know that is
probarbly not your fault). On a more positive note the people at the helpdesk in the IT building are very helpful and friendly
Not much else but having 24-7 access to crypt would be nice
not sure at this stage. Give me some time to think about it
Not, always been good. There are alot of law students\' who would be more at home in studying late night in the law building so extended hours there would
be an advantage.
not, much - cheaper printing
Nothing - It would be good if there was a study room open 24hrs without computers which you could study in though.
nothing - they are great
Nothing I can think of
nothing I can think of
nothing really, the only real problems are the lines but realistically they dont take that long and going to always be a problem! its not a big deal really! and i
mean some programmes dont always work or things dont print properly occassionally but that just technology for yah! its going good i think and minor probs
arent really a big deal! .unless of course youve left your assignment till the last minute to print out-thats usually the only time people complain about it!
Nothing really. I use the vaults most often as you normally can find a computer and are not hassled by ppl just wanting to quickly check their emails. its the
only place i can fully concentrate.
nothing you are all great
Obviously more computers would help with the shortages during peak times, but if you try hard enougha nd wander around the different workrooms on
campus you can get a computer eventually.
Off campus access to SPSS if posssible

                                                                how improve services
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Offer some where for gameplayers to play on campus. Promote remote access to K: (would be handy to be able to access course folders from home).
Often the scanners don\'t work, and the IT support is not easy to use.
Open some 24 hours
open the crpyt to a later time than 11pm. Maybe even 24hr if possible. Upgrade the computers in the loft and various floors of central library, they are too slow.
ot have a photocopier ln loft
overall I think they are really good, sometimes maybe a little more visible and sometimes running into difficulties in the law library it can be a bit of a pain not
being able to get help there
Overall, it\'s pretty good. Keep the printers clean. Where\'s the coffe machine :)
partiton rooms into confined spaces such as the loft into say 4 parts to help keep typing noise and talk down and faster hardware
Perhaps a guide to how to set your computer up for thunderbird/microsoft office for computers connected to the University Hub, such as at College House
Perhaps open up more areas for 24 hr access.
Perhaps provide a easy access for gaining lecture slides without having wait for the long logon process etc like being able to use the printer computers with a
quick access username check to open k;drive folder. simply to have printing access quickly. ie like using the lib catalogue - not being able to access anything
else except perhaps printer queues. When printers are down have a signal of no access come up when trying to print to that printer. Otherwise its a pretty
good service considering everyone you have to deal with and organise, Cheers
Perhaps sending emails on regular updates, problems, news to students.
please allow student access the WebCt video and the K-drive lectures material while not on campus/
Please have regular checks especially on people who access pornographic material or play games with pornographic themes as I find this very disturbing
when I am using a computer next to one of these people. Please have warnings for people who make lots of noise in the workrooms as I also find it very hard
to concentrate my studies. If there is a possibility to eradicate or minimise this problem, the learning experience I reckon for every student on this campus
PLease provide more 24 hours access IT work rooms, not just the loft (the loft is s crowded with people that marking around, not doing much works)
Please provide more PC; fix those almost-done PC; provide more chairs!!!
Please update the computers in the cave. The engineers and the Communication Disorders students are in there a lot and they are so slow. It takes forever
to boot them up and there are always things going wrong with them. It\'s more for the communication disorders people than anything else. we spend a lot of
time on printing and doing classwork on them. We would love to be able to get in and out of the computer room faster. And how do you get into the
vault/cave for 24 hour access when you aren\'t an engineer or commerce student? Our cards don\'t work!
Precise mail almost always detects spam and then sends an email to confirm it has, the settings to prevent these emails are very limited a better spam
protection system would be vey helpful.
prefer to have more 24hours open computer rooms.
Printer queue upgrade as suggested, bigger screens - 17\" or 19\"? LCD would be even better. These 15\" CRT are a bit hard on the eyes. Thank you :-)
Printing paper should be of higher quality. Are they recycled? They have black over them
printing should be more affordable. I feel it costs far too much. Perhaps an option to print in draft mode for a cheaper price? I would also like to know more
clearly how much I am spending on internet access, and how much for excess email storage. I was not told anything about this (that I recall) at the start of the
year. Otherwise, the IT system here is great.
probably putting in more computers
provid more workrooms
Provide access to desks without computers in the 24 hour workrooms. Perhaps make the rooms more appealing?!?!
provide Chinese languages input in most of the computer rooms, not just vault, and even some of the vaults do not have.
Provide Ethernet ports for laptops
Provide more computers
Provide more computers
Provide more computers - not enough for the number of students at Canterbury. Faster email access - often it takes a while to get into email.
provide more computers and printers in the library workroom to reduce the queue
Provide more computers and try to have more workrooms with 24 hour access especially the law library workroom, apart from those currently with 24 hour
access like the loft.
provide more computers for engineers or put the required engineering software on more pc\'s cheers
provide more information about these services around the campus. There also needs to be card top up stations in all the computer workrooms as it is very
frustrating when you have to leave your computer, and theres a chance you will have to join the que again after you go to find somewhere to top up your
Provide more money loading machines - preferably with more eftpos ones and more coin options. have money load onto your card immediately as at Otago!!!
Provide more pc\'s in places like loft or other convenient locations; i realize there are other workrooms, but not as conveniently located. by the time i go there,
one might free up in the loft but often you see people at peak times circling like vultures waiting to pounce on a computer that opens up. I usually use a MAC
when this is possible, but they often seem to run way slower, and is too time consuming and frustrating.
provide more services showing what students can use on computers and how to use all the services avalaible
provide more study areas with 24/7
Provide more updated computers that meet the needs of students and especically an emphasis on more computers in the library to minimize people waiting
for computers during the busy hours.
Provide remote access to K drive.
Provide some open ethernet ports in the workrooms. Keep Firefox and Thunderbird updated to the latest versions, as these have critical security updates.
purchasing more computers and install more efficiency of software , that would be great!
put more computers in the phys sci library somehow
put more courses on video web ct.
Put one money loading machines in the Commerce building, if necessary, put other ones in other main buildings. It really not good if I want to add some
money and print out my work when I have to go to the libarary and then come back to com. building. Time consuming
Put some fine/other consequence on eating entire meals (I don\'t mind sweets or musli bars) in computer rooms. Almost every time I come into the loft people
are munching on chips, pizzas etc, even when the IT-help cubicle is occupied. Of course with the communication window completely blocked the IT-advisers
can\'t see a thing of what is going on in the computer room
Queues between 11:50am and 1:00pm are my only real problemand they are still quite short :)
quickly transfer money
read the survey i just did
Reduce noise. Smaller rooms rather than larger ones. Areas other than the loft being 24 hours.
reduce the cost of internet and don\'t charge wireless users 1cent/mb.
Reduce the whiring noise made by computers!!!
replace macs with PCs!!!!
replace the ball mouses with LED mouses. also some keyboards are broken with difficult keys or keys missing.
Replace the battery in the clock in vault 3 Another vault Don\'t have to vacate loft at 9.30pm

                                                                 how improve services
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replace the macs with pc\'s in the loft when the pc\'s are all busy there is always at least 10 -- 15 macs available and they are too slow and crap. the retreval
of smam mail needs to be made alot easier ive been at uni for nearly two years and still cant fiqure out how to retreve mail
report on how our money spent on internet and printing might be really useful just like last time. more counter to top up the credit pls. preferable for students
living in the residential halls. please !!!!! and yes, more wireless area pls for people with laptops and last but not least, can someone put online timetable for all
the computer workrooms ? it is hard to go all the way there and check it there and find no computers to use. or maybe an electronic notice wheather tthe oom
is availabe or not infront of each door would very much appreciated. thank you.
-return to tthe system where you get an email when acount credit is below $2. -provide a facility whereby email to uni accounts can be automatically
forwarded to another account (e.g. gmail, hotmail)
Screen resolution accessable by the user. And better mice. And some of the older 15 inches upgraded.
Security is my only concern. The incident I mentioned earlier was one that I only encountered once. However, I found it concerning how easily it took place
and how future incidents could possibly occur without better security. Should intoxicated individuals/groups be allowed unchecked access to afterhours
services? They certainly don\'t get access into night clubs.
see above
see above comments.
see long comment earlier
Selecting a time to back up the students servers that don\'t coincide with Masters\' and PhD student trying to work on their theses at the crucial time. It\'s
really hard to get work done over the last part of the summer period to get work done as the servers are usually being upgraded and/or software licenses
Service the floppy disk drives.
Set up a broadband internet connection people can access from home.
should provide supervisions in labs to help students with problems.but not all the time.
Simpler and easier lay-out of Webmail. Also, Webmail doesn\'t read HTML very well (or not at all)
Smile more and give out chocolate fish.
So far its very satisfaying, sometimes the computers lag alot, but that was during the peak time only.
some emails that i read on webmail do not come out correctly and only work properly on thunderbird. need more hard drive space
some international students sleep by the computers in the loft. they sleep by all the good ones with the usb port that is really accessible and that is very
annoying. if they are sleeping, they shouldnt be allowed to use the computers.
some monitors\' condition is influence in the Statistic and Computing basement workrooms..some of the screens change the color suddanly sometime, which
is not good for the use\'s eyes.
Somehow do something about cues in the loft, during study time the waiting there to get a computer is atrocious, just to be able to print something may
sometimes take 30mins to wait,this is precious time, when you\'ve got an assignment to hand in. I know a lot of people don\'t bother using the loft now,
because of this. Otherwise things are pretty good :)
somehow try to separate work stations from each other, so that students aren\'t bothered by the people next to them. when i am working i just want to see the
computer, i get very much put off but seeing the constant movements of the other people around me. it certainly makes it more difficult to keep concentration
when writing essays.
someone readily available early hours of morning or weekends to fix printer paper jams, etc, also before assignments are due, for example, between 4 and
5pm on Fridays. Maybe someone from security for late nights and weekends when supervisor not available
Someone was holding the computer next them for a friend. After hours and the Loft was full. It was the only computer available and I almost became violent.
Sometimes precisemail messages are really slow to come back to you
Sometimes printers print outputs that are not of good quality ie. grey marks on the paper. The marks are quite bad that you couldnt hand it in if it was part of
a report or assignment. Worse thing is you dont get a refund on your Canterbury card. At one point, I printed out a project in all of the printers in the vault
workrooms and not one of the printers provided mark free outputs. Supervisors should be readily accessable to fix or do something about the printers so they
print out with no smudges. Also a possible credit back into our canterbury cards for poor ouput caused by the printers.
sorry, i am sitting mostly in my office, but i am happy with the services provided if i needn them 1-3 times a year.
Sort out the Crypt printers so that they do not leave black marks all over work. It\'s really frustrating when you\'ve put care into the presentation to have it
made to look bad by the printer.
Sort out the people who talk loudly after 10 pm in the Loft. Many people seem to use the loft as a social hangout, whereas others use it when they have a lot
of work to do and they can\'t concentrate.
Spamguard quite often considers too many of my important emails to be spam. These are email addresses that I have already written to via my university
email. As a result, I have missed several appointments and deadlines for important non-university things.
speed log in time
speed up login times terribly slow and painful
Standardise the software and destop used between IT and Engineering. Combine the Engineering printing account with the IT account. Remove all 14/15\"
monitor and replace them with 17\" CRT or LCDs.
Staplers by printers in IT workrooms would be very useful.
starting by extending working hours,sometimes the work cann\'t not be done at home using our own PCs
Stop anoying people talking in the loft!
Stop charging for email boxes.
stop people coming in at 24 hour access when there isnt enouth computers and surfing the web and playing games its ok when the room isnt busy but when
u have to wait for an hour for a computer it is fustrating.
Stop people talking in computer rooms. Stop people from using computer rooms as areas for socialising. This needs to happen otherwise you will find alot of
people not using the areas because they are forced away by loud selfish no life arseholes who have no better place to go than hang out in computer rooms.
This needs to change NOW! It is effecting students work and their university experience!
Stop printers breaking down / running out of paper. Make printing cheaper. Overall pretty good though.
Stop the Asian students from using the 24hour Loft as a hangout. Keep out people who arent even students who make a lot of noise and disrupt those who
are trying to work.
stop the e-mail system from going off-line for hours at a time
Stream line the services and cut out the stuff that isn\'t necessary. Also make work rooms a reasonable temperature, the Crypt is far too cold, sometimes it
winter it is colder in the Crypt than it is even outside (because the AC is blowing so much). This does most uncomfortable and at times has made me go
home and stop studying/writing my essay at uni.
Students should not have to pay to use the internet, especially since most of the work we need to do requires research for which we use the internet. So
basically, we have to pay to come here and then we have to pay to do the work that we\'re required to do as students and that is just plain ridiculous.
Suggestion: I live in Nelson and commute to Ch Ch each week to undertake PT Hons Polsci. I see enormous value and potential increases in revenue for the
university for off campus students, student with disabilities, etc to access (with prior arrangement) seminars, lectures or participate \'live\' in lectures via
webcam/video link. This would reduce - particularly at postgrad level, the need for some (but not all of course) students to participate more easily in university
life and study. Has a feasibility study been done to explore this? What options aside from web CT (an excellent option btw) are likely to become open for
students in this regard for the future? Thanks for all your good work guys and galsat all levels Seamus

                                                                  how improve services
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Supervision in the workrooms needs to be more noticeable/approachable. I have no idea who these people are. It would be nice to have study rooms with
computers available.
supply more comp upstairs in the loft or open the training room more often for use.
suppply more areas for laptop access. The UCWireless is not stable, always disconnection
Surely it wouldn\'t be too hard to have a space in one of the computer workrooms where pepole with laptops can plug into the network if they provided there
own network cable. Having them run a logon script or something along these lines would not be too difficult? Some people don\'t like being forced to pay extra
just to use a laptop (regarding your fee for wireless traffic). Just a thought :)
takes a long time to log on and off compared to auckland which is annoying
temperture set Warm rooms, sometimes they are freezing even with raincoats and jerseys on. I think security coming in more often to check everyone is ok
would be a good idea at night and for the staff that come be of the polite type to encourage confidence in them.
That areas be monitored after hours for people eating or sleeping in computer areas
The ability to add money to the computer account in the Vault and the crypt would be nice.
The ability to top-up our canterbury card via the internet by use of credit cards. Or place a credit card top-up machine, similar to that in the library, in the
commerce building
The access to webmail off campus (during university hours) can be very slow and most of the time, fail to be able to log-in to webmail.
The addition of more spaces with network access and power (my laptop runs a Mobile Athlon64 chipbattery life isn\'t its biggest friend!)
THe courses that are run should be accompanied with daily reminders when they are approaching
The Fluorescent lights in Maclab keep blinking and they should be changed more often.
The Mac computers are too slow, they take forever to load, and logoff and often hotmail won\'t even load up. I think there are too many macs and not enough
pcs, when there are queues it\'s always for the pcsthe macs are always free!
The Maths server is not powerful enough for the number of computers. During busy periods, i.e. when assignments requiring matlab are due, often just
loading the program takes up to 30 minutes. Diffenently need more tables without computers to study. These need to be disignated silent and group work
The only fustrating thing is the time delay between topping up card and the money being registared on the card
The P dirve is too small. Most of the e-mail account on the internet provide cutomers with more than 200mb free of charge. We paid for our services in the
university and we get far less than that. Upgrade servers\' hard dirve is not that expensive nowadays, it is ?
The people that chat late at night in the loft are very distracting. Especially the Asain students that bring their non-student friends to hang out and socialise.
the price of wireless is 2 expensive
The printers are pretty confusing, especially in the loft, I never know which printer to go to.
the screen of some of the computer is not as big as the math department, however they dont open 24 hours
The second and third to last questions don\'t make any sense to me.
The service is excellent.
The webmail system seems to often be \"down\", where most ppl can\'t get in. This is extremely inconvienient, as ppl often use it to send assignments to and
from home computers/so that can work on essays at uni. If this could be more stable, that would be a huge improvement.
The wireless access on some areas do not function properly. Especially Level 2 Physical Science Library.
there are some softwares that are only available in Vaults, like tutorial software. Wouldn\'t it be better if it was available in every work room at university?
There is a desperate need for there to be more computers in engeineering. It would be good if Engcad could be accessed in more places. the Engineering
library wuld be a good place to start. The sortage of computers is very bad and I tell all prospective students I meet about this. I should have gone to
There is never a computer system that is fast enough, but if you could put out tips to people on how to use the computers more effectively, that would be
helpful and that may speed up the system. eg: I use remote desktop connection for some pieces of work that need a specific program, (eg matlab), and wrote
it up in microsoft word. But i reciently found out that it is much quicker to email the infomation to myself,and use the microsoft work on the computer to write
infomation up, than to do everything through remote desktop. So just a few tips like that could be useful when the system is overloaded.
there just needs to be more computers. really needing a computer and there being none free is the most frustrating thing.
There needs to a reduction in the niose levels in compute rooms. the main reason that I stay away from uni computer rooms is that they are noisy and
usually full with groups of people chatting. This makes it extremly difficult if you are trying to concentrate on writing an essay!!! Maybe there need to be
workrooms that are supervised and silent (designed for essay writing work) and then more general use ones. Alos computer keyboards are often dirty or
people leave their food/drink wrappers etc. around and they get on the mouse/keypad
There needs to be more space between computers for doing assignments. Often there is a lot of material required and it is difficult to do at some computers
because of cramped conditions.
There should be a common room on Level 5 of the Library with a coffee machine, so students pulling all-nighters have somewhere to take a break and get
thhr more the computers the better. allocate noisey and quiet comp rooms?
This is the first university i know, where accessing the internet is not free for students.
this questionnaire is a good start! other than that I don\'t know
To be more available
to extend the operating hours of vault put a money machine to let us to put money into my canterbury account money machine only in library! should put one
in the other workrooms!
to make more room available
Top up the paper and the toner in the printers. They always seem to run out at the worst times
try and do what you can do the best
try and get people to limit their emailing time at the library as that is a good place to go for assignment work with lighting and it being close to the library. Tell
people who want to just email or play games to go to the maclab or something.
Unsure at this point. Everything seems pretty good
up grade and make them friendlier areas, reduce the stress by making the enviroment reflect this.
Update and increase number of computers in the loft - they are often very slow and overused
update cave computers
update hardware
Update the computers in the APSY lab :-)
Update the old hardware in most popular workrooms.(loft, crypt)
update the PC please.
Updating software (eg Windows XP), email should be easier to use (eg deleting from trash should happen automatically) having a link to regyweb site, more
immediate, obvious/user friendly help (whether in form of a person, or on the computers), safer environments, equality of printers (all printers have the same
abilities), more modern labs (eg crypt) should be open longer.
Updating the hardware annually, Eliminating the older models, Charging less for printing black/white perhaps to something like 5c per page.
upgrade and update the systems more frequent really appreciate if the cost using the features eg printing and internet is revised and lowered
Upgrade Cave computers and put them on the ENG network it will reduce load on the engineering computer rooms
upgrade the computers, put internet charges on our fees its hard enough as it is without having to find money to go on the computer
upgrade the system so that matlab doesnt lag when everyone is using it!

                                                                  how improve services
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Video recording of lectures are inaccessible outside university campus. Can it be made that at least it can be viewed from the halls of residence?
way more computers, the loft, cae2, the grotto, the glade are all full nearly 24/7 which is pretty bad and security should not be kicking people out of the crypt
at 12pm when the number of computers is in such a bad state
we have a good amount of computers but get more for the future because the generation below us cant breath without being on a computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!(this
problem happend for me at high school and i hope it does not happen here!)
We need more computers in the workrooms esp the LOFT and other Libraries.
We need more large monitors!!!
we need more new computers just as in the Den of Central library. so many students, lack of computers
Webmail can\'t read html messages, which is sometimes irritating.
Web-mail is awful, it\'s slow and chunky if that\'s a description? More 24hr access would be good. The loft is usually too crowded and noisey to work when the
library closes and as an art student (correct me if I\'m wrong) I can\'t access the crypt or vault then or weekends which would be nice if that\'s ok!
webmail really unreliable, and where is this literature??? have never seen any, although it would certainly help!
Wednesday is a very bad day for access to a PC. The vaults a packed, the Law library is full. The loft is usually a pain. Its due to the number of tutorials that
occur in the Vaults. I guess its out of the questiosn the specialist tutorial rooms for AFIS subjects with computers could not be provided.
well im sitting in the cave right now, the walls are poo brown, the computers are shit and there is a flourescent light that is flashing just above me. Overall the
CAVE is shit. I would like to be able to access the eng domain in workrooms other than the eng workrooms.
what is the point of asking everyone to leave the loft when the library closes. if the loft is suppose to be 24-7, then it should be. it is HUGELY inconvenient for
people to log off when they\'re in the middle of doing work, and to find having to come back again. there should be more computer labs that opens 24 hours.
and there should be e-stops around campus, where people can just use computers for short periods of time, to print off assignments, check emails etc, rather
than queueing a long time when they just need the computer for a short while.
When accounts become overdue and money is placed on your canterbury card, the time for you to be able to resume printing and or internet access can take
a while. If possible can this be updated imediatly?
Why can\'t we access the K Drive off campus? Sometimes I have to come in to uni just to access info on this drive. Sometimes my log in fails for webmail - I
can\'t understand why.
why do nobody use the pc\'s for stuff like SETI while they are not in use?
Why do we have to pay using internet?!
wireless would be really nice if it were campus wide. supervisers could be a little more obvious *i didnt even know there were any* and it would be great if
there were a list posted somewhere obvious of what rooms (crypt, loft, etc) have which software/hardware. More information, perhaps a sheet in each room
of all the remote desktops available, they arent exatly named so you can find the one you want, i mean \"athlon 24\" is a bit difficult for guessing it is a
mathematics server, which makes it hard if you dont use remote desktop often and you cant remember what you are looking for.
without the uni computer systems i would be completely screwed. I use the maclab because it is the most quiet workroom, has a good atmosphere, I can
always get a computer and i have less faults with the software/hardware which means it does not require a supervisor. In this way the maclab meets all my
needs but only because I have the perception that other workrooms don\'t. I don\'t use other workrooms because i can\'t be bothered stuffing about with those
issues. Having some small workrooms with computers available for group work where talking is ok would be invaluable. Most of my assignments fall on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Would be cool to have some dedicated recreational computer space - somewhere where you don\'t feel guilty for reading news or just surfing. I like the loft
because I have a pretty good chance of getting a PC there but sometimes I wish it was a smaller environment, more cosy and comfortable. I think the
eftpos/canterbury card machine is a good idea and I\'m glad they are available now. I like the available computer display in the vault workrooms, that was a
good idea as well. It would be cool if there were posters up or something so it felt more like a student workspace - all the blank walls and occasional
deparment notices don\'t do much for the feel of the place.. I\'m thinking about the loft in particular. It would also be cool if I could change to the classic start
menu, the xp one pisses me off. I realise some people will fuck around with the settings if they are made available to them but is there a way to have user-
specific setttings for that sort of thing? I also like that the department has shifted towards firefox. I think IT deparments have a sort of responsibility to support
opensource, not only because it saves money, but because they are generally better products, and use of them generally increases the computer literacy of
Would love it if I could get webct lecture vidio, audio files to put on my ipod (just the audio in mp3 or similar).
yell at people who are making noise/talking!
yes make it so if you forget to click handouts you can stop the printing on the computer so you dont waste all your money. or make handouts at least for some
subjects the customary setting!!!
Yes put more money load on machines near the computer labs so you dont have to keep going to the library to put money on your account when you are in
computer suites especially in the vault and crypt
You guys are cool
you guys doing well!!!
You need way more computers. I can\'t get on one without having to wait during the day. Its annoying when in the loft, if you have to return a three hour loan
to leave your things unattended, or to take a break from doing an assignment on the computer to go and get something to eat, because when you come back
you have to wait for a computer all over again. Those spam things on the email are incredibly annoying, I have to reply and then wait to recieve most of my
You probably cant help, but most of the time i dont realise i need money on my account until i cant print anymore, then when i top up i have to wait, either an
automatic top-up that can be used right there and then, or maybe a warning that pops up when you start like the no access to printing one, for example, your
account is at 50c would let me know i needed to top up.
You will always have a problem finding the balance between over-stocking the computer labs with computers compared to the queues that there are around
this time of the year. Possibly extend the opening hours of all the computer rooms to 24-hour access during term 4, similar to what the Loft currently has year-
round. This would then enable students to utilize the other computers on campus that currently sit idle late at night.
you\'re doing fine

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