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									                                                                                                eLibrary Australasia
Publication                                                                            Source                             ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date   PUBID
Archive Films                                                                                         Audio               NO       FEB-06-1995         APR-26-1995            PB003505
Hutchinson Dictionary of Arts (audio), The                                                            Audio               NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2000            PB003581
Hutchinson Dictionary of Music (audio), The                                                           Audio               NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2000            PB003580
Anthology of Massachusetts Poets                                                                  Books_Fiction           NO       AUG-01-2000         AUG-01-2000            PB005017
Barron's Booknotes                                                                                Books_Fiction           NO       AUG-01-2004         AUG-01-2004            PB006626
Great Works of Literature                                                                         Books_Fiction           NO       JAN-01-1992         JAN-01-1992            PB000129
Selections from American Poetry                                                                   Books_Fiction           NO       JAN-01-2003         JAN-01-2003            PB005015
Complete Works of Shakespeare, The                                                                Books_Fiction           NO       JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-1994            PB000136
Raven, Masque of Red Death, Cask of Amontillado, The                                              Books_Fiction           NO       OCT-01-1997         OCT-01-1997            PB005016
101 Activities for Teaching Creativity and Problem Solving 2005                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2005         JAN-01-2005            PB007923
101 More Great Games & Activities 2005                                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2005         JAN-01-2005            PB007926
101 Things You Don't Know About Science and No One Else Does Either                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-1996            PB006708
A Place at the Table                                                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007874
A Teacher's Guide to Using Primary Sources                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007910
A.D.A.M. Life's Greatest Mysteries                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2001            PB004787
African Heroes 2005                                                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2005         JAN-01-2005            PB007922
African-American Religion                                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1999         DEC-01-1999            PB007647
Aging                                                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       MAR-01-1996         MAR-01-1996            PB001094
Albert Einstein: And the Frontiers of Physics                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1996         DEC-01-1996            PB007604
Alexander Graham Bell: Making Connections                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1996         DEC-01-1996            PB007488
Alexandria, Virginia                                                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2006         DEC-01-2006            PB007660
Alfred Hitchcock: Filming Our Fears                                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007317
Alternative American Religions                                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007316
American Heritage Book of Great American Speeches for Young People 2001                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2001            PB007915
American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       MAR-01-2004         MAR-01-2004            PB006593
American Immigration: A Student Companion                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007589
American Journalists: Getting the Story                                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1997         DEC-01-1997            PB007755
American Women's History: A Student Companion                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007406
Archaeologists: Explorers of the Human Past                                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007757
Archaeology: Discovering the Past                                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007754
Arthur Conan Doyle: Beyond Baker Street                                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007321
Australia Business                                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       SEP-30-1996         SEP-30-1996            PB001796
Benjamin Franklin: Inventing America                                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB007334
Beyond Bounds: Cross-Cultural Essays on Anglo, American Indian, & Chicano Literature      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-1996            PB002689
Biography for Beginners: World Explorers                                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2003         JAN-01-2003            PB007651
Biomes Atlases - Arctic and Tundra                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008026
Biomes Atlases - Deserts and Semi-Deserts                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008025
Biomes Atlases - Mountains                                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008034
Biomes Atlases - Oceans and Beaches                                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008030
Biomes Atlases - Rivers and Lakes                                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008041

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 193
Publication                                                              Source                             ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date   PUBID
Biomes Atlases - Shrublands                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008031
Biomes Atlases - Taiga                                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008037
Biomes Atlases - Temperate Forests                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008028
Biomes Atlases - Temperate Grasslands                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008038
Biomes Atlases - Tropical Forests                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008033
Biomes Atlases - Tropical Grasslands                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008040
Biomes Atlases - Wetlands                                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB008027
Bravo! Brava! A Night at the Opera                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007875
Britannica Annals of American History, v 3.0                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JUL-21-2009         JUL-21-2009            PB007948
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, v 3.0                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-26-2009         JAN-26-2009            PB007778
Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB006470
Britannica Gateway to Great Books                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-26-2009         JAN-26-2009            PB007881
Britannica Spanish Concise Encyclopedia, v 2.0                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JUN-08-2009         JUN-08-2009            PB007883
Britannica Spanish Encyclopedia                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2003         NOV-01-2003            PB006471
Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs in America                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007514
Cahokia Mounds                                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB007661
Calendar of Literary Events                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-1994            PB000067
California Explorers                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007424
California History by Decades                                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007455
California Indians                                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007436
California Missions                                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007438
California Ranchos                                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007456
Catholics in America                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007645
Chaco Canyon                                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007662
Charles Babbage and the Engines of Perfection                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1998         DEC-01-1998            PB007333
Child of the Fighting Tenth: On the Frontier with the Buffalo Soldiers      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007728
China Business                                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       APR-30-1995         APR-30-1995            PB001803
Church and State in America                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007519
CIA World Factbook                                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2011         JAN-01-2011            PB008054
CIA World Factbook 2005                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JUN-01-2005         JUN-01-2005            PB006989
CIA World Factbook 2007                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JUN-01-2007         JUN-01-2007            PB007504
CIA World Factbook 2009                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2009         DEC-01-2009            PB007949
Colombo's All Time Great Canadian Quotations                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       APR-01-1994         APR-01-1994            PB002712
Colonial America: A History in Documents                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007373
Complete Home Medical Guide                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006641
Compton's by Britannica                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2005         DEC-01-2005            PB007032
Compton's by Britannica (2003)                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB006637
Compton's by Britannica, v 6.0                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-27-2009         JAN-27-2009            PB007777
Cool Careers for Dummies 2007                                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2007         JAN-01-2007            PB007918
Countries of the World                                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1991         JAN-01-1991            PB000116
Countries of the World (Toucan Valley)                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007485
Daughters of Valor: Contemporary Jewish American Women Writers              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1997         JAN-01-1997            PB002724
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006878
DK e-encyclopedia                                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006697
DK Eyewitness American Revolution                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006705

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                               Page 2 of 193
Publication                                         Source                             ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date   PUBID
DK Eyewitness Amphibian                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006869
DK Eyewitness Arctic and Antarctic                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006870
DK Eyewitness Arms and Armor                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2004            PB006642
DK Eyewitness Astronomy                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2004            PB006643
DK Eyewitness Bird                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006665
DK Eyewitness Butterfly and Moth                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006871
DK Eyewitness Castle                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006666
DK Eyewitness Civil War                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006706
DK Eyewitness Crystal and Gem                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006667
DK Eyewitness Dance                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006668
DK Eyewitness Desert                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006872
DK Eyewitness Dinosaur                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006675
DK Eyewitness Early Humans                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2004            PB006644
DK Eyewitness Explorer                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006676
DK Eyewitness Fish                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006873
DK Eyewitness Flying Machine                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006677
DK Eyewitness Fossil                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2004            PB006645
DK Eyewitness Future                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006678
DK Eyewitness Horse                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006679
DK Eyewitness Human Body                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006680
DK Eyewitness Hurricane                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2004            PB006646
DK Eyewitness Insect                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2004            PB006647
DK Eyewitness Invention                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2004            PB006648
DK Eyewitness Islam                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006710
DK Eyewitness Jungle                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006681
DK Eyewitness Knight                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006682
DK Eyewitness Mammal                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2004            PB006649
DK Eyewitness Music                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2004            PB006650
DK Eyewitness Mythology                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006683
DK Eyewitness North American Indian                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006711
DK Eyewitness Ocean                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2004            PB006651
DK Eyewitness Olympics                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006652
DK Eyewitness Pirate                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006653
DK Eyewitness Plant                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006654
DK Eyewitness Pond and River                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006684
DK Eyewitness Religion                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006685
DK Eyewitness Reptile                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006874
DK Eyewitness Rock and Mineral                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006655
DK Eyewitness Seashore                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006656
DK Eyewitness Shakespeare                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006657
DK Eyewitness Shark                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006658
DK Eyewitness Shipwreck                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006659
DK Eyewitness Skeleton                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006660
DK Eyewitness Soccer                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006686
DK Eyewitness Space Exploration                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006661

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                          Page 3 of 193
Publication                                                                  Source                             ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date   PUBID
DK Eyewitness Titanic                                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006669
DK Eyewitness Tree                                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006875
DK Eyewitness Viking                                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006670
DK Eyewitness Volcano                                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006671
DK Eyewitness Weather                                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006672
DK Eyewitness Whale                                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006673
DK Eyewitness World War I                                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006687
DK Eyewitness World War II                                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006674
Dorothea Dix: Advocate for Mental Health Care                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007323
Driving around the USA: Automobiles in American Life                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007437
Earl Warren: Justice for All                                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007325
Early Civilizations                                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007486
Earth Explorer                                                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       FEB-01-1995         FEB-01-1995            PB000574
Elizabeth Cady Stanton: The Right Is Ours                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007609
Encounters in the New World: A History in Documents                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007633
Encyclopedia of Australia                                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         JAN-01-1999            PB003053
Encyclopedia of Natural Healing                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006879
Encyclopedia of North American Indians                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1996         DEC-01-1996            PB007402
Enrico Fermi: And the Revolutions of Modern Physics                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1998         DEC-01-1998            PB007602
EPA Journal                                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1995         MAR-01-1995            PB000586
Ernest Rutherford and the Explosion of Atoms                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007322
Exploring the Ocean                                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007472
Financial Times World Desk Reference                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006664
Flying over the USA: Airplanes in American Life                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB007670
Frances Perkins: Champion of the New Deal                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1999         DEC-01-1999            PB007320
Francis Crick and James Watson: And the Building Blocks of Life                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1998         DEC-01-1998            PB007600
Freedom of Speech, Press, and Assembly (Exploring the Constitution Series)      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JUN-17-1994         JUN-17-1994            PB003535
Frommer's Canada                                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002896
Frommer's Europe                                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002904
Frommer's Israel                                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002898
Frommer's Japan                                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002853
Frommer's Mexico                                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       MAY-01-1996         MAY-01-1996            PB002902
Frommer's Montreal & Quebec City                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002890
Frommer's Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002874
Frommer's Singapore & Malaysia                                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002839
Frommer's Tokyo                                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002835
Frommer's Toronto                                                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002883
Frommer's USA                                                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002884
Frommer's Vancouver & Victoria                                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002892
Galileo Galilei: First Physicist                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1997         DEC-01-1997            PB007474
Galloping across the USA: Horses in American Life                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007666
George Orwell: Battling Big Brother                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007319
Great Zimbabwe                                                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2006         DEC-01-2006            PB007663
Gregor Mendel and the Roots of Genetics                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1999         DEC-01-1999            PB007475
Her Heritage: A Biographical Encyclopedia of Famous American Women              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-20-1995         DEC-20-1995            PB000729

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                                   Page 4 of 193
Publication                                                  Source                             ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date   PUBID
History of the World                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1992         JAN-01-1992            PB000115
Hitler and the Nazis: A History in Documents                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2005         DEC-01-2005            PB007618
Hutchinson Chronology of World History                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       SEP-08-2005         SEP-08-2005            PB007405
Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       SEP-08-2005         SEP-12-2005            PB007303
Immigration and American Religion                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007512
Imperialism: A History in Documents                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007610
Isaac Newton and the Scientific Revolution                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1996         DEC-01-1996            PB007476
Ivan Pavlov: Exploring the Animal Machine                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007313
Jack London: An American Original                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007644
Jazz Makers: Vanguards of Sound                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007733
Jews in America                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1999         DEC-01-1999            PB007314
Johannes Kepler and the New Astronomy                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1999         DEC-01-1999            PB007478
John D. Rockefeller: Anointed with Oil                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007318
King James Bible                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1992         JAN-01-1992            PB000113
Land of Many Hands: Women in the American West                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1997         DEC-01-1997            PB007311
Landmarks of American Women's History                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007659
Landmarks of the American Revolution                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007657
Landmarks of the Civil War                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007658
Lesko's Info-Power II                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-1994            PB000083
Links in the Chain: Shapers of the Jewish Tradition             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1997         DEC-01-1997            PB007491
Linus Pauling and the Chemistry of Life                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1998         DEC-01-1998            PB007477
Louis Pasteur: And the Hidden World of Microbes                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007568
Lydia Maria Child: The Quest for Racial Justice                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007643
Magill's Medical Guide, 4th Rev. ed.                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2008         DEC-01-2008            PB007699
Magill's Survey of Cinema                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JUN-15-1995         FEB-26-1997            PB000702
Merriam-Webster's Biographical Dictionary                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-23-2009         DEC-23-2009            PB008005
Mission Life                                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007439
More Vitality Cooking                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       APR-01-1997         APR-01-1997            PB002677
Mormons in America                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1998         DEC-01-1998            PB007494
Native American Religion                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1999         DEC-01-1999            PB007495
Northeast Indians                                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007473
Occupational Outlook Handbook 1998                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002905
Occupational Outlook Handbook 2002-2003                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       SEP-01-2003         SEP-01-2003            PB006465
Occupational Outlook Handbook 2006-2007                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2006         JAN-01-2006            PB007386
Occupational Outlook Handbook 2008 - 2009                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2008         JAN-01-2008            PB007969
Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010 - 2011                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2010         JAN-01-2010            PB008023
Oliver Wendell Holmes: Sage of the Supreme Court                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007642
On the Waters of the USA: Ships and Boats in American Life      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007667
Orthodox Christians in America                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1999         DEC-01-1999            PB007315
Peacemakers: Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1998         DEC-01-1998            PB007312
Picturesque Expressions: A Thematic Dictionary                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-1994            PB000084
Postwar America: A Student Companion                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007727
Pregnancy and Birth: Your Questions Answered                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006880
Presidents                                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007471
Protestants in America                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007646

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                   Page 5 of 193
Publication                                                      Source                             ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date   PUBID
Pyramids                                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2005         DEC-01-2005            PB007751
Quickies: Ten Quick Ways with Everyday Foods                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1997         JAN-01-1997            PB002665
Religion in Colonial America                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007909
Religion in Nineteenth Century America                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007496
Religion in Twentieth Century America                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007497
Religions of the World                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007487
Riding the Rails in the USA: Trains in American Life                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007668
Roger Williams: Prophet of Liberty                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007324
Roget's II: New Thesaurus                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       APR-18-2006         APR-18-2006            PB007398
Samuel Adams: Son of Liberty, Father of Revolution                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007327
Services: The Export of the 21st Century                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JUN-30-1997         JUN-30-1997            PB002713
Sigmund Freud: Explorer of the Unconscious                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1997         DEC-01-1997            PB007489
Similes Dictionary                                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JUL-01-1988         JUL-01-1988            PB000541
Slavery and the Making of America                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2005         DEC-01-2005            PB007595
Sports: An Illustrated History                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1998         DEC-01-1998            PB007912
Stack of Decades                                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       SEP-01-1994         SEP-01-1994            PB000086
Stack of Lists                                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       SEP-01-1994         SEP-01-1994            PB000630
States                                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007470
Stonehenge                                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007331
Strange New Land: Africans in Colonial America                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007583
Straphanging in the USA: Trolleys and Subways in American Life      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007669
Student Advantage Guide to The Best Business Schools                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-1996            PB001745
Student Advantage Guide to The Best Law Schools                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-1996            PB001648
Technology in World History                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2005         DEC-01-2005            PB007479
Tenochtitlan                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2006         DEC-01-2006            PB007664
Texas Indians                                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007480
1998 Canadian Global Almanac, The                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002743
American Revolution: A History in Documents, The                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007384
Art Lover's Almanac, The                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2003         JAN-01-2003            PB007921
Art Teacher's Book of Lists, The                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB007929
Baby and Child Question and Answer Book, The                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB006881
Best of Shakespeare: Retellings of 10 Classic Plays, The            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1997         DEC-01-1997            PB007326
Bill of Rights: A History in Documents, The                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007404
Boy of Chancellorville and Other Civil War Stories, The             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007739
Children's Literature Lover's Book of Lists 2004, The               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2004         JAN-01-2004            PB007925
Chronology of American Literature, The                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB007993
Civil War and Reconstruction: A Student Companion, The              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007631
Civil War Battlefield Guide, The                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1998         DEC-01-1998            PB007349
Civil War: A History in Documents, The                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007632
Cold War: A History in Documents, The                               Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007590
Columbia Encyclopedia, Fifth Edition, The                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1993         JAN-01-1993            PB001809
Complete Book of Colleges, The                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-1996            PB001610
Depression and New Deal: A History in Documents, The                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007603
Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, The                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007946
Dictionary of Cultural Literacy (1998), The                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1988         JAN-01-1988            PB001722

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                       Page 6 of 193
Publication                                                                             Source                             ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date   PUBID
Elementary Math Teacher's Book of Lists: with Ready-to-Use Patterns and Worksheets, The    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2001            PB007927
Encyclopedia of World History, The                                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB008000
ESL Teacher's Book of Lists, The                                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2008         JAN-01-2008            PB007917
Gilded Age: A History in Documents, The                                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007608
Great American History Fact-Finder, The                                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB007945
Great American History Fact-Finder (1993), The                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1993         DEC-01-1993            PB007400
Industrial Revolution: A History in Documents, The                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2006         DEC-01-2006            PB007599
Islamic World: Past and Present, The                                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB007415
Legend of Lord Eight Deer: An Epic of Ancient Mexico, The                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007329
Literature Teacher's Book of Lists, The                                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2005         JAN-01-2005            PB007914
Math Teacher's Book of Lists 2005, The                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2005         JAN-01-2005            PB007916
Middle Ages: An Illustrated History, The                                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1998         DEC-01-1998            PB007697
Music Teacher's Book of Lists, The                                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-1994            PB007928
Mystery of Egyptian Mummy, The                                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007756
New Encyclopedia of Science: Animals and Plants, The                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007422
New Encyclopedia of Science: Computing, The                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007469
New Encyclopedia of Science: Ecology and Environment, The                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007428
New York Public Library Book of Popular Americana, The                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-1994            PB001613
New York Public Library Science Desk Reference, The                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1995         JAN-01-1995            PB001668
No-Nonsense Guide to Animal Rights, The                                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2006         JAN-01-2006            PB008082
No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change, The                                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2007         JAN-01-2007            PB008096
No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade, The                                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2009         JAN-01-2009            PB008083
No-Nonsense Guide to Global Media, The                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2010         JAN-01-2010            PB008084
No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics, The                                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2010         JAN-01-2010            PB008085
No-Nonsense Guide to Human Rights, The                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2009         JAN-01-2009            PB008086
No-Nonsense Guide to International Development, The                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2009         JAN-01-2009            PB008087
No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration, The                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2008         JAN-01-2008            PB008088
No-Nonsense Guide to Religion, The                                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2010         JAN-01-2010            PB008089
No-Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity, The                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2007         JAN-01-2007            PB008090
No-Nonsense Guide to United Nations, The                                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2008         JAN-01-2008            PB008095
No-Nonsense Guide to Women's Rights, The                                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2008         JAN-01-2008            PB008091
No-Nonsense Guide to World Food, The                                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2008         JAN-01-2008            PB008092
No-Nonsense Guide to World Health, The                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2007         JAN-01-2007            PB008093
No-Nonsense Guide to World History, The                                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2008         JAN-01-2008            PB008094
No-Nonsense Guide to World Poverty, The                                                    Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2007         JAN-01-2007            PB008097
Palace of Minos at Knossos, The                                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007330
Patient's Guide to Medical Tests, The                                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JUL-01-1997         JUL-01-1997            PB007018
Peterson Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals, The                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB006709
Peterson Field Guide to Western Birds, The                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1990         JAN-01-1990            PB006983
Presidency of United States: A Student Companion, The                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007726
Reader's Companion to American History, The                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1991         DEC-01-1991            PB001720
Reader's Companion to Military History, The                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1996         DEC-01-1996            PB007350
Reader's Companion to American Presidency, The                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB008006
Reader's Companion to U.S. Women's History, The                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1998         DEC-01-1998            PB007399
Science Teacher's Book of Lists, The                                                       Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1993         JAN-01-1993            PB007930

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                                              Page 7 of 193
Publication                                                                                  Source                              ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date   PUBID
Social Studies Teacher's Book of Lists, The                                                      Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2003         JAN-01-2003            PB007924
Starr Report, The                                                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       SEP-09-1998         SEP-09-1998            PB002746
Struggle Against Slavery: A History in Documents, The                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007435
Student Advantage Guide to Best 310 Colleges, The                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       AUG-01-1996         AUG-01-1996            PB001622
Student Contact Book, The                                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1993         JAN-01-1993            PB000085
Supreme Court of United States: A Student Companion, The                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007370
Vietnam War: A History in Documents, The                                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007584
Vitality Cookbook, The                                                                           Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1995         DEC-01-1995            PB002678
Vocabulary Teacher's Book of Lists 2004, The                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2004         JAN-01-2004            PB007919
World Almanac and Book of Facts 1997, The                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-15-1996         NOV-15-1996            PB000669
World Almanac and Book of Facts 2000, The                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1999         JAN-01-1999            PB004310
World Almanac and Book of Facts 2005, The                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2005         JAN-01-2005            PB006890
World Almanac and Book of Facts 2010, The                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2010         JAN-01-2010            PB008022
World Almanac for Kids 2005, The                                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2005         JAN-01-2005            PB006909
World Almanac for Kids 2010, The                                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2010         JAN-01-2010            PB008032
World Almanac of U.S.A., The                                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-1998            PB002844
World Almanac of U.S. Politics 1997, The                                                         Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       MAY-15-1997         MAY-15-1997            PB000601
Writing Teacher's Book of Lists : with Ready-to-Use Activities and Worksheets 2001, The          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-2004         JAN-01-2004            PB007920
Young Musician's Survival Guide, The                                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007884
Thomas Alva Edison: Inventing the Electric Age                                                   Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1996         DEC-01-1996            PB007569
Thomas Jefferson                                                                                 Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2003            PB007607
Thomas Paine: Firebrand of the Revolution                                                        Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2000            PB007641
Twentieth Century China: A History in Documents                                                  Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2004         DEC-01-2004            PB007619
U.S. History                                                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       SEP-01-1990         SEP-01-1990            PB000118
Unchained Voices: an anthology of Black authors in the English-Speaking World of the 18th CenturyBooks_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-1996            PB001843
USA Business                                                                                     Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       MAY-31-1995         MAY-31-1995            PB001806
USA in Space, 3rd ed.                                                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2006         DEC-01-2006            PB007698
Wall Street Words                                                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JAN-01-1988         JAN-01-1988            PB001693
Who Rides the Beast? Prophetic Rivalry and the Rhetoric of Crisis in the Churches of the Apocalypse                              NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2001            PB007368
Wonders of the World                                                                             Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       NOV-01-2004         NOV-01-2004            PB007490
World Book Science Year                                                                          Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       AUG-01-2009         AUG-01-2009            PB007938
World Book Year Books                                                                            Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       JUL-01-2009         JUL-01-2009            PB007939
World War I: A History in Documents                                                              Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2002            PB007374
World War II: A Student Companion                                                                Books_Non-Fiction_&_Reference   NO       DEC-01-1999         DEC-01-1999            PB007369
401 (k) Advisor                                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals        YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012            PB005193
A. Magazine                                                                                          Magazines_&_Journals        NO       JUL-31-1990         MAR-31-1999            PB000092
AARP Bulletin                                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals        NO       JUN-01-1998         JUL-01-2000            PB002728
Ability Magazine                                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals        YES      JAN-31-2000         DEC-01-2011            PB005025
About ... Time                                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals        YES      FEB-28-2000         MAR-01-2009            PB006542
about...time Magazine                                                                                Magazines_&_Journals        NO       DEC-31-1992         FEB-28-1999            PB000091
Accent on Living                                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals        NO       MAR-01-1996         JUL-01-2001            PB001084
Access Control & Security Systems                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals        NO       MAR-01-2004         AUG-01-2008            PB006531
Access Control & Security Systems Integration                                                        Magazines_&_Journals        NO       JAN-01-1997         MAY-01-2006            PB001594
Accounting Education News                                                                            Magazines_&_Journals        YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2011            PB005203
Accounting Today                                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals        NO       JAN-01-2001         JUL-23-2007            PB003629

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                                                    Page 8 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date   PUBID
ACP Journal Club                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2002         MAR-01-2006            PB005207
Across the Board                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         SEP-01-2005            PB005209
ACT                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1996         JUN-01-1997            PB001615
Adolescence                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-22-1994         DEC-01-2009            PB000863
Adult Learning                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2000         JAN-01-2010            PB005214
Advanced Materials & Processes                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2001         OCT-01-2003            PB003632
Advanced Transportation Technology News                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1999         FEB-01-2003            PB002971
Advances in Nursing Science                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1996         DEC-01-1999            PB002735
Advertising & Marketing Review                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-01-1996         JAN-01-1998            PB000738
Advertising Age; Midwest region edition                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-19-2012            PB005219
Adweek                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-16-2002         AUG-07-2006            PB004918
Africa Today                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1999         OCT-01-2011            PB000404
African Arts                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         DEC-01-2011            PB003105
African Business                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012            PB005229
Afro - Americans in New York Life and History                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-31-2000         JAN-01-2012            PB006833
Afterimage                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012            PB003641
Aftermarket Business                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2009            PB005230
Against the Current                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-28-2000         FEB-28-2006            PB005028
AgExporter                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         MAY-01-2003            PB005232
Aging Male                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2003         DEC-01-2007            PB006806
Aging Today                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2002         MAR-01-2012            PB005233
Agricultural and Resource Economics Review                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2002         AUG-01-2011            PB005234
Agricultural Education Magazine, The                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2000         JAN-01-2012            PB005235
Agricultural Research                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1996         FEB-01-2012            PB001090
Agronomy Journal                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2001         MAY-01-2006            PB005236
Ahfad Journal                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1994         JUN-01-2005            PB001250
AI Magazine                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         DEC-01-2011            PB003643
AIDS & Hepatitis Digest                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2003         SEP-01-2006            PB006842
AIDS Education and Prevention                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         FEB-01-2011            PB003645
AIM: Armenian International Magazine                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-31-1990         FEB-28-1999            PB000449
Air Cargo Report                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-30-1998         DEC-17-1998            PB002755
Air Power History                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         DEC-01-2011            PB003108
Air Safety Week                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-03-1998         DEC-19-2011            PB002756
Air Transport World                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         SEP-01-2011            PB005243
Aircraft Value News                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-03-1998         FEB-13-2012            PB002757
Airline Business                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2002         MAR-01-2012            PB005245
Airline Financial News                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-03-1998         FEB-16-2004            PB002758
Airport Security Report                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-28-2007         NOV-30-2011            PB007421
AKC Gazette                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2001         SEP-01-2011            PB005247
Al Bawaba                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-06-2002         MAR-20-2012            PB005248
Alabama Heritage                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2004         JUL-01-2006            PB006785
ALAN Review                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2005         JUL-01-2010            PB007425
Alaska                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1997         MAR-01-2012            PB003110
Alberta Report / Western Report                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-02-1995         DEC-30-1996            PB000672
Alberta RN                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2001         MAY-01-2006            PB003291

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 9 of 193
Publication                                                                    Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Alcohol Health & Research World                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-2011             PB001112
All Hands                                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         NOV-01-2006             PB003650                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-17-2002         MAR-23-2012             PB005250
Alternatives Journal                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-31-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB007588
Amber Waves                                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         DEC-01-2011             PB006807
American Annals of the Deaf                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB003651
American Artist                                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         NOV-01-2009             PB003652
American Asian Review                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2001         OCT-01-2003             PB003653
American Bankers Association. ABA Banking Journal                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB005252
American Biology Teacher, The                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         AUG-01-2011             PB005254
American Business Law Journal                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-2000         JUL-01-2007             PB003654
American Cheerleader                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2002         FEB-01-2012             PB004834
American Demographics                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1994         NOV-01-2004             PB004707
American Dietetic Association (Journal of the American Dietetic Association)            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2004             PB003656
American Drama                                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2003         JUL-01-2007             PB006856
American Economist                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         APR-01-2010             PB001027
American Educational Research Journal                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2009             PB005255
American Family Physician                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2001         JUN-15-2004             PB003658
American Forests                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         JUL-01-2010             PB003660
American Heritage                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         FEB-01-2006             PB003661
American History                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB003662
American Indian Quarterly                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         JAN-01-2012             PB003114
American Jewish History                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2002         DEC-01-2009             PB006720
American Journal of Agricultural Economics                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1995         AUG-01-1998             PB000287
American Journal of Family Law                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         JAN-01-2012             PB006780
American Journal of Health Behavior                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         SEP-01-2009             PB006784
American Journal of Health Studies                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2007             PB003665
American Journal of Public Health                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2011             PB003668
American Journal of Speech - Language Pathology                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         NOV-01-2009             PB003669
American Journalism Review (AJR)                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1997         OCT-01-2011             PB003115
American Machinist                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         DEC-01-2009             PB001751
American Printer                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         NOV-12-2011             PB001477
American Prospect                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1998         JAN-01-2011             PB002875
American Record Guide                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-1995         JAN-01-2012             PB000895
American Rehabilitation                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1996         OCT-01-2003             PB001089
American Scholar, The                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB005262
American Scientist                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         NOV-01-2011             PB003118
American Studies International                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2001         JUN-01-2004             PB003685
American Theatre                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB003119
American Transcendental Quarterly                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2000         DEC-01-2008             PB005265
Americas (English Edition)                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1994         FEB-01-2012             PB001675
America's Network                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1997         OCT-01-2006             PB001665
Analog Science Fiction & Fact                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB007980
Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         NOV-01-2005             PB003692
ANQ                                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         JUL-01-2010             PB000123

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                                  Page 10 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Antara                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-04-2000         OCT-17-2010             PB005270
Anthropological Quarterly                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB003697
Antiques & Collecting Magazine                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         JUN-01-2011             PB003120
Antiquity                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2000         SEP-01-2011             PB006724
AppleSeeds                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2002         JAN-01-2012             PB005272
Applied Genetics News                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         AUG-01-2002             PB002961
Apply*                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-2004         MAY-01-2007             PB006537
Arab Studies Quarterly (ASQ)                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-1995         APR-01-2011             PB001189
Arable Farming                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-12-2001         DEC-18-2006             PB003701
Architect                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2008         JUL-01-2011             PB007483
Architecture; the AIA journal                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2003         OCT-01-2006             PB003703
Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2005         OCT-01-2010             PB007378
Archives of Environmental Health                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-11-1995         DEC-01-2004             PB000248
Argumentation and Advocacy                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         JUL-01-2004             PB000131
Arkansas Business                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-10-2000         FEB-20-2012             PB005278
Arkansas Historical Quarterly                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         DEC-01-2011             PB003706
Arms Control Today                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB003121
Army                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-2002         MAR-01-2012             PB005281
Art Business News                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2002         OCT-01-2006             PB005285
Art Education                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB003709
Art Journal                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-22-1994         DEC-01-2011             PB000928
Artforum                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         MAR-01-2012             PB005286
Arts and Activities                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB005287
Arts Education Policy Review                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-13-1995         OCT-01-2010             PB000587
AS&U, American School & University                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-1997         MAR-23-2012             PB001642
Asahi Evening News                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-22-2001         AUG-08-2003             PB005288
Asia Today International                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2000         OCT-01-2004             PB005291
Asian Affairs: An American Review                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JUL-01-2010             PB000148
Asian Ethnology                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES                                                  PB007650
Asian Folklore Studies                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2005             PB006721
Asian Perspectives                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-1997         APR-01-2006             PB003124
Ask                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         FEB-01-2012             PB006826
Association Meetings                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-2004         FEB-01-2012             PB006504
Astronomy                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         FEB-01-2012             PB003125
Atlantic Monthly, The                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB005301
Audio Week                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-05-1998         FEB-03-2003             PB002542
Audiotex Update                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000764
Australasian Science                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB005304
Australian Accounting Review                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-1998         SEP-01-2008             PB004839
Australian Journal of Communication                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2009         JUL-01-2010             PB008059
Australian Science Teachers Journal                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1998         DEC-01-2000             PB004840
Australian Screen Education                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-12-2000         MAR-10-2004             PB004755
Automotive News                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-22-1999         MAR-19-2012             PB004841
Aviation History                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB005312
AZB, Arizona Business                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         DEC-01-2004             PB004842

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 11 of 193
Publication                                                                    Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Back Stage                                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-29-2002         FEB-02-2006             PB003718
Back Stage East                                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2006         JUL-27-2006             PB007339
Backpacker                                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1995         JAN-01-2012             PB001190
Bank Investment Consultant                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB002523
Bank of England (Quarterly Bulletin)                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         NOV-01-2011             PB003719
Barron's                                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-05-1998         MAR-12-2012             PB003720
Baseline                                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         FEB-01-2012             PB005325
Battery & EV Technology                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         FEB-01-2007             PB002962
Baylor Business Review                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB005326
BE Radio                                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-1997         FEB-01-2012             PB001596
Bee Culture                                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB005327
Beef                                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1998         JAN-12-2012             PB002714
Behavioral Health Management                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2005             PB006723
Behavioral Healthcare                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES                                                  PB007344
Behavioral Medicine                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         OCT-01-2010             PB000453
Best's Review                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB003724
Better Investing                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB004844
Better Nutrition                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         MAR-01-2011             PB003728
Beverage Industry                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB005331
Beyond Numbers                                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         SEP-01-2009             PB005332
Bicycling                                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         DEC-01-2010             PB001191
Billboard                                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-10-1998         MAR-10-2012             PB004845
Billing & Customer Care Review                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-24-1998         OCT-06-1998             PB002759
Billing Systems Review                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-05-1998         AUG-05-1998             PB002760
Biochemistry and Cell Biology                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2002         JUN-01-2007             PB003297
BioCycle                                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB003733
Biomedical Market Newsletter                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-30-1997         FEB-28-1998             PB002836
Bioscience                                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2000         SEP-01-2011             PB003735
Biotech Business                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000765
Biotech Equipment Update                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000767
Biotech Financial Reports                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000768
Bioterrorism Week                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-10-2001         MAR-26-2012             PB005334
Black Enterprise                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-31-1994         MAR-01-2012             PB000499
Black History Bulletin                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2007         JUL-01-2010             PB007379
Black Issues In Higher Education                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-10-1994         JUL-28-2005             PB000650
Black Professional                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-30-1993         JUL-31-1995             PB000099
Blues Buster                                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2002         APR-01-2004             PB006783
BMN's Medical Industry Conference Calendar Newsletter, International Edition            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1998         JUL-16-1998             PB002837
Body Bulletin                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1996         DEC-01-1996             PB001214
Book Business                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2006         JAN-01-2012             PB007340
Bookbird                                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB003572
Booktech the Magazine                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         DEC-01-2005             PB005344
Bowhunter                                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB005348
Boys' Life                                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         FEB-01-2012             PB003127
Brain, Behavior and Evolution                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1998         JAN-01-2003             PB004846

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                                  Page 12 of 193
Publication                                                               Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Brandweek                                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         AUG-07-2006             PB005350
Brazzil                                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-31-1996         MAR-31-1999             PB000752
British Journal of Psychology                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1995         MAY-01-2006             PB000445
British Medical Journal (International edition)                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JUL-26-2003             PB003742
Broadband Business Forecast                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2005         JUL-08-2008             PB007025
Broadband Networking News                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-04-1998         NOV-16-2004             PB002761
Broadcast Engineering                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-1997         MAR-23-2012             PB001595
Broadcasting & Cable                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-2000         MAR-19-2012             PB005356
Brookings Review                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-15-1995         OCT-01-2003             PB000924
Builder                                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2011             PB003743
Building                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2000         DEC-01-2011             PB003744
Buildings                                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB005361
Bulk Transporter                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2005         FEB-01-2012             PB007011
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB003746
Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-2002         APR-01-2007             PB004796
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-11-1995         NOV-01-2003             PB000087
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         SEP-01-2006             PB003748
Business Asia                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-07-2000         OCT-17-2005             PB005367
Business Communications Review                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         DEC-01-2007             PB001998
Business Economics                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         JAN-01-2012             PB000917
Business Journal, The; Serving Metropolitan Kansas City                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-21-2000         APR-21-2000             PB005383
Business Leader                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         SEP-01-2011             PB005387
Business Mexico                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         DEC-01-2005             PB005388
Business Perspectives                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         JAN-01-2012             PB001686
Business Review - Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         APR-01-2006             PB005389
Business Week                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-12-1998         JUN-21-2010             PB000855
C & D Debris Recycling                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         JUL-01-1998             PB002715
C4I News                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-30-1998         JAN-26-2012             PB002762
CabinetMaker                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2001         JUN-01-2006             PB003751
Cable Europe                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-05-1998         JUN-07-2001             PB002763
Cablefax Daily                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-28-1998         FEB-09-2012             PB002827
CAD/CAM Update                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000769
Cadence                                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         NOV-01-2003             PB005399
Callaloo                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2002         JAN-01-2011             PB005402
Calliope                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-2012             PB003516
Campaign                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-07-2003         FEB-17-2012             PB006716
Campaigns and Elections                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2002         JAN-01-2012             PB007433
Canada and the World Backgrounder                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         MAR-01-2007             PB001192
Canada's History                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2012         FEB-01-2012             PB008107
Canadian Business                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-19-2012             PB001836
Canadian Business Review                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-22-1994         SEP-22-1996             PB000035
Canadian Computer Reseller                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-03-1997         AUG-25-1999             PB002924
Canadian Electronics                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1999         JUN-01-2003             PB003302
Canadian Fiction                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2000             PB003303
Canadian Gardening                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         MAY-01-2009             PB006797

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                             Page 13 of 193
Publication                                                              Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Canadian Geographer                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1997         OCT-01-2006             PB003129
Canadian Geographic                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         APR-01-2010             PB001818
Canadian Home & Country                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2002         SEP-01-2008             PB006813
Canadian Home Workshop                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         MAR-01-2009             PB006798
Canadian Investment Review                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-1997         JUN-01-2000             PB002925
Canadian Issues                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2000         APR-01-2010             PB006808
Canadian Journal of Botany                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2000         MAY-01-2007             PB003306
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2001         APR-01-2006             PB003308
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1999         MAY-01-2007             PB003311
Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-1999         MAR-01-2012             PB003312
Canadian Journal of Film Studies                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2004         OCT-01-2011             PB006799
Canadian Journal of Forest Research                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2001         MAY-01-2007             PB003314
Canadian Journal of History                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1997         DEC-01-2011             PB003130
Canadian Journal of Public Health                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB003319
Canadian Journal of Zoology                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1999         JUN-01-2007             PB003320
Canadian Literature                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         APR-01-2011             PB003131
Canadian Musician                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-1987         JAN-01-2012             PB001747
Canadian Packaging                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         MAR-01-2006             PB001832
Canadian Psychology                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB004848
Canadian Slavonic Papers                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1999         JUN-01-2011             PB003323
Cancerweekly Plus                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-10-2000         MAR-27-2012             PB005410
Capitalism, Nature, Socialism                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2001         JUN-01-2008             PB003758
Card News                                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-03-1998         OCT-05-2004             PB002764
Casual Living                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         MAY-01-2010             PB005418
Catalog Age                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1998         MAY-01-2005             PB002039
Catalyst, The                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2011             PB005419
Catechist                                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         APR-01-2007             PB005420
CD Computing News                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000770
CD-ROM Databases                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1997         MAR-01-2000             PB000771
CEE News                                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         SEP-01-2002             PB002716
Cellular & Mobile International                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1997         SEP-01-1998             PB001602
Cellular Business                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1997         DEC-01-1997             PB001600
Cement Americas                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         NOV-11-2010             PB006514
Central News Agency                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-04-2000         OCT-02-2003             PB005422
Challenge : A Jerusalem Magazine on the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2006             PB003764
Change                                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-1994         SEP-01-2010             PB000135
Chatelaine                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-01-2012             PB001833
Chemical Week                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-05-1994         JUL-04-2011             PB000251
Chicago Review                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-22-1994         APR-01-2010             PB000172
Chief Executive; New York                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2009             PB005439
Child Health Alert                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         APR-01-2010             PB003767
Child Life                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-11-1995         JUL-01-2007             PB000679
Childhood Education                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         AUG-01-2011             PB006757
Children & Schools                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         JAN-01-2011             PB004849
Children's Digest                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-01-2009             PB000680

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                            Page 14 of 193
Publication                                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Children's Technology and Engineering                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2010         DEC-01-2011             PB008068
Chinese America : History & Perspectives                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO                                                   PB008113
Chiropractic Journal                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB005440
Christian Education Journal                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1999         OCT-01-2011             PB004850
Christian Scholar's Review                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2002         JAN-01-2012             PB005441
Chronicle                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-2002         OCT-01-2005             PB004800
Chronicle of the Early American Industries Association, Inc., The            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2000         JAN-01-2010             PB005442
Church & State                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB003771
Church History                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB003134
Cineaste                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         DEC-01-2011             PB000156
Cinema Journal                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2002         JAN-01-2011             PB006782
Circulation Management                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1998         AUG-01-2004             PB002855
Click                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         FEB-01-2012             PB006825
Climbing                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB005452
Clinical Diabetes                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB003779
Clinical Pediatrics                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2000         APR-01-2005             PB003780
Clio                                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2007             PB003781
Club Industry                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2004         AUG-01-2004             PB006525
Club Industry's Fitness Business Pro                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-19-2009         MAR-22-2012             PB007943
Club Management                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JUN-01-2006             PB003782
CMA magazine                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1994         MAY-01-1998             PB000553
Coal Age                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         JUL-01-2003             PB002717
College Literature                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1995         OCT-01-2011             PB000174
College Student Affairs Journal                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2004         APR-01-2011             PB006663
College Student Journal                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2002         SEP-01-2011             PB005459
College Teaching                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         OCT-01-2010             PB000910
Colonial Homes                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1994         SEP-01-1998             PB001097
Colorado Business Magazine                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         NOV-01-1999             PB000960
Commentary                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         MAR-01-2012             PB000994
Commercial Real Estate South                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1997         DEC-01-1997             PB001643
Commonweal                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-28-1994         MAR-09-2012             PB001002
Communication Quarterly                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2005             PB003790
Communication Studies                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         DEC-01-2005             PB003791
Communication World                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JUL-01-2010             PB000047
Communications Convergence                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         SEP-01-2004             PB005468
Communications News                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-01-2009             PB002257
Communities                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         DEC-01-2011             PB005469
Community College Enterprise, The                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2002         OCT-01-2011             PB005472
Community College Review                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         OCT-01-2011             PB004851
Commuter/Regional Airline News                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-03-1998         JAN-10-2005             PB002765
Comparative Literature                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2000         APR-01-2010             PB003793
Computer and Internet Lawyer                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB005478
Computer Dealer News                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-12-1994         DEC-09-2005             PB001485
Computer Gaming World                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2002         DEC-01-2007             PB005479
Computer Graphics World                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO                                                   PB008114

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                       Page 15 of 193
Publication                                                            Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Computer Protocols                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         FEB-01-2012             PB000772
Computer Reseller News                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-02-1996         JAN-01-2012             PB000814
Computer Retail Week                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-08-1996         JUL-12-1999             PB000824
Computer Security News                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2006         DEC-01-2008             PB006911
Computer Technology Review                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-2006             PB004908
Computer Weekly                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-14-2003         APR-19-2011             PB006794
Computer Workstations                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000773
Computers in Libraries                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         MAR-01-2012             PB002144
Computerworld                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-1994         APR-19-2010             PB001163
ComputerWorld Canada                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-14-2000         JUL-06-2010             PB006800
Computerworld's 1995 CEO/CFO survey                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-12-1995         JUN-12-1995             PB001183
Computing Canada                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-05-1994         DEC-16-2005             PB001486
Concern                                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2001         FEB-01-2006             PB003326
Concrete Products                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         NOV-16-2010             PB001478
Connected Planet                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2009         APR-01-2010             PB007940
Consumer Electronics                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-05-1998         FEB-03-2003             PB002544
Consumer Reports                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2004         JAN-01-2009             PB008035
Consumer Reports : Publisher's Edition Including Supplemental Guides            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-2002         FEB-01-2004             PB005488
Consumers' Research Magazine                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         FEB-01-2004             PB000392
Contempora Magazine                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-31-1995         DEC-31-1998             PB000446
Contemporary Drug Problems                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2011             PB005489
Contemporary Economic Policy                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2008             PB006725
Contemporary Pacific                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2001         JAN-01-2011             PB003798
Contemporary Review                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2011             PB003799
Contemporary Southeast Asia                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2011             PB003801
Contemporary Women's Issues Database                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1972         DEC-01-2004             PB002690
Context: A Commentary on the Interaction of Religion and Culture                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2001         JUL-01-2006             PB003802
Convergence                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         JAN-01-2009             PB005497
Converting Magazine                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         APR-01-2010             PB005498
Corn and Soybean Digest                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-15-2004         MAR-23-2012             PB006540
Corporate EFT Report                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-05-1998         JUN-20-2001             PB002767
Corporate Meetings & Incentives                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         MAR-01-2010             PB006528
Corporate University Review                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1998         AUG-01-1999             PB002941
Counseling and Human Development                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2002             PB003804
Counseling and Values                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2002             PB003805
Country Living                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB007741
Country Monitor                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-09-2000         JUL-22-2002             PB005508
Countryside & Small Stock Journal                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         NOV-01-2010             PB000835
Crain's Chicago Business                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-2000         MAR-12-2012             PB005515
Crain's Cleveland Business                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-2000         MAR-12-2012             PB005516
Crain's Detroit Business                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-2000         MAR-05-2012             PB005517
Crain's New York Business                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-2000         MAR-12-2012             PB005518
Cranes Today                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         FEB-01-2008             PB005519
Credit Risk Management Report                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-10-1998         FEB-08-2000             PB002768
Credit Union Executive                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-11-1995         NOV-01-1999             PB002742

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                          Page 16 of 193
Publication                                           Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Criminal Justice Ethics                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         AUG-01-2011             PB000353
Criminology                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2001         FEB-01-2006             PB004768
Critical Care Nursing Quarterly                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1996         JUL-01-2003             PB002736
Criticism                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         JAN-01-2012             PB003140
Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         OCT-01-2010             PB001147
Cross Currents                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-15-1995         SEP-01-2010             PB000583
CTI News                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-28-1998         FEB-08-2000             PB002769
Cultural Survival Quarterly                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-30-2000         JAN-31-2006             PB005050
Current Events                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-10-1999         MAR-05-2012             PB003573
Current Health 1                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2000         APR-01-2010             PB003574
Current Health 2                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1997         APR-01-2010             PB003141
Current Health Kids                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2010         MAR-01-2012             PB008065
Current Health Teens                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2010         MAR-01-2012             PB008064
Current History                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2002         MAY-01-2011             PB005531
Current Musicology                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         APR-01-2011             PB003809
Current Science                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-24-1999         MAR-09-2012             PB003575
Customer Interface                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         DEC-01-2003             PB005534
D - Dallas/Fort Worth                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB005536
Daedalus                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         OCT-01-2011             PB003812
Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-19-2009         MAR-02-2012             PB007732
Dairy Field                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2007             PB005543
Dairy Industries International                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1996         FEB-01-2012             PB000880
Dance Magazine                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1997         JAN-01-2003             PB003142
Dance Spirit                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB005546
Dance Teacher                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2002         MAR-01-2012             PB004909
Darwin                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2002         MAR-01-2002             PB005547
Data Communications                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-07-1998         JUL-07-1999             PB002845
Daughters                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2001         MAY-01-2008             PB006815
Dealernews                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB001195
Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB003814
Defense Counsel Journal                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB003815
Defense Daily                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-28-1998         FEB-03-2012             PB002770
Delta Farm Press                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-11-2004         OCT-09-2009             PB006501
Dermatology Nursing                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1996         SEP-01-2010             PB001819
Dermatology Times                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         FEB-01-2012             PB001632
Design News                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-2000         MAY-01-2010             PB003029
Diabetes                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB003817
Diabetes Care                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB003818
Diabetes Forecast                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-01-2012             PB000693
Diabetes Spectrum                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB003819
differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-22-1994         JUN-22-1998             PB001223
Dig                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         JAN-01-2012             PB005558
Digital Cellular Report                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-28-1998         MAR-24-1999             PB002771
Digital Cinema                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2004         OCT-01-2004             PB006860
Digital Content Producer                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES                                                  PB007951

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                         Page 17 of 193
Publication                                                      Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Digital Production Executive                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-01-1998         AUG-01-1998             PB002856
DigitalTV                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2005             PB005559
Direct                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-1998         MAR-01-2009             PB002857
DISAM Journal of International Security Assistance Management             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         JUL-01-2010             PB004852
Display Development News                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1996         JUN-01-2005             PB002973
Diverse Issues In Higher Education                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-17-2005         MAR-01-2012             PB007009
Dollars & Sense                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-1996         JAN-01-2012             PB002700
Drug & Cosmetic Industry                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         OCT-01-1998             PB001196
Drug Discovery/Technology News                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1999         AUG-01-2002             PB002974
DTTP, Documents to the People                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2004         APR-01-2007             PB006847
DV Business                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-10-1998         NOV-17-1998             PB002829
DVD Report                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-03-1998         FEB-16-2004             PB002772
E - Doc                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2001         JUL-01-2008             PB005572
E - Learning                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2002         NOV-01-2003             PB005573
E Magazine                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB000949
Early American Life                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         APR-01-2003             PB004338
Early American Literature                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         SEP-01-2011             PB002876
Earth First! Journal                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-31-2000         APR-30-2006             PB005054
Earth Island Journal                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB005574
East European Quarterly                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-22-1994         JUL-01-2006             PB001687
EBN                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-03-2000         DEC-15-2003             PB005577
EcoCentral: Central American Economy & Sustainable Development            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-19-1996         JAN-28-1999             PB005013
Economic Geography                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2008             PB003830
Economic Indicators                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-01-2001         APR-01-2003             PB003831
Economic Inquiry                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2008             PB003832
Economic Outlook                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2004             PB003833
Economic Policy Review - Federal Reserve Bank of New York                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2000         MAY-01-2011             PB005581
Economic Quarterly - Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2011             PB005582
Economic Record                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2006             PB003834
Economic Review - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2010             PB005583
Economic Review - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB005584
Economic Review - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2010             PB005585 / Global Agenda                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-02-2001         MAY-11-2009             PB005586 / news analysis                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-08-2009         OCT-18-2010             PB007752
EContent                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-2002         MAR-01-2012             PB003835
Education                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1996         DEC-01-2011             PB000329
Education & Treatment of Children                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB006722
Education Digest, The                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB005589
Education Week                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-06-2002         MAR-07-2012             PB004854
EEO BiMonthly, Equal Employment Opportunity Career Journal                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-31-1993         DEC-31-1998             PB000652
EFT Report                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-29-1998         AUG-18-2004             PB002774
E-Gear                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2007         JUN-01-2011             PB008071
Egypt Today                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1997         MAY-01-2001             PB001715
eJournal of Tax Research                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2009         DEC-01-2010             PB008060
Elderly Care                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         DEC-01-2003             PB003837

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                    Page 18 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Electrical Wholesaling                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-1998         MAR-07-2012             PB002859
Electro Manufacturing                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         FEB-01-2012             PB000774
Electronic Advertising & Marketplace Report                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-14-1998         JUL-10-2001             PB002556
Electronic Buyer News                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-19-1996         APR-24-2000             PB000815
Electronic Commerce News                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-03-1998         AUG-16-2004             PB002775
Electronic Commerce Review                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-28-1998         NOV-11-1998             PB002776
Electronic Design                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-09-1995         DEC-08-2011             PB001752
Electronic Education Report                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-22-1998         JAN-09-2004             PB002557
Electronic Engineering Times                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-02-1996         MAR-05-2012             PB000816
Electronic Gaming Monthly                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-2002         JAN-01-2009             PB005602
Electronic Materials Update                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1994         FEB-01-2005             PB002981
Electronic Media                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-04-2001         JUN-01-2009             PB005603
Electronic News                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-03-1994         DEC-21-1998             PB000860
Electronic Payments Week                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-07-2004         SEP-28-2004             PB006624
Emedia                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2000         DEC-01-2004             PB003839
Emerge                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-31-1994         APR-30-1999             PB000247
Emergency Medicine                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         FEB-01-2003             PB003840
Employment and Earnings                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2000         NOV-01-2004             PB003841
Energy Conservation News                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1994         APR-01-2003             PB002975
Energy Optimization News                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO                                                   PB007008
Engineering & Mining Journal                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         MAY-01-2003             PB001479
English Education                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         JAN-01-2012             PB007430
English Journal                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         MAR-01-2012             PB007431
English Studies in Africa                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAY-01-2010             PB003844
Enhanced Energy Recovery News                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-1996         OCT-01-1997             PB002963
Enterprise Partner                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-15-1999         JUL-19-1999             PB002901
Enterprise Systems Journal                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1994         DEC-01-1998             PB002695
Entertainment Design                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         NOV-01-2005             PB005001
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2002             PB003847
Environment                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-11-1995         SEP-01-2010             PB000585
Environmental Design + Construction                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004776
Environmental History                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         OCT-01-2009             PB003848
Environmental Progress                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2001         DEC-01-2003             PB003849
EQ                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2004         DEC-01-2006             PB006861
Esquire                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB007745
Essays in Literature                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-22-1994         SEP-22-1996             PB001677
Essence                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-01-2012             PB000053
et Cetera                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB003850
Ethics & International Affairs                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2010             PB004910
Ethics & Medicine                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB005624
Ethics and the Environment                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2004         APR-01-2006             PB006779
Ethikos                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2005             PB003851
Ethnology                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2000         APR-01-2005             PB003854
Eureka                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2006             PB005625
Euromoney                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB005626

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 19 of 193
Publication                                            Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Europe Energy                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-12-1996         OCT-03-2003             PB002569
Europe Environment                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-08-1996         SEP-25-2003             PB002568
Europe Information                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-17-2004         MAR-26-2012             PB006492
Europe Information Energy                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-19-2004         FEB-23-2006             PB006493
Europe Information Environment                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-25-2004         FEB-17-2006             PB006491
Europe Information e-Technologies                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-23-2004         FEB-25-2006             PB006494
Europe Information Transport                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-25-2004         JAN-16-2006             PB006495
European Automotive Design                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2001         JUN-01-2006             PB003856
European Media Business & Finance                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-12-1998         MAR-22-1999             PB002779
European Report                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-05-1996         OCT-04-2003             PB002567
European Securities Trading                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1997         MAR-01-1998             PB002525
European Telecom                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-21-1998         DEC-23-1998             PB002780
European Venture Capital Journal                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1996         APR-01-2006             PB003532
Euroweek                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-07-2000         FEB-24-2012             PB005630
EventDV                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2005         DEC-01-2011             PB006889
Everybody's: The Caribbean-American Magazine                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-31-1993         MAR-31-1999             PB000100
eWeek                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-25-2002         MAY-01-2008             PB005632
Exceptional Children                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB003858
Executive Speeches                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         OCT-01-2005             PB005634                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2002         MAR-23-2012             PB005637
Faces                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-2012             PB003518
Families, Systems & Health                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1999         OCT-01-2004             PB004911
Family Economics and Nutrition Review                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2004             PB003860
Family Planning Perspectives                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         SEP-01-2008             PB000167
Fantasy & Science Fiction                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB003863
Farm Industry News                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         MAR-23-2012             PB002718
Farmers Weekly                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-05-2003         FEB-17-2012             PB006853
Fast Company                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1995         MAR-01-2012             PB003533
Fathering                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         OCT-01-2011             PB006816
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004296
FDA Consumer                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1988         MAR-01-2007             PB001621
FDM, Furniture Design & Manufacturing                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-2001         APR-01-2009             PB003865
Federal Probation                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1996         DEC-01-1998             PB001087
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1996         JUL-01-2003             PB001105
Fedgazette                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2006             PB005652
Female Patient (OB/GYN edition)                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2001         JAN-01-2003             PB003867
Feminist Studies                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB003868
Fiber Optics News                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-03-1998         FEB-16-2004             PB002781
Field & Stream                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         MAR-01-2012             PB006734
Filipinas                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-31-2000         JAN-01-2010             PB006818
Filipinas Magazine                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-31-1994         APR-30-1999             PB000108
Film Comment                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         JAN-01-2012             PB003149
Film History                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         OCT-01-2011             PB003150
Financial Planning                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-1998         MAR-01-2012             PB002527
Fine Particle Technology News                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-1998         MAR-01-2000             PB002976

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                          Page 20 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Fitness Business Pro                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2005         JAN-01-2010             PB007013
Flame Retardancy News                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         JUN-01-2006             PB002964
Flare                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB003534
Fleet Owner                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB001699
Flight Journal                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1998         JUN-01-2006             PB003152
Flora                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2002         JAN-01-2004             PB004912
Fly Fisherman                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB005669
Fly Fishing in Salt Waters                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2008         JAN-01-2012             PB007730
Focus                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-22-1994         JAN-01-2001             PB000591
Focus on Autistic Behavior                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1994         DEC-01-1995             PB000043
Focus on Geography                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2001         DEC-01-2010             PB004786
Food in Canada                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB001834
Food Ingredient News                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1996         JUN-01-2006             PB002965
Food Review                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-13-1996         JUL-01-2002             PB001111
Food Service Distributor                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1995         MAY-01-1998             PB001778
Forbes Magazine                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-24-1997         APR-24-2006             PB001743
Forecast                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-03-1993         AUG-01-2003             PB001184
Foreign Affairs                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB006713
Foreign Policy                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-1990         MAR-01-2012             PB000837
Forest Science                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2002         FEB-01-2012             PB004857
Foundry Management & Technology                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         NOV-01-2010             PB001753
Franchising World                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB005681
Freeman                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         DEC-01-2011             PB006482
Fuel Cell Industry Report                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2008         APR-01-2008             PB007596
Fuel Cell Technology News                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1999         FEB-01-2007             PB002984
Game Developer                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB003881
GameNow                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2002         DEC-01-2003             PB005690
Games for Windows                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007616
Garden Design                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2008         JAN-01-2012             PB007731
Gay & Lesbian Review, The                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-31-2000         APR-30-2006             PB005063
Genetic, Social & General Psychology Monographs              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-01-1994         AUG-01-2005             PB000014
Genomics & Genetics Weekly                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-10-2000         MAR-30-2012             PB005696
Geo Info Systems                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         SEP-01-2006             PB001627
Georgetown Law Journal                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         JUN-01-2006             PB004858
Georgia Trend                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB003889
Geriatrics                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1995         SEP-01-2006             PB001197
German Life                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-31-1994         FEB-01-2012             PB000644
German Quarterly                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB003890
Gifted Child Today Magazine                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2011             PB003891
Global Positioning & Navigation News                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-29-1998         APR-18-2001             PB002782
Global Telephony                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1997         MAR-01-2002             PB001601
GMR                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2004         FEB-01-2005             PB006867
Golf World                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2010         JAN-16-2012             PB008073
Good Housekeeping                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB007743
Gourmet News                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2002         OCT-01-2008             PB004859

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 21 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Government Accounting Office Report                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-05-1994         MAR-23-2012             PB001704
Government Executive                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         MAR-01-2012             PB002996
Government Security                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2004         JUL-01-2008             PB006530
Government Video                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2004         DEC-01-2006             PB006862
GPS World                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2006             PB005715
Grand Rapids Business Journal                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-18-2000         FEB-27-2012             PB003892
Graphic Arts Monthly                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2001         APR-01-2010             PB004297
Greater Lansing Business Monthly                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB003895
Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-1997         DEC-01-2005             PB003156
Green Teacher                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-1999         OCT-01-2011             PB003330
Greenhouse Grower                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         JUN-01-2006             PB003897
Ground Water                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         SEP-01-2005             PB003898
Grounds Maintenance                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1997         OCT-01-2006             PB001700
Group                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2002         JUL-01-2006             PB003899
GUI Program News                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000775
Guitar Player                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB003900
Hampton Roads International Security Quarterly               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-25-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB005720
Hampton Roads Military History                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-25-2001         OCT-25-2001             PB005721
Harper's                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1999         DEC-01-2007             PB003157
Harper's Bazaar                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB007744
Harvard International Review                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         JUL-01-2011             PB003901
Harvard Review                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         OCT-01-2011             PB006864
Hawaii Business                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB003902
Hay & Forage Grower                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1998         AUG-01-2010             PB002722
Health & Social Work                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         NOV-01-2011             PB004778
Health Affairs                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB003904
Health and Hygiene                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         JUL-01-2008             PB003905
Health Care Management Review                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-22-1995         JUL-01-2004             PB001960
Health Letter                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         NOV-01-2003             PB003907
Health Management Technology                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         FEB-01-2012             PB001470
Healthcare PR & Marketing News                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-06-1998         APR-13-2000             PB002783
Healthcare Purchasing News                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         AUG-01-2011             PB005733
HealthFacts                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-2001         JUL-01-2009             PB000593
Heart                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         FEB-01-2003             PB003908
Heart & Soul                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-31-1994         JAN-31-1997             PB000447
Heart Disease Weekly                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-10-2000         APR-01-2012             PB005734
Heating, Piping, Air Conditioning                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         FEB-01-2012             PB001754
Hecate                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2011             PB003909
Helicopter News                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-14-1998         JAN-31-2012             PB002784
Hewlett-Packard Journal                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1994         AUG-01-1998             PB001829
High Tech Ceramics News                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-1994         JUN-01-2006             PB002967
High Tech Separations News                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         MAY-01-2003             PB002970
Highlights for Children                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-1996         JAN-01-2012             PB000602
Hispanic                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-28-1994         MAY-01-2008             PB000959
Hispanic Engineer                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-31-1994         JAN-31-1997             PB000105

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 22 of 193
Publication                                                Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, The                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-05-1994         MAR-26-1999             PB000754
Historian                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         OCT-01-2011             PB003162
Historical Methods                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JUL-01-2010             PB001048
History                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2010             PB006468
History and Memory                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB005738
History Today                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1992         DEC-01-2010             PB008048
History: Review of New Books                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1996         JUN-01-1996             PB001215
HME News                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-15-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB005739
Hockey Weekly                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-02-2000         FEB-22-2012             PB005740
Hollywood Reporter                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-16-2002         MAR-09-2012             PB004860
Horn Book Guide to Children's and Young Adult Books, The            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB005747
Horse & Rider                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB003918
Hospital Development                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1996         AUG-01-2007             PB000133
Hospital Topics                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         OCT-01-2010             PB000034
Hospitality                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JUN-01-2005             PB003919
Hospitals & Health Networks                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-05-1995         FEB-01-2012             PB000955
Hotel & Motel Management                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-09-1995         OCT-16-2006             PB001198
House Beautiful                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB007747
HP Professional                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         JUL-01-1998             PB002696
HR Magazine                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         FEB-01-2012             PB000903
Human Biology                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2011             PB003920
Human Development                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         SEP-01-2003             PB004861
Human Ecology                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB003921
Human Events                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-29-2000         OCT-17-2011             PB003922
Human Factors                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1998         APR-01-2006             PB004862
Human Life Review                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2011             PB003923
Human Organization                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB003924
Human Quest                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2006             PB003925
Human Resource Management Journal                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2004             PB003928
Human Rights                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         APR-01-2011             PB003163
Humanities                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB003929
Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Progress                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2008         APR-15-2008             PB007597
Hydraulics & Pneumatics                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         FEB-14-2012             PB001755
Ideas on Liberty                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2003             PB003934
Imaging Update                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000776
In Business                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2000         NOV-01-2007             PB003935
Inc                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-30-2001         AUG-01-2006             PB003936
Indiana Business Magazine                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         FEB-01-2009             PB003938
Indiana Business Review                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB003939
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2003         JUL-01-2011             PB006836
Indianapolis Business Journal                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-20-1994         MAR-12-2012             PB000070
Industrial Environment                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000778
Industries in Transition                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1996         FEB-01-2004             PB002966
Industry Week                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-09-1995         JAN-01-2012             PB001756
Infants and Young Children                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2004             PB006773

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                              Page 23 of 193
Publication                                               Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Infonomics                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2008         NOV-01-2009             PB007995
Information Outlook                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB003944
Information Today                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB002210
InformationWeek                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-02-1996         FEB-13-2012             PB000817
Inside Digital TV                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-22-1998         DEC-06-2006             PB002879
Inside MS                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         AUG-01-2007             PB005791
Insight on the News                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-27-1997         MAY-11-2004             PB003167
Instructor (1999)                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB007979
Insurance Conference Planner                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2004         SEP-01-2005             PB006536
IntellectualCapital.Com                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-30-1998         DEC-24-1998             PB002851
Intelligent Network News                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-05-1998         FEB-02-2000             PB002786
Interactive PR & Marketing News                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-07-1998         DEC-13-1999             PB002787
Intercollegiate Review                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2000         APR-01-2006             PB005810
Interior Design                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAY-01-2010             PB005812
Internal Auditor                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1994         DEC-01-2007             PB000203
International Bulletin of Missionary Research                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB005817
International Construction                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-01-1998         DEC-01-2002             PB002863
International Journal of Childbirth Education                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB003948
International Journal of Early Childhood                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAY-01-2010             PB003949
International Journal of Instructional Media                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2005             PB003951
International Journal of STD & AIDS                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2001         SEP-01-2006             PB003953
International Journal on World Peace                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-1997         SEP-01-2011             PB003168
International Small Business Journal                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-2000         FEB-01-2004             PB003956
International Wildlife                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1994         JUL-01-1999             PB001085
Internet@Schools                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2011         MAR-01-2012             PB008067
InternetWeek                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-08-1997         APR-24-2000             PB001638
Interpretation                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB003959
Interspace                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-06-1998         SEP-10-2003             PB002789
Intervention in School & Clinic                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1994         SEP-01-2008             PB000063
Investment Management Weekly                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-18-1998         JUN-06-2011             PB002528
Iris                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-30-2000         APR-01-2010             PB006829
Irish America                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-28-1994         DEC-01-2011             PB000271
ISDN News                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-28-1998         OCT-21-1998             PB002790
Islamic Horizons                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2006         JAN-01-2012             PB007429
ISP Business News                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-03-1998         JUN-25-2001             PB002791
Issues in Accounting Education                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         AUG-01-2011             PB006719
Issues in Law & Medicine                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         JUL-01-2011             PB000072
Issues in Science and Technology                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-22-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB002197
IT Architect                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO                                                   PB007010
Italian America                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2002         JAN-01-2012             PB006837
Item Processing Report                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-30-1998         AUG-12-2004             PB002792
Jack & Jill                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-1995         JAN-01-2012             PB000810
Jazziz                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2006             PB003965
Jewish Social Studies                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2009             PB005847
Journal for the Anthropological Study of Human Movement            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2004         OCT-01-2005             PB006795

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                             Page 24 of 193
Publication                                           Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Journal of Accountancy                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB006756
Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2001         SEP-01-2004             PB003969
Journal of Advertising                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         DEC-01-2011             PB000191
Journal of Advertising Research                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2000         NOV-01-2002             PB003970
Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         AUG-01-2011             PB003971
Journal of American College Health                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         SEP-01-2010             PB000019
Journal of Applied Meteorology                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         DEC-01-2005             PB003974
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2006         FEB-01-2012             PB007308
Journal of Arts Management, Law & Society                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         OCT-01-2010             PB001028
Journal of Asian American Studies                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2002         JUN-01-2007             PB006791
Journal of Athletic Training                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-1997         MAR-01-2011             PB003171
Journal of Biblical Literature                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB003977
Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         DEC-01-2003             PB006749
Journal of Business Strategies                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2001         APR-01-2011             PB006768
Journal of Canadian Studies                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1999         OCT-01-2011             PB003333
Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1996         SEP-01-2004             PB002739
Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1999         NOV-01-2010             PB003980
Journal of Church and State                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB003981
Journal of Climate                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-15-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB003982
Journal of Community Nursing                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2004         NOV-01-2011             PB006868
Journal of Comparative Family Studies                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAY-01-2011             PB003335
Journal of Consumer Affairs                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-22-1994         OCT-01-2009             PB000634
Journal of Contemporary Asia                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2007             PB003985
Journal of Counseling and Development                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB003987
Journal of Democracy                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2004         APR-01-2007             PB006714
Journal of Developmental Education                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB006729
Journal of Drug Issues                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB004774
Journal of Early Christian Studies                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         DEC-01-2010             PB006788
Journal of Economic Education                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         OCT-01-2010             PB001216
Journal of Economic Issues                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         MAR-01-2009             PB000180
Journal of Education for Business                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1994         NOV-01-2010             PB000636
Journal of Emotional & Behavioral Disorders                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         DEC-01-2008             PB001008
Journal of Employment Counseling                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2001         JUN-01-2006             PB003989
Journal of Engineering Education                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         OCT-01-2011             PB004867
Journal of Environmental Education                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         OCT-01-2010             PB000407
Journal of Environmental Health                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-01-2012             PB000748
Journal of Environmental Quality                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2001         SEP-01-2010             PB003991
Journal of Environmental Studies and Policy                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2002         DEC-01-2003             PB006776
Journal of European Studies                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-2000         DEC-01-2002             PB003992
Journal of Experimental Education                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         OCT-01-2010             PB001213
Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         APR-01-2011             PB003993
Journal of Film and Video                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2011             PB003994
Journal of Financial Research                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-22-1994         JUL-15-1999             PB001688
Journal of Forestry                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1999         JAN-01-2012             PB004868
Journal of Genetic Psychology                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         JUN-01-2010             PB001050

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                         Page 25 of 193
Publication                                                Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Journal of Geography                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1999         SEP-01-2007             PB003173
Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama & Sociometry            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         DEC-22-1997             PB000012
Journal of Health Care Finance                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-22-1995         DEC-01-2011             PB001963
Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2000             PB003997
Journal of International Affairs                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         OCT-01-2011             PB003174
Journal of International and Area Studies                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2002         JUN-01-2006             PB006804
Journal of International Business Studies                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-22-1994         JUL-01-2002             PB000233
Journal of International Marketing                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         JAN-01-2000             PB004869
Journal of Internet Law                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         MAR-01-2012             PB006781
Journal of Labor Research                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         JUL-15-1999             PB000235
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2002         JAN-01-2007             PB005891
Journal of Learning Disabilities                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         SEP-01-2008             PB000153
Journal of Leisure Research                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB003999
Journal of Managerial Issues                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-22-1994         DEC-01-2011             PB001678
Journal of Marriage and the Family                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         FEB-01-2011             PB004002
Journal of Medical Biography                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2003         AUG-01-2006             PB006843
Journal of Medical Ethics                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         AUG-01-2003             PB004003
Journal of Mens Studies, The                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-31-2000         JAN-31-2006             PB005079
Journal of Mental Health Counseling                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004006
Journal of Middle East Women's Studies                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2005         JAN-01-2012             PB007449
Journal of Modern Literature (Bloomington)                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         JAN-01-2011             PB004008
Journal of Multicultural Nursing & Health                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         APR-01-2007             PB006775
Journal of Music Teacher Education                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-1999         OCT-01-2000             PB004870
Journal of Music Therapy                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         DEC-01-2011             PB006726
Journal of Nursing Education                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB005897
Journal of Organizational and End User Computing                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         JAN-01-2009             PB006715
Journal of Paleontology                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1997         JAN-01-2012             PB003176
Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004016
Journal of Physical Oceanography                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-1998         FEB-01-2012             PB004871
Journal of Popular Culture                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1997         APR-01-2008             PB003177
Journal of Popular Film & Television                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         OCT-01-2010             PB003538
Journal of Popular Film and Television                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1995         JAN-01-1998             PB001148
Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2008             PB004578
Journal of Psychology and Theology                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB004341
Journal of Public Health Policy                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2008             PB006805
Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2000         NOV-30-2011             PB004019
Journal of Research Administration                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2009             PB005910
Journal of Research in Music Education                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2010             PB006747
Journal of Research on Technology in Education                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2001         DEC-01-2011             PB006732
Journal of Small Business Management                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         JAN-01-2011             PB002173
Journal of Social History                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-1995         APR-01-2011             PB000958
Journal of Social Studies Research                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1997         APR-01-2011             PB003179
Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2010             PB004022
Journal of Soil and Water Conservation                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2008             PB006731
Journal of Special Education                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         AUG-01-2008             PB000865

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                              Page 26 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-1999         DEC-01-2009             PB004024
Journal of Sport Behavior                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         MAR-01-2012             PB000207
Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2000         MAR-01-2010             PB006718
Journal of the American Planning Association                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         APR-01-2010             PB001932
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         FEB-01-2012             PB004872
Journal of the Geological Society                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB004026
Journal of the History of Philosophy                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         APR-01-2007             PB004027
Journal of the National Medical Association                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JUN-01-2011             PB004031
Journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         JUL-01-2010             PB004873
Journal of Third World Studies                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB004032
Journal of Women's History                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         DEC-01-2010             PB003182
Journal of World History                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1998         MAR-01-2011             PB003183
Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2010             PB004036
Journalism History                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004037
JPEN, Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         JUL-01-2008             PB004874
Justice Quarterly                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2001         DEC-01-2007             PB004039
Keyboard                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-1998         FEB-01-2012             PB004876
KidScreen                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         JAN-12-2011             PB006810
Kiplinger Letter, The                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-07-2000         JUN-27-2008             PB005928
Kiplinger Tax Letter, The                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-11-2003         JUN-27-2008             PB005929
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-1997         FEB-01-2008             PB004043
Kiplinger's Retirement Report                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-2000         MAY-01-2008             PB005930
Know Your World Extra                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         APR-18-2008             PB003186
Knowledge Quest                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004771
LAN Product News                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000779
Land Mobile Radio News                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-07-1998         AUG-20-1999             PB002794
Language Arts                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         MAR-01-2012             PB007432
Latin American Politics and Society                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2010             PB004333
Latin American Research Review                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2011             PB004048
Left Curve                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-31-2000         JAN-01-2011             PB006820
Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-30-2000         OCT-31-2005             PB005083
Liberal Education                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2010             PB005942
Library Administration & Management                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2004         OCT-01-2008             PB006848
Library Hi Tech News                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-15-2011             PB005943
Library Journal                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2001         MAR-15-2012             PB004336
Library Leadership & Management                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2009         JAN-01-2010             PB007695
Library Resources & Technical Services                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         JAN-01-2012             PB006849
Lifelong Learning Market Report                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-22-1998         JAN-09-2004             PB002558
Lighting Dimensions                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-1997         NOV-01-2005             PB001792
Lila-Asia Pacific Women's Studies Journal                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1993         JAN-01-1996             PB001499
Lilith                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-31-1993         DEC-01-2011             PB000448
Link-Up                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2001         JUL-01-2002             PB002211
Listen                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2001         APR-01-2011             PB004057
Literary Cavalcade                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1998         MAY-01-2005             PB003190
Literature and Psychology                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2004             PB006748

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 27 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Literature/Film Quarterly                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB004058
Local Competition Report                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-26-1998         JAN-27-2003             PB002933
Lodging Hospitality                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         MAR-22-2012             PB001757
Long-Term Living                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2008         FEB-01-2012             PB007639
Lutheran Theological Journal                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2001         DEC-01-2011             PB004061
Machine Design                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-12-1995         JAN-19-2012             PB001758
Maclean's                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-1994         MAR-12-2012             PB000643
MacWEEK                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-03-1994         NOV-17-1997             PB002847
Macworld                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         DEC-01-2005             PB001764
Magazine of History                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2003         JAN-01-2012             PB004063
Mainframe Computing                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000780
Managed Healthcare Executive                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB005954
Managed Network Services News                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-29-1998         NOV-18-1998             PB002795
Management Accounting (British)                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1994         NOV-01-1998             PB000879
Management Today                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         DEC-01-2003             PB005957
Managing Distributed Systems Newsletter                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-1997         MAR-01-1999             PB001839
Managing Office Technology                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         SEP-01-1998             PB001759
Manitoba Business                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2000         JAN-01-2009             PB003343
Manitoba History                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-1999         JUN-01-2006             PB003344
Mankind Quarterly                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1997         OCT-01-2010             PB003191
Manushi                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         SEP-01-1998             PB001507
Market News Publishing                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-1932         MAR-31-2003             PB004342
Marketing                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-10-2001         FEB-29-2012             PB004298
Marketing Magazine                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1997         MAR-22-2004             PB002927
Marketing Tools                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-1997         JUL-01-1998             PB000425
Marketing Week                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-2000         MAR-22-2012             PB006717
Marketplace Magazine                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-05-2000         OCT-27-2009             PB004069
Marvels & Tales                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         JUL-01-2011             PB007450
Material Handling & Logistics                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2011         MAR-22-2012             PB008056
Material Handling Engineering                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         JAN-26-2011             PB001760
Mathematics and Computer Education                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1999         JAN-01-2012             PB004878
Mathematics Magazine                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         JUN-01-2006             PB004071
Mayo Clinic Proceedings                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004072
Mechanical Engineering                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB006761
Media and Methods                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2004         JAN-01-2006             PB006742
Mediaweek                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         APR-11-2011             PB005968
Medical History                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         OCT-01-2011             PB003192
Medical Journal of Australia                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-05-2004         OCT-20-2008             PB006855
Medical Laboratory Observer; MLO                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB005972
Medical Laser Insight                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-1996         NOV-01-1998             PB002838
Medical Materials Update                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1995         APR-01-2003             PB002968
Medical Meetings                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         SEP-01-2010             PB006535
Medical Post                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-15-1997         FEB-14-2012             PB002928
Medical Update                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         MAY-01-2005             PB000045
MedSurg Nursing                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1996         JAN-01-2012             PB001820

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 28 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Meetings & Incentive Travel                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-1997         FEB-01-1999             PB002929
Melus                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         DEC-01-2010             PB000026
Membrane & Separation Technology News                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         APR-15-2008             PB002960
Memphis Health Care News                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-25-1997         AUG-08-1997             PB001685
Men's Health                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         DEC-01-2011             PB001199
Mental Health Nursing                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1999         MAR-01-2008             PB004880
Mergers & Acquisitions Reporter                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-25-1998         DEC-09-2002             PB002945
Mergers & Restructuring                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-06-1997         AUG-11-1997             PB002530
Meridians                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         APR-01-2010             PB006838
Messenger Magazine, The                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-31-2001         DEC-31-2003             PB005093
Metal Heat Treating Digest                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1997         NOV-01-1997             PB001779
Metro                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1989         APR-20-2004             PB003521
Metro Education                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-1994         APR-01-1999             PB003522
Michigan Quarterly Review                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB005983
Microtechnology News                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1999         MAR-01-2004             PB002980
Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology (MCJA)                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB004077
Middle East                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1997         JAN-01-2012             PB003193
Middle East Policy                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-1997         DEC-01-2011             PB003194
Midrange Systems                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-14-1994         DEC-18-1998             PB002698
Midwest Real Estate News                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1997         NOV-01-2001             PB001644
Migration World Magazine                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2002             PB004081
Military History                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         NOV-01-2011             PB005987
Military Images                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAY-01-2009             PB004082
Military Intelligence                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-1997         JAN-01-1999             PB003196
Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-2001         OCT-01-2005             PB004299
Military Medicine                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1998         OCT-01-2011             PB004881
Military Review                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         JAN-01-2012             PB003197
Military Technology                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-2000         OCT-01-2007             PB004083
Millimeter                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1997         APR-28-2011             PB001696
MIN Media Industry Newsletter                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-03-1998         DEC-08-2003             PB002796
Mineralogical Record                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         NOV-01-2008             PB004084
Minority Business Entrepreneur                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-28-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB006831
Minority Business Entrepreneur (MBE)                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-28-1994         FEB-28-1999             PB000756
MIN's B-to-B                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-14-1998         NOV-08-2004             PB002881
Missoulian                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-02-2001         FEB-24-2012             PB004088
Mobile Communications Report                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-12-1998         FEB-03-2003             PB002546
Mobile Phone News                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-03-1998         AUG-23-1999             PB002798
Mobile Radio Technology                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1997         JUL-01-2008             PB001603
Mobile Satellite News                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-06-1998         DEC-14-2000             PB002799
Model Airplane News                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2001         MAY-01-2006             PB004089
Model Railroader                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         JUL-01-2006             PB004090
Modem Users News                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000781
Modern Age                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2006             PB005991
Modern Bulk Transporter                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-1997         MAR-01-2005             PB001701
Modern Healthcare                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-2000         MAR-19-2012             PB005993

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 29 of 193
Publication                                                       Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Modern Medicine                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         DEC-01-1996             PB004093
Modern Power Systems                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1996         OCT-01-1999             PB000683
Moment                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2000         JUN-01-2000             PB000613
Momentum                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2009         OCT-01-2010             PB007876
Money Marketing                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-16-2003         MAR-22-2012             PB006778
Montana Business Quarterly                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         DEC-01-2011             PB001830
Montana; The Magazine of Western History                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2002         JUL-01-2008             PB004094
Montessori Life                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         DEC-01-2011             PB006802
Monthly Review                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-01-2012             PB001043
Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2000         SEP-01-2011             PB003345
Mother Earth News                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-1994         FEB-01-2012             PB001225
Mother Jones                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB000923
Motor                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004096
Motor Age                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-1998         MAR-01-2010             PB004883
Motor Boating                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2003         JUL-01-2011             PB006743
Ms                                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004766
Multichannel Merchant                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2005         MAR-23-2012             PB007012
Multichannel News                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-03-2000         MAR-19-2012             PB006007
MultiMedia & Internet@Schools                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         MAR-01-2011             PB006486
Multimedia Publisher                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000782
Multimedia Schools                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-1998         NOV-01-2003             PB004884
Muse                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         FEB-01-2012             PB006827
Music Week                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-04-2003         AUG-06-2011             PB004098
Musical Opinion                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB004099
Musical Times                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         DEC-01-2011             PB004100
NABJ Journal                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-31-1994         JAN-31-1999             PB000751
NACLA Report on the Americas                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2000         NOV-01-2011             PB004102
Nanoparticle News                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-2005         APR-15-2008             PB007005
Narrative                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-2001         OCT-01-2003             PB004103
NASA Tech Briefs                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-1999         AUG-01-2006             PB004885
Nashim                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2004         APR-01-2006             PB006840
National Catholic Reporter                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-05-2001         MAR-16-2012             PB004104
National Defense                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004105
National Fisherman                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB006012
National Forum                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         OCT-01-2001             PB000986
National Geographic                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2001         DEC-01-2011             PB004819
National Geographic Explorer                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2004         OCT-01-2011             PB006859
National Geographic Kids                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2002         SEP-01-2011             PB004820
National Geographic Traveler                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2002         OCT-01-2011             PB004818
National Guard                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB004106
National Hog Farmer                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         MAR-09-2012             PB002719
National Journal                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-13-1998         MAR-16-2012             PB002995
National Parks                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         JAN-01-2012             PB003202
National Provisioner                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2011             PB006016
National Real Estate Investor                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-22-2012             PB001472

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                     Page 30 of 193
Publication                                                                          Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
National Review                                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-23-1995         DEC-04-2006             PB000659
National Wildlife                                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-01-1994         JUN-01-2002             PB001103
Native Americas                                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-30-2000         DEC-31-2004             PB005098
NATO's Nations and Partners for Peace                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2006             PB004109
Natural History                                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1997         SEP-01-2011             PB003204
Nature                                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-21-2010         JAN-27-2011             PB008080
Naval Forces                                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         SEP-01-2007             PB004110
Naval History                                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         FEB-01-2012             PB004886
Naval War College Review                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB004111
NDT Update                                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1996         FEB-01-2004             PB002969
NEA Today; a newspaper for members of the National Education Association                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2010             PB006023
Negro History Bulletin                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1997         JAN-01-1998             PB003205
Network Computing                                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1996         JUN-25-2007             PB000821
Network Magazine                                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2006             PB006025
Network World                                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-30-1991         FEB-27-2012             PB008072
Networks Update                                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         FEB-01-2012             PB000783
New African                                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1999         MAR-01-2012             PB004113
New American, The                                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-22-2002         MAR-05-2012             PB006030
New Architect                                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2003             PB006031
New England Economic Review                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-11-1996         OCT-01-2002             PB001107
New Hampshire Business Review                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-15-2000         FEB-10-2012             PB004118
New Internationalist                                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-31-2001         MAR-31-2005             PB005101
New Jersey Business                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004119
New Moon                                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2001         SEP-01-2008             PB006036
New Moon Girls                                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2008         NOV-01-2011             PB007690
New Orleans Magazine                                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1999         NOV-01-2010             PB004120
New Oxford Review                                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JUN-01-2008             PB006037
New Perspectives Quarterly                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-22-1994         JUN-22-1998             PB000881
New Statesman                                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-10-1997         MAR-12-2012             PB003206
New Statesman & Society                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-06-1995         JUN-07-1996             PB000234
New Statesman (1996)                                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-14-1996         AUG-30-1999             PB001200
New York                                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-12-2011         MAR-12-2012             PB008109
New York Times Upfront                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-2000         MAR-12-2012             PB006039
New Yorker, The                                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-02-2001         MAR-19-2012             PB006040
News Media and the Law                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB004124
News Photographer                                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2001         FEB-01-2003             PB004125
Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         SEP-01-2011             PB006850
Newspaper Research Journal                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2000         JAN-01-2011             PB004126
Newsweek                                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1999         MAR-19-2012             PB002952
Newsweek International                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-15-1999         MAR-19-2012             PB002953
Newsweek Web Exclusives                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-26-2010         FEB-05-2012             PB008078
Nivedini-A Sri Lankan Feminist Journal                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1994         JUN-01-1997             PB001529
NotiCen: Central American & Caribbean Affairs                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-28-2001         JAN-09-2003             PB001785
NotiCen: Central American & Caribbean Political & Economic                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-28-2009         JUL-22-2010             PB007753
NotiCen: Central American & Caribbean Political & Economic Affairs, including Cuba            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-22-2005         MAR-29-2007             PB007001

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                                        Page 31 of 193
Publication                                             Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
NotiSur - Latin American Affairs                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-24-1997         APR-20-2001             PB005012
NotiSur - South American Political & Economic Affairs            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-22-2001         JUL-16-2010             PB001784
Novel (A Forum on Fiction)                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         APR-01-2010             PB003209
Nursing                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-1995         DEC-01-2004             PB001823
Nursing Administration Quarterly                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1996         JUL-01-2004             PB002741
Nursing Economics                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-1996         JAN-01-2012             PB001821
Nursing Homes                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-2001         FEB-01-2008             PB000882
Nursing Older People                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004337
Nutrition Action Health Letter                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         JUL-01-2011             PB003210
Nutrition and Food Science                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2011             PB006062
Nutrition Reviews                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2000         DEC-01-2007             PB004132
Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-10-2000         MAR-31-2012             PB006065
Objector                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2002         JUL-01-2006             PB006771
Occupational Hazards                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         OCT-01-2008             PB001761
Occupational Health                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-2002         FEB-01-2012             PB006066
Occupational Outlook Quarterly                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1996         DEC-01-2011             PB001092
Oceania                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         NOV-01-2011             PB004134
Octane Week                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-30-1998         MAR-21-2005             PB002802
Odyssey                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         NOV-01-2011             PB003523
Officer, The                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2011             PB006073
Ohio                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         AUG-01-2010             PB007978
Ohio Libraries                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2000         OCT-01-2005             PB004887
Oil & Gas Interests                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-10-1998         MAR-06-2001             PB002803
Oil Daily                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-05-2002         OCT-18-2010             PB006078
Oilweek                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-24-1994         JUN-07-1999             PB001835
Oklahoma Woman                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-31-2000         NOV-01-2010             PB006817
Onearth                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2002         OCT-01-2006             PB004602
Online                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2002         MAR-01-2012             PB004599
Online Libraries and Microcomputers                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1988         DEC-01-2002             PB002566
Online Magazine                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         NOV-01-1998             PB002269
Online Product News                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000784
Opera News                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB003212
Operations & Fulfillment                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2004         APR-01-2005             PB006526
Ophthalmology Times                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-09-1995         JAN-15-2012             PB001633
Optical Materials & Engineering News                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1995         AUG-01-1996             PB002977
Orbit                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2008             PB006777
Organic Gardening                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         DEC-01-2011             PB001201
Outdoor Canada                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         APR-01-2009             PB006803
Outdoor Life                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         MAR-01-2012             PB006755
Oxy - Fuel News                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-30-1998         FEB-16-2004             PB002804
Pacific Affairs                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2000         DEC-01-2011             PB003350
Palaestra                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2011             PB004141
Paper, Film & Foil Converter                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         NOV-28-2011             PB004711
Papers on Language and Literature                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004142
Parnassus: Poetry in Review                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2008             PB004145

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                           Page 32 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Pathology, Research and Practice                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2004             PB006104
Patient Care                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2002         MAR-01-2006             PB006787
PC Business Products                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000785
PC Magazine                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-12-2002         FEB-02-2009             PB006106
PC World                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         MAR-01-2012             PB004601
PC World Monthly                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-1996         NOV-01-1998             PB002895
PCS Week                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-29-1998         AUG-25-1999             PB002805
Peacework                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         SEP-01-2009             PB004147
Pediatric Annals                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-12-2012             PB004764
Pediatric Nursing                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-2012             PB001822
Pediatrics for Parents                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAY-01-2011             PB001044
Peer Review                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         OCT-01-2010             PB006790
Pentagon Brief                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-15-2001         JUN-01-2008             PB006113
People's Medical Society Newsletter                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         APR-01-2003             PB004149
Performing Arts & Entertainment in Canada                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         OCT-01-2002             PB003352
Personal Computing                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1993         NOV-12-2001             PB000831
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2002         JAN-01-2011             PB006744
Perspectives in Psychiatric Care                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2010             PB006770
Perspectives on Political Science                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         OCT-01-2010             PB000004
Pest Control                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1996         AUG-01-2006             PB001628
Petroleum Finance Week                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-30-1998         JUN-25-2001             PB002806
Pharmaceutical Executive                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         JAN-01-2012             PB001629
Phi Delta Kappan                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         MAY-01-2010             PB006119
Phi Kappa Phi Forum                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB005189
Philosophy East and West                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         JAN-01-2011             PB000074
Philosophy of Music Education Review                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2004         OCT-01-2011             PB006839
Philosophy Today                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2011             PB004150
Physical Therapy                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB006758
Pit & Quarry                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1997         OCT-01-2006             PB001209
Plane and Pilot                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB006128
Plays                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1997         APR-01-2003             PB003216
Ploughshares                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1995         OCT-01-2006             PB000864
Poetry                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         FEB-01-2012             PB003217
Policy & Practice                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2005         DEC-01-2005             PB007024
Policy & Practice of Public Human Services                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2000         SEP-01-2005             PB006147
Policy Review                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004154
Policy Studies Journal                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2011             PB004155
Political Research Quarterly                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2000         JUN-01-2006             PB004156
Politics                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2008         MAY-01-2010             PB007612
Popular Mechanics                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB007746
Popular Science                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         FEB-01-2012             PB001591
Potentials                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2006             PB004159
Poverty & Race                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-28-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB006824
Power Electronics Technology                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         JUL-01-2011             PB006513
PR News                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-03-1998         FEB-06-2012             PB002807

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 33 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Practical Horseman                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB006158
Presentations                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2005             PB004162
Presidents & Prime Ministers                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1997         SEP-01-2001             PB003219
Preventing School Failure                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1994         JUL-01-2010             PB000025
Prevention                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         DEC-01-2011             PB001203
Printing Industries of America, The Magazine                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2009         NOV-01-2011             PB008061
Privacy Journal                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004167
Private Placement Letter                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-18-1998         JUN-06-2011             PB002948
Productivity Software                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000786
Professional Publishing Report                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-24-1998         JAN-09-2004             PB002559
Professional Sound                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1996         FEB-01-2001             PB001746
Profitable Embroiderer                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2004         JUN-01-2006             PB006538
Progressive Farmer; Southeast edition                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         DEC-01-2005             PB006178
Progressive Librarian                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-31-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB006823
Promo                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1998         JUL-28-2010             PB002860
Promo (Online)                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2009         MAR-01-2012             PB007991
PSA Journal                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004773
PSL Quarterly Review                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES                                                  PB008047
Psychiatry                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2010             PB004169
Psychologist                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2003             PB004170
Psychology Today                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-01-2012             PB000666
Public Broadcasting Report                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-09-1998         JAN-24-2003             PB002547
Public Health Reports                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-11-1996         JAN-01-1999             PB001091
Public Interest                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         APR-01-2005             PB004888
Public Libraries                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         NOV-01-2011             PB006851
Public Management                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         JAN-01-2012             PB002172
Public Personnel Management                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         JUL-01-2010             PB000192
Public Relations Quarterly                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-22-1995         OCT-01-2008             PB000874
Public Roads                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-22-1996         JAN-01-2012             PB000310
Publishers Weekly                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-19-2012             PB004306
Pulse                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-06-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004779
Quarterly Black Review of Books                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-31-1993         DEC-31-1995             PB000656
Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-22-1994         OCT-01-2007             PB000398
Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2008         JUL-01-2010             PB007653
Rachel's Democracy & Health News                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-15-2006         FEB-26-2009             PB007342
Rachel's Environment & Health News                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-28-2002         OCT-13-2005             PB006834
Radical Society                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2002         OCT-01-2003             PB004801
Radio : The Radio Technology Leader                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         MAY-16-2011             PB006503
Radio Control Boat Modeler                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         DEC-01-2005             PB006199
Radio Control Car Action                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         MAY-01-2006             PB006200
Radiologic Technology                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-11-1996         NOV-01-1999             PB001827
Railway Age                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-2000         JUL-01-2006             PB004173
Raritan                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB004174
RBOC Update                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000787
Re:View                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JUL-01-2008             PB000667

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 34 of 193
Publication                                                  Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Reader                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-19-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB006821
Reading Improvement                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         JUL-01-2011             PB006204
Reading Today                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         AUG-01-2004             PB006206
Real Living with Multiple Sclerosis                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2001         NOV-01-2004             PB004175
RealScreen                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2004         SEP-01-2009             PB006812
Reason                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-01-2012             PB000741
Reference & User Services Quarterly                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         DEC-01-2011             PB006746
Refrigerated Transporter                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-2004         MAY-01-2009             PB006517
Regional Aviation News                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-28-2005         JAN-19-2009             PB006887
Registered Rep.                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         JAN-01-2010             PB006524
Registered Representative                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-01-1998         JUL-01-2006             PB002861
Religious Conference Manager                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-2004         FEB-01-2012             PB006521
Religious Studies and Theology                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2000         JAN-01-2005             PB003354
Remix                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         MAR-01-2009             PB006527
Renascence                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB004178
Rental Equipment Register                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         MAR-01-2012             PB006515
Report on AT&T                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-19-1998         NOV-30-1998             PB002934
Research in African Literatures                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-22-1994         DEC-01-2011             PB001226
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1999         DEC-01-2011             PB003222
Resource Materials on Women's Labor in Japan                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1994         SEP-01-1998             PB001541
Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1997         OCT-01-1998             PB002693
Response TV                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         NOV-01-1999             PB001630
Restaurant Hospitality                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         MAR-01-2012             PB001762
Retail Delivery News                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-05-1998         FEB-02-2000             PB002808
Retail Traffic                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-2004         MAR-23-2012             PB006518
Rethinking Marxism                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         JUL-01-2008             PB004180
Review of Contemporary Fiction                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB004300
ReVision                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2006             PB000006
Rhetoric Society Quarterly                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         JAN-01-2008             PB006865
Robotics World                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         MAY-01-2006             PB006234
Rock Products                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         NOV-02-2010             PB002720
Rocks & Minerals                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1996         SEP-01-2010             PB000911
Romance Quarterly                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         OCT-01-2010             PB000231
Roofing Siding Insulation                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1999         AUG-01-2003             PB001631
Rubber World                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1996         DEC-22-1998             PB001006
Ruffin Series in Business Ethics                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2004             PB006863
Runner's World                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         JUL-01-2000             PB001204
Running & Fitnews                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2003         MAY-01-2005             PB006793
Rural Sociology                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1998         DEC-01-2009             PB004889
Russian Life                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB001815
Sales and Marketing Management                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2006             PB004185
Salmagundi                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1998         OCT-01-2011             PB004186
Sarasota Magazine                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1996         DEC-01-2011             PB001024
Saskatchewan Business                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         NOV-01-2005             PB003358
Satellite Communications                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         JUL-01-2000             PB001475

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                Page 35 of 193
Publication                                                              Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Satellite News                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-10-1998         MAR-14-2012             PB002809
Satellite Today                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-22-1998         OCT-29-2001             PB002878
Satellite Week                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-05-1998         FEB-03-2003             PB002548
Saturday Evening Post                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-1994         MAR-01-2012             PB001987
Saveur                                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2008         MAR-01-2012             PB007729
Scandinavian Review                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB004190
Scandinavian Studies                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2011             PB004191
Scholastic Action                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-26-1998         MAR-05-2012             PB003226
Scholastic Art                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1998         MAR-01-2012             PB003227
Scholastic Choices                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1998         FEB-01-2012             PB003228
Scholastic Dynamath                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1998         MAR-01-2012             PB003229
Scholastic Early Childhood Today                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1998         JUL-01-2007             PB003230
Scholastic Math Magazine                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-16-1998         MAR-05-2012             PB003231
Scholastic News (Ed. 1)                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB003232
Scholastic News (Ed. 2)                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB003233
Scholastic News (Ed. 3)                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-06-1999         MAR-05-2012             PB003234
Scholastic News (Ed. 4)                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-23-1998         FEB-27-2012             PB003235
Scholastic News (Edition 5/6)                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-2005         FEB-27-2012             PB006888
Scholastic News (Senior Edition)                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-06-1999         DEC-06-2004             PB003236
Scholastic Parent & Child                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1998         MAR-01-2012             PB003237
Scholastic Scope                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-2000         MAR-12-2012             PB006250
School Libraries Worldwide                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB006253
School Library Journal                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB006254
School Talk                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2011             PB006258
Science Activities                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         OCT-01-2010             PB000972
Science News                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-04-1997         MAR-10-2012             PB003238
Science World                                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-12-1998         MAR-05-2012             PB003239
ScienceNOW                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-16-1996         SEP-30-1999             PB001838
Scientific American                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1997         DEC-01-2003             PB003526
Scientist, The                                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-08-2002         MAR-01-2012             PB006261
Sea Classics                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004196
Sea Power                                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-2000         JUL-01-2007             PB004198
Searcher                                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004200
Selling to Kids                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-05-1998         MAR-30-2001             PB002810
Shakespeare Studies                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         JAN-01-2011             PB000565
Shareowner                                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2002         JUL-01-2006             PB004798
Sheriff                                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB006278
Shopping Center World                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1997         APR-01-2003             PB001698
Situation and Outlook Report. Cotton and Wool                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1994         NOV-01-1994             PB001636
Situation and Outlook Report. Former USSR Agriculture and Trade Report            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-1994         MAY-01-1994             PB001637
Situation and Outlook Report. Livestock and Poultry                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-1991         FEB-01-1992             PB001619
Situation and Outlook Report. Rice                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1991         OCT-01-1991             PB001620
Ski                                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         NOV-01-2011             PB006736
Skiing                                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2003         NOV-01-2011             PB006740
Sloan Management Review                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-22-1994         JUN-22-1998             PB002710

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                            Page 36 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Smithsonian                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2002         MAR-01-2012             PB006288
Soap Perfumery & Cosmetics                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1996         DEC-01-2007             PB001205
Social Forces                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1994         JUN-01-2011             PB001676
Social Justice                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         OCT-01-2009             PB003243
Social Research                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2011             PB004208
Social Theory and Practice                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1998         JAN-01-2012             PB004890
Social Work                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB004210
Social Work Research                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1998         DEC-01-2011             PB004891
Sociology of Religion                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-22-1997         DEC-01-2010             PB001683
Sojourners Magazine                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB006292
Sound & Video Contractor                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-20-1996         MAR-01-2009             PB001604
SourceMex - Economic & Political News on Mexico              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-20-2001         JUL-14-2010             PB001783
SourceMex: Economic news & analysis on Mexico                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-12-1997         MAY-17-2000             PB005011
South Carolina Business                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2007         SEP-01-2008             PB007427
South Carolina Business Journal                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2001         JAN-01-2007             PB004215
South Dakota Business Review                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         MAR-01-2009             PB004217
Southeast Farm Press                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-17-2004         MAR-23-2012             PB006520
Southern Cultures                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         DEC-01-2011             PB007451
Southern Economic Journal                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004219
Southern Living                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB003245
Southern Review, The                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2011             PB006296
Southwest Art                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004221
Southwest Farm Press                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         MAR-23-2012             PB006502
Soybean Digest                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         MAR-15-2003             PB001793
Space Business News                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-05-1998         DEC-07-2000             PB002811
Special Events                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         JAN-01-2012             PB006532
Special Warfare                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB004222
Spectroscopy                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2011             PB006774
Spectrum: the journal of state government                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2001         JAN-01-2005             PB004223
Spiritual Life                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2001         JUL-01-2006             PB004224
Sports Afield                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         JUN-01-2006             PB001083
St. Anthony Messenger                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JUN-01-2006             PB004226
Stage Directions                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004782
Stereochemical Technology News                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-1994         JAN-01-1998             PB002982
Stitches                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-01-2004         OCT-01-2006             PB006522
Storytelling                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES                                                  PB007452
Storyworks                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         FEB-01-2012             PB003248
Strings                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004229
Student BMJ                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-01-2002         DEC-01-2003             PB006318
Studies in American Indian Literatures                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2004         DEC-01-2011             PB007453
Studies in English Literature, 1500 - 1900                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         JAN-01-2011             PB003249
Studies in Romanticism                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         OCT-01-2011             PB004892
Studies in the Literary Imagination                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1997         OCT-01-2010             PB003251
Studies in the Novel                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         DEC-01-2011             PB004231
Style                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         JUL-01-2011             PB003252

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 37 of 193
Publication                                           Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Suicide & Life - Threatening Behavior                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2000         APR-01-2010             PB004233
Sunset                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004234
Supervision                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         APR-01-2011             PB000044
Supply Chain Report                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-07-1998         OCT-30-1998             PB002812
Surface Modification Technology News                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         DEC-01-1994             PB003051
Survey of Current Business                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB001488
Swimming Technique                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2001         JUL-01-2004             PB004236
Swimming World and Junior Swimmer                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2005             PB004237
Swimming World Magazine                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2005         JUN-01-2006             PB006981
Symposium                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         OCT-01-2010             PB001049
T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         JUN-01-2008             PB000888
Take 1                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         SEP-01-2005             PB006801
Target Marketing                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB006333
Tarifica Alert                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-05-1998         APR-13-2000             PB002813
Tax Executive                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         NOV-01-2011             PB000566
Taxes                                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004238
TCI (Theatre Crafts International)                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         OCT-01-1998             PB001476
Teacher Librarian                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB003362
Teaching English in the Two Year College                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2000         DEC-01-2011             PB006346
Teaching Exceptional Children                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1998         MAR-01-2012             PB004893
Teaching Music                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-1999         OCT-01-2010             PB004894
Teaching Pre K - 8                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         MAY-01-2007             PB004895
Tech Directions                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004239
Tech Europe                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-09-1996         SEP-30-2003             PB002570
Technical Communication                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         NOV-01-2005             PB006739
Techniques                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB006349
Technology and Children                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         MAY-01-2010             PB006351
Technology and Engineering Teacher                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2011         NOV-01-2011             PB008051
Technology Meetings                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES                                                  PB006539
Technology Review                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         MAR-01-2012             PB000674
TechWeb                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-02-2002         MAY-17-2007             PB006352
Telco Business Report                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-07-1998         JAN-27-2003             PB002936                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1998         APR-17-2000             PB002846
Telecom Weekly                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-09-1998         MAR-26-1999             PB001842
Telecoms Fraud Review                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-30-1998         SEP-30-1998             PB002815
Telecoms Numbering Review                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-29-1998         MAR-16-1999             PB002816
TelecomWeb Broadband                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES                                                  PB007692
TelecomWeb Wireless                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES                                                  PB007686
Telephone IP News                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000790
Telephony                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-25-1996         JAN-12-2010             PB001605
Tele-Service News                                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000791
Television Broadcast : TVB                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2006         NOV-01-2008             PB007397
Television Digest                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-05-1998         FEB-03-2003             PB002549
Texas Business Review                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1997         APR-01-2011             PB000293
Texas Monthly                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004240

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                         Page 38 of 193
Publication                                          Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Textile Research Journal                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004783
Textile World                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB001482
American Indian Quarterly, The                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         SEP-01-1999             PB001679
American Journal of Psychiatry, The                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         JUL-01-2010             PB003666
American Journal of Sports Medicine, The                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         NOV-01-2003             PB003670
American Mathematical Monthly, The                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-2001         JUN-01-2007             PB003673
American Music Teacher, The                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB003676
American Poetry Review, The                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB003254
American Salesman, The                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         APR-01-2011             PB000766
American Spectator, The                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1997         JUL-01-2011             PB000691
American Statistician, The                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-2000         NOV-01-2005             PB003684
Amicus Journal, The                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2001         JUL-01-2001             PB003691
Animals' Agenda, The                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-1997         MAR-01-2002             PB003255
Antioch Review, The                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB000011
Appraisal Journal, The                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB003700
Arab American News, The                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-14-2000         MAR-03-2012             PB006819
Architectural Review, The                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB003702
Art Bulletin, The                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1994         DEC-01-2011             PB000866
Auk, The                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-1997         JUL-01-2007             PB003256
Australian Journal of Anthropology, The                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         AUG-01-2009             PB003713
Biological Bulletin, The                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         JUN-01-2009             PB006737
Black Book Review, The                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-31-2002         APR-30-2004             PB006830
Black Collegian, The                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1995         SEP-01-2010             PB001150
Booklist, The                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1997         MAR-15-2012             PB003257
Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, The                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1999         JUL-01-2011             PB003365
Canadian Manager, The                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2010             PB003756
Canadian Review of Sociology, The                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2008         NOV-01-2008             PB007673
Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, The            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         NOV-01-2007             PB003366
Catholic Biblical Quarterly, The                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         APR-01-2010             PB003760
Catholic Historical Review, The                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB003761
China Business Review, The                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-1997         OCT-01-2011             PB001617
Christian Century, The                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-31-2001         MAR-07-2012             PB003769
Clearing House, The                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-1995         NOV-01-2010             PB001151
Condor, The                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-1998         MAY-01-2006             PB003259
Conference Board Review, The                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES                                                  PB007401
Ecologist, The                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2000         JUL-01-2009             PB003828
Economist, The                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-22-1994         MAR-10-2012             PB000545
Ecumenical Review, The                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2009             PB003836
Emily Dickinson Journal, The                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2002         APR-01-2010             PB006789
Engineer, The                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-24-2003         FEB-20-2012             PB006769
Exceptional Parent, The                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         MAY-01-2010             PB003260
Explicator, The                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         JUL-01-2010             PB001152
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, The                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1996         SEP-01-1998             PB001088
Filipino Express, The                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-02-2000         FEB-17-2012             PB006828
Future of Children, The                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2001         JAN-01-2004             PB003880

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                        Page 39 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Futurist, The                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         MAR-01-2012             PB000901
Geographical Journal, The                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         MAR-01-2011             PB003888
Geographical Review, The                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB000920
Germanic Review, The                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         JUL-01-2010             PB001153
Gerontologist, The                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         JUN-01-2009             PB004765
Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, The                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-02-2001         JUN-30-2009             PB003894
Hastings Center Report, The                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2011             PB006738
Horn Book Magazine, The                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-01-2012             PB001206
Humanist, The                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-01-2012             PB000048
Huntington Library Quarterly, The                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB006752
Idaho Business Review, The                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-29-2001         MAR-16-2012             PB003933
Independent Film & Video Monthly, The                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1997         APR-01-1998             PB001765
International Economy, The                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB003947
International Migration Review, The                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2008             PB003955
Interpreter, The                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-2000         APR-01-2007             PB003960
Journal of African Travel-Writing, The                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-30-1996         SEP-30-1997             PB001212
Journal of American History, The                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2002         DEC-01-2011             PB007434
Journal of Asian Studies, The                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-2000         FEB-01-2011             PB003976
Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, The                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-31-2000         APR-01-2010             PB006832
Journal of Business Strategy, The                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         JUL-01-2005             PB004916
Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, The              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004304
Journal of Educational Research, The                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         NOV-01-2010             PB001012
Journal of General Psychology, The                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         OCT-01-2010             PB001154
Journal of Higher Education, The                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2001         NOV-01-2003             PB003995
Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, The                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2007             PB006728
Journal of Negro Education, The                              Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-1999         OCT-01-2011             PB004010
Journal of Nutrition, The                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB003262
Journal of Parapsychology, The                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB004014
Journal of Psychology, The                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         NOV-01-2010             PB001155
Journal of Rehabilitation, The                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-12-1995         JAN-01-2012             PB001227
Journal of School Health, The                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         DEC-01-2008             PB004897
Journal of Social Psychology, The                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-1995         SEP-01-2010             PB001156
Journal of American Oriental Society, The                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2011             PB001828
Kenyon Review, The                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004042
Kiplinger Agricultural Letter, The                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-14-2000         JUN-20-2008             PB005926
Kiplinger California Letter, The                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-05-2000         JUN-25-2008             PB005927
Lancet, The                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-03-2001         JAN-21-2012             PB004046
Literary Review, The                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         JUL-01-2011             PB001157
Lutheran, The                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2001         AUG-01-2006             PB004062
Massachusetts Review, The                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         OCT-01-2011             PB004070
Masthead, The                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1999         DEC-01-2009             PB003265
Middle East Journal, The                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004078
Mississippi Business Journal, The                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-22-2001         FEB-20-2012             PB004086
Mississippi Quarterly, The                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JUL-01-2010             PB004087
Muslim World, The                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         JAN-01-2010             PB004101

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 40 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
New England Journal of Medicine, The                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-06-2000         DEC-22-2011             PB006760
New England Quarterly, The                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1999         SEP-01-2004             PB004116
New Leader, The                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-29-1996         NOV-01-2005             PB001159
New Republic, The                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-03-1994         AUG-19-2002             PB001086
Progressive, The                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         FEB-01-2012             PB000665
Public Record, The                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-03-1999         FEB-14-2012             PB004917
Quarterly Journal of Speech, The                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2001         MAY-01-2003             PB004172
Quill, The                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1997         JAN-01-2012             PB003269
Region, The                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2001         JUN-01-2006             PB004176
Review of Economic Studies, The                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1998         OCT-01-2006             PB004899
Skeptical Inquirer, The                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2001         NOV-01-2007             PB004207
Social Studies, The                                          Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-11-1995         MAY-15-1998             PB001161
Spectator, The                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-04-1999         MAR-17-2012             PB003271
Sporting News, The                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-03-1994         OCT-10-2011             PB002848
Technology Teacher, The                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-1998         APR-01-2010             PB004900
Utne Reader, The                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-2001         SEP-01-2002             PB004901
Virginia Quarterly Review, The                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004258
Wilson Bulletin, The                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-01-2001         DEC-01-2005             PB004266
Wilson Journal of Ornithology, The                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-2006         DEC-01-2011             PB007345
Wilson Quarterly, The                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         JAN-01-2012             PB000957
Women's Health Activist, The                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2004         MAR-01-2010             PB008116
World & I, The                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         JUN-01-2004             PB001567
World Today, The                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         DEC-01-2011             PB003272
Writer, The                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB004276
Theological Studies                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1995         MAR-01-2012             PB000300
Theology Today                                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2005             PB004241
Theory into Practice                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1999         OCT-01-2005             PB004903
Theweek                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-23-1994         FEB-08-1999             PB000760
Thin Film/Diamond Technology News                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-1996         MAY-01-1996             PB002983
Tikkun                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         JAN-01-2011             PB006370
Today's Parent                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-1998         JAN-01-2012             PB002931
Today's Parent, Baby & Toddler                               Magazines_&_Journals   NO       APR-01-2004         APR-01-2005             PB006858
Today's Parent, Newborn                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2004         JAN-01-2006             PB006857
Today's Parent, Pregnancy & Birth                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2002         OCT-01-2005             PB006786
Topics in Early Childhood Special Education                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         AUG-01-2008             PB000912
Topics in Language Disorders                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2000         JUL-01-2004             PB006727
Town & Country Monthly                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         JUN-01-2006             PB001102
Traders Magazine                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB002533
Traffic World                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-12-1998         MAR-02-2009             PB002864
Trailer / Body Builders                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1997         MAR-23-2012             PB001697
Trailer Life                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-01-2001         NOV-01-2007             PB004243
Training                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2001         JUL-01-2006             PB004244
Training & Development                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1996         FEB-01-2012             PB000870
Trains                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         MAR-01-2012             PB003275
Transmission & Distribution World                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUN-01-1997         JAN-01-2010             PB001599

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 41 of 193
Publication                                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Transport Europe                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-19-1996         SEP-20-2003             PB002571
Transportation & Distribution                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         AUG-01-2003             PB001763
Trinity Journal                                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-2000         OCT-01-2007             PB004247
Triquarterly                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         DEC-01-2009             PB004248
Trusts & Estates                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-21-2012             PB001474
TTG, Travel Trade Gazette, U.K. and Ireland                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-10-2000         MAR-22-2012             PB006390
Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB006391
Twentieth Century Literature                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-22-1995         OCT-01-2010             PB000681
TWICE; This Week in Consumer Electronics                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-27-2012             PB006392
UN Chronicle                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1997         JUN-01-2010             PB003277
Unix Update                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000792
Update                                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB006809
Urban League Opportunity Journal                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES                                                  PB007454
Urgent Communications                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      APR-01-2009         MAR-22-2012             PB007950
Urology Times                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         SEP-01-2006             PB001634
US Black Engineer                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-31-1990         OCT-31-1995             PB000094
US Black Engineer and Information Technology                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-28-2000         JAN-01-2012             PB006835
US Department of State Dispatch                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-02-1995         JUL-01-1999             PB001207
USA Today Magazine                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1995         JUL-01-1999             PB000922
Utne                                                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2002         NOV-01-2011             PB006404
UU World : The Magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-01-2002         JUL-01-2006             PB006405
Vaccine Weekly                                                               Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-12-2000         MAR-28-2012             PB006406
VarBusiness                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         FEB-01-2009             PB000820
Variety                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      AUG-21-2000         FEB-27-2012             PB006407
Vegetarian Times                                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004251
Venture Capital Journal                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-01-1996         APR-01-2006             PB002535
Vermont Business Magazine                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         DEC-01-2011             PB004252
VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars Magazine                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004253
Via Satellite                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-24-1998         JAN-01-2012             PB002877
Vibrant Life                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         MAR-01-2012             PB004254
Victorian Studies                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-22-1994         JUL-01-2011             PB001228
Video Store                                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-02-2000         MAY-01-2005             PB006410
Video Systems                                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-01-1997         APR-01-2006             PB001597
Video Week                                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-05-1998         OCT-02-2000             PB002550
Vietnam                                                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB006412
Virginia Magazine of History and Biography                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2012             PB004257
Virus Weekly                                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAY-02-2000         MAR-27-2012             PB006414
Vital Speeches of the Day                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         JUN-01-2007             PB006416
Voice Technology News                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-04-1998         JAN-05-1999             PB002821
Voices From the Middle                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      MAR-01-2000         MAR-01-2012             PB006418
Wall Street & Technology                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         FEB-01-2012             PB006419
Ward's Auto World                                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1994         SEP-01-2011             PB001483
Ward's Dealer Business                                                       Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1995         MAY-01-2003             PB001484
Warren's Cable Regulation Monitor                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-05-1998         FEB-03-2003             PB002551
Washington Monthly                                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-01-2012             PB002711

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                       Page 42 of 193
Publication                                         Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-28-2000         NOV-30-2005             PB005134
Washington Telecom Newswire                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       SEP-04-1998         FEB-03-2003             PB002937
Waste Age                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2004         AUG-01-2010             PB006534
Waste Treatment Technology News                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1996         APR-01-2003             PB002979
Water Technology News                                        Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         FEB-01-2004             PB002978
Watercolor                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2009             PB006425
Wearables Business                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-01-2004         OCT-01-2006             PB006533
Weather and Forecasting                                      Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004261
Weatherwise                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-12-1995         NOV-01-2010             PB000740
Webfinance                                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAY-18-1998         JUL-09-2001             PB002951
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-08-1996         JAN-26-2009             PB001108
Weekly Epidemiological Record                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-07-2000         AUG-18-2006             PB006427
Westchester County Business Journal                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      DEC-11-2000         FEB-13-2012             PB004262
Western Farm Press                                           Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-03-2004         MAR-23-2012             PB006519
Western Folklore                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         APR-01-2011             PB004263
WHO Drug Information                                         Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB003280
Wild West                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      FEB-01-2001         AUG-01-2011             PB004265
WIN News                                                     Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-22-1994         OCT-01-2003             PB001489
Windspeaker                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       OCT-01-1997         FEB-01-2004             PB002985
Wings of Gold                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         APR-01-2006             PB004268
Wired                                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-2008         JAN-01-2012             PB008075
Wireless Business Forecast                                   Magazines_&_Journals   NO       DEC-01-2005         JUL-10-2008             PB007021
Wireless Data News                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-05-1998         OCT-20-2004             PB002822
Wireless Review                                              Magazines_&_Journals   NO       FEB-15-1998         NOV-01-2005             PB002721
Women & Environments International Magazine                  Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2001         APR-01-2011             PB004335
Women & Music                                                Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUN-30-2001         DEC-31-2005             PB005140
Women and Language                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       MAR-22-1995         APR-01-2007             PB001689
Women in Business                                            Magazines_&_Journals   NO       NOV-01-1997         MAR-01-2008             PB003282
Women's Health Weekly                                        Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-10-2000         MAR-29-2012             PB006440
Women's Studies in Communication                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      OCT-01-2000         JAN-01-2011             PB004270
World Affairs                                                Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         MAY-01-2011             PB001057
World Airline News                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       AUG-07-1998         JUN-22-2001             PB002823
World Airport Week                                           Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JUL-28-1998         MAR-14-2007             PB002825
World Health Organization                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         FEB-01-2012             PB004273
World Literature Today                                       Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-1995         NOV-01-2011             PB000868
World Policy Journal                                         Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-2000         OCT-01-2007             PB004274
World Trade                                                  Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1997         JUN-01-2009             PB003284
World Trade, WT 100                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JUL-01-2009         DEC-01-2011             PB007959
World War II                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2001         NOV-01-2011             PB004275
World Wastes                                                 Magazines_&_Journals   NO       JAN-01-1994         DEC-01-1996             PB001473
WorldView                                                    Magazines_&_Journals   YES      JAN-01-2003         JUL-01-2008             PB003286
Worldwide Biotech                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         FEB-01-2012             PB000793
Worldwide Databases                                          Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000794
Worldwide Energy                                             Magazines_&_Journals   YES      NOV-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000795
Worldwide Telecom                                            Magazines_&_Journals   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-01-2012             PB000796

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                       Page 43 of 193
Publication                                         Source                        ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Worldwide Videotex Update                                 Magazines_&_Journals    YES      SEP-01-1996         FEB-01-2012             PB000797
Writing                                                   Magazines_&_Journals    NO       OCT-01-1998         APR-01-2008             PB004277
XBN                                                       Magazines_&_Journals    NO       MAR-01-2004         FEB-01-2005             PB006866
Yachting                                                  Magazines_&_Journals    YES      NOV-01-2003         MAR-01-2012             PB006754
Yellow Pages & Directory Report                           Magazines_&_Journals    NO       APR-15-1998         DEC-26-2003             PB002561
Yolk                                                      Magazines_&_Journals    NO       DEC-31-1994         FEB-28-2003             PB000614
Young Adult Library Services                              Magazines_&_Journals    YES      APR-01-2004         JAN-01-2012             PB006852
YSB                                                       Magazines_&_Journals    NO       MAR-31-1994         OCT-31-1996             PB000417
Cartographica Ltd.                                               Maps             NO       MAY-01-2006         MAY-01-2006             PB007309
CIA World Factbook Maps                                          Maps             NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007493
CIA World Factbook Maps 2002                                     Maps             NO       AUG-01-2003         AUG-01-2003             PB006464
CIA World Factbook Maps 2005                                     Maps             NO       AUG-01-2005         AUG-01-2005             PB007006
GeoAmericas Interactive Maps                                     Maps             NO       JUN-01-2006         JUN-01-2006             PB007403
GeoNova City Maps                                                Maps             NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007688
GeoNova Continent Maps                                           Maps             NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007704
GeoNova Country Maps                                             Maps             NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007672
GeoNova Ocean Maps                                               Maps             NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007703
GeoNova Province Maps                                            Maps             NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007702
GeoNova Region Maps                                              Maps             NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007701
GeoNova State Maps                                               Maps             NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007694
GeoNova Territory Maps                                           Maps             NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007700
GeoNova Thematic Maps                                            Maps             NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007683
MAGELLAN Geographix (TM)                                         Maps             NO       JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-1996             PB000724 (Airport Maps)                                          Maps             NO       JAN-01-2002         JAN-01-2002             PB004760 (Historical Maps)                                       Maps             NO       JAN-01-2002         JAN-01-2002             PB004756 (Outline Maps)                                          Maps             NO       JAN-01-2002         JAN-01-2002             PB004757 (Relief Maps)                                           Maps             NO       JAN-01-2002         JAN-01-2002             PB004758 (Street Maps)                                           Maps             NO       JAN-01-2002         JAN-01-2002             PB004759 Digital Earth Maps                                      Maps             NO       JAN-01-1999         JAN-01-1999             PB002994 U.S. History Maps                                       Maps             NO       JAN-01-1999         JAN-01-1999             PB002992 World Atlas                                             Maps             NO       JAN-01-1999         JAN-01-1999             PB002991 World History Maps                                      Maps             NO       JAN-01-1999         JAN-01-1999             PB002993
MGMapsOfTheWorld (TM)                                            Maps             NO       JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-1996             PB001071
National Geographic Maps                                         Maps             NO       JAN-01-1997         NOV-01-2011             PB008079
A&G Information Services                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       MAR-26-1996         OCT-31-2006             PB000716
AAP General News (Australia)                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-25-1998         MAR-24-2012             PB002922
AAP Sports News (Australia)                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-25-1998         MAR-24-2012             PB002923
Advocate Ayr (Queensland, Australia)                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-14-2010         MAR-23-2012             PB007997
Africa News Service                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-01-1996         APR-16-2004             PB000723
African Mining Monitor                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-01-1998         OCT-30-2002             PB002833
Airline Industry Information                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-01-1997         MAR-23-2012             PB001593
Albert News (Queensland, Australia)                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-05-1995         MAR-26-2010             PB003055
Alberta Sweetgrass                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-01-1997         AUG-01-2001             PB002987
Algeria Press Service                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-09-2010         MAR-22-2012             PB007975
AllAfrica                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-16-2004         MAR-24-2012             PB006498

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                     Page 44 of 193
Publication                                                             Source                         ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
American Banker                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-02-1998         FEB-04-2003             PB002356
Anchorage Daily News                                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-03-1989         JAN-06-2012             PB006982
Antara:the Indonesian National News Agency                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-30-2009         OCT-06-2011             PB008024
Arab American News                                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-02-1993         MAR-10-2006             PB000646
Arkansas Times                                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-14-2000         FEB-22-2012             PB006822
Armed Forces Newswire Service                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-28-1998         APR-19-2000             PB002826
Armenian Reporter, The                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1994         MAR-11-2006             PB000420
Ascribe Newswire                                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-17-2002         SEP-03-2010             PB004641
Asia Pulse                                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1997         APR-11-2003             PB001776
AsiaInfo Services                                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-02-1996         MAR-23-2012             PB000717
Asian Pages                                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-31-1994         FEB-28-2006             PB000419
AsianWeek                                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-14-1994         MAR-02-2006             PB000168
Atherton Tablelander, The                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-30-2009         MAR-20-2012             PB007871
Atlanta Inquirer                                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-07-1995         MAR-04-2006             PB000104
Au-Authm Action News                                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1994         FEB-28-2006             PB000151
Austin American Statesman                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-20-2012             PB005153
Australian Business News                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-11-2006         SEP-13-2007             PB007031
Bahrain News Agency                                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-10-2010         MAR-22-2012             PB007971
Bahrain Tribune                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-19-2001         DEC-31-2004             PB004568
Baltimore Afro-American                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1994         MAR-24-2006             PB000176
Baltimore Jewish Times                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-14-1994         MAR-03-2006             PB000190
Bay State Banner                                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-28-1993         MAR-09-2006             PB000183
BERNAMA                                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-01-2000         OCT-03-2011             PB005330
Berwick Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       FEB-09-2000         DEC-15-2010             PB004390
Berwick/Pakenham Cardinia Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-05-2011         MAR-21-2012             PB008042
Birmingham Mail                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-03-2011         MAR-24-2012             PB008062
Birmingham Post                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-25-1999         MAR-22-2012             PB004282
Blacktown Advocate (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004353
Boston Irish Reporter                                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1993         MAR-31-2006             PB000522
Bowen Independent (Queensland, Australia)                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-03-2007         MAR-23-2012             PB007559
Brimbank Leader (Victoria, Australia)                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007534
Business Daily (Philippines)                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-20-1997         OCT-08-2003             PB002867
Business India                                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-03-2000         SEP-02-2002             PB003022
Business Korea                                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-18-2001         DEC-06-2004             PB004567
Business Times (Malaysia)                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       MAY-04-2000         APR-05-2004             PB003016
Business Wire                                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-21-1997         MAR-24-2012             PB001748
Caboolture Shire Herald (Queensland, Australia)                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-02-1995         MAR-13-2012             PB003057
California Voice, The                                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-07-1994         JUN-01-1997             PB000421
Call and Post (Cincinnati)                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-11-1993         MAR-08-2006             PB000213
Call and Post (Cleveland)                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       FEB-06-1992         DEC-12-2007             PB000241
Cambridge Telecom Report                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-03-1994         AUG-10-1998             PB000742
Cambridge Work-Group Computing Report                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-03-1994         AUG-10-1998             PB000743
Canada NewsWire                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-01-2000         MAR-24-2012             PB005156
Canadian Corporate News                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       MAR-03-1998         MAY-14-2001             PB002562
Canning Times(Perth, Western Australia)                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007540

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                          Page 45 of 193
Publication                                                                  Source                         ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Canterbury Bankstown Express (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-18-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007492
Canterbury Express (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-19-2001         JUN-19-2007             PB004357
Card Systems                                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       MAR-14-1994         JAN-30-1995             PB001070
Caribbean Today                                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-31-1994         FEB-28-2006             PB000570
Caufield Glen Eira/Port Philip Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-13-2001         MAR-19-2012             PB004389
Central Coast Express Advocate                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-08-2001         MAR-23-2012             PB007448
Central Coast Herald                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-28-2002         JUN-12-2004             PB006512
Centralian Advocate (Northern Territory, Australia)                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-17-2001         MAR-23-2012             PB004369
Char-Koosta News                                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-22-1993         MAR-09-2006             PB000232
Cherokee Advocate                                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-31-1993         SEP-30-2000             PB000196
Chicago Citizen                                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-31-1993         MAR-01-2006             PB000206
Chicago Defender                                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-22-1999         FEB-29-2012             PB008115
Chicago Weekend                                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-30-1991         MAR-01-2006             PB000244
Cineman Syndicate                                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1984         MAY-05-2008             PB000594
Circle, The                                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-01-1993         JAN-31-2005             PB000242
City & Shire Leader (Queensland, Australia)                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-04-1995         SEP-30-2003             PB003059
City Messenger Adelaide (South Australia)                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-07-2010         MAR-21-2012             PB007994
City News (Queensland, Australia)                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-26-1995         MAR-08-2012             PB003058
City North News (Brisbane,Australia)                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-15-2007         MAR-08-2012             PB007524
Cleveland Jewish News                                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-26-1996         MAR-10-2006             PB000763
Cockburn Gazette                                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      FEB-08-2011         MAR-20-2012             PB008045
Collegiate Presswire                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       AUG-03-2004         SEP-07-2007             PB006591
Columbus Times                                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-05-1993         MAR-01-2006             PB000243
Comment News (Perth, Western Australia)                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007541
Communications Today                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-28-1998         OCT-24-2003             PB002828
Community Contact                                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-30-1994         FEB-24-2006             PB000093
Corporate IT Update                                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-01-1997         DEC-30-2011             PB001592
Country Express (Tasmania, Australia)                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-04-1995         SEP-08-1998             PB003060
Coventry Telegraph                                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-14-2011         MAR-24-2012             PB008063
Cranbourne Sun (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004392
Daily Breeze                                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-29-1999         MAR-23-2012             PB005537
Daily News Bulletin; Moscow - English                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-26-2001         MAR-23-2012             PB005158
Daily News; Los Angeles, Calif.                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-25-1990         MAR-23-2012             PB005159
Daily Record                                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-29-1998         MAR-24-2012             PB004283
Data Broadcasting News                                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-14-1992         DEC-01-1995             PB001066
Datamonitor Financial Deals Tracker                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-17-2009         SEP-28-2010             PB007764
Daytona Beach News-Journal                                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-26-1997         MAR-23-2012             PB006594
Denver Post                                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-29-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB005162
Diamond Valley News (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-25-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004395
Domes                                                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-01-1993         OCT-31-2005             PB000647
Doncaster Templestowe (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-25-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004394
DVD News                                                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-01-1998         MAY-04-2005             PB004832
East Torrens Messenger (South Australia)                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-11-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004361
Eastern Courier Messenger (South Australia)                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB003061
Eastern Reporter (East Victoria Park, Western Australia)                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-31-2010         MAR-20-2012             PB008003

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                               Page 46 of 193
Publication                                                      Source                         ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Eastern Reporter (Perth, Western Australia)                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-13-2007         AUG-24-2010             PB007542
Echo (Free Suburban) (Victoria, Australia)                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-31-2009         MAR-08-2012             PB007521
EFE News                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-17-2006         SEP-13-2007             PB007034
El Bohemio News                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-22-1993         FEB-17-2006             PB000429
El Diario/La Prensa                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-10-1994         MAR-12-2006             PB000437
El Latino San Diego                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-17-1993         MAR-02-2006             PB000442
El Mundo (Boston)                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-29-1993         NOV-09-1994             PB000523
El Mundo (Oakland)                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-12-1994         MAR-16-2006             PB000455
El Nuevo Herald                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-31-1991         MAR-13-2006             PB000441
El Pregonero                                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-14-1985         MAR-16-2006             PB000533
El Sol de Texas                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-06-1994         NOV-11-2005             PB000444
El Sol Del Valle                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-15-1993         JUN-19-1997             PB000532
Enterprise, The; Salt Lake City                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-10-2000         FEB-06-2012             PB005164
Ethiopian Review                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       AUG-31-1996         OCT-31-2001             PB000753
Evansville Courier & Press                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-06-1993         MAR-22-2012             PB008046
Evening Mail                                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-27-1998         MAY-09-2011             PB004284
Evening Telegraph                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-19-2000         MAY-10-2011             PB004285
Fairfield Advance (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004366
FedNet                                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-20-2004         JUN-30-2005             PB006590
Filipino Express, The                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-15-1994         MAR-19-2006             PB000095
Filipino Reporter                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-14-1993         MAR-16-2006             PB000456
Financial Times; London                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-02-2002         MAR-23-2012             PB006894
Fort Apache Scout                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-01-1993         OCT-14-2005             PB000253
Forward                                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-07-1994         FEB-24-2006             PB000648
Frankston Standard (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-23-2001         JUN-07-2010             PB004396
Frankston Standard / Hastings Leader (Victoria, Australia)             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-21-2007         MAR-19-2012             PB008014
Frankston Standard Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)         Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-30-2007         OCT-11-2010             PB007988
Free Press (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004397
Fremantle Cockburn Gazette (Perth, Western Australia)                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         FEB-01-2011             PB007543                                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-11-2000         MAR-22-2012             PB005165
Gaither Reporter                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-31-1994         NOV-30-2005             PB000715
Gannett News Service                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      FEB-23-1994         MAR-23-2012             PB000597
Geelong Advertiser (Victoria, Australia)                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-28-2008         MAR-19-2012             PB007554
Geelong News (Free Suburban) (Victoria, Australia)                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-30-2009         MAR-07-2012             PB007517
Glebe and Inner City News (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-18-2001         JUN-25-2009             PB004402
Global Information Network                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-01-1992         MAR-22-2012             PB005704
Gold Coast Sun - Central                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-07-2011         MAR-22-2012             PB008052
Gold Coast Sun (Queensland, Australia)                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-14-2007         APR-13-2011             PB007523
Greater Phoenix Jewish News                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-07-1994         DEC-08-1995             PB000461
Guardian Express (Perth, Western Australia)                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-25-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007544
Guardian Messenger (South Australia)                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB003062
Guardian, The                                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-14-1999         MAR-24-2012             PB005167
Hart's Daily Petroleum Monitor                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-28-1998         OCT-15-1999             PB002830
Heidelberg Leader (Melbourne, Australia)                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-14-2007         MAR-21-2012             PB007525
Herald (Newcastle)                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-01-1997         MAR-23-2012             PB006511

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                   Page 47 of 193
Publication                                         Source                         ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-02-1995         MAR-24-2012             PB003063
Herald, The; Everett, Wash.                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-23-2000         MAR-22-2012             PB005168
Herbert River Express (Queensland, Australia)             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-10-2007         MAR-24-2012             PB007558
High-Tech Marketing                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-01-1995         JAN-01-1996             PB001063
Hills & Valley Messenger (South Australia)                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB003064
Hills Gazette (Perth, Western Australia)                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-16-2007         MAR-23-2012             PB007545
Hills Shire Times (NSW Cumberland, Australia)             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-17-2001         MAR-20-2012             PB004360
HimoNews                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-13-1997         OCT-19-1998             PB001690
Hinduism Today                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       AUG-31-1996         JUN-30-2006             PB000757
Hobsons Bay Leader (Victoria, Australia)                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007535
Home Hill Observer (Queensland, Australia)                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-15-2007         MAR-22-2012             PB007520
Home Living Central (NSW Cumberland, Australia)           Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-17-2001         MAR-04-2008             PB004359
Home Living North (NSW Cumberland, Australia)             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-17-2001         MAR-04-2008             PB004364
Home Living South (NSW Cumberland, Australia)             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-24-2001         MAR-04-2008             PB004371
Home Living West (NSW Cumberland, Australia)              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-24-2001         MAR-04-2008             PB004372
Home Melbourne Australia                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-06-2010         MAR-24-2012             PB008036
Homes (Perth, Western Australia)                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-11-1998         MAR-25-2012             PB003065
Hong Kong Standard                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1997         JUL-20-2000             PB001707
Hornsby Advocate (NSW Cumberland, Australia)              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-19-2001         MAR-22-2012             PB004381
Hoy (Ecuador)                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       AUG-25-2000         MAR-31-2004             PB003017
HR Monthly - ABIX                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-12-2004         SEP-13-2007             PB006588
Hume Moreland Leader (Victoria, Australia)                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-14-2007         MAR-21-2012             PB007536
Hutchinson News                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-11-2010         MAR-24-2012             PB007947
Hyde Park Citizen                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-28-1993         MAR-01-2006             PB000261
Illawarra Mercury                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-01-1997         MAR-23-2012             PB006510
Impacto Latin News                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-25-1994         JAN-21-1997             PB000458
India Abroad                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-29-1993         MAR-24-2006             PB000278
Indian Country Today (Lakota Times)                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-12-1994         MAR-15-2006             PB000516
Indianapolis Recorder                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-08-1994         MAR-03-2006             PB000297
Infolatina                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-28-1998         MAY-02-2005             PB002748
Information Technology Contracts                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       AUG-01-1996         FEB-01-1999             PB001067
Inner West Courier - Inner City Edition                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-02-2009         MAR-22-2012             PB007872
Inner West Courier - Inner West                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-02-2009         MAR-22-2012             PB007873
Inner West Weekly (NSW Cumberland, Australia)             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-15-2007         JUN-25-2009             PB007562
Innisfail Advocate (Queensland, Australia)                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-01-2007         MAR-24-2012             PB007556
Inter Press Service English News Wire                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-23-1995         MAR-22-2012             PB000088
Interactive Sports Wire                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-27-1998         NOV-18-2002             PB002749
International Examiner                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-16-1993         APR-04-2006             PB000294
International Herald Tribune                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-03-1997         MAR-24-2012             PB001639
Internet Business News                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-03-1995         DEC-30-2011             PB001064
Investor Digest (Malaysia)                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-16-2000         FEB-24-2004             PB003025
Ipswich News (Queensland, Australia)                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-15-2007         MAR-14-2012             PB007526
Irish Times                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-03-2000         MAR-24-2012             PB005172
Irish Voice                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-11-1994         MAR-14-2006             PB000459
Italian Voice, The                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       AUG-05-1993         FEB-09-2006             PB000299

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                      Page 48 of 193
Publication                                                        Source                         ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Jerusalem Post                                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-08-1994         MAR-20-2012             PB000635
Jewish Advocate, The                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-20-1994         MAR-10-2006             PB000305
Jewish Exponent                                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-01-1993         MAR-02-2006             PB000306
Jewish Journal                                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-07-1993         JAN-05-1995             PB000307
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       MAR-07-1996         MAR-03-2006             PB000758
Jewish Press, The                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-06-1995         MAR-10-2006             PB000106
Jewish Telegraphic Agency                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       FEB-24-1992         APR-24-2006             PB000491
Joondalup/Wanneroo Times (Perth, Australia)                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-04-2007         MAR-22-2012             PB007527
Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, The                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-30-1993         OCT-31-2005             PB000109
Knox Leader (Melbourne, Australia)                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007528
Korea Times                                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-05-1994         OCT-31-2001             PB000664
La Opinion                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-22-1984         MAR-17-2006             PB000464
La Prensa                                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-09-1997         APR-01-1999             PB001708
La Prensa de San Antonio                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-07-1994         MAR-05-2006             PB000465
La Republica (Colombia)                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-11-2001         OCT-29-2004             PB003020
La Voz de Colorado                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-12-1994         JAN-25-2006             PB000517
La Voz de Houston                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-05-1994         JUL-20-2005             PB000462
Lake Macquarie News (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-18-2001         MAR-06-2008             PB004368
Leader Messenger (South Australia)                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB003066
Lifestyle Rockingham (Perth, Western Australia)                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-19-2007         FEB-15-2008             PB007565
Lillydale Express (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-23-2001         MAR-19-2012             PB004398
Little India                                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       AUG-31-1991         MAR-31-2006             PB000655
Liverpool Leader (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004380
Logan News (Queensland, Australia)                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      FEB-01-1995         MAR-09-2012             PB003067
Logan West Leader (Queensland, Australia)                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-14-2007         MAR-07-2012             PB007529
Los Angeles Sentinel                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-20-1993         MAR-08-2006             PB000309
M2 Best Books                                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-20-2002         APR-22-2011             PB004831
M2 Europharma                                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-13-2002         OCT-31-2002             PB002903
M2 PressWIRE                                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-31-1969         MAR-23-2012             PB001062
Macarther Chronicle (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-24-2001         JUN-08-2010             PB004378
Macarthur Chronicle (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-15-2010         MAR-20-2012             PB007989
Maine Sunday Telegram                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1995         APR-06-2003             PB002852
Malaysian Business                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-16-2000         FEB-24-2004             PB003023
Malvern Prahran Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-25-2001         MAR-14-2012             PB004349
Manawatu Standard                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-08-2004         MAR-24-2012             PB006690
Mandurah Coastal Times (Perth, Australia)                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-14-2007         MAR-21-2012             PB007530
Manly Daily (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-18-2001         MAR-24-2012             PB004346
Maribyrnong Leader (Victoria, Australia)                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007537
Maroondah Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-06-2010         MAR-20-2012             PB007953
Maroondah Mail (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-24-2001         MAR-30-2010             PB004388
Melbourne/Yarra Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-23-2001         MAR-19-2012             PB004400
Melton/Bacchus Marsh Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-17-2001         MAR-20-2012             PB004385
Melville Times (Perth, Western Australia)                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-25-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007546
Miami Times                                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-06-1994         MAR-14-2006             PB000536
Michigan Chronicle                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-11-1994         MAR-14-2006             PB000097

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                     Page 49 of 193
Publication                                                                  Source                         ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Michigan Citizen                                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-16-1993         SEP-03-2005             PB000317
Midland Kalamunda Reporter (Perth, Western Australia)                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007547
Minneapolis Star Tribune                                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-06-1986         MAR-23-2012             PB002865
MIN's B 2 B                                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-13-2004         DEC-20-2010             PB006707
Mobile Matters                                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-01-1995         NOV-01-1998             PB001069
Moonee Valley Leader (Victoria, Australia)                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-12-2007         MAR-19-2012             PB007538
Moorabbin Glen Eira / Kingston Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-07-2010         MAR-21-2012             PB007954
Moorabbin/Glen Eira Standard (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-25-2001         MAR-31-2010             PB004386
Mordialloc Chelsea News (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-25-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004399
Moreland Courier (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-23-2001         MAR-10-2003             PB004393
Moreland Leader (Victoria, Australia)                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-12-2007         MAR-19-2012             PB007539
Moreland Sentinel (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-23-2001         SEP-13-2004             PB004379
Mornington Peninsula Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-24-2001         MAR-20-2012             PB004387
Mosman and Lower North Shore Daily (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-09-2010         MAR-22-2012             PB008010
Mosman Daily (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-19-2001         SEP-16-2010             PB004354
Mt Druitt Standard (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-18-2001         MAR-31-2010             PB004365
Mt. Druitt - St. Mary's Standard (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-07-2010         MAR-21-2012             PB007955
Multimedia News                                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       MAY-13-1998         JUL-01-1998             PB002680
Multimedia Wire                                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-28-1998         DEC-04-1998             PB002831
Mundo Hispanico                                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1994         MAR-15-2006             PB000535
Navy Times; Springfield                                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-04-1999         MAR-05-2012             PB007848
New Hampshire Sunday News                                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-13-2008         MAR-18-2012             PB008057
New Pittsburgh Courier                                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-26-1993         MAR-14-2006             PB000357
New Straits Times                                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-17-1997         MAR-23-2012             PB001717
New York Amsterdam News                                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-22-1994         MAR-22-2006             PB000160
New York Beacon, The                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       FEB-04-1994         MAR-15-2006             PB000468
New York Daily News                                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAR-13-1995         MAR-23-2012             PB005175
New York Voice Inc./Harlem USA                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-12-1994         NOV-23-2005             PB000350
New Zealand Infotech Weekly                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-24-1995         JUN-30-2003             PB003044
News From Indian Country                                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-31-1993         MAR-06-2006             PB003543
News India                                                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-05-1993         FEB-14-1997             PB003544
News Review Messenger (South Australia)                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB003077
Newsbytes News Network                                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-18-1981         OCT-01-1999             PB000081
Newsday                                                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-25-1992         MAR-24-2012             PB000576
Nordic Business Report                                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-01-1998         DEC-30-2011             PB002834
North Coast Times (Perth, Western Australia)                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-25-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007548
North Shore Times (Friday)(NSW Cumberland, Australia)                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-20-2001         APR-16-2010             PB004377
North Shore Times (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-04-2010         MAR-23-2012             PB007986
North Shore Times (Wednesday)(NSW Cumberland, Australia)                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAY-28-2010             PB004376
North West News (Queensland, Australia)                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-03-1995         MAR-07-2012             PB003071
Northcote Leader (Melbourne Australia)                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-14-2007         MAR-21-2012             PB007532
Northern California Jewish Bulletin                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-14-1994         FEB-07-1997             PB000222
Northern District Times (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004356
Northern Echo                                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-03-1998         MAR-22-2012             PB006053
Northern Miner (Queensland, Australia)                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-23-2012             PB007557

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                               Page 50 of 193
Publication                                                                       Source                         ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Northern News (Queensland, Australia)                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-25-1995         APR-28-2005             PB003070
Northern Territory News (Australia)                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-31-2009         MAR-24-2012             PB007531
Northside Chronicle (Queensland, Australia)                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-10-1995         MAR-07-2012             PB003069
Northwest Asian Weekly                                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-16-1993         MAR-10-2006             PB000323
Northwest Nikkei                                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1994         AUG-28-2004             PB000342
NT Business Review                                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-14-2007         MAR-08-2012             PB007441
Oakland Post                                                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-01-1993         MAR-21-2006             PB000473
Oakleigh Monash Springvale Dandenong Leader (VIC Leader Publication, Australia)         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      APR-07-2010         MAR-21-2012             PB007956
Oakleigh Springvale Dandenong Times (VIC Leader Publication, Australia)                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-18-2001         MAR-31-2010             PB004351
Ojibwe News, The                                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-07-1994         MAR-10-2006             PB000645
Oman News Agency                                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-09-2010         MAR-21-2012             PB007972
Oregonian, The                                                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-28-1987         MAR-22-2012             PB005178
Panorama Pittsburgh's International Newspaper                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-01-1997         NOV-01-1998             PB002692
Papua - New Guinea Post - Courier                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-06-2007         MAR-22-2012             PB007443
Parramatta Advertiser (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004370
Payneham Messenger (South Australia)                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-11-1995         OCT-27-1999             PB003072
Penrith Press                                                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-08-2010         MAR-20-2012             PB007985
Penrith Press (Friday)(NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-20-2001         MAY-21-2010             PB004350
Penrith Press (Tuesday)(NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-24-2001         MAY-18-2010             PB004373
Philadelphia Tribune, The                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-14-1994         MAR-17-2006             PB000360
Pine Rivers Press (Queensland, Australia)                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-03-1995         MAR-07-2012             PB003073
Pittsburgh Post - Gazette                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-08-1990         MAR-24-2012             PB005179
Polish-American Journal                                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-01-1993         MAR-31-2006             PB000524
Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette (Queensland, Australia)                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-05-2001         MAR-22-2012             PB004352
Portland Press Herald (Maine)                                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-06-1994         MAR-15-2012             PB002462
Portland Skanner                                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-05-1994         MAR-08-2006             PB000359
Portside Messenger (South Australia)                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB003074
Precinct Reporter                                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-16-1993         MAR-16-2006             PB000358
Preston Post Times (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004348
Profit                                                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      FEB-01-2000         OCT-01-2011             PB005182
Progress Press (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-24-2001         MAR-20-2012             PB004355
QNA                                                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-16-2005         DEC-19-2011             PB006998
Raven's Eye                                                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-01-1997         OCT-01-2006             PB002988
Real Estate News (Queensland, Australia)                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-07-1991         OCT-12-2001             PB003076
Redcliffe & Bayside Herald (Queensland, Australia)                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-24-1995         MAR-07-2012             PB003075
Resource News International                                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-27-1998         MAR-23-2012             PB002750
Richmond Afro-American                                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-05-1994         JAN-31-1996             PB003549
Roll Call                                                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-10-1988         MAR-22-2012             PB002664
Ros Business Consulting                                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-10-2005         SEP-13-2007             PB006589
Rouse Hill Times (NSW Cumberland, Australia)                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-14-2007         MAR-21-2012             PB007560
Sacramento Observer                                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-22-1993         NOV-02-2006             PB000380
Sandringham Brighton Advertiser (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-23-2001         MAR-19-2012             PB004347
Saskatchewan Sage                                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-01-1997         AUG-01-2001             PB002986
Satnews                                                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       MAR-03-1991         FEB-01-1995             PB001068
Seattle Skanner                                                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-05-1994         MAR-08-2006             PB000387

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                                    Page 51 of 193
Publication                                                     Source                         ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Semana Economica, Apoyo Comunicaciones (Peru)                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-01-2001         OCT-12-2004             PB003018
Seminole Tribune                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-31-1993         FEB-24-2006             PB000390
Sho-Ban News                                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-21-1993         FEB-23-2006             PB000372
South American Business Information                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-02-1996         DEC-03-2004             PB000719
South Asia Times                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       AUG-30-1995         AUG-30-1995             PB000573
South Asian Business Analyst                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-08-1997         SEP-28-1998             PB001691
South East Advertiser (Queensland, Australia)                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-03-1995         MAR-07-2012             PB003078
South West News (Queensland, Australia)                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAR-06-1995         MAR-07-2012             PB003081
Southern Gazette (Perth, Western Australia)                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-25-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007549
Southern News (Queensland, Australia)                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-11-1995         FEB-16-2006             PB003079
Southern Times Messenger (South Australia)                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB003080
Sportsman (Australia)                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-02-2007         MAR-23-2012             PB007533
St. Louis Post-Dispatch                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      FEB-16-1981         MAR-24-2012             PB001817
Standard Messenger (South Australia)                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB003082
Star Interviews                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-1997         JUN-16-2003             PB002726
States News Service                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-27-1998         AUG-28-2004             PB002751
Stirling Times (Perth, Western Australia)                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007550
Sun Herald (Sydney)                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-18-2012             PB006507
Sun Reporter, The                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-05-1994         MAR-09-2006             PB000482
Sunbury/Macedon Regional (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-17-2001         MAR-20-2012             PB004375
Sunday Age (Melbourne)                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-01-1996         MAR-18-2012             PB006509
Sunday Gazette-Mail                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-29-2003         MAR-18-2012             PB006454
Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      FEB-15-1988         MAR-25-2012             PB003083
Sunday Magazine (New South Wales / Victoria)                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-31-2010         MAR-25-2012             PB008029
Sunday Magazine (Perth, Western Australia)                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-25-1998         OCT-24-2010             PB003084
Sunday Mail (Glasgow, UK)                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-10-1999         MAR-18-2012             PB004287
Sunday Mail, Adelaide, S. Aust.                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-01-1995         MAR-25-2012             PB007447
Sunday Mail; Kuala Lumpur                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-02-2000         MAR-29-2008             PB006323
Sunday Mercury                                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-06-2000         MAR-18-2012             PB004288
Sunday Mirror                                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-06-2000         MAR-18-2012             PB004289
Sunday Star Times                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-02-2001         MAR-25-2012             PB006693
Sunday Star Times (New Zealand)                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-03-1995         SEP-26-2004             PB003047
Sunday Tasmanian (Tasmania, Australia)                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-01-1995         MAR-25-2012             PB003085
Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-16-2005         MAR-25-2012             PB007445
Sunday Territorian                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-10-2007         MAR-25-2012             PB007444
Sunday Times (Suva, Fiji)                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-10-2007         SEP-19-2010             PB007446
Sydney Morning Herald                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-01-1996         MAR-24-2012             PB006506
Tablelander (Queensland, Australia)                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-13-2007         JUN-23-2009             PB007555
Tablelands Advertiser (Queensland, Australia)                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-14-2007         MAR-23-2012             PB007563
Talk Asia                                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-02-2011         MAR-17-2012             PB008108
Taranaki Daily News                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-02-2004         MAR-24-2012             PB006689
Tasmanian Country (Tasmania, Australia)                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-06-1995         MAR-23-2012             PB003086
Telecomworldwire                                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-04-1994         MAR-23-2012             PB001061
Tennessee TRIBUNE, The                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       FEB-06-1995         FEB-16-2006             PB000107
Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia), The                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-02-1995         MAR-24-2012             PB003087

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                                  Page 52 of 193
Publication                                         Source                         ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Advocate (Queensland, Australia), The                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-14-2007         MAR-21-2012             PB007522
Age (Melbourne), The                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-02-1996         MAR-24-2012             PB006508
Arlington Morning News, The                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       SEP-19-1995         JAN-24-2003             PB002687
Atlanta Constitution, The                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-13-1983         NOV-02-2001             PB000501
Atlanta Journal, The                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       AUG-11-1987         NOV-02-2001             PB000497
Atlanta Journal and Constitution, The                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-25-1984         MAR-24-2012             PB000500
Australian, The                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-13-1995         MAR-23-2012             PB003088
Australian Magazine, The                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-04-1997         MAR-27-2010             PB003056
Cairns Post (Queensland, Australia), The                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-05-2001         MAR-24-2012             PB004344
Cairns Sun (Queensland, Australia), The                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004362
Cherokee Observer, The                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-31-1994         NOV-30-2005             PB000651
Christian Science Monitor, The                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-07-1997         MAR-23-2012             PB001144
City (South Australia), The                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-11-1995         JUN-30-2010             PB003089
Columbian, The                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-23-1997         MAR-12-2004             PB001645
Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Australia), The                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-02-1995         MAR-24-2012             PB003090
Daily Mirror, The                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-03-2000         MAR-24-2012             PB004290
Daily News (Taranaki, New Zealand), The                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-02-1996         OCT-05-2004             PB003049
Daily Telegraph, The                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAR-26-1994         MAR-24-2012             PB001718
Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia), The                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-16-1995         MAR-24-2012             PB003091
Dominion (Wellington, New Zealand), The                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-02-1995         OCT-24-2002             PB003041
Dominion Post (Wellington, New Zealand), The              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      FEB-04-2004         MAR-24-2012             PB006696
Evening Post (Wellington, New Zealand), The               Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-02-1995         JUL-06-2002             PB003042
Evening Standard (Manawatu, New Zealand), The             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-15-1996         SEP-24-2004             PB003043
Fiji Times, The                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-05-2007         SEP-22-2010             PB007442
Gainesville Sun, The                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-09-2004         MAR-25-2012             PB008076
Gold Coast Bulletin (Queensland, Australia), The          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-23-2012             PB004345
Independent - London, The                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-01-1994         MAR-24-2012             PB001694
Independent (Bangladesh), The                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-24-2000         DEC-31-2004             PB003015
Independent on Sunday, The                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-07-1996         MAR-18-2012             PB001695
Jewish Week, The                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-13-1994         DEC-23-2006             PB000514
Korea Times (Seoul, S. Korea), The                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-21-1998         APR-10-2003             PB002854
Mercury (Tasmania, Australia), The                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-02-1995         MAR-24-2012             PB003092
Moscow Times (Russia), The                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-27-2000         DEC-31-2004             PB003028
Nation (Thailand), The                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-27-1997         DEC-27-2004             PB002866
Nelson Mail, The                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUN-02-1997         MAR-24-2012             PB006691
Network Journal, The                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       FEB-15-1994         MAR-31-2006             PB000649
Noosa Journal (Queensland, Australia), The                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-15-2007         MAR-09-2012             PB007566
Northern Times (Queensland, Australia), The               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-02-1995         MAR-09-2012             PB003093
Palm Beach Post, The                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-01-1988         MAR-23-2012             PB003434
People, The                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-06-2000         MAR-06-2005             PB004291
Press (Christchurch, New Zealand), The                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-10-1996         MAR-24-2012             PB007567
Record (Bergen County, NJ), The                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-01-1991         MAR-23-2012             PB002504
Southern Star (Queensland, Australia), The                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      FEB-08-1995         MAR-07-2012             PB003094
Southland Times, The                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-01-2004         MAR-24-2012             PB006692
Southland Times (New Zealand), The                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       MAR-01-1997         SEP-30-2004             PB003046

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                      Page 53 of 193
Publication                                               Source                         ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
St. Petersburg Times (Russia), The                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       MAY-05-2000         DEC-24-2004             PB003026
Standard, The                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-17-2002         OCT-07-2011             PB006306
Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia), The                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-01-1995         MAR-25-2012             PB003095
Sunday Telegraph (London, England), The                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-13-1997         MAR-18-2012             PB001719
Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, Australia), The                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-30-1995         MAR-11-2007             PB003096
Sunday Times (Perth, Western Australia), The                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      AUG-16-1998         MAR-25-2012             PB003097
Telegram (St. John's NF), The                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-02-1999         APR-27-2007             PB004320
Timaru Herald, The                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-29-2004         MAR-24-2012             PB006694
Timaru Herald (New Zealand), The                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUN-24-1996         OCT-01-2004             PB003048
Toronto Star, The                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-06-1987         MAR-24-2012             PB003436
Union Leader, The                                               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-07-2010         MAR-21-2012             PB008058
VandeBerg World Report, The                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       AUG-02-1989         FEB-02-2000             PB000829
Vietnam Investment Review, The                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       APR-24-2000         DEC-30-2004             PB003027
Washington Post, The                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      SEP-27-1984         MAR-24-2012             PB002959
Times - Colonist                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-01-2000         MAY-12-2004             PB006372
Townsville Bulletin (Queensland, Australia)                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-24-2012             PB004343
Townsville Sun (Queensland, Australia)                          Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-14-2007         MAR-21-2012             PB007518
Tri-State Defender                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       NOV-23-1994         MAR-15-2006             PB000102
Tundra Times                                                    Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-06-1993         MAY-14-1997             PB000391
Tunis Afrique Presse                                            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-07-2010         MAR-18-2012             PB007974
Ukrainian Weekly, The                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       OCT-03-1993         MAR-12-2006             PB000393
United Press International                                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-27-1998         OCT-28-2004             PB002752
US Newswire                                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-30-1996         MAR-24-2012             PB000721
USA Today                                                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-02-1990         MAR-23-2012             PB000596
Waikato Times                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-13-1995         MAR-24-2012             PB006695
Waikato Times (New Zealand)                                     Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       DEC-13-1995         SEP-28-2004             PB003050
Wanneroo Times (Perth, Western Australia)                       Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007553
Washington Afro-American                                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       FEB-05-1994         MAR-24-2006             PB000394
Washington Informer                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-12-1994         FEB-15-2006             PB000396
Waverly Gazette (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-17-2001         MAR-20-2012             PB004382
Weekend Australian                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-03-2004         MAR-24-2012             PB007440
Weekend Australian Magazine, The                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      DEC-06-2008         MAR-24-2012             PB007957
Weekend Courier (Perth, Western Australia)                      Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-16-2007         MAR-23-2012             PB007551
Weekly Journal, The                                             Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       FEB-25-1993         JUL-22-1997             PB000098
Weekly Times (Victoria, Australia)                              Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-04-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB003100
Weekly Times Messenger (South Australia)                        Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JAN-11-1995         MAR-21-2012             PB003098
Western Suburbs Weekly (Perth, Western Australia)               Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-23-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007552
Westside News (Queensland, Australia)                           Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-28-1993         MAR-07-2012             PB003099
Whitehorse Gazette (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004383
Whittlesea Post (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)            Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      JUL-18-2001         MAR-21-2012             PB004384
Wind River News                                                 Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JAN-04-1993         MAR-09-2006             PB000406
Wireless News                                                   Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      NOV-29-2001         MAR-24-2012             PB004833
Wireless Today                                                  Newspapers_&_Newswires   NO       JUL-28-1998         JUN-26-2001             PB002832
Wisconsin State Journal                                         Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      MAY-04-1991         MAR-23-2012             PB002731
WISH (Australia)                                                Newspapers_&_Newswires   YES      OCT-05-2007         MAR-02-2012             PB007564

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                            Page 54 of 193
Publication                                           Source                          ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Worldwide Computer Products News                            Newspapers_&_Newswires    YES      DEC-01-1995         MAR-23-2012             PB004830
Wyndham Leader (VIC Leader Publications, Australia)         Newspapers_&_Newswires    YES      NOV-13-2007         MAR-20-2012             PB007561
Wynnum Herald (Queensland, Australia)                       Newspapers_&_Newswires    YES      JAN-03-1995         MAR-07-2012             PB003101
Xinhua (China)                                              Newspapers_&_Newswires    NO       MAY-04-2000         DEC-31-2004             PB003024
Xinhua News Agency                                          Newspapers_&_Newswires    YES      NOV-08-1996         MAR-22-2012             PB000722
Yemen News Agency                                           Newspapers_&_Newswires    YES      MAY-10-2010         MAR-19-2012             PB007973
AFP Still Graphics (English)                                       Pictures           YES      AUG-22-2010         MAR-23-2012             PB008004
AFP Still Graphics (French)                                        Pictures           YES      SEP-06-2010         MAR-23-2012             PB008008
AFP Still Graphics (Spanish)                                       Pictures           YES      SEP-16-2010         MAR-23-2012             PB008007
Agence France Presse                                               Pictures           NO       JAN-01-1900         OCT-29-2006             PB004324
AIMS Multimedia                                                    Pictures           NO       JAN-01-1996         JAN-01-1996             PB000607
Archive Photos                                                     Pictures           NO       JAN-01-1900         JAN-01-1999             PB000595
Bridgeman Art                                                      Pictures           NO       OCT-01-2004         OCT-01-2004             PB006635
Earth Life Forms                                                   Pictures           NO       APR-01-2000         JAN-01-2002             PB004295
Earth Life Forms - Animals                                         Pictures           NO       MAY-01-1998         MAY-01-1998             PB002900
GeoNova Flags                                                      Pictures           NO       AUG-01-2007         AUG-01-2007             PB007740
Getty Historical Image Collection                                  Pictures           NO       JAN-01-1754         JUL-13-1999             PB007002
KRT Photos                                                         Pictures           YES      JAN-12-1900         MAR-23-2012             PB004804
KRT Photos (by Event)                                              Pictures           YES      JAN-28-1900         MAR-23-2012             PB007869
KRT Photos (by Event) Individuals                                  Pictures           YES      JAN-28-1900         MAR-23-2012             PB007868
Library of Congress Photos                                         Pictures           NO       JAN-01-1902         JAN-01-1944             PB007962
Toronto Star Image Archive                                         Pictures           NO       JAN-01-1900         JUL-28-2004             PB006627
UPI Photos                                                         Pictures           NO       JUL-06-1900         APR-26-2006             PB007062
48 Hours (CBS)                                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JAN-07-1999         MAR-17-2012             PB003004
60 Minutes (CBS)                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JAN-13-1999         MAR-18-2012             PB003001
7:30 Report - Australian Broadcasting Corporation            TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      FEB-16-2004         MAR-22-2012             PB006902
ABC 20/20                                                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-02-1997         OCT-06-1999             PB001348
ABC Good Morning America                                     TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAR-07-1997         OCT-06-1999             PB001349
ABC Good Morning America Sunday                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       NOV-09-1996         FEB-28-1999             PB001350
ABC News Saturday Night                                      TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-07-1998         SEP-09-1999             PB001794
ABC Nightline                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAR-06-1997         OCT-06-1999             PB001351
ABC Premium News (Australia)                                 TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JAN-02-2004         MAR-25-2012             PB006883
ABC Primetime Live                                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAR-12-1997         SEP-09-1998             PB001352
ABC Regional News (Australia)                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      FEB-07-2005         MAR-24-2012             PB006884
ABC Rural News (Australia)                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      NOV-23-2004         MAR-23-2012             PB006885
ABC Special Report                                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAR-12-1997         SEP-19-1999             PB001353
ABC This Week                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       NOV-09-1996         SEP-26-1999             PB001354
ABC Turning Point                                            TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAR-06-1997         SEP-04-1997             PB001355
ABC World News Saturday                                      TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAR-08-1997         AUG-21-1999             PB001356
ABC World News Sunday                                        TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       NOV-09-1996         SEP-26-1999             PB001357
ABC World News This Morning                                  TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       NOV-17-1996         OCT-06-1999             PB001358
All Things Considered                                        TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUL-30-1990         NOV-03-2011             PB000547
AM - Australian Broadcasting Corporation                     TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      MAR-11-2004         MAR-24-2012             PB006906
American Morning                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      SEP-15-2003         DEC-30-2011             PB006698
American Morning: Wake Up Call                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      OCT-31-2011         DEC-09-2011             PB008098

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                         Page 55 of 193
Publication                                               Source                            ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
American Nightly Scoreboard                                        TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-04-2009         FEB-22-2011             PB007758
America's Election Headquarters                                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       OCT-13-2008         NOV-11-2008             PB007675
America's Nightly Scoreboard                                       TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-23-2011         NOV-07-2011             PB008049
Anderson Cooper 360                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      DEC-07-2004         MAR-23-2012             PB006699
Ballot Bowl 2008                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAY-17-2008         NOV-02-2008             PB007626
Before Hours (CNNfn)                                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-20-1997         MAY-03-2002             PB001361
Beltway Boys (Fox News Network)                                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-30-1999         MAR-28-2009             PB003011
Biz Buzz (CNNfn)                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-13-1997         FEB-23-2001             PB001364
Bloomberg Surveillance                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAR-01-2010         DEC-06-2010             PB007965
Bloomberg TV                                                       TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-05-2009         DEC-22-2010             PB007759
Business Breakfast (Australia)                                     TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAR-11-2005         MAR-11-2005             PB006903
Business Day (CNNfn)                                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       NOV-26-1997         SEP-14-1999             PB001684
Business Traveller                                                 TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-09-2008         JUL-11-2009             PB007594
Business Unusual (CNNfn)                                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-18-1997         JUL-30-2001             PB001372
Campbell Brown                                                     TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-12-2009         DEC-21-2009             PB007761
Campbell Brown: No Bias, No Bull                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-22-2009         JUN-02-2009             PB007706
Capital Ideas (CNNfn)                                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-13-1997         APR-07-2000             PB001368
Capitol Hill Press Releases                                        TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      MAY-11-1969         MAR-22-2012             PB001705
Cavuto                                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      FEB-05-2009         MAR-22-2012             PB007715
CBS 60 Minutes II                                                  TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       NOV-24-2004         JUN-29-2005             PB006662
CBS Evening News                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      NOV-09-2005         MAR-23-2012             PB007017
CBS Evening News with Dan Rather                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       DEC-31-1998         JUL-18-2005             PB002998
CBS Evening News with John Roberts                                 TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-10-1999         MAY-27-2007             PB003000
CBS Evening News with Paula Zahn                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-30-1999         JAN-30-1999             PB003003
CBS Evening News, Saturday Edition                                 TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JUN-14-2003         MAR-17-2012             PB005019
CBS Evening News, Sunday Edition                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      MAY-18-2008         MAR-18-2012             PB007624
CBS Face The Nation                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JAN-17-1999         MAR-18-2012             PB003002
CBS Morning News                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      FEB-02-2009         MAR-23-2012             PB007735
CBS News Sunday Morning                                            TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JAN-10-1999         MAR-18-2012             PB002999
CBS Special Report                                                 TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUL-19-2009         JUL-19-2009             PB007880
CBS The Early Show                                                 TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      FEB-02-2009         JAN-07-2012             PB007734
CBS This Morning                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      DEC-30-1998         MAR-22-2012             PB002997
CNBC Dow Jones Business Video Analyst Interview                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       DEC-09-2005         DEC-04-2010             PB007023
CNBC/Dow Jones Business Video                                      TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-02-1998         OCT-30-2010             PB001808
CNN Breaking News                                                  TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      AUG-08-2009         FEB-27-2012             PB007879
CNN Election Center                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAY-14-2008         NOV-14-2008             PB007622
CNN's Amanpour                                                     TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       SEP-21-2009         DEC-01-2009             PB007913
Congressional Testimony                                            TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JUN-18-1979         MAR-23-2012             PB001750
Connect The World                                                  TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      OCT-31-2011         MAR-20-2012             PB008099
Conversation with Judy Woodruff                                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       APR-30-2010         APR-30-2010             PB007966
D.L. Hughley Breaks the News                                       TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-24-2009         MAR-29-2009             PB007707
Dave Ramsey Show                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-24-2009         JUN-07-2010             PB007722
Day to Day                                                         TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-14-2005         FEB-27-2009             PB007030
Digital Jam (CNNfn)                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-18-1997         FEB-01-2001             PB001363
Early Start With Ashleigh Banfield and Zoraida Sambolin            TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-06-2012         MAR-23-2012             PB008111

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                               Page 56 of 193
Publication                                         Source                            ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Erin Burnett Outfront                                        TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      OCT-31-2011         MAR-23-2012             PB008101
Fair Disclosure Wire                                         TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      APR-18-2001         MAR-09-2012             PB005014
Family Values                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       AUG-29-1997         SEP-22-1997             PB001640
Fareed Zakaria GPS                                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      OCT-19-2008         MAR-18-2012             PB007677
Federal News Service, Inc.                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-10-2001         OCT-17-2001             PB004294
Follow The Money                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      OCT-04-2010         FEB-17-2012             PB008039
For the Record                                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       OCT-16-2009         OCT-16-2010             PB007931
Fox Files (Fox News Network)                                 TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-28-1999         AUG-17-1999             PB003009
Fox News Sunday (Fox News Network)                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JAN-31-1999         MAR-18-2012             PB003010
Fox On the Record with Greta Van Susteren                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      NOV-18-2005         MAR-23-2012             PB006876
Fox Special Report With Bret Baier                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      MAY-06-2009         MAR-23-2012             PB007749
FOXBUSINESS.COM Weekend                                      TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       OCT-04-2009         JUN-27-2010             PB007933
Freedom Watch                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       NOV-18-2010         FEB-16-2012             PB008043
Fresh Air                                                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAY-14-1997         NOV-03-2011             PB001376
Glenn Beck                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-24-2009         JUN-30-2011             PB007723
Hannity                                                      TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JAN-23-2009         MAR-22-2012             PB007711
Hannity & Colmes (Fox News Network)                          TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-28-1999         JAN-09-2009             PB003006
Hannity's America                                            TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       DEC-23-2007         FEB-08-2009             PB007573
Happy Hour                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-05-2009         JUN-04-2010             PB007717
Imus in the Morning                                          TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      OCT-05-2009         MAR-23-2012             PB007932
In Play (CNNfn)                                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       SEP-29-1997         JUL-21-1999             PB001647
In the Game (CNNfn)                                          TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-13-1997         JUL-21-1999             PB001362
Inside Africa                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       OCT-21-2006         JUN-06-2009             PB007394
Inside Business (Australia)                                  TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      FEB-22-2004         MAR-18-2012             PB006904
Insiders - Australian Broadcasting Corporation               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      FEB-13-2005         MAR-18-2012             PB006905
Issue Number One                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAY-14-2008         AUG-22-2008             PB007627
It's Only Money (CNNfn)                                      TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-18-1997         SEP-24-1997             PB001365
John King, USA                                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      APR-02-2010         MAR-23-2012             PB007968
Journal Editorial Report                                     TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      DEC-29-2007         MAR-17-2012             PB007581
Lateline - Australian Broadcasting Corporation               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      MAR-11-2004         MAR-23-2012             PB006900
Live Event                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      NOV-04-2008         MAR-10-2012             PB007681
Live from ...                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAY-19-2003         SEP-04-2006             PB006700
Lou Dobbs Tonight                                            TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      DEC-07-2004         MAR-22-2012             PB006701
Money for Breakfast                                          TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-09-2009         SEP-25-2009             PB007716
Money Rocks                                                  TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-21-2010         OCT-01-2010             PB008002
Moneyline with Lou Dobbs (CNNfn)                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-23-1997         JUL-30-2001             PB001370
Morning Edition                                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAY-12-1990         NOV-03-2011             PB000546
MSNBC BusinessVideo                                          TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUL-30-1997         FEB-17-1998             PB001609
MSNBC Live                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       SEP-20-2010         AUG-29-2011             PB008012
MSNBC Live With Cenk Uygur                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-02-2011         AUG-09-2011             PB008050
MSNBC Private Financial Network                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-11-1997         NOV-24-1997             PB001374
MSNBC Professional                                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-30-1997         AUG-05-1997             PB001373
News & Notes                                                 TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-30-2006         NOV-24-2008             PB007057
News & Notes with Ed Gordon                                  TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAY-30-2005         MAR-20-2009             PB007029
News from CNN                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       NOV-28-2003         JUN-03-2005             PB006702

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                         Page 57 of 193
Publication                                              Source                            ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
News Stream                                                       TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JAN-05-2011         MAR-23-2012             PB008100
Nightly Business Report                                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-13-1995         DEC-06-2010             PB000609
NPR Special                                                       TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       SEP-11-2002         FEB-11-2011             PB004951
On The Economy                                                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-08-2009         SEP-30-2010             PB007760
Open House                                                        TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       DEC-29-2007         SEP-12-2009             PB007580
Paula Zahn Now                                                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       DEC-22-2004         AUG-02-2007             PB006703
Piers Morgan Tonight                                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      OCT-31-2011         MAR-23-2012             PB008102
PM - Australian Broadcasting Corporation                          TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      DEC-01-2004         MAR-23-2012             PB006896
Political Capital with Albert R Hunt                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-19-2009         DEC-03-2010             PB007763
Politics Nation                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      AUG-30-2011         MAR-23-2012             PB008077
Power And Money                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      DEC-08-2011         FEB-17-2012             PB008105
Prism                                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       NOV-09-2009         DEC-01-2009             PB007936
Quest Means Business                                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      AUG-10-2009         MAR-21-2012             PB007877
Regulatory Intelligence Data                                      TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JUL-12-1962         MAR-23-2012             PB001703
Sanjay Gupta MD                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      NOV-05-2011         MAR-17-2012             PB008104
Sounds Like Science                                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-30-1999         AUG-28-1999             PB003508
Special Report with Brit Hume (Fox News Network)                  TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-29-1999         JAN-19-2009             PB003005
Sports, Inc. (CNNfn)                                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-13-1997         SEP-24-1997             PB001369
Starting Point With Soledad O'Brien                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       FEB-09-2012         MAR-23-2012             PB008112
State Of The Union with Candy Crowley                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      NOV-06-2011         MAR-18-2012             PB008103
State of the Union with John King                                 TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAR-01-2009         DEC-13-2009             PB007724
Stossel                                                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      APR-15-2010         MAR-22-2012             PB007967
Street Sweep (CNNfn)                                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-23-1997         DEC-14-2004             PB001367
Surveillance Midday                                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       OCT-22-2010         DEC-06-2010             PB008018
Take It Personally                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUL-28-1997         NOV-22-1999             PB001607
Talk of the Nation                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-03-1997         NOV-03-2011             PB001379
Talk of the Nation Science Friday                                 TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-20-1997         OCT-28-2011             PB001431
Tavis Smiley                                                      TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       OCT-28-2002         DEC-16-2004             PB004953
Tell Me More                                                      TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUL-05-2007         NOV-03-2011             PB007587
Big Story with John Gibson, The                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       NOV-21-2005         JUL-08-2008             PB006877
Bryant Park Project, The                                          TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       OCT-12-2007         JUL-25-2008             PB007586
Cavuto Business Report (Fox News Network), The                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUL-30-1997         FEB-03-2000             PB001608
Crier Report (Fox News Network), The                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-28-1999         AUG-23-1999             PB003007
Drudge Report (Fox News Network), The                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-23-1999         AUG-21-1999             PB003012
Five, The                                                         TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JUL-22-2011         MAR-23-2012             PB008070
Last Word With Lawrence O` Donnell, The                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      SEP-27-2010         MAR-22-2012             PB008013
Media Show, The                                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       AUG-21-1997         SEP-25-1997             PB001623
Most Toys (CNNfn), The                                            TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-19-1997         SEP-26-1997             PB001371
Next List, The                                                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      DEC-11-2011         MAR-18-2012             PB008106
O'Reilly Factor (Fox News Network), The                           TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JAN-28-1999         MAR-22-2012             PB003008
Willis Report, The                                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      JUN-07-2010         MAR-22-2012             PB007990
World Today - Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The            TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      FEB-05-2004         MAR-23-2012             PB006901
This Week in Politics                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAY-17-2008         OCT-26-2008             PB007625
Trading Places (CNNfn)                                            TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       SEP-29-1997         JUL-21-1999             PB001646
Wall Street Corporate Reporter                                    TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-18-1997         OCT-29-2002             PB001360

eLibrary Australasia Title List Pulled March 2012                                                                                              Page 58 of 193
Publication                                         Source                            ACTIVE   Earliest Pub Date   Most Recent Pub Date    PUBID
Washington Transcript Service                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      AUG-29-1984         MAR-23-2012             PB001702
Weekend All Things Considered                                TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-16-1993         OCT-30-2011             PB001380
Weekend Edition                                              TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-16-1993         MAR-06-2010             PB001210
Weekend Edition - Saturday                                   TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JAN-16-1993         OCT-29-2011             PB000538
Weekend Edition - Sunday                                     TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       APR-04-1993         OCT-30-2011             PB000540
Weekend Saturday                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       MAY-31-1997         JAN-09-1999             PB001381
Weekend Sunday                                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-01-1997         JAN-10-1999             PB001382
Weekly Edition                                               TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUN-21-1997         OCT-27-2001             PB001383
Who's In Charge (CNNfn)                                      TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       JUL-10-1997         SEP-23-1997             PB001366
World Business Today                                         TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       AUG-10-2009         AUG-10-2009             PB007878
World News Tonight with Peter Jennings                       TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       OCT-22-1996         OCT-06-1999             PB001359
Your Bottom Line                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   YES      FEB-14-2009         MAR-17-2012             PB007719
Your World Today                                             TV_&_Radio_Transcripts   NO       DEC-15-2005         JAN-25-2008             PB007026
3D Animation                                                        Video             NO       APR-07-1993         DEC-17-2004             PB003506
A.D.A.M. Animation Library                                          Video             NO       JAN-01-2001         JAN-01-2001             PB004762
Agence France Presse Animations                                     Video             YES      JAN-10-1975         JAN-01-2012             PB007375
Great Events of the 20th Century (video)                            Video             NO       FEB-02-1901         AUG-19-1991             PB004331
KRT Interactive Hot Topics                                          Video             NO       FEB-13-1998         OCT-16-2001             PB004702
MPI Video                                                           Video             NO       JAN-01-1900         JAN-01-1996             PB006891
MPI Video (silent)                                                  Video             NO       MAY-28-1898         APR-20-2005             PB006892

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"Iron Curtain" Speech
16th Street Baptist Church Bombing
1918 Flu Pandemic
1920s Popular Culture
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1933 Chicago World's Fair
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1950s Popular Culture
1953 East German Uprising
1960s Popular Culture
1968 Democratic National Convention
1968 Summer Olympics
1970s Popular Culture
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2010 Winter Olympics
2010 World Cup
2011 Wisconsin Public Worker Protests
2011 Women's World Cup
2012 Summer Olympics
9/11 Attacks (2001)
A Christmas Carol
A Farewell to Arms
A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Streetcar Named Desire
A Tale of Two Cities
A. Philip Randolph
A.A. Milne
Aaron Burr
Aaron Copland
Aaron Neville
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Abbie Hoffman
Abdullah Gul
Abelard and Heloise
Abhisit Vejjajiva
Abigail Adams
Abigail Powers Fillmore
Abigail Van Buren

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Abnormal Psychology
Abolitionist Movement
Abraham Lincoln
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Abu Dhabi
Abu Ghraib
Abu Sayyaf Group
Academic Dishonesty
Academy Awards
Acadia National Park
Achaemenid Empire
Achille Lauro Hijacking (1985)
Acid Rain
Acoustics & Waves
Acropolis of Athens, The
Ada Lovelace
Adam Sandler
Adam Smith
Addison Mizner
Adirondack Mountains
Adlai Ewing Stevenson II
Adolf Eichmann
Adolf Hitler
Adolfo Perez Esquivel
Adriatic Sea
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Aegean Sea
Aerobic Exercise
Aesop's Fables
Affirmative Action

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African American Inventors
African American Protestantism
African American Suffragists
African Americans
African Americans in the Civil War
African Americans in World War II
African Cuisine
African Wild Dog
Afrika Korps
Agatha Christie
Age Discrimination
Age of Enlightenment
Agent Orange
Agricultural and Food Scientist
Agriculture and Farming
AIDS in Africa
Aimee Semple McPherson
Air Conditioning
Air France Flight 447 (2009)
Air France Flight 4590 (2000)
Air Pollution
Akio Morita
Akira Kurosawa
Al Capone
Al Franken
Al Gore
Al Green
Al Hirschfeld
Al Hirt
Al Pacino
Alabama History
Alabama Plants & Wildlife
Alain Ducasse

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Alan Garcia
Alan Greenspan
Alan Heeger
Alan Jackson
Alan Ladd
Alan Shepard
Alan Turing
Alanis Morissette
Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade
Alaska Earthquake (1964)
Alaska History
Alaska Plants
Alaska Wildlife
Albany Plan of Union
Albert A. Michelson
Albert Camus
Albert Einstein
Albert Sabin
Albert Schweitzer
Albert Speer
Albert, Prince Consort
Alberta Oil Sands
Alcee Hastings
Aldous Huxley
Alec Baldwin
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Aleutian Islands
Alex Haley
Alex Rodriguez
Alexander Bustamante
Alexander Calder
Alexander Fleming
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Haig
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander McQueen
Alexander Pope

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Alexander Pushkin
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Alexander the Great
Alexander von Humboldt
Alexandre Dumas pere
Alexis de Tocqueville
Alfonso Cuaron
Alfred Adler
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Nobel
Alfred P. Sloan
Alfred Russel Wallace
Alfred Stieglitz
Alfred Tennyson
Alfred the Great
Alfred Wegener
Alger Hiss
Algerian War
Alice Cooper
Alice Paul
Alice Walker
Alice Waters
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alicia Keys
All Quiet on the Western Front
All Saints Day
All-American Cuisine
Allegheny River
Allen Ginsberg
Allen Toussaint
Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb
Alternative Energy
Alternative Fuel Vehicles Product Reviews
Alternative Medicine
Althea Gibson
Alton Brown

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Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
Alvaro Uribe
Alvin York
Alzheimer's Disease
Amadou Toumani Toure
Amazon River & Rainforest
Ambrose Bierce
Amelia Earhart
Amendment I
Amendment II
Amendment III
Amendment IV
Amendment IX
Amendment V
Amendment VI
Amendment VII
Amendment VIII
Amendment X
Amendment XI
Amendment XII
Amendment XIII
Amendment XIV
Amendment XIX
Amendment XV
Amendment XVI
Amendment XVII
Amendment XVIII
Amendment XX
Amendment XXI
Amendment XXII
Amendment XXIII
Amendment XXIV
Amendment XXV
Amendment XXVI
Amendment XXVII
Amenhotep II, Pharaoh of Egypt
Amenhotep III, Pharaoh of Egypt
American Airlines Flight 587 (2001)
American Airlines Flight 965 (1995)
American Black Bears
American Colonization Society
American Folk Music

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American Indian Movement, The
American Indians
American Labor Movement
American Literary Criticism and Theory
American Presidency, The
American Revolution
American Samoa
American Samoa History
Amerigo Vespucci
Amish and Mennonites
Amistad Uprising
Amy Adams
Amy Klobuchar
Amy Lowell
Amy Poehler
Amy Tan
Amy Winehouse
Ancient Africa
Ancient China
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek City-States
Ancient Israel
Ancient Rome
Anders Celsius
Anderson Cooper
Andersonville Prison
Andie MacDowell
Andre Agassi
Andrea Jung
Andrei Gromyko
Andrei Sakharov
Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Andrew Mellon
Andrew Wyeth
Andrew Young
Andy Garcia
Andy Warhol
Andy Williams
Ang Lee
Angel Falls
Angel Island
Angela Bassett
Angela Merkel
Angelina Jolie
Anglican Communion
Animal Behavior
Animal Cruelty
Animal Farm
Animal Migration
Animal Rights
Animal Testing
Animal Trainer
Animal-Assisted Therapy
Anita Roddick
Ann Coulter
Ann Fudge
Ann Landers
Ann Richards
Anna Karenina
Anna Paquin
Anna Pavlova
Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison
Anne Bancroft
Anne Boleyn
Anne Bronte
Anne Frank
Anne Hathaway
Anne Hutchinson
Anne Mulcahy
Anne Murray

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Anne Rice
Anne Sullivan
Annette Bening
Annexation of Hawaii
Annie Jump Cannon
Annie Oakley
Annika Sorenstam
Ansel Adams
Antebellum South
Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Burgess
Anthony Eden
Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Kennedy
Anthony Trollope
Anthrax Attacks (2001)
Anti-Defamation League
Antigua and Barbuda
Anti-Jewish Pogroms
Antivirus Software Product Reviews
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier
Anton Chekhov
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Antonin Scalia
Antonio Banderas
Antonio Vivaldi
Antony and Cleopatra
Anwar El Sadat
Anxiety Disorders
Apartheid in South Africa
Apollo 1
Apollo 11

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Apollo 13
Apollo Space Program
Apolo Ohno
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Appalachian Mountains
Appalachian Trail
Appomattox Court House
April 2011 Tornado Outbreaks
April Fools' Day
Aquatic Plants
Arab Cuisine
Arab Immigration (U.S.)
Arab Spring
Arabian Sea
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Aral Sea
Arbor Day
Arc de Triomphe
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Arches National Park
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Arctic Ocean
Area 51
Arenal Volcano
Aretha Franklin
Ariel Sharon
Aristide Briand and Gustav Stresemann
Arizona History
Arizona Plants & Wildlife
Arkansas History
Arkansas Plants & Wildlife
Arlen Specter

                                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
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Arlington National Cemetery
Armed Islamic Group (GIA)
Armenian Genocide
Armistice Day
Arnold Palmer
Arnold Schoenberg
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arthur Ashe
Arthur Blank
Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Evans
Arthur Goldberg
Arthur Koestler
Arthur Miller
Arthur Rimbaud
Articles of Confederation
Artificial Intelligence
Ash Wednesday
Ashley Greene
Ashley Judd
Ashley Tisdale
Ashton Kutcher
Asian Americans
Asian Economic Crisis (1997-1998)
Asian Tsunami (2004)
Asiatic Black Bear
Asif Ali Zardari
Asperger Syndrome
Astor Family
Astrid Lindgren
Asylum in the United States
Atacama Desert

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Athletic Trainer
Atlanta Campaign
Atlantic Charter
Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Slave Trade
Atlas Mountains
Atomic Bomb
Atomic Energy Commission
Atoms for Peace
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Attica Riots
Attila the Hun
Audie Murphy
Audrey Hepburn
August Wilson
Auguste Comte
Auguste Rodin
Augusto Pinochet
Aung San Suu Kyi
Australia Floods (2010-2011)
Australian Aborigines
Automotive Technician
Ava Gardner
Avian Influenza
Avignon Papacy
Avril Lavigne
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Ayatollah Khomeini
Ayn Rand
Aztec Mythology

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B. F. Skinner
Babe Didrikson Zaharias
Baby Boom
Backpack Product Reviews
Bacon's Rebellion
Badlands National Park
Baffin Island
Bald Eagles
Balfour Declaration
Ballroom Dance
Baltic Sea
Banff National Park
Banned Books
Barack Obama
Barbara A. Mikulski
Barbara Boxer
Barbara Bush
Barbara Jordan
Barbara McClintock
Barbara Walters
Barbary Wars
Barbecue Cuisine
Barbed Wire
Barbie Doll
Barbra Streisand
Barefoot Mailmen
Barry Goldwater

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Essential Page Topic
Bartolome de Las Casas
Bartolomeu Dias
Bashar al-Assad
Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA)
Baton Rouge
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Britain
Battle of Bulge, The
Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle of Cowpens
Battle of Dien Bien Phu, The
Battle of Dunkirk
Battle of Gettysburg
Battle of Guadalcanal
Battle of Jutland
Battle of Midway
Battle of Okinawa
Battle of Shiloh
Battle of Stalingrad
Battle of Teutoburg Forest
Battle of the Coral Sea
Battle of the Little Bighorn
Battle of the Somme
Battle of Verdun
Battle of Vimy Ridge
Battle of Waterloo
Battles of Lexington and Concord
Battles of Saratoga
Battles of the Marne
Battles of Ypres
Bay of Bengal
Bay of Fundy
Bay of Pigs
Bayard Rustin
Beach Boys
Beat Generation
Beatles, The
Beatrix Potter
Beauty Pageants

                                      eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Beer Hall Putsch
Behavioral Economics
Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing (1983)
Bela Karolyi
Belgian Colonialism
Bella Abzug
Beluga Whales
Belva Lockwood
Ben Affleck
Ben Hogan
Ben Jonson
Ben Nelson
Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Ben Stiller
Benazir Bhutto
Benedict Arnold
Benicio Del Toro
Benigno Aquino III
Benito Juarez
Benito Mussolini
Benjamin Banneker
Benjamin Cardozo
Benjamin Disraeli
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Harrison
Benjamin L. Cardin
Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Rush
Benjamin Tillman
Benny Goodman
Bering Land Bridge
Bering Sea

                                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Berlin Airlift
Berlin Wall
Bermuda Triangle
Bernard Baruch
Bernard Montgomery
Bernardo Bertolucci
Bernie Sanders
Berry Gordy, Jr.
Berthe Morisot
Bertolt Brecht
Beslan School Hostage Crisis (2004)
Bess Truman
Bessie Coleman
Bessie Smith
Bethany Hamilton
Betsey Johnson
Betsy Ross
Bette Davis
Bette Midler
Betty Ford
Betty Friedan
Betty White
Beverley McLachlin
Beverly Cleary
Bicycle Helmet Product Reviews
Bicycle Product Reviews
Big Bang Theory
Big Ben
Big Bend National Park
Big Dig
Bill Bryson
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton's Impeachment
Bill Cosby
Bill Gates
Bill Murray
Bill Nelson
Bill of Rights
Bill Richardson

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Essential Page Topic
Billie Holiday
Billie Jean King
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Crystal
Billy Graham
Billy Joel
Billy Mitchell
Billy Sunday
Billy the Kid
Billy Wilder
Biltmore Estate
Bing Crosby
Binge Drinking
Biomass Energy
Biomes and Ecosystems
Bipolar Disorder
Birth Control
Biscayne National Park
Bison & Buffalo
Bjorn Borg
Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Black Codes
Black Eyed Peas
Black Forest
Black Hawk
Black Holes
Black Panthers
Black Plague
Black Power Movement
Black Sea
Black Sox Scandal
Black Thursday
Blaise Pascal
Blake Edwards

                               eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Blake Lively
Bleak House
Bleeding Kansas
Blu Ray Player Product Reviews
Blue Lagoon
Blue Laws
Blue Ridge Mountains
Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Whales
Bluegrass Music
Blues Music
Boat People
Bob Corker
Bob Dole
Bob Dylan
Bob Feller
Bob Fosse
Bob Gibson
Bob Hope
Bob Marley
Bob Newhart
Bob Sheppard
Bob Woodward
Bobby Flay
Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jones
Bobby Orr
Bobby Unser
Bode Miller
Body Image
Body Language
Boer Wars
Bog Bodies
Bombing of Dresden
Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie Blair

                                 eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Bonnie Raitt
Bonus Army, The
Booker T. Washington
Boris Pasternak
Boris Yeltsin
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Boss Tweed
Boston Marathon
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party
Botanical Gardens
Boxer Rebellion
Boxing Day
Bracero Program
Brad Pitt
Bradley Cooper
Brain Trauma
Bram Stoker
Branch Davidian Standoff in Waco
Branches of the U.S. Government
Bread and Roses Strike (1912)
Breast Cancer
Bret Harte
Brett Favre
Brett Hull
Bretton Woods Conference
Brian De Palma
Brian Mulroney
Brian Urlacher
Bride Burning
Bridge to Terabithia
Brigham Young
British Columbia
British Columbia History
British East India Company
British Empire

                                   eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
British Rule in India
British Virgin Islands
Britney Spears
Bronislaw Komorowski
Bronte Sisters
Brooke Shields
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooks Robinson
Brown v. Board of Education
Bruce Beutler
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Willis
Bryan Adams
Bryant Gumbel
Bryce Canyon National Park
Buckingham Palace
Buddy Guy
Buddy Holly
Buddy Roemer
Buenos Aires
Buffalo Bill's Wild West
Buffalo Soldiers
Bull Run (Manassas)
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Burgess Shale
Burj Khalifa
Burkina Faso
Burt Lancaster
Burt Reynolds
Burton Richter
Buster Keaton
Buzz Aldrin
Bwindi National Park

                              eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Byron White
Byzantine Empire
C. S. Lewis
Cab Calloway
Cajun & Creole Cuisines
Caldecott and Newbery Medals
California Cuisine
California Gold Rush
California History
California Missions
California Plants & Wildlife
California Wildfires
Call of Wild, The
Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Klein
Cambodian Genocide
Camcorder Product Reviews
Cameron Crowe
Cameron Diaz
Camilla Parker Bowles
Camillo Cavour
Camp David Accords
Canada-United States Border
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Canaveral National Seashore
Candace Parker
Canterbury Tales, The
Canyonlands National Park

                                          eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Cap Anson
Cape Breton Island
Cape Cod National Seashore
Cape Hatteras National Seashore
Cape Town
Cape Verde
Capitol Reef National Park
Captains Courageous
Car Battery Product Reviews
Car Seat Product Reviews
Carbon Cycle
Carbon Footprint
Carbon Monoxide
Cardinal Richelieu
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Caribbean Cuisine
Caribbean Sea
Caribs and Arawaks
Carl Bernstein
Carl Jung
Carl Levin
Carl Rogers
Carl Sagan
Carl Sandburg
Carl von Ossietzky
Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo and Jose Ramos-Horta
Carlos Fuentes
Carlos Ghosn
Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Carly Fiorina
Carly Simon
Carmen Miranda
Carnivorous Plants
Carol Burnett
Carol Moseley Braun
Carole King
Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison
Carolus Linnaeus
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

                                          eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Carrie Chapman Catt
Carrie Underwood
Carson McCullers
Carter G. Woodson
Cary Grant
Casimir Pulaski
Caspian Sea
Cassini-Huygens Mission
Caste System of India
Catcher in Rye, The
Cate Blanchett
Catherine de Medici
Catherine of Aragon
Catherine Parr
Catherine the Great
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Cathy Hughes
Catskill Mountains
Caucasus Mountains
Cecil B. DeMille
Cecil Rhodes
Celia Cruz
Celiac Disease
Celine Dion
Cell Biology
Cell Phone Product Reviews
Cell Phones
Celtic Mythology
Centennial Olympic Park Bombing (1996)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Central & South American Cuisine
Central African Republic
Central Intelligence Agency
Central Park
Centralia Mine Fire
Cerebral Palsy

                                           eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Cerro Grande Fire (2000)
Cesar Chavez
Chaim Potok
Chaim Weizmann
Challenger Explosion (1986)
Channel Islands National Park
Channel Tunnel
Chaos Theory
Charles "Lucky" Luciano
Charles Babbage
Charles Barkley
Charles Bronson
Charles Cornwallis
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
Charles Darwin
Charles de Gaulle
Charles Dickens
Charles Drew
Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie)
Charles Evans Hughes
Charles Goodyear
Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lyell
Charles M. Schwab
Charles Manson
Charles Martel
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand
Charles Pinckney
Charles Rangel
Charles Schulz
Charles Stewart Parnell
Charles Sumner
Charles, Prince of Wales
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Crist
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Trotter
Charlize Theron

                                           eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Charlotte Bronte
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Charlotte's Web
Charlton Heston
Che Guevara
Chemical Reactions
Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov, The
Chesapeake Bay
Chester A. Arthur
Chester Nimitz
Chevy Chase
Chewing Gum
Chiang Kai-shek
Chicago Architecture
Chicago Art
Chicago Parks
Chicago River
Chicago Sports
Chichen Itza
Chicken Pox
Chief Joseph
Chief Seattle
Ch'ien-Lung (or Qianlong)
Chihuahuan Desert
Child Abuse
Child Labor
Child Soldiers
Childcare Worker
Childhood Obesity
Children of the Holocaust
Chile Earthquake (2010)
Chile Mining Accident (2010)

                                       eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Chinese Civil War
Chinese Cuisine
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Chinese Immigration (U.S.)
Chinese New Year
Chinese Republican Revolution (1911)
Chinook People
Chinua Achebe
Chobe National Park
Choe Yong-rim
Cholera in Haiti
Chris Brown
Chris Christie
Chris Columbus
Chris Crutcher
Chris Evert
Chris Rock
Christ the Redeemer Statue
Christa McAuliffe
Christian Bale
Christian Science
Christianity and the Third Reich
Christina Rossetti
Christine Todd Whitman
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Coons
Christopher Isherwood
Christopher Marlowe
Christopher Newport
Christopher Nolan
Christopher Reeve
Christopher Walken

                                       eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronicles of Narnia, The
Chubby Checker
Chuck Berry
Chuck Grassley
Chuck Jones
Chuck Schumer
Chuck Yeager
Church of England
Cicely Tyson
Cinco de Mayo
Circulatory System
Citrus Canker
Civics (U.S.)
Civil Disobedience
Civil Engineer
Civil Rights
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Civil Rights Movement
Civil Service Reform
Civil War
Civil War Women
Civilian Conservation Corps
Claes Oldenburg
Claire Danes
Claire McCaskill
Clara Barton
Clarence Darrow
Clarence Thomas
Clark Gable
Classical Mythology
Classification of Organisms
Claude Debussy
Claude Monet
Claudia Johnson
Clement Attlee
Clifford Shull
Cliffs of Moher
Climate Change

                              eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Clint Eastwood
Cloris Leachman
Clothes Dryer Product Reviews
Cloud Computing
Club Drugs
Clyde Drexler
Clyde Tombaugh
CME Group
CN Tower
CNET Networks Inc.
Coal Mining
Cochlear Implants
Coco Chanel
Coen Brothers
Coeur d'Alene Tribe
Coffee Maker Product Reviews
Coffee Party USA
Cokie Roberts
Cold Harbor
Cold War
Cole Porter
Colin Firth
Colin Powell
Collective Bargaining
College Professor
College Scholarships
Color Purple, The
Colorado History
Colorado Mountain Towns
Colorado Plants & Wildlife
Colorado River
Colorado Springs
Columbia Disaster (2003)
Columbia River Gorge
Columbian Exchange

                                eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Columbine High School
Columbus Day
Comet Hale-Bopp
Comet Hyakutake
Comic Books
Commercial Fishing
Common Cold
Communist Manifesto
Communist Party of the Philippines/New People's Army
Community Ecology
Compromise of 1850
Computer Product Reviews
Computer Programmer
Computer Software Engineer
Conan O'Brien
Condoleezza Rice
Coney Island
Confederate Flag Controversy
Confederate States of America
Conflict (Blood) Diamonds
Conflict in Northern Ireland
Congo River
Congo Wars
Congress of Racial Equality
Connecticut History
Connective Tissue
Connie Mack
Conrad Aiken
Conservative Judaism
Constellations and Star Systems
Continental Congress
Continental Connection Flight 3407 (2009)
Continental Divide of the Americas
Controversial Mascots

                                         eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Cook Islands
Copper Canyon
Copper Kings
Coral Reefs
Coral Sea
Corazon Aquino
Coretta Scott King
Cormac McCarthy
Cortes and the Spanish Conquest
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Costa Concordia (2012)
Costa Rica
Cotton Club
Cotton Mather
Count Basie
Count of Monte Cristo, The
Countee Cullen
Counterculture Era
Countess Markiewicz
Country Music
Coupe Product Reviews
Court Reporter
Crater Lake National Park
Crazy Horse
Creation Myths
Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease
Crib Product Reviews
Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Crimean Tatars
Crimean War
Crispus Attucks
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

                                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Crucible, The
Cuban Immigration (U.S.)
Cuban Missile Crisis
Cuban Revolution
Cultural Assimilation
Cultural Diplomacy
Cultural Revolution
Cumberland River
Curfews for Teenagers
Curious George
Cy Young
Cybill Shepherd
Cyclone Nargis (2008)
Cyclone Yasi (2011)
Cynthia McKinney
Cystic Fibrosis
Czar Nicholas II
Czech Republic
D. H. Lawrence
Dag Hammarskjold
Dairy Farming
Daisy Bates
Dakota Fanning
Dalai Lama
Dale Earnhardt
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Dan Aykroyd

                           eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Dan Coats
Dan Marino
Dan Quayle
Danica Patrick
Daniel Akaka
Daniel Barenboim
Daniel Boone
Daniel Boulud
Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Defoe
Daniel Fahrenheit
Daniel Hale Williams
Daniel James, Jr.
Daniel K. Inouye
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel Ortega
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Tsui
Daniel Webster
Danny Boyle
Danny DeVito
Danny Glover
Dante Alighieri
Danube River
Dark Energy
Dark Matter
Darren Aronofsky
Darryl F. Zanuck
Dashiell Hammett
Database Administrator
Dating Violence
Dave Barry
Dave Matthews Band
Dave Thomas
David Axelrod
David Beckham
David Ben-Gurion
David Berkowitz
David Cameron
David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
David Duke

                                       eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
David Farragut
David Fincher
David Geffen
David Josiah Brewer
David Livingstone
David Lloyd George
David Lynch
David Paterson
David Plouffe
David Rabe
David Ricardo
David Souter
David Suzuki
David Trimble
David Vitter
Davy Crockett
Dawes General Allotment Act (1887)
Day of the Dead
Day Trader
Daylight Saving Time
Dayton Peace Accords
Dead Sea
Dead Sea Scrolls
Dean Acheson
Dean Heller
Dean Kamen
Death of a Salesman
Death Penalty
Death Valley National Park
Debates and Debating
Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Stabenow
Debra J. Fields
Declaration of Independence
Dee Brown
Deep Sea Trenches
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (2010)
Delaware History
Delaware River
Delaware Water Gap

                                     eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Dell Inc.
Demi Lovato
Demi Moore
Democratic Party (U.S.)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Denali National Park
Deng Xiaoping
Dengue Fever
Denis Leary
Denmark Vesey
Dennis Hopper
Denton Cooley
Denzel Washington
Derek Jeter
Des Moines
Desiderius Erasmus
Desmond Tutu
Deval Patrick
Devils Tower National Monument
Diamond Head
Dian Fossey
Diana Krall
Diana Ross
Diane Arbus
Diane Keaton
Diane Lane
Dianne Feinstein
Dick Armey
Dick Butkus
Dick Cheney
Dick Durbin
Dick Van Dyke
Dietary Supplements
Digestive System
Digital Camera Product Reviews
Dilma Rousseff

                                   eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Dinosaur National Monument
Diplomacy & the Civil War
Diplomacy and the American Revolution
Disability Discrimination
Disc Jockey
Dishwasher Product Reviews
Distracted Driving
Dixie Chicks
Dixy Lee Ray
Dizzy Dean
Dizzy Gillespie
Dmitry Medvedev
Doctors Without Borders
Dolley Madison
Dolly Parton
Dolphins & Porpoises
Domesday Book
Domestic Cats
Domestic Terrorism
Domestic Violence
Dominican Republic
Don DeLillo
Don Quixote
Donald Rumsfeld
Donald Sutherland
Donald Trump
Donna Reed
Donner Party (1846-47)

                                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Doppler Radar
Doris Day
Doris Lessing
Dorothea Dix
Dorothea Lange
Dorothy Hamill
Dorothy Hodgkin
Dorothy Lamour
Dot Richardson
Doug Flutie
Doug Kershaw
Douglas Fairbanks
Douglas MacArthur
Down Syndrome
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dr. Benjamin Spock
Dr. Seuss
Dreams and Nightmares
Dred Scott Decision
Drew Barrymore
Dreyfus Affair
Drilling for Oil
Drinking Age
Driss Jettou
Drug Abuse
Drug Testing
Drunk Driving
Dry Tortugas National Park
Du Pont Family
Duke Ellington
Duke of Wellington
Dust Bowl
Dust Storms
Dustin Hoffman
Dutch Colonialism
Dutch Colonies in America
DVD Player Product Reviews

                             eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Dwayne Johnson
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Dwyane Wade
Dylan Thomas
E. L. Doctorow
E. M. Forster
E.B. White
e.e. cummings
Eamon de Valera
Earl G. Graves
Earl Warren
Early March 2012 Tornado Outbreak
Earth Day
Earth Liberation Front (ELF)
Eartha Kitt
Earth's Atmosphere
East Timor
Easter Island
Easter Rising
Easter Sunday
Eastern Orthodoxy
Eating Disorders
Ebola Virus, The
eBook Readers Product Reviews
Economic Diplomacy
Ed Koch
Ed Rendell
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Rickenbacker
Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Degas
Edgar Rice Burroughs

                                    eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Edith Stein
Edith Wharton
Edith Wilson
Edmond Halley
Edmund Burke
Edmund Hillary
Edmund Muskie
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Edouard Manet
Educational Technology
Edvard Munch
Edward Albee
Edward Brooke
Edward D. White
Edward G. Robinson
Edward H. White
Edward Jenner
Edward M. Kennedy
Edward Norton
Edward R. Murrow
Edward Rutledge
Edward Steichen
Edward Teller
Edward the Confessor
Edward, Duke of Windsor
Edward, the Black Prince
Edwin Edwards
Egyptian Mythology
Egyptian Revolution of 2011
Eid al-Adha
Eid al-Fitr
Eiffel Tower
Eiji Toyoda
Eileen Collins
El Alamein
El Cid
El Greco
El Nino and La Nina
El Paso
El Salvador
El Yunque Rainforest

                              eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Eldridge Cleaver
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Eleanor Roosevelt
Electoral College
Electric Guitar
Electrical Engineer
Electromagnetic Energy
Electronic Waste
Elena Kagan
Eli Manning
Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin
Elia Kazan
Elian Gonzalez
Elias Howe
Elie Wiesel
Elihu Root
Elijah McCoy
Elijah Muhammad
Elijah Wood
Eliot Ness
Eliot Spitzer
Eliza McCardle Johnson
Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Elizabeth Blackwell
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Elizabeth Freeman
Elizabeth I
Elizabeth Kortright Monroe
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth, Queen Mother
Elizabethan Era
Ella Fitzgerald
Ellen Axson Wilson
Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Ellen Lewis Herndon Arthur
Ellen Ochoa
Ellen Page
Elliptical Product Reviews

                                 eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Ellis Island
Elmore Leonard
Elton John
Elvis Presley
Emergency Medical Technician
Emergency Quota Act of 1921
Emeril Lagasse
Emile Zola
Emiliano Zapata
Emilio Aguinaldo
Emily Bronte
Emily Dickinson
Eminent Domain
Emissions Trading
Emma Thompson
Emma Watson
Emmeline Pankhurst
Emmett Till
Emmitt Smith
Emmylou Harris
Empire State Building
Employment Discrimination
Employment, Labor & Wages
Endangered Species
Endocrine System
Energy Conservation
Engineering Technician
England Riots (2011)
English Civil War
Enrico Caruso
Enrico Fermi
Enron Collapse
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Environmental Scientist
Epic Poetry
Equal Rights Amendment

                                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Equatorial Guinea
Erasmus Darwin
Eric Clapton
Eric Ripert
Erie Canal
Erik Erikson
Ernest "Fritz" Hollings
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Rutherford
Ernest Shackleton
Ernie Banks
Ernie Pyle
Ernst Haeckel
Erskine Caldwell
Erwin Schrodinger
Espionage Act of 1917
Estee Lauder
Ethan Allen
Ethan Hawke
Ethel Barrymore
Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Eubie Blake
Eudora Welty
Eugene McCarthy
Eugene O'Neill
Eugene V. Debs
Eukaryotes & Prokaryotes
European Literature
European Union
Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Eva Peron
Evan Lysacek
Evander Holyfield

                                         eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Evel Knievel
Evelyn Waugh
Everglades National Park
Evian Conference
Evo Morales
Excretory System
Executive Pay
Expeditions to the South Pole
Explorers of North America
Extraterrestrial Life
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (1989)
Ezra Pound
F. Scott Fitzgerald
F. W. de Klerk
Facebook Diplomacy
Factory Farming
Fair Trade
Faith Healing
Falkland War
Fall of Saigon
Falun Gong
Famous Hoaxes
Fanny Mendelssohn
Faroe Islands
Fashion Designer
Fast Food
Father's Day
Fats Domino
Faye Dunaway
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureaucracy (U.S.)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Election Commission
Federal Reserve System

                                          eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers
Federated States of Micronesia
Federico Fellini
Felipe Calderon
Felix Frankfurter
Felix Mendelssohn
Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
Ferdinand Magellan
Ferdinand Marcos
Fernando Lugo
Ferran Adria
Ferris Wheel
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Fiber Optics
Fidel Castro
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
Figure Skating
Fijian People
Final Four
Finger Lakes
Fiorello La Guardia
Fireside Chats
First Aid
First Nations of Canada
Fish & Marine Animals
Fitness Trainer
Flag Day
Flannery O'Connor
Flash Mobs
Flood Myths

                                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Flooring Product Reviews
Florence Griffith Joyner
Florence Kling Harding
Florence Nightingale
Florida History
Florida Keys
Florida Plants & Wildlife
Florida Scrub Jay
Floyd Monument
Folk Dance
Food and Drug Administration
Food Chain
Food Guide Pyramid
Food Safety
Foodborne Illnesses
Foot Binding
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Forbidden City, The
Forces & Motion
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Sumter
Fort Worth
Fossil Fuels
Four Corners
Frances Folsom Cleveland
Frances Hodgson Burnett
Frances Perkins
Francis Bacon (Painter)
Francis Bacon (Philosopher)
Francis Crick
Francis Ford Coppola
Francis Marion
Francis Scott Key

                               eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Francisco Coronado
Francisco de Goya
Francisco Pizarro
Francois Duvalier
Francois Truffaut
Franco-Prussian War
Frank Capra
Frank Church
Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank McCourt
Frank R. Lautenberg
Frank Rizzo
Frank Robinson
Frank Sinatra
Frank Whittle
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin Pierce
Franz Kafka
Franz Liszt
Franz Schubert
Fraser Island
Fred Astaire
Fred M. Vinson
Frederic Chopin
Frederick Banting
Frederick Douglass
Frederick Reines
Free Range
Freedom of Speech
Freedom Rides
Freedom Summer
French and Indian War
French and Spanish Settlements (U.S.)
French Cuisine
French Polynesia
French Resistance
French Revolution
Friday the 13th
Fridtjof Nansen
Friedrich Hayek
Friedrich von Schiller

                                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Fritz Lang
Frogs and Toads
Frostbite and Hypothermia
Fugitive Slave Act
Fujita Scale
Fukushima Nuclear Accident (2011)
Fusion Cuisine
Fyodor Dostoevsky
G.I. Bill
G.K. Chesterton
Gabriel Byrne
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Gabrielle Reece
Gabrielle Union
Gadsden Purchase
Gael Garcia Bernal
Galapagos Islands
Gale Sayers
Galileo Galilei
Gallipoli (Dardanelles Campaign)
Galveston Hurricane (1900)
Gamal Abdel Nasser
Gambia, The
Gamma Rays
Ganges River
Garrett Morgan
Garrison Keillor
Gary Cooper
Gary Oldman
Gary Paulsen
Gary Soto
Gas Grill Product Reviews
Gastric Bypass
Gates of the Arctic National Park
Gateway Arch
Gavin Newsom
Gawker Media
Gay Adoption

                                    eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Gay Marriage
Gay Rights
Gays in the Military
Geena Davis
Gems & Precious Stones
Gender Discrimination
Gene Hackman
Gene Kelly
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
General Francisco Franco
General Motors
Genetic Engineering
Genetic Fingerprinting
Genetic Testing
Genetically Modified Food
Genghis Khan
Geoffrey Chaucer
Geographic Information Systems
Geologic Time
George Armstrong Custer
George B. McClellan
George Balanchine
George Bernard Shaw
George Blanda
George Brown
George Burns
George C. Marshall
George Carlin
George Catlin
George Clooney
George Cukor
George E. Pickett
George Eastman
George Eliot
George F. Kennan
George Foreman
George Frideric Handel
George Gershwin
George Gordon Byron

                                         eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
George H.W. Bush
George Halas
George Hamilton
George Herman "Babe" Ruth
George M. Cohan
George Mason
George Orwell
George Reeves
George S. Patton
George Shultz
George W. Bush
George Wallace
George Washington
George Washington Carver
George Westinghouse
George-Etienne Cartier
Georges Clemenceau
Georges Cuvier
Georges Seurat
Georgia (Country)
Georgia (U.S. State)
Georgia History
Georgia Plants & Wildlife
Geothermal Energy
Gerald R. Ford
Geraldine Ferraro
Germ Theory
German Cuisine
German Immigration (U.S.)
Germanic Tribes
Gerry Adams
Gertrude Elion
Gertrude Stein
Gettysburg Address
Ghana Empire
Ghost Dance
Ghost Towns
Giada de Laurentiis
Gianni Versace
Giant Panda
Giant's Causeway

                            eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Giants in Mythology
Gifford Pinchot
Gil Scott-Heron
Gilded Age
Ginger Rogers
Giovanni da Verrazzano
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Giuseppe Verdi
Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve
Glacier National Park
Glass Menagerie, The
GLBT Youth
Glen Campbell
Glen Canyon
Glenn Close
Glenn Gould
Glenn Miller
Global Economic Crisis
Global Warming
Gloria Estefan
Gloria Steinem
Glorious Revolution
Go Daddy
Gobi Desert
Golda Meir
Golden Gate Bridge
Goldie Hawn
Gone with the Wind
Good Friday
Good Neighbor Policy
Gordie Howe
Gordon Brown
Gordon Lightfoot

                                       eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Gordon Ramsay
Gore Vidal
Gottlieb Daimler
Gouverneur Morris
GPS Product Reviews
GPS Technology
Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge
Grace Kelly
Graham Greene
Grains, Cereal & Bread
Gram Parsons
Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Coulee Dam
Grand Teton National Park
Grant Wood
Granville T. Woods
Grapes of Wrath, The
Graphic Artist
Great Awakening
Great Barrier Reef
Great Basin National Park
Great Chicago Fire (1871)
Great Depression
Great Expectations
Great Flood of 1993
Great Gatsby, The
Great Lakes
Great Migration
Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Great Plains
Great Rift Valley
Great Salt Lake
Great Sand Dunes National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Great Society
Great Wall of China
Great White Sharks
Greek Cuisine
Green Card

                                      eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Green Revolution
Greenhouse Effect
Greensboro Sit-Ins
Greensburg, Kansas Tornado (2007)
Greg Maddux
Gregor Mendel
Gregory Hines
Gregory Peck
Greta Garbo
Grimm Fairy Tales
Grizzly Bears
Gros Morne National Park
Gros Ventre
Gross Domestic Product
Gross National Product
Groundhog Day
Group of Eight (G8)
Group of Twenty (G20)
Grover Cleveland
Grover Cleveland Alexander
Grunge Rock
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Guam History
Guantanamo Bay
Guest Worker Program
Guglielmo Marconi
Guion "Guy" Bluford
Gulf Islands National Seashore
Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Tonkin Incident
Gulf War
Gulliver's Travels
Gun Control
Gunpowder Plot

                                    eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Gupta Dynasty
Gus Van Sant
Gustave Flaubert
Gustavo Dudamel
Gustavus Adolphus
Gutzon Borglum
Guy Ritchie
Gwen Stefani
Gwendolyn Brooks
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gypsies (Roma)
H. G. Wells
H. L. Hunley
H. L. Mencken
H. Ross Perot
H.L. Hunt
Ha Long Bay
Habsburg Empire
Haile Selassie
Haiti Earthquake (2010)
Haitian Immigration (U.S.)
Haitian Revolution
Haleakala National Park
Halldor Laxness
Halle Berry
Halley's Comet
Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani
HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement)
Hamid Karzai
Hamsters & Gerbils
Han Dynasty
Hank Aaron
Hank Williams Jr.

                                      eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Hannah Hoes Van Buren
Hans Christian Andersen
Hanseatic League
Hap Arnold
Harappan Civilization (Indus Valley Civilization)
Harlan Fiske Stone
Harlem Renaissance
Harmon Killebrew
Harold II of England
Harold Pinter
Harold Washington
Harold Wilson
Harp Seals
Harper Lee
Harpers Ferry Raid
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Harriet Lane
Harriet Tubman
Harrison Ford
Harry Blackmun
Harry Caray
Harry Connick Jr
Harry Houdini
Harry Potter
Harry Reasoner
Harry Reid
Harry S. Truman
Haruki Murakami
Harvey Firestone
Harvey Milk
Hatfield-McCoy Feud
Hattie Wyatt Caraway
Hawaii History
Hawaii Plants & Wildlife
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

                                              eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Hayman Fire
Haymarket Riot
Hazardous Waste
Health Care Reform
Heart Attack
Heart Disease
Heart Failure and Cardiac Arrest
Heat Waves
Heath Ledger
Heat-Related Illnesses
Heimlich Maneuver
Helen Gurley Brown
Helen Herron Taft
Helen Hunt Jackson
Helen Keller
Helen Mirren
Helena Bonham Carter
Hells Canyon
Helmut Kohl
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Henri Matisse
Henri Philippe Petain
Henri Rousseau
Henrik Ibsen
Henry Clay
Henry Clay Frick
Henry David Thoreau
Henry Fielding
Henry Flagler
Henry Fonda
Henry Ford
Henry Hudson
Henry Hyde
Henry Jackson
Henry James
Henry Kissinger
Henry Mancini
Henry Miller
Henry Moore
Henry Morton Stanley

                                   eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Henry the Navigator
Henry V by William Shakespeare
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Herb Brooks
Herb Kohl
Herbert Henry Asquith
Herbert Hoover
Herbert Spencer
Herbs & Spices
Herman Melville
Hermann Goering
Hermann Hesse
Hernando Cortes
Hernando de Soto
Heroes in Mythology
Hideki Tojo
High Chair Product Reviews
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Hiking Boots Product Reviews
Hilary Duff
Hilary Swank
Hildegard von Bingen
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hindenburg (1937)
Hindu Mythology
Hiram Revels
Hispanic Americans
Hitler Youth

                                 eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Hizballah (Party of God)
Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh City
Hoagy Carmichael
Hodgkin's Disease
Holly Hunter
Holocaust Denial
Holocaust Rescue
Holocaust Victims
Holy Grail
Holy Roman Empire
Homestead Act
Homestead Steel Strike
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Currency
Honor Killing
Honore de Balzac
Hoover Dam
Horace Greeley
Horace Mann
Horatio Herbert Kitchener
Horatio Nelson
Horticulture and Gardening
Hosni Mubarak
Hot Air Balloon
Hot Springs National Park
House Un-American Activities Committee
Howard Gardner
Howard Hughes
Howard Schultz
Hu Jintao
Hubble Telescope

                                         eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Hudson Bay
Hudson River
Hudson's Bay Company
Huey P. Long
Huey P. Newton
Hugh Grant
Hugh Jackman
Hugo Black
Hugo Chavez
Hula Hoop
Hull House
Human Genome Project
Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Human Resources Administrator
Human Smuggling
Human Trafficking
Humpback Whales
Humphrey Bogart
Hunchback of Notre-Dame, The
Hundred Days (FDR), The
Hundred Years' War
Hungarian Revolution
Hungarian Toxic Sludge Spill (2010)
Hunger Games, The
Hurricane Andrew (1992)
Hurricane Camille (1969)
Hurricane Charley (2004)
Hurricane Dolly (2008)
Hurricane Floyd (1999)
Hurricane Frances (2004)
Hurricane Gustav (2008)
Hurricane Hugo (1989)
Hurricane Ike (2008)
Hurricane Iniki (1992)
Hurricane Irene (2011)
Hurricane Isabel (2003)
Hurricane Ivan (2004)
Hurricane Jeanne (2004)
Hurricane Katrina (2005)

                                      eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Hurricane Lili (2002)
Hurricane Mitch (1998)
Hurricane Rita (2005)
Hurricane Wilma (2005)
Hydraulic Fracturing
Hydrothermal Vents
Ian Fleming
Ian McEwan
Ian Wilmut
Ibn Battuta
Ice Ages
Ice Cream
Ice Dancing
Ice Skates
Ida Saxton McKinley
Idaho History
Idaho Plants & Wildlife
Identity Theft
Idi Amin
Ieoh Ming Pei
Ignacy Jan Paderewski
Ignatius of Loyola
Igor Stravinsky
Iguazu Falls
Iliad, The
Illinois History
Immigration (Canada)
Immigration (Europe)
Immigration (U.S.)
Immune System
Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, The

                                     eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Imre Nagy
In Cold Blood
In Vitro Fertilization
Independence Day
Indian Ocean
Indian Removal Act
Indiana History
Indigenous Amazonians
Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous Peoples of Papua New Guinea
Indira Gandhi
Indra Nooyi
Industrial Revolution
INF Treaty
Inflation Theory
Information Technology Personnel
Infrared Rays
Ingeborg Bachmann
Ingmar Bergman
Ingrid Bergman
Insider Trading
Integumentary System
Inter-American Development Bank
Interest Rates
Interfaith Movement
Interior Designer
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Criminal Court
International Labour Organization
International Monetary Fund
International Space Station
International Trade
Internet, The

                                         eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Interstate Highway System
Intolerable Acts (Coercive Acts)
Invasive Species
Ionian Sea
Iowa Caucuses
Iowa Floods (2008)
Iowa History
Iowa Plants & Wildlife
Iran Hostage Crisis (1979)
Iran-Contra Affair
Iranian Revolution
Irena Sendler
Irish Immigration (U.S.)
Irish Potato Famine
Irving Berlin
Isaac Asimov
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Isaac Merritt Singer
Isaac Newton
Isabel Allende
Isak Dinesen
Islamic Jihad Group/Islamic Jihad Union
Islamic Terrorism
Isle Royale National Park
Isoroku Yamamoto
Italian Cuisine
Italian Immigration (U.S.)

                                          eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible)
Ivan Pavlov
Ivan Turgenev
Ivory Coast
Iwo Jima
J. D. Salinger
J. Edgar Hoover
J. K. Rowling
J. M. Coetzee
J. Paul Getty
J. Robert Oppenheimer
J.P. Morgan
J.R.R. Tolkien
Jack Benny
Jack Black
Jack Dempsey
Jack Hanna
Jack Kerouac
Jack Kevorkian
Jack LaLanne
Jack Lemmon
Jack London
Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicklaus
Jack Reed
Jack Simplot
Jack Swigert
Jack the Ripper
Jack Welch
Jackie Chan
Jackie Gleason
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Jackie Robinson
Jackson Browne
Jackson Pollock
Jacob Riis
Jacob Zuma
Jacqueline (Jackie) Cochran
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Jacques Cartier
Jacques Chirac
Jacques Cousteau
Jacques Marquette

                              eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Jacques Pepin
Jada Pinkett Smith
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jalal Talabani
James A. Michener
James Baldwin
James Boswell
James Bridges
James Brown
James Buchanan
James Cagney
James Cameron
James Carville
James Coburn
James Connolly
James Cook
James Dean
James Earl Jones
James Fenimore Cooper
James Franco
James Garfield
James Inhofe
James Joyce
James K. Polk
James Longstreet
James Lovell
James Madison
James McNeill Whistler
James Meredith
James Monroe
James Norman Hall
James Patterson
James Spader
James Taylor
James Thurber
James Tobin
James Watson
James Watt
James Weldon Johnson
James William Fulbright

                          eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Jamie Foxx
Jan Brewer
Jan Karski
Jan Peter Balkenende
Jan Smuts
Jane Addams
Jane Austen
Jane Byrne
Jane Campion
Jane Eyre
Jane Fonda
Jane Goodall
Jane Grey
Jane Means Appleton Pierce
Jane Seymour, Queen Consort
Janet Jackson
Janet Reno
Janis Joplin
Japanese Canadian Internment
Japanese Immigration (U.S.)
Japanese-American Internment
Jared Leto
Jason and the Argonauts
Jasper Johns
Jasper National Park
Javier Bardem
Jawaharlal Nehru
Jay Gould
Jay Leno
Jay Treaty
Jazz Dance
Jazz Singer, The
Jean Chretien
Jean Piaget
Jean Racine
Jean Renoir
Jean Seberg
Jean-Antoine Houdon
Jean-Baptiste Say
Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Jean-Claude Juncker
Jeane Kirkpatrick

                               eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Jean-Luc Godard
Jeanne Shaheen
Jeannette Rankin
Jean-Paul Sartre
Jeb Bush
Jeff Bingaman
Jeff Bridges
Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Koons
Jeff Merkley
Jeff Sessions
Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Memorial
Jehovah's Witnesses
Jelly Roll Morton
Jemaah Islamiya (Jemaah Islamiyah)
Jena Six
Jennie Finch
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jens Stoltenberg
Jeremy Lin
Jerry Brown
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Moran
Jerry Rice
Jerry Seinfeld
Jesse Eisenberg
Jesse Jackson
Jesse James
Jesse Owens
Jesse Ventura
Jessica Biel
Jessica Lange
Jet Li

                                     eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Jewish Cuisine
Jewish Defense League
Jewish Immigration (U.S.)
Jhumpa Lahiri
Jim Carrey
Jim Crow Laws
Jim DeMint
Jim Furyk
Jim Henson
Jim Jarmusch
Jim Risch
Jim Thorpe
Jim Webb
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Doolittle
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Stewart
Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Webb
Joan Baez
Joan Cusack
Joan Didion
Joan Miro
Joan of Arc
Joan Rivers
Jodi Picoult
Jodie Foster
Jody Williams
Joe Albertson
Joe Biden
Joe DiMaggio
Joe Frazier
Joe Manchin
Joe Montana
Joe Namath
Joe Paterno
Joel Robuchon
Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Johannes Brahms
Johannes Kepler

                             eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
John Adams
John Bardeen
John Barrymore
John Belushi
John Boehner
John Broadus Watson
John Brown
John Bunyan
John C. Calhoun
John C. Mather
John Cabot
John Calvin
John Candy
John Cornyn
John Cusack
John D. Rockefeller
John D. Rockefeller IV
John Dalton
John Daly
John Deere
John Denver
John Dillinger
John Donne
John Ensign
John F. Kennedy
John Forbes Nash
John Ford
John Foster Dulles
John G. Roberts
John Gay
John George Diefenbaker
John George Lambton (Earl of Durham)
John Gielgud
John Glenn
John Goodman
John Grisham
John H. Johnson
John Hancock
John Hoeven
John Hughes
John Hume
John Huston
John Irving
John J. Pershing
John James Audubon

                                       eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
John Jay
John Keats
John Kenneth Galbraith
John Kerry
John Key
John Lasseter
John Lennon
John Locke
John Logie Baird
John Malkovich
John Marshall
John Marshall Harlan
John Marshall Harlan II
John Mayer
John Maynard Keynes
John McCain
John McCrae
John McEnroe
John McLean
John Milton
John Muir
John Neihardt
John Paul Jones
John Paul Stevens
John Philip Sousa
John Quincy Adams
John Ruskin
John Rutledge
John Singleton
John Smith
John Steinbeck
John Stuart Mill
John Sutter
John Thune
John Travolta
John Tyler
John Updike
John Wayne
John Wesley
John Wilkes Booth
John Winthrop
John Wooden
John Woolman
John Wycliffe
Johnny Bench

                          eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Johnny Carson
Johnny Cash
Johnny Depp
Johnny Isakson
Johnny Mercer
Johnny Unitas
Johnstown Flood (1889)
Jomo Kenyatta
Jon Kyl
Jon Stewart
Jon Tester
Jonas Brothers
Jonas Salk
Jonas Savimbi
Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Swift
Joni Mitchell
Joplin Tornado (2011)
Jordin Sparks
Jorge Luis Borges
Jose Feliciano
Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
Jose Marti
Jose Saramago
Jose Socrates
Josef Mengele
Joseph Conrad
Joseph Goebbels
Joseph Haydn
Joseph Heller
Joseph I. Lieberman
Joseph Kony
Joseph Lister
Joseph McCarthy
Joseph McKenna
Joseph Smith
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stiglitz
Joseph Story
Josephine Baker
Josh Groban
Joshua Lederberg
Joshua Tree National Park
Josiah Quincy

                               eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Josip Broz Tito
Joyce Carol Oates
Jozef Pilsudski
Juan Bautista de Anza
Juan Gris
Juan Manuel Santos
Juan Peron
Judd Apatow
Jude Law
Judi Dench
Judicial Review
Judy Blume
Judy Collins
Judy Garland
Jules Verne
Julia Child
Julia Dent Grant
Julia Gardiner Tyler
Julia Gillard
Julia Margaret Cameron
Julia Roberts
Julia Ward Howe
Julian Bond
Julianne Moore
Julie Andrews
Julio Iglesias
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Julius Caesar (Emperor)
Julius Caesar (Play)
Julius Nyerere
Jungle Book, The
Jungle, The
Junipero Serra
Jupiter's Moons
Justin Bieber
Justin Timberlake
k.d. lang
Kalahari Desert
Kamchatka Peninsula

                             eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Kansas City
Kansas History
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Karakoram Range
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Karen People
Karl Benz
Karl Malone
Karl Marx
Karl Rove
Kashmir Conflict
Kashmir Earthquake (2005)
Kate DiCamillo
Kate Hudson
Kate Middleton
Kate Mulgrew
Kate Winslet
Katharine Graham
Katharine Hepburn
Katherine Anne Porter
Kathleen Blanco
Kathryn Bigelow
Kathy Bates
Kathy Griffin
Katmai National Park & Preserve
Katy Perry
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Kay Hagan
Kayapo Indians
Kazuo Ishiguro
Keanu Reeves
Keira Knightley
Kellogg-Briand Pact
Kelly Ayotte
Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Slater
Ken Burns
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Kenai Fjords National Park
Kennedy Assassination

                                  eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Kenneth Branagh
Kenny Rogers
Kent Conrad
Kent State Shootings
Kentucky Derby
Kentucky History
Kentucky Plants & Wildlife
Kerri Strug
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Costner
Kevin Kline
Kevin Rudd
Kevin Smith
Kevin Spacey
Keynesian Economics
Keystone Pipeline
Khaled Hosseini
Killer Whales
Kim Basinger
Kim Campbell
Kim Dae Jung
Kim Il Sung
Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong-un
Kim Yong-nam
Kinetic & Potential Energy
King Abdullah II of Jordan
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
King Arthur
King Charles I
King Charles II
King Edward II
King Edward III
King Edward IV
King Edward VII
King George I
King George III
King George IV
King George V
King George VI
King Henry II
King Henry V

                                eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
King Henry VII
King Henry VIII
King Hussein of Jordan
King James I of England (James VI, King of Scots)
King James II of England
King John of England
King Juan Carlos
King Kamehameha I
King Lear
King Richard II of England
King Richard III
King Richard the Lionheart
King Robert I the Bruce
King Tut
King William IV of England
Kirby Puckett
Kirk Douglas
Kirk Kerkorian
Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Gillibrand
Kit Carson
Kitchen Debate, The
Klondike Gold Rush
Knights Templar
Know Nothings
Knute Rockne
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Earthquake (1995)
Kodak Camera
Kodiak Island
Kofi Annan
Komodo Dragons
Kongra-Gel (KGK)/Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
Konrad Adenauer
Korean War
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Krakatoa Eruption (1883)
Kris Allen
Kris Kristofferson

                                            eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Kristen Stewart
Kristi Yamaguchi
Kruger National Park
Ku Klux Klan
Kuala Lumpur
Kublai Khan
Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Vonnegut
Kurt Warner
Kuwait City
Kwame Nkrumah
Kyoto Protocol
L. Frank Baum
Labor Day
Labor Unions
Lactose Intolerance
Lady Gaga
Lake Atitlan
Lake Baikal
Lake Chad
Lake Champlain
Lake Clark National Park
Lake Malawi
Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Lake Okeechobee
Lake Pontchartrain
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tanganyika
Lake Titicaca
Lake Victoria
Lamar Alexander
Lana Turner
Lance Armstrong
Landscape Architect

                                     eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Lang Lang
Langston Hughes
Lara Flynn Boyle
Large Hadron Collider
Larry Bird
Larry Doby
Larry Echo Hawk
Larry McMurtry
Larry Page
Las Vegas
LASIK Surgery
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Last of Mohicans, The
Laura Bush
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Lauren Bacall
Lauren Hutton
Laurence Fishburne
Laurence Olivier
Laurence Sterne
Laurent and Joseph Kabila
Lawn Mower Product Reviews
Lawrence Summers
Layers of the Earth
Lead Belly
Lead Poisoning
Leaf Blower Product Reviews
League of Nations
League of Women Voters
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Learning Disabilities
LeBron James
Lech Kaczynski
Lech Walesa
Lee A. Iacocca
Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Hsien Loong
Lee Myung-bak
Lee Resolution (1776)

                                eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The
Legionnaires' Disease
Lehigh Valley
Leif Ericson
Lena Horne
Leni Riefenstahl
Lenny Bruce
Leo Tolstoy
Leon Lederman
Leon Trotsky
Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Cohen
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonid Brezhnev
Leroy "Satchel" Paige
Les Miserables
Leslie Nielsen
Lester Bowles Pearson
Letitia Christian Tyler
Levon Helm
Lew Wallace
Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery
Lewis Carroll
Lewis F. Powell, Jr.
Lewis Latimer
Liam Neeson
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)
Liberty Bell
Light Bulb
Lightning & Thunder
Lightning Rod

                                             eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Lil Wayne
Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaii
Lillian Hellman
Lillian Russell
Lily Tomlin
Limited Test Ban Treaty
Lincoln Assassination
Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Linda Buck
Linda Johnson Rice
Linda Ronstadt
Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Vonn
Linus Pauling
Lionel Barrymore
Lisa Cholodenko
Lisa Leslie
Lisa Murkowski
Lise Meitner
Little Rock
Little Rock Integration Crisis
Little Women
Liu Xiaobo
Liv Tyler
Lizzie Borden
Loan Officer
Local Food Movement
Loch Ness Monster
Loma Prieta Earthquake (1989)
London Bombings (2005)
Long Island
Lord La Salle
Lord Mountbatten
Lord of Rings, The

                                 eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Lorenzo de Medici
Loretta Lynn
Lorraine Hansberry
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Angeles
Los Angeles Riots (1992)
Los Cabos
Lost Generation
Lou Brock
Lou Gehrig
Lou Gehrig's Disease
Lou Henry Hoover
Louis and Mary Leakey
Louis Armstrong
Louis Braille
Louis C. Camilleri
Louis D. Brandeis
Louis Daguerre
Louis Farrakhan
Louis Jolliet
Louis Jordan
Louis Pasteur
Louis Prima
Louis Riel
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
Louis XIV (The Sun King)
Louisa Adams
Louisa May Alcott
Louisiana History
Louisiana Plants & Wildlife
Louisiana Purchase
Love Canal
Love Stories in Mythology
Lucas Papademos
Luciano Pavarotti
Lucille Ball
Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar
Lucretia Mott
Lucretia Rudolph Garfield
Lucy Stone
Lucy Ware Webb Hayes
Ludlow Massacre of 1914

                                   eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Ludwig van Beethoven
Luis Bunuel
Luis Inacio Lula da Silva
Luke Wilson
Lung Cancer
Luther Vandross
Lyme Disease
Lyndon B. Johnson
M. Night Shyamalan
Machine Gun
Machu Picchu
Mad Cow Disease
Madame C. J. Walker
Madeleine Albright
Madrid Train Bombings (2004)
Mae Jemison
Mae West
Magellan Probe
Maggie Smith
Magic Johnson
Magna Carta
Mahalia Jackson
Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Maine History
Maine Plants & Wildlife
Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams

                                      eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Major League Baseball
Malcolm X
Mali Empire
Mamie Eisenhower
Mammoth Cave National Park
Mandy Moore
Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron)
Manhattan Project
Manifest Destiny
Manmohan Singh
Mansa Musa
Mansfield Park
Mao Zedong
Maori Queen Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu
Marbury v. Madison
Marc Andreessen
Marc Chagall
Marcel Proust
March on Washington
Marco Polo
Marco Rubio
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Mosiah Garvey
Marcus Samuelsson
Mardi Gras
Marg Helgenberger
Margaret Atwood
Margaret Beaufort
Margaret Bourke-White
Margaret Chase Smith

                                         eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Margaret Fuller
Margaret Mackall Smith Taylor
Margaret Mead
Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Sanger
Margaret Thatcher
Margot Fonteyn
Margrethe II
Mari Sandoz
Maria Callas
Maria Cantwell
Maria Mitchell
Maria Montessori
Maria Tallchief
Mariah Carey
Marian Anderson
Marianne Moore
Marie Curie
Mariel Boatlift
Marilyn Monroe
Marilynne Robinson
Marine Biology
Marine Corps War Memorial
Mariner Space Program
Mario Andretti
Mario Batali
Mario Cuomo
Mario Lemieux
Mario Monti
Mario Vargas Llosa
Marion Jones
Marisa Tomei
Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius)
Mark Begich
Mark Cuban
Mark Dean
Mark Felt
Mark Kirk
Mark L. Pryor
Mark McGwire
Mark Sanford
Mark Twain

                                eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Mark Udall
Mark Wahlberg
Mark Warner
Mark Zuckerberg
Marlene Dietrich
Marlon Brando
Marquis de Lafayette
Mars Exploration
Mars Rover & Pathfinder Missions
Marsh Dwellers
Marshall Islands
Marshall Plan
Martha Graham
Martha Jefferson
Martha Washington
Martin Frobisher
Martin Luther
Martin Luther King Day
Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King National Memorial
Martin Perl
Martin R. Delany
Martin Scorsese
Martin Van Buren
Martina Navratilova
Martti Ahtisaari
Marvin Gaye
Marvin Hamlisch
Marx Brothers
Mary Anning
Mary Baker Eddy
Mary Beth Hurt
Mary Cassatt
Mary Kay Ash
Mary L. Landrieu
Mary Lou Retton
Mary McAleese
Mary McLeod Bethune
Mary Sammons
Mary Shelley
Mary Steenburgen

                                       eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Mary Todd Lincoln
Mary Tyler Moore
Mary Walker
Mary Wollstonecraft
Mary, Queen of Scots
Maryland History
Masaharu Morimoto
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Massachusetts History
Massachusetts Plants & Wildlife
Massacres of the Reconstruction Era
Massage Therapist
Mathew Brady
Matt Damon
Matthew Broderick
Matthew C. Perry
Matthew McConaughey
Matthew Shepard
Mattress Product Reviews
Mauna Kea
Mauna Loa
Maurice Sendak
Max Baucus
Max Planck
Maximilien Robespierre
May Day
Maya Angelou
Maya Civilization
Maya Lin
Maya Rudolph
Mayflower Compact
McCormick Reaper
Measles and Rubella
Medgar Evers
Media Violence
Medieval Castles
Medieval England

                                      eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Medieval Entertainment
Medieval Food
Medieval Guilds
Medieval Music
Medieval Religion
Mediterranean Sea
Meg Ryan
Meg Whitman
Mehmed II
Meiji Period
Mel Blanc
Mel Brooks
Mel Gibson
Mel Karmazin
Mellody Hobson
Melville Fuller
Memorial Day
Menachem Begin
Menstrual Cycle
Mental Depression
Merchant of Venice, The
Mercury (Hg)
Merit Pay for Teachers
Merle Haggard
Meryl Streep
Mesa Verde National Park
Mesozoic Era
Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, The
Meteor Showers

                                    eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
Metis Rebellions
Meuse-Argonne Offensive
Mexican Cuisine
Mexican Drug War
Mexican Immigration (U.S.)
Mexican Revolution
Mexican War of Independence
Mexican-American War
Mexico City
Mia Hamm
Mice & Rats
Michael B. Enzi
Michael Bennet
Michael Bloomberg
Michael Buble
Michael Caine
Michael Cera
Michael Chabon
Michael Collins
Michael Connelly
Michael D. Higgins
Michael DeBakey
Michael Dell
Michael Douglas
Michael Dukakis
Michael Faraday
Michael J. Fox
Michael Jackson
Michael Jordan
Michael Keaton
Michael Oher
Michael Ondaatje
Michael Phelps
Michel de Montaigne
Michel Martelly
Michelangelo Antonioni
Michele Bachmann
Michelle Kwan
Michelle Monaghan
Michelle Obama

                                              eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Williams
Michigan History
Michigan Plants & Wildlife
Mick Jagger
Mickey Mantle
Mickey Rooney
Microwave Oven
Middle Ages
Middle East
Mike Crapo
Mike Ditka
Mike Huckabee
Mike Johanns
Mike Lee
Mike Mansfield
Mike Myers
Mike Royko
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Mikhail Gorbachev
Milan Kundera
Miley Cyrus
Military Draft (Conscription)
Milky Way
Millard Fillmore
Milton Friedman
Milton Hershey
Ming Dynasty
Minimum Wage
Minimum Wage in Hong Kong
Minivan Product Reviews
Minnesota History
Minnesota Plants & Wildlife

                                eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Mir Space Station
Miracle on the Hudson (2009)
Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda v. Arizona
Mississippi History
Mississippi River
Mississippi River Floods (2011)
Missouri Compromise
Missouri History
Missouri River
Mitch Daniels
Mitch McConnell
Mitt Romney
Mixed Martial Arts
Mobutu Sese Seko
Mogadishu Incident
Mohamed ElBaradei
Mohammed VI, King of Morocco
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Mojave Desert
Molecular Biology
Molly Pitcher
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939)
Monarch Butterflies
Money Laundering
Mongol Empire
Monica Lewinsky
Monica Seles
Monitor and Merrimac, The

                                  eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Monroe Doctrine, The
Mont Saint-Michel
Montana History
Montana Plants & Wildlife
Monte Carlo
Monterey Peninsula
Montezuma II
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Montgomery Clift
Monument Valley
Moon, The
Moral Hazard
Moravian Church
Morgan Freeman
Morgan's Raiders
Mortgage Fraud
Moshe Dayan
Mother Jones
Mother Teresa
Mother's Day
Motion Pictures
Motorcycle Product Reviews
Mound Builders
Mount Erebus
Mount Etna
Mount Everest
Mount Fuji
Mount Hood
Mount McKinley
Mount Merapi Eruption (2006)

                               eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Mount Merapi Eruption (2010)
Mount Pinatubo
Mount Rainier National Park
Mount Redoubt
Mount Rushmore
Mount Shasta
Mount St. Helens
Mount Vesuvius
Mount Washington
Mount Whitney
Mozambique Floods (2000)
MP3 Players Product Reviews
Mr. Rogers
Mt. Kilimanjaro
Muammar al-Gaddafi
Much Ado About Nothing
Mud Volcanoes
Mughal Empire
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad the Prophet
Muhammad Yunus
Multiple Sclerosis
Multnomah Falls
Mumbai Attacks (2008)
Munich Agreement
Munich Olympics Massacre (1972)
Muscular Dystrophy
Muscular System
Muscular Tissue
Music Piracy
Muslim Brotherhood
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
Mwai Kibaki
my kerala
My Lai Massacre
Myrtle Beach
Mythical Creatures

                                  eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Nadia Comaneci
Nadine Gordimer
Naga People
Namib Desert
Nancy Kassebaum
Nancy Lopez
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Reagan
Nanking Massacre
Naoto Kan
Napa Valley
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon III (Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte)
Napoleonic Wars
Nastia Liukin
Nat King Cole
Nat Love
Nat Turner
Natalie Portman
Natalie Wood
Nathan Hale
Nathanael Greene
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Nation of Islam
National Basketball Association
National Debt (U.S.)
National Football League
National History Day
National Identification Cards
National Liberation Army (ELN)
National Organization for Women
National Park Service
National Parks
National Public Radio
National Recovery Administration

                                          eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
National Rifle Association
National Security Act of 1947
National Security Agency (NSA)
National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) Party
National World War II Memorial
Native American Reservations
Natural Gas
Natural Selection & Adaptation
Navajo Code Talkers
Navy Pier
Nazi Book Burnings
Nazi Concentration Camps
Nazi Medical Experiments
Nazi Propaganda
Nazi-Era Ghettos
Nebraska History
Nebraska Plants & Wildlife
Negev Bedouin
Negro Leagues
Neil Armstrong
Neil Diamond
Neil Simon
Neil Young
Nellie Bly
Nelly Furtado
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Rockefeller
Neoclassical Economics
Nervous System
Netbook Product Reviews

                                           eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Nevada History
Nevada Plants & Wildlife
Neville Chamberlain
New Age Movement
New Brunswick
New Caledonia
New Deal, The
New Delhi
New Frontier
New Hampshire
New Hampshire History
New Hampshire Plants & Wildlife
New Hampshire Primaries
New Jersey
New Jersey History
New Jersey Plants & Wildlife
New Mexico
New Mexico History
New Mexico Plants & Wildlife
New Orleans
New Year's Eve/Day
New York
New York City
New York City Draft Riots of 1863
New York History
New York Plants & Wildlife
New Zealand
Newfoundland and Labrador
Newt Gingrich
Newton's Laws of Motion
Newton's Principia
Nez Perce
Ngorongoro Crater
Niagara Falls
Niccolo Machiavelli
Nicholas Sparks
Nick Nolte
Nicolaas Bloembergen
Nicolae Ceausescu
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Sarkozy

                                    eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Nicolaus Copernicus
Nicole Kidman
Niels Bohr
Niger River
Nikita Khrushchev
Nikki Giovanni
Nikki Haley
Nikola Tesla
Nile River
Nitrogen Cycle
Nixon in China
No Child Left Behind
No Country for Old Men
Nobel Prize
Noel Coward
Nolan Ryan
Nonvascular Plants
Norman Borlaug
Norman Foster Ramsey
Norman Mailer
Norman Rockwell
Norman Schwarzkopf
Norodom Sihanouk
Norse Mythology
North America
North American Fur Trade
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
North Carolina
North Carolina History
North Carolina Plants & Wildlife
North Cascades National Park
North Dakota
North Dakota History
North Dakota Plants & Wildlife
North Korea
North Sea
Northeast Blackout of 2003
Northridge Earthquake (1994)

                                            eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Northwest Passage
Northwest Territories
Notorious B.I.G.
Nouri al-Maliki
Nouriel Roubini
Nova Scotia
Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Fission
Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Nuclear Submarine
Nuclear Terrorism
Nuclear Warfare & Deterrence
Nuclear Waste
Nullification Crisis
Nuremberg Trials
O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)
O. J. Simpson
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Occupy Movement
Ocean Currents
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Ocean Waves
Odysseus (Ulysses)
Odyssey, The
Of Mice and Men
Office of National Drug Control Policy
Ogden Nash
Ogoni People
Ohio History

                                         eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Ohio River
Oil Spills
Oil Well
Okavango Delta
Okeechobee Hurricane (1928)
Okefenokee Swamp
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Bombing (1995)
Oklahoma History
Oklahoma Land Rush
Oklahoma Plants & Wildlife
Olaudah Equiano
Old Curiosity Shop, The
Old Man and Sea, The
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Ellsworth
Oliver Goldsmith
Oliver Hazard Perry
Oliver North
Oliver Stone
Oliver Twist
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Olmec Civilization
Olympia Snowe
Olympic National Park
Olympics (Historical)
Omar al-Bashir
Omar Bradley
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Online Profiling
Open Door Policy
Opium Wars
Oprah Winfrey
Opus Dei
Oracle and Prophecy in Mythology
Oracle Corp.

                                   eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Oregon History
Oregon Plants & Wildlife
Oregon Trail
Oregon Treaty of 1846
Organ Donation
Organic Chemistry
Organic Farming
Organization of American States (OAS)
Organized Crime
Orhan Pamuk
Orlando Bloom
Orrin Hatch
Orson Welles
Orthodox Judaism
Osama bin Laden
Oscar Arias
Oscar De La Hoya
Oscar Peterson
Oscar Romero
Oscar Wilde
Oskar Schindler
Oslo Accords
Otto von Bismarck
Ottoman Empire
Outer Banks
Outsider Art
Ovarian Cancer
Owen Wilson
Oxygen Cycle
Ozark Mountains
Ozone Layer
P.G. Wodehouse
Pablo Neruda

                                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Pablo Picasso
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ring of Fire
Padre Island National Seashore
Painted Desert
Pakistan Floods (2010)
Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)
Palm Sunday
Pan Am Flight 103 (1988)
Panama Canal
Panama City
Pancho Villa
Panda Diplomacy
Pandora Radio
Panic Disorder
Papua New Guinea
Paradise Lost
Paris Peace Talks (Vietnam)
Parkinson's Disease
Particle Physics
Passenger Elevator
Pat Conroy
Pat Roberts
Pat Robertson
Pat Schroeder
Patents and Trademarks
Paterson Silk Strike
Patrice Lumumba
Patricia Cornwell
Patricia Nixon

                                  eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Patricia Russo
Patrick Henry
Patrick J. Toomey
Patrick Leahy
Patrick Pearse
Patrick Swayze
Patty Berg
Patty Murray
Paul Bear Bryant
Paul Bettany
Paul Cezanne
Paul Gauguin
Paul Giamatti
Paul Krugman
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Paul Newman
Paul Prudhomme
Paul Revere
Paul Robeson
Paul Rudd
Paul Thomas Anderson
Paul Verlaine
Paul Volcker
Paul Williams
Paula Deen
Paulo Coelho
Paying for College
Payne Stewart
Peace Corps
Pearl Harbor
Pearl S. Buck
Pearl, The
Pedro Almodovar
Pedro de Alvarado
Penelope Cruz
Pennsylvania Cuisine
Pennsylvania History

                       eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Pennsylvania Plants & Wildlife
Pentagon Papers
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Percival Lowell
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Periodic Table of Elements
Persian Gulf
Persian Wars
Personal Finance
Personality Disorders
Pet Products Reviews
Pete Rose
Pete Seeger
Peter Paul Rubens
Peter Tchaikovsky
Peter the Great
Petrified Forest National Park
Petronas Towers
Peyton Manning
Pheasants & Quails
Phil Jackson
Phil Mickelson
Philip Roth
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Philippine Insurrection
Philippines, The
Phillis Wheatley
Philo T. Farnsworth

                                           eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Schlafly
Physical Therapist
Physician Assistant
Picabo Street
Pickup Truck Product Reviews
Pickwick Papers, The
Pierce Brosnan
Pierre Corneille
Pierre de Fermat
Pierre Trudeau
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Piet Mondrian
Pig War
Pikes Peak
Pilgrim's Progress, The
Pinatubo Eruption (1991)
Pinckney Pinchback
Ping-Pong Diplomacy
Pioneer Program
Placido Domingo
Plastic Surgery

                               eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Plate Tectonics
Play Yard Product Reviews
Plessy v. Ferguson
Plymouth Colony
Point Lobos
Point Pelee National Park
Point Reyes National Seashore
Poisonous Plants
Pol Pot
Polar Bears
Polaroid Camera
Police Officer
Polio Vaccine
Political Action Committees (PACs)
Political Parties in the U.S.
Political Propaganda & Persuasion (U.S.)
Politics of the Christian Right
Ponce de Leon
Pony Express
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope John Paul II
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
Population Ecology
Port Chicago Disaster
Postpartum Depression
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Potomac River
Potsdam Conference (1945)

                                             eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Potter Stewart
Prague Spring
Prairie Dogs
Pratibha Patil
Prescription Drug Abuse
Presidential Debates
Presidential Inauguration
Pride and Prejudice
Prince Edward Island
Prince Harry of Wales
Prince Rainier III
Prince Rogers Nelson
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
Princess Diana
Printer Product Reviews
Printing Press
Prison System
Private Investigator
Professional Athlete
Progressive Era
Project Gemini
Project Mercury
ProQuest Essentials Topic Guide: African-American History
ProQuest Essentials Topic Guide: Civics (U.S.)
ProQuest Essentials Topic Guide: Holocaust
ProQuest Essentials Topic Guide: National History Day
ProQuest Essentials Topic Guide: Slavery in the U.S.
ProQuest Essentials Topic Guide: Space Exploration
ProQuest Essentials Topic Guide: Terrorism
ProQuest Essentials Topic Guide: Women's History
Prosperity Gospel
Prostate Cancer
Protestant Reformation
Public Diplomacy

                                           eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico History
Pullman Strike of 1894
Punic Wars
Qin Dynasty
Quakers (Society of Friends)
Quantum Mechanics
Quebec Sovereignty Movement
Queen Anne of England
Queen Beatrix
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Latifah
Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary)
Queen Noor of Jordan
Queen of Sheba
Queen Rania of Jordan
Queen Victoria
Quentin Tarantino
Race Riots
Rachel Carson
Rachel Donelson Jackson
Rachel McAdams
Racial Profiling
Racial Segregation
Radical Republicans

                               eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Radiocarbon Dating
Radovan Karadzic
Rafael Nadal
Rahm Emanuel
Ralph Bunche
Ralph David Abernathy
Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Waldo Ellison
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ram Baran Yadav
Ramses II
Ramzan Kadyrov
Rand Paul
Range Product Reviews
Raoul Wallenberg
Rare Earth Elements
Ratko Mladic
Raul Castro
Ravens & Crows
Ray Bradbury
Ray Charles
Ray Kroc
Ray Nagin
Ray Romano
Raymond Burr
Raymond Chandler
Rays & Skates
Reagan Doctrine
Real Estate Agent
Real IRA
Reality Television
Rebecca Lobo
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Recessions and Depressions

                             eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Recombinant DNA
Reconstruction Era (U.S.)
Recreational Therapist
Recreational Vehicle Product Reviews
Red Badge of Courage, The
Red Brigades
Red Cloud
Red Grange
Red Pony, The
Red Scare
Red Sea
Red Tide
Redwood National Park
Reese Witherspoon
Reform Judaism
Refrigerator Product Reviews
Reggie Jackson
Reichstag Fire
Reindeer & Caribou
Religion and Homosexuality
Religious Terrorism
Religious Toleration
Remote Sensing
Renal Failure
Rene Descartes
Renee Zellweger
Reproductive System
Republic of the Congo
Republican Party (U.S.)
Rescue of the Danish Jews
Resistance to the Third Reich
Respiratory System
Resumes and Cover Letters
Reverend Jerry Falwell
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)
Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C)
Revolutions of 1848

                                           eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Rhine River
Rhode Island
Rhode Island History
Rhone River
Ricardo Martinelli
Richard Arkwright
Richard Axel
Richard Blumenthal
Richard Branson
Richard Burr
Richard C. Shelby
Richard E. Byrd
Richard G. Lugar
Richard Gere
Richard ''Goose'' Gossage
Richard III by William Shakespeare
Richard J. Daley
Richard Leakey
Richard M. Daley
Richard M. Nixon
Richard Owen
Richard P. Feynman
Richard Parsons
Richard Petty
Richard Rodgers
Richard Simmons
Richard Strauss
Richard Wagner
Richard Wright
Rick Bayless
Rick Perry
Rick Santorum
Rick Scott
Riders of the Purple Sage
Ridley Scott
Right of Privacy
Right Stuff, The
Righteous Among the Nations
Right-to-Work Laws
Rio de Janeiro

                                     eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Rio Grande
Rita Levi-Montalcini
Roald Amundsen
Roald Dahl
Roaring Twenties
Rob Portman
Robber Barons
Robert Altman
Robert Boyle
Robert Browning
Robert Cade
Robert Capa
Robert Clive
Robert De Niro
Robert Downey, Jr.
Robert Duvall
Robert E. Lee
Robert F. Kennedy
Robert Falcon Scott
Robert Fogel
Robert Frost
Robert Fulton
Robert Goddard
Robert Gould Shaw
Robert Hooke
Robert Koch
Robert L. Johnson
Robert La Follette
Robert Laird Borden
Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Lowell
Robert McNamara
Robert Menendez
Robert Mitchum
Robert Mugabe
Robert Owen
Robert P. Casey, Jr.
Robert Pattinson
Robert Peary
Robert Peel
Robert Penn Warren
Robert Redford

                         eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Robert Reich
Robert Shiller
Robert Smalls
Robert Taft
Robert Wagner
Roberto Clemente
Robertson Davies
Robin Hood
Robin Williams
Robinson Crusoe
Rock and Roll
Rock Hudson
Rocks & The Rock Cycle
Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountains
Rod Blagojevich
Rodney King
Roger B. Taney
Roger Clemens
Roger F. Wicker
Roger Federer
Roger Maris
Roger Sherman
Roger Williams
Rogers Hornsby
Roller Coaster
Roller Skates
Rolling Stones, The
Roman Catholicism
Romeo and Juliet
Ron Howard
Ron Johnson
Ron Paul
Ron Wyden
Ronald Reagan
Rosa Parks
Rosalind Franklin
Rosalynn Carter
Roseanne Barr
Rosetta Tharpe

                               eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Rosh Hashanah
Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie the Riveter
Roswell Incident
Rote Armee Faktion (RAF)
Route 66
Roy Blunt
Roy Campanella
Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Wilkins
Ruby Bridges
Rudolf Hess
Rudolf Nureyev
Rudy Giuliani
Rudyard Kipling
Rufus Wainwright
Running Shoes Product Reviews
Runway Collisions
Rupert Brooke
Rupert Grint
Rupert Murdoch
Russell Crowe
Russell Simmons
Russian Revolution, The
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Ruth Rendell
Rutherford B. Hayes
Rwanda Genocide
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Reynolds
Sabena Flight 548 (1961)
Sacco and Vanzetti Case
Saddam Hussein
Safety Gate Product Reviews
Saguaro National Park
Sahara Desert
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Petersburg
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

                                   eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Salamanders & Newts
Salem Witch Trials
Sally Field
Sally Ride
Salma Hayek
Salman Rushdie
Salmon P. Chase
Salt Lake City
Salton Sea
Salva Kiir Mayardit
Salvador Allende
Salvador Dali
Salvation Army
Sam Houston
Sam M. Walton
Sam Raimi
Sam Shepard
Sammy Davis Jr.
Sammy Sosa
Samuel Adams
Samuel Alito
Samuel Beckett
Samuel Chase
Samuel Colt
Samuel de Champlain
Samuel Huntington
Samuel Johnson
Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel Morse
Samuel P. Langley
Samuel Richardson
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
San Andreas Fault
San Antonio
San Bruno Pipeline Explosion (2010)
San Diego
San Francisco
San Francisco Earthquake (1906)
San Juan

                                      eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
San Juan Islands
San Marino
Sand Dunes
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Cisneros
Sandra Day O'Connor
Sandy Koufax
Sangre de Cristo Mountains
Santa Ana Winds
Santa Fe
Santo Domingo
Sao Paulo
Sao Tome and Principe
Sarah and Angelina Grimke
Sarah Childress Polk
Sarah Harmer
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah McLachlan
Sarah Palin
Sarah, Duchess of York
Saturn's Moons
Saudi Arabia
Saul Bellow
Savanna and Scrubland
Savion Glover
Saxby Chambliss
Scarlet Letter, The
Scarlett Johansson
School Prayer
School Uniforms
School Violence
Schutzstaffel (Hitler's SS)
Science Fiction
Scientific Method

                              eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Scooter Product Reviews
Scopes Trial
Scott Brown
Scott Carpenter
Scott Joplin
Scottie Pippen
Scottsboro Boys
Sea Birds
Sea Lions
Sea of Galilee
Sea Otters
Sea Turtles
Seahorses & Sea Dragons
Seamus Heaney
Sean Combs
Sean Connery
Sean Penn
Seat Belts
Sebastian Cabot
Second Italo-Ethiopian War
Secret Societies
Securities and Exchange Commission
Securities Fraud
Sedan Product Reviews
Selena Gomez
Selma to Montgomery March
Semiconductors and Transistors
Sendai Earthquake & Tsunami (2011)
Seneca Falls Convention
Sense and Sensibility
Sensory System

                                     eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Sepoy Rebellion
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park
Serena Williams
Serengeti National Park
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Sergey Brin
Service Animals
Sesame Street
Seth Rogen
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Sewing Machine
Sex Education
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Seymour Hersh
Shaka Zulu
Shang/Yin Dynasty
Shani Davis
Shania Twain
Shannon Lucid
Shannon Miller
Shaquille O'Neal
Sharia (Islamic Law)
Shark Attacks
Sharon Stone
Shaun White
Shawn Johnson
Shays' Rebellion
Shel Silverstein
Shelby Foote
Shenandoah National Park
Sherlock Holmes
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Sherman's March to the Sea
Sherrod Brown
Sherwood Anderson

                                       eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Sheryl Swoopes
Shi'i Islam
Shimon Peres
Shining Path
Shirin Ebadi
Shirley Chisholm
Shirley MacLaine
Shirley Temple
Shoeless Joe Jackson
Shrubs & Bushes
Sickle Cell Anemia
Sidney Crosby
Sidney Lumet
Sidney Poitier
Siege of Leningrad
Siege of Yorktown
Sierra Club
Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Civil War
Sierra Nevada
Sigmund Freud
Sigourney Weaver
Silas Marner
Silicon Valley
Silk Road
Silvio Berlusconi
Simon and Garfunkel
Simon Bolivar
Simon Cowell
Simon Wiesenthal
Simone de Beauvoir
Sinclair Lewis
Singing Revolution
Single Gender Education
Sino-Japanese Wars
Sioux Wars

                          eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Sir Francis Drake
Sir John A. Macdonald
Sir Robert Baden-Powell
Sir Thomas Browne
Sir Walter Raleigh
Sir Walter Scott
Sir William Herschel
Sitting Bull
Skeletal System
Skin Cancer
Slavery in the U.S.
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
Slobodan Milosevic
Small Car Product Reviews
Smokey Bear
Smokey Robinson
Snakehead Fish
Snow Blower Product Reviews
Social Democracy
Social Gospel Movement
Social Networks
Social Norms
Social Security Act
Social Worker
Sofia Coppola

                                         eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Sojourner Truth
Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Solar Deities
Solar Energy
Solar Flares
Solar System
Solar Wind
Solidarity Movement (Poland)
Solomon Islands
Song Dynasty
Songhai Empire
Sonia Sotomayor
Sonja Henie
Sonny Liston
Sonoran Desert
Sophie Germain
Soufriere Hills
Soul Music
South Africa
South America
South Carolina
South Carolina History
South Carolina Lowcountry
South Carolina Plants & Wildlife
South China Sea
South Dakota
South Dakota History
South Dakota Plants & Wildlife
South Korea
South Sudan
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Southern Cuisine
Southern Drought (2010-2012)
Southern Ocean
Southern Plantations
Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
Soyuz Spacecraft
Space Exploration
Space Race
Space Shuttle
Space Tourism

                                           eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Spanish Armada
Spanish Civil War
Spanish Golden Age
Spanish-American War
Spectacled Bear
Spencer Tracy
Spies and Codebreakers
Spike Jonze
Spike Lee
Spina Bifida
Spinal Cord Injuries
Spinning Jenny
Spiro T. Agnew
Sports Science
Square Dance
Sri Lanka
St. Augustine
St. Augustine, FL
St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre (1572)
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Lawrence River
St. Louis
St. Patrick's Day
Stan Musial
Standard Oil
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Prusiner
State-Sponsored Terrorism
Station Nightclub Fire (2003)
Station Wagon Product Reviews
Statue of Liberty
Steam Engine

                                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Steam Locomotive
Steffi Graf
Stem Cell Research
Stephen Biko
Stephen Breyer
Stephen Colbert
Stephen Crane
Stephen Foster
Stephen Harper
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Jay Gould
Stephen King
Stephenie Meyer
Steve Carell
Steve Holcomb
Steve Irwin
Steve Jobs
Steve Martin
Steve McQueen
Steve Spurrier
Steve Wozniak
Steven Soderbergh
Steven Spielberg
Stevie Wonder
Stimson Doctrine
Stipe Mesic
Stock Markets
Stokely Carmichael
Stonewall Inn Riots
Stonewall Jackson
Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars)
Street Food
Stroller Product Reviews
Strom Thurmond
Student Athletes
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

                                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Studs Terkel
Suburbanization (U.S.)
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Suez Canal
Suez Crisis
Suffrage Movement
Sui Dynasty
Suleyman I
Sun Also Rises, The
Sun Bears
Sun Yat-sen
Sun, The
Sunni Islam
Sunscreen Product Reviews
Super Bowl
Supply and Demand
Supply-Side Economics
Susan B. Anthony
Susan Glaspell
Susan M. Collins
Susan Sarandon
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Sustainable Agriculture
SUV Product Reviews
Svante Arrhenius

                               eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Swine Flu
Sylvester Stallone
Sylvia Earle
Sylvia M. Rhone
Sylvia Plath
Symbionese Liberation Army
T. Boone Pickens
T. E. Lawrence
T. S. Eliot
Tabare Vazquez
Tablet Computers Product Reviews
Taft-Hartley Act
Taj Mahal
Talking Films
Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
Taming of the Shrew
Tammany Hall
Tang Dynasty
Tanning Salons
Tap Dance
Tara Lipinski
Tarja Halonen
Tasman Sea
Tasmanian Devils
Tattoo Artist
Tax Evasion
Taylor Swift

                                      eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Tea Party Movement
Teapot Dome Scandal
Ted Bundy
Ted Kooser
Ted Turner
Ted Williams
Teen Pregnancy
Teen Suicide
Teens and Driving
Tel Aviv
Television Product Reviews
Temperance and Prohibition
Tempest, The
Temple Grandin
Tennessee History
Tennessee Plants & Wildlife
Tennessee Valley Authority
Tennessee Williams
Tent Product Reviews
Terracotta Army
Terry Bradshaw
Terry Fox
Tet Offensive
Tex Mex Cuisine
Texas City Refinery Explosion (2005)
Texas History
Texas Plants & Wildlife
Texas Revolution
Texas Wildfires (2011)
Thabo Mbeki
Thad Cochran

                                       eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Theodor Herzl
Theodore Dreiser
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Theory of Everything
Third Parties (U.S.)
Thirteen Colonies
Thirty Years War
Thomas Becket
Thomas Cech
Thomas E. Dewey
Thomas Eakins
Thomas Edison
Thomas Gray
Thomas Hardy
Thomas Henry Huxley
Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hunt Morgan
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Keller
Thomas Malthus
Thomas Mann
Thomas Merton
Thomas More
Thomas Paine
Thomas R. Carper
Thomas S. Foley
Thomas Sumter
Thornton Wilder
Thorstein Veblen
Three Gorges Dam
Three Mile Island
Three Musketeers, The
Threshing Machine
Thurgood Marshall
Thyroid Disease
Tiananmen Square Protests (1989)
Tiger Woods

                                   eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Burton
Tim Johnson
Tim McGraw
Tim Pawlenty
Tim Russert
Tim Tebow
Timber & Lumber
Time Management
Time Travel
Times Square
Timur (Tamerlane)
Tina Fey
Tina Turner
Tip O'Neill
Tire Product Reviews
Title IX
TiVo Inc.
To Kill a Mockingbird
Tobey Maguire
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Toltec Civilization
Tom Bradley
Tom Brady
Tom Clancy
Tom Coburn
Tom Cruise
Tom DeLay
Tom Hanks
Tom Harkin
Tom Ridge
Tom Seaver
Tom Stoppard
Tom Udall
Tom Wolfe

                        eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Lee Jones
Toni Morrison
Tony Bennett
Tony Blair
Tony Curtis
Tony Hawk
Tony Stewart
Torres del Paine National Park
Totem Poles
Tourette Syndrome
Toussaint Louverture
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Toy Product Reviews
Trace Adkins
Trail of Tears
Transcontinental Railroad
Travis Pastrana
Treadmill Product Reviews
Treasure Island
Treaty of Paris (1783)
Treaty of Portsmouth
Treaty of Versailles
Treaty of Walla Walla
Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Triangle Fire
Trinidad and Tobago
Trojan War
Truman Capote
Truman Doctrine

                                 eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Tudor Dynasty
Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
Tupac Shakur
Turkey Earthquake (2011)
Tuskegee Airmen
Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
TWA Flight 800 (1996)
Twelfth Night
Twentieth-Century Drama
Ty Cobb
Tycho Brahe
Tyler Florence
Tyler Perry
Typhoon Megi (2010)
Tyra Banks
U.N. Security Council
U.S. Air Force
U.S. and the Holocaust
U.S. Army
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Congress
U.S. Constitution
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
U.S. Customs & Border Protection
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Commerce

                                           eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of Transportation
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
U.S. Economic Crisis
U.S. Foreign Policies During the Progressive Era
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
U.S. Invasion of Panama
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. National Symbols
U.S. Navy
U.S. Postal Service
U.S. Presidency and the Media
U.S. Presidential Election, 1852
U.S. Presidential Election, 1856
U.S. Presidential Election, 1860
U.S. Presidential Election, 1864
U.S. Presidential Election, 1876
U.S. Presidential Election, 1960
U.S. Presidential Election, 1968
U.S. Presidential Election, 2000
U.S. Presidential Election, 2008
U.S. Presidential Election, 2012
U.S. Presidential Primaries
U.S. Secret Service
U.S. Senate
U.S. Social Security Administration
U.S. Steel
U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. Treasury
U.S. Troop Deployments
U.S. Virgin Islands
U.S.-Mexico Border
U-2 Spy Plane Incident
Ultraviolet Rays

                                         eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Ulysses S. Grant
Uma Thurman
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Underground Railroad
Unification Church
Unitarian Universalism
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United Nations
United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC)
United States Cabinet
United States of America
Universal Health Care
Upton Sinclair
Urban Planner
Urbanization (U.S.)
Ursula Burns
USA Patriot Act
Usain Bolt
USS Cole Bombing (2000)
Utah History
Utah Plants & Wildlife
Utopian Communities
V. S. Naipaul
Vaclav Havel
Vaclav Klaus
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner Product Reviews
Val Kilmer
Valentina Tereshkova
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Massacre
Valerie Jarrett

                                          eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
Valley Forge
ValuJet Flight 592 (1996)
Van Morrison
Vanderbilt Family
Vanessa Redgrave
Vanna White
Vasco da Gama
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Vascular Plants
Vatican City
V-E Day
Venus Williams
Vera Wang
Vermont History
Vermont Plants & Wildlife
Vernon L. Smith
Vertical Farming
Vesuvius Eruption (AD 79)
Veterans Day
Veterinary Medicine
Vice Presidency (U.S.)
Vichy France
Victor Hugo
Victoria Falls
Video Games
Viet Cong
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Vietnam War
Viggo Mortensen
Viking Program

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Essential Page Topic
Vin Scully
Vince Lombardi
Vince Vaughn
Vincent van Gogh
Viral Media
Virgin Mary
Virginia Apgar
Virginia History
Virginia Plan (1787)
Virginia Plants & Wildlife
Virginia Woolf
Virunga National Park
Virunga Volcanic Range
Vitamin C
Vitus Bering
Vivien Leigh
V-J Day
Vlad Dracula
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Nabokov
Vladimir Putin
Volga River
Voting Age
Voyage of the St. Louis
Voyager Program
Voyageurs National Park
Vyacheslav Molotov
W. H. Auden
W. Somerset Maugham
W.C. Fields
W.E.B. Du Bois
Wade-Davis Bill
Wallace Stegner
Walt Disney
Walt Whitman
Walter Cronkite

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Essential Page Topic
Walter Dean Myers
Walter Hagen
Walter Matthau
Walter Mondale
Walter Payton
Walter Reed
Walter Winchell
Wangari Maathai
War and Peace
War in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom)
War in Iraq
War of 1812
War of the Spanish Succession
War of Worlds, The
War on Drugs
War on Terror
War Powers
War Propaganda
Warren Beatty
Warren Buffett
Warren E. Burger
Warren Harding
Warren Hastings
Wars of the Roses
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Warsaw Pact
Washing Machine Product Reviews
Washington Irving
Washington Monument
Washington Plants & Wildlife
Washington, D.C.
Washington's Birthday
Waste Management
Water Pollution
Watergate Scandal
Waterton Lakes National Park
Watts Riots
Wayne Gretzky
Weapons and Technology of World War II

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Essential Page Topic
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
Weathermen Underground
Webster-Ashburton Treaty
Webster-Hayne Debate
Weight Loss
Weight Loss Programs Product Reviews
Weimar Republic
Werner Heisenberg
Wernher von Braun
Wes Anderson
West Bank and Gaza
West Nile Virus
West Papuans
West Virginia
West Virginia History
West Virginia Plants & Wildlife
Westminster Abbey
Whale Sharks
Whig Party (U.S.)
Whiskey Rebellion
White House
White Mountains
White Sands National Monument
White Supremacy
Whitman Massacre
Whitney Houston
Whittaker Chambers
Whoopi Goldberg
Wild Bill Hickok
Wildlife Trafficking
Wilfred Owen
Wilfrid Laurier
Wilhelm II, German Emperor
Wilhelm Roentgen

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Essential Page Topic
Wilkie Collins
Will Ferrell
Will Rogers
Will Smith
Willa Cather
Willem de Kooning
William (The Refrigerator) Perry
William Blake
William Butler Yeats
William Carlos Williams
William Cullen Bryant
William E. Borah
William Faulkner
William Gladstone
William Golding
William Grant Still
William H. Macy
William Halsted
William Henry Harrison
William Henry Jackson
William Holden
William Howard Taft
William III of Orange
William J. Brennan, Jr.
William James
William Jennings Bryan
William Lloyd Garrison
William Lyon Mackenzie King
William Makepeace Thackeray
William McKinley
William O. Douglas
William Paterson
William Randolph Hearst
William Rehnquist
William Rufus Day
William Shakespeare
William Shatner
William Styron
William Tecumseh Sherman
William the Conqueror
William Wallace
William Westmoreland
William Wordsworth
William Wrigley, Jr.
Willie Mays

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Essential Page Topic
Willie Nelson
Willis Tower
Willy Brandt
Wilma Rudolph
Wilmot Proviso
Wilson's Fourteen Points
Wilt Chamberlain
Wind Cave National Park
Wind Energy
Winfield Scott
Winnie Mandela
Winona Ryder
Winston Churchill
Wisconsin History
Wisconsin Plants & Wildlife
Wojciech Jaruzelski
Wole Soyinka
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Puck
Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs)
Women and Religion
Women Film Directors
Women in Combat
Women Inventors
Women's Army Corps
Women's History
Women's National Basketball Association
Women's Rights
Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The
Woodrow Wilson
Woody Allen
Woody Guthrie
Woody Harrelson
Works Progress Administration

                                          eLibrary Essential Pages   March 2012
Essential Page Topic
World AIDS Day
World Bank
World Health Organization (WHO)
World Trade Center
World Trade Center Bombing (1993)
World Trade Organization
World War I
World War II
World War II: Home Fronts
World War II: Women
World Wrestling Entertainment
World's Columbian Exposition (1893 Chicago World's Fair)
World's Fairs
Wounded Knee Massacre
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve
Wright Brothers
Wuthering Heights
Wyatt Earp
Wynton Marsalis
Wyoming History
Wyoming Plants & Wildlife
X Games
XYZ Affair
Yalta Conference (1945)
Yangtze River
Yao Ming
Yasser Arafat
Yellow Fever
Yellowstone National Park
Yitzhak Rabin
Yogi Berra
Yoho National Park
Yom Kippur
Yosemite Falls

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Essential Page Topic
Yosemite National Park
Yoshihiko Noda
Youth International Party
Yo-Yo Ma
Yuan Dynasty
Yucca Mountain
Yukio Hatoyama
Yukon Territory
Yuri Gagarin
Zac Efron
Zach Johnson
Zachary Taylor
Zambezi River
Zane Grey
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Zhou/Chou Dynasty
Ziegfeld Follies
Zimmermann Telegram
Zion National Park
Zora Neale Hurston
Zydeco Music

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