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									                            Article Title             Issue Date             Page                                                   Subject Headings
Events to Mark 150th                                      10-Sep-92   Page 1        150th Anniversary
Local Bar Raided                                          10-Sep-92   Page 1        Students-alcohol use/John Barleycorn's Pub
Four Villanovans Compete in 1992 Olympic Games            10-Sep-92   Page 1        Olympic Games-1992/Jenkins, Chip/O'Sullivan, Sonia/O'Sullivan, Marcus/Flood, Lisa
Voter concerns Include Economy, Health Care               10-Sep-92   Page 1        Presidents-election-1992
Fire Evacuation Ignites Controversy                       10-Sep-92   Page 1        Fire/public Safety
Freshman Statistics                                       10-Sep-92   Page 1        Students-statistics
Wildcard Promotes Access to Campus Services               10-Sep-92   Page 3        WildCard
SGA President Outlines Goals                              10-Sep-92   Page 3        Student government
Research Award Honors Outstanding Faculty Scholars        10-Sep-92   Page 3        Outstanding Faculty Research Award/Liberatore, Matthew J./Zajac, Walter W.
Arts Center Opens                                         10-Sep-92   Page 3        St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts/Student housing-on campus
Navy ROTC commemorates 50th Anniversary on Campus         10-Sep-92   Page 3        ROTC
Freshmen Welcomed at Orientation                          10-Sep-92   Page 4        Freshman orientation
Arts and Sciences Launches New Core Curriculum            10-Sep-92   Page 4        Core curriculum
Campus HIV Rate on the Rise                               10-Sep-92   Page 5        AIDS
Changes Transform University Life                         10-Sep-92   Page 8        St. Augustine Center for Liberal Arts/150th Anniversary
Salute With Paws, Jeer With Claws                         10-Sep-92   Page 8        Paws and Claws (column)
Dobbin Addresses community as Celebration Begins          10-Sep-92   Page 9        150th Anniversary/St. Augustine Center for Liberal Arts/student housing-on campus
Student Recounts Experience in War-Torn Croatia           10-Sep-92   Page 15       Croatia
Intramurals Kick off at `Nova                             10-Sep-92   Page 15       Intramural sports
Campus Ministry                                           10-Sep-92   Pages 16-17   Campus Ministry
Villanovan Publishes First Issue                          10-Sep-92   Page 20       Villanovan
Soccer Falls to George Mason                              10-Sep-92   Page 27       Soccer-women's
Cheerleaders Gear Up for Fall                             10-Sep-92   Page 27       Cheerleading
Tennis Looks Solid                                        10-Sep-92   Page 28       Tennis-women's
Soccer to contend in Big east                             10-Sep-92   Page 28       Soccer-men's
Athlete of the Week: Vicky Dispenza (volleyball)          10-Sep-92   Page 29       Dispenza, Vicky/ Volleyball-Women's/Athlete of the week (column)
Yankee Conference Preview                                 10-Sep-92   Page 30       Football
Football Debuts With Win Over WCU                         10-Sep-92   Page 32       Football
Volleyball off to Fast Start as Dispenza Leads Way        10-Sep-92   Page 32       Volleyball-women's
Hopes Are High as Cats Eye I-AA Crown                     10-Sep-92   Page 32       Football
Former VU Student to be Sentenced                         10-Apr-92   Page 1        Crime on campus/Maloney, Stephen
West Campus Construction Planned for `94 Completion       10-Apr-92   Page 1        Student housing-on campus
Parking Costs Raised                                      10-Apr-92   Page 1        Parking
`Nova's 150th Anniversary Marked By Special Events              10-Apr-92 Page 1    150th Anniversary
Women's Studies Courses Integral Part of Departments            10-Apr-92 Page 3    Women's Studies Program
New ID Card to be Used in Fall `92                              10-Apr-92 Page 3    WildCard
Lindback Award Winners Named                                    10-Apr-92 Page 3    Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching/Nydick, Robert L./Immerwahr,John
Physics Program Trains Minorities in Engineering                10-Apr-92 Page 4    Phares Alan J./Minorities-education
`Nova community joins in 1992 Greek Week Games                  10-Apr-92 Page 4    Greek Week/Greek letter societies
New Policy Aids the Environment                                 10-Apr-92 Page 4    Environmental Protection/Dining services
Former Runner Appointed Leukemia Program Chairman               10-Apr-92 Page 4    Liquori, Marty/Leukemia society of America
`Nova Yearbook Recognized in National Competition               10-Apr-92 Page 5    Belle Air
O'Rourke's Term successful                                      10-Apr-92 Page 10   O'Rourke, Mark/student government
Coach Deserved Better Farewell                                  10-Apr-92 Page 10   Massimino, Rollie
Alumni Disgusted and Embarrassed By cheers                      10-Apr-92 Page 11   Massimino, Rollie
Hoops ready for a change                                        10-Apr-92 Page 11   Massimino, Rollie
Professors consider Other Responses to Poster                   10-Apr-92 Page 11   Abortion/Freedom of information
Administration Justified in Response to DSA                     10-Apr-92 Page 12   Freedom of information/Democratic Socialists of America/Academic freedom
Reaction to Posters Concerns Many                               10-Apr-92 Page 12   Academic freedom/freedom of Information/Democratic Socialists of America
Despite a Year of Diversity, Stereotypes Remain                 10-Apr-92 Page 13   Multicultural education
Klein Wants Record Straight                                     10-Apr-92 Page 13   Jewish-Arab relations/Center for Arab and Islamic Studies/Center for Peace and Justice
Remember Joe Andiario                                           10-Apr-92 Page 13   Andiario, Joe
                                                                27-Apr-01 Page 1
Commencement speaker announced: President of Stanford selected as keynote speaker   Villanova University-Alumni/ Villanova University-Commencement/Hennessy, John
Arts center plans set in montion                                27-Apr-01 Page 1    Performing Arts Center/ Villanova University-Buildings
Julian, Lynch departures highlight Senate meeting               27-Apr-01 Page 3    University Senate/ Julian, Richard/ Lynch, Robert/ Student Government Association
Year's Best: Read All About It                                  10-Apr-92 Page 19   Rape/crime on campus/year in review
AIDS Targeted                                                   10-Apr-92 Page 19   AIDS
Muticultural Program Debated                                    10-Apr-92 Page 19   Multicultural education
Religious Group Sparked Controversy on Campus                   10-Apr-92 Page 19   Cults
Balloon Day Unites Campus for Fun and Charity                   10-Apr-92 Page 20   Balloon Day
Rape Counseling in the Works at `Nova                           10-Apr-92 Page 20   Rape
Midshipmen Tutor Needy kids                                     10-Apr-92 Page 20   Volunteers/student volunteers in social service/ROTC
Satire Views Vilanova Events in a Comical Light                 10-Apr-92 Page 20   Year in review
Dorley Directs Villanovans to Valuable Experiences              10-Apr-92 Page 21   Internships/Dorley, Albert
Villanova Interns Receive Education and Experience              10-Apr-92 Page 21   Internships
'Yankees' Brings Game to Stage                                  10-Apr-92 Page 27   'Damn Yankees'/Musicals
V.U. Jazz Festival Excites Enthusiasts From Area                10-Apr-92 Page 27   Jazz Festival
Guitar Virtuoso Les Paul Reflects on the Past                       10-Apr-92   Page 27   Paul, Les/Interviews
Cafe Innuendo Geared to Theatre Crowd                               10-Apr-92   Page 28   Cafe Innuendo
'Psychotic' Tesla Tears Up the Rock Scene                           10-Apr-92   Page 31   Interviews/Wheat, Brian/Tesla
Temple Transfer Jonathan Haynes Says He Will Stay                   10-Apr-92   Page 35   Haynes, Jonathan
Kelly Leads Track in Miami                                          10-Apr-92   Page 35   Track athletics-men's
Blue-White Weekend                                                  10-Apr-92   Page 36   Football
UNLV Looks to Improve Image                                         10-Apr-92   Page 36   Massimino, Rollie/basketball-men's
Tennis Streak Snapped at Six                                        10-Apr-92   Page 37   Tennis-men's
Softball Rolls to 8-3                                               10-Apr-92   Page 37   Softball
Gariba Primed for Olympics                                          10-Apr-92   Page 38   Gariba, Salaam
Lax Hits Road After Big Win Over West Chester                       10-Apr-92   Page 38   Lacrosse-women's
Athlete of the Week: Amy Meisinger (softball)                       10-Apr-92   Page 38   Athlete of the Week (column)/Meisinger, Amy/softball
Top 10 in `Nova Sports                                              10-Apr-92   Page 39   Year in review
Lacrosse Splits Two, Now 5-4                                        10-Apr-92   Page 39   Lacrosse-men's
Athletes of the Year: Tom Colombo and Lisa Flood (football and swimming)        Page 39   Football/Swimming and Diving-Women's/Athletes of the year/Colombo, Tom/Flood, Lisa
Youthful Cats Continue to Improve                                   10-Apr-92   Page 40   Baseball
Recruits Express Concern                                            10-Apr-92   Page 40   Basketball-men's
Parkhill on List?                                                   10-Apr-92   Page 40   Basketball-men's
Track Excels                                                        10-Apr-92   Page 4    Track athletics-women's
Massimino Skips Town: `Nova Just a Memory                           10-Apr-92   Page 4    Massimino, Rollie
Crew to a Sweeping Start                                            10-Apr-92   Page 37   Rowing-Men's/ Rowing-Women's
Coach Accepts Head Position at Nevada - Las Vegas                    3-Apr-92   Page 1    Massimino, Rollie/basketball-men's
19 - Year Reign Comes to a Dramatic Close                            3-Apr-92   Page 1    Massimino, Rollie/basketball-men's
Student Government Officers elected                                  3-Apr-92   Page 1    Student Government-Election-1992/Batchelor, Ken/Breen, Kathy
DSA Pro-Choice Flyers removed From Campus                            3-Apr-92   Page 1    Abortion/freedom of information/Dobbin, Edmund J./Democratic Socialists of America
Core Curriculum Sparks Muticultural Debate                           3-Apr-92   Page 3    Core curriculum/multicultural education/College Republicans
Campus Recycling Project Reaches Expected goal                       3-Apr-92   Page 3    Villanova Environmental Group/Recycling
Health Care Issues Focus of Lecture                                  3-Apr-92   Page 3    Medical care-U.S.
University Senate Discusses Budget, Telecommunications               3-Apr-92   Page 3    University Senate
Women's law Caucus Hosts Alumnae Career Banquet                      3-Apr-92   Page 4    Women's Law Caucus/ School of Law
TV Programming Focus of Luncheon                                     3-Apr-92   Page 4    Television broadcasting
Job Search Focus of Career Day                                       3-Apr-92   Page 4    Communication Arts Career Day
SNAP Presents Money to Ronald McDonald House                         3-Apr-92   Page 4    Ronald McDonald House
Balloon Day, 1992                                                    3-Apr-92   Page 5    Balloon Day
Markey Named to Board                                                 3-Apr-92   Page 5    Markey, Andrew J./Villanova University-Trustees
Workshop Held to Improve Writing                                      3-Apr-92   Page 6    Writing Workshop
Massimino Deserves Our Respect                                        3-Apr-92   Page 8    Massimino, Rollie
DSA Controversy Raises Questions                                      3-Apr-92   Page 8    Abortion/freedom of information/Democratic Socialists of America
Debate Concerns Students                                              3-Apr-92   Page 9    Abortion/freedom of information/Dobbin, Edmund J./Democratic Socialists of America
Dobbin Issues Statement Regarding Debate                              3-Apr-92   Page 9    Dobbin, Edmund J./abortion/freedom of information
Earth Day Raises Awareness                                            3-Apr-92   Page 17   Earth Day/ Villanova Environmental Group
Classes Target Indian Culture                                         3-Apr-92   Page 17   Curricula/Indians of North America
Summer Camp Will Help Special kids                                    3-Apr-92   Page 17   Ronald McDonald House
Villanova Emergency Medical Service Acquires Van                      3-Apr-92   Page 17   Villanova Emergency Medical Service
Cribben Retires As Professor                                          3-Apr-92   Page 18   Cribben, Mary Margaret
Villanovans Study Abroad                                              3-Apr-92   Page 19   Office of International Studies/foreign study
Base and Walker Headline `Nova Concert                                3-Apr-92   Page 24   Walker, Chris/Base, Rob
'Obscenity' Answers Rage                                              3-Apr-92   Page 27   Interviews/Barben, Paul J./drama/The Obscenity
Track Excels in California                                            3-Apr-92   Page 29   Track athletics-men's
Athlete of the Week: Rick Bontatibus and Scott Chisholm (lacrosse)    3-Apr-92   Page 29   Bontatibus, Rick/Chisholm, Scott/athlete of the week(column)/ Lacrosse-Men's
Lax Rips West Chester                                                 3-Apr-92   Page 29   Lacrosse-men's
Tennis Takes Two of Three                                             3-Apr-92   Page 30   Tennis-men's
Women's Lax Rips Haverford                                            3-Apr-92   Page 30   Lacrosse-women's
Where Does Basketball Go Now?                                         3-Apr-92   Page 32   Massimino, Rollie/basketball-men's
Players Surprised By Massimino's Departure                            3-Apr-92   Page 32   Basketball-men's/Massimino, Rollie
Students Mixed, But Remain Upbeat                                     3-Apr-92   Page 32   Massimino, Rollie/basketball-men's
Cats Crack Temple in Liberty Bell                                     3-Apr-92   Page 32   Baseball
Metallica Expands Their Sound                                         3-Apr-92   Page 23   Interviews/Metallica
Senate Candidates Grilled on Issues                                  27-Mar-92   Page 1    Student government-election-1992
Candidate Debate for Presidency                                      27-Mar-92   Page 1    Student Government-Election-1992
Presidnetial Candidates Discuss Core Curriculum, Multiculturalism    27-Mar-92   Page 1    Student government-election-1992/core curriculum/multicultural education
Student Robbed on Campus                                             27-Mar-92   Page 1    Crime on campus/public safety
Chances for Cuban Democracy Under Castro Seems Slim                  27-Mar-92   Page 3    Cuba/Leon, Luis Aguilar
Professor Kerbel Analyzes Campaign News Coverage                     27-Mar-92   Page 3    Presidents-election-1992/Kerbel, Matthew
Former USSR Focus of Lecture                                         27-Mar-92   Page 3    Soviet Union/Pavlova, Tatiana
Ozone Depletion Increases Exposure to UV Light                       27-Mar-92   Page 3    Environmental protection/Ozone/Coohill, Thomas
Articles Provoke Responses                                           27-Mar-92   Page 8    Abortion
Who Do You Vote For? Here is the Opinion                             27-Mar-92   Page 9    Student government-election-1992
Presidential Candidates                                       27-Mar-92   Page 12       Student government-election-1992
Senatorial Candidates                                         27-Mar-92   Pages 13-14   Student government-election-1992
`Nova Alumnus Works for Kids                                  27-Mar-92   Page 19       Murray, Jim/Ronald McDonald House
Preparations Begin for Greek Week                             27-Mar-92   Page 19       Greek Week
Chris Walker Shoots and Sings                                 27-Mar-92   Page 19       Walker, Chris/Morris, Sean
Alpha Phi Alpha Grows, Serves On and Off Campus               27-Mar-92   Page 19       Alpha Phi Alpha
Do Greeks Rule Life at `Nova?                                 27-Mar-92   Page 20       Greek letter societies
Eddie Money Takes the Road Less traveled                      27-Mar-92   Page 25       Interviews/Money, Eddie
Netters Lose Squeaker to Colgate                              27-Mar-92   Page 33       Tennis-men's
Golf Hits the Links at William and Mary                       27-Mar-92   Page 34       Golf
Athlete of the Week: Lisa Flood (swimming)                    27-Mar-92   Page 34       Athlete of the Week (column)/ Swimming and Diving-Women's/Flood, Lisa
NROTC Command Success                                         27-Mar-92   Page 34       ROTC
Women's Lax Idle; Look Forward to Three This Week             27-Mar-92   Page 35       Lacrosse-women's
Lax Splits Pair; Record Stands at 3-3                         27-Mar-92   Page 35       Lacrosse-men's
Flood Splashes to NCAA Championship                           27-Mar-92   Page 36       Flood, Lisa/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Cats Snowed Out; Prep for Tourney at Vet                      27-Mar-92   Page 36       Baseball
Softball Wiped Out By Weather                                 27-Mar-92   Page 36       Softball
Day of Diversity Held                                         20-Mar-92   Page 1        Multicultural education/campaign for community
Dobbin Speaks on Campus Issues                                20-Mar-92   Page 1        Villanova University-Endowments/admissions/campus planning/core curriculum/sports facilities/student housing-on campu
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Winners Receive Awards                 20-Mar-92   Page 1        Elizabeth Cady Stanton Research Award/Holefelder, Jennifer/Russell, Laura D.
Villanovans for Life Hold Annual Award Ceremony               20-Mar-92   Page 3        Villanovans for life/Alvare, Helen
Greeks Promote Area Clean-up                                  20-Mar-92   Page 3        Villanova Environmental Group/Greek letter societies
University Rape Counselor Assists Students in Need            20-Mar-92   Page 3        Public Safety/rape/crime on campus/Hentz, Tracey
Project Sunshine Raises Funds for Sunshine Day                20-Mar-92   Page 3        Project Sunshine
University Senate to Discuss Basketball Tickets, Fall Break   20-Mar-92   Page 4        Basketball-men's/Fall Break
Dining Nutrition Month Celebrated                             20-Mar-92   Page 4        Nutrition/McKenzie, Mary
Senior Student Dies in Car Accident                           20-Mar-92   Page 5        Andiario, Joseph
Public Safety Discrepancies Found in Accident Account         20-Mar-92   Page 5        Public Safety
Counseling Center Offers Assistance                           20-Mar-92   Page 5        Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance
Diversity Needs Less Talk, More Action                        20-Mar-92   Page 8        Multicultural education
Hoope Program Stumbling                                       20-Mar-92   Page 8        Basketball-men's
Abortion: Moral Issue or Gender Issue?                        20-Mar-92   Page 8        Abortion
Are We Serious About Diversity                                20-Mar-92   Page 10       Multicultural education
Remember Dorothy Day                                          20-Mar-92   Page 11       Day, Dorothy
`Novans Dance for Fundraiser                                           20-Mar-92 Page 15          Special Olympics
Fair Highlights Career Options                                         20-Mar-92 Page 15          Villanova Advertising Club/Communication Arts Career Day
Do `Novans Still Care About Diversity                                  20-Mar-92 Page 15          Multicultural education
`Novans Volunteer in Mexico                                            20-Mar-92 Page 16          Villanova volunteers/Student Volunteers in Social Services
Phone-a-Thons Add Personal Touch to Admissions                         20-Mar-92 Page 17          Admissions
Swedish Duo Roxette Talk About Pop Music                               20-Mar-92 Page 21          Roxette/interviews
A Season of Ups and downs                                              20-Mar-92 Page 28          Basketball-men's
Softball Starts 2-0                                                    20-Mar-92 Page 28          Softball
Athlete of the Week: Women's Swimming Team                             20-Mar-92 Page 28          Athlete of the Week (column)/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Lady Cats Trounce Eastern 16-2                                         20-Mar-92 Page 29          Lacrosse-women's
Tennis Begins Strong                                                   20-Mar-92 Page 29          Tennis-men's
Men's Lax Falls to Penn, PSU                                           20-Mar-92 Page 29          Lacrosse-men's
Men Struggle in NCAAs; Gariba Out With Injury                          20-Mar-92 Page 30          Track athletics-men's
Baseball Rips Textile                                                  20-Mar-92 Page 30          Baseball
Cats Fall 83-80 to Virginia in NIT                                     20-Mar-92 Page 32          Basketball-men's
Women's Track Takes Third in NCAAs; Zajac Second in 5000               20-Mar-92 Page 32          Track athletics-women's
Seniors Confront Job Uncertainty                                       13-Mar-92 Page 1           Occupations/vocational guidance
Women's Issues Discussed                                               13-Mar-92 Page 1           Elizabeth Cady Stanton Research Award/women's history month/women's studies program
Student Nurses' Association Hosts University Health Fair               13-Mar-92 Page 1           Student Nurses Association/Health Fair
Villanova Students Live in Rosemont Dormitories                        13-Mar-92 Page 3           Student housing-on campus/student housing-off campus/Rosemont College
Freshmen Qualify for Speech Finals                                     13-Mar-92 Page 3           Villanova University Speech Society/forensics
Habitat Workers Build Volunteer Student Site                           13-Mar-92 Page 3           Student volunteers in social service/habitat for humanity/volunteers
Dean Armenti selected for ACE Fellows Program                          13-Mar-92 Page 3           American Council on Education/Armenti, Angelo
Arab/Israeli Debate Continues                                          13-Mar-92 Page 10          Jewish-Arab relations/Center for Arab and Islamic Studies/Center for Peace and Justice
Dr. Nolan Writes His Way to Emmys                                      13-Mar-92 Page 15          Nolan, Patrick J.
Villanova Viewpoint Questions Student Environmental Values             13-Mar-92 Page 15          Environmental protection/Villanova Environmental Group
Talley Leads Bone Marrow Transplant Fundraiser                         13-Mar-92 Page 15          Committee to benefit the children/Talley, Andy/bone marrow
Student-Run Play Focuses on Family Relationships                       13-Mar-92 Page 17          Hackett, Joe/drama/`The Obscenity'
Richard Marx Reveals His New Direction                                 13-Mar-92 Page 21          Interviews/Marx, Richard
                                                                       13-Mar-92 Page Lost        Basketball-men's
1991-92 Villanova University Basketball Statistics--27 Games; Overall records: Won 14,27 13; Big East: Won 11, Lost 7
Runners Streak Into NCAAs                                              13-Mar-92 Page 28          Track athletics-men's
Athlete of the Week: Men's Basketball Team                             13-Mar-92 Page 28          Athlete of the Week (Column)/ Basketball-Men's
Baseball Pounds Rider 13-1                                             13-Mar-92 Page 29          Baseball
Lax 2-0                                                                13-Mar-92 Page 30          Lacrosse-men's
Cats Face Syracuse, NCAA Bid on Line                                 13-Mar-92   Page 32   Basketball-men's
Women Capture Big East                                               13-Mar-92   Page 32   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Lady Cats Ousted                                                     13-Mar-92   Page 32   Basketball-women's
`Never Say Never' Cats Look to Pull it Out Again                     13-Mar-92   Page 32   Basketball-men's
Presidential Candidates' Campaigns Reflect Public Views of Economy   13-Mar-92   Page 1    Presidents-Election-1992
Student Attitudes Polled                                             21-Feb-92   Page 1    Alcohol education/students-alcohol use
Alcohol-Related Incidents Doubled Last Year's Total                  21-Feb-92   Page 1    Code of student conduct/Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance/students-alcohol use
On Campus socializing Found Difficult Without the Use of Alcohol     21-Feb-92   Page 1    Students-alcohol use
`Nova's Olympic Hopfuls Prepare for Summer Games                     21-Feb-92   Page 3    Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's/track athletics-men's/track athletics-women's
Lecture Focuses on Role of Women In U.S. Navy                        21-Feb-92   Page 3    U.S. Navy/Brown, Cecilia
Seasonal Changes Affect Disposition                                  21-Feb-92   Page 3    Seasonal affective disorder/Krauss, Stephen
Lawyer to Speak on Free Trade                                        21-Feb-92   Page 4    Shoyer, Andrew/Free Trade
VP Appointed to Pennsylvania Public Television Commission            21-Feb-92   Page 4    Riley, George
New Legislation Outlaws Disability                                   21-Feb-92   Page 5    Tracey, Shawn
Contemporary Stories Reflect Ancient Epic Style                      21-Feb-92   Page 5    Labor, William/Sociolinguistics
Athletic Facilities Need Upgrading                                   21-Feb-92   Page 8    Sports facilities
University Provides Assistance                                       21-Feb-92   Page 8    Off-campus students/off-campus advisor/Legal Information Center/Brynes, Kathleen
Peace and Justice Circulates One-Sided Analysis                      21-Feb-92   Page 10   Center for Arab and Islamic Studies/Center for Peace and Justice/Jewish-Arab relations
Poor Conditions Demand Attention                                     21-Feb-92   Page 10   Sports facilities
'Buddy Program' Brings Light into Life of special Duo                21-Feb-92   Page 15   Buddy Program/AIDS
`Novan's Offer Peer Assistance                                       21-Feb-92   Page 15   Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance
VEMS Serves `Nova Community                                          21-Feb-92   Page 15   Villanova emergency medical service
V.U. viewpoint: Campus Rates Alternatives to Alcohol                 21-Feb-92   Page 15   Students-alcohol use
`Nova Engineers Work With NASA on Space Shuttle                      21-Feb-92   Page 16   Villanova space shuttle experiment
Students Give Aid to Homeless                                        21-Feb-92   Page 17   Campus ministry/Philadelphia Committee for the Homeless/homeless-Philadelphia
Four Horsemen Put the Roll Back into Rock                            21-Feb-92   Page 21   Exclusive interview/entertainment/Haggis
Athlete of the Week                                                  21-Feb-92   Page 29   Lynch, Nnenna/Track athletics-women's
Runners Crack Top 10                                                 21-Feb-92   Page 29   Track athletics-men's
Ice Cats Overpower Scranton                                          21-Feb-92   Page 30   Ice Hockey
Talley Named Coach of the Year                                       21-Feb-92   Page 30   Coach of the year/Talley, Andy
Lacrosse Returns to Action                                           21-Feb-92   Page 30   Lacrosse-men's
Basketball Preview                                                   21-Feb-92   Page 30   Basketball-men's
Cats rebound, Crush Canes 74-50                                      21-Feb-92   Page 32   Basketball-men's
Women Continue Success                                               21-Feb-92   Page 32   Track athletics-women's
A Look at `Nova's Oldest Cat: Paul Vrind                          21-Feb-92   Page 32   Vrind, Paul
Siblings Visit `Nova During Weekend                               14-Feb-92   Page 1    Sibling weekend
Career Days Stress Social Responsibility in Work Place            14-Feb-92   Page 1    Socially Responsible Career Days/Career Fair/Cuomo, Kerry Kennedy
Changes in Arts Curriculum to Affect Class of 1996                14-Feb-92   Page 1    Core curriculum
Alcohol Awareness Weekend Previewed                               14-Feb-92   Page 1    Students-alcohol use/alcohol education
Five-Year Plan to Downsize Enrollment Announced                   14-Feb-92   Page 3    Admissions/enrollment management
RSA and ACS Blood Drive Does Not Reach Desired Goal               14-Feb-92   Page 3    Blood drive
Students Observe Black Cultural Week Activities                   14-Feb-92   Page 3    Black cultural society/Black cultural week
Attorney Speaks on Greek Liability                                14-Feb-92   Page 4    Panhellenic council/Interfraternity council/Greek letter societies
Foreign Language Curriculum Centers on Student Needs              14-Feb-92   Page 5    Foreign languages
Visiting Soviet Scholar Here From Russia                          14-Feb-92   Page 5    Visiting Scholars/Belokrentsky, Vyacheslan
New Curriculum Poses Concern                                      14-Feb-92   Page 8    Core curriculum
Students Must Take Responsibility to Raise Issues                 14-Feb-92   Page 9    Multicultural Education/curricula
`Novans Spread a Little 'Sunshine' to Area Needy                  14-Feb-92   Page 15   Project 'Sunshine'/student volunteers in social services/volunteers
`Novans Called to Ministry                                        14-Feb-92   Page 15   Liturgical ministers formation program/campus ministry
'Guys and Dolls' Heats Up Stage                                   14-Feb-92   Page 19   Villanova Student musical theater/musicals(on campus)/guys and dolls
Radio Station Expands in New Direction                            14-Feb-92   Page 19   WXVU(radio station)
Jobs Working for Earth                                            14-Feb-92   Page 27   Villanova Environmental Group/environmental protection/vocational guidance
`Nova Signs four                                                  14-Feb-92   Page 31   Basketball-men's/recruiting
Swimmers Prep for Big East                                        14-Feb-92   Page 32   Swimming
Athlete of the Week: Hugh Maginnis (ice hockey)                   14-Feb-92   Page 32   Ice Hockey/Maginnis, Hugh/Athlete of the week (column)
Benedix Torches Pitt                                              14-Feb-92   Page 34   Basketball-women's
Maginnis Leads Ice Cats                                           14-Feb-92   Page 34   Ice Hockey
Basketball Preview                                                14-Feb-92   Page 35   Basketball preview (column)
Cats Drop third Straight, Now 8-12                                14-Feb-92   Page 36   Basketball-men's
Gariba Takes third                                                14-Feb-92   Page 36   Track athletics-men's
Big East Seeks More Than Just Academics                           14-Feb-92   Page 36   Big East conference/basketball-men's
Don Ficco                                                         14-Feb-92   Page 32   Sports
`Nova's Women's Intramural Football Champions                     14-Feb-92   Page 32   Football-women's
Doug West                                                         14-Feb-92   Page 32   West, Doug
Rockenfield Reveals Queensryche Mystique                          14-Feb-92   Page 19   Rockenfield, Scott/Queensryche/interviews
Stalker Sighted on South Campus                                    7-Feb-92   Page 1    Crime on campus/public safety
Theft a Problem in `91                                             7-Feb-92   Page 1    Crime on campus/public safety
Unversity Student Senate Attends `92 NASCCU Convention at Notre Dame          Page 1    National Association of Students at Catholic Colleges and Universities/student government
Groups Sponser Sexual Communications Lecture              7-Feb-92   Page 3    Parrot, Andrea/rape/sex
Writing Center Expands Service                            7-Feb-92   Page 3    University Writing Center
Students Feel Effects of the Annual Influenza Epidemic    7-Feb-92   Page 3    Health Center/Influenza
New Orientation Slogan Named                              7-Feb-92   Page 3    Freshman orientation
Nursing Credits to Transfer From Montco                   7-Feb-92   Page 4    College of Nursing
Villanovans Respond to State of the Union Address         7-Feb-92   Page 15   Bush, George/ State of the Union (speech)
Midshipman Tours in Japan                                 7-Feb-92   Page 15   Chace, Alan/ROTC
Siblings Arrive for Weekend                               7-Feb-92   Page 15   Sibling Weekend
Student Letters Help Prisoners                            7-Feb-92   Page 15   Amnesty International
`Novan Musician Has Rhythmic Talents                      7-Feb-92   Page 15   Asinor, Khalir Kofi/musicians
Villanova Offers Minimester                               7-Feb-92   Page 16   Washington Minimester
Villanova Theatre Features `Well'                         7-Feb-92   Page 21   Villanova Theatre/All's Well That Ends Well/Shakespeare, William
Zappa Continues His Quest For Respect                     7-Feb-92   Page 21   Zappa, Dweezil/interviews
Recognizing Envirommental Diversity                       7-Feb-92   Page 26   Environmental protection
Putting it Back                                           7-Feb-92   Page 26   Environmental protection
Economics Behind Energy Conservation                      7-Feb-92   Page 27   Energy
Goal: Protect the Species                                 7-Feb-92   Page 27   Endangered species
Stomp Out Toxics                                          7-Feb-92   Page 27   Hazardous Substances
Swimmers Sweep Delaware                                   7-Feb-92   Page 30   Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athlete of the Week: Michelle Thornton (basketball)       7-Feb-92   Page 30   Athlete of the Week(column)/Thornton, Michelle/ Basketball-Women's
Mahon Takes First                                         7-Feb-92   Page 30   Track athletics-men's
Zajac Qualifies                                           7-Feb-92   Page 30   Track athletics-women's
Basketball Preview                                        7-Feb-92   Page 31   Basketball-Men's
Cats Roughed Up By Hoyas, Mourning                        7-Feb-92   Page 32   Basketball-Men's
Women Win Two                                             7-Feb-92   Page 32   Basketball-women's
One-on-One With Chrie Walker                              7-Feb-92   Page 32   Walker, Chris
Report of Campus Diversity Not a Big Surprise            31-Jan-92   Page 1    Multicultural education
University Says Goodbye (photo)                          27-Apr-01   Page 1    Death/ Sirolli, Mark
Housing Lottery `92 Leaves More Room for Optimism        31-Jan-92   Page 3    Student housing-on campus
Future Construction Could Bring Walkways, Dorms          31-Jan-92   Page 3    Student housing-on campus/campus planning/pedestrian walkway
Student Gov't Plans More for 1992                        31-Jan-92   Page 3    Student government
University Task Force Formed to Combat AIDS              31-Jan-92   Page 3    AIDS task force
Lindback Award Honorable Mentions                        31-Jan-92   Page 5    Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching
Study Reveals Why We Need to Change                      31-Jan-92   Page 8    Presidential task force on cultural diversity/multicultural education
Issues of MLK Day Addressed                                         31-Jan-92   Page 8    Martin Luther King Day
Students Commend Community, Disagree With Tradition                 31-Jan-92   Page 9    Homeless-Philadelphia
Letter Questions Motives of Attack                                  31-Jan-92   Page 10   Center for Arab and Islamic Studies
On Campus                                                           31-Jan-92   Page 10   Multicultural education
SCA Puts Students to Work for Environment                           31-Jan-92   Page 17   Student Conservation Association/environmental protection
`Nova Goes Pro, Cheers for Eagles                                   31-Jan-92   Page 17   Bazemore, Toshya/Philadelphia Eagles
Jackson Fulfills Long-Time Goal                                     31-Jan-92   Page 17   Jackson Owen (Ray)
Magazines Showcase Talent                                           31-Jan-92   Page 17   Uses (Literary Magazine)/Polis (Literary Magazine)
Roe Vs. Wade Continues to Spark Controversy                         31-Jan-92   Page 18   Villanovans For Life
Speaker Highlights Health Woes in Haiti                             31-Jan-92   Page 18   Student Nurses Association/O'Hare, Geraldine
`Novans Offer Aid in Panama                                         31-Jan-92   Page 18   Mostardi, Joe/student volunteers in social service/volunteers
Astbury's Cult Captures New Spirituality                            31-Jan-92   Page 23   Astbury, Ian/interviews/cult
`Dolls' Hits Stage                                                  31-Jan-92   Page 24   Villanova Student Musical theater/Guys and Dolls/musicals(on campus)
Swimmers Move Up in Poll                                            31-Jan-92   Page 29   Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athlete of the Week: Salaam Gariba (track)                          31-Jan-92   Page 29   Athlete of the week(column)/Gariba, Salaam/Track and Field-Men's
Fairfield Ices Cats, 7-6                                            31-Jan-92   Page 29   Ice Hockey
Gariba Breaks Record, Men Streak Into NCAA's                        31-Jan-92   Page 30   Track athletics-men's
Women Set Pace                                                      31-Jan-92   Page 30   Track athletics-women's
Basketball Preview                                                  31-Jan-92   Page 31   Basketball-men's
Cats Fall to Huskies, Drop to 7-9                                   31-Jan-92   Page 32   Basketball-men's
`Nova Loses Heartbreaker                                            31-Jan-92   Page 32   Basketball-women's
Prop 48: The Debate Rages on                                        31-Jan-92   Page 32   Basketball-men's/college athletes-academic standards/NCAA
Bush Edges Out Opponents in Poll                                     2-Oct-92             Presidents-election-1992
Dobbin Addresses University Issues: Rightsizing, West Campus Development        Page 1    Admissions/Dobbin, Edmund J./150th Anniversary/Capital Campaign/Student housing-on campus/Lafferty, Helen
Sexual Assault Policy Formalized by Committee                        2-Oct-92             Sexual assault/rape
New Campus Computers Ease Student Search for Information             2-Oct-92             Computers
Former FBI Agent Discloses Actions of Crime Families                 2-Oct-92             O'Brien, Joe/organized crime/Castellano, Paul
Volleyball Classic Benefits Charity                                  2-Oct-92             Main Line Volleyball Classic/Lupus Foundation of Philadelphia
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                             2-Oct-92             Villanova University-History
Columbus's Discovery Focus of Native American Conference             2-Oct-92             Columbus, Christopher/Indians of North America
Rubber Duckie Race Supports Charity                                  2-Oct-92             Rubber duckie race
Historical Exhibit Displays 150 Years                                2-Oct-92             150th Anniversary/Villanova University-History
Scebba to Play Piano at Recital                                      2-Oct-92             Scebba, Miguel Angel
Villapalos to Keynote Ceremony With Opening Address                  2-Oct-92             Salas, Gustavo Villapalos/Beresit II Conference (Oct. 2-10, 1992)
Spanish Dancers to Perform                                            2-Oct-92             Spanish Dance Society
Career Day Offers Opportunity                                         2-Oct-92             Career Day
Betz's Proposal Challenged                                            2-Oct-92             Democratic Socialists of America/Villanovans for Life
Four Qualify ECACs                                                    3-Apr-92   Page 29   Track athletics-men's
RSA Evolves into Campus Council                                       2-Oct-92             Resident Student Association
Activism Pervades History                                             2-Oct-92             Political activism/Apathy
American Indian Presentation Highlights Weekend                       2-Oct-92             Center for Peace and Justice Education/Indians of North America/Native American Rights Fund/Echo-Hawk, Walter
Injuries Cripple `Nova Fall Sports Teams                              2-Oct-92             College Sports-accidents and injuries
Women Runners Capture Boston College Invite                           2-Oct-92             Cross-country running-women's
Cats Drop Two Games                                                   2-Oct-92             Soccer-men's
Volleyball Finally Beats Pitt                                         2-Oct-92             Volleyball-women's
Water Polo Splashes to Victory                                        2-Oct-92             Water Polo-Men's
Athlete of the Week: Mark Verotsky and Pam Clifford (water polo, volleyball)     Page 34   Water Polo--Men's/Volleyball-Women's/Clifford, Pam/Verotsky, Mark/athlete of the week (column)
Runners Leap to No. 4 in Polls                                        2-Oct-92             Cross-country running-men's
Football Statistics                                                   2-Oct-92             Football
WXVU Airs `Nova Football                                              2-Oct-92             WXVU (Radio Station)
Defense Keys Field Hockey to Three Wins                               2-Oct-92             Field Hockey
No. 2-Ranked Cats Ready for B.U.                                      2-Oct-92             Football
`Nova Boots Lafayette, 4-2 Behind Ross and Levandusky                 2-Oct-92             Soccer-women's
This Week: Jackie Gerzabek, Field Hockey                              2-Oct-92             Field Hockey
Beresit II Conference Brings Together Different Cultures              2-Oct-92             Beresit II Conference (Oct 2-10, 1992)
Dobbin Announces New Appointees                                      18-Sep-92             Lafferty, Helen K./Capone, Robert J./Riley, George F./Elizandro, John M./Villanova University-Administration
Campus Security Measures Increased For '92-'93 Year                  18-Sep-92             Public Safety/crime on campus
Parents' Weekend to Mark Sesquicentennial Opening                    18-Sep-92             Parents' Weekend/150th Anniversary
West Coast Recruits Increase                                         18-Sep-92   Page 1    Admissions
Alumni Astronaut Brings 'Nova items Back From Space                  18-Sep-92   Page 3    Allen, Andrew/Astronauts
Team Solarcat Successful in Summer Racing Season                     18-Sep-92             Solarcat
Stadium Undergoes Resurfacing                                        18-Sep-92             Sports Facilities
Belle Air Yearbook Honored                                           18-Sep-92             Belle Air/Kinney, Joseph
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                             18-Sep-92             Villanova University-History
Thanks for Registering                                               18-Sep-92             Voter registration
University Task Force Addresses AIDS Problem                         18-Sep-92             AIDS Task Force/Villanova Circle of Care
Roles Change for Women at 'Nova                                      18-Sep-92             Villanova University-women-history/Montresor, Jaye/Villanova University-history
'Nova Plans Campus Nightclub                                         18-Sep-92             Nightclub
Students Rate Value of New Dorm Security Boxes                         18-Sep-92             Public Safety/crime on campus
Parents Arrive for 150th                                               18-Sep-92             Parents Weekend
Cats Beat LaSalle; Struggle in North Carolina                          18-Sep-92             Soccer-women's
Soccer Now 4-1                                                         18-Sep-92             Soccer-men's
Volleyball Slumps at Asics                                             18-Sep-92             Volleyball-women's
Athlete of the Week: Joe Roy (soccer)                                  18-Sep-92   Page 29   Roy, Joe/athlete of the week (column)/Soccer-Men's
Eller Heart-N-Soul of Defense                                          18-Sep-92             Eller, Curtis
Tennis Opens                                                           18-Sep-92             Tennis-women's
Women's X-Country Preps for Indiana Invitational                       18-Sep-92             Cross-country running-women's
Water Polo Looks to Improve in '92                                     18-Sep-92             Water Polo-Men's
Cats Run Roughshod on Bison, 34-0                                      18-Sep-92             Football
Field Hockey Wins 2 of 3; Rea, Thomas lead Way                         18-Sep-92             Field Hockey
This Week: Andy Talley                                                 18-Sep-92             Football
Senate Meets Today                                                     25-Sep-92             University Senate
'Nova Ranked 2nd                                                       25-Sep-92   Page 1    Universities and Colleges-Evaluation
University Families Participate in Sesquicentennial Opening            25-Sep-92             Parents' Weekend/150th Anniversary
From Poverty to Prestige: Archbishop Challenges Church                 25-Sep-92             Weakland, Rembert George, Archbishop of Milwaukee
Lappas Era Begins in 'Nova Basketball                                  25-Sep-92             Lappas, Steve/basketball-men's
Milwaukee Archbishop Receives Honorary Doctorate                       25-Sep-92             150th Anniversary/Weakland, Rembert George, Archbishop of Milwaukee
St. Augustine's Center for the Liberal Arts Dedicated in Afternoon Ceremony                  St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts
Professor Jones Dies at 52                                             25-Sep-92             Jones, James L.
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                               25-Sep-92             150th Anniversary/Villanova University-History
Newly Renovated Church Dedicated in Ceremony                           25-Sep-92             St. Thomas of Villanova Church
Students Help Make Food Choices                                        25-Sep-92             Nutrition
Campus Dance Raises Money for Ronald McDonald Camp                     25-Sep-92             Ronald McDonald House
What if the DSA and Villanovans for Life merged?                       25-Sep-92             Villanovans for Life/Democratic Socialists of America
University Disbands Resident Student Association                       25-Sep-92             Resident Student Association
Football Scores Goals at 'Nova                                         25-Sep-92             Football
Students Stuck on Velcro Wall Jumping                                  25-Sep-92   Page 16   Student Programming Council (SPC)/Velcro Wall Jumping
Poets to Show Talent at Borders                                        25-Sep-92             Borders Bookshop
'Nova Reflects Poitical Change                                         25-Sep-92             College Democrats/College Republicans/Political Activism/Apathy
Theatre Season Honors 'Nova Playwrights                                25-Sep-92             Villanova Theater/McDaid, Patrick/Drama(on Campus)
Athlete of the Week: Scott Donald (football)                           25-Sep-92   Page 33   Donald, Scott/athlete of the week (column)/Football
Lynch, Zajac Pace Cross Country; Cats Streak Alive                     25-Sep-92             Cross-country-running-women's
Volleyball Trounces UPenn, La Salle                       25-Sep-92           Volleyball-women's
Cats Beat Rival UPenn; Drop 2 in Big East                 25-Sep-92           Soccer-women's
Mahon, Quintana, Hartman Lead X-Country                   25-Sep-92           Cross-country-running-women's
Komansky Leads Golf Team                                  25-Sep-92           Golf
Tennis to 5-4; Daley, Barnes Lead Way                     25-Sep-92           Tennis-women's
Field Hockey Sticks it to Rider                           25-Sep-92           Field Hockey
Water Polo Drops 3; Beats Eagles 9-6                      25-Sep-92           Water Polo-Men's
Parpan Rescues Cats in Costly Win                         25-Sep-92           Football
Soccer Beats G'town; now 5-1                              25-Sep-92           Soccer-men's
This Week: Ron Twomey, Volleyball                         25-Sep-92           Twomey, Ron/volleyball-women's
Graffiti Defaces Campus Buildings                          9-Oct-92           St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts/crime on Campus/vandalism
Volunteers Aid Victims in Hurricane-Stricken Miami         9-Oct-92           Campus Ministry/volunteers
Environmental Group Saves Animal Lives                     9-Oct-92           Environmental Protection/Sea Shepherd Conservation Society/Greenpeace/Watson, Paul
Students Illegally Represent the Sesquicentennial Logo     9-Oct-92           150th Anniversary
Bone Marrow Typing Drive to Increase Donor Registry        9-Oct-92           Bone marrow/committee to benefit the children
Peace Award Honors Native Americans                        9-Oct-92           Indians of North America/Native American Rights Fund/Echo-Hawk, Walter
Pow Wow to be Held                                         9-Oct-92           Tree of Peace Pow Wow/Indians of North America
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                   9-Oct-92           Villanova University-History
NROTC Celebrates 50th Anniversary                          9-Oct-92           ROTC
Native American Conference Celebrates Indian Traditions    9-Oct-92           Indians of North America
Student Loans Become Issue in Presidential Campaign        9-Oct-92           Student Aid
ROTC Sponsors Blood Drive                                  9-Oct-92           ROTC/blood drive
Congress Approves Cuts in Pell Grants                      9-Oct-92           Student Aid
Law School Appoints Director of Development                9-Oct-92           School of Law
Vandals Disgrace Themselves With Acts                      9-Oct-92           Vandalism
Public Safety Parking Policies Prove Painful               9-Oct-92           Public Safety
Where are So-Called Environmental Jobs?                    9-Oct-92           Environmental protection-vocational guidance
Native Americans Face Continued Hardships                  9-Oct-92           Columbus, Christopher/Indians of North America
Don't Forget Injustice When Celebrating the Past           9-Oct-92           Columbus, Christopher/Indians of North America
Issue of Free Speech Still Not Resolved At V.U.            9-Oct-92           Democratic Socialists of America/Freedom of Information/Abortion
Dobbin Recounts Past Years, Looks Toward Future            9-Oct-92           Dobbin, Edmund J./campus planning/Villanova University-Endowments/Villanova University-History/pedestrian walkway
Tennis Improves to 14-6                                    9-Oct-92           Tennis-women's
Athlete of the Week: Chrissy Thomas (field hockey)         9-Oct-92 Page 30   Field Hockey/Thomas, Chrissy/Athlete of the week(column)
Golf Finishes Ninth                                        9-Oct-92           Golf
Soccer Struggles at No. 9 St. John's Redmen                 9-Oct-92          Soccer-men's
Cats Fall at UConn                                          9-Oct-92          Volleyball-women's
Rugby Opens with Impressive 24-10 Win Over Drexel           9-Oct-92          Rugby
Soccer Looks to Build Momentum                              9-Oct-92          Soccer-women's
Water Polo Splits Four at Army                              9-Oct-92          Water Polo-Men's
Hoops Land Recruit                                          9-Oct-92          Basketball-men's/Lappas, Steve
Colombo, Defense Key 'Nova comeback                         9-Oct-92          Football
Thomas Shuts Out Five Straight; Field Hockey Now 8-4        9-Oct-92          Field Hockey
Zajac Leads Runners By Example                              9-Oct-92          Zajac, Carole/cross-country running-women's
Dance Benefits Special Olympics                             9-Oct-92          Special Olympics
Students Voice Opinions on Local Columbus Controversy       9-Oct-92          Columbus, Christopher
'Nova Celebrates Indian Heritage                            9-Oct-92          Tree of Peace Pow Wow/Columbus, Christopher/Indians of North America
Campus Asked to Respect Life                                9-Oct-92          Villanovan for Life
Distinctive Classes Offer Respite                           9-Oct-92          Center for Peace and Justice
Students Debate Pros and Cons of Housing Options            9-Oct-92          Student housing-on campus/student housing-off campus
`Nova Sports Review Gender Equity                          30-Oct-92          College Sports/sex discrimination in sports
Midnight Madness Marks First Practice                      30-Oct-92          Midnight Madness/basketball-men's
Students Left Homeless After Overnight Blaze               30-Oct-92          Fire/student housing-off campus
Greeks Host Halloween Party                                30-Oct-92          Halloween/Greek Letter Societies
Task Force Raises AIDS Awareness                           30-Oct-92          AIDS Task Force
Professors Named to Two Endowed Chairs                     30-Oct-92          Josephine C. Connelly Endowed Chair in Christian Theology/Caputo, John/Scanlon, Michael/David R. Cook Endowed Chair in
Economist Discusses Moral Implications of Failed Economy   30-Oct-92 Page 3   Peterson, Walt/U.S.-Economic Conditions
Campus Buildings Undergo Widespread Construction           30-Oct-92          Villanova University-Buildings
Professor Chi Discusses Fate of Communist China            30-Oct-92          Yin Liang Chi/China
Newly Formed Club Elects Officers                          30-Oct-92          Communications Club
Local Book Shop Hosts Readings                             30-Oct-92          Goldblatt, Eli/poetry reading
Student Government Encourages Voting                       30-Oct-92          Voting
Computer Fair                                              30-Oct-92          Computers
Father Shawn Tracy to Lead Retreat For Disabled            30-Oct-92          Campus Ministry/handicapped
Midnight Madness Brings Excitement                         30-Oct-92          Midnight Madness/basketball-men's
Students Travel and Study Overseas                         30-Oct-92          Foreign Study
Greeks Help Kids Enjoy Halloween                           30-Oct-92          Greek Letter Societies/Halloween
Chinese Club Expands                                       30-Oct-92          Chinese Club
Annual Fall Review Puts NROTC on Display                   30-Oct-92          ROTC
Expert Lectures on Economy                                        30-Oct-92 Page 16   Peterson, Wallace C./U.S.-Economic Conditions
Pianist Performs                                                  30-Oct-92           Scebba, Migel Angel
Field Hockey Now 18                                               30-Oct-92           Field Hockey
Soccer Drops Three                                                30-Oct-92           Soccer-women's
Cats Eye New Season                                               30-Oct-92           Midnight Madness/basketball-men's
Delaware Game Turns into Nightmare on Lancaster                   30-Oct-92           Football
California Trio Lead X - Country                                  30-Oct-92           Cross-country running-men's
Rugby Falls to 3-1; Lose to Penn                                  30-Oct-92           Rugby
'Nova Falls From Contention                                       30-Oct-92           Soccer-men's
Athlete of the Week                                               30-Oct-92           Zajac, Carole
Golf Wraps Season                                                 30-Oct-92           Golf
Cats Fall to UMass as Offense Falters                             30-Oct-92           Football
Women Race to Fourth Straight Big East Title; Zajac Takes First   30-Oct-92           Cross-country running-women's
Lappas Era Begins at Midnight                                     30-Oct-92           Lappas, Steve
This Week: Marty Stern                                            30-Oct-92           Stern, Marty/cross-country running-men's/cross-country running-women's
Water Polo Improves to 12-9; Seeded 5th in MAC Tourney            30-Oct-92           Water Polo-Men's
Former U.S. Attorney General Meese Analyzes Election               6-Nov-92           Presidents-election-1992/Meese, Edwin
Special Olympians Gear Up for Weekend of Competition               6-Nov-92           Special Olympics
President-Elect Clinton Vows to Change America                     6-Nov-92           Clinton, Bill/Presidents-election-1992
University Senate Holds Third Meeting                              6-Nov-92           University Senate
Leadership Roles Expand for Women at 'Nova                         6-Nov-92           Lafferty, Helen/Wall, Barbara
College of Nursing Sponsors Career Day                             6-Nov-92           Nursing Career Day
Program Focuses on 'Nova Playwright                                6-Nov-92           Mayor's Wife/Warrington, Marian Hammonds/drama
Midnight Madness Boosts Spirits                                    6-Nov-92           Midnight Madness/basketball-men's
Female Athlete Says Women's Sports Shortchanged                    6-Nov-92           Sex discrimination in sports/Aceto, Ted/college sports
College Drinking Has Not Improved                                  6-Nov-92           Students-alcohol use
Students Reflect on Campaign                                       6-Nov-92           Presidents-election-1992
Career Counseling Aids Villanovans                                 6-Nov-92           Career Planning and Placement
Students Enjoy Summer Abroad in Cadiz, Spain                       6-Nov-92           Foreign Study
'Leave' Examines Family Relationships                              6-Nov-92           McDaid, Patrick/Drama(on campus)/Compassionate Leave
Musical Theatre Enters Its Third Season                            6-Nov-92           Villanova Student Musical Theater/Musicals
Men's Season Ends at 9-8-1                                         6-Nov-92           Soccer-men's
Swimming Teams Open With Three Straight Wins                       6-Nov-92           Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athlete of the Week                                                6-Nov-92           Johnson, Jeff/Mosley, Kevin
Volleyball on Comeback Trail                                         6-Nov-92       Volleyball-women's
Water Polo Slides to 1-2 Week                                        6-Nov-92       Water Polo-Men's
Flowers Blooms for X-Country                                         6-Nov-92       Flowers, Megan/Cross-Country Running-Women's
Hoops Open With Soft Schedule                                        6-Nov-92       Basketball-men's
Cats Bounce Back With Romp Over URI                                  6-Nov-92       Football
Field Hockey Ends Season At 12-7; Breaks for Big East Tounament at Boston College   Field Hockey
Soccer Finishes Year With Win                                        6-Nov-92       Soccer-women's
Law School Sponsors Abortion Symposium                               6-Nov-92       School of Law/abortion/American Bar Association
Merchant Target of Complaints                                       13-Nov-92       Rosemont beverage
Tradition and Festivity Highlight Homecoming Celebration            13-Nov-92       Homecoming
Hunger Awareness Week to Raise Consciousness                        13-Nov-92       Hunger Awareness Week
Veterans Receive Recognition                                        13-Nov-92       Veterans Day/ROTC
University Professor Discusses Life on Indian Reservations          13-Nov-92       Wall, Barbara/Indians of North America
Literary Arts Journal Recognizes Diversity                          13-Nov-92       Foreign study/Passages(magazine)
Hitchcock Speaks on Educational Changes                             13-Nov-92       Hitchcock, James/Catholic universities and colleges
South Campus Dorms renamed and Blessed                              13-Nov-92       McGuire, Francis/Caughlin Hall/McGuire Hall/Caughlin, Edward J.
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                            13-Nov-92       ROTC/Villanova University-History
Campus Call Box Vandalized Near Main Tennis Courts                  13-Nov-92       Vandalism/public safety/telephones-on campus
Cancer Society Sponsors Great American Smokeout                     13-Nov-92       Great American Smokeout/American Cancer Society/smoking
Correction                                                          13-Nov-92       AIDS
Native Americans Lose Lands                                         13-Nov-92       Indians of North America
Writing Center Helps Students Make the Grade                        13-Nov-92       Writing Center
Nurturing Network Aids College Women                                13-Nov-92       Nurturing Network/pregnancy
'Nova Group Tutors Needy Kids                                       13-Nov-92       Villanova Committee for the Philadelphia Homeless (VCPH)/Philadelphia Catholic Worker
Resident Assistants Speak Out                                       13-Nov-92       Resident assistants
Special Olympics Transforms Campus                                  13-Nov-92       Special Olympics
Native American Lecture Held                                        13-Nov-92       Columbus, Christopher/Axtell, James/Indians of North America
Swimmers Now 2-0; Beat LaSalle                                      13-Nov-92       Swimming and Diving-Men's
Wildcats Lose Local Recruit to UMass                                13-Nov-92       Basketball-men's
Women Gear Up for ECACs                                             13-Nov-92       Cross-country running-women's
Ice Cats Open Season                                                13-Nov-92       Ice Hockey
Athlete of the Week                                                 13-Nov-92       Kouser, Tammy/Rothenback, Eileen
Football Preview                                                    13-Nov-92       Football
Men Open Season                                                     13-Nov-92       Volleyball-Men's
'Nova Laps LaSalle in 165-140 Win                                 13-Nov-92          Swimming and Diving-Women's
Comeback Spurs Cats Past UNH, 27-21                               13-Nov-92          Football
Stickwomen Out of Tourney                                         13-Nov-92          Field Hockey
Water Polo Ends Best Season Ever                                  13-Nov-92          Water Polo-Men's
University President Delivers State of University Address          4-Dec-92 Page 1   Dobbin, Edmund J./State of the University Address/Admissions/Capital Campaign/student housing-on campus/sex discrimin
Former Student Acquitted of Rape, Assault Charges                  4-Dec-92          Rape/Gallagher, Francis
Scanlon Receives Endowed Chair                                     4-Dec-92          Josephine C. Connelly Chair in Christian Theology/Scanlon, Michael/Endowed chairs
Women's Cross Country Team Captures its Fourth Consecutive NCAA Title                Cross-country running-women's/Stern, Marty
College of Arts and Sciences Welcomes Assistant to the Dean        4-Dec-92          Summers, Ben
Extra Week of Classes Added to Academic Calendar                   4-Dec-92          Faculty Affairs Committee
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                           4-Dec-92          Villanova University-History/Ever Ancient, Ever New
Rush Stresses Mutual Selection                                     4-Dec-92          Greek Letter Societies
CASHE Service Aids Search For Financial Resources                  4-Dec-92          CASHE/student aid
Catholic Higher Education Focus of Campus Lecture                  4-Dec-92          Freire. Paulo/Catholic Universities and Colleges
Women's Studies Program Sponsers Visit by Poet                     4-Dec-92          Indians of North America/Harjo, Joy/Women's Studies Program
Who's Who Among Students In American Univeristies & Colleges - 19934-Dec-92          Who's Who Among Students
Anchor Splash Benefits the Blind                                   4-Dec-92          Delta Gamma/Anchor Splash
Student Dismissed For Vandalizing Center                           4-Dec-92          St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts/vandalism
Ignorance Debilitates as Much as AIDS Virus                        4-Dec-92          AIDS
Nightclub Failure Disappoints                                      4-Dec-92          Pie Shoppe
Minorities Must be a Major Campus Influence                        4-Dec-92          Campaign for Community/Blue Key Society
'Nova Group Travels to Capital                                     4-Dec-92          Organization of American States
Martin Luther King's Birthday Sparks Activities                    4-Dec-92          Martin Luther King Day
Graduate Hits Political Scene                                      4-Dec-92          Francescone, John/Villanova University-Alumni
Nursing Students Attend Conference                                 4-Dec-92          Student Nurses Association
Center Works for Peace, Justice                                    4-Dec-92          Center for peace and Justice Education
Alumnus Discovers Challenge as Naval Aviator                       4-Dec-92          Villanova University-Alumni/Connolly, Desmond/Fighter Pilots
Students Serve Over Holidays                                       4-Dec-92          Villanova volunteers/Panama
Student Talent Shines in Mini-Musicals                             4-Dec-92          Villanova Student Musical Theater/Musicals(on campus)
Volleyball Sixth in Big East                                       4-Dec-92          Volleyball-women's
Men Second at Tourney                                              4-Dec-92          Volleyball-Men's
Swimmers Up Record to 3-0                                          4-Dec-92          Swimming and Diving-Men's
'Nova Remains Unbeaten at 2-0                                      4-Dec-92          Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athlete of the Week                                                4-Dec-92          Cross-country running-women's
'Nova Hoops Anxious to Start Season at American               4-Dec-92   Basketball-men's
Basketball Preview                                            4-Dec-92   Basketball-men's
Cats Fall to St. Joe's in Opener                              4-Dec-92   Basketball-women's
Flag Football Not Just for Guys                               4-Dec-92   Football-women's
Ice Cats Struggle                                             4-Dec-92   Ice Hockey
Disappointing Loss Ends Cats' Season                          4-Dec-92   Football
Men Take Fourth in NCAAs                                      4-Dec-92   Cross-Country running-men's
Cats' Playoff Run Should Not be Over                          4-Dec-92   Football
Parking Policy Proposed                                      20-Nov-92   Parking
Senate Meets Today                                           20-Nov-92   University Senate/pedestrian walkway/telephones on campus/public safety
Homecoming Weekend Marred by Excessive Drinking              20-Nov-92   Homecoming/students-alcohol use/crime on campus
Alumni Medallion Award Dinner Honors Outstanding Graduates   20-Nov-92   Villanova University-Alumni/Alumni Medallion
Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Focus of Campus Discussion      20-Nov-92   Center for Arab and Islamic Studies/Shafir, Gershon/Jewish-Arab Relations
Lecturer Discusses Indian Theology                           20-Nov-92   Indians of North America/Palmer, Vera
Blue Key Society Recruits Members                            20-Nov-92   Blue Key Society
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                     20-Nov-92   Villanova University-history
Public Safety Releases Oct. Crime Report                     20-Nov-92   Crime on Campus/public safety
Interest in B-Ball Ticket Lottery Drops                      20-Nov-92   Basketball-men's
Professor Writes Text About Peace and Justice Education      20-Nov-92   Jackson, Owen
Homecoming Should Evoke Pride                                20-Nov-92   Homecoming
Blaming Columbus Negates Modern Ills                         20-Nov-92   Columbus, Christopher/Indians of North America
Blue Key Unlocks Campus for Prospective Students             20-Nov-92   Blue Key Society
Eating Disorders Prevail Among College Athletes              20-Nov-92   Eating disorders/College athletes
Belorussian Art Relates Culture                              20-Nov-92   Belarus
'Nova Custodian Moonlights as an Area entertainer            20-Nov-92   Girifalco, Robert
Envoronmental Group Urges Villanovans to Care                20-Nov-92   Villanova Environmental Group
Yearbook Competition Rates Belle-Air a Quality Publication   20-Nov-92   Belle Air
Homecoming antics Entertain                                  20-Nov-92   Homecoming
Powerful Drama is an Instant Classic                         20-Nov-92   Mayor's Wife/Drama(on campus)
Lady Hoopsters Could Surprise This Season                    20-Nov-92   Basketball-women's
'Nova tips Off Against French Hoops Team                     20-Nov-92   Basketball-men's
Athlete of the Week                                          20-Nov-92   Quintana, Louie
'Nova Looks to Tourney                                       20-Nov-92   Volleyball-women's
Ice Cats Glide to Victory                                    20-Nov-92   Ice Hockey
Twomey Welcomes Coaching Challenge                       20-Nov-92    Twomey, Ron/Volleyball-women's
Women Capture Fourth Straight ECAC                       20-Nov-92    Cross-country running-women's
Men Run Away with Championship                           20-Nov-92    Cross-country running-men's
Cats Down Fordham, 31-14                                 20-Nov-92    Football
Nnenna Lynch Named 'Nova's First Rhodes Scholar           29-Jan-93   Lynch, Nnenna/Rhodes Scholars
Drug-Free Schools Policy Published                        29-Jan-93   Drug abuse/students-alcohol abuse
Matin Luther King Jr. Day Observed on Campus              29-Jan-93   King, Martin Luther
Mendel Medal Award Dinner Honors Outstanding Scientist    29-Jan-93   Mendel Medal Award/Sharp, Phillip
SGA Tackles Student Issues                                29-Jan-93   Student Government
Record Numbers Participate in Spring Fraternity Rush      29-Jan-93   Greek Letter Societies
Carney Selected to Study Abroad in Prague                 29-Jan-93   Carney, Deidre/Foreign Study
Alpha Tau Omega Social Probation Lifted                   29-Jan-93   Alpha Tau Omega/Greek Letter Societies
Capone Named New Director of the Wildcat Club             29-Jan-93   Capone, Robert J./Wildcat Club
Honor Society Seeks New Membership                        29-Jan-93   Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society
Leaders Inspire in Fight Against Racism                   29-Jan-93   Marshall, Thurgood
Inaugural Speech Demands Responsibility                   29-Jan-93   Clinton, Bill
Is America Ready for a New and Improved First Lady?       29-Jan-93   Clinton, Hillary
Men Fear the Harassment that Women Experience Daily       29-Jan-93   Homosexuality/Armed Forces
Do Americans Seek Victimization?                          29-Jan-93   Affirmative Action /minorities
Lackluster Fans Do Not Deserve a Win                      29-Jan-93   Basketball-men's
Women Face Danger on 'Nova Social Scene                   29-Jan-93   Women College Students/Rape
Villanovans Show Support for Right to Life Movement       29-Jan-93   Villanovans for Life/abortion
Students Break Stereotypes Through Volunteerism           29-Jan-93   Volunteers/campus ministry
Rush Begins for Greek Life                                29-Jan-93   Greek Letter Societies
Award-Winning Author Will Speak for Lecture Series        29-Jan-93   Potok, Chaim
TV Host Performs Stand-Up Comedy on Campus                29-Jan-93   Decarlo, Mark
Cultural Films Raise Ultimate Questions                   29-Jan-93   Cultural Film Series
Cats Glide to Success                                     29-Jan-93   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Quintana Leads Men's Track                                29-Jan-93   Track athletics- men's
Athlete of the Week                                       29-Jan-93   Galea, Joseph
Swimmers Sink Syracuse                                    29-Jan-93   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Ice Cats Improve in ECAC South                            29-Jan-93   Ice Hockey
Balanced Attack Leads Cats                                29-Jan-93   Basketball-women's
Hoops Preview                                             29-Jan-93   Basketball-men's
Cats Claim Cellar With 77-66 Loss                           29-Jan-93   Basketball-men's
Women Continue to Excel                                     29-Jan-93   Track athletics-women's
Hoops Looks to Find Positives                               29-Jan-93   Basketball-men's
Core Humanities Seminars Stress Reading, Writing Skills      5-Feb-93   Core curriculum
Sexual Harassment Seldom Reported on Campus                  5-Feb-93   Sexual Harassment
Sibling Weekend Activities Geared for Junior Wildcats        5-Feb-93   Sibling Weekend
United States Military Enforces UN Resolutions               5-Feb-93   United Nations/Barrett, David/Persian Gulf War
Burke Discusses the Adverse Effects of Pornography           5-Feb-93   Democratic Socialists of America/pornography/Burke, Tracey
Task Force Revamps Homecoming                                5-Feb-93   Homecoming
Men's Rape Awareness Groups Discuss Sexism, Prevention       5-Feb-93   Rape
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                     5-Feb-93   Villanova-History
Grant Awarded to Fund Passages                               5-Feb-93   International Students Office/Passages
University Hosts Activities for Black History Month          5-Feb-93   Black History Month
Diversity Includes All Minorities                            5-Feb-93   Minorities/Martin Luther King Day
Rock the Villanova Vote in Upcoming Student Election         5-Feb-93   Student Government
What the World Needs Now is a Good Look at Past Mistakes     5-Feb-93   Bosnia(Yugoslavia)
True Oppression Does Not Shelter                             5-Feb-93   Discrimination
Acceptance of Construction Plans Slights Campus Neighbors    5-Feb-93   Campus Planning
'Novans come Together to 'Reach for the Dream'               5-Feb-93   Martin Luther King Day
Students vie for On-Campus Housing                           5-Feb-93   Student housing-on campus/telephones on campus
Equal Access Takes Priority                                  5-Feb-93   Handicapped
Meet a Team Behind the Scene                                 5-Feb-93   College Sports/Internships
Viewpoint: Should Homosexuals Be in Military?                5-Feb-93   Armed Forces/Homosexuality
Professional Sings of Classic Period                         5-Feb-93   Huff, Harry/Hodes, Elizabeth
Nova Playwright Premieres His 'Ninth Wave'                   5-Feb-93   Lee, Leslie/Ninth Wave
Women Dominate Pitt and Delaware Meets                       5-Feb-93   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Cats Excel in Terrier Classic                                5-Feb-93   Track athletics-women's
Nova, Quintana Make Strong Showing in Boston                 5-Feb-93   Track athletics-men's
Athlete of the Week                                          5-Feb-93   Benedix, Nikki
Ice Cats Drop a Third Game to Iona, 5-4                      5-Feb-93   Ice Hockey
Cats Overcome By Pitt                                        5-Feb-93   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Volleyball Exits Early                                       5-Feb-93   Volleyball-Men's
Hoops Preview                                                5-Feb-93   Basketball-men's
'Nova Wins Second Straight at Pitt                           5-Feb-93   Basketball-men's
Benedix Leads Lady Cats to Fourth Consecutive Win                 5-Feb-93   Basketball-women's
Mystery Illness Strikes Students                                12-Feb-93    Health Center/virus illnesses
Rightsizing Program Increases Quality of Student Applicants     12-Feb-93    Villanova University-planning/Admissions
Goodman Visits Campus                                           12-Feb-93    Goodman, Ellen
AIDS Awareness Week Focuses on HIV and AIDS Education and Prevention         AIDS
Film-Maker Pierre Sauvage Discusses Holocaust Effects           12-Feb-93    Sauvage, Pierre/Holocaust
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                        12-Feb-93    Villanova University-History
Students Host WXVU Radio News Forum                             12-Feb-93    WXVU
Students Gain Work Experience Through Internships               12-Feb-93    Internship program/Community Involvement Program/academic seminars
Brown and Preate Address Values and Public Service              12-Feb-93    Preate, Ernie/Brown, James/Leadership/Public Officers
Pikes Win Awards                                                12-Feb-93    Greek Letter Societies/Pi Kappa Alpha
Public Safety Department Releases Crime Stats                   12-Feb-93    Public Safety/crime on campus/students-alcohol use
Questioning is the Only Route to Awareness                      12-Feb-93    AIDS
Racism is Everyone's Problem                                    12-Feb-93    Minorities/discrimination
Responses to Campus Question Ignore Reality of Discrimination   12-Feb-93    Public Safety/discrimination
Can Privilege and Oppression Exist on the Same Campus?          12-Feb-93    Discrimination
Philanthropy Eclipses Devastation of Rush                       12-Feb-93    Greek Letter Societies
Solarcat Drives to Success                                      12-Feb-93    Solarcat
Junior Wildcats Join the Cheers                                 12-Feb-93    Sibling Weekend
Holocaust Survivors Lecture                                     12-Feb-93    Holocaust/Zygmuntowicz, Itka/Price, Izaak(JacK)
Roman Catholic Church View Concerning AIDS Discussed            12-Feb-93    AIDS
Disease Touches the World of Sports                             12-Feb-93    AIDS/sports
Viewpoint: How Does AIDS Affect You?                            12-Feb-93    AIDS
Awareness Week Comes to Campus                                  12-Feb-93    AIDS
Athlete of the Week                                             12-Feb-93    Demers, John
Women's Swimming Ranked 22                                      12-Feb-93    Swimming and Diving-Women's
Ice Cats Split Road Games                                       12-Feb-93    Ice Hockey
1993 Villanova University Football Scholarship Signings         12-Feb-93    Football
Quintana Falls Just Short at Millrose Games                     12-Feb-93    Quintana, Louie/Track athletics-men's
Ruopoli Leads By Example                                        12-Feb-93    Ruopoli, Reenie/Track athletics-women's
Volleyball Splits Twin Match                                    12-Feb-93    Volleyball-Men's
G'town Stops Lady Cats                                          12-Feb-93    Basketball-women's
Hoops Preview; Seton Hall @ Villanova                           12-Feb-93    Basketball-men's
Cats Drop Two Against St. Joe's, UConn                          12-Feb-93    Basketball-men's
Swimmers Trounce Delaware                                    12-Feb-93   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Cats Land Strong Recruiting Class                            12-Feb-93   Football
Senate Meets Today                                           19-Feb-93   University Senate
Cause of Illness Unknown                                     19-Feb-93   Virus illnesses
Subtle Acts of Prejudice Evident on Villanova Campus         19-Feb-93   Racism/Black Cultural Society
SGA Sponsors New Shuttle Van Service                         19-Feb-93   Student Government/shuttle service
Villanova Undergrad Researches The Causes of Homosexuality   19-Feb-93   Homosexuality
Irish Poet Reads, Discusses Writing and Irish Folklore       19-Feb-93   Bourke, Angela/Ni Dhomhnaill, Nuala/Irish poetry
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                     19-Feb-93   Villanova University-Library-History
International Studies Promote Awareness                      19-Feb-93   Office of International Studies/International studies Week/foreign study/students, foreign
Visitation Policy Should Parallel the Real World             19-Feb-93   Code of Student Conduct
Task Force Helps 'Nova                                       19-Feb-93   AIDS Task Force
AIDS:I never Thought it Would Happen to Me                   19-Feb-93   AIDS
Who's Who dinner Recognizes Seniors                          19-Feb-93   Students-Awards
Art Display in Connelly Center Open to All Students          19-Feb-93   Villanova University Art Gallery/Bernstein, Benjamin
'Nova Group Fights Hunger                                    19-Feb-93   Bread for the World/hunger
Students Travel in Summer                                    19-Feb-93   Office of International Studies/foreign study
'Ninth Wave' Makes a Splash at Debut                         19-Feb-93   'Ninth Wave'/Lee, Leslie
Students Perform Masterful 'Line' Rendition                  19-Feb-93   Villanova Student Musical Theater/'A Chorus Line'/Musicals(on campus)
'The Litterbox' Hits DuPont                                  19-Feb-93   Basketball-men's/sports fans
Goddard Wins Mile At Millrose Games                          19-Feb-93   Track athletics-women's/Goddard, Cheri
Lacrosse Looks to '93 Season                                 19-Feb-93   Lacrosse-men's
Athlete of the Week                                          19-Feb-93   Goddard, Cheri
Swimmers Finish Season a Perfect 9-0                         19-Feb-93   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Ice Cats Beat ECAC Foe Wentworth, 7-5                        19-Feb-93   Ice Hockey
Hoops Preview; Villanova-vs-Providence                       19-Feb-93   Basketball-men's
'Nova Falls to Seton Hall in O.T.                            19-Feb-93   Basketball-men's
Lady Cats Split Road Games                                   19-Feb-93   Basketball-women's
Quintana Leads 'Nova Runners                                 19-Feb-93   Track athletics-men's
Red Cross Closely Monitors Blood Supply                      19-Feb-93   Blood Drive/AIDS
'Nova Radio Station Encourages Participation                 19-Feb-93   WXVU (Radio Station)
Recruiting Update                                            19-Feb-93   Basketball-men's-recruiting
Nursing Health Fair Promotes Wellness                        12-Mar-93   Health Fair/College of Nursing/Student Nurses Association
Career Day Offers Contacts                                   12-Mar-93   Career Day/Career Planning and Placement
Holocaust Survivors Discuss, Share their Experiences in Nazi Concentration Camps        Price, Izaak/Zygmuntowicz, Itka/Rosen, Philip/Holocaust/Center for Peace and Justice
PennDOT Begins Bridge Construction                                   12-Mar-93          Spring Mill Road bridge
Dependency and Destruction Tied to Cult Persuasion, Activity         12-Mar-93          Cults
Campus Dining Halls Provide Nutritious Meal Alternatives             12-Mar-93          Nutrition/Dining services
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                             12-Mar-93 Page 3   Villanova University-History
Students Protest Possible Switch                                     12-Mar-93          Simpson Hall/student housing-on campus
Telecomuunication Plan Approved by University                        12-Mar-93          Telephones on campus/voice mail
University President Visits Public Relations Class                   12-Mar-93 Page 4   Lordan,Edward/Dobbin, Edmund J.
Speech Team Gains Prestige, Awards                                   12-Mar-93          Villanova Speech Team
Omicron Delta Kappa Inducts Members into Honor Society               12-Mar-93          Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society
Former Editor Dies                                                   12-Mar-93          Ryan, David
Widespread Classism Mars Campus                                      12-Mar-93          Discrimination
Students and Faculty Succeed with Passages                           12-Mar-93          Passages
Demands of Priesthood Surpass Traditional Gender Roles               12-Mar-93          Ordination of women/Jackson, Owen
Conservative Justifies Discrimination Against Homosexuals            12-Mar-93          Freind, Stephen/Homosexuality/Armed Forces/Discrimination
Who gives the Right to Life?                                         12-Mar-93          Abortion
Who Gives the Right to Die?                                          12-Mar-93          Euthanasia
Interest Increases in Japan Education Experience                     12-Mar-93          Japan/Foreign Study
Professer Urges Study Abroad                                         12-Mar-93          Foreign Study
Season of Lent Prompts Period of Spiritual Reflection                12-Mar-93          Lent
Students Prepare to 'Mouth-Off' at Lip-It '93                        12-Mar-93          Lip-It
Unique Break Trip Helps Others                                       12-Mar-93          Campus Ministry/Panama
Women's Hoops Bows to Miami in League Semifinals                     12-Mar-93          Basketball-women's
Tennis                                                               12-Mar-93          Tennis-men's
Cats Finish 2nd                                                      12-Mar-93          Track athletics-men's
Softball to Begin Season Against Drexel                              12-Mar-93          Softball
Cats Swing into Action                                               12-Mar-93          Baseball
Ice Cats Wrap Up 1992-93                                             12-Mar-93          Ice Hockey
Athlete of the Week                                                  12-Mar-93          Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Women's Track Claims 10th Big East Championship                      12-Mar-93          Track athletics-women's
Kittles Shines Amid Disappointing Wildcat Season                     12-Mar-93          Kittles, Kerry/Basketball-men's
Mooney's Strength Inspires Women's Lacrosse                          12-Mar-93          Lacrosse-women's/Mooney, Aimee
Hoops Preview; Villanova Vs. St. John's                              12-Mar-93          Basketball-men's
'Nova Swimmers Win Big East Crowns                                   12-Mar-93          Swimming and Diving-Men's
Cats Crawl into Tourney                                        12-Mar-93   Basketball-men's
Women Capture Title                                            12-Mar-93   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Shuttle Route-West; Shuttle Route-East;                        12-Mar-93   Shuttle service
Senate Meets Today                                             26-Mar-93   University Senate
Kennedy, Picillo Face Run-Off                                  26-Mar-93   Student Government-elections-1993
L.A. Rebellion Calls Attention to Political, Economic Strife   26-Mar-93   Keita, Maghan/Racism
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Awards Honor research Excellence        26-Mar-93   Elizabeth Cady Stanton Research Award/Rosenberg, Diane/Castaldo, Maria
Scholars Discuss Economic, Social Change in Latin America      26-Mar-93   Latin America/Pattnayak, Satya
Cardinal O'Connor Receives VFL Award                           26-Mar-93   Villanovans for Life/O'Connor, John(Cardinal)
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                       26-Mar-93   Villanova University-History/Middleton, Thomas Cooke
Careers for a Brighter Future Stresses Responsible Jobs        26-Mar-93   Career Day
SGA Shuttle Service Proves Successful                          26-Mar-93   Shuttle service
Closing Cafe Early Deprives Students                           26-Mar-93   Bartley Cafe
Justifying discrimination Only Causes Ignorance, Intolerance   26-Mar-93   Freind, Stephen F./Homosexuality/discrimination
'Ro and Glenn' Campaign for Votes                              26-Mar-93   Picillo, Roseanne/Alba, Glenn/Student Government-elections-1993
FYI: Cafe Innuendo                                             26-Mar-93   Cafe Innuendo
Sunshine Day                                                   26-Mar-93   Project Sunshine
Reino Dedicates Retirement to the Catholic Church              26-Mar-93   Reino, Joseph
Book Celebrates 150 Years                                      26-Mar-93   Gallagher, Dennis/Contosta, David/Ever Ancient Ever New/Villanova University-History
Multicultural Night Highlights Diversity                       26-Mar-93   International Studies Office/students-foreign/foreign study
'Novans Help Philly Homeless                                   26-Mar-93   Villanova Committee for the Philadelphia Homeless/homeless-Philadelphia/Campus Ministry
Film Explores Life of Martyr                                   26-Mar-93   El Salvador/Romero, Oscar
'Nova Theatre Brings Us 'Brighton Beach'                       26-Mar-93   Villanova Student Theater/'Brighton Beach Memoirs'/Drama
Nature Zone; It's Time to Change                               26-Mar-93   Environmental protection/Villanova's Environmental Group/Nature Zone
Nature Zone; We Speak in the First Person                      26-Mar-93   Environmental protection/Villanova's Environmental Group/Nature Zone
'Moll Flanders' Tales Light Up the Stage                       26-Mar-93   Villanova Theater/Jankowski, Stephen/Mattaliano, Peter/Drama
Omicron Delta Kappa New Members                                26-Mar-93   Omicron Delta Kappa
Men's Tennis Beats Queens, Loses to Haverford                  26-Mar-93   Tennis-men's
Athlete of the Week                                            26-Mar-93   Bontatibus, Rick
Goddard One of 'Nova's Best                                    26-Mar-93   Goddard, Cheri/Track athletics-women's
Stanczak Leads Baseball By Quiet Example                       26-Mar-93   Stanczak, Jack/Baseball
Lax Notches First win of the Season                            26-Mar-93   Lacrosse-men's
Five Seniors Lead Softball                                     26-Mar-93   Softball
Laxsters Lose to Penn, UVM                                     26-Mar-93   Lacrosse-women's
Bulimia Statistics Prove the Disease is Increasing                   26-Mar-93               Eating disorders
Candidates Make Promises, Address Campus Issues                      19-Mar-93 Page 1        Student Government-Elections-1993
Cause Of Illness Remains Unknown                                     19-Mar-93               Virus illness
Senatorial Candidates Debate Issues: Gender Discrimination, multiculturalism                 University Senate/Student Government
Visitation Policy Under Scrutiny                                     19-Mar-93               Visitation policy
SGA Presidential Candidates Discuss Their goals, Strengths           19-Mar-93               Student Government-elections-1993
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                             19-Mar-93               Villanova University-History
Holocaust Experiences Seen through Eyes of a Child                   19-Mar-93               Binford, Mira/Holocaust
Nawrocki Fourth in Challenge                                         19-Mar-93               Nawrocki, David
Berrigan Teaches Graduate Course                                     19-Mar-93               Berrigan, Daniel
Fear Does Not Justify Intolerance                                    19-Mar-93               Freind, Stephen/homosexuality
Policy on Women in the Church Should Remain                          19-Mar-93               Ordination of women
Conservativism Does Not Justify Any Form of Discrimination           19-Mar-93               Discrimination/Freind, Stephen/homosexuality
Posters Demonstrate Sexist Attitudes                                 19-Mar-93               Student Government-elections-1993
Freind's Discrimination Ignorant                                     19-Mar-93               Freind, Stephen/discrimination
Demand Honesty From Candidates, not Cliches                          19-Mar-93               Student Government-elections-1993
Help Wildcat Shuttle Continue Its Success                            19-Mar-93               Shuttle service
Elections Aim to End Student Apathy                                  19-Mar-93               Student Government-elections-1993
Former SGA President Backs Walsh/Lammilin                            19-Mar-93               Student Government-elections-1993
Student Government Elections: Presidential Candidates                19-Mar-93 Page 10       Student Government-elections-1993
Student Government Elections: Senatorial Candidates                  19-Mar-93 Pages 11-13   Student Government-elections-1993
Students restore national democratic social chapter                  27-Apr-01 Page 6        Democratic Socialists of America
                                                                     27-Apr-01 Page 6
Gerchow, Quesada plan upcoming year: Officials to name SGA's philanthropy after Sirolli      Student Government/Sirolli, Mark
Honors Program Designed to Challenge Students                        19-Mar-93               Honors Program
Alcoholism Plagues Campuses                                          19-Mar-93               Students-alcohol use
Visiting Professor Lectures on Mission                               19-Mar-93               Barrigan, Daniel
Philadelphia Orchestra Helps Celebrates Sesquicentennial             19-Mar-93               Philadelphia Orchestra
Boutrous Leads Tennis Team                                           19-Mar-93               Boutrous, Tom/Tennis-men's
The Best and Worst of Times in Villanova Hoops                       19-Mar-93               Basketball-men's
Men's Lax Starts With Three Losses to Top 25 Teams                   19-Mar-93 Page 35       Lacrosse-men's
Laxwomen Gain Bucknell Victory                                       19-Mar-93               Lacrosse-women's
Men Wrap-Up Season                                                   19-Mar-93               Track athletics-men's
Cats End Season With Overtime Loss                                   19-Mar-93               Basketball-men's
Women Finish Fourth in NCAAs                                         19-Mar-93               Track athletics-women's
Athlete of the Week                                                19-Mar-93           Leigh, Ann Leone
Bartley nearing completion                                          27-Apr-01 Page 7   Villanova University-Buildings
Kennedy Elected President                                            2-Apr-93          Kennedy, Patrick/Burns, Kristin/Student Government-elections-1993
Kozol Discusses Savage Inequalities                                  2-Apr-93          Kozol, Jonathan
David R. Cook Chair Awarded to Caputo                                2-Apr-93          Caputo, John/David R. Cook Endowed Chair in Philosophy/Endowed chairs
Tuck, O'Mara Receive Awards                                          2-Apr-93          Lindback Award for Outstanding Teaching/O'Mara, Daniel/Tuck, J. Porter
Abdirahman Assesses Situation in War-Torn Somalia                    2-Apr-93          Somalia/Abdirahman, Mohamed
Greek Week Fosters Panhellenic Unity                                 2-Apr-93          Greek Week
Sesquicentennial Minutes                                             2-Apr-93          Villanova University-History
Graduate Focuses on Gender Equality in the Workplace                 2-Apr-93          Tsatalis, Marina/sex discrimination
Ali Discusses Homelessness Problem                                   2-Apr-93          Ali, Habeebah/homeless
Importance of Recognizing Child Abuse Stressed by Family Law Attorneys                 Child abuse
Cult Activity Surfaces                                               2-Apr-93          Cults
Communication Arts Students Deliver Sit-Com Presentation             2-Apr-93          Television programs
Nursing College Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence                    2-Apr-93          College of Nursing
Menu Alternatives Available in Grille                                2-Apr-93          Corner Grille/Dining Services
Hasty Condemnation Complicates Issues                                2-Apr-93          Student housing-on campus
Response Proves Shuttle's Success                                    2-Apr-93          Student Shuttle
Society of St. Augustine Questions Morality of Our Society           2-Apr-93 Page 8   Society of St. Augustine
UNIT merges web sites                                               27-Apr-01 Page 7   Student Computer Support Center (SCSC)
Nature Zone; Project Promises to Beautify Trails                     2-Apr-93          Environmental protection
Poetry Reading                                                       2-Apr-93          Abse, Dannie/Poetry
Students Step back in Time to Renaissance in Urbino                  2-Apr-93          Foreign Study
Learn How to Help a Friend                                           2-Apr-93          Eating disorders/students-alcohol abuse
Honor Societies Highlight 'Nova Best                                 2-Apr-93          Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society
Wayne Family Business Satisfies 'Nova's Sweet Tooth                  2-Apr-93          Sweet Daddy's
Prospective Freshman Visit                                           2-Apr-93          Admissions
Dave Brubeck Headlines Jazz Festival                                 2-Apr-93          Villanova Jazz Festival/Brubeck, Dave/Jazz Knights
Quintana Spurs on Men's Track                                        2-Apr-93          Track athletics-men's/Quintana, Louie
Men Find Tobacco Road to Be a Rough Ride                             2-Apr-93          Lacrosse-men's
Laxwomen Drop Fifth Straight                                         2-Apr-93          Lacrosse-women's
Tennis Wins Away, Loses at Home                                      2-Apr-93          Tennis-men's
Crew Starts Season                                                   2-Apr-93          Rowing-Men's/ Rowing-Women's
'Nova Stages Comeback to Win in 10th Inning                          2-Apr-93          Baseball
Softball Sweeps Penn 4-3, 2-0                                    2-Apr-93           Softball
Women Shine in Stanford Meet                                     2-Apr-93           Track athletics-women's
'Novafest 2001 (photos)                                         27-Apr-01 Page 7    'Novafest
C & F college up for re-accredition                             27-Apr-01 Page 17   College of Commerce and Finance
Sigma Xi Sponsers Lecture on Universe                            2-Apr-93           Sigma Xi/Krauss, Lawrence
Senate Meets Today                                              23-Apr-93           University Senate
University Named an Official Arboretum                          23-Apr-93           Arboretum
Balloon Day Benefits Local Charities                            23-Apr-93           Balloon Day/Campus Ministry
Outgoing SGA President Recaps the Year's Accomplishments        23-Apr-93           Student Government/Batchelor, Ken
The Villanovan Presents the Year's Top Stories                  23-Apr-93           Year in review
Great Oxford Union Debate Surprises Villanova Audience          23-Apr-93           Pornography/Oxford Union Debate
'Nova Fights Hunger                                             23-Apr-93           Hunger
Sesquicentennial Minutes: University Milestones Remembered      23-Apr-93           Villanova University-History
Stanford Hall Residents Voice Complaints of Dirty Dorm          23-Apr-93           Stanford Hall/student housing-on campus
Program Terminated                                              23-Apr-93           Chemistry
Proposed Visitation Policy Awaits Evaluation                    23-Apr-93           Visitation policy/student housing-on campus
Corr Counseling Center Serves Entire University Community       23-Apr-93           Counseling Center
Professor McDiarmid Granted Guggenheim Fellowship Honor         23-Apr-93           McDiarmid, Lucy
Public Safety Releases Crime                                    23-Apr-93           Public Safety/crime on campus
Multicultural Evening Stresses Diversity                        23-Apr-93           Multicultural Education/Students, foreign
Nature Zone; Apathy is Not Acceptable                           23-Apr-93           Villanova Environmental Group/environmental protection
Racial Issues Pervade Campus                                    23-Apr-93           Racism
Treat Earth Day as More Than a Trend                            23-Apr-93           Environmental protection/Earth Day
Gender Equity Absent From Athletics                             23-Apr-93           Sex discrimination in sports/College sports/Soccer-women's
St. Mary's Gives Workout, not Luxury                            23-Apr-93           St. Mary's Hall/student housing-on campus
Boycott to Protest Inhuman Labor Conditions in Chester County   23-Apr-93           Mushroom Industry/Chester County/Migrant labor
Classes Raise Consciousness                                     23-Apr-93           Center for Peace and Justice/Werpehowski, William
Annual Collection Helps Local Needy                             23-Apr-93           Campus Ministry/St. Vincent de Paul
Save the Earth, Help the Hungry                                 23-Apr-93           Earth Day/Villanova Environmental Group/hunger
Life of St. Francis Explored                                    23-Apr-93           St. Francis of Assisi
Tennis Serves Up Four-Match Winning Streak                      23-Apr-93           Tennis-men's
Athlete of the Week                                             23-Apr-93           Stanczak, Jack
Laxwomen End Losing Streak                                      23-Apr-93           Lacrosse-women's
Cats Step Up Play; Record to 5-6                                23-Apr-93           Lacrosse-women's
'Nova Set for Spring Game                                           23-Apr-93        Football
Cats Take 11 Straight; Bennett Sets Coaching Mark                   23-Apr-93        Baseball
Softball Wins Doubleheader                                          23-Apr-93        Softball
Women's Track Poised for Penn Relays                                23-Apr-93        Track athletics-women's/Penn Relays
'Nova Capitalizes at Arkansas Meet                                  23-Apr-93        Track athletics-men's
'Nova Lands Prized Recruits                                         23-Apr-93        Basketball-men's
Resident Pianist Releases Jongen Album                              23-Apr-93        Stegall, Gary
Phone/Voice Mail Systems Improve                                   10-Sep-93         Telephones on campus
Rightsizing Decreases Enrollment                                   10-Sep-93         Admissions/Villanova University-planning
Freshmen Acquainted with 'Nova Life During four-Day Orientation Program              Freshmen Orientation
Messages from the Presidents' Desks; University President Seeks Campus Improvement   Shuttle service/telephones on campus/student housing-on campus
Student Government President Outlines SGA Goals                    10-Sep-93         Student government
Permanent Shuttle Service Improves Student mobility                10-Sep-93         Shuttle service
Public Safety Department to Offer Self-Defense course              10-Sep-93         Public Safety/Rape
Wildcard Services Expand on Campus                                 10-Sep-93         Wildcard
FMAE Program Stresses Respect                                      10-Sep-93         Villanova University-buildings/vandalism
150th Anniversary Draws to a Close                                 10-Sep-93         150th Anniversary
West Campus Construction Nearing Completion Date                   10-Sep-93         Student housing-on campus/pedestrian walkway
Peace and Justice Film Series Examines Racial Issues               10-Sep-93         Center for Peace and Justice
VUIT Aids Search                                                   10-Sep-93         Villanova University Information Technology (VUIT)
Phi Kappa Phi Inducts New Members                                  10-Sep-93         Phi Kappa Phi
Rush Forum Aids Prospective Rushees                                10-Sep-93         Greek letter Societies
Gallagher and Weinrach Win '93 Awards                              10-Sep-93         Outstanding Faculty Research Awards/Gallagher, Bernard/Weinrach
Connors and Wiener Win Competition                                 10-Sep-93         School of Law
'Steeplechase' Raises Funds for Church Repair                      10-Sep-93         St. Augustine Church
Gender Bias Persists in Athletics                                  10-Sep-93         Sex discrimination in sports
Jesting Hardly Justifies Homophobic Prejudice                      10-Sep-93         Homosexuality/discrimination
Student Govt Plans for Events and Improvements                     10-Sep-93         Student government/Pie Shoppe(Nightclub)/Corner Grille
Campus Phone System Renovations                                    10-Sep-93         Telephones on campus/student housing-on campus
Students Aid Local Homeless                                        10-Sep-93         Villanova Committee for the Philadelphia Homeless(VCPH)
Cultural Film Season Begins                                        10-Sep-93         Cultural Film Series
WXVU Makes Waves on Radio                                          10-Sep-93         WXVU(Radio Station)
Wildcat Shuttle, Fall 1993 Schedule                                10-Sep-93         Wildcat Shuttle
Athlete of the Week                                                10-Sep-93         Kulbago, Becky
Men Open With Two Losses                                                10-Sep-93          Soccer-men's
Cats Drop Pair in Virginia                                              10-Sep-93          Soccer-women's
Volleyball Looks to Rebound with Strong Season                          10-Sep-93          Volleyball-women's
Quintana Sets Pace for Youthful Cats                                    10-Sep-93          Cross-country running-men's
Football Preview                                                        10-Sep-93          Football
'Nova to Kick Off '93 Season Tonight                                    10-Sep-93          Football
Harriers Hope to Defy Polls                                             10-Sep-93          Cross-country running-women's
Stickwomen Face Challenging Road                                        10-Sep-93          Field Hockey
Comedian Richard Jeni to Appear Saturday                                24-Sep-93 Page 1   Jeni, Richard/Student Programming Council (SPC)
Senate Meets Today                                                      24-Sep-93          University Senate
Professor Offers Scholarships Without Consulting University Officials   24-Sep-93          Center for Arab and Islamic Studies/Foundation for Islamic Studies/Omran, Elsayed/Arabic Language/Student Aid
CBS Network College Tour Visits Campus, Promotes T.V. Shows             24-Sep-93          CBS College Tour
Alcohol Consumption Related to Acquaintance Rape, Violence              24-Sep-93          Students-alcohol use/rape/vandalism
Book Store Justifies High-Priced Books                                  24-Sep-93          Textbooks/University Shop
APD Aids Homeless 'Hoops for the Homeless'                              24-Sep-93          Greek Letter Societies/Philadelphia Committee for the Homeless/Alpha Phi Delta
Outdoor Clubs Gain Popularity on Campus                                 24-Sep-93          Ski Club/Outback Club/Skate Club
Campus Recycling Efforts Prove Successful, Expand                       24-Sep-93          O'Donnell, Kevin/Recycling
Virtual Reality Simulated                                               24-Sep-93          Virtual reality
Seniors Receive Career Advisement                                       24-Sep-93          Career Planning and Placement/Dudak, Nancy
ACS Expands its Role Amidst Budget Cuts                                 24-Sep-93 Page 5   Association of Commuting Students (ACS)/ Off-campus students/Commuting college students
Outdoor Retreat Promotes Spiritual Awareness, Growth                    24-Sep-93          Campus Ministry
DTD Remains on Probation                                                24-Sep-93          Delta Tau Delta/Greek Letter Societies
Computers Supplement Core Astronomy Course                              24-Sep-93          Computers
Financial Aid is Not So Apparent                                        24-Sep-93          Student Aid
Only Females Assist a Handicapped Student                               24-Sep-93          Handicapped
Campus Social Situation Calls for Club Solution                         24-Sep-93          Nightclub
Student Songwriter Celebrates Special Olympians                         24-Sep-93          Ranley, Andrew/Special Olympics
Magazine Targets International Studies                                  24-Sep-93          Passages(Magazine)
Campus Group Improves Dorm Relations                                    24-Sep-93          Villanova University-Buildings
Rape Aggression Defense Classes                                         24-Sep-93          Rape
Army ROTC Cadets Participate in Summer Training                         24-Sep-93          ROTC/Armed Forces
Philly Critic Speaks on Irish Film                                      24-Sep-93          Ryan, Desmond
Thomas, Field Hockey End Slide Against Friars                           24-Sep-93          Field Hockey
Men Prepare For Next Meet                                               24-Sep-93          Cross-country running-men's
Athlete of the Week                                                 24-Sep-93          Adler, Chris
Pearson Shows Promise in Debut                                      24-Sep-93          Pearson, Erik/football
Wild Start for Polo                                                 24-Sep-93          Water Polo-Men's
Tennis Takes 2nd at Tourney                                         24-Sep-93          Tennis-women's
Women Drop Two at Home                                              24-Sep-93          Soccer-women's
Football Preview                                                    24-Sep-93          Football
Pearson Leads 'Nova Past Fordham                                    24-Sep-93          Football
Soccer Enters Big East Play                                         24-Sep-93          Soccer-men's
Cats top La Salle                                                   24-Sep-93          Volleyball-women's
Villanova University Recycling Guide                                24-Sep-93          Recycling
University Institutes Improvement Plan                              17-Sep-93          Villanova Quality Improvement (VQI)
DeFilippo Named Athletic Director                                   17-Sep-93          DeFilippo, Gene
Sesquicentennial Celebration Brought to Close During Parents' Weekend                  150th Anniversary/Parents' Weekend
Fraternity Members Drink Three Times the Alcohol                    17-Sep-93          Students-Alcohol use
Task Force to Review Visitation Policy                              17-Sep-93          Visitation policy
Inadequate Venue, Money Constraints Hinder S.P.C.'s Efforts to Draw Big Bands Page 3   DuPont Pavilion/Student Programming Council (SPC)
Larger Female Enrollment Necessitates Changes                       17-Sep-93          Admissions/Student housing-on campus
Student Participation Remains Constant in Intramural Sports         17-Sep-93          Intramural Sports
Gender Equity Promoted by University Athletics                      17-Sep-93          Sex discrimination in sports
Night Club Proposed                                                 17-Sep-93          Corner Grille/Nightclub
ATRA Provides Exercise Alternative                                  17-Sep-93          Sports facilities/ATRA/Physical Fitness
Presence of Basketball Court Prevents 'Nova From Hosting Indoor Track Meets            DuPont Pavilion/Track Athletics
Homecoming Committee Revamps Policies                               17-Sep-93          Homecoming
Super Nova Celebration: A Festive 150th Finale                      17-Sep-93          Capital Campaign/150th Anniversary
Wildcat Shuttle (Fall 1993 Schedule)                                17-Sep-93          Shuttle Service
Quality Initiatives Target Business of Education                    17-Sep-93          Villanova Quality Improvement (VQI)
Campus Deserves Truth From Media                                    17-Sep-93          Villanovan
Graffiti Poses a Deeper Problem                                     17-Sep-93          Racism/Falvey Memorial Library/Vandalism
Ignoring the Issues Will not Cure the Problems of AIDS and HIV      17-Sep-93          AIDS/birth control
Campus Career Center Aids Students in Future Plans                  17-Sep-93          Career Planning and Placement
Break Trip Aids Flood Victims                                       17-Sep-93          Villanova Volunteers
Art Show Celebrates Three Unique Talents                            17-Sep-93          Villanova University Art Gallery
Parents Travel for Cats Football                                    17-Sep-93          Madcat Club/football
Holdens Shoot for National Stardom                                  17-Sep-93          Holden, Ted
Views from the Cheap Seats                                            17-Sep-93           Football
Cats Claim Meet                                                       17-Sep-93           Cross-country running-men's
Athlete of the Week                                                   17-Sep-93           Spies, Becky/Rhines, Jen
Football Preview                                                      17-Sep-93           Football
Men Break Even at Oneonta                                             17-Sep-93           Soccer-men's
Cats Drop Pair in Tourney                                             17-Sep-93           Field Hockey
Volleyball Drops Three Straight                                       17-Sep-93 Page 27   Volleyball-Men's
'Nova Moves to 3-1                                                    17-Sep-93           Tennis-women's
Cats Trounced in Season Opener                                        17-Sep-93           Football
Soccer Climbs Up to .500 Mark                                         17-Sep-93           Soccer-women's
'Nova Runners Hit Stride                                              17-Sep-93           Cross-country running-women's
Phone Fraud Incidents Escalate on Campus                               1-Oct-93           Telephones on Campus/Voice Mail
College of Arts and Sciences Institutes Advisement System              1-Oct-93           College of Liberal Arts and Sciences/Counseling in Higher Education
Comprehensive Athletic Fee to Include Price of Basketball Tickets, ATRA1-Oct-93           Intramural Sports/Student Government/Tickets-athletic events
SGA to Hold Town Meeting                                               1-Oct-93           Student Government
Fall Break Service Trips Provide Students Opportunity to Volunteer     1-Oct-93           Student Volunteers in Social Service/Campus Ministry/Fall Break
Faculty Members Selected for Tenure                                    1-Oct-93           College Teachers-Tenure
Prison Literacy Project Implemented at Local Prison                    1-Oct-93           Center for Peace and Justice/Prison Literacy Project
Homecoming Policy Clarified                                            1-Oct-93           Homecoming
Library Upgrades Enchance Service                                      1-Oct-93           Falvey Memorial Library/computers
Humanities Program Revamped; Diversity Program Initiated               1-Oct-93           Core Curriculum
ICF Unifies Campus Organizations                                       1-Oct-93           Intercollegiate Forum (ICF)
Voice Message Chain Endangers System                                   1-Oct-93           Voice Mail
Shuttle Enjoys Success                                                 1-Oct-93           Shuttle Service
WXVU News Tackles True Issues                                          1-Oct-93           WXVU (Radio Station)
'Novans Share Sibling Relationship With Philly Youth                   1-Oct-93 Page 17   Campus Ministry/Big Sister/Big Brother
Workshops Help to Budget Study Time                                    1-Oct-93           Counseling Center/Reilly, Ed
Center 'Brown-Bags' With Talks                                         1-Oct-93           Center for Peace and Justice
Film Offers Wit, Classic Story                                         1-Oct-93           Cultural Film Series
Students Participate in College Tour Game                              1-Oct-93 Page 17   CBS College Tour/Student Programming Council (SPC)
Student Gives Account of Capitol Internship                            1-Oct-93           Internship Program
'The Foreigner' Begins Theatre Season                                  1-Oct-93           Villanova Theater/'The Foreigner'/Drama
Field Hockey Bows to UConn                                             1-Oct-93           Field Hockey
Athlete of the Week                                                    1-Oct-93           Quintana, Louie
'Nova Looks Impressive at Eastern Tournament                          1-Oct-93          Tennis-women's
Water Polo Second                                                     1-Oct-93          Water Polo-Men's
Soccer Beaten at St. John's                                           1-Oct-93          Soccer-men's
Women Claim Morven Park                                               1-Oct-93          Cross-country running-women's
Volleyball Dominates in Tournament                                    1-Oct-93          Volleyball-women's
Wildcats Thwarted By Richmond                                         1-Oct-93          Football
Quintana Returns at Morven                                            1-Oct-93          Cross-country running-men's
Cats Even Record                                                      1-Oct-93          Soccer-women's
Career Day Aids Job Search                                            1-Oct-93          Career Day
Students of Arabic Defend Professor                                   1-Oct-93          Omran, Elsayed/Arabic Language/Student Aid/Center for Arab and Islamic Studies/ Foundation for Islamic Education
Crime Statistics Released                                             8-Oct-93          Crime on campus/Public Safety
'Nova Ranks #2                                                        8-Oct-93          Universities and colleges-Evaluation
Students to Participate in Philadelphia AIDS Walk                     8-Oct-93          AIDS
Capital Campaign Raises Money for Improvements                        8-Oct-93          Capital Campaign
New Courses Stress Diversity Issues                                   8-Oct-93          Multicultural Education/foreign study/students, foreign
UCIS Plans to Upgrade the Current Campus Computer System              8-Oct-93 Page 3   UCIS (University Computing and Information Services)/Steinbrenner, Karin/computers
AIDS Memorial Quilt To Be Displayed on Campus                         8-Oct-93          AIDS
Physical Facilities Plan To Be Implemented                            8-Oct-93          Villanova University-Planning//Villanova University-Buildings/Corner Grille
Weingrad Presents History of 'Saturday Night Live'                    8-Oct-93          Weingrad, Jeff
Committee Addresses Safety, Responsibility                            8-Oct-93          Villanova University-Safety Committee
Catholic Worker Daycare Program Provides Tutoring for City Children   8-Oct-93          Villanova Committee for the Philadelphia Homeless
University Lacks Student/Professor Dating Policy                      8-Oct-93 Page 4   Teacher-student relationships
Crime Report Imparts a Sense of Awareness                             8-Oct-93          Crime on campus
Sophomores Can Represent Campus                                       8-Oct-93          University Senate
Task Force Aims for Diversity                                         8-Oct-93          Presidential Task force on Diversity
Lottery Fails True Fans                                               8-Oct-93          Basketball-Men's/Tickets, athletic events
Professor Argues Ethics                                               8-Oct-93          Center for Arab and Islamic Studies/Omran, Elsayed/Student Aid
Debate Politicizes Aid                                                8-Oct-93          Omran, Elsayed/Student Aid
West-Bound Shuttle Suspended                                          8-Oct-93          Shuttle service
VFL Celebrates Respect for Life                                       8-Oct-93          Villanovans for Life(VFL)/abortion
Dean Criticizes College Ranking                                       8-Oct-93          Universities and Colleges-Evaluation
'Nova Students Ask About Opposite Sex                                 8-Oct-93          Man-woman relationships
Water Polo Splashes to a 1-2 Tournament Finish                        8-Oct-93          Water Polo-Men's
Athlete of the Week                                                   8-Oct-93          Verzera, Staci
Cats net Two Before Tourney                                   8-Oct-93          Tennis-women's
Field Hockey Takes 2 Straight                                 8-Oct-93          Field Hockey
Cats 'Nova Take Two Over Bucknell and Delaware                8-Oct-93          Soccer-women's
Rhines Helps Pace 'Nova                                       8-Oct-93          Cross-country running-women's
Men Prepare for Short Invitational this Weekend               8-Oct-93          Cross-country running-men's
Football Preview                                              8-Oct-93          Football
Cats Limp Home After 30-15 Loss                               8-Oct-93          Football
Volleyball Extends Streak                                     8-Oct-93          Volleyball-women's
Defense Lifts Soccer Over Pitt., 1-0                          8-Oct-93          Soccer-men's
Homecoming Task Force Stresses Control, Safety                5-Nov-93          Homecoming/students-alcohol use
West Campus Offers Alternative Housing                        5-Nov-93          Student housing-on campus
Alumni Criticize Changes to Homecoming                        5-Nov-93          Homecoming/students-alcohol use
SASS Members Question Policy of Magazine Selection            5-Nov-93 Page 3   Students Against Sex Sterotyping (SASS)/University Shop/pornography
Library Provides Database Workshops                           5-Nov-93          Falvey Memorial Library
Lancaster Avenue Underpass to Facilitate Crossing Safety      5-Nov-93          Pedestrian walkway
Spirit Week Celebrates 'Nova                                  5-Nov-93          Spirit Week/Student Programming Council(SPC)
Panel Addresses Pros and Cons of Free Trade Agreement         5-Nov-93          Center for Peace and Justice/North American Free trade Agreement(NAFTA)
ICF Unifies Groups                                            5-Nov-93          Intercollegiate Forum(ICF)/Homecoming
Al McGuire Discusses College Basketball                       5-Nov-93          McGuire, Al/Basketball
Panhellenic Council Receives Rush Award                       5-Nov-93          Panhellenic Council
Campaign Hosts Diversity Day                                  5-Nov-93          Multicultural Education
Graduate Student Criticizes Clean Air Act                     5-Nov-93          Clean Air Act/Environmental Protection
Registration Ease Does Not Cure Scheduling Woes               5-Nov-93          Curricula
Athletic Director Thanks Students                             5-Nov-93          Midnight Madness/DeFilippo, Gene
Pursue Teaching Career From Start to Attain Fullest Rewards   5-Nov-93          Inner City Teaching Corps(ICTC)/Teach for America/Teaching-vocational guidance
Alcohol Overshadows Homecoming's Purpose                      5-Nov-93          Homecoming/alcohol-student use
Homecoming Changes Challenged                                 5-Nov-93          Homecoming/alcohol-student use
Catholic Question Doctrines                                   5-Nov-93          Catholic Church-Doctrine
Recent Alumni Volunteer Talent                                5-Nov-93          Volunteers
'Nova Group Strives to Free Prisoners                         5-Nov-93          Amnesty International/Human Rights
Viewpoint: Weekend Critiqued                                  5-Nov-93          Homecoming
Top 10                                                        5-Nov-93          Homecoming
'92 Grad Opens School                                         5-Nov-93          Denenberg, Steve/Mamo, Tony/Bartending
'West Side Story' Brings 1950s to Life                        5-Nov-93          Villanova Theater/'West Side Story'/Musicals
'Nova Finishes Season 15-16                                           5-Nov-93            Water Polo-Men's
Hockey Ends Year at Home                                              5-Nov-93            Field Hockey
Athlete of the Week                                                   5-Nov-93            Molloy, Emer/Sullivan, Krestena
Soccer Stomps Into Tourney                                            5-Nov-93            Soccer-women's
The Wolfman's Views From the Cheap Seats                              5-Nov-93            Basketball-Men's
Football Snaps Losing Streak Against Rams, 14-10                      5-Nov-93            Football
Volleyball Notches Tenth Straight Win                                 5-Nov-93            Volleyball-women's
Cats Claim 5th Straight Big East Title                                5-Nov-93            Cross-country running-women's
Cross Country Captures First Big East Title Since 1983                5-Nov-93            Cross-country running-men's
Soccer Knocks Off B.C., 2-1, To Earn Berth In Tourney                 5-Nov-93            Soccer-men's
Homecoming Receives Good Grades Overall                             12-Nov-93             Homecoming
Peace and Justice Center Examines Condition of Hunger, Poverty      12-Nov-93             Hunger Awareness Week
University Departments Receive No New Increases in Expense Budgets  12-Nov-93             Villanova University-Strategic Plan/Villanova University-Budget
Teach For America Recruits Prospective Educators to Work in Inner-City School Districts   Teach For America
Computer System Facilitates Pre-Registration Process                12-Nov-93 Page 3      UCIS (University Computing and Information Services)/ Villanova University-Registration
Butler Discusses Career Planning in Communications, Business Field 12-Nov-93              Butler, Susan/Lambda Pi Eta
Anchor Splash Benefits Local Area Charities                         12-Nov-93             Delta Gamma/Greek Letter Societies
Athletic Department Offers Alternative to Hoops Lottery             12-Nov-93             Tickets, athletic events
Law School Play to Benefit Rett Syndrome                            12-Nov-93             'Court Jesters'/School of Law
Department of Public Safety Releases Monthly Crime Report           12-Nov-93             Public Safety/crime on campus
Guest Lecturer Optimistic About Russia's Recent Advancements        12-Nov-93             Vasilyeva, Tatyana/Russia
Blue Key Recruits                                                   12-Nov-93             Blue Key Society
One Sided Forum Can Benefit No One                                  12-Nov-93             Planned Parenthood
Every Week Should Be Hunger Awareness Week                          12-Nov-93             Hunger Awareness Week
Social Elements Make Homecoming                                     12-Nov-93             Homecoming
Diversity Day Succeeds Thanks to Participants                       12-Nov-93             Campaign For Community
Give VQI a Chance                                                   12-Nov-93             Villanova Quality Improvement(VQI)
Undergraduates Deserve Thanks                                       12-Nov-93             Homecoming
Smoking Goes With Bartley Cafe Like Studying Goes With Final Exams 12-Nov-93              Bartley Cafe/smoking
Art Gallery Displays Works of Local Family                          12-Nov-93             Villanova University Art Gallery/Martino, Giovanni/Martino, Eva
'Nova Groups Debate NAFTA                                           12-Nov-93             North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA)
Campus Lecture Focuses on Irish Republican Army                     12-Nov-93             Coogan, Pat/Irish Republican Army
The Villanova University Homecoming Task Force                      12-Nov-93             Homecoming
Villanova University's 21st Annual Hunger Awareness Week, Nov. 14-20, 1993                Hunger Awareness Week
Water Polo Wraps Up Season                                      12-Nov-93             Water Polo-Men's
Ice Cats Look to Stop 3-Game Slide Against Fairfield            12-Nov-93             Ice Hockey
X-Country Looks to IC4A's                                       12-Nov-93             Cross-country running-men's
Stickwomen Beat Hoyas 3-0; Thomas Posts 21st Shut Out           12-Nov-93             Field Hockey
Homecoming Spoiled By New Hampshire, 45-14                      12-Nov-93             Football/Homecoming
Views From the Cheap Seats                                      12-Nov-93             Basketball-Men's/Football
Soccer Falls to Top-Seeded UConn, 3-0                           12-Nov-93             Soccer-women's
Athlete of the Week                                             12-Nov-93             Austrins, Mara
Cats Fall in O.T. To No. 5 St. John's                           12-Nov-93             Soccer-men's
Volleyball Crushes G'Town                                       12-Nov-93   Page 32   Volleyball-Women's
Woodward Excels for Cross Country                               12-Nov-93             Woodward, Tosha/cross-country running-women's
Entrepreneurs of the week                                       27-Apr-01   Page 17   College of Commerce and Finance/ Office of Multicultural Affairs/Metz, Jason
Planned Parenthood Speakers Banned By University                19-Nov-93             Planned Parenthood/birth control/Democratic Socialists of America
DSA Forum Cancelled                                             19-Nov-93             Free Speech Forum/Planned Parenthood/Democratic Socialists of America/Center for Peace and Justice
Student Bill of Rights First on SGA Agenda                      19-Nov-93             Student Bill of Rights/Student Government
Student Organization/Speaker Draft Shelved For Over Two Years   19-Nov-93             Student Organizations/American Association of University Professors
AIDS Memorial Quilt to Increase Awareness                       19-Nov-93             AIDS Awareness Week
Gallen Condemns Planned Parenthood Forum                        19-Nov-93             Gallen, Lawrence/Planned Parenthood/Catholic Church-Doctrine/Abortion
Teleconference Fosters Unity, Racial Equality                   19-Nov-93             Multicultural Education/Teleconferences
Honor Society Inducts New Members                               19-Nov-93             Greek Letter Societies/Order of Omega
University President Delivers Address                           19-Nov-93   Page 3    State of the University Address/Dobbin, Edmund J.
ACS Lip-It Proceeds to Benefit Paoli Memorial Cancer Center     19-Nov-93   Page 4    Association of Commuting Students (ACS)/ Off-campus students/ Commuting college students
Work Fair Promotes Services                                     19-Nov-93             Campus Ministry/Post Graduate Volunteer Fair/Volunteers
Changes Expected in Nursing by 2000                             19-Nov-93             College of Nursing/Lang, Norma
University Participates in Geography Week                       19-Nov-93             National Geography Awareness Week
Sorority Rush Remains Unchanged                                 19-Nov-93             Greek Letter Societies
Student Dies                                                    19-Nov-93             Albert, Heather
Omicron Delta Kappa Inducts New Initiates                       19-Nov-93             Omicron Delta Kappa
Scottoline Discusses Fiction Field                              19-Nov-93             Writing Center
Does Catholic role Impede Learning?                             19-Nov-93             Planned Parenthood/Catholic Church-Doctrine
Villanova Needs a Bill of Rights For Students                   19-Nov-93             Free Speech Forum/Student Bill of Rights
Diversity Becomes Hollow Word When Preached Without Practice    19-Nov-93             Planned Parenthood/Catholic Church-Doctrine
Law Students Mock Minorities With Offensive Costumes            19-Nov-93             School of Law/Discrimination
Student Chastizes Villanovans For Apathy Toward Football Team   19-Nov-93             Football
Villanova Democrats Make Waves in Area                    19-Nov-93   Villanova Democrats
Mini-Musicals                                             19-Nov-93   Villanova Student Musical Theatre
Anchor Splash Provides Success For Delta Gamma            19-Nov-93   Delta Gamma/Anchor Splash/Greek Letter Societies
Blue Key Opens Door For Recruits                          19-Nov-93   BLue Key Society
West Campus Offers Housing For Fall '94                   19-Nov-93   Student housing-on campus
Dance Ensemble Showcases Talent                           19-Nov-93   Villanova Dance Ensemble
Villanova Theater Program is Simply a Class Act           19-Nov-93   Villanova Theater/Drama
'Novans Celebrate New Year                                19-Nov-93   Diwali/Villanova Indian Students Association
VEMS Travels to Georgetown                                19-Nov-93   Villanova Emergency Medical Service
'West Side Story' Energizes Vasey Hall                    19-Nov-93   'West Side Story'/Villanova Theatre/musicals
'Mini Musicals' Provide Live Entertainment                19-Nov-93   Villanova Student Musical Theater
'Nova Looks to Haynes to Provide Needed Leadership        19-Nov-93   Haynes, Jonathan/basketball-men's
Cats Hope For Quick Maturity From Promising Recruits      19-Nov-93   Quarterman, Arthur/Penn, Zeffy/Williams, Alvin/Lawson, Jason/Basketball-men's
Lappas Looks To Revive Program in His Second Year         19-Nov-93   Lappas, Steve/basketball-men's
Kittles Moves into Limelight                              19-Nov-93   Kittles, Kerry/basketball-men's
'Nova Counting on Freshmen For Help                       19-Nov-93   Zeffy, Penn/Quarterman, Arthur/basketball-men's
Youthful Cats Look To Improve Under Lappas                19-Nov-93   Lappas, Steve/basketball-men's
Thornton Leads Young Wildcat Squad                        19-Nov-93   Basketball-women's
Dillon Bolsters Cat Front Court                           19-Nov-93   Basketball-women's/Dillon, Denise
Perreta Tradition Continues                               19-Nov-93   Perretta, Harry/basketball-women's
Cats Look To Rebuild Program; Recruiting Key               4-Dec-92   Basketball-men's-recruiting
'Nova Coaches Lurk in Shadows                              4-Dec-92   Basketball-men's/Leonard, John/Hewitt, Paul/Pinone, Steve
Seniors on Hot Seat To Reach Potential                     4-Dec-92   Basketball-men's
Cats Hope Mixture of Seniors and Newcomers is Potent       4-Dec-92   Basketball-men's
Athlete of the Week                                       19-Nov-93   Woodward, Tosha
Swimmers Begin Quest For Third Straight Title             19-Nov-93   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Icecats Drop Fifth Straight; Fall to 1-5                  19-Nov-93   Ice Hockey
Men Improve Record to 4-1                                 19-Nov-93   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Dukes Thrash Wildcats, 42-3                               19-Nov-93   Football
Women Aim for Fifth Straight Title                        19-Nov-93   Cross-country running-women's
Volleyball Streak Hits 15                                 19-Nov-93   Volleyball-women's
Tough Day Costs Cats Bid to NCAA's                        19-Nov-93   Cross-country running-men's
Women's Cross Country Team Captures Fifth Title            3-Dec-93   Cross country running-women's
New Lottery System for West Campus Apartments Installed    3-Dec-93   Student housing-on campus
President Dobbin Addresses Senate                                    3-Dec-93   Villanova Quality Improvement/State of the University Address/Dobbin, Edmund J./University Senate/tickets, athletic event
Christmas Season Brings Merrymaking                                  3-Dec-93   Christmas Week
Racial Segregation Discussed on Campus                               3-Dec-93   Black Cultural Society/Racism
Exec. Board of Senate Meets University Board of Trustees             3-Dec-93   Villanova Quality Improvement/Trustees,Board of/Dobbin, Edmund J./University Senate/Lafferty, Helen/core curriculum/M
Dobbin addresses University community                                9-Sep-94   Dobbin, Edmund J./West Campus Apartments/Villanova University-History/Klekotka Hall/Rudolph Hall/Moulden Hall/Welsh
University Implemented New Financial Aid Form                        3-Dec-93   Student Aid
Nursing Convention Offers Opportunities                              3-Dec-93   Student Nurses Association
Task Force Formed to Analyze Current Speaker Policy Issue            3-Dec-93   Dobbin, Edmund J./student organizations/speaker policy
Assassination of JFK Discussed                                       3-Dec-93   Gordon, John/Kennedy, John F.
Bookbag Policy Changed                                               3-Dec-93   Crime on Campus/Public Safety
Rush should Grind Axe Elsewhere                                      3-Dec-93   Limbaugh, Rush/Clinton, Bill/speaker policy
Rejection of Limbaugh Deprives Villanova of Positive Exposure        3-Dec-93   Limbaugh, Rush/College Republicans/speaker policy
Villanova's Improvement Plan Marginalizes Diversity                  3-Dec-93   Multicultural Education/Villanova University-Strategic Plan
WXVU is Dedicated to Football                                        3-Dec-93   Football
Blue Key Selection is Questioned                                     3-Dec-93   Blue Key Society/Student Organizations
Campus Policies Need Changing                                        3-Dec-93   Visitation policy/students-alcohol use
Villanova Graduate Tom Williams - Special Effects of Jurassic Park   3-Dec-93   Williams, Tom
Villanova Chamber Ensemble Performance                               3-Dec-93   Villanova Chamber Ensemble
Falvey Exam Hours                                                    3-Dec-93   Falvey Memorial Library
Gods and Goddesses Gather for Annual Contest                         3-Dec-93   Greek God and Goddess Competition/Greek Letter Societies
'Nova Graduate Student Dies                                          3-Dec-93   Dunn, Dorothea S.
Alumnus Pays Tribute to Nevin                                        3-Dec-93   Nevin, John (Jake)
Buon Natale a Villanova                                              3-Dec-93   St. Marco Singers
New Magazine Showcases Fiction                                       3-Dec-93   Vignette
'Nova Dance Ensemble Strikes a Pose                                  3-Dec-93   Villanova Dance Ensemble
Women Fall to Hawks, 55-52                                           3-Dec-93   Basketball-women's
Lady Cats Build for future; Land Promising Recruits                  3-Dec-93   Basketball-women's
Louie Quintana Receives All-American Honors for Superb Performance at NCAAs     Quintana, Louie
Cats Finish Fourth in Tourney                                        3-Dec-93   Volleyball-women's
Wildcats Lose Two in Preseason Action                                3-Dec-93   Basketball-men's
President Bill Clinton to Discuss Entitlement Spending at Bryn Mawr  3-Dec-93   Clinton, Bill/Bryn Mawr College
Winter Ice and Snow Storms Cripple Campus                           28-Jan-94   Facilities Management/Public Safety
West Campus Apartment Lottery System Examined and Implemented 28-Jan-94         Student housing-on campus/visitation policy
Carrot Top Provides Side-Splitting Fun                              28-Jan-94   Thompson, Scott
Sigma Nu Recolonizes                                                   28-Jan-94          Sigma Nu/Greek Letter Societies
SGA Establishes New Agenda and Goals                                   28-Jan-94          Student Government/Intercollegiate Forum/visitation policy
Random Testing Discourages Substance Abuse by Athletes                 28-Jan-94          Drug testing
Residence Life Discusses RA Selection                                  28-Jan-94          Resident Assistants
'Nova Alumnus Selected to Volunteer in Maryknoll Mission to Africa 28-Jan-94              Camas, Georgianne/Missionaries
Diaper Drive Aids Needy Children in Philly Area                        28-Jan-94          Advertising Club
Sorority Rush Proves Successful                                        28-Jan-94          Greek Letter Societies
Gorski Leaves Student Activities                                       28-Jan-94          Gorski, Lucyna/Development Office
International Honor Society of Nursing Presents Inductees, Initiates New Members          Villanova University-college of Nursing
Spring Fraternity Rush Commences After Delays                          28-Jan-94          Greek Letter Societies
MLK Jr. Events Cancelled                                               28-Jan-94          Martin Luther King Day
Criticism Only Makes Cold Weather Worse                                28-Jan-94          Facilities Management
Orientation Chair Responds                                             28-Jan-94 Page 8   Student Organizations/freshman orientation
Spirit Lacking for Basketball                                          28-Jan-94          Basketball-men's
SGA President Recaps Past and Future Goals                             28-Jan-94          Student Government
Mini-Mester                                                            28-Jan-94          Washington Mini Mester
Volunteer Service                                                      28-Jan-94          Volunteers
Tutor Positions                                                        28-Jan-94          Tutoring
Scholarship question opens debate                                       1-Oct-93          Omran, Elsayed/Leseh, Ann/Arabic language/ Modern Languages and Literature, Department of/Student Aid/Foundation fo
Drop/Add Troubles Students                                             28-Jan-94          Villanova University-Registration
Women Complete Sorority Rush                                           28-Jan-94          Greek Letter Societies
Restaurants Support AIDS Research                                      28-Jan-94          Dining Out For Life
Campus Ministry Completes Nominations                                  28-Jan-94          Campus Ministry
Spotlight on... Democratic Socialists of America                       28-Jan-94          Democratic Socialists of America
Philadelphia Diary Chronicles Local History                            28-Jan-94          LeBrun, Robert
N.O.B. Wins Fourth Straight                                            28-Jan-94          Football-women's/Intramural Sports
Villanova Icecats Skate to Six Straight Wins                           28-Jan-94          Ice Hockey
Melley, Tracey Lead Swimmers                                           28-Jan-94          Swimming and Diving-Men's
Rhines, Spies Leaders in Women's Drive To Title                        28-Jan-94          Track athletics-women's/Rhines, Jennifer/Spies, Becky
Courtside With Coach Lappas                                            28-Jan-94          Basketball-men's/Lappas, Steve
Recruiting Update                                                      28-Jan-94          Basketball-men's/recruiting
'Nova Strong as IC4As Loom                                             28-Jan-94          Track athletics-men's
Wildcats Drop Three to Big East Rivals                                 28-Jan-94          Basketball-men's
Women Struggle in Big East                                             28-Jan-94          Basketball-women's
The Toughest Job Yields the Greatest Rewards                     28-Jan-94           Peace Corps
Financial Distribution of University Disclosed                    4-Feb-94           Villanova University-Budget
'Nova Hosts Students' Siblings for Weekend of Entertainment       4-Feb-94           Sibling Weekend
Strategic Program Seeks to Improve the University Overall         4-Feb-94           Villanova Quality Improvement
Social Justice Retreat Reflects on Poverty                        4-Feb-94           Campus Ministry
Former Professor Dies                                             4-Feb-94           Stehle, John F.
Public Safety Releases Crime Report                               4-Feb-94           Crime on campus
Peace and Justice Film Series Examines Controversial Issues       4-Feb-94           AIDS
Health Care Lecture Held                                          4-Feb-94           College of Nursing
Students Named to 'Who's Who Among American Universities and Colleges' for 1993-94
Phi Kappa Phi Hosts Science Lecture                               4-Feb-94           Kaye, Howard/Genome Project
'V for Villanova' Composer Dies                                   4-Feb-94           Leshner, Irving R./Irving, Les
Peace Corps Offers Post-Graduation Training                       4-Feb-94           Peace Corps
Student Life Changes                                              4-Feb-94           Bonas, Gary/Farmer, Randy
South Campus Diners Driven Insane in Brain                        4-Feb-94           Dining Services
Alumnus Expresses Concern on Rejection of Limbaugh                4-Feb-94           Speaker Policy/Limbaugh, Rush
Students and Siblings Share 'Nova Fun This Weekend                4-Feb-94           Sibling Weekend
Film Highlights Local Crusader                                    4-Feb-94           Castle, Robert/Cousin Bobby (movie)/Demme, Jonathan
Gallery Exclusively Exhibits Painter                              4-Feb-94           Ojomo, Ibitayo
Life Off Campus Causes Worry                                      4-Feb-94           Student housing-off campus
Honor Society                                                     4-Feb-94           Omicron Delta Kappa
Villanova Feminist Coalition Fights Stereotypes                   4-Feb-94           Women's Rights
Orientation Process to Begin                                      4-Feb-94           Freshman Orientation
'Nova Stage Transforms Classic Love Story                         4-Feb-94           Villanova Theatre/A Midsummer Night's Dream
Honda Award                                                       4-Feb-94           Zajac, Carole/Honda Award
Cats Shine in Terrier Classic                                     4-Feb-94           Track athletics-women's
Courtside With Head Coach Steve Lappas                            4-Feb-94           Lappas, Steve/Basketball-men's
Swimmers Drowned By Pitt                                          4-Feb-94           Swimming and Diving-Men's
'Nova Track Excels; Quintana to Run in Wanamaker Mile             4-Feb-94           Track athletics-men's
Orangemen Crush Cats in Dome, 87-68                               4-Feb-94           Basketball-men's
Women Down Hoyas and Orangewomen                                  4-Feb-94           Basketball-women's
Dr. Joseph Kinney Holds Founder's Day Award. (Picture)            4-Feb-94           Founder's Day Award/Kinney, Joseph
Gallen to Retire                                                11-Feb-94            Gallen, Lawrence
Two Rapes Reported                                              11-Feb-94            Rape/crime on campus/sexual assault
AIDS Awareness Week Emphasizes Education, Involvement and Concern          AIDS Awareness Week
Discipline, Campus Damages and Fines Discussed                 11-Feb-94   Crime on campus/vandalism/students-alcohol use
Visitation Policy Modified                                     11-Feb-94   Visitation policy
Student Activities Revamped                                    11-Feb-94   Farmer, Randy
Former Dean Passes On                                          11-Feb-94   Barrett, Philip F.
Political Organization is Watchdog of Parties                  11-Feb-94   United We Stand America/Perot, Ross
Writing Center Tutors Students                                 11-Feb-94   Writing Center
Student Wins Nike Spirit Contest                               11-Feb-94   Dunn, Carrie
Chinese Celebrate New Year With Fireworks                      11-Feb-94   Chinese and Asian Students Association
Communication Arts Presents AIDS Performance                   11-Feb-94   AIDS Awareness Week
News Briefs                                                    11-Feb-94   Student Aid
Clinton Advisor to Speak at 'Nova                              11-Feb-94   Gebbie, Kristine/AIDS
'No Means No' Just Doesn't Cut it                              11-Feb-94   Rape
Villanova's Fine Arts Program in Dire Need of Renovation       11-Feb-94   Fine Arts
Villanova University Summer Program 1994                       11-Feb-94   Foreign Study
Special Olympics Begins to Coordiante Festivities              11-Feb-94   Special Olympics
Program Explores Urbino                                        11-Feb-94   Foreign Study
Film Portrays Sicilian Struggles                               11-Feb-94   Children of Fate
Students Speak Out on AIDS                                     11-Feb-94   AIDS
AIDS Awareness Week Schedule of Events                         11-Feb-94   AIDS Awareness Week
Task Force Educates Campus                                     11-Feb-94   AIDS Task Force
Cats Fall to U Mass; Rebound to Beat URI                       11-Feb-94   Ice Hockey
Cats Win Distance Medley                                       11-Feb-94   Track athletics-men's
Spies, Rhines, and Molloy Lead Women at Millrose               11-Feb-94   Track athletics-women's/Spies, Becky/Rhines, Jen/Molloy, Emer
Courtside With Head Coach Steve Lappas                         11-Feb-94   Lappas, Steve/Basketball-men's
Kittles, Eberz, Haynes and Lawson Star in 'Nova Three Key Wins 11-Feb-94   Basketball-men's/Haynes, Jonathan/Lawson, Jason/Kittles, Kerry/Eberz, Eric
'Nova Women Drop Two at Home                                   11-Feb-94   Basketball-women's
AIDS Quilt Displayed                                           18-Feb-94   AIDS Awareness Week
Orientation Staff Selection Process Discussed                  18-Feb-94   Freshman Orientation
Africana Studies Stress Diversity                              18-Feb-94   Africana studies/Keita, Maghan
Senator Appointed                                              18-Feb-94   Haggerty, Kevin/O'Brien, Michael P.
Senate Meets                                                   18-Feb-94   University Senate
Suspect Apprehended                                            18-Feb-94   Public Safety/crime on campus
University Explains Recycling Plans For Future                 18-Feb-94   Recycling
Author Discusses Race of Fictional Character                           18-Feb-94    Race/Huckleberry Finn/Twain, Mark/Fishkin, Shelley
Spring Break Volunteer Trips Offer Aid to Less Fortunate               18-Feb-94    Volunteers
Black History Month Highlights Multicultural Aspect of University Life 18-Feb-94    Black History Month
BCS Host Luncheon to Honor Students                                    18-Feb-94    Black Cultural Society
Delta Gamma Flower Sale Benefits Blind                                 18-Feb-94    Delta Gamma/Greek Letter Societies
Professor's Lecture Focuses on the Benefits of Moral Teaching          18-Feb-94    Schner, George
Barrett Appears at Border's Books                                      18-Feb-94    Barrett, David/Johnson, Lyndon
Genome Project Explores Genetics                                       18-Feb-94    Kaye, Howard/Human Genome Project
'A Season For Justice: Why Can't We All Get Along?'                    18-Feb-94    Dees, Morris/Southern Poverty Law Center
Display of AIDS Quilt Stresses Controversies                           18-Feb-94    AIDS Awareness Week
Library Should Open Despite Weather                                    18-Feb-94    Falvey Memorial Library
'White Trash' Theme Party is Not Amusing                               18-Feb-94    Discrimination/Greek Letter Societies
Students Need to Display Some More Class in DuPont                     18-Feb-94    Sports fans/basketball-men's
AIDS Quilt Represents People, Not Statistics                           18-Feb-94    AIDS
Bertolucci Conveys Vision in Film                                      18-Feb-94    Bertolucci, Bernardo/'The Conformist'
AIDS Quilt Dedication                                                  18-Feb-94    AIDS
'Nova Stages 'Midsummer'                                               18-Feb-94    Villanova Theatre/A Midsummer Night's Dream/Shakespeare, William
Villanovans For Life Promote Various Issues                            18-Feb-94    Villanovans For Life
Mother Funk Finds Support at 'Nova                                     18-Feb-94    Mother Funk
Classical Music Comes to Villanova                                     18-Feb-94    Hardt, Daniel/Barone, Marcantonio/AIDS Awareness Week
Focus: The Villanova Singing Groups                                    18-Feb-94    Villanova Singers/Women's Glee Club
Swimmers End Year Gasping For Breath, Looking to Playoffs              18-Feb-94    Swimming and Diving-Women's
Ice Cats Skate Past UPenn, Sacred Heart                                18-Feb-94    Ice Hockey
Spies' Performance Lifts 'Nova to Brink of NCAA Title           February 18,,1994   Cross country running-women's/Spies, Becky
Courtside With Head Coach Steve Lappas                                 18-Feb-94    Lappas, Steve/basketball-men's
Cats Extend Streak to Five Games                                       18-Feb-94    Basketball-men's
Women Challenge Connecticut, Whip St. John's                           18-Feb-94    Basketball-women's
Haynes, Williams Suspended from Game                                   11-Mar-94    Basketball-men's/Haynes, Jonathan/Williams, Alvin/Bailey, Armando
Honorary Doctorate Conferred Upon Dees                                 11-Mar-94    Southern Poverty Law Center/Dees, Morris
Administrators Discuss Free Press/Speech                               11-Mar-94    Freedom of speech/freedom of press/Lytel-Murphy, June/Planned Parenthood
Visitation Policy Changed in Austin and St. Rita's                     11-Mar-94    Visitation policy/Austin Hall/St. Rita's Hall/O'Dwyer Hall/student housing-on campus
Dees Discusses Race                                                    11-Mar-94    Dees, Morris/Southern Poverty Law Center/Race
Grading System Revised                                                 11-Mar-94    Grading system
Student Escort Service Instituted                                      11-Mar-94    Public Safety/student escort service
Volunteers Aid Needy Over Break                              11-Mar-94    Volunteers/Habitat for Humanity/Villanova Volunteers
New Fraternity Welcomed                                      11-Mar-94    Greek Letter Societies/Phi Sigma Kappa
Villanova University School of Law Presents Symposium        11-Mar-94    Kidnapping/School of Law
Nationwide Search Conducted to Find Replacement for Gallen   11-Mar-94    Gallen, Lawrence
Environmental Law Symposium Held                             11-Mar-94    Environmental protection/School of Law
Career Fair Offers More Choices                              11-Mar-94    Grasso, Tom/Chesapeake Bay Foundation/Career Planning and Placement
AIDS Memorial Quilt Evokes Emotions                          11-Mar-94    AIDS
Opportunities Discussed                                      11-Mar-94    Dudak, Nancy/Career Planning and Placement
VQI Addresses Suggestions for Campus Improvement             11-Mar-94    Villanova Quality Improvement
Freedom of Speech Issue Loses Its Momentum                   11-Mar-94    Student Bill of Rights/speaker policy
Bill of Rights is a Top Priority                             11-Mar-94    Student Bill of Rights/speaker policy
Fans Should Be commended                                     11-Mar-94    Sports fans
Swarthmorian Stalks Out of School Scot-Free                  11-Mar-94    Crime on Campus/Racism/Swarthmore College/Yearwood, Ewart
'Nova Showcases Local Artist's Living Environment            11-Mar-94    Paris, Shawn
Story of Holocaust Shows Will to Survive                     11-Mar-94    Europa, Europa(film)
'J.B.' Presents Modern Translation of Job                    11-Mar-94    Villanova Theatre/J.B./Macleish, Archibald
Rhines, Spies, Woodward Lead Women at Big East               11-Mar-94    Track athletics-women's/Spies, Becky/Woodward, Tosha/Rhines, Jen
Cook Paces Men's Track at IC4As                              11-Mar-94    Cook, Dave/Track athletics-men's
Ice Cats Fail to Make Playoffs, Finish Season 14-11          11-Mar-94    Ice Hockey
'Nova Women Capture Third Straight Title                     11-Mar-94    Swimming and Diving-Women's
Men Finish Third in Championships                            11-Mar-94    Swimming and Diving-Men's
Lady Cats End Regular Season With Two Losses                 11-Mar-94    Basketball-women's
Lady Cats Ousted From Tourney                                11-Mar-94    Basketball-women's
WXVU Broadcasts Ball With Flare                              11-Mar-94    WXVU/Altomonte, Joe
Villanova Primed for Big East Tourney                        11-Mar-94    Basketball-men's/NCAA Tournament
Courtside With Head Coach Steve Lappas                       11-Mar-94    Lappas, Steve
Congratulations to Joe Altomonte                             11-Mar-94    National Collegiate Broadcasting Award
Villanova Students Hatch New Rock Band                         1-Oct-93   Musicians/Egg
Ensemble Debuts                                               3-Dec-93    Villanova Chamber Ensemble
Senatorial Candidates Debate Questions                       18-Mar-94    Student Government-Elections-1994
Presidential Candidates Present Platforms                    18-Mar-94    Student Government-Elections-1994
Presidential Candidates Offer Opinions                       18-Mar-94    Student Government-Elections-1994
Pre-Registration Errors Thoroughly Explained                 18-Mar-94    Villanova University-Registration
AIDS Peer Educators Recruited to Teach, Listen               18-Mar-94    AIDS
On-Campus Nite Club Plans Solidified                             18-Mar-94   NightClub
Residence Life Makes More Changes For Fall                       18-Mar-94   Student housing-on campus
Health Care Reform Lecture Addresses Human Values and Medical Issues         Medical Care-U.S./Weldon, Curt
Guest Speaker Reviews University Policies                        18-Mar-94   Speaker Policy/Planned Parenthood/American Civil Liberties Union/Freedom of Speech
Intercollegiate Forum Reviews Latest Projects                    18-Mar-94   Intercollegiate Forum
Collymore Stresses Cultural Diversity                            18-Mar-94   Multicultural Education/Collymore, Edward/The Council on Cultural Diversity
Hunger and Homelessness Analyzed                                 18-Mar-94   Eckstein, Ron/homeless/hunger/volunteers/National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness
Minority League Holds Campus Diversity Rally                     18-Mar-94   Minorities/Minority Student League
Free Speech Code Needed Instead of Doubletalk                    18-Mar-94   Planned Parenthood/Freedom of Speech/Speaker Policy
Drinkers Should Show Caution                                     18-Mar-94   Students-alcohol use
Student Government Elections                                     18-Mar-94   Student Government-Elections-1994
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society to Induct Members                    18-Mar-94   Phi Kappa Phi
Students Seek Service Careers                                    18-Mar-94   Socially Responsible Career Day/Career Planning and Placement/volunteers
'Novans Reflect on Japanese Culture                              18-Mar-94   Japan/foreign study
'Some Like It Hot' Explores Sexuality                            18-Mar-94   Some Like It Hot(film)
Women's Track Struggles at NCAA                                  18-Mar-94   Track athletics-women's
Softball Begins Regular Season With a 5-4 Record                 18-Mar-94   Softball
Bickford Resigns                                                 18-Mar-94   Bickford, Bruce/Stern, Marty/Track athletics
Veterans Lead Men's Tennis                                       18-Mar-94   Tennis-men's/Batman, Bob
Courtside With Head Coach Steve Lappas                           18-Mar-94   Lappas, Steve/basketball-men's
Cats Eliminated By Friars, Look to NIT                           18-Mar-94   Basketball-men's
Herr, McGinty Lead Baseball                                      18-Mar-94   Baseball
Senate Meets Today                                               25-Mar-94   University Senate
Kennedy and Greason Win                                          25-Mar-94   Student Government-Elections-1994/Kennedy, Patrick/Greason, David
Diversity Rally Calls for Attention                              25-Mar-94   Minority Student League/minorities/multicultural education/Student Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights Drafted                                           25-Mar-94   Student Bill of Rights
Career Fair Offers Students Summer Internships, Jobs             25-Mar-94   Career Day/Career Planning and Placement /internships
AIDS Awareness Programs Evaluated                                25-Mar-94   AIDS Awareness Week
Feminist Coalition Discusses Women's Rights                      25-Mar-94   Villanova Feminist Coalition/sexual assault/rape
Senate Seat Filled                                               25-Mar-94   Haggerty, Kevin/Lammlin, Craig
Echewa Addresses African Society                                 25-Mar-94   Echewa, T. Obinkaram/Nigeria
National Scholarships Awarded to Outstanding Students            25-Mar-94   Heyman, Mary/Nursing
Villanova Volunteers Raise Money for Victims                     25-Mar-94   Villanova Volunteers
Error                                                            25-Mar-94   Intercollegiate Forum
Students Participate in Model Arab League                    25-Mar-94           Boardman, Deborah/Kitlas, John/Middle East
Pi Phi Holds World Cup                                       25-Mar-94           Greek Letter Societies/Pi Beta Phi/Sigma Phi Epsilon
Campus Rally Empowers Students to Change                     25-Mar-94           Minority Student League/multicultural education
Poor Turnout for NIT                                         25-Mar-94           Sports fans/basketball-men's
Incident Reveals Racism at 'Nova                             25-Mar-94           Racism
Endorsement is Questionable                                  25-Mar-94           Student Government/Miller, Jason/Keenan, Jeremy
Humanity Has Warped the Teachings of Jesus                   25-Mar-94           Christianity
Church Explores Questions Concerning Women                   25-Mar-94           Catholic Church/women clergy
Female Enrollment Enhances 'Nova                             25-Mar-94           Villanova University-History
VFC Recognizes Women's History                               25-Mar-94           Villanova Feminist Coalition/Women's History Month
ACS Acts as Liason for Off-Campus 'Novans                    25-Mar-94 Page 16   Association of Commuting Students (ACS)/ Off-campus students/Commuting college students
'J.B.' Mounts an Unsuccessful Return                         25-Mar-94           Villanova Theater/J.B. (drama)/MacLeish, Archibald
Focus: 'Nova Law School Musical Court                        25-Mar-94 Page 23   Court Jesters/H.M.S. Pinafore (musical)/Gilbert and Sullivan
Women's Lacrosse Starts 2-1                                  25-Mar-94           Lacrosse-women's
Zajac Takes Advantage of Opportunity at 'Nova                25-Mar-94           Zajac, Carole/Cross-country running-women's
Carrie Dunn Being Counted on to Lead Softball                25-Mar-94           Dunn, Carrie/softball
Baseball Scorched, 13-1                                      25-Mar-94           Baseball
Men's Track on the Mend                                      25-Mar-94           Track athletics-men's
Tennis Defeats NYU                                           25-Mar-94           Tennis-men's
Lacrosse Starts 0-4                                          25-Mar-94           Lacrosse-men's
Cats Defeat Xavier; Head to Final Four                       25-Mar-94           1994 NIT Tournament/Eberz, Eric/Kittles, Kerry/basketball-men's
Cats Head to NIT Final Four; Reach 18 Victories for Season   25-Mar-94           Basketball-men's/Lawson, Jason
Courtside With Head Coach Steve Lappas                       25-Mar-94           Lappas, Steve/NIT Tournament/basketball-men's
Balloon Day Held                                             15-Apr-94           Balloon Day
Tuition Increases                                            15-Apr-94           Intramural sports/tickets-athletic events/Villanova University-Budget
Campus Diversity Discussed                                   15-Apr-94           Multicultural education/minorities/student aid/Student Bill of Rights
Dobbin Attends Town Meeting                                  15-Apr-94           Dobbin, Edmund J./Student Bill of Rights/speaker policy/multicultural education
Editorial-Type Yearbook Articles Scrutinized                 15-Apr-94           Belle Air/freedom of speech
Health Care Reform Lecture Addresses the Clinton Plan        15-Apr-94           College of Nursing/medical care-U.S.
Student Escort Service Implemented                           15-Apr-94           Student escort service/Public Safety
VQI Meeting Held                                             15-Apr-94           Villanova Quality Improvement
New Bookbag Policy Implemented                               15-Apr-94           Public Safety/crime on campus
SAE Colony Receives National Charter                         15-Apr-94           Sigma Alpha Epsilon/Greek Letter Societies
Chilean Poet Visits Campus                                   15-Apr-94           Poetry reading/Mansilla, Sergio
Jazz Festival Features Variety of Talent, Music                    15-Apr-94   Villanova Jazz Festival
Professor Seeks Public Office                                      15-Apr-94   State Government-PA/Sheehan, Colleen
Biology Department Addresses Criticism                             15-Apr-94   Laboratory animals
Earth Day Events Outline Plan for Improvement of the Environment   15-Apr-94   Earth Day/Villanova Environmental Group
Order of Omega Inducts New Members                                 15-Apr-94   Order of Omega/Greek Letter Societies
Collymore Stresses Multiculturalism                                15-Apr-94   President's Task Force on Cultural Diversity/multicultural education
Khodner Discusses Russian Politics                                 15-Apr-94   Khodnev, Alexander/Russia
Guest Speaker Discusses HIV/AIDS                                   15-Apr-94   College of Nursing/Sneath, Ann/AIDS
Take Back the Night Fails to Give, Take                            15-Apr-94   Sexual harassment
Pamphlets Generalize About Males                                   15-Apr-94   Sexual harassment
Greeks Strive to End Racism                                        15-Apr-94   Greek Letter Societies
Inquirer Misrepresents 'Novans                                     15-Apr-94   Multicultural education/minorities
'Take Back the Night' Fliers go Against Mission Statement          15-Apr-94   Student Bill of Rights/planned parenthood/Villanova Feminist Coalition
Mentzer Award                                                      15-Apr-94   Mentzer Award
'Nova Students 'Take Back the Night' in Rally                      15-Apr-94   Villanova Feminist Coalition/sexual harassment/rape
'Thelma and Louise' Raises Questions                               15-Apr-94   Thelma and Louise (film)
'Nu' Fraternity Recolonizes                                        15-Apr-94   Sigma Nu/Greek Letter Societies
Alpha Phi Omega Helps Others                                       15-Apr-94   Alpha Phi Omega/Greek Letter Societies/volunteers
Society Committed to Promoting Intellectualism on Campus           15-Apr-94   Society of Augustine
Students Sing Broadway Faves                                       15-Apr-94   Villanova Student Musical Theater/Musicals
`Marvin's Room' Handles Death With Humor                           15-Apr-94   Villanova Theatre/McPherson, Scott/'Marvin's Room' (drama)
Cats Improving                                                     15-Apr-94   Softball
Lacrosse Excites                                                   15-Apr-94   Lacrosse-women's
Penn Relays Draw Near                                              15-Apr-94   Track athletics-men's
Crew Excels Coast-to-Coast                                         15-Apr-94   Rowing-Women's
Volleyball Heads to Arizona                                        15-Apr-94   Volleyball-Men's/Lockheimer, Harold
Cats Dominate                                                      15-Apr-94   Track athletics-women's
Baseball Struggles                                                 15-Apr-94   Baseball
Tennis Posts Winning Record                                        15-Apr-94   Tennis-men's
Baxter Sparkles in First Year                                      15-Apr-94   Softball/Baxter, Bridget
Pepkowski Excels                                                   15-Apr-94   Pepkowski, Trevor/baseball
Cats Win NIT Championship, 80-73                                   15-Apr-94   Basketball-men's
Courtside With Coach Lappas                                        15-Apr-94   Lappas, Steve/basketball-men's
Senate Meets Today                                                 22-Apr-94   University Senate/Griffin, Mary Ann
Graduation Speaker Selected                                      22-Apr-94          Villanova University-Commencement/Operation Smile/Volunteers/Magee, William/Magee, Kathleen
Speaker Policy Finalized                                         22-Apr-94          Speaker Policy/student organizations
New Meal Plan Changes Made                                       22-Apr-94          Dining Services
Highlights of 1993-94 Reviewed                                   22-Apr-94          Year in Review
Campus Advancements of Past Four Years Explored                  22-Apr-94          Villanova University-History
Hunger Clean-Up Aids Needy                                       22-Apr-94          Hunger
Theologian Discusses the Trinity                                 22-Apr-94          LaCugna, Catherine/Catholic Church
Greeks Emphasize Unity                                           22-Apr-94          Greek Week/Greek Letter Societies
Homophobia Lecture Evaluates Opinions                            22-Apr-94          Homosexuality
                                                                 22-Apr-94 Page 4
Women's History Month Activities Examine Important Female Concerns                  Women's History Month/Villanova University-women-history
Sunshine Day Aids Local Children                                 22-Apr-94          Project Sunshine
Oxford Union Debate Argues Issue                                 22-Apr-94          Oxford Union Debate
Senior Week Activities Announced                                 22-Apr-94          Senior Week
Research Presented                                               22-Apr-94          Halluska, Marie/homosexuality
New Speakers Policy: A Giant Step in Place                       22-Apr-94          Speaker Policy
Spirit of Sixties Hits 'Nova                                     22-Apr-94          Political Activism
Candidates Separated By Race                                     22-Apr-94          Admissions/minorities/Candidates' Day
Phones Installed on Campus                                       22-Apr-94          Telephones on Campus
VFC More than Pro-Choicers                                       22-Apr-94          Villanovan For Life/Villanova Feminist Coalition
SGA President Recaps Best and Worst of Past Year                 22-Apr-94          Student Government/Year in Review
'Take Back the Night' A Success                                  22-Apr-94          Villanova Feminist Coalition/rape
Thanks Extended to Ground Crew and Villanovan Editors            22-Apr-94          Facilities Management
Balloon Day Proves Successful Once Again                         22-Apr-94          Balloon Day
Arts Majors Gain Insight From Alumni                             22-Apr-94          Career Planning and Placement
Speakers to Share Experiences at Commencement                    22-Apr-94          Magee, William/Operation Smile/Villanova University-Commencement/Magee, Kathleen
'Nova Shine at Sullivan re-Plugged                               22-Apr-94          Musicians/Sullivan Unplugged
Villanova Bands Play Earth Day                                   22-Apr-94          Earth Day/musicians
'Nova Theatre Enlivens `Marvin's Room'                           22-Apr-94          Villanova Theater/Marvin's Room/McPherson, Scott/Drama
Focus: Villanova Dance Ensemble                                  22-Apr-94          Villanova Dance Ensemble
Inconsistency Haunts Women's Lacrosse; Leaves Record at 5-5      22-Apr-94          Lacrosse-women's
Tennis Wins Fifth in a Row                                       22-Apr-94          Tennis-men's
Softball Statistics                                              22-Apr-94          Softball
Baseball Statistics                                              22-Apr-94          Baseball
Wolfman's Views From the Cheap Seats                             22-Apr-94          ATRA/tickets-athletic events
Crew Impresses at Drexel Invitational                         22-Apr-94 Page 40   Rowing-Men's/ Rowing-Women's
Villanova Wildcats Baseball 1993-94 Season Team Cumulatives   22-Apr-94           Baseball
Cats Ready for Penn Relays                                    22-Apr-94           Track athletics-men's
Mooney Returns to Lax Field                                   22-Apr-94           Mooney, Aimee/ Lacrosse-Women's
Villanova Basketball Game Summaries                           22-Apr-94           Basketball-men's
DeFillippo Leads Cat Progress                                 22-Apr-94           DeFilippo, Gene/Director of Athletics/sex discrimination in sports
Head Coach Steve Lappas Signs Three-Year Extension            22-Apr-94           Lappas, Steve/basketball-men's
Head Coach Marty Stern to Retire                              22-Apr-94           Stern, Marty/track athletics-men's/track athletics-women's/cross-country running-men's/cross-country running-women's
Stern Leads Track into Penn Relays                            22-Apr-94           Stern, Marty/Penn Relays/Track athletics-women's
Baseball Drops Two of Three to Seton Hall; Defeats Textile    22-Apr-94           Baseball
Softball Wins Seven Out of Eight Games                        22-Apr-94           Softball
Apartment Concerns Addressed                                   9-Sep-94           Lysionek, Christine/Rudolph Hall/West Campus Apartments/Welsh Hall/Student housing-on campus/Klekotka Hall/Moulden
CAT Plans Events                                               9-Sep-94           Campus Activities Team/Nightclub
University Enrollment Increase Reported                        9-Sep-94           Students-Statistics/Enrollment Management/Admissions
Student Activities Office Reorganized for 1994-95 Year         9-Sep-94           Student Development, Office of/Farmer, Randy
Orientation Process Aids and Welcomes Students                 9-Sep-94           New Student Orientation Program
Belle Air Terrace Fully Renovated for Nite Club                9-Sep-94           Nightclub/Dining Services
Two New Sororities Invited to Campus                           9-Sep-94           Greek Letter Societies/Alpha Delta Pi/Alpha Xi Delta
UCIS Plans Improvements                                        9-Sep-94 Page 3    UCIS (University Computing and Information Services)
Parking Policy Revamped                                        9-Sep-94           Parking/Public Safety
Hall Receives Scholarship                                      9-Sep-94           Hall, Amanda
New Sexual Harassment Office Explores Incidents                9-Sep-94           Sexual Harassment/Byrnes, Kathleen
VQI Emphasizes Quality and Community Advancement               9-Sep-94           Villanova Quality Improvement
Shuttle Service Enhanced                                       9-Sep-94           Shuttle Service
Professors Honored for Research                                9-Sep-94           McCook, George/Sherry, Vincent/Outstanding Faculty Research Award
Vacation Over for Reps; What Are Words Worth?                  9-Sep-94           Student Government
One Senior's Quick Brush with Fraternity Rush                  9-Sep-94           Greek Letter Societies
Athletic Improvements Arrive                                   9-Sep-94           Football/Wildcard/Tickets, Athletic Events
Meal Plan Encourages Variety                                   9-Sep-94           Dining Services
'Resumania' Assists in Job Searches                            9-Sep-94           Career Planning and Placement/Resumes
Beta Theta Pi Accepts Charter                                  9-Sep-94           Greek Letter Societies/Beta Theta Pi
Spotlight: CAT Roars Onto Campus with New Ideas                9-Sep-94           Campus Activities Team
'Novans Break Ground in Belfast                                9-Sep-94           Habitat for Humanity/Northern Ireland
Villanova Theater Opens Curtains for '94                       9-Sep-94           Villanova Theater/Haus, Heinz Uwe
Barnes Leads Women's Tennis into Challenging Season                  9-Sep-94           Lewis, Sally/Tennis-Women's
Cyclist in National Meet                                             9-Sep-94           Cycling/Polgar, Damian
Crew Takes Cup                                                       9-Sep-94           Rowing-Men's
Women Depending on Youth                                             9-Sep-94           Field Hockey/Gerzabek, Jackie
Men Hoping to Improve                                                9-Sep-94           Soccer-Men's
Marshall, Women Go For Sixth Straight                                9-Sep-94           Cross-country running-Women's/Marshall, John
Men's Cross Country Welcomes Three New Coaches to 'Nova              9-Sep-94           Tuppeny, Jim/Procaccio, Gina/Williams, Anthony/Cross-country running-Men's/Marshall, John
Twomey, Volleyball Primed for Beginning of Season                    9-Sep-94 Page 39   Twomey, Ron// Volleyball-Women's
DeFilippo Implements New Ticket Policy                               9-Sep-94           Tickets, Athletic Events/ATRA/DuPont Fitness Room/DeFilippo, Gene/Intramural Sports
'Nova Dominates Fordman in Opener; Logan Tallies Eight Tackles in Opener                Football
'Nova Dominates Fordham in Opener; Sophomore QB Solid Against Fordham9-Sep-94           Pearson, Eric/Football
VFC Plans Upcoming Agenda                                           16-Sep-94           Villanova Feminist Coalition
Meal Plan Expanded at New Locations                                 16-Sep-94           Dining Services
Proposed Underpass Details Examined                                 16-Sep-94           Pedestrian Walkway
Block Party Previewed                                               16-Sep-94           Nightclub
SGA Reviews Initial Agenda                                          16-Sep-94           Student Government
Department of Telecommunications Analyzes System Performance 16-Sep-94                  Telecommunications, Dept. of/Telephones on Campus
Dining Hall Book Bag Policy Reversed                                16-Sep-94           Public Safety/Dining Services/Crime on Campus
University Senate Convenes                                          16-Sep-94           University Senate/Smoking
New Bike Patrol Enhances Campus Security Efforts                    16-Sep-94           Public Safety/Bicycle Patrol
Students Need to Manage Time More Effectively                       16-Sep-94           Time Management/Reilly, Edward
FMAE Encourages Awareness                                           16-Sep-94           Facilities Management/Vandalism
Library Upgrades Quality, Technology                                16-Sep-94           Falvey Memorial Library/Green, Louise
Engineering Department Announces Improvements                       16-Sep-94           College of Engineering/Capuzzi, Lynda
Wildcat Eco Mug Reduces Unnecessary Waste                           16-Sep-94           Recycling
UCIS Provides Clarification                                         16-Sep-94 Page 5    UCIS (University Computing and Information Services)
CBS College Tour Returns                                            16-Sep-94           CBS College Tour
It's the End of the World as We Know It, and We Feel Funked-Up      16-Sep-94           Greek Letter Societies/Sigma Phi Epsilon
'Nova's Lesser-Known Rivals and Why You Should Watch                16-Sep-94           Football/Talley, Andy/University of Delaware
...And the Frats Strike Back. Article Exhibits Grave Stereotypes    16-Sep-94           Greek Letter Societies
Exaggerated Humor Article Satirizes Indiscriminately                16-Sep-94           Greek Letter Societies
SGA Betrayed by Callous Editorial                                   16-Sep-94           Student Government
WXVU Radio Tunes into More Than Just the Music                      16-Sep-94           WXVU
Beta Theta Pi Races Duckies for Charity                             16-Sep-94           Greek Letter Societies/Rubber Duckie Race/Beta Theta Pi
Freshmen Say Bye to Boogaloo                                              16-Sep-94   New Student Orientation
College Drinking Can be Lethal                                            16-Sep-94   Students-Alcohol use
Person to Person...'Won't You be My Neighbor?'                            16-Sep-94   Student Housing-On Campus/West Campus Apartments
Spotlight: Public Safety Rides High Campus Wide                           16-Sep-94   Bicycle Patrol/Public Safety
Who is Dr. Maya Angelou?                                                  16-Sep-94   Angelou, Maya
'Novan's Favorite Pastime More that Just Hot Air                          16-Sep-94   Balloons/Murray, Michael
Mother Funk and the Maryjanes Rock 'Nova                                  16-Sep-94   Mother Funk/Maryjanes
'Scapin' to Arrive at Villanova Theatre                                   16-Sep-94   Villanova Theatre/Scapin/Moliere
Experienced M. X-Country Primed for Season                                16-Sep-94   Cross-country running-Men's
Field Hockey Wins                                                         16-Sep-94   Field Hockey
M. Soccer Evens Record at 2-2                                             16-Sep-94   Soccer-Men's
Women Soccer Tops Penn After Tough Loss to B.C.                           16-Sep-94   Soccer-Women's
Rhines Leads Cats' Quest for Title                                        16-Sep-94   Track Athletics-Women's/Rhines,Jen/Cross-country running-Women's
Unger Looking for Trainers for Villanova Sports                           16-Sep-94   Unger,Dan/Athletic Trainers
Heitzmann Gives Seminar                                                   16-Sep-94   Heitzmann, William /Study Skills/Faculty
Women Stumble to 1-2 Mark, Drop Two Straight Matches                      16-Sep-94   Tennis-Women's
Wildcats Ring Liberty's Bell, 16-13; Lightning Strikes, But Cats Reign on 16-Sep-94   Football
Wildcats Ring Liberty's Bell, 16-13; Sophomore Back Runs Over Defenders   16-Sep-94   Cowsette, Anthony
Parents' Weekend Highlights Tradition                                     23-Sep-94   Parents' Weekend
U.S. News & World Report Ranks 'Nova #1                                   23-Sep-94   Universities and Colleges-Evaluation
Renown Attorneys Discuss Rape Issues                                      23-Sep-94   Rape/Fairstein, Linda/Roach, Jane/Grant, Christine
Captial Campaign Bolsters Endowment                                       23-Sep-94   Capital Campaign
Job Jitters Eased                                                         23-Sep-94   Career Planning and Placement/Career Fair
Rushees Receive Bids                                                      23-Sep-94   Greek Letter Societies
SAE Participates in 5 Mile Radnor Run                                     23-Sep-94   Greek Letter Societies/American Lung Association/Radnor Run/Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Street Outreach Assists Homeless                                          23-Sep-94   Philadelphia Committee for the Homeless/Campus Ministry
Hoops for the Homeless Raises Money for Charity                           23-Sep-94   Alpha Phi Delta/Homeless/Greek letter societies
VU Targets Bookstore for Renovations                                      23-Sep-94   University Shop
VQI Encourages Student Input                                              23-Sep-94   Villanova Quality Improvement
Recycling Improves Campus-Wide                                            23-Sep-94   Recycling
Study Abroad Options Presented to Students                                23-Sep-94   Office of International Studies/Foreign Study
Lecture Stirs Action, Emotion, Tragedy                                    23-Sep-94   Crime on Campus/Lehigh University/Security on Campus/Kappa Kappa Gamma/Clery, Connie/Rape
Ticketmaster Office Opens in the Connelly Center                          23-Sep-94   Ticketmaster
Calendar Debated                                                          23-Sep-94   Academic Calendar
Foreign Scholars Teach in the United States                 23-Sep-94           Harb, Hadia/Teacher Exchange Programs
Paradise Lost After Men's Swimming Axed                     23-Sep-94 Page 10   Swimming and Diving-Men's/DeFilippo, Gene/Sex Discrimination in Sports
Apology Extended for Mayhem in Mosh Pit                     23-Sep-94           Sigma Phi Epsilon/Greek Letter Societies
Villanova Student Rights Go Up in Cloud of Smoke            23-Sep-94           Smoking/University Senate
Greek Critique Undermines System's Positives                23-Sep-94           Interfraternity Council/Greek Letter Societies
Dr. Maya Angelou is a...Phenomenal Woman                    23-Sep-94           Angelou, Maya
AIDS Peer Educators Offer More Than Statistics              23-Sep-94           Peer Educators/AIDS
'Novan Shares Trip to Spain in Journal                      23-Sep-94           Spain/Foreign Study/Murray, Michael
Tour Gets Heart Racing                                      23-Sep-94           Collegiate Health and Fitness Tour/Velcro Wall Jumping
Spotlight: Escort Service Increases Campus Safety           23-Sep-94           Student Escort Service/Botwin, Andy
Credit Can Buy you Trouble                                  23-Sep-94           Credit Cards
Billiards, Club Cues Up, Shoots to Win                      23-Sep-94           Hot Shots Billiards Club
'Nova Student Dumps Truth on Recycling                      23-Sep-94           Recycling
WXVU Caters to 'Nova Students' Tastes                       23-Sep-94           WXVU (Radio Station)
Honda Award Winner                                          23-Sep-94           Zajac, Carole/Cross-country running-Women's
W. Soccer Loses Heartbreaker                                23-Sep-94           Soccer-Women's
Men's Soccer Loses to UConn                                 23-Sep-94           Soccer-Men's
Intramural Improvements                                     23-Sep-94           Intramural Sports
Women Dominate in Maryland                                  23-Sep-94           Cross-country running-Women's
Field Hockey Hits Rut                                       23-Sep-94           Field Hockey
Volleyball Remains Undefeated                               23-Sep-94 Page 29   Volleyball-Women's
Men's X-Country Sweeps in MD                                23-Sep-94           Cross-country running-Men's
Villanova Stunned in Overtime Loss to Delaware 38-31        23-Sep-94           Football
'Nova Retires Jerseys                                       23-Sep-94           Football/Wysocki, John/Ferry, Lou/Siani, Mike/Liotta, Dominic/Michaels, Ed
Racism Panel Spurs University Awareness                      7-Oct-94           Racism
'Nova Strives for Gender Equity                              7-Oct-94           DeFilippo, Gene/Sex discrimination in sports/College sports
Feminist Perceptions Explored                                7-Oct-94           Feminism/Villanova Feminist Coalition
VFL Lecture Stirs Controversy                                7-Oct-94           Abortion/McMonagle, Michael/Villanovans for Life
Online Services Offer Scholarship Information                7-Oct-94           Student Aid
Fall Break Service Trips Assist Needy                        7-Oct-94           Campus Ministry/Villanova Volunteers
Who is Dr. Maya Angelou?                                     7-Oct-94           Angelou, Maya
Grads Teach in Chicago's Inner City                          7-Oct-94           Mooney, Greg/Lane, Rachel/Inner City Teaching Corps
Student Volunteers Participate in Silent Auction for AIDS    7-Oct-94           AIDS Task Force
EMS Answers Record Number of Calls                           7-Oct-94           Villanova Emergency Medical Service
Federal Agency Aids Islamic Studies Program                 7-Oct-94          Center for Arab and Islamic Studies/Bethlehem University/College of Commerce and Finance
Beta Theta Pi Rubber Duckie Race Benefits Cerebral Palsy    7-Oct-94          Cerebral Palsy Association/Rubber Duckie Race/Beta Theta Pi/Greek letter societies
Senate Caucus Formed                                        7-Oct-94          Senate Caucus
Coffee Gourmets Petition for Wildcard System at Cafe        7-Oct-94          Dining Services/Wildcard
Racism Shows True Colors                                    7-Oct-94          Racism
Inquirer Cites 'Novans for Housing Problems                 7-Oct-94          Student housing-Off-campus
Polo Drops to .500 Mark                                     7-Oct-94          Water Polo-Men's
Women's Tennis Season Emphasizes Progress                   7-Oct-94          Tennis-Women's
Star Keeper Posts Shutout                                   7-Oct-94          Soccer-Men's/Zeppos, Aleko
Women's X-Country Shocked; Streak Ended at 38               7-Oct-94          Cross-country running-Women's
Intramural Update                                           7-Oct-94          Intramural Sports
F. Hockey Falters                                           7-Oct-94          Field Hockey
1998 Projected Sports, Participation, Scholarship Levels    7-Oct-94          College Sports/Student Aid
Equality Sought in Wildcat Athletics                        7-Oct-94          College Sports/Sex Discrimination in sports/Student Aid
Pressure on Women's Soccer                                  7-Oct-94          Soccer-Women's
Men's Cross Country Finishes Ninth in Arkansas              7-Oct-94          Cross-country running-Men's
Spiders Fall Prey to Cat Explosion, 38-6                    7-Oct-94          Football
Offense Powers Cats to 15-3                                 7-Oct-94          Volleyball-Women's
Derrida Inaugurates Doctorate Program                       7-Oct-94          Derrida, Jacques/Philosophy Department
Lauded Poet Comes to Campus                                 7-Oct-94          Angelou, Maya
VU Gallery Exhibits Wasserman                               7-Oct-94          Villanova University Art Gallery/Wasserman, Burton
Spanish Journal: Making a Home In Sevilla                   7-Oct-94          Spain/Foreign Study/Murray, Michael
Take Back the Paper and Trash                               7-Oct-94          Recycling
Recycle, Recycle                                            7-Oct-94          Recycling
Homecoming, 1994; Schedule of Events                        7-Oct-94          Homecoming
West Campus Apartments Dedicated in Ceremony               28-Oct-94          Rudolph Hall/Welsh Hall/Moulden Hall/Klekotka Hall/West Campus Apartments/Student Housing-on-campus
Olson Reveals Plans for Homecoming Celebration             28-Oct-94          Homecoming
University Senate Convenes                                 28-Oct-94          University Senate/Smoking
ACS Sponsors Street Hockey Challenge                       28-Oct-94 Page 3   Off-campus students/Commuting college students/Association of Commuting Students (ACS)
Clement Named New Director of Public Relations             28-Oct-94          Sadtler Clement, Barbara K.
'Nova Alumnus Accepts Offer                                28-Oct-94          Maree, Sydney
UWSA Urges Poltical Awareness                              28-Oct-94          United We Stand America
Biblical Scholar Presents Lecture                          28-Oct-94          Fitzmyer, Joseph/Bible
SAE Fundraiser Aids 'Nova Bigs and Littles                 28-Oct-94          Sigma Alpha Epsilon/Villanova Bigs and Littles/Greek Letter societies
Special Olympians Showcase Talent                                     28-Oct-94   Special Olympics
Is There Any Method To This Year's Madness?                           28-Oct-94   Midnight Madness/Basketball-Men's
Off-Campus 'Novans Deserve Their Notoriety                            28-Oct-94   Student housing-off-campus
Gender Blending Benefits Dorms                                        28-Oct-94   Student housing-on-campus/Austin Hall/St. Rita's Hall
Duty Calls Villanovans to Vote for Community Members                  28-Oct-94   Sheehan, Colleen/Vitali, Greg
Volunteer Opportunities Await Graduates                               28-Oct-94   Inner-City Teaching Corps (ICTC)
Racism; Take More Than a Glimpse at the Changing Faces of Villanova   28-Oct-94   Racism/International Committee Against Racism (INCAR)
'Novans Past and Present Remember Homecoming                          28-Oct-94   Homecoming
Potok to Deliver Annual Lecture                                       28-Oct-94   Phi Kappa Phi/Potok, Chaim
Night Club Enlivens Campus                                            28-Oct-94   Night Club
The Villanova Theatre Reveals Becket's Life                           28-Oct-94   Murder in the Cathedral/Drama/Villanova Student Theater/Becket, Thomas/ Eliot, T.S.
'Dreams' Explores Fantasy and Reality                                 28-Oct-94   Villanova Theater/Twelve Dreams/Lapine, James/Drama
Intramural Update: Playoffs to Begin Soon                             28-Oct-94   Intramural Sports
Baseball Concludes Fall Season                                        28-Oct-94   Baseball
Women's Tennis Inconsistent                                           28-Oct-94   Tennis-Women's
Youthful 'Nova Team Struggles                                         28-Oct-94   Soccer-Men's
F. Hockey Loses in Overtime                                           28-Oct-94   Field Hockey
'Nova Golf Team Continues its Surprising Season                       28-Oct-94   Golf
Men's X-Country Wins Easily                                           28-Oct-94   Cross-country running-Men's
Postseason Hopes Fizzle                                               28-Oct-94   Soccer-Women's
'Nova Challenges #1 Stanford Out West                                 28-Oct-94   Volleyball-Women's
Women Flawless in MD                                                  28-Oct-94   Track athletics-Women's
Dunaway Tallies 11 Tackles in Victory                                 28-Oct-94   Football/Dunaway, Curtis
Wildcat Club Offers Support                                           28-Oct-94   Wildcat Club
Ticket Distribution Revamped                                          28-Oct-94   Tickets, Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Recruits Attend Wildcat Roar                                          28-Oct-94   Basketball-Men's-Recruiting
300 B-Ball Tix Nabbed by Campers                                       4-Nov-94   Tickets-Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
'Nova Unveils New Logo                                                 4-Nov-94   Wildcat Roar/DeFilippo, Gene
Angelou Captivates 'Novans                                             4-Nov-94   Angelou, Maya
Few Incidents Reported Despite Large Crowd                             4-Nov-94   Homecoming/Public Safety/Vandalism/Students-Alcohol Use
Loss Fails to Dampen Homecoming Enthusiasm                             4-Nov-94   Homecoming/Football
Ski Trips Scheduled                                                    4-Nov-94   Villanova Ski Club
Public Safety Offers Defense Class                                     4-Nov-94   Public Safety/Rape
Activist Explains Cause                                                4-Nov-94   Ireland/McAliskey, Bernadette Devlin
SGA Sponsors Town Meeting                                      4-Nov-94          Student Government/Town Meeting/DeFilippo, Gene/Villanova Quality Improvement
Sororities to be Added After Formal Rush in January            4-Nov-94          Greek Letter Societies/Alpha Delta Pi/Alpha Xi Delta
Silent Auction to Benefit AIDS Charities                       4-Nov-94          AIDS
Athletic Department Has the Ticket With Distribution Plan      4-Nov-94 Page 8   Tickets-Athletic Events/ Basketball-Men's
DuPont Diehards Come Through in Queue                          4-Nov-94          Tickets, Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Hip Hop Night Mishandling a Homecoming Disgrace                4-Nov-94          Homecoming/Nightclub/Vandalism
Come November, 'Novans Remember to Recycle                     4-Nov-94          Recycling
Women Can Fight Back with Self Defense Program                 4-Nov-94          Rape/Public Safety
Blue Key Open New Doors                                        4-Nov-94          Blue Key Society
Habitat Helps Rebuild Hope                                     4-Nov-94          Habitat for Humanity/Fuller, Millard
'Belva Dear'                                                   4-Nov-94          Nolan, Patrick/Belva Dear
Cultural Poverty Reigns                                        4-Nov-94          Dunphy, John/Office of Music Activities
Lacrosse Finishes Fall Season                                  4-Nov-94          Lacrosse-Men's
Men's Soccer Drops Two                                         4-Nov-94          Soccer-Men's
Intramural Update                                              4-Nov-94          Intramural Sports
Goodfellas Finish Season 5-0                                   4-Nov-94          Goodfellas
Men Finish Behind #1 Hoyas                                     4-Nov-94          Cross-country running-Men's
F. Hockey Finishes                                             4-Nov-94          Field Hockey/Gerzabek, Jackie
Women Capture Big East Title                                   4-Nov-94          Cross-country running-Women's
W. Soccer Hopes Squelched                                      4-Nov-94          Soccer-Women's
Women Fall to Hall                                             4-Nov-94          Volleyball-Women's
Wildcats Drown Eight on West Coast                             4-Nov-94          Water Polo-Men's
'Nova Drubbed by Tribe, 53-28                                  4-Nov-94          Football
'On the Pulse of the Morning' (poem at Clinton inauguration    9-Sep-94          Angelou, Maya
Volleyball Wins First Two Tourneys, Jumps to 8-0              16-Sep-94          Volleyball-Women's
Campaign Strives for Goal                                     11-Nov-94          Student Aid/Capital Campaign
Special Olympians Arrive on Campus                            11-Nov-94          Special Olympics
Freshman Dies in Weekend Accident                             11-Nov-94          McGarry, James/Students-Alcohol Use/Accidents
Smokeout Urges Quitting                                       11-Nov-94          Great American Smokeout/Smoking
DSA Targets Campus-Wide Homophobia                            11-Nov-94          Cervone, Mary Louise/Linehan, Elizabeth/Tucker, Scott/Democratic Socialists of America/Sex Discrimination
Internships Earn Credits                                      11-Nov-94          Internship Program
Women's Health Services Not a 'Nova Priority                  11-Nov-94          Health Center/Birth Control
Chi-Olympics a Success                                        11-Nov-94          Chi Omega/Greek letter societies
Teach for America Targets Youth                               11-Nov-94          Teach for America/Teaching
VFC Aids Battered Women                                           11-Nov-94   Villanova Feminist Coalition
Delta Gamma Holds Anchor-Splash to Benefit the Blind              11-Nov-94   Delta Gamma/Anchor Splash/Greek letter societies
Law School Hosts Lecture                                          11-Nov-94   Villanova Environmental Law Journal/School of Law
Dobbin Extends Congratulations                                    11-Nov-94   Dobbin, Edmund J./Varsity Hall of Fame
Gubernatorial Candidates Participate in Debate                    11-Nov-94   United We Stand America
Auction Benefits AIDS                                             11-Nov-94   AIDS Task Force/AIDS
Blue Key Society Recruits New Student Members                     11-Nov-94   Blue Key Society
Space Shuttle Program Unveils New Payload                         11-Nov-94   Space Shuttle Experiments Program
Scholar Examines Biblical Debate                                  11-Nov-94   Harrington, Daniel
Silent Auction to Benefit AIDS Charities                          11-Nov-94   AIDS
New Major Considered                                              11-Nov-94   Women's Studies Program
Honor Society Hosts Potok                                         11-Nov-94   Potok, Chaim/Phi Kappa Phi
VQI Urges Student Input                                           11-Nov-94   Dobbin, Edmund J./Villanova Quality Improvement
Dobbin Urges Communication Through VQI                            11-Nov-94   Dobbin, Edmund J.
James C. McGarry (March 21, 1976-November 6, 1994)                11-Nov-94   Students-Alcohol Use/McGarry, James/Accidents
Butt-Heads Display Bizarre Notion of Individual 'Rights'          11-Nov-94   Smoking
Alum Driven Loco by Hideous Logo                                  11-Nov-94   Wildcat Logo
'Nova Accountable for Stolen Belongings                           11-Nov-94   Crime on campus
Closing of Connelly Was Not Racially Motivated                    11-Nov-94   Homecoming/Nightclub/Minorities
Alcohol It May Be a Rite of Passage But Where is it Leading Us?   11-Nov-94   Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance/Students-Alcohol Use
Hunger Awareness Week Feeds Body and Soul                         11-Nov-94   Hunger Awareness Week/Oxfam
Mixing It Up and Serving It Right                                 11-Nov-94   Bartending/Denenberg, Steve/Mamo, Tony
Quit Smoking and Start Living                                     11-Nov-94   Great American Smokeout/Smoking
Art Gallery to Showcase Costumes                                  11-Nov-94   Villanova University Art Gallery
Urbino Program Unlocks Italy                                      11-Nov-94   Italy/Foreign Study
Job Market Trends Give the Green Light                            11-Nov-94   Career Planning and Placement
'Nova Graduate Releases Debut Album                               11-Nov-94   Nast, Dave/Makowski, Chet
'Nova Goes '50s in 'Leader of the Pack' Musical                   11-Nov-94   Leader of the Pack: The Ellie Greenwich Musical/Villanova Student Musical Theatre/Musicals
EGG Makes it to Radio City Music Hall                             11-Nov-94   EGG/Thomas, Dan
Micek's Field Presence Will be Missed Next Season                 11-Nov-94   Micek, Marcy/Soccer-Women's
Rock Solid Miller Anchors 'Nova an Impressive Defense             11-Nov-94   Miller, Rosemarie/Soccer-Women's
Water Polo Remains Optimistic                                     11-Nov-94   Water Polo-Men's
Volleyball Challenges Pitt; Evans Sets School Records             11-Nov-94   Volleyball-Women's
Louie Quintana Leads Cross Country to IC4A Championships          11-Nov-94   Quintana, Louie/Cross-country running-Men's
Intramural Update                                                11-Nov-94                     Intramural Sports
New Orleans Bound Dominates                                      11-Nov-94                     Football-Women's
Rugby Winless                                                    11-Nov-94                     Rugby
Haynes Out for Exhibition Play                                   11-Nov-94                     Basketball-Men's/Haynes, Jonathan
Experienced Cats Hit the Ice                                     11-Nov-94                     Ice Hockey
Sullivan Excels                                                  11-Nov-94                     Sullivan, Krestena/Cross-country running-Women's/Track athletics-Women's
                                                                 11-Nov-94                     Talley, Andy/Football
Wildcats Run Over West Chester, 38-14; Talley One Win From Becoming the All-Time Winningest 'Nova F-ball Coach
Cheerleaders Gear Up for Basketball                              11-Nov-94
Villanova Gets Verbal Commitment from Howard                     11-Nov-94 Page 40             Basketball-Men's-Recruiting/Brown, Howard
Spanish Journal: Student goes continent hopping                   28-Oct-94                    Spain/Murray, Michael/Foreign Study
Panelists discuss gay/lesbian prejudice                          18-Nov-94                     Tucker, Scott/Cervone, Mary Louise/Sex discrimination/Dignity of Philadelphia/Linehan, Dr. Elizabeth
SGA reveals current agenda and future plans                      18-Nov-94                     Student Government
Hunger Awareness Week aids needy                                 18-Nov-94                     Campus Ministry/Center for Peace and Justice/Hunger Awareness Week/OXFAM
University Senate meets                                          18-Nov-94                     University Senate/Dobbin, Edmund J.
Nurses revolutionize profession                                  18-Nov-94                     College of Nursing/Fralic, Mary Ann
AIDS Quilt to come to Philadelphia in spring                     18-Nov-94                     AIDS
Lafferty fields questions at meeting                             18-Nov-94                     Student Government/Town Meeting/Lafferty, Helen
Day Without Art remembers AIDS victims                           18-Nov-94                     AIDS Task Force
Grad wins election                                               18-Nov-94                     Rowland, John/Connecticut
Geopardy Challenge tests knowledge                               18-Nov-94                     Villanova University Geography Society
Lunch exchange supports community                                18-Nov-94                     Villanova Quality Improvement
Anchorsplash money benefits blind                                18-Nov-94 Page 4              Delta Gamma/Anchor Splash
Who's Who students announced                                     18-Nov-94                     Students-awards
'Wait Room' weighs heavy for students                            18-Nov-94                     ATRA/Sports Facilities/Physical Fitness
Alum won't fight for a rainbow of mauve                          18-Nov-94                     College Sports/Wildcat Logo
Sensitivity training insults athlete                             18-Nov-94                     Track Athletics-Men's/College Sports
Volunteer reflects on Special Olympics weekend                   18-Nov-94                     Special Olympics
'Novan closes Spanish journal                                    18-Nov-94                     Murray, Michael/Spain/Foreign study
Library exhibits tale of Irish culture                           18-Nov-94                     Falvey Memorial Library
The Vignette tells the story                                     18-Nov-94                     Vignette
Slick Kingdom brings twist to songs                              18-Nov-94                     Nightclub/Pastore, Chris
Big Idea hits Connelly with a loud bang                          18-Nov-94                     Nightclub
Greek tragedy arrives at 'Nova Theatre                           18-Nov-94                     Villanova Theatre/Oedipus Rex/Haus, Heinz Uwe/Tsubaki, Andrew
VSMT scores a hit with 'Leader of the Pack'                      18-Nov-94                     Villanova Student Musical Theater/Leader of the Pack
Triple-I-Threat wins title                                                18-Nov-94                     Intramural Sports
NOB IV repeats as champs                                                  18-Nov-94 Page 29             Football-Women's
Cats dip under.500 mark to end season, 21-14                              18-Nov-94                     Football
Finneran twins well received                                              18-Nov-94                     Finneran, Brad/Finneran, Brian/Football
Men find their way to NCAA championships                                  18-Nov-94 Page 31             Cross-Country Running-Men's/Quintana, Louie
Icecats even record at 2-2 with 6-4 victory                               18-Nov-94                     Ice Hockey
Men dominate in exhibition play                                           18-Nov-94                     Basketball-Men's'
Glenning key to women's victory                                           18-Nov-94                     Basketball-Women's
Women run away with sixth-straight title                                  18-Nov-94 Page 32             Cross-Country Running-Women's
Captains Haynes, Wilson steer Cats - Special Suppplement: College Basketball Preview 1994-95            Wilson, Ron/Haynes, Jonathan/Basketball-Men's'
Kittles silently soars into national spotlight - Special Supplement: College Basketball Preview 1994-95Kittles, Kerry/Basketball-Men's'
Lawson faces formidable challenge - Special Supplement: College Basketball Preview 1994-95              Lawson, Jason/Basketball-Men's'
Lappas remains calm amid high expectations - Special Supplement: College Basketball Preview 1994-95     Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's'
Cats look to Kornegay, Shafer to add depth - Special Supplement: College Basketball Preview 1994-95Kornegay, Chuck/Basketball-Men's'
                                                                          18-Nov-94                     Basketball-Men's'
Veteran Cats claw up to next level behind Kittles, Lawson - Special Supplement: College Basketball Preview 1994-95
'Nova remembers the 1985 Crusade in Kentucky - Special Supplement:18-Nov-94                             Basketball-Men's'
                                                                           College Basketball Preview 1994-95
Mixed emotions on Coach Mass - Special Supplement: College Basketball Preview 1994-95                   Massimino, Rollie
                                                                          18-Nov-94                     Basketball-Women's/ Dillon, Denise/Thornton, Michele
Cats get back on track with Dillon, Thornton and rookies - Special Supplement: College Basketball Preview 1994-95
Landmark freshman class arrives - Special Supplement: College Basketball Preview 1994-95                Basketball-Women's
'Nova recruiting resurrected by Rosenthal - Special Supplement: College Basketball Preview 1994-95 Basketball-Women's/ Rosenthal, Priscilla
Dillon assumes center state for Wildcats - Special Supplement: College18-Nov-94 Preview 1994-95 Basketball-Women's/ Dillon, Denise
INCAR accuses book of racist ideology                                      9-Dec-94                     Racism/Bell Curve/Murray, Charles/Eckstein, Rick/Keita, Maghan/Knapp, Peter
Blueprints and model unveiled for new Engineering building on campus9-Dec-94                            Villanova University-Planning/College of Engineering/Villanova University-Building
Caldaroni resigns                                                          9-Dec-94                     Caldaroni, Karen
MLK Jr. Day will be celebrated in January                                  9-Dec-94                     Center for Peace and Justice/King, Martin Luther
SNAP elections held                                                        9-Dec-94                     Student Nurses Association
US-Iran rift explored                                                      9-Dec-94                     Cottam, Richard/Iran
Logo licensing procedures clarified                                        9-Dec-94                     Wildcat Logo
Book drive benefits Lithuania                                              9-Dec-94                     Lithuania
Amnesty International fights for human rights                              9-Dec-94                     Human Rights
Proposed sororities will not colonize                                      9-Dec-94                     Greek Letter Societies
Poster contest raises AIDS/HIV awareness                                   9-Dec-94                     AIDS Task Force
Wildcats receive license to run                                            9-Dec-94                     Wildcat Roar/Wildcat Logo
'Day withour Art' is not a day without meaning                             9-Dec-94                     AIDS
VQI-An answer or the problem?                                             9-Dec-94           Villanova Quality Improvement (VQI)
AIDS; Do you think Villanova is immune to this deadly disease?            9-Dec-94           AIDS/AIDS Task Force
CAT holiday events deck the halls of Villanova                            9-Dec-94           Christmas Week
Students plan for Germany                                                 9-Dec-94           Foreign Study
Volleyball's Lam receives recognition                                     9-Dec-94           Lam, Amy/ Volleyball-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                      9-Dec-94           Walley, Kesha/Kittles, Kerry
Walk-on Kevin Cox crucial to Cats' second team                            9-Dec-94           Cox, Kevin/Basketball-Men's'
NCAA Certification                                                        9-Dec-94           National Collegiate Athletic Association
Ice Cats skate to .500 mark                                               9-Dec-94           Ice Hockey
Intramural Update                                                         9-Dec-94           Intramural Sports
Men take second                                                           9-Dec-94 Page 34   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Men's track and field excell at Bucknell Invitational                     9-Dec-94           Track Athletics-Men's
Younger Cats win four events in indoor season opener                      9-Dec-94           Track Athletics-Women's/
Wildcats sink Pirates' ship, 98-75                                        9-Dec-94           Basketball-Men's'
Women thrashed by UConn                                                   9-Dec-94           Basketball-Women's
Alcohol consumption sparks reaction                                       2-Dec-94           Students-Alcohol Use
Team Solarcat looks to year of reorganization                             2-Dec-94           Solarcat
Discussion challenges homeless stereotypes                                2-Dec-94           Homeless/Philadelphia Committee to end Homelessness
Diwali festival celebrates Indian and South Asian culture and tradition   2-Dec-94           Villanova Indian Students Association/Students, Foreign/South Asian Multicultural Organization
Smokeout contest winners announced                                        2-Dec-94           Smoking
Residence Life begins RA selection process                                2-Dec-94           Residence Assistants
AIDS affects art world                                                    2-Dec-94           AIDS Task Force
Nurturing Network offers options for women                                2-Dec-94           Pregnancy/Nurturing Network
SNAP hosts annual convention                                              2-Dec-94           Student Nurses Association
What are we now covering up?                                              2-Dec-94           AIDS
Student reads writing on the walls                                        2-Dec-94           Falvey Memorial Library/Vandalism
Student defends former 'Nova athlete                                      2-Dec-94           McLain, Gary/Basketball-Men's
Elections '94 How will our vote affect the nation's future?               2-Dec-94           College Republicans/College Democrats
'Novans make summer voyage to Tokyo, Japan                                2-Dec-94           Foreign Study
Classic 'Oedipus' endures                                                 2-Dec-94           Villanova Theatre/Oedipus Rex drama
Athletes of the week                                                      2-Dec-94           Rhines, Jen/Nason, Ken
Men ready for indoor season                                               2-Dec-94           Track Athletics-Men's
Intramural Update; the Ritas advance to City Six championships            2-Dec-94           Intramural sports
Swimming struggles, drop first three                                      2-Dec-94           Swimming and Diving-Men's
Men's crew ends successful season                                       2-Dec-94 Page 34   Rowing-Men's
Evans earns top rookie honors                                           2-Dec-94           Volleyball-Women's/ Evans, Stacy
Women hang tough, fall to No. 6 'Bama                                   2-Dec-94           Basketball-Women's
Women win sixth straight NCAA title                                     2-Dec-94           Cross-country running-Women's/Rhines, Jen/Spies, Becky/Marshall, John
Men surprise at Arkansas, finish season ninth in nation                 2-Dec-94           Quintana, Louie/ Nason, Ken/Cross-country running-Men's
Wildcats out-fox Marist in home opener                                  2-Dec-94           Basketball-Men's
Alleged phone harasser apprehended                                     27-Jan-95           Stanford Hall/Public Safety/Sexual Harassment/Telephones on Campus
Editors seek change                                                    27-Jan-95           Villanovan
Becky Spies-Rhodes Scholar                                             27-Jan-95           Spies, Becky (Photograph)
Lecture examines Malcolm and Martin's legacy                           27-Jan-95           King, Martin Luther/Cone, James/Malcolm X
Sororities complete annual spring Rush                                 27-Jan-95           Greek letter societies
VFL protests abortion in D.C.                                          27-Jan-95           Villanovans for Life/Abortion
Caputo named distinguished scholar                                     27-Jan-95           Caputo, John/Phi Kappa Phi
Residence Life offers off-campus options                               27-Jan-95           Residence Life/Student Housing-Off campus
Reverse discrimination offered as solution for injustice               27-Jan-95           Betz, Joseph/Minorities/Discrimination
Public Safety reviews campus crime                                     27-Jan-95           Crime on campus/Public safety
Ticket distribution evaluated                                          27-Jan-95           Tickets, Athletic events
Johannes named to Academic Affairs                                     27-Jan-95           Johannes, John
Fans need to clean up their act                                        27-Jan-95           Sports Fans/Basketball-Men's
Real fans deserve tickets                                              27-Jan-95           Basketball-Men's/Tickets-Athletic events/Sports fans
Excuse me, what's in that bag?                                         27-Jan-95           Crime on campus/Public safety
Women's sports deserve attention                                       27-Jan-95           Basketball-Women's
Long Live Dr. King; Martin Luther King continues to lead the March for Freedom             King, Martin Luther/Freedom School/Black Cultural Society
Villanova's campus in need of a major facelift                         27-Jan-95           Pedestrian walkway/Mendel Hall/College of Engineering/Villanova University-Buildings
Sharpen your study skills for a winning semester                       27-Jan-95           Study skills
Make the right choice in a major decision                              27-Jan-95           Career Planning and Placement
Protect Your Book Bag                                                  27-Jan-95           Vandalism/Crime on campus
'Our Young Black Men' seeks to educate                                 27-Jan-95           King, Martin Luther
Hockey drops two to unbeaten Skidmore                                  27-Jan-95           Ice Hockey
Villanova travels south to face Carolina Tarheels                      27-Jan-95           Basketball-Men's/North Carolina
Average Joe on basketball                                              27-Jan-95           Basketball-Men's
Men post 6-2 mark                                                      27-Jan-95           Basketball-Men's
Women dominate over break                                              27-Jan-95           Basketball-Women's
Spies runs away with lauded Rhodes Scholarship                         27-Jan-95           Spies, Becky/Rhodes Scholars/Cross-country running-Women's/Track Athletics-Women's
Women warming up                                                      27-Jan-95   Track Athletics-Women's
Men's track win four at Cornell                                       27-Jan-95   Track Athletics-Men's
Eric 3-Berz lives up to his name                                      27-Jan-95   Basketball-Men's/Eberz, Eric
Courtside with Villanova's Head Coach Steve Lappas                    27-Jan-95   Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
Women improve with winning streak and two close wins                  27-Jan-95   Basketball-Women's
Co-captain Michele Thornton records 1000th point                      27-Jan-95   Basketball-Women's/Thornton, Michele
Wildcats muzzle Hoyas, 66-60; 'Nova claws its way back into Top 25    27-Jan-95   Basketball-Men's
'Nova downs Miami                                                     27-Jan-95   Basketball-Men's
Coach Perretta wins 300th                                             27-Jan-95   Peretta, Harry/Basketball-Women's
Patterson Hall (photograph)                                           27-Jan-95
Committee searches for new dean                                        3-Feb-95   Clay, Alvin/College of Commerce and Finance
Vandals damage campus                                                  3-Feb-95   Vandalism
Curriculum problems examined                                           3-Feb-95   College of Liberal Arts and Sciences/Curricula
University goes smoke-free                                             3-Feb-95   Smoking
AIDS Awareness Week raises consciousness                               3-Feb-95   AIDS Awareness Week
Mogan named to CAT position                                            3-Feb-95   Mogan, Thomas/Campus Activities Team
Honor Society seeks members                                            3-Feb-95   Omicron Delta Kappa
New system aids Drop/Add                                               3-Feb-95   Villanova University-Registration
Greek councils elect board                                             3-Feb-95   Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Council/Greek Letter Societies
West Campus living; a real challenge                                   3-Feb-95   Student Housing-On-Campus/West Campus Apartments
Students want to 'park' problems at the gate                           3-Feb-95   Parking/Public Safety/West Campus Apartments
Tension builds between communities and students                        3-Feb-95   Student Housing-Off-campus
Washington Minimester Program                                          3-Feb-95   Washington Minimester
Credit card copies in the library                                      3-Feb-95   Falvey Memorial Library
The O.J. Simpson Trial: How does it weigh on the scales of justice?    3-Feb-95   School of Law
Service trip to Ghana, Africa provides hope for all                    3-Feb-95   Habitat for Humanity/Student Volunteers in Social Service/Africa
Artist creates paper, peace                                            3-Feb-95   Villanova University Art Gallery/Patterson, Karen
New pledge Initiation causes sisterhood to thrive                      3-Feb-95   Greek letter societies
Athletes of the Week                                                   3-Feb-95   Kittles, Kerry/Rhines, Jen
Quintana takes top honors in mile run                                  3-Feb-95   Quintana, Louie/Track Athletics-Men's
Your Average Joe on NFL football and basketball                        3-Feb-95   Basketball-Men's
Six Villanovans commemorated in duPont                                 3-Feb-95   Basketball-Men's/Basketball-Women's
Ice Cats fall prey to Griffens                                         3-Feb-95   Ice Hockey
Scope's Spotlight: Pitt Coach Ralph Willard                            3-Feb-95   Willard, Ralph
Women's swimming undefeated                          3-Feb-95   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Men's swimming suffers setback                       3-Feb-95   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Lawson, Kittles lift Cats past Friars                3-Feb-95   Basketball-Men's/Lawson, Jason/Kittles, Kerry
Women storm back against St. John's                  3-Feb-95   Basketball-Women's
Women produce five qualifying times                  3-Feb-95   Track athletics-Women's
'Nova drubs St. John's, Haynes out 'indefinitely'    3-Feb-95   Basketball-Men's/Haynes, Jonathan
Apartment staff evaluated                           10-Feb-95   West Campus Apartments/Apartment Assistants/Resident Assistants
Admissions increases reported                       10-Feb-95   Admissions
Black History Month celebrations planned            10-Feb-95   Black History Month
'Nova siblings arrive for annual weekend            10-Feb-95   Sibling Weekend
Renovations completed in Campus Confections         10-Feb-95   Dining Services
St. Mary's pool opened                              10-Feb-95   Sports Facilities/St. Mary's pool
SGA recruits members                                10-Feb-95   Student Government
Students heighten AIDS awareness                    10-Feb-95   AIDS Awareness Week
Lindback nominees honored                           10-Feb-95   Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching/Gardner, Russell/Murphy, James /Hill, Ronald/Eckstein, Rick/Godzieba, Anthony
Intramural Update                                   10-Feb-95   Intramural sports
Solarcat prepares for competition                   10-Feb-95   Solarcat
Big East tickets to be made available               10-Feb-95   Tickets, Athletic events/Basketball-Men's
Villanova University AIDS AWARENESS WEEK Schedule   10-Feb-95   AIDS Awareness Week
Farewell Big Five                                   10-Feb-95   Basketball-Men's
Convenience store benefits students                 10-Feb-95   Convenience store
'Charges' are found damaging                        10-Feb-95   Vandalism
Management claims uncompromising quality            10-Feb-95   West Campus Apartments/Student Housing-on Campus
Credit card copies in the library                   10-Feb-95   Falvey Memorial Library
WXVU in the spotlight: making music for our ears    10-Feb-95   WXVU (Radio Station)
Campus Cameos: The Rev. John P. Stack               10-Feb-95   Stack, John/Students-Alcohol Use
Campus art deserves recognition and appreciation    10-Feb-95   Villanova University Art Gallery
Villanova production to aide Habitat                10-Feb-95   Churchill, Caryl/Owners/Drama/Villanova Theater/Habitat for Humanity
Athletes of the Week                                10-Feb-95   Kittles, Kerry/Spies, Becky
Women's record blemished                            10-Feb-95   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Men defeated by University of VA                    10-Feb-95   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Courtside with 'Nova Head Coach Steve Lappas        10-Feb-95   Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
'Nova squeaks past Pitt                             10-Feb-95   Basketball-Men's
Average Joe                                         10-Feb-95   Basketball-Men's
Spies defends collegiate mile at Millrose Games                       10-Feb-95                     Spies, Becky/Track Athletics-Women's
Ice Cat offense sputters, lose two straight games                     10-Feb-95                     Ice Hockey
No. 16 Wildcats extend winning streak; Kittles nets 25, Penn adds 11 off the bench                  Basketball-Men's/Kittles, Kerry
Women's basketball wins two games on the road                         10-Feb-95                     Basketball-Women's
Women defeat St. John's, Denise Dillon injured                        10-Feb-95                     Basketball-Women's
Class brings literacy to inmates                                      17-Feb-95                     Graterford Prison/Goldblatt, Eli
Landlord appeals Lower Merion Township ordinance                      17-Feb-95                     Vanelli, Joseph/Noonan, Gregory/Student housing-off-campus
Senate Meets Today                                                    17-Feb-95 Page 1              University Senate
Mice invade Sullivan                                                  17-Feb-95                     Sullivan Hall/Student Housing-on-campus
Spring Break trips aid needy areas                                    17-Feb-95                     Habitat for Humanity/Volunteers
Group helps students beat eating disorders                            17-Feb-95                     Eating disorders
New honor code considered                                             17-Feb-95                     Honor code
Jorge Torres spends week on campus                                    17-Feb-95                     Torres, Jorge
VQI forms made available                                              17-Feb-95                     Villanova Quality Improvement
Task force takes closer look at alcohol abuse                         17-Feb-95                     Students-Alcohol Use / Student Life Task Force on Alcohol Use
Current faculty evaluation questioned                                 17-Feb-95                     Faculty
Orgy of filth in men's dorm                                           17-Feb-95                     Vandalism/Student housing-on-campus
AIDS: A week in review                                                17-Feb-95                     AIDS Awareness Week/School of Law
AIDS hits home for Nichols                                            17-Feb-95                     Nichols, Henry/Nichols, Jennifer
'Nova community holds mass 'In Remembrance'                           17-Feb-95                     AIDS Awareness Week
Concert rings out hope                                                17-Feb-95                     AIDS Awareness Week
'Novans piece the lives of AIDS victims                               17-Feb-95                     AIDS Awareness Week
Performers Interpret AIDS                                             17-Feb-95                     AIDS Awareness Week
1995 Big East Tournament Student Ticket Policy                        17-Feb-95                     Tickets-Athletic Events
Hockey splits over weekend                                            17-Feb-95                     Ice Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                                  17-Feb-95                     Thornton, Michele/Lawson, Jason
From the Intramural Office                                            17-Feb-95                     Intramural sports
'Nova handles Seton Hall                                              17-Feb-95                     Basketball-Men's
Average Joe                                                           17-Feb-95                     Basketball-Men's/Higgins, Tom
Sophomore Williams gaining confidence at the point                    17-Feb-95                     Williams, Alvin/Basketball-Men's
Senior center Jen Maga anchors Wildcat squad                          17-Feb-95                     Basketball-Women's/Maga, Jennifer
                                                                       extend winning streak to 10 games
Cats squeeze Orange in OT, 89-87; Lawson and Kornegay help Wildcats17-Feb-95                        Basketball-Men's/Lawson, Jason/Kornegay, Chuck
Women's basketball wins 12 out of last 13 games                       17-Feb-95                     Basketball-Women's
Cheerleaders receive national bid                                     17-Feb-95                     Cheerleading
Peace Corps seeks new recruits                                              24-Feb-95                  Peace Corps
Alcohol abuse draws national, campus attention                              24-Feb-95                  Students-Alcohol use / Alcohol Task Force
Church's relationship with AIDS discussed                                   24-Feb-95                  Homosexuality/AIDS/Catholic Church-doctrine
Broadcast message system reevaluated                                        24-Feb-95                  Voice Mail/Telecommunications, Dept. of
Peace and Justice adds new courses                                          24-Feb-95                  Center for Peace and Justice
Damages to Fedigan gate amount to more than $3,000                          24-Feb-95                  Vandalism/Fedigan gate
Office extends financial aid                                                24-Feb-95                  Student Aid
Honor Society seeks member                                                  24-Feb-95                  Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society
St. Mary's tunnel renovations slated                                        24-Feb-95                  Student Government/SEPTA
Arts students need computer upgrading                                       24-Feb-95                  Computers
Toyota joke insults Asian culture                                           24-Feb-95                  Discrimination
Anti-alcohol sentiment builds                                               24-Feb-95                  Students-Alcohol Use / Alcohol Task Force
Broadcast messages: threshold to 21st century                               24-Feb-95                  Voice Mail/Telecommunications
Campus architecture is questioned                                           24-Feb-95                  Villanova University-Buildings
Student defends award-winning ref                                           24-Feb-95                  Higgins, Tim/Basketball-Men's'
Band demands support                                                        24-Feb-95                  Villanovan
For basketball tickets, simply try sharing                                  24-Feb-95                  Tickets-Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Habitat for Humanity: Spring break '95 Volunteers raise funds to build homes and futures               Volunteers/Habitat for Humanity
Interns learn ropes of their career                                         24-Feb-95                  Internship Program/Villanova University-Public Relations
Campus Cameos: Dr. Eli Goldblatt                                            24-Feb-95                  Goldblatt, Eli/Faculty
'Novan discovers new abilities on HEC retreat                               24-Feb-95                  Tracy, Shawn/Handicapped
'Owners' exhibits top-notch acting skills                                   24-Feb-95                  Villanova Theater/Owners (Drama)/Churchill, Caryl
Explosive Ice Cats embarrass Wentworth twice                                24-Feb-95                  Ice Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                                        24-Feb-95                  Thornton, Michele/Eberz, Eric
Intramural Update                                                           24-Feb-95                  Intramural sports
Improvement in paint puts Lawson among top centers                          24-Feb-95                  Lawson, Jason/Basketball-Men's
Women overcome 18-point deficit to beat G'Town                              24-Feb-95                  Basketball-Women's/Thornton, Michele
Wildcats man-handled by Hoyas, 77-52                                        24-Feb-95                  Basketball-Men's
                                                                            24-Feb-95                  Basketball-Men's/Eberz, Eric/Haynes, Jonathan/Lawson, Jason
Eberz erases Penn with career high; DuPont quakes with return of Haynes, Eberz scores 25, Lawson adds 20
Women take 2nd in Big East                                                  24-Feb-95                  Track Athletics-Women's
'Nova destroys No. 1 Huskies                                                24-Feb-95                  Basketball-Men's
Wildcats grab their first Big East title; Kittles named Big East Player of the Year and tournament MVP Basketball-Men's/Kittles, Kerry/Lawson, Jason
Homecoming ultimatum sparks reaction                                       17-Mar-95                   Students-Alcohol Use/Homecoming/Olsen, Gary
Greek 101 seminar stresses safety                                          17-Mar-95                   Greek letter societies
Bill designates campus areas smoke free                             17-Mar-95   Smoking
Senior class endowment fund seeks pledges                           17-Mar-95   Student Aid/Senior class endowed scholarship
English department announces appointment                            17-Mar-95   Shohet, Lauren
Berrigan brings radical message to campus                           17-Mar-95   Habitat for Humanity/Berrigan, Daniel
Financial Aid deserves a fight                                      17-Mar-95   Student Aid
After all these years, the Big Five is still a big deal             17-Mar-95   Basketball-Men's
A Hand for the Handicapped. Is 'Nova's campus an obstacle course?   17-Mar-95   Handicapped Encounter Christ
Campus Cameos: Dr. Gaile Pohlhaus                                   17-Mar-95   Pohlhaus, Gaile/Faculty
Artist colors university art gallery with his inner spirit          17-Mar-95   Villanova University Art Gallery/Gomez Macias, Juan
What's In Your Head? I'm going to Carolina in my mind               17-Mar-95   Habitat for Humanity
Athletes of the Week                                                17-Mar-95   Kittles, Kerry/Dillon, Denise
Men's lacrosse                                                      17-Mar-95   Lacrosse-Men's
Over-matched men make good effort                                   17-Mar-95   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Women's lacrosse optimistic                                         17-Mar-95   Lacrosse-Women's
Women's track captures fourth place in NCAA's                       17-Mar-95   Track athletics-Women's
Men finish in middle of the pack in championships                   17-Mar-95   Track Athletics-Men's
Softball off to impressive start                                    17-Mar-95   Softball
WXVU to broadcast games                                             17-Mar-95   WXVU (radio station)
Women's basketball team not asked to Big Dance                      17-Mar-95   Basketball-Women's
Kornegay up front gives Nova balance                                17-Mar-95   Basketball-Men's/Kornegay, Chuck
Baseball explodes to 10-2 record behind offense                     17-Mar-95   Baseball
Swimmers capture Big East                                           17-Mar-95   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Men take 6th in Big East Championships                              24-Feb-95   Track athletics-Men's
Arts Senate candidates debate issues                                24-Mar-95   Student Government-Election-1995
Women's History Month commemorated                                  24-Mar-95   Villanova Feminist Coalition
Presidential hopefuls offer plans for University                    24-Mar-95   Student Government-Election-1995
C & F candidates present platforms                                  24-Mar-95   Student Government-Election-1995
McAssey named to fourth endowed chair                               24-Mar-95   McAssey, Edward/College of Engineering/Endowed chairs
Career Fair scheduled                                               24-Mar-95   Socially Responsible Career Days/Career Fair
New grading system implemented                                      24-Mar-95   Grading system
Engineers campaign for SGA position                                 24-Mar-95   Student Government-Election-1995
Registration headaches change to nightmares                         24-Mar-95   College of Liberal Arts and Sciences/Curricula
SGA needs to open doors                                             24-Mar-95   Interfraternity Council/Student Government/Greek Letter Societies
Unfair questioning plagues senatorial debates                       24-Mar-95   Apathy/College of Commerce and Finance/Student Government-Election-1995
O'Brien's experience will lead SGA                                       24-Mar-95           Student Government-Election-1995
Vance will bring fresh blood to SGA                                      24-Mar-95           Student Government-Election-1995
'Free the Planet!' Is political action the cure for our ailing planet?   24-Mar-95           Earth Day
Students may pay the price for government cuts                           24-Mar-95           Student Aid
Careers For A Brighter Future                                            24-Mar-95           Socially Responsible Career Days
Athletes of the Week                                                     24-Mar-95           McCaffrey, Meaghan/Clifford, John
Final Basketball Statistics                                              24-Mar-95           Basketball-Men's
Football's signees bolster strong returning class                        24-Mar-95           Football
Intramural Update                                                        24-Mar-95           Intramural Sports
Psychopaths mold dynasty at Villanova                                    24-Mar-95           Intramural Sports
Men's lacrosse off to lackluster 1-5 start                               24-Mar-95           Lacrosse-Men's
Crew optimistic up-coming season                                         24-Mar-95 Page 33   Rowing-Men's/ Rowing-Women's
Men's tennis hoping to build on success                                  24-Mar-95           Tennis-Men's
Softball on pace to set win record with stellar start                    24-Mar-95           Softball
Men looking forward to spring                                            24-Mar-95           Track Athletics-Men's
Women lose to Penn in overtime, 13-12                                    24-Mar-95           Lacrosse-Women's
Cats bow out to Monarchs in triple OT                                    24-Mar-95           Basketball-Men's
Baseball puts record at 14-2 with rout                                   24-Mar-95           Baseball
Cultural diversity celebrated                                            31-Mar-95           Students, Foreign/International Students Office/Multicultural Night
O'Brien, McArdle win                                                     31-Mar-95           Student Government/O'Brien, Michael/McArdle, Stacey/Student Government-Election-1995
Student hit by driver                                                    31-Mar-95           Caggiano, Jaime/Accidents
Student cars broken into over break                                      31-Mar-95           Public Safety/Vandalism/Crime on Campus
Senate meets, votes on tuition increase                                  31-Mar-95           University Senate/Villanova University-Tuition
Women's Studies holds ceremony                                           31-Mar-95           Women's Studies Program/Biessel, Kelly/Thomas, Arden/Elizabeth Cady Stanton Research Award
Oxford union debate team comes to campus                                 31-Mar-95           Oxford Union Debate
Stack speaks at Town Meeting                                             31-Mar-95           Town Meeting/Student Government/Stack, John/Student Housing-on campus
Graduate Assistant receives award                                         3-Mar-95           Society for Human Resource Management/Sharpe, Ramona
Welfare reform sparks debate                                             31-Mar-95           Center for Peace and Justice
'Take Back the Night' event to be held                                   31-Mar-95           Villanova Feminist Coalition/Rape/Sexual Harassment
Students fight cuts                                                      31-Mar-95           Student Aid
Senators to discuss issues                                               31-Mar-95           Fox, John/Weldon, Curt
Alcoholism on campus is public enemy No. 1                               31-Mar-95           Student Government/Students-Alcohol use
Tragedy forces students to reflect                                       31-Mar-95           Caggiano, Jamie/Accidents
Student aid makes tuition steep                                          31-Mar-95           Student aid
Cutting aid is costly                                        31-Mar-95           Student aid
Inter-Fraternity President's criticism is unfounded          31-Mar-95           Greek letter societies/Intrafraternity council/Student Government
Actions of the SGA president questioned                      31-Mar-95           Student Government-Elections-1995
Greeks need to open doors                                    31-Mar-95           Greek letter societies/Student Government/Interfraternity Council/Students-Alcohol Use
Beta Theta Pi receives long-awaited charter                  31-Mar-95           Beta Theta Pi/Greek Letter Societies
VFC celebrates women's history                               31-Mar-95           Villanova Feminist Coalition
Campus Cameos: Dr. Julia Bukowski                            31-Mar-95           Bukowski, Julia/Faculty/College of Engineering
SGA elections leave no losers                                31-Mar-95           Student Government-Election-1995
Candide provides more than just a laugh                      31-Mar-95           Villanova Theater/Candide/Musicals
Ice Hockey                                                   31-Mar-95           Lorange, Bruce
Men extend record to 9-3 with winning streak                 31-Mar-95           Tennis-Men's
Baseball Statistics                                          31-Mar-95           Baseball
Softball Statistics                                          31-Mar-95           Softball
Men's track opens season                                     31-Mar-95           Track Athletics-Men's
Intramural Championships                                     31-Mar-95           Intramural Sports
Coach Chris Kerber wins gold medal                           31-Mar-95 Page 30   Kerber, Chris// Rowing-Men's
Men's lacrosse beats Air Force to inspire season             31-Mar-95           Lacrosse-Men's
Women turn around season                                     31-Mar-95           Lacrosse-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                         31-Mar-95           Fili, Brian/Sabunas, Tina
'Nova pounds Pitt to win battle of cats                      31-Mar-95           Baseball
Catcher Clifford anchors team                                31-Mar-95           Baseball/Clifford, John
Softball continues its winning ways                          31-Mar-95           Softball
Graduate Assistant receives award                            31-Mar-95           Sharpe, Ramona/Society for Human Resource Management
Tuition increase challenged                                   7-Apr-95           Sieber, Fredrick/Villanova University-Budget/Kennedy, Patrick/Villanova University-Tuition
Diversity and student rights rally held                       7-Apr-95           Multicultural Education/Student Bill of Rights/Minorities
Annual Greek Week unifies chapters                            7-Apr-95           Greek Week/Greek Letter societies
'Nova hosts Candidates' Day                                   7-Apr-95           Candidates' Day/Blue Key Society
Cheerleaders compete                                          7-Apr-95           Cheerleading
C & F Senator removed from office                             7-Apr-95           College of Commerce and Finance/Student Government/Janci, Bill/Pollock, Sheldon
Students participate in OAS conference                        7-Apr-95           Organization of American States (Model)
Greeks deserve support                                        7-Apr-95           Greek letter societies
Housing lottery needs modification                            7-Apr-95           Student housing-on campus
Misconceptions plague Greeks                                  7-Apr-95           Greek letter societies
Kennedy and Greason: A look at what they will leave behind    7-Apr-95           Kennedy, Patrick/Greason, David/Student Government
Campus Cameos: Fr. Peter Donohue, O.S.A.                   7-Apr-95           Donohue, Peter/Drama (on campus)/Faculty
'Novans target issues of racism on campus                  7-Apr-95           Racism/Discrimination
Drill team dominates                                       7-Apr-95           ROTC/Marching Drills
Tennis improves record to 13-3                             7-Apr-95           Tennis-Men's
Women's water polo                                         7-Apr-95 Page 27   Water-Polo-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                       7-Apr-95           Nason, Ken/Pastore, Jen
Women victorious in San Diego                              7-Apr-95           Rowing-Women's
Women's lacrosse team suffers major setback                7-Apr-95           Lacrosse-Women's
Senior Goger leads men's lacrosse with experience          7-Apr-95           Lacrosse-Men's/Goger, Brian
Marshall adds to Villanova track and field tradition       7-Apr-95           Marshall, John/Track Athletics-Men's/Track Athletics-Women's
Women's track qualifies six                                7-Apr-95           Track Athletics-Women's
Cook and Nason qualify                                     7-Apr-95           Track Athletics-Men's/Cook, Dave/Nason, Ken
Captain Ryan McGinty leads baseball with clutch hitting    7-Apr-95           Baseball/McGinty, Ryan
Sabunas' pitching causes fits for opposing batters         7-Apr-95           Softball/Sabunas, Tina
Baseball falters against Seton Hall, but regains form      7-Apr-95           Baseball
Softball carries success into Big East competition         7-Apr-95           Softball
Lacrosse on three-game winning streak                      7-Apr-95           Lacrosse-Men's
Tree planted to honor Holocaust victims                   28-Apr-95           Holocaust
Events of 1994-95 reviewed                                28-Apr-95           Year in Review
Crawl warning issued by township                          28-Apr-95           Vandalism/Students-Alcohol use
CBS anchor Ed Bradley chosen as commencement speaker      28-Apr-95           Villanova University-Commencement/Bradley, Ed
Fires damage three campus dormitories                     28-Apr-95           Fire/Student housing-on campus
Dobbin speaks at Town Meeting                             28-Apr-95           Town Meeting/Dobbin, Edmund J./Computers/Mendel Hall/Student housing-on campus/Pedestrian Walkway/College of En
Earth Day events to benefit environmental groups          28-Apr-95           Earth Day/Villanova Environmental Group
Trees added to greenery                                   28-Apr-95           Arboretum
Scholarship funds raised                                  28-Apr-95           Student Aid/Senior Class Endowed Scholarship
Earth Day born out of 1960s activism                      28-Apr-95           Earth Day
SAE walks for MS                                          28-Apr-95           Multiple Sclerosis/Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Energy audit taken in LAC                                 28-Apr-95           St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts
Abortion Poll Results                                     28-Apr-95           Villanovans for Life/Abortion
Activities Team strikes back                              28-Apr-95           Nightclub/Campus Activities Team
Kennedy's concept of community is questioned              28-Apr-95           Kennedy, Patrick/Greek Letter Societies
Phi Sig receives thanks                                   28-Apr-95           Phi Sigma Kappa
Greek life doesn't damage Villanova                       28-Apr-95           Greek letter societies/Kennedy, Patrick
'As time goes by'                                          28-Apr-95   Senior Dinner Dance
Ecologically safe mugs make difference                     28-Apr-95   Eco Mug/Environmental Protection
'Novans bring sunshine                                     28-Apr-95   Sunshine Days
Campus Cameos: Dean Alvin A. Clay                          28-Apr-95   Clay, Alvin/College of Commerce and Finance
Villanova blooms with new improvements                     28-Apr-95   Arboretum
Phi Beta Kappa-New Members                                 28-Apr-95   Phi Beta Kappa
Men's lax loses to Rutgers but crushes Holy Cross          28-Apr-95   Lacrosse-Men's
Women's lacrosse denied a ticket to post-season            28-Apr-95   Lacrosse-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                       28-Apr-95   Klopp, John/McIntyre, Erin
Men finish sixth in Big East Tourney                       28-Apr-95   Tennis, Men's
Athlete of the Year:                                       28-Apr-95   Kittles, Kerry
Women's water polo finishes season                         28-Apr-95   Water-Polo-Women's
Senior Dave Cook rewrites Villanova's track record book    28-Apr-95   Cook, Dave/Track Athletics-Men's
'Nova to pad frontcourt with addition of Rafal Bigus       28-Apr-95   Bigus, Rafal/Basketball-Men's-Recruiting
Softball sets record against LaSalle                       28-Apr-95   Softball
Track competing in Penn Relays                             28-Apr-95   Track Athletics
Men sweep B.C. to move into second                         28-Apr-95   Baseball
Squad places in national competition                       21-Apr-95   Cheerleading
Balloon Day raises money for homeless                      21-Apr-95   Homeless/Balloon Day/Campus Ministry
Senate holds final meeting                                 21-Apr-95   University Senate
Holocaust memorial events scheduled                        21-Apr-95   Holocaust/Center for Peace and Justice
Godzieba and Murphy win Lindback Award                     21-Apr-95   Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching/Godzieba, Anthony/Murphy, James
Housing assignments restructured                           21-Apr-95   Residence Life/Student housing-on campus
Earth Day celebrations planned                             21-Apr-95   Earth Day
Public Safety releases 1994 crime statistics               21-Apr-95   Public Safety/Crime on campus
Admissions evaluates in-coming class                       21-Apr-95   Admissions/Students-Statistics/Enrollment Management
Campus Activities Week proposed                            21-Apr-95   Vance, Paul
Orientation staff prepares program                         21-Apr-95   New Student Orientation
Nightclub needs help                                       21-Apr-95   Campus Activities Team/Nightclub
More than skin deep                                        21-Apr-95   Minorities/Multicultural Education
Outgoing SGA leader outlines goals                         21-Apr-95   Kennedy, Patrick
Dean of Arts and Sciences replies to editorial             21-Apr-95   Curricula/Core Curriculum/Ellis, Kail
HIV status of students is a private, confidential matter   21-Apr-95   AIDS
Ignorant graffiti mars efforts                             21-Apr-95   Racism/Vandalism
Organizations are not elitists                                         21-Apr-95          Student Organizations
New Members selected                                                   21-Apr-95          Omicron Delta Kappa/National Leadership Honorary Society
Earth to Nova! Answer the call of responsibility to the environment 21-Apr-95             Villanova Environmental Group/Ecological Society of Villanova/Earth Day/Environmental Protection
Students gear up to welcome class of '99.                              21-Apr-95          New Student Orientation
University Career Center eases summer job search                       21-Apr-95          Career Planning and Placement
Gallery exhibits professor                                             21-Apr-95          Cannuli, Richard/Villanova University Art Gallery
V E M S provides care and classes to Villanova                         21-Apr-95          Villanova Emergency Medical Service
German Honors Society                                                  21-Apr-95          Delta Phi Alpha National German Honor Society
Athletes of the Week                                                   21-Apr-95          Herr, David/Rhines, Jen
Men's tennis puts record at 17-4 with victories                        21-Apr-95          Tennis-Men's
Women's basketball honored by Big Five                                 21-Apr-95          Basketball-Women's/Thornton, Michele/Dillon, Denise
Women's track finishes second to Penn State                            21-Apr-95          Track Athletics-Women's
Softball loses to UConn and Boston College                             21-Apr-95          Softball
Lacrosse falls to Georgetown                                           21-Apr-95          Lacrosse-Men's
Wolfman's Views from the Cheap Seats                                   21-Apr-95          Sports Facilities
Women's lacrosse starting to gain momentum                             21-Apr-95          Lacrosse-Women's
Defender of Faith                                                      21-Apr-95          Basketball-Men's
Villanova sweeps conference rival Georgetown                           21-Apr-95          Baseball
Men's track wins 10 of 19 events at invitational                       21-Apr-95          Track athletics-Men's
Bigus signs letter of intent                                           21-Apr-95          Basketball-Men's-Recruiting/Bigus, Rafal
Department Chair suggests perspective                                    1-Oct-93         Mongeau, Guy/Modern Languages and Literature, Department of/Student Aid/Arabic language/Omran, Elsayed
Senate Meets Today                                                     29-Oct-93 Page 1   University Senate
Special Olympics Fall Festival fosters community, highlights dedicated athletes           Special Olympics
Midnight Madness marks opening of hoops season                         29-Oct-93          Basketball-Men's/Basketball-Women's
Columnist brings media to 'Nova                                        29-Oct-93          Lewis, Claude/Journalism
Student attends World Hunger press conference                          29-Oct-93          Hunger/LoBozzo Jodi
Fall break trips aid underprivileged                                   29-Oct-93          Campus Ministry/Volunteers
Peace Corps representative hosts information session on campus         29-Oct-93          Peace Corps
Planned Parenthood criticism                                           29-Oct-93          Villanovans for Life/Planned Parenthood/Bainbridge, Patricia/Life Decisions International
Nursing career day offers job prospects                                29-Oct-93          Nursing Career Day/College of Nursing
University attempts to comply with transport regulations               29-Oct-93          Transportation/Clean Air Act/Environmental Protection
Eileen Egan recipient of award                                         29-Oct-93          Villanova Peace Award/Egan, Eileen
Graduate school reps attend education forum                            29-Oct-93 Page 4   Universities and Colleges-Graduate Work
Greeks host party                                                      29-Oct-93          Greek letter societies
Defense of scholarship rages                                        29-Oct-93             Center for Arab and Islamic Studies/Foundation for Islamic Education/Ogden, Estrella/Lesch, Ann/Student Aid/Omran, Elsay
Professor reprimands faculty attacks                                29-Oct-93             Arabic language/Omran, Elsayed/Mazur, Oleh/ Modern Languages and Literature, Department of
New Villanova Democrats evoke humanitarian goals in their actions   29-Oct-93             College Democrats
Recycling habits need work                                          29-Oct-93             Recycling/Student Government
Senator recaps topics targeted in V.U. Town Meeting                 29-Oct-93             Student Housing-on campus/Town Meeting/West Campus Apartments/Intramural Sports/Student Government/Corner Gril
Campus comes together for Special Olympics                          29-Oct-93             Special Olympics
'Novans create panel for AIDS Quilt                                 29-Oct-93             AIDS
VUSSEP prepares to take off                                         29-Oct-93             Space Shuttle Experiments Program
Alumnus teaches for America                                         29-Oct-93             Teach for America
Greeks supply treats for area children                              29-Oct-93             Greek Letter Societies
Unity serves as strength for women's soccer                         29-Oct-93             Soccer-Women's
Men outrun Hoyas in meet                                            29-Oct-93   Page 28   Cross-Country Running-Men's
Water polo hits .500 mark after long road trip                      29-Oct-93             Water Polo-Men's
Athlete of the Week                                                 29-Oct-93             Joe Roy
Villanova give warm welcome to Tiffany at 'Novafest                 27-Apr-01   Page 23   'Novafest/ Tiffany
Cats improve in Big East                                            29-Oct-93   Page 30   Soccer-Men's
Ice Cats start off season with a 12-1 thrashing of Penn             29-Oct-93             Ice Hockey
Cats ravaged by William and Mary, 51-17                             29-Oct-93             Football
Women look for fifth straight title                                 29-Oct-93   Page 32   Cross-Country Running-Women's
Behind the scenes with 'Nova football                               29-Oct-93             Football
Field hockey's hopes fade                                           29-Oct-93             Field Hockey
Volleyball takes seven straight                                     29-Oct-93   Page 29   Volleyball-Women's
Pearce charts new course as dean                                     8-Sep-95             Pearce, John/College of Commerce and Finance
'Nova considers ESPN broadcast                                       8-Sep-95             DeFilippo, Gene/Midnight Madness/Basketball-Men's
Fatal case of meningitis sparks student concern                      8-Sep-95             Hauck, Joseph/New Student Orientation
Dobbin addresses the new academic year                               8-Sep-95   Page 2    Johannes, John/Pearce, John/Nova, Fritz/Grover, Harold/Harley, James/Dobbin, Edmund J./Hauck, Joseph/Gallen, Lawrence
UNIT introduces new options                                          8-Sep-95   Page 3    Steinbrenner, Karin/UNIT/UCIS (University Computing and Information Services)
Underpass construction to commence in March                          8-Sep-95             Pedestrian Walkway/Gallen, John
West Campus staff increased                                          8-Sep-95             Residence Life/West Campus Apartments/Vandalism/Lysionek, Christine
Orientation facilitates freshman transition                          8-Sep-95             New Student Orientation/Hauck, Joseph
Father Gallen remembered                                             8-Sep-95             Gallen, Lawrence
Convenience store in the works                                       8-Sep-95             Convenience store
Life continues in the wake of death                                  8-Sep-95             Death/Grief/Hauck, Joseph
Group recalls its guiding light                                      8-Sep-95             Hauck, Joseph/New Student Orientation
New sorority to arrive on Villanova's campus                    8-Sep-95   Greek letter societies/Alpha Delta Pi
Apartment advisors to enhance community life                    8-Sep-95   Apartment Assistants/Student Housing-on campus/West Campus Apartments
Athletic department welcomes director, coaches                  8-Sep-95   Frascona, Karen/Milhous, Joanie/Sharinn, Todd/Williams, Allison/Ice Hockey/Field Hockey/Lacrosse-Women's
Outlook optimistic from women's tennis new coach                8-Sep-95   Phelps, Stan/Tennis-Women's/Batman, Bob
Men's soccer team faces tough season                            8-Sep-95   Soccer-Men's
X-Country's teams to remain strong                              8-Sep-95   Cross-country running-Women's/Cross-country running-Men's
Volleyball's talent to take squad long way                      8-Sep-95   Volleyball-Women's
New intramural director to restructure program                  8-Sep-95   Intramural sports/Sell, Justin
Field hockey has promise with new coach, 22 returning           8-Sep-95   Field Hockey
Women's soccer defeats nationally ranked GMU                    8-Sep-95   Soccer-Women's
Football opens tonight vs. Boston U.                            8-Sep-95   Football
Kittles and Lawson help secure gold medal in Japan              8-Sep-95   Kittles, Kerry/Lawson, Jason/World University Games/Basketball-Men's
Howie Long to be honored at halftime tonight                    8-Sep-95   Long, Howie/Football
DeFilippo turns down ESPN broadcast                            15-Sep-95   Midnight Madness/Basketball-Men's/DeFilippo, Gene/Wildcat Roar
'Nova ranks No. 1 again                                        15-Sep-95   Universities and Colleges-Evaluation/U.S. News and World Report
Enrollment shrinks despite large class                         15-Sep-95   Admissions/Students-Statistics/Enrollment Management
SGA confronts old issues with new direction                    15-Sep-95   Student Government
CAT offers glimpse of fall programming schedule                15-Sep-95   Campus Activities Team
Minus grade system finally implemented                         15-Sep-95   Grading System
Fine arts center options under consideration                   15-Sep-95   Fine Arts/Dobbin, Edmund J./Performing Arts
Seniors contemplate career and graduate school options         15-Sep-95   Career Planning and Placement
Athletics programs seek certification                           8-Sep-95   NCAA
Demographic diversity demands Wildcat shuttle expansion        15-Sep-95   Shuttle Service/Wildcat Shuttle
Student Senate: Plans come alive for the fall of '95           15-Sep-95   Student Government
'Nova disc jockeys tune students to music and talk             15-Sep-95   WXVU
Marketing upgrades place 'Nova in spotlight                    15-Sep-95   DeFilippo, Gene/Hofferth, Tim/Villanova Sports Marketing
Men's soccer caught in Storm                                   15-Sep-95   Soccer-Men's
Villanova (0-1) at Delaware (1-0)                              15-Sep-95   Football
Women drop two matches                                         15-Sep-95   Tennis-Women's
Ice Cats adopt new attitude                                    15-Sep-95   Sharinn, Todd/Ice Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                           15-Sep-95   Dolbin, Josh/O'Brien, Megan
Volleyball improves record in Maryland Invitational            15-Sep-95   Volleyball-Women's
Field hockey remains optimistic despite pair of tough losses   15-Sep-95   Field Hockey
Women beat UPenn in double overtime                            15-Sep-95   Soccer-Women's
Crew Holds Recruitment Night                                     15-Sep-95 Page 27   Rowing-Men's/ Rowing-Women's
Wildcats roll over to Terriers, 21-16                            15-Sep-95           Football
Lappas given 1999-2000 contract extension                        15-Sep-95           Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
Water polo ranked No. 15, poised for run at NCAA's               15-Sep-95           Water Polo-Men's
Town Meeting looks at Homecoming                                 29-Sep-95           Town Meeting/Homecoming
Recruitment questions raised                                     29-Sep-95           Ciccone, Remo/Bigus, Rafal/Hastings, Edward/Tilley, Lou/Basketball-Men's
Career Week attracts employers to campus                         29-Sep-95           Career Planning and Placement
Public Safety focuses on crime prevention                        29-Sep-95           Crime on Campus
HAW committee stresses education and action                      29-Sep-95           Oxfam America/Hunger Awareness Week
Right to Life week to respect and encourage alternatives         29-Sep-95           Villanovans for Life/Abortion
Homecoming '95; Building a New Tradition                         29-Sep-95           Homecoming
WXVU tunes in to campus needs                                    29-Sep-95           WXVU
Talk Shows: What's the attraction?                               29-Sep-95           Bey, Richard/Shai, Donna
'Novan lands at the Apollo                                       29-Sep-95           Jones, Tamika
1995-96 Student Ticket Distributions                             29-Sep-95           Tickets-Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Women's volleyball rebounds at George Mason Tourney              29-Sep-95           Volleyball-Women's
Men's soccer bows to ranked Knights                              29-Sep-95           Soccer-Men's
Intramural Update                                                29-Sep-95           Intramural sports
Men's X-country takes second place in Boston                     29-Sep-95           Cross-country running-Men's
Water polo falters with three losses                             29-Sep-95           Water Polo-Men's
Field hockey team loses to Huskies, remain winless in Big East   29-Sep-95           Field Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                             29-Sep-95           Dolbin, Josh/Rhines, Jen
Sophomore Dolbin proving he is one strong receiver               29-Sep-95           Dolbin, Josh/Football
No. 16 women's soccer team continues its winning ways            29-Sep-95           Soccer-Women's
Cats lose shootout with Dukes, 28-27                             29-Sep-95           Football
Women's cross-country takes top three places in Boston           29-Sep-95           Cross-country running-Women's
Athletics programs seek certification                            15-Sep-95           NCAA
New Homecoming plans target drinking                             22-Sep-95           Homecoming/Students-Alcohol use
Weekend set to welcome parents                                   22-Sep-95           Parents'Weekend
Ticket distribution options considered                           22-Sep-95           Tickets-Athletic events
Senate Meets Today                                               22-Sep-95 Page 1    University Senate
Lecturer refutes traditional family myth                         22-Sep-95           Nicholson, Linda/Philosophy Department
Barry remembered with NROTC exhibit                              22-Sep-95           NROTC/Barry, John
New recycling plan combats waste                                 22-Sep-95           Recycling
Freshman seminars held for student-athletes                       22-Sep-95          Study skills/Heitzmann, William /Faculty
Keep Jake Nevin's Fieldhouse as is                                22-Sep-95          Nevin, Jake/Fieldhouse
Concert success is bitter 'Sweet' for CAT                         22-Sep-95          Sweet, Matthew/Campus Activities Team
St. Thomas of Villanova: Teacher, priest and inspiration          22-Sep-95          Thomas of Villanova, Saint
Best Buddies program to arrive at 'Nova                           22-Sep-95          Mooney, Christine/Best Buddies
Sister Cribben celebrated as an inspiration to us all             22-Sep-95          Cribben, Mary Margaret
'Sweet Sounds'                                                    22-Sep-95          Sweet, Matthew
Intramural Update                                                 22-Sep-95          Intramural sports
Field hockey team drops two straight matches                      22-Sep-95          Field Hockey
Inexperienced women's tennis loses to Lehigh and Rutgers          22-Sep-95          Tennis-Women's
Senior forward Julie Flister providing offensive power            22-Sep-95          Soccer-Women's/Flister, Julie
Women's cross country takes second place at Fordham               22-Sep-95          Cross-country running-Women's/Sullivan, Krestena
Men's soccer gets first win against Philly Textile                22-Sep-95          Soccer-Men's
Men place sixth at tourney                                        22-Sep-95          Cross-country running-Men's
Fightin' Blue Hens KO Wildcats, 28-7                              22-Sep-95          Football
Water polo splits against nationally ranked teams                 22-Sep-95          Water Polo-Men's
Crowding forces students off-campus                               27-Oct-95          Enrollment Management/Admissions/Student housing-on-campus/Student housing-off-campus
Hunger Awareness Week to benefit Oxfam America                    27-Oct-95          Hunger Awareness Week/Oxfam America/Oxford Committee for Famine Relief
'Nova hosts seventh Special Olympics                              27-Oct-95          Special Olympics
Senate Meets Today                                                27-Oct-95 Page 1   University Senate
Strategic plan outlines University vision                         27-Oct-95          Villanova University-Strategic Plan
Homecoming given stamp of approval despite poor student turnout   27-Oct-95          Students-Alcohol Use/Homecoming
Counselors assist prospective international studies students      27-Oct-95          Foreign study
VQI forms made available to 'Nova students                        27-Oct-95          Villanova Quality Improvement
Hastings'name cleared                                             27-Oct-95          Bigus, Rafal/Hastings, Edward/Ciccone,Remo/Basketball-Men's
Beta Theta Pi quacks back                                         27-Oct-95          Rubber Duckie Race/Greek letter societies
CP&P staff member defends career fair                             27-Oct-95          Career Planning and Placement/Career Fair
Honor Society holds induction ceremony                            27-Oct-95          Omicron Delta Kappa
'Novans fun centers on alcohol                                    27-Oct-95          Bryn Mawr Hospital/Homecoming/Students-Alcohol Use
Volunteers lend a helping hand to fellow students                 27-Oct-95          Villanova Emergency Medical Service
1995-96 Student Ticket Distributions                              27-Oct-95          Basketball-Men's/Tickets-Athletic Events
Athletes of the Week                                              27-Oct-95          Francalangia, Mike/Evans, Stacy
Swimming                                                          27-Oct-95          Swimming and Diving-Women's/Swimming and Diving-Men's
Water polo wins 10 of 13 over break                               27-Oct-95          Water Polo-Men's
Men's soccer loses in conference                                        27-Oct-95            Soccer-Men's
Intramural Update                                                       27-Oct-95            Intramural Sports
Men poised for run at Big East title                                    27-Oct-95            Cross-country running-Men's
Field hockey's offense falters                                          27-Oct-95            Field Hockey
Women's cross country finishes behind Colorado                          27-Oct-95            Cross-country running-Women's
California connection killing competition                               27-Oct-95            Volleyball-Women's
Women's tennis defeats locals                                           27-Oct-95            Tennis-Women's
Cats shipwrecked by Navy, 20-14                                         27-Oct-95            Football
Volleyball burns its competition                                        27-Oct-95            Volleyball-Women's
Basketball gets two top players                                         27-Oct-95            Basketball-Men's-Recruiting
New ticket plan stresses efficiency                                       6-Oct-95           Basketball-Men's/Tickets-Athletic Events
CAT brings Vitale to campus for speech                                    6-Oct-95           Vitale, Dick/Campus Activities Team
Greek Afairs chair added to SGA                                           6-Oct-95           Student Government/Greek Letter societies
Students learn test preparation skills                                    6-Oct-95           Study Skills/Counseling Center/Reilly, Edward
Seminar shares teaching experiences                                       6-Oct-95           Teaching
Campus Ministry plans fall break service trip                             6-Oct-95           Campus Ministry/Student volunteers in Social Service
Mural completed in tunnel                                                 6-Oct-95           St. Mary's Tunnel/Vandalism
Honda award                                                               6-Oct-95           Rhines, Jennifer/Cross-country running-Women's
Career Fair '95: Arts majors need not apply                               6-Oct-95           Career Fair
WXVU transmits response                                                   6-Oct-95           WXVU
English as an official language will benefit all                          6-Oct-95           Minorities/English language/Multicultural education
Bosnian refugee seeks to rebuild a new life                               6-Oct-95           Kapetanovic, Irvana/Bosnia
Greek Briefs                                                              6-Oct-95           Greek letter societies
Philadelphia Cares Day                                                    6-Oct-95           Volunteers/Villanova Committee for Philadelphia Homeless
'Novans cruise among elite in exchange program                            6-Oct-95           Smith, Kathy/Smick, Bill/ROTC/Foreign Exchange Cruise
Student takes 'bar exam' at home and abroad                               6-Oct-95           Students-Alcohol use
Homecoming '95                                                            6-Oct-95           Homecoming
The Hip Hop Theatre Playbill: Joe's rebuttal                              6-Oct-95           WXVU
Dirges prepare for Nova show                                              6-Oct-95           Belle Aire Nightclub
Villanova University Congratulates                                        6-Oct-95           Volunteers
Men's cross country dominates competition                                 6-Oct-95           Cross-country running-Men's
Athletes of the Week: Jill Basile and Aleko Zeppos (field hockey, soccer) 6-Oct-95 Page 31   Athlete of the week (column)/Basile, Jill/Zeppos, Aleko
Intramural Update                                                         6-Oct-95           Intramural sports
Men's soccer splits with W. Virginia and LaSalle                          6-Oct-95           Soccer-Men's
Water polo stays afloat in Virginia                                6-Oct-95           Water Polo-Men's
Volleyball loses fight to nationally ranked Irish                  6-Oct-95           Volleyball-Women's
Tennis collects first victories over W. Chester, Millersville      6-Oct-95           Tennis-Women's
Field hockey wins three, two in OT                                 6-Oct-95           Field Hockey
Cats tally first victory against Buffalo                           6-Oct-95           Football/Talley, Andy
Talley becomes Villanova's all-time winningest coach               6-Oct-95           Football/Talley, Andy
No. 16 women's soccer team continues winning streak                6-Oct-95           Soccer-Women's
Student filmmaker's debut in Connelly                             27-Apr-01 Page 23   Communication Department/ Motion Pictures/Koomson, Kwame/'Cursed'
Theologian to address Anglican Roman issues                        6-Oct-95           Misner, Paul/Newman, John Henry
Wildcat Roar opens hoops season                                    3-Nov-95           Wildcat Roar/Basketball-Men's/Basketball-Women's
V.E.M.S. hosts National Collegiate E.M.S. foundation conference    3-Nov-95           Villanova Emergency Medical Service
Liability problems plague Rugby Club                               3-Nov-95           Rugby
Irish folklorist gives readings next week                          3-Nov-95           Maloney, Michael
English Department welcomes Visiting Writer in Residence           3-Nov-95           Barnstone, Aliki
'Recycling at Work' ceremonies scheduled for tomorrow              3-Nov-95           Recycling/Lever Brothers/Environmental Protection
Local legislators give campaign advice to budding politicians      3-Nov-95           Ryan, Matthew/Fumo, Vincent/Sheehan, Colleen/Vitali, Greg/Public Officers
Ambassadors widen student selection                                3-Nov-95           Ambassador Program/Lehner, Christi/Blue Key Society
Literary outlets flood campus                                      3-Nov-95           Philadelphia Collegiate Literary Arts Conference/Polis (Literary Magazine)/Villanova Engineer (Magazine)/Passages (Magazin
ROTC's finest storm the fields                                     3-Nov-95           ROTC
Basketball: 1995-96 Schedule                                       3-Nov-95           Basketball-Men's
Field hockey ends campaign with win over Georgetown                3-Nov-95           Field Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                               3-Nov-95           Park, Clint/McGhee, Maura
W. polo season ends in defeat                                      3-Nov-95           Water Polo-Men's
Intramural Update; Thundering Herd captures title on last play     3-Nov-95           Intramural Sports
Women's cross country fails to defend title                        3-Nov-95           Cross-country running-Women's
Men runners take fourth at Big East Championships                  3-Nov-95           Cross-country running-Men's
Soccer set for Big East title run                                  3-Nov-95           Soccer-Women's
Volleyball streak puts team second                                 3-Nov-95           Volleyball-Women's
Football scalped by the Tribe, 18-15                               3-Nov-95           Football
Big chill kills student ticket campout                            10-Nov-95           Wildcat Roar/Basketball-Men's/Tickets, Athletic Events
E-mail comes to The Villanovan                                    10-Nov-95           Electronic Mail
Racial tensions on campus discussed by INCAR panel                10-Nov-95 Page 1    International Committee Against Racism (INCAR/Multicultural Education/Discrimination/Racism
Campus Smokeout offers positive incentive to quit                 10-Nov-95           Great American Smokeout/Smoking
Scholar speaks on American saint                                  10-Nov-95           Jost, Walter/Newman, John Henry
Africana studies speech focuses on Toni Morrison                      10-Nov-95                     Morrison, Toni/Griffin, Farah
Journalist examines role of bias in media coverage of public events 10-Nov-95                       Murchison, William/Journalism-Objectivity/Mass media criticism
First Core Humanities lecture presented                               10-Nov-95                     Lawless, George/Percy, Walker/Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo
University receives accreditation                                     10-Nov-95                     Middle States Association Commission on Higher Education/Universities and Colleges-Evaluation
Academic Affairs Committee prioritizes student needs                  10-Nov-95                     Student Government
Athletic department drops the ball on ticket distribution             10-Nov-95                     Basketball-Men's/Tickets, Athletic Events
Diversity: rhetoric or real?                                          10-Nov-95                     Villanova University-Strategic Plan/Multicultural Education/Curricula
Inside story on ticket distribution revealed                          10-Nov-95                     Tickets, Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Politically incorrect headline angers 'Novan                          10-Nov-95                     Racism/Discrimination/Villanovan
VQI does involve students                                             10-Nov-95                     Villanova Quality Improvement
Student lack of support affects CAT                                   10-Nov-95                     Nightclub/Campus Activities Team
Artist brings 'Images from Ancient Walls'                             10-Nov-95                     Vdovenko, Vadim/Villanova University Art Gallery
Athletes of the Week                                                  10-Nov-95                     Brown, Howard/O'Brien, Megan
Rejuvenated Ice Cats launch new attitude                              10-Nov-95                     Ice Hockey
Volleyball drops a notch in Big East with loss                        10-Nov-95                     Volleyball-Women's
Women's Basketball 1995-96 Schedule                                   10-Nov-95                     Basketball-Women's
Women's soccer bows out to No. 3 UConn                                10-Nov-95                     Soccer-Women's
Women's swimming wins against LaSalle, UConn                          10-Nov-95                     Swimming and Diving-Women's
WXVU slates trip to Maui                                              10-Nov-95                     WXVU
Men's swimming off to early impressive start with wins                10-Nov-95                     Swimming and Diving-Men's
Basketball opens exhibition play                                      10-Nov-95                     Basketball-Men's
Wildcat Roar highlighted by impromptu dunk contest                    10-Nov-95                     Wildcat Roar/Basketball-Men's
'Nova loses clash with Rams                                           10-Nov-95                     Football
Men's soccer ends season with two losses                              10-Nov-95                     Soccer-Men's
Zoning laws to be better enforced                                       1-Dec-95                    Student Housing-Off Campus/Vandalism/Parking/Community and College
Graduate recruits volunteers for Chicago teaching program               1-Dec-95                    Inner City Teaching Corps/Teaching/Mooney, Greg
Two students win national award                                         1-Dec-95                    Computer Associates/New Leaders Scholarship/Hayevy, Chris/Quigley, Ed
                                                                       27-Apr-01 Page 39            NROTC/ U.S.
A day to shine for Villanova Navy: the biannual Pass In Review displayed the talents of the NROTC midshipmen Navy/Fallon, Admiral William-Vice Chief of Naval Operations
Residence Life staff to be recruited                                    1-Dec-95                    Residence Life/Resident Assistants
CAT sponsors annual Merry Christmas Villanova Week                      1-Dec-95                    Christmas Week
Airport Shuttle; December 19 - December 23                              1-Dec-95                    Shuttle Service/Student Government
Dropping the curtain on rugby club is a mistake                         1-Dec-95                    Rugby
Retreat allows 'Novans to give and receive                              1-Dec-95                    Handicapped Encounter Christ
New system doesn't make the grade                                       1-Dec-95                    Grading system
Habitat for Humanity: Building homes, building hope                       1-Dec-95           Habitat for Humanity/Student Volunteers in Social Service
World AIDS Day increases HIV awareness                                    1-Dec-95           World AIDS Day/Day without art/Awakening (statue)/AIDS Task Force
Summer program ignites cultural appreciation                              1-Dec-95           Foreign Study/Italy/Villanova-Rosemont Summer Study Program
Changes sparked by WXVU survey                                            1-Dec-95           WXVU
Villanova classroom extends from 'Nova campus to Walden Pond              1-Dec-95           Delano, Sterling/Concord Writers/Walden Pond/Massachusetts
Swimmers sunk by Fighting Irish                                           1-Dec-95           Swimming and Diving-Women's
Final Football Statistics                                                 1-Dec-95           Football
Ice Hockey pummeled by two Division I squads                              1-Dec-95           Ice Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                                      1-Dec-95           Kittles, Kerry/O'Brien, Megan
Next week's games at Miami, December 5                                    1-Dec-95           Basketball-Men's
Intramural Update                                                         1-Dec-95           Intramural Sports
St. John's at Villanova Tomorrow -- 7:30 p.m.                             1-Dec-95           Basketball-Men's
Men finish in middle of the pack in NCAA's                                1-Dec-95           Cross-country running-Men's
Volleyball gets invitation to post season despite loss in Big East Tourney1-Dec-95           Volleyball-Women's
Football closes season with a win                                         1-Dec-95           Football
Cats escape Bradley Brawl, 70-63                                          1-Dec-95           Basketball-Men's
No. 3 'Nova brings back trophy from Maui Invite                           1-Dec-95           Maui Invitational/Basketball-Men's
Providence dethrones women's cross country                                1-Dec-95           Cross-country running-Women's
Habitat for Humanity Spring Break service trips spark student interest 1-Dec-95 Page 2       Habitat for Humanity/Student Volunteers in Social Service
SGA works for new student services                                        8-Dec-95           Villanova University-Buildings/Student Government/Donahue Hall/Convenience Store/Shuttle Service
Campus holds open house for prospective minority students                 8-Dec-95           Minorities/Admissions/Minority Student League/Multicultural Education
Newspaper editor wins trip to Israel                                      8-Dec-95           American Jewish Committee/Patterson, Joe/Project Interchange/Klick, Jonathan
Campus Ministry recruits seniors for volunteer programs after graduation  8-Dec-95           Campus Ministry/Volunteers/Catholic Network of Volunteer Service
Minority students helped by mentors                                       8-Dec-95           Multicultural Affairs, Office of/Minorities
Vulgar fans give 'Nova black eye                                          8-Dec-95           Basketball-Men's/Sports fans
Professor criticizes grading system for leaving too few options           8-Dec-95           Grading system
Repeated St. Mary's fire alarms prompt student concerns                   8-Dec-95           St. Mary's Hall/Fire
WXVU encounters many problems with Connelly Center                        8-Dec-95           WXVU
Villanova University's Special Olympics Committee Congratulates Jennifer Gamper              Special Olympics/Gamper, Jennifer
Winter months prompt summer employment planning for students              8-Dec-95           Career Planning and Placement
'Nova alum gains national recognition                                     8-Dec-95 Page 13   Veverka, Corey/Grimm, Mike// Rowing-Men's
Phi Beta Kappa brings visiting scholar to campus                          8-Dec-95           Nehamas, Alexander/Phi Beta Kappa
AIDS vigil held to educate community                                      8-Dec-95           AIDS
Vasey rises to challenge                                                  8-Dec-95           Villanova Theater
1996 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration                           8-Dec-95   King, Martin Luther
Swimming travels to Nike Cup                                          8-Dec-95   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Zeffy Penn gains playing time through work and dedication             8-Dec-95   Basketball-Men's/Penn, Zeffy
Men's track off to fast start with Bucknell performance               8-Dec-95   Track Athletics-Men's
Men making waves                                                      8-Dec-95   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Women's track dominates in first meet of season                       8-Dec-95   Track athletics-Women's
Volleyball ends season against tough competition                      8-Dec-95   Volleyball-Women's
Junior point guard Alvin Williams matures as leader                   8-Dec-95   Basketball-Men's/Williams, Alvin
Athletes of the Week                                                  8-Dec-95   Williams, Alvin/Dillon, Denise
Wildcats slip past Hurricanes, 70-68                                  8-Dec-95   Basketball-Men's
Women successful in Maine Tourney                                     8-Dec-95   Basketball-Women's
Bench contributes in Wildcats' win over St. John's                    8-Dec-95   Basketball-Men's
Offensive remarks kill spring Rush                                   26-Jan-96   Greek Letter Societies/Interfraternity Council
Villanovans for Life fight to leave Peace and Justice                26-Jan-96   Villanovans for Life/Center for Peace and Justice/Student Organizations
Poet Sonia Sanchez reflects on King's life                           26-Jan-96   Sanchez, Sonia
Villanova grad killed in Honduras                                    26-Jan-96   Pescatore, Vincent
Third-graders visit campus for MLK Day                               26-Jan-96   King, Martin Luther
VFL attends conference and march in Washington                       26-Jan-96   Villanovans for Life
Cheerleaders place seventh in nationals                              26-Jan-96   Cheerleading
'Nova overreacts to frat foolishness                                 26-Jan-96   Greek Letter Societies/Interfraternity Council
VFL's concerns should not be casually dismissed                      26-Jan-96   Villanovans for Life/Center for Peace and Justice
Desecration of the Holocaust Tree is Upsetting                       26-Jan-96   Holocaust
Lack of support for sexual minorities concerns student               26-Jan-96   Minorities/Homosexuality
Class expresses worries about threatened trees                       26-Jan-96   Environmental Protection/Arboretum/Pedestrian Walkway
Diversity discussion must be brought into the open                   26-Jan-96   Multicultural Education/Minorities
Gum embargo seen as silly in face of other problems                  26-Jan-96   Vandalism/Alcohol-Student use
SGA's agenda left unfinished                                         26-Jan-96   Student Government/University Senate
SGA has done well                                                    26-Jan-96   Student Government/Convenience Store/Shuttle Service/Community and College/Villanova Community Revitalization
Complaints about biased recruiting for prestigous campus groups surface          Student Organizations
Villanova family insulted by lack of recognition for deceased mother 26-Jan-96   Campisi, Marie/Faculty
Villanova University Basketball Student Ticket Distribution          26-Jan-96   Tickets, Athletic Events
Curlee Holton in solo show now at Villanova                          26-Jan-96   Villanova University Art Gallery/Holton, Curlee
Major Trouble: We have a solution                                    26-Jan-96   English Department
Sorority rush captivates the female population at 'Nova              26-Jan-96   Greek Letter Societies
What's in your head? Crushed by Rush                               26-Jan-96           Greek Letter Societies
CAT's spring schedule explodes with excitement                     26-Jan-96           Campus Activities Team
Intense travel seminar in Israel provides perspective              26-Jan-96           Patterson, Joe/Israel
Cultural Film Series 'Politics and the Personal': 'Malcolm X'      26-Jan-96           Cultural Film Series
Why do crew?                                                       26-Jan-96 Page 32   Rowing-Men's/ Rowing-Women's
IceCats drop two to Skidmore                                       26-Jan-96           Ice Hockey
Couture is Wildcats' 'Rudy'                                        26-Jan-96           Couture, Matthew/Basketball-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                               26-Jan-96           McIlwain, J.R./Glenning, Sue
Men face fierce competition and catch some rays                    26-Jan-96           Swimming and Diving-Men's
Women's track team starting to come together                       26-Jan-96           Track Athletics-Women's
Wildcats graded at mid-term                                        26-Jan-96           Basketball-Men's
Men's track qualifies runners                                      26-Jan-96           Track Athletics-Men's
Women travel west for competition                                  26-Jan-96           Swimming and Diving-Women's
'Nova steals victory from Friars                                   26-Jan-96           Basketball-Men's
Cats trounce Heels in top 10 match up                              26-Jan-96           Basketball-Men's
Women extend streak with win over BC                               26-Jan-96           Basketball-Women's
DuPont jailed for murder after siege                                2-Feb-96           Wrestling/DuPont, John/Foxcatcher/DuPont Pavilion/Schultz, Dave/Chaid, Dan/Krievins, Victor/Metzger, Andre
Six step plan initiated for fraternity Rush                         2-Feb-96           Greek letter societies/Interfraternity Council
Professor Thomas Martinez remembered                                2-Feb-96           Martinez, Thomas/Faculty/English Department
Career Week offers students a glimpse into their futures            2-Feb-96           Career day/Career Planning and Placement
Feminist lecture series started                                     2-Feb-96           Cornell, Druscilla/Feminism/Feminist Lecture Series
First Facultas Award presented. (photo only)                        2-Feb-96           Lea, Carolyn/Levitan, Michael
Lindback Award finalists announced                                  2-Feb-96           Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching
Public Declaration of Apology                                       2-Feb-96           Interfraternity Council/Greek Letter societies/Sexual Harassment
Villanova should not get carried away with renaming the Pavilion    2-Feb-96           DuPont Pavilion/DuPont, John
Faculty member voices support for Villanovans for Life              2-Feb-96           Villanovans for Life
Students misinformed about tree removal                             2-Feb-96           Pedestrian Walkway/Environmental Protection/Arboretum
Speaking plainly about frat issue                                   2-Feb-96           Sexual Harassment/Interfraternity Council/Greek Letter societies/Rape
Defense of trees viewed as tiresome                                 2-Feb-96           Pedestrian Walkway/Environmental Protection/Arboretum
Professor's sexist comments challenged                              2-Feb-96           Sexual Harassment/Faculty
Sadness and praise for Prof. Campisi                                2-Feb-96           Campisi, Marie/Faculty
VFC states position on fraternity remarks                           2-Feb-96           Greek letter societies/Interfraternity Council/Villanova Feminist Coalition/Sexual Harassment
Retreat reminds students to take advantage of blessings             2-Feb-96           Handicapped Encounter Christ
Selectivity necessary for leadership standards                      2-Feb-96           Student Organizations
Steering committee prepares for Class of 2000                           2-Feb-96           New Student Orientation Program
Newsletter hits 'Nova                                                   2-Feb-96           WXVU/Radio Raves
Major Trouble: Communication - a start for the real world               2-Feb-96           Communication Department
Black History Month captures true spirit of African American culture on 2-Feb-96 campus    Black History Month
Student explores Belizian rainforest over break                         2-Feb-96           Belize/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Author details study of Nova's 150-year history                         2-Feb-96 Page 19   Contosta, David/Villanova University-History/150th Anniversary
Student reflects on summer study abroad                                 2-Feb-96           Foreign Study/Italy
Vasey's Comming attractions                                             2-Feb-96           Villanova Theater
CAT presents cures for student doldrums                                 2-Feb-96           Campus Activities Night
Commissioned book shows Villanova's progress                            2-Feb-96           Contosta, David/Villanova University-History
Cultural film series: 'Politics and the Personal' showing 'JFK'         2-Feb-96           Cultural Film Series
Athletes of the Week                                                    2-Feb-96           Kittles, Kerry/Davis, Kia
Wildcats finish second with strong performances                         2-Feb-96           Track Athletics-Women's
Women's swimming extends streak with conference wins                    2-Feb-96           Swimming and Diving-Women's
IceCats blaze past Iona at Skatium with solid net play                  2-Feb-96           Ice Hockey
Lady Cats scare Huskies but eventually succumb                          2-Feb-96           Basketball-Women's
Men's swimming suffers tough loss to Pittsburgh                         2-Feb-96           Swimming and Diving-Men's
Runners warm up for Big East Championships                              2-Feb-96           Track Athletics-Men's
Hi-flying duPont show downs Miami, 90-62                                2-Feb-96           Basketball-Men's
Kittles reaches milestone in OT win versus Orange                       2-Feb-96           Kittles, Kerry/Basketball-Men's
Four Wildcat greats honored                                             2-Feb-96           Basketball-Men's/Kraft, Jack/Hennesy, Larry/Kerron, Keith/Pinone, John/Kittles, Kerry
Siblings arrive on campus today                                         9-Feb-96           Sibling Weekend
Race relations issues addressed                                         9-Feb-96           Lakey, George/Racism
Multi-purpose office to open for co-curricular organizations            9-Feb-96           Student Organizations/Student Development, Office of
C & F holds breakfast for students and faculty                          9-Feb-96           College of Commerce and Finance
Good Counsel residents complain about leaks                             9-Feb-96           Facilities Management/Student Housing-on campus/Villanova University-Buildings
Incident raises concern about policies                                  9-Feb-96           Health Center/Lewis, Hezekiah/Public Safety/Discrimination
Diversity policies raise concern                                        9-Feb-96           Student Aid/Villanova University-Strategic Plan/Affirmative Action/Curricula/Minorities/Discrimination/Multicultural Educat
Athletic Department oversteps bounds                                    9-Feb-96           Basketball-Men's/Sports Fans
Columnist out of line with Greek stereotypes                            9-Feb-96           Greek letter societies
Class calls for protection of campus trees                              9-Feb-96           Environmental Protection/Arboretum/Pedestrian Walkway
Death of trees livens discussion                                        9-Feb-96           Environmental Protection/Arboretum/Pedestrian Walkway
'Novan poll results                                                     9-Feb-96           Dupont, John/Dupont Pavilion
Professor again calls for reversal of tree decision                     9-Feb-96           Arboretum/Environmental Protection/Pedestrian Walkway
Chris and Bob aim to please                                               9-Feb-96                 Kazarian, Christopher/Iannozzi, Robert
Unique classroom experience hits the Honors program                       9-Feb-96                 Hunger/Honors Program
Major Trouble: Nursing offers ample career opportunities                  9-Feb-96                 College of Nursing
Local students motivated by TeachAmerica                                  9-Feb-96                 Teaching/Teach America
VCR takes off                                                             9-Feb-96                 Community and College/Villanova Community Revitalization
Classical music moves Villanova students                                  9-Feb-96                 de Pasquale, William/Sawallisch, Wolfgang
This week Cultural Film Series presents 'A Special Day'                   9-Feb-96                 Cultural Film Series
Have fun with CAT on siblings weekend                                     9-Feb-96                 Sibling Weekend
IceCats falter in weekend showdowns, streak ends                          9-Feb-96                 Ice Hockey
W. swim lose to Yale                                                      9-Feb-96                 Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                      9-Feb-96                 Celestand, John/Glenning, Sue
Intramural Update                                                         9-Feb-96                 Intramural Sports
Klick's Korner                                                            9-Feb-96                 Basketball-Men's/Kittles, Kerry
Men's swimming grabs win                                                  9-Feb-96                 Swimming and Diving-Men's
Cele-stands and delivers win                                              9-Feb-96                 Celestand, John/Basketball-Men's
Should Villanova play a full Big Five schedule? Ice: The Big Five has a storied Philly tradition   Basketball-Men's
Fire: The Big Five has had its day in the sun, let it go                  9-Feb-96                 Basketball-Men's
'Nova declaws Pittsburgh Panthers in cat fight                            9-Feb-96                 Basketball-Men's
Men powered by distance runners                                           9-Feb-96                 Track Athletics-Men's
Women's track qualifies two runners in Delaware meet                      9-Feb-96                 Track Athletics-Women's
Track Notes: Quintana barred                                              9-Feb-96                 Quintana, Louie/Track Athletics-Men's
Wildcats' cubs help pounce on Hoyas                                       9-Feb-96                 Basketball-Men's
Women beat Penn to capture Big Five                                       9-Feb-96                 Basketball-Women's
University mourns Farley                                                 16-Feb-96                 Farley, Marguerite/Communication Department
Sibling Weekend 1996 was a successful venture                            16-Feb-96                 Sibling Weekend
Basketball lottery system examined                                       16-Feb-96                 Basketball-Men's/Tickets-Athletic Events
Candidates' Day planned for prospective students                         16-Feb-96                 Early Action prospective students/Candidates' Day
Questions about minus system prompt study                                16-Feb-96                 Grading system
CAT Night provides fun and information                                   16-Feb-96                 Campus Activities team
Speaker discusses black women                                            16-Feb-96                 Gardner, Bettye
Conference develops leadership skills                                    16-Feb-96                 Multicultural Affairs, Office of/Leadership 2000
Chinese Banquet rings in the year of the rat                             16-Feb-96                 International Student Association/Asian Students Association (ASA)/Student Organizations
Students coordinate AIDS Awareness Week                                  16-Feb-96                 AIDS Awareness Week
Research proposal leads University in wrong direction                    16-Feb-96                 Pearce, Jack/Faculty/College of Commerce and Finance/Scholarly Publishing/Teaching
Students stress environmental ethics                                    16-Feb-96   Pedestrian Walkway/Environmental Protection
Reader calls for improvement of University student newspaper            16-Feb-96   Pedestrian Walkway/Environmental Protection/Villanovan
Extended gym hours needed                                               16-Feb-96   Sports facilities
Opposition to western culture hurts education                           16-Feb-96   Multicultural Education/Curricula/Minorities
Student finds poll biased                                               16-Feb-96   Multicultural Education/Curricula/Minorities
'Novan Poll Results: Multiculturalism                                   16-Feb-96   Multicultural Education
INCAR claims piece unworthy                                             16-Feb-96   Multicultural Education/Villanova University-Strategic Plan/Minorities
University has duty to remedy past wrongs                               16-Feb-96   Minorities/Multicultural Education/Affirmative Action
Diversity needed                                                        16-Feb-96   Student Aid/Multicultural Education/Affirmative Action/Minorities
Editorial fosters intolerance                                           16-Feb-96   Minorities/Multicultural Education
Discussion necessary                                                    16-Feb-96   Student Aid/Multicultural Education/Minorities
Villanova Community Partnership Corps battles homelessness              16-Feb-96   Villanova Community Partnership Corps/Homeless-Philadelphia
Spanish House to come next semester                                     16-Feb-96   Student housing-on campus/Spanish House// Modern Languages and Literature, Department of
Chronic cold weather leads to Seasonal Affective Disorder               16-Feb-96   Seasonal Affective Disorder
Residence Life Forum assists all                                        16-Feb-96   Residence Life Forum/Campus Activities Team/Student Housing-on campus
Major Trouble: Political science majors want it all                     16-Feb-96   Political Science Department
Dr. Kreeft questions values                                             16-Feb-96   St. Augustine Club/Kreeft, Peter
Eating disorder counseling emerges                                      16-Feb-96   Eating Disorders/Counseling Center
Long shot lands Vilanova $20,000 Scholarship                            16-Feb-96   Holmes, Andrew/Core States Bank
Students lend their devotion to AIDS Awareness Week                     16-Feb-96   AIDS Awareness Week
Women's Studies Spring Lecture Series                                   16-Feb-96   Women's Studies Program
Cultural film breaks cinema boundaries                                  16-Feb-96   Cultural Film Series
Intramural Update                                                       16-Feb-96   Intramural Sports
Women's swimming wraps up season with win over Princeton                16-Feb-96   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Injuries plague Cats in losses to PSU, Sacred Heart                     16-Feb-96   Ice Hockey
Men's Track warms up for Big East                                       16-Feb-96   Track Athletics-Men's
Writers travel with Wildcats                                            16-Feb-96   Basketball-Men's
Paint is once again Jason Lawson's lair                                 16-Feb-96   Lawson, Jason/Basketball-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                    16-Feb-96   Kittles, Kerry/Sullivan Krestena
Lady Cats struggle against Hurricanes but win                           16-Feb-96   Basketball-Women's
Wildcats lance the scrappy Scarlet Knights at Big East joust in Piscataway          Basketball-Men's
Women's track has its eyes on the Big East prize                        16-Feb-96   Track Athletics-Women's
Kittles, Eberz shine in duPont finale                                   16-Feb-96   Basketball-Men's/Kittles, Kerry/Eberz, Eric/Lawson, Jason
Wildcats pound Explorers in Big Five matchup                            16-Feb-96   Basketball-Men's
Professor calls faculty to respond to C & F proposal                 16-Feb-96     Faculty/Pearce, Jack/College of Commerce and Finance/Scholarly Publishing/Teaching
Business school encounters controversy                               23-Feb-96     Faculty/Pearce, Jack/College of Commerce and Finance/Scholarly Publishing/Johannes, John/Teaching
Seminar explores leadership issues                                   23-Feb-96     Leadership 2000/Multicultural Education/Berry, Bertice
Registrar reports drop in GPA                                        23-Feb-96     Grade point average/Grading system
VCR to sponsor community service                                     23-Feb-96     Villanova Community Revitalization Program/Community and College
Memorial clock for Joe Hauck in progress                             23-Feb-96     Hauck, Joseph/Campus Ministry
Speaker proposes healthy lifestyles                                  23-Feb-96     College of Nursing/Sider, Ronald/Bay, Eugene/Overturf, Kathleen
Academic Affairs appoints new assistant VP                           23-Feb-96     Immerwahr, John
VQI hold annual retreat                                              23-Feb-96     Villanova Quality Improvement
Student appears on Letterman show                                    23-Feb-96     Letterman, David/Guarino, Meghan
Ticket plan should reduce number of distributions                    23-Feb-96     Basketball-Men's/Tickets-Athletic Events
Myriad of issues spark concern                                       23-Feb-96     College of Commerce and Finance/Greek letter societies/Multicultural Education
Volunteers sport less than sunny disposition                         23-Feb-96     Project Sunshine
Responses to editorial reinforce solidarity                          23-Feb-96     Multicultural Education
Diversity discussion plagued by unfair assertions                    23-Feb-96     Multicultural Education/Racism
Editorial ignores world history's importance                         23-Feb-96     Multicultural Education
AIDS prevention rests on individual behavior                         23-Feb-96     AIDS
Professor describes unfair treatment of adjunct faculty              23-Feb-96     Faculty/Teaching/Scholarly Publishing
Student environmentalist feels discussion has gone too far           23-Feb-96     Environmental Protection
Greedy attitude perpetuates environmental decay                      23-Feb-96     Environmental Protection
Proposal downplays role of teachers in the University                23-Feb-96     Teaching/Faculty
Diversity polities are far from unfair                               23-Feb-96     Student Aid/Curricula
Airport Shuttle                                                      23-Feb-96     Shuttle Service
APO fraternity offers innovative approach to Greek life              23-Feb-96     Alpha Phi Omega/Greek letter societies
CAT strives to unite 'Nova commuters and residents                   23-Feb-96     Campus Activities Team/Off-campus students/Commuting college students
Speaker to address immigration laws                                  23-Feb-96     Caprara, Al
Student accounts for recent computer difficulties                    23-Feb-96     Electronic mail
Major Trouble: Foreign Languages enhance opportunities in competitive job market   Foreign Languages
Mendel open house designed to unite Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty23-Feb-96     College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The Tooth of Crime shocks and amazes audiences                       23-Feb-96     Drama (On campus)/Villanova Theater/Tooth of Crime/Shepard, Sam
Cultural Film Series: presents 'Farewell My Concubine'               23-Feb-96     Cultural Film Series
VSMT dazzles audiences with its latest performance                   23-Feb-96     Villanova Student Musical Theater/How to Suceed in Business without Really Trying
Deep Blue Something rocks Villanova fans                             23-Feb-96     Campus Activities Team
Intramural Update                                                    23-Feb-96     Intramural Sports
Fire and Ice: Who will be left standing in April?            23-Feb-96           Basketball-Men's
Kittles, Eberz lead 'Nova to pinnacle of college hoops       23-Feb-96           Eberz, Eric/Kittles, Kerry/Basketball-Men's
'Nova prepares for a battle                                  23-Feb-96           Big East/Basketball-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                         23-Feb-96           Kittles, Kerry/Rhines, Jen
Women finish fourth despite Rhines's heroics                 23-Feb-96           Track Athletics-Women's/Rhines, Jen
Injuries plague men's team in Big East Championship          23-Feb-96           Track Athletics-Men's
IceCats catch fire as they wrap up the season                23-Feb-96           Ice Hockey
Wildcats sneak by Panthers, 67-64                            23-Feb-96           Basketball-Men's
Lady Cats notch victory over BC Eagles                       23-Feb-96           Basketball-Women's
Kittles gets three game suspension                            1-Mar-96           Kittles, Kerry/Basketball-Men's/NCAA/DeLorenzo, Jim/DeFilippo, Gene/Quintana, Louie
Facilities projects soon underway                             1-Mar-96           Dining Services/Facilities Management/Pedestrian Walkway/Villanova University-Buildings/Mendel Hall/College of Engineer
Wildcat Weekend hosts prospectives                            1-Mar-96           Admissions/Wildcat Weekend
Middle States Review assesses Villanovans                     1-Mar-96           Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools/Universities and Colleges-Evaluation
Changes made to Simpson Hall                                  1-Mar-96           Student Housing-On campus/Villanova University-Buildings/Residence Life
Pledges attend Greek 101                                      1-Mar-96           Panhellenic Council/Greek Letter Societies/Interfraternity Council
Villanova Hoops Fans! Choose or Lose                          1-Mar-96           Tickets, Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Athletic Department secrecy serves to worsen Kittles issue    1-Mar-96           DeFilippo, Gene/Kittles, Kerry/Basketball-Men's
Unity cannot be attained when difference is ignored           1-Mar-96           Racism/Minorities/Multicultural Education
Unhappy Bball fans should offer realistic solutions           1-Mar-96           Tickets-Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Part-time faculty committee explains University Policy        1-Mar-96           Faculty/Teaching/Part-time Faculty Committee
Volunteer offers apology and explanation                      1-Mar-96           Project Sunshine
Coordinator extends invitation                                1-Mar-96           Project Sunshine
Member defends reputation of group                            1-Mar-96           Project Sunshine
Airport Shuttle                                               1-Mar-96           Shuttle Service
Joe Clark captivates large Villanova audience                 1-Mar-96           Clark, Joe
Major Trouble: Sociology offers well-roundedness              1-Mar-96           Sociology Department
Off-campus housing assistance decreases student burden        1-Mar-96           Student housing-off campus
Cogan's 'Genesis of a Mystic' now appearing                   1-Mar-96           Cogan, Katherine
Service trips provide memorable experiences                   1-Mar-96           Campus Ministry
Athlete strives for the Olympics                              1-Mar-96           Conway, Justin
Student Comedy Troupe explodes with laughter                  1-Mar-96           Villanova Student Comedy Troupe
INCAR supports cultural diversity                             1-Mar-96 Page 18   International Committee Against Racism (INCAR)
Guster soon to blow through Villanova's Belle Aire Terrace    1-Mar-96           Guster
Cultural Film 'To Live' portrays the role of family           1-Mar-96           Cultural Film Series
Athletes of the week                                                    1-Mar-96                    Tracey, Tom/Kouser, Tammy
Men set school records at Big East                                      1-Mar-96                    Swimming and Diving-Men's
Fired-up men ice Scranton to end lukewarm season                        1-Mar-96                    Ice Hockey
Time for NCAA to ante up                                                1-Mar-96                    NCAA/Kittles, Kerry
Women bark up wrong tree against Huskies                                1-Mar-96                    Basketball-Women's
Kittles-less Cats falter against top ranked Huskies                     1-Mar-96                    Basketball-Men's
Baseball opens season with three games at JMU                           1-Mar-96                    Baseball
Wildcats answer the call against B.C.                                   1-Mar-96                    Basketball-Men's
Women swimmers capture fifth Big East Title                             1-Mar-96                    Swimming and Diving-Women's
Faculty debate address affirmative action                              22-Mar-96                    Chautauqua (Literary Magazine)/Affirmative Action/Minorities
Students attend mock United Nations forum                              22-Mar-96                    United Nations
Noted speaker provokes controversy                                     22-Mar-96                    Williams, Walter
Lynch heads Communication Arts                                         22-Mar-96 Pg. 3              Communication Department/Lynch, Joan
SGA candidates should keep promises realistic                          22-Mar-96                    Student Government
Athletes receive enough pay                                            22-Mar-96                    NCAA/Kittles, Kerry
Big East official vouches for VU's integrity                           22-Mar-96                    Big East Conference/Kittles, Kerry
Smokers hamper campus clean-up programs; asked to act responsibly22-Mar-96                          Smoking
Protest art speaks for broad range of concerns                         22-Mar-96                    Student Government
                                                                       22-Mar-96                    Kittles, Kerry/Basketball-Men's
The Villanovan Editorial Board congratulates Senior Kerry Kittles on making AP and Sporting News All-America First Teams.
Acton and Gavaghan face off for SGA presidency                         22-Mar-96 Page 15            Student Government election-1996/Acton, Peter/Gavaghan, Ann
Students join to combat homelessness through the Summer of Social Action                            Student Volunteers in Social Services/Summer of Social Action
Faculty and staff unite to help build community                        22-Mar-96                    Habitat for Humanity
What's in your head? Habitat for Humanity volunteer reflects on memorable experience in Mississippi Student Volunteers in Social Service/Habitat for Humanity
Cash in food to wipe away library fines                                22-Mar-96                    Villanova Community Revitalization/Falvey Memorial Library/Food for Fines
Women's lacrosse undefeated under new coach                            22-Mar-96                    Lacrosse-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                   22-Mar-96                    Lawson, Jason/Mach, Rachel
Did Kittles' suspension hamper Wildcats' finale? Ice: Loss of Kittles mentally handcuffed Cats      Kittles, Kerry/Basketball-Men's/NCAA
Fire: Team should have risen to the challenge                          22-Mar-96                    Basketball-Men's/Kittles, Kerry/NCAA
Baseball struggles early while trying to fill gaps                     22-Mar-96                    Baseball
Men's lacrosse falters in early duels with national powers             22-Mar-96                    Lacrosse-Men's
Eberz reflects on his 'Nova career                                     22-Mar-96                    Eberz, Eric/Basketball-Men's
Cardinals bounce Cats from Tourney                                     22-Mar-96                    NCAA/Basketball-Men's
Old and new lift Wildcats to the top in NCAAs                          22-Mar-96                    Track Athletics-Women's
Tuition will increase by 4.5 percent                                   29-Mar-96                    Villanova University-Tuition/Student Aid/Student Government/University Senate
A & S candidates debate                                                 29-Mar-96   Student Government-Election-1996
Presidential hopefuls host forum                                        29-Mar-96   Student Government-Election-1996
C & F platforms presented                                               29-Mar-96   College of Commerce and Finance/College of Engineering/Student Government-Election-1996
Nutritional choices added to menus                                      29-Mar-96   Dining Services/Student Government
Registration changes considered by VQI                                  29-Mar-96   Villanova Quality Improvement/Villanova University-Registration
Balloon Day set to take off                                             29-Mar-96   Balloon Day/Calcutta House/AIDS
Executive to speak on hiring practices                                  29-Mar-96   College of Commerce and Finance/Crowley, James
Debate about tuition hike hides the real causes                         29-Mar-96   Villanova University-Tuition/Student Aid
Phone situation is intolerable                                          29-Mar-96   Telephones on campus
Complaints surface about financial policies                             29-Mar-96   Student Organizations/Farmer, Randy/College Democrats/Bigs and Littles
Gun-happy politicians ignore public opinion                             29-Mar-96   Gun control
Student responds to speaker's talk about sex-biased education           29-Mar-96   Sex Discrimination/Sadkler, David/Teaching
T.V. icon, Greg Brady, shows crowd groovy time                          29-Mar-96   Williams, Barry/Brady Bunch
Collegiate Literary Arts Conference creates cultural scene at Villanova 29-Mar-96   Tenenbaum, Jeremy/Philadelphia Collegiate Literary Arts Conference
Students unite to approach the difficulties of AIDS education           29-Mar-96   AIDS/Peer Educator
Passages Magazine serves as cultural outlet                             29-Mar-96   Passages/Foreign Study
Professors discuss diversity and its impact on Villanova's campus       29-Mar-96   Multicultural Education
Volunteerism promises a bright future                                   29-Mar-96   Socially Responsible Career Days
Hunger class visits Representative Tony Hall                            29-Mar-96   Hall, Tony/Toton, Suzanne/Hunger
Adopt-A-School program reemerges                                        29-Mar-96   Student Volunteers in Social Service/Adopt-A-School
Major Trouble: Classical Studies extends beyond ancient history         29-Mar-96   Classical Studies
CAT raises its image with greater student involvment                    29-Mar-96   Campus Activities Team
Student Government Elections                                            29-Mar-96   Student Government-Election-1996
Arts and Sciences Candidates; Commerce and Finance Candidates           29-Mar-96   Student Government-Election-1996
Villanova Theatre's 'Evita' mesmerizes audiences                        29-Mar-96   Villanova Theater/Evita/Drama (on campus)
Cultural film: In the Name of the Father                                29-Mar-96   Cultural Film Series
Intramural Update                                                       29-Mar-96   Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                    29-Mar-96   Young, Steve/Roach, Brenda
Women swimmers race at nationals                                        29-Mar-96   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Divers compete at meet                                                  29-Mar-96   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Men's lacrosse suffers tough loss from Air Force                        29-Mar-96   Lacrosse-Men's
Men's tennis grab wins over Lehigh and St. Joe's                        29-Mar-96   Tennis-Men's
Lacrosse continues winning ways                                         29-Mar-96   Lacrosse-Women's
Is there life in the Cat's den after Kerry?                             29-Mar-96   NCAA Basketball-Men's
Cats lose to Owls in Big Five matchup                                 29-Mar-96    Baseball
Softball off to mediocre Big East start                               29-Mar-96    Softball
Students elect new SGA                                                 19-Apr-96   Student Government Election-1996
Nova Fest proves successful                                            19-Apr-96   Nova Fest/Earth Day
Recent Truman Scholarship winner adds to impressive list for University9-Apr-96    Gavaghan, Ann/Scholarships/Alexander, Mary Catherine/Ptak, Susan/Buonaguro, Gina/Boardman, Debrah/Joyce, Rebecca
Candidates' Day used to recruit                                        19-Apr-96   Candidates' Day
House Budget Committee to hold meeting on campus                       19-Apr-96   U.S. Congress House of Representatives.Budget Committee
Lecturer speaks on the state of the student's soul                     19-Apr-96   Kreeft, Peter
Multicultural Night celebrates students' different ethnic customs and traditions   Multicultural Night/International Students Office
Greek Week '96 proves to be a success despite absence of fraternities 19-Apr-96    Greek Week
Balloon Day soared when the sun came out                               19-Apr-96   Balloon Day
Area colleges walk to benefit hunger                                   19-Apr-96   Hunger/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Socialist candidate comes to campus                                    19-Apr-96   Hollis, Mary/Socialist Party/Democratic Socialists of America
Real on-campus entertainment should be more frequent                   19-Apr-96   Nova Fest
Rush signs celebrate insensitivity                                     19-Apr-96   Greek letter societies-Rush
Student Development responds to charge                                 19-Apr-96   Student Organizations/Farmer, Randy
Tasteless recruitment poster offends student                           19-Apr-96   Greek letter societies-Rush
Marchers are harassed by onlookers                                     19-Apr-96   Villanova Feminist Coalition/Rape
Candidate offers a guide to losing an election                         19-Apr-96   Student Government-Election-1996
Feedback reflects on recent SGA races                                  19-Apr-96   Student Government-Election-1996
Anti-gun columnist misses the target                                   19-Apr-96   Gun Control
Facts are casualties of columnist's ramblings                          19-Apr-96   Gun Control
Marcher reacts to confusing reactions to important issues              19-Apr-96   Rape/Villanova Feminist Coalition
Future food fights must be avoided                                     19-Apr-96   Dining Services
Multicultural event lacks unicultural students                         19-Apr-96   Multicultural Night
New Skating Restrictions                                               19-Apr-96   Public Safety
The O'Brien and McArdle legacy comes to a close                        19-Apr-96   Student Government/O'Brien, Michael/McArdle, Stacy/Villanova Community Revitalization/Community and College
New and improved recycling program proves to be environmentally friendly           Recycling
Sigma Nu fraternity regains national charter                           19-Apr-96   Greek letter societies/Fraternities/Sigma Nu
Three 'Nova students attent Ross Perot's political forum               19-Apr-96   Perot, Ross/Reform Party
Class of 2000 arrives to catch a glimpse of great years to come        19-Apr-96   Admissions/Candidates' Day
Student chess players face fierce competition in campus tournaments 19-Apr-96      Chess
Keeling encourages students to battle HIV through honor and self-respect           Keeling, Richard/AIDS Task Force
Cultural film: 'Schindler's List'                                      19-Apr-96   Cultural Film Series
Athletes of the Week                                                   19-Apr-96   Kleinz, Larry/Davis, Kia
Intramural Update                                                      19-Apr-96   Intramural Sports
Men's lacrosse rebounds from two tough losses                          19-Apr-96   Lacrosse-Men's
'Novans earn city honors                                               19-Apr-96   Basketball-Women's
Women's lacrosse limping after a running start                         19-Apr-96   Lacrosse-Women's
Tennis is on a roll                                                    19-Apr-96   Tennis-Men's
Women run over city foes in a rare home meet                           19-Apr-96   Track Athletics-Women's
Softball struggles as team nears Big East Tournament                   19-Apr-96   Softball
Men hammer weak field in Penn Relays tune-up                           19-Apr-96   Track Athletics-Men's
'Nova sparkles on Big East diamond                                     19-Apr-96   Baseball
DeFilippo assesses future possibilities                                19-Apr-96   DeFilippo, Gene
Glenning caps college career by taking three-point crown               19-Apr-96   Glenning, Sue/Basketball-Women's
House Budget Committee meets in duPont today                           26-Apr-96   U.S. Congress.House of Representatives.Budget Committee
The Villanovan is now featured on the Internet                         26-Apr-96   Internet/Villanovan/World Wide Web
Former University president, McCarthy, fondly remembered               26-Apr-96   McCarthy, Edward
Russian program fills Philly area void                                 26-Apr-96   Russian Studies/Political Science Department
Cafe Bartley cracks down on smoking                                    26-Apr-96   Bartley Cafe/Smoking
Service class aids inner-city teens                                    26-Apr-96   Goldblatt, Eli/Abbottsford Homes/Teen Circle/Volunteers
New plans made for residence halls                                     26-Apr-96   Student Housing-on campus/Villanova Experience First Year Program/Spanish House/St. Monica Hall/Simpson Hall
Monthly luncheons unite SGA and University president                   26-Apr-96   Student Government/Dobbin, Edmund J.
Fraternity Rush finally underway                                       26-Apr-96   Greek letter societies-Rush/ Interfraternity Council/Fraternities/Greek Letter Societies/
Poster meant to recruit, not offend                                    26-Apr-96   Greek letter societies-Rush
Rush chair finds double standards at feminist march                    26-Apr-96   Greek letter societies/Villanova Feminist Coalition/Fraternities
Students deserve community's anger                                     26-Apr-96   Students-Alcohol Use/Community and College
Columnist reflects upon campus reaction to various views               26-Apr-96   Gavaghan, Ann
Nova Fest was a big success from every angle                           26-Apr-96   Nova Fest
Campus Activities Team on road to more successful events               26-Apr-96   Campus Activities Team/Nova Fest
Outgoing president encourages service                                  26-Apr-96   Villanova Community Revitalization/Community and College/O'Brien, Michael
Students inconvenience themselves by stealing phones                   26-Apr-96   Telecommunications, Dept. of/Telephones on campus
Exotic COBRA exhibit strikes Villanova's art gallery                   26-Apr-96   Villanova University Art Gallery/COBRA Movement
Dedication of Joe Hauck memorial clock celebrates his eternal spirit   26-Apr-96   Hauck, Joseph
Candidates address childhood hunger at student-run debate              26-Apr-96   Hunger/Toton, Suzanne
Campus barbers are a cut above                                         26-Apr-96   Barbershop-on campus
1996 Greek Awards                                                      26-Apr-96   Greek Letter Societies
Major trouble: Engineering designs promising future for all students 26-Apr-96            College of Engineering
Supernova helpline assists trouble students                           26-Apr-96           Supernova Helpline
Seniors bid farewell to 'Nova with day of community service           26-Apr-96            Community and College/Villanova Community Revitalization
Students lose sleep over poverty                                      26-Apr-96           Homeless
1996 Senior Week                                                      26-Apr-96           Senior Week
'Nova boasts many weekend warriors                                    26-Apr-96           Intramural Sports
Tennis wraps up                                                       26-Apr-96           Tennis-Men's
Cadin anchors Cats in the net                                         26-Apr-96           Cadin, Marc/Lacrosse-Men's
Shortstop Kleinz slugging opposition                                  26-Apr-96           Kleinz, Larry/Baseball
Men's lacrosse team looking to finish season strong                   26-Apr-96           Lacrosse-Men's
Women head to Penn Relays with big ambitions                          26-Apr-96           Track Athletics-Women's
W. lacrosse recovers                                                  26-Apr-96           Lacrosse-Women's
                                                                      26-Apr-96 Page 27
Athletes of the Week: Rob Campbell and Kristine Streeker (Tennis, Lacrosse)               Athlete of the week (column)/Campbell, Rob/Streeker, Kristine
Men strong in local tune-up                                           26-Apr-96           Track Athletics-Men's
Wildcats struggle with sloppy play                                    26-Apr-96           Baseball
Softball tears up competition                                         26-Apr-96           Softball
Internationally Acclaimed Actor, James Earl Jones                     26-Apr-96           Villanova University-Commencement
Class of 2000's spirit lights the skies                                6-Sep-96           New Student Orientation Program
Dr. Cardelli remembered                                                6-Sep-96           Cardelli, Jason/Faculty/Astronomy and Astrophysics Department
On-campus alcohol offenses taken seriously                             6-Sep-96           Students-Alcohol Use/Alcohol Task Force
New concentration inaugerated                                          6-Sep-96           Political Science Department/Russian Studies
Students partake in local march for the rights of the poor and homeless6-Sep-96           Villanova Community Partnership Corp/Kensington Welfare Rights Union
Donahue Hall makes many vast improvements                              6-Sep-96           Villanova University-Buildings/Facilities Management/Donahue Hall/Dining Services/Convenience Store
Homecoming plans segregate Villanova family                            6-Sep-96           Homecoming/Students-Alcohol Use
Computer system deemed inadequate by Student Government                6-Sep-96           UNIT/Computers
University President stresses need for community                       6-Sep-96           Alcohol Task Force/Dobbin, Edmund J./Villanova University-Trustees
Please bring the nuns back to Belle Air Terrace                        6-Sep-96           Connelly Center/Belle Aire Terrace
St. Monica's co-ed habitat proves to be a true experience              6-Sep-96           St. Monica's Hall/Villanova Experience/Core Curriculum/Student Housing-On campus
Hunger Awareness Week feeds the spirit                                 6-Sep-96           Hunger Awareness Week/Center for Peace and Justice
Campus Ministry gives students a mission                               6-Sep-96           Campus Ministry/Villanova Volunteers
Kennedy vendors confront 'Nova students with offers                    6-Sep-96           Credit cards
New student shares her experience                                      6-Sep-96           Villanova Experience/Student Housing-on campus
Bigs and Littles recruits members to befriend Philadelphia children    6-Sep-96           Bigs and Littles
American sculpture and spiritual abstracts featured in tandem show     6-Sep-96           Hould, Joseph/Villanova University Art Gallery/McGeehan, Betty
Sports marketing club kicks off this season with new opportunities  6-Sep-96           Villanova Sports Marketing
FIRST encourages political responsibility                           6-Sep-96           Foundation for Individual Responsibility and Social Trust/Voting
What's in your head? Students celebrate loved one at memorial Mass 6-Sep-96            Hauck, Joseph
Major Trouble: History could be in your future                      6-Sep-96           History Department
Villanova University: Campus Ministry                               6-Sep-96           Campus Ministry
Big changes for recreational facilities, intramurals                6-Sep-96           Sports facilities/Intramural sports
Volleyball launches into new season with key returnees              6-Sep-96           Volleyball-Women's
Men's soccer starts season slowly in weekend tourney                6-Sep-96           Soccer-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                6-Sep-96           Finneran, Brian/Basile, Jill
Field hockey loses season opener to American, 8-4                   6-Sep-96           Field Hockey
Scarlet Knights declaw Cats, 38-28                                  6-Sep-96           Football
Athletic department crafts deal with Nike                           6-Sep-96           Nike
Women's soccer team poised to kickstart Big East season             6-Sep-96           Soccer-Women's
Dole to give crime speech on campus                                13-Sep-96           Dole, Robert/Presidents-U.S.-Election-1996
Task force targets problem of alcohol abuse                        13-Sep-96           Alcohol Task Force/Students-Alcohol Use/Greek Letter Societies/Harvard School of Public Health
St. Thomas of Villanova Day celebrates tradition                   13-Sep-96           St. Thomas of Villanova Day
Donahue renovations capped off with convenience store opening      13-Sep-96           Donahue Hall/Convenience Store/Donahue Market/Villanova University-Buildings/Dining Services
Efforts made to stop blackouts in Sheehan                          13-Sep-96           Sheehan Hall/Villanova University-Buildings
Fall '98 is target for engineering building                        13-Sep-96           College of Engineering/Villanova University-Buildings
New C & F dean gets down to business                               13-Sep-96           College of Commerce and Finance/Faculty/Monahan, Thomas/Pearce, John
Greek leaders unite at retreat                                     13-Sep-96           Greek Letter societies/Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Council
Career Week; Fall, 1996                                            13-Sep-96           Career Week/Career Planning and Placement
'Nova treads uncertain waters with assault on alcohol culture      13-Sep-96           Alcohol Task Force/Students-Alcohol Use/Vandalism/Greek Letter Societies/Harvard School of Public Health/Homecoming
Key to computer improvement is cooperation                         13-Sep-96           UNIT/Computers
Recent alumnus angered by homecoming plans                         13-Sep-96           Homecoming
Villanova experience makes transition easier                       13-Sep-96           Villanova Experience/Student Housing-on campus
Gender discussion needs honesty                                    13-Sep-96           Sex discrimination// Man-Woman Relationships
UNIT is still committed to promised impprovements                  13-Sep-96           Computers/UNIT
Attention all computer gurus: Villanovan online                    13-Sep-96           Villanovan
Father Ed Hastings, O.S.A., raises spirits in new position         13-Sep-96           Hastings, Edward/Campus Ministry
Acton and Pollock plan for a successful year in office             13-Sep-96 Page 18   Student Government/Acton, Peter/Pollock, Sheldon
Students gather to bridge the gender gap                           13-Sep-96           Man-Woman relationships
Inter-Hall council links residence halls                           13-Sep-96           Inter-Hall Council/Student Housing-on campus/Residence Life
International studies broadens horizons                            13-Sep-96           Foreign Study/Office of International Studies
WXVU sends new signals through campus                                13-Sep-96           WXVU
What's in your head? Our thanks should not be kept under grounds 13-Sep-96               Villanova University-Grounds/St. Thomas of Villanova Day
Dream Topics/Study Tactics                                           13-Sep-96           Poetry
CAT provides movies, music, lectures, comedy and more                13-Sep-96           Campus Activities Team
Much swing at V.U.'s Belle Air Ska show                              13-Sep-96 Page 20   Belle Aire Terrace
Cultural film: 'The Scent of Green Papaya'                           13-Sep-96           Cultural Film Series
Crew attemps to improve with move                                    13-Sep-96 Page 27   Rowing-Women's
Volleyball surges after losses                                       13-Sep-96           Volleyball-Women's
Water polo set to continue success                                   13-Sep-96           Water Polo-Men's
Women's tennis opens season with experiences squad                   13-Sep-96           Tennis-Women's
Women's soccer starts Big East season with loss                      13-Sep-96           Soccer-Women's
Despite key loses, men's cross country looks to compete              13-Sep-96           Cross-country running-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                 13-Sep-96           Finneran, Brian/O'Brien, Megan
Cats pounce UMass in home opener                                     13-Sep-96           Football
Men's soccer capture first win                                       13-Sep-96           Soccer-Men's
Dole's speech attacks the 'bad boys'                                 20-Sep-96           Dole, Robert/Kemp, Jack/Presidents-U.S.-Election-1996/Bennett, William/Ridge, Tom/Whitman, Christine/Rowland, John
Villanova still reigns as best in the region, says US News           20-Sep-96           Universities and Colleges-Evaluation/Enrollment Management/U.S. News and World Report
Events planned for Homecoming 1996                                   20-Sep-96           Homecoming/Students-Alcohol Use/Alcohol Task Force
Greeks implement BYOB policy                                         20-Sep-96           Greek Letter Societies/Students-Alcohol Use/Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Council
Career Week studies students' futures                                20-Sep-96           Career Planning and Placement
Colleges put vending contract under scrutiny                         20-Sep-96           PepsiCo/Burma/Pepsi/Dining Services
Strong television and radio stations are needed to expand media outlets                  WXVU/Television station, campus
Suspicion expressed about Villanova's alcohol survey                 20-Sep-96           Students-Alcohol Use/Alcohol Task Force
From the Alcohol Poll:                                               20-Sep-96           Students-Alcohol Use
On-campus meal policies deemed unsatisfactory                        20-Sep-96           Dining Services
Carelessness of library is alarming                                  20-Sep-96           Falvey Memorial Library
Study hours leave 'Nova students without refuge                      20-Sep-96           Villanova University-Buildings
Dole missed opportunity to bridge generation gap                     20-Sep-96           Dole, Robert/Presidents-U.S.-Election-1996
Defense of Marriage Act raises faculty member's concern              20-Sep-96           Homosexuality/Marriage/Man-Woman Relationships
Recent legislation perpetuates marginalization                       20-Sep-96           Defense of Marriage Act/Marriage/Homosexuality
Residence life addresses recent black-out concerns                   20-Sep-96           Student Housing-on campus/Residence Life/Facilities Management/Sullivan Hall/Sheehan Hall/Villanova University-building
Seminar for freshman athletes targets study skills                   20-Sep-96           Heitzmann, William/Study Skills/Faculty
Karate club kicks into high gear                                     20-Sep-96           Karate Club
For Tom DeMarco, there is no place like Villanova                    20-Sep-96           DeMarco, Tom/Dean of Students, Office of/Villanova University-Administration
Help is just a click away                                          20-Sep-96             Computers/Internet
Students partner with Bread for the World to make childhood hunger a national priority   Hunger/Bread for the World
Call to Renewal conference offers a politics of hope               20-Sep-96             CAll for Renewal Conference/Bradley, Bill/Wallis, Jim
GIFT groups assist students in sharing faith                       20-Sep-96             Growing in Faith Together/GIFT
Skating guidelines are a safety issue                              20-Sep-96             Public Safety/Skating/Skateboards
Alphi Phi is honored with prestigious award                        20-Sep-96             Alpha Phi/Greek Letter Societies
Cat sets the stage for three lectures                              13-Sep-96             Campus Activities Team/Soren, Tabitha/Rollins, Henry/Luckman, Michael
Major Trouble: Students are nuts about psychology                  20-Sep-96             Psychology Department
Cultural Film Series presents 'Guelwaar'                           20-Sep-96             Cultural Film Series
God Street Wine performing in Dougherty Hall                       20-Sep-96             God Street Wine
WXVU Fall 1996 Schedule                                            20-Sep-96             WXVU
1996-97 Men's Basketball Schedule                                  20-Sep-96             Basketball-Men's
Intramural Flag Football;...                                       20-Sep-96             Intramural Sports
Volleyball spikes the field in Massachusetts tournament            20-Sep-96             Volleyball-Women's
Men place second at Lafayette meet                                 20-Sep-96             Cross-country running-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                               20-Sep-96             Jackson, Deon/Roman, Kathleen
Stars shine as field hockey takes two                              20-Sep-96             Field Hockey
Soccer boots Hawks                                                 20-Sep-96             Soccer-Men's
'Nova athletics signs computer deal with Unisys                    20-Sep-96             DeFilippo, Gene/Unisys/Villanova Athletic Department/Computers
Women's soccer successful in weekend tournament                    20-Sep-96             Soccer-Women's
Nationally ranked women poised to take on competition              20-Sep-96             Cross-country running-Women's
No. 18 Wildcats blank Blue Hens                                    20-Sep-96             Football
Football team lacking student support                              20-Sep-96             Sports Fans/Football/Students-Alcohol Abuse
Major trouble: the honors program could have the solution          13-Sep-96             Honors program
Like T.V.? So Do We                                                20-Sep-96             Television Station, Campus
Alphi Phi is honored with prestigious award                        20-Sep-96             Alpha Phi/Greek Letter Societies
Cat sets the stage for three lectures                              20-Sep-96             Campus Activities Team/Soren, Tabitha/Rollins, Henry/Luckman, Michael
Tennis defeats LaSalle                                             20-Sep-96             Tennis-Women's
Parents' Weekend welcomes families with fun and games              27-Sep-96             Parents' Weekend
Date-rape drug appears on campus                                   27-Sep-96             Rohypnol/Sexual Assault/Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance/Rape
Alcohol misuse found to affect students' lives                     27-Sep-96             Students-Alcohol Use/Alcohol Task Force
VFC aims to end female stereotypes                                 27-Sep-96             Sex discrimination/Villanova Feminist Coalition
Lower Merion Township crackdown creates student housing problems27-Sep-96                Student Housing-Off-campus/Community and College
Books 'n Hoops camp aids Philly youth                              27-Sep-96             Campus Ministry/Basketball-Men's/Basketball-Women's/Books 'n Hoops
Dining Services Delivers!;                                        27-Sep-96           Dining Services
Latest Homecoming plans still miss the mark                       27-Sep-96           Homecoming/Students-Alcohol Use
Professor presents different philosophy of marriage               27-Sep-96           Marriage
Respect for all political views is important                      27-Sep-96           Democratic Socialists of America
TV Poll Result:                                                   27-Sep-96           Television Station, Campus
Library ensures future security                                   27-Sep-96           Falvey Memorial Library
Dining service is flooded with flaws                              27-Sep-96           Dining Services
Dole event marred by poor accomodations                           27-Sep-96           Role, Robert/Presidents-U.S.-Election-1996
Twenty-first birthday should reflect new maturity                 27-Sep-96           Students-Alcohol Use
Voter registration is key to democracy                            27-Sep-96           Voting
University Shop implements money-saving programs                  27-Sep-96           University Shop
Pi Sigma Alpha chapter honored with national award                27-Sep-96           Political Science/Phi Sigma Alpha/Honor Society
UNIT describes acceptable usage policy                            27-Sep-96           UNIT/Computers
Lab safety seminar offered this weekend                           27-Sep-96           Laboratory Safety
Nena Bryans' 'Spiritual Connections' illuminated art gallery      27-Sep-96           Bryans, Nena/Association for Uniting Religion and Art
New Students fear the big '15'                                    27-Sep-96           Dining Services
Public safety merges with Radnor Police to combat alcohol abuse   27-Sep-96           Students-Alcohol Use/Drunk Driving
CAT brings weekend fun                                            27-Sep-96           Campus Activities Team/CBS College Tour
Cultural film series: 'Lamerica'                                  27-Sep-96           Cultural Film Series
Fall Break Airport Shuttle                                        27-Sep-96           Shuttle Service
Cats spear No. 17 St. Francis                                     27-Sep-96           Water Polo-Men's
Field Hockey loses to Big East rivals                             27-Sep-96           Field Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                              27-Sep-96           Randall, Jamie/Durbin, Lucy
Tennis loses tough match to Delaware                              27-Sep-96           Tennis-Women's
Men's soccer falters against tough Big East foes                  27-Sep-96 Page 31   Soccer-Men's
At last Wildcats' Finneran is making a name for himself           27-Sep-96           Finneran, Brian/Football
Wildcats run over Fordham, 49-10                                  27-Sep-96           Football
The new offense: Niners, Packers, Eagles...Wildcats?              27-Sep-96           Football/Clawson, Dave
Special Offer to Students, Faculty and Staff                      27-Sep-96           Basketball-Men's/Tickets-Athletic Events
Intramural Update                                                 27-Sep-96           Intramural Sports
Golf poised for Big East Tournament                               27-Sep-96           Golf
Women's soccer loses to top ranked PSU, Wake Forest               27-Sep-96           Soccer-Women's
Tough zoning laws force students out of their homes                4-Oct-96           Student Housing-off campus/Lower Merion Township/Community and College
Recent oil leak at the Bryn Mawr Courts investigated by police     4-Oct-96           Student Housing-off campus
CBS College Tour brings games and prizes to campus                   4-Oct-96   Campus Activities Team/CBS College Tour
Volunteers prepare to build homes for needy during Fall Break trips  4-Oct-96   Campus Ministry/Habitat for Humanity/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Scholar shares analysis of urban street culbure                      4-Oct-96   Center for Peace and Justice/Violence-U.S./Urban youth/Metropolitan Areas/Gangs
International Food Fest brings fun and flavor                        4-Oct-96   Multicultural Student League
Theology professor dies after long illness                           4-Oct-96   Faculty/Warne, James
University involvement could mend rift with neighboring communities 4-Oct-96    Student Housing-off-campus/Lower Merion Township/Community and College
Dining services deserve praise for accomplishments                   4-Oct-96   Dining Services
From the Football Poll                                               4-Oct-96   Football/Sports Fans
Students concerned by behavior of employees                          4-Oct-96   Dining Facilities
Tougher classes crucial to ending alcohol problem                    4-Oct-96   Students-Alcohol Abuse/Faculty
Trip to Israel puts headlines into perspective                       4-Oct-96   Israel/Middle East/Jewish-Arab Relations/Klick, Jonathan
Israeli scholar addresses terrorism in the media                     4-Oct-96   Mass Media/Zadka, Saul/Middle East/Jewish-Arab Relations
Dining services addresses concerns of student body                   4-Oct-96   Dining Services
Mailroom workers give quiet service                                  4-Oct-96   Mailroom
Leadership workshops improve skills                                  4-Oct-96   Leadership
Cultural film series presents: 'Shanghai Triad'                      4-Oct-96   Cultural Film Series
God Street Wine rocks sold out Villanova Room                        4-Oct-96   God Street Wine
Villanova Basketball at the CoreStates Complex; 1996-97              4-Oct-96   Tickets-Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Field hockey team falters after impressive start                     4-Oct-96   Field Hockey
Volleyball continues win streak, slams opponents                     4-Oct-96   Volleyball-Women's
Women's crew team spanks competition                                 4-Oct-96   Rowing-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                 4-Oct-96   Kain, Pat/O'Brien, Megan
Women's tennis swatted by Lehigh, evens record at 4-4                4-Oct-96   Tennis-Women's
Women's soccer splits two                                            4-Oct-96   Soccer-Women's
Intramural Update                                                    4-Oct-96   Intramural Sports
Women's cross-country captures Iona                                  4-Oct-96   Cross-country running-Women's
Men's soccer falls to West Virginia, beats Pennsylvania              4-Oct-96   Soccer-Men's
Golf places fourth in Big East                                       4-Oct-96   Golf
Water polo sinks foes                                                4-Oct-96   Water Polo-Men's
Homecoming '96 plans finalized                                      25-Oct-96   Homecoming/Students-Alcohol Use
Three recent Rohypnol reports cause campus to react                 25-Oct-96   Rape/Sexual Assault/Greek Letter Societies
Economist gives Lucia lecture                                       25-Oct-96   Schultz, Charles L./College of Commerce and Finance
Lectures address Catholic higher education                          25-Oct-96   O'Brien, David/Catholic Universities and Colleges
Scientists use frogs for studying human gender differences          25-Oct-96   Kelly, Darcy
Current computer situation proves intolerable                               25-Oct-96                     UNIT/Computers
DSA leader fails to practice what he preaches                               25-Oct-96                     Democratic Socialists of America
'Nova students should start acting their age                                25-Oct-96                     Donahue Hall/Dining Services
Black male athletes shirk responsibility                                    25-Oct-96                     Minorities/College Athletes/Multicultural Education
Student sticks up for Dining Services                                       25-Oct-96                     Dining Services
Blue Key recruiting new members                                             25-Oct-96                     Blue Key Society
Recent fraternity rush emits only positive vibes on campus                  25-Oct-96                     Fraternities/Greek Letter Societies-Rush
New DUI program keeps students smart and dummies crashing                   25-Oct-96                     Public Safety/Students-Alcohol Use
News from cyberspace: what 'Nova has to offer on the world wide web         25-Oct-96                     Internet/World Wide Web
Theologian David Tracy to discuss Catholicism on campus                     25-Oct-96                     Catholic Church/Tracy, David
Fantastic Fedigan freshmen give service                                     25-Oct-96                     Fedigan Hall/Project Fedigan
VU's Bus Stop creates heartwrenching themes                                 25-Oct-96                     Villanova Theater/Drama (on campus)/Bus Stop
Cultural film series presents Austen's 'Persuasion'                         25-Oct-96                     Cultural Film Series
Cultural film presents award winning 'Burnt by the Sun'                     25-Oct-96                     Cultural Film Series
1996-97 Student Ticket Distribution                                         25-Oct-96                     Tickets-Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Women's crew ties new course record                                         25-Oct-96                     Rowing-Women's
Water polo splashes rivals                                                  25-Oct-96                     Water Polo-Men's
Women's volleyball smashes opponents                                        25-Oct-96                     Volleyball-Women's
Intramural Update                                                           25-Oct-96                     Intramural Sports
Men's soccer upsets No. 15 Notre Dame, 2-1                                  25-Oct-96                     Soccer-Men's
Field hockey drops matches to Syracuse and Duke                             25-Oct-96                     Field Hockey
Men's golf finishes 18th at St. John's                                      25-Oct-96                     Golf
William and Mary stuffs Cats, 30-21                                         25-Oct-96                     Football
Women's cross country runs over top-notch competition                       25-Oct-96                     Cross-country running-Women-s
Men's tennis competes in ECAC Tournament                                    25-Oct-96                     Tennis-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                        25-Oct-96                     Miraglia, Paul/O'Brien, Megan
Varsity Club inducts twelve                                                 25-Oct-96                     Villanova Varsity Club
Leaders of the Pack; Williams...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97            Williams, Alvin/Lawson, Jason/Basketball-Men's
                                                                             1-Nov-96                     Williams, Alvin/Basketball-Men's
Williams helps propel Wildcats back into the national spotlight... Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97
Time to establish the Law, son...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97           Lawson, Jason/Basketball-Men's
                                                                             1-Nov-96                     1996-97
Doubting Thomas? Not for long, Wildcat fans...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball PReview Thomas, Tim/Basketball-Men's
Kornegay muscles up for senior year...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97 Kornegay, Chuck/Basketball-Men's
Penn is mightier than the sword...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97          Penn, Zeffy/Basketball-Men's
                                                                             1-Nov-96                     Lappas,
The Cats' fearless leader faces life after Kerry...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97 Steve/Basketball-Men's
                                                                          1-Nov-96                      Allen, Malik/Lynch, Brian/Caouette, T.J./Basketball-Men's
'Nova again harvests a bumper crop of new talent...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97
Cele-stands alone in Cats' den...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97         Celestand, John/Basketball-Men's
                                                                          Preview 1996-97
Bad, Bad Howard Brown...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball 1-Nov-96                         Brown, Howard/Basketball-Men's
                                                                          1-Nov-96                      Bigus, Rafal/Basketball-Men's
Big man Bigus adds depth to the 'Nova frontcourt...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97
                                                                          1-Nov-96                      Basketball-Men's
Returning starters give 'Nova ability to de-claw opponents...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97
                                                                          1-Nov-96                      DeFilippo,
DeFilippo resurrects 'Nova Athletic Department...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97 Gene/Basketball-Men's
                                                                          1-Nov-96                      College Athletes/Basketball-Men's
Academic support system ensures more than just athletic eligibility...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97
                                                                          1-Nov-96                       1996-97
Vacated leader post falls on Beisel's shoulders...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball PreviewBasketball-Women's/Beisel, Jean
Sliwa sliding into prominent role...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97      Sliwa, Jean/Basketball-Women's
Women to begin youth movement...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview 1996-97 Perretta, Harry/Basketball-Women's
                                                                          1-Nov-96                      Perretta, 1996-97
Perretta hoping to mold raw talent into title contender...Special Issue; Villanovan's College Basketball Preview Harry/Basketball-Women's
Homecoming brings alumni to campus                                        8-Nov-96                      Homecoming/Wildcat Roar
Campus landscape will get new look                                        8-Nov-96                      Villanova University-Grounds
Special Olympic athletes will compete at annual Fall Festival             8-Nov-96                      Special Olympics/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Modern Languages and Literature hosts second biannual conference 8-Nov-96                               Modern Languages and Literature, Department of/Foreign Films
VEMS works to obtain license for ambulance by next year                   8-Nov-96                      Villanova Emergency Medical Service
Students reflect on fall break Habitat for Humanity trips                 8-Nov-96                      Habitat for Humanity/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Advisement process needs major tune-up                                    8-Nov-96                      Registration/Faculty/Counseling in Higher Education
A community is every student's responsibility                             8-Nov-96                      Multicultural Education/Minorities/College Athletes
Students skip opportunity to voice complaints                             8-Nov-96                      Dining Services
Patriotic phrases disguise abortion pain and reality                      8-Nov-96                      Abortion
UNIT lab consultant offers assistance to students for computing needs 8-Nov-96                          UNIT/Computers
UNIT labels editorial irresponsible and inaccurate                        8-Nov-96                      Computers/UNIt
Student denied basic voting right                                         8-Nov-96                      Presidents-U.S.-Election-1996/Voting
Handicapped 'Nova student touches many lives                              8-Nov-96                      Handicapped/Haynal, Jim
Special Olympics committee anticipates the big event                      8-Nov-96                      Special Olympics/Student Volunteers in Social Service
University received prestigious service award                             8-Nov-96                      Volunteers/Father George Mader Award/Catholic Network of Volunteer Service
Student reflects about fall break trip                                    8-Nov-96                      Bender, Henry/Classical Studies Department/Rome, Italy
Breast cancer awareness gains additional importance for women             8-Nov-96                      Breast Cancer
Army ROTC faces challenges at Fort Dix                                    8-Nov-96                      ROTC
'Nova counseling center offers comfort away from home                     8-Nov-96                      Counseling Center
Henry Rollins speaks his mind to students                                 8-Nov-96                      Rollins, Henry
Renowned artist displays watercolors at campus art gallery                8-Nov-96                      Villanova University Art Gallery/Cannuli, Richard/China
Gospel Ensemble brings the Apollo to the Main Line with talent showcase   8-Nov-96                      Villanova Gospel Ensemble
Short story magazine continues a legacy                                  8-Nov-96           Vignette (Magazine)/Lugenbuehl, Mike
New Japanese internship emerges                                          8-Nov-96           Internships/Yuki, Fumiko/Japan
Cultural Film Series continues                                           8-Nov-96           Cultural Film Series
Pippin opens VSMT season                                                 8-Nov-96           Pippin/Villanova Student Musical Theater
Swimming legends honored in poolside ceremony                            8-Nov-96           Mone, Matt/Reed, Don/Villanova Athletic Hall of Fame/Swimming and Diving-Men's
Lukewarm debut for swimming, diving                                      8-Nov-96           Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Pro tennis comes to duPont                                               8-Nov-96 Page 27   Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation/DuPont Pavilion/Advanta Championships
Athletes of the Week                                                     8-Nov-96           Finneran, Brian/McGhee, Maura
IceCats melt quickly in NY                                               8-Nov-96           Ice Hockey
Thanksgiving Break Airport Shuttle                                       8-Nov-96           Shuttle Service
Men's soccer loses, fails to make Big East tourney                       8-Nov-96           Soccer-Men's
Water polo beats Richmond, qualifies for championships                   8-Nov-96           Water Polo-Men's
Intramural Update                                                        8-Nov-96           Intramural Sports
Field hockey hangs up sticks                                             8-Nov-96           Field Hockey
Women's soccer qualifies for Big East Tournament                         8-Nov-96           Soccer-Women's
Wildcats look sloppy without Williams in preseason opener                8-Nov-96           Basketball-Men's/Williams, Alvin
Golf team looks impressive in last outings of season                     8-Nov-96           Golf
Cats run over Rhode Island Rams                                          8-Nov-96           Football
Cross country places third in Big East championships                     8-Nov-96           Cross-country running-Women's
Freshman jogger raped on Lancaster                                      15-Nov-96           Rape/Sexual Assault/Public Safety/Crime on Campus
Many students turned away from polls on Election Day                    15-Nov-96           College Democrats/Political Awareness League/Voting/Presidents-U.S.-Election-1996/Voter Registration
Freshmen may be barred from Fraternity Rush                             15-Nov-96           Alcohol Task Force/Multicultural Education/Greek Letter Societies-Rush/University Senate/Fraternities/Students-Alcohol Us
Poet Seamus Heaney comes to campus                                      15-Nov-96           Irish poetry/Poetry Reading/Heaney, Seamus
Four University professors elected as AAUP Villanova chapter officers   15-Nov-96           Association of American University Professors (AAUP)/Strack, Harry/ Conn, Walter/Radcliffe, Evan/Ready, Ceceilia
Special Olympians compete on campus over weekend                        15-Nov-96           Special Olympics/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Visitation policy subject to change soon                                15-Nov-96           Visitation Policy/Student Housing-on campus
Cheerleaders to compete in Nationals for third year                     15-Nov-96           Cheerleading
Check out The Villanovan on-line                                        15-Nov-96           Villanovan
University needs more renowned speakers                                 15-Nov-96           Heaney, Seamus/Visiting Lecturers
Concern about alcohol is absurb                                         15-Nov-96           Students-Alcohol Use/Community and College
County officials at core of voting problems                             15-Nov-96           College Democrats/Voting/Voter Registration/Presidents-U.S.-Elections-1996
Discrimination Info Desired                                             15-Nov-96           Sex Discrimination/Student Housing-off campus
Professor calls for dramatic reforms                                    15-Nov-96           Counseling in Higher Education/Faculty
Students should advise themselves                                       15-Nov-96           Counseling in Higher Education/Faculty
Professor urges students to take control                              15-Nov-96         Counseling in Higher Education
True importance of voting shines through election day obstacles       15-Nov-96         Voting/Voter Registration/Presidents-U.S.-Elections-1996
Alumnus encourages seniors to volunteer after graduation from 'Nova15-Nov-96            Inner City Teaching Corps/Teaching/Volunteers
Library reveals results of student survey                             15-Nov-96         Falvey Memorial Library
Administration should put students first                              15-Nov-96         Villanova University-Administration
Effectiveness of Student Government questioned                        15-Nov-96         Student Government
Students challenge University's Pepsi contract                        15-Nov-96         Burma/Myanmar/PepsiCo
Villanova University Intramural Department:                           15-Nov-96         Flag Football/Intramural Sports
Great American Smokeout prepares to preoccupy smokers                 15-Nov-96         Smoking
'Nova student appears in local performance of 'West Side Story'       15-Nov-96         Barry, Marcia/Narbeth Community Theatre
University Health Center attempts needed improvements                 15-Nov-96         Health Center/Boyle, Denis
Hunger Awareness Week nourishes the soul                              15-Nov-96         Hunger Awareness Week/Campus Ministry/OXFAM
How to bring a smile to everyone's face                               15-Nov-96         Surgery, Plastic/Student Government/Operation Smile/McGee, William
Drill Team makes Homecoming debut                                     15-Nov-96         Villanova Drill Team
Biology students hold no limitations                                  15-Nov-96         Biology Department
Inner-City Teaching Corps trains graduates and touches the hearts of the young          Inner City Teaching Corps/Volunteers/Mooney, Greg
WXVU's new advisor has high expectations for improvement              15-Nov-96         WXVU/Baxter, Shawn
First Japanese student to attend Villanova reflects upon personal experiences           Sugiura, Masakazu/Rokuoh Shoji/Students, Foreign
SGA makes continual strides in progress around campus                 15-Nov-96         Student Government/UNIT/Computers/Student Housing/Visitation Policy
UNIT answers common questions about faults in the system              15-Nov-96         UNIT/Computers/Telecommunications
V.S.M.T.'s 'Pippin' mesmerizes audiences                              15-Nov-96         Villanova Student Musical Theater/Pippin
Cultural Film Seres' 'Bhaji on the Beach'                             15-Nov-96         Cultural Film Series
C.A.T. presents Agents of Good Roots in Belle Air                     15-Nov-96         Belle Aire Terrace
IceCats recover after slow start, beat Scranton                       15-Nov-96         Ice Hockey
Fighting Irish kick Wildcats from Big East Tournament                 15-Nov-96         Soccer-Women's
Volleyball charges down the stretch, wins four of five                15-Nov-96         Volleyball-Women's
Water polo bows out to Queens and Slippery Rock                       15-Nov-96         Water Polo-Men's
Playoff chances slip with loss to UNH                                 15-Nov-96         Football
Women's swimming wins two                                             15-Nov-96         Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athletes of the Week: Mark Ginsberg and Kristen Stretankski (Hockey,15-Nov-96 Page 29   Athlete of the week (column)/ Ginsberg, Mark/Stretankski, Kristen
Nobel Laureate recites poetry                                         22-Nov-96         Heaney, Seamus/Poetry Reading/Murphy, James/Nobel Prize
Students informed of sexual assault risks                             22-Nov-96         Sexual Assault/Rape/Crime on campus/Public safety
Community participated in Hunger Awareness Week                       22-Nov-96         Hunger Awareness Week/Oxfam America/Campus Ministry
University students attend rally opposing workfare                    22-Nov-96         Kensington Welfare Rights Union/Public Welfare
DuPont Pavilion hosts tennis tournament                              22-Nov-96           Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation/Advanta Championships/Tennis
Health Center will improve                                           22-Nov-96           Health Center
Students celebrate Indian New Year                                   22-Nov-96           Diwali/Villanova Indian Student Association
West campus roofs need repair due to faulty material                 22-Nov-96           West Campus Apartments/Villanova University-Buildings
Impact of deferred Rush examined by committee                        22-Nov-96           Greek Letter Societies-Rush/Fraternities/Sororities
Dr. Barry Young remembered                                           22-Nov-96           Young, Barry/Soccer-Women's
Pepsi responds to allegations                                        22-Nov-96           PepsiCo/Burma
Publicity of freshman rape should have been handled differently      22-Nov-96           Rape
Community must blame the rapist and comfort the victim               22-Nov-96           Rape/Sexual Assault/Crime on Campus
Key to success is education, not inebriation                         22-Nov-96           Students-Alcohol Use
Denial pervades University's alcohol problem                         22-Nov-96           Students-Alcohol Use
Attention should not be focused on the circumstances of crime        22-Nov-96           Rape/Sexual Assault/Crime on Campus
Reasoning behind attendance policy is questioned                     22-Nov-96           Class Attendance
DSA responds to posters being torn down: there is no justification   22-Nov-96           Democratic Socialists of America
Student demands more attention to Connelly Center sandwiches         22-Nov-96           Dining Services
Responses from the 'Novan speaker Poll                               22-Nov-96           Visiting Lecturers
An interview with Novel Prize poet, Seamus Heaney                    22-Nov-96           Heaney, Seamus/Visiting Lecturers/Poetry Reading
'Anchorsplash' floats in this weekend                                22-Nov-96           Anchor Splash/Delta Gamma
Student places second in Structure's Male Model Search               22-Nov-96           Recchiuti, Mark/Modeling
World AIDS Day hopes to promote awareness around the nation          22-Nov-96           AIDS
This is the year to wipe away poverty                                22-Nov-96           Hunger
UNIT schedules a much needed network upgrade                         22-Nov-96           UNIT/Computers
University searching for economics majors                            22-Nov-96           Economics
Agents of Good Roots rock in the Belle Air                           22-Nov-96           Agents of Good Roots
Cultural Film Series' preview                                        22-Nov-96           Cultural Film Series
Men's swimming finishes seventh in Georgia meet                      22-Nov-96           Swimming and Diving-Men's
Intramural Update                                                    22-Nov-96           Intramural Sports
Praising the virtues of Howard Brown                                 22-Nov-96           Brown, Howard/Kittles, Kerry/Basketball-Men's
Zeffy Penn to wear redshirt this year                                22-Nov-96           Penn, Zeffy/Basketball-Men's
Cross country set to run in NCAA Championship                        22-Nov-96           Cross-country running-Women's/Cross-country running-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                 22-Nov-96           Soto, Gabriel/Jost, Kristine
Postseason awaits Volleyball                                         22-Nov-96           Volleyball-Women's
Crew builds for the Spring                                           22-Nov-96 Page 30   Rowing-Men's
Soccer players named All-Big East                                    22-Nov-96           Soccer-Women's
Men win big in final tune-up                                          22-Nov-96           Basketball-Men's
IceCats lose two close battles to ECAC rival Skidmore                 22-Nov-96           Ice Hockey
Women swim against tough foes                                         22-Nov-96 Page 31   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Cats crush JMU, hope for playoffs                                     22-Nov-96           Football
Women destroy ECAC field                                              22-Nov-96           Cross-country running-Women's
Men's team takes IC4A by surprise                                     22-Nov-96           Cross-Country Running-Men's
Acting like a college kid is no excuse for alcohol abuse              22-Nov-96           Students-Alcohol Use
Petition raised to ban Cliffs Notes                                     6-Dec-96          Plagiarism/Core Humanities/Romanick, Debra/University Shop
Hearing held on student organization allotments                         6-Dec-96          Student Organizations
Visitation may be changed next fall                                     6-Dec-96          Visitation Policy/Student Housing-On campus/Villanova Experience
Campus organizations aid the needy during the holiday season            6-Dec-96          Christmas
SGA addresses women's issues                                            6-Dec-96 Page 2   Student Government/Women's Issues Task Force/Sexual Harassment
Students tutor elementary kids                                          6-Dec-96          Teaching/Teach for America/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Deferring rush may reduce alcohol abuse                                 6-Dec-96          Greek letter societies-Rush/Alcohol Task Force/Students-Alcohol Use/Multicultural Education/Fraternities
Father Stack speaks out against Rohypnol                                6-Dec-96          Rohypnol/Rape/Crime on Campus/Sexual Assault
Greeks support off-campus charities                                     6-Dec-96          Greek letter societies
Students need more time to prepare for final exams                      6-Dec-96          Reading Days
Conditions in Corr Hall are unfit for living                            6-Dec-96          Student Housing-on campus/Corr Hall
Community should extend love and support to rape victim                 6-Dec-96          Rape/Sexual Assault/Take Back the Night/Villanova Feminist Coalition/Crime on Campus
Counseling Center does not meet student needs                           6-Dec-96          Rape/Counseling Center
No difference exists between infanticide and abortion                   6-Dec-96          Abortion/Adoption/Infanticide
SGA implements change in anticipation of next semester                  6-Dec-96          Student Government
A holiday display of celebration and tradition                          6-Dec-96          Christmas/Hanukkah
Priest reduces the spread of violence through his infusion of hope and faith              Boyle, Greg/Gangs/Urban Youth
Toys for Tots makes Christmas special                                   6-Dec-96          ROTC
Sororities prepare for the approaching rush of new members              6-Dec-96          Sororities/Greek letter societies-Rush
Accountancy major provides path to success                              6-Dec-96          Accounting Department/Accounting Society
The apartment lottery goes into operation                               6-Dec-96          Student Housing-on campus/West Campus Apartments
New executive board is elected to continue service successes            6-Dec-96          Alpha Phi Omega
The facts and truths of Rohypnol                                        6-Dec-96          Rohypnol/Rape/Sexual Assault
UNIT reaches out to off-campus students                                 6-Dec-96          UNIT/Computers/Internet
Ring in the holiday season with 'A Christmas Carol'                     6-Dec-96          Villanova Student Theater
Athletes of the Week                                                    6-Dec-96          Lawson, Jason/Sliwa, Jenn
Two 'Nova squad win City 6 titles                                       6-Dec-96          Intramural Sports
Oddball opponents set sights on 'Nova                                    6-Dec-96   Basketball-Men's
Women edged by Stanford in national title bid                            6-Dec-96   Cross-country running-Women's
IceCats continue to struggle for much-needed wins                        6-Dec-96   Ice Hockey
Men's swimming                                                           6-Dec-96   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Princeton Tigers find a way to tame the Lady Cats, despite strong performances      Swimming and Diving-Women's
Villanova undefeated in Shootout in Puerto Rico                          6-Dec-96   Basketball-Men's
Women open with a split in the Windy City                                6-Dec-96   Basketball-Women's
Thomas, Wildcats fry Providence                                          6-Dec-96   Basketball-Men's/Thomas, Tim
'Nova unable to get past Buccaneers in first round                       6-Dec-96   Football
No difference exists between infanticide and abortion                    6-Dec-96   Abortion/Adoption/Infanticide
Congressman Fattah remembers Dr. King                                   24-Jan-97   Martin Luther King Day/Fattah, Chaka/Racism/Discrimination
Latin American Studies minor introduced                                 24-Jan-97   Latin American Studies/Ogden, Estrella
VU junior killed in automobile accident                                 24-Jan-97   Siciliano, Salvatore
Mendel annex to be finished in 1998                                     24-Jan-97   Mendel Hall/Villanova University-Buildings/Greenhouse
SGA sponsors airport shuttle service for breaks                         24-Jan-97   Student Government/Shuttle Service
Commuters need to get more involved                                     24-Jan-97   Commuting college students
More attention demanded for campus trees                                24-Jan-97   Falvey Memorial Library/Arboretum/Environmental Protection
Students too quick to turn on coach                                     24-Jan-97   Basketball-Men's/Lappas, Steve
Zoning laws unfair to students                                          24-Jan-97   Community and College/Student Housing-off campus
Student mourns loss of beloved tree behind Falvey Library               24-Jan-97   Falvey Memorial Library/Arboretum/Environmental Protection
Reading days decreased with due reason                                  24-Jan-97   Academic calendar
Conservation biologist, Dr. Peter Raven to speak on campus              24-Jan-97   Visiting Lecturers/Raven, Peter/Environmental Protection
PepsiCo allegedly still in Burma                                        24-Jan-97   PepsiCo/Burma
Authorship of UNIT article under speculation                            24-Jan-97   UNIT/Plagiarism
Katherine Hall--the headache of South campus                            24-Jan-97   Student Housing-on campus/Villanova University-Buildings/Katharine Hall/
Freedom School seminars search for racial equality                      24-Jan-97   King, Martin Luther/Freedom School
Campus Ministry sponsors service trips to Central America               24-Jan-97   Volunteers in Social Service/Campus Ministry
Editor to speak on Catholic laity                                       24-Jan-97   Steinfels, Margaret/Commonweal
Health Center announces gynecological services                          24-Jan-97   Health Center/McGinn, Karen
Civil Engineering: A program that builds onto the construction of the future        Civil Engineering department
Campuses start to ban the use of halogen lamps                          24-Jan-97   Fire/Public Safety
Collegians for life hold conference                                     24-Jan-97   Keyes, Alan/Abortion/American Collegians for Life/Planned Parenthood/Euthanasia
Professor brings reality to class                                       24-Jan-97   Waegel, William/Sociology Department/Faculty
'Nova art gallery anticipates Black History Month                       24-Jan-97   Southwest Community Enrichment Center of Philadelphia/Villanova Art Gallery/Black History Month
Villanova University Chapter SIGMA XI THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH SOCIETY Distinguished Lecturer   Raven, Peter/Environmental Protection
'The Postman' launches spring Cultural Film Series                24-Jan-97                    Cultural Film Series
Cultural Film Series preview                                      24-Jan-97                    Cultural Film Series
VU writers display talents                                        24-Jan-97                    Vignette (Magazine)
Men shine in Boston Invite                                        24-Jan-97                    Track athletics-Men's
Men's swimming                                                    24-Jan-97 Page 28            Swimming and Diving-Men's/
Cheerleaders finish fourth                                        24-Jan-97                    Cheerleading
Klick's Korner                                                    24-Jan-97                    Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
Kittles doing his thing in the NBA                                24-Jan-97                    Kittles, Kerry
Cats trounce Rutgers with some help from Jersey                   24-Jan-97                    Basketball-Men's
IceCats again fall through thin ice as losses mount               24-Jan-97                    Ice Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                              24-Jan-97                    Howard, Stephen/Beisel, Jenn
Women unleash their fury in the middle distances                  24-Jan-97                    Track Athletics-Women's
Cats in free fall as they lose to 'Cuse                           24-Jan-97                    Basketball-Men's
Beisel, Sliwa lead LadyCats past Georgetown                       24-Jan-97                    Basketball-Women's/Sliwa, Jen/Beisel, Jenn
Gynecological services offered at Health Center                   21-Jan-97                    Gynecology/Health Center
Survey prompts Academic Integrity Day                             31-Jan-97                    Plagiarism/Honor Code/Cheating (Education)
Transmitter boosts WXVU                                           31-Jan-97                    WXVU
CEO of Body Shop speaks on social responsibility                  31-Jan-97                    Career Fair/Edward, David/Body Shop USA/Roddick, Anita
Acclaimed scientist receives award                                31-Jan-97                    Raven, Peter/Mendel Medal/Environmental Protection
WXVU's efforts deserve thanks and recognition                     31-Jan-97                    WXVU
'On campus' ignorance is not excusable                            31-Jan-97                    Martin Luther King Day
VU fails to meet housing needs                                    31-Jan-97                    Student Housing-off campus/Student Housing-on campus
UNIT responds to plagiarism allegations                           31-Jan-97                    UNIT/Plagiarism
Columnist 'nails' ATO for questionable flyer                      31-Jan-97                    Alpha Tau Omega/Fraternities-Rush/Greek Letter Societies-Rush/Sexual Harassment
More campus improvements needed                                   31-Jan-97                    Fine Arts/Performing Arts/Villanova University-Buildings
Katharine Hall is quite fit for living                            31-Jan-97                    Villanova University-Building/Student Housing-on campus/Facilities Management
Fattah's pro-choice stance not appropriate for VU chapel          31-Jan-97                    King, Martin Luther/Fattah, Chaka
Career Week shows students the path of opportunity                31-Jan-97                    Career Fair
Communication Arts revamps its core curriculum                    31-Jan-97                    Communication Department
Students get frantic looking for a home off-campus                31-Jan-97                    Student housing-off campus/Community and College
Bigs and Littles elect new leadership                             31-Jan-97                    Bigs and Littles
Villanovans participate in March for Life                         31-Jan-97                    Abortion/Villanovans for Life
Cultural Film Series' latest: 'Van Gogh'                          31-Jan-97                    Cultural Film Series
Guster rocks the Belle Air                               31-Jan-97   Nightclub
Thursday, February 13 is Academic Integrity Day          31-Jan-97   Plagiarism/Cheating (Education)
Intramural hoops off to a big start                      31-Jan-97   Intramural Sports
Men add to their list of big-meet qualifiers             31-Jan-97   Track Athletics-Men's
IceCats persist in their losing ways                     31-Jan-97   Ice Hockey
Swimmers fall to Pitt                                    31-Jan-97   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Tournament would revitalize the Big 5                    31-Jan-97   Basketball-Men's
'Nova crushes Boston College                             31-Jan-97   Basketball-Men's
Women continue to tear up the track in Boston            31-Jan-97   Track Athletics-Men's
Pitt Panthers sink women in dual meet pool action        31-Jan-97   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                     31-Jan-97   Williams, Alvin/Jost, Kristine
Slow start dogs Cats in latest defeat                    31-Jan-97   Basketball-Men's
Cats fall to Boston College, rebound versus Pitt         31-Jan-97   Basketball-Women's
ATO offends campus                                        7-Feb-97   Alpha Tau Omega/Fraternities-Rush/Sexual Harassment
VU cannot satisfy housing needs                           7-Feb-97   Student Housing-on campus/Student Housing-off campus
Student tuition brings $133 million                       7-Feb-97   Villanova University-Tuition/Villanova University-Budget
C & F revamps requirements                                7-Feb-97   College of Commerce and Finance/Core Curriculum
Parking poses big problems                                7-Feb-97   West Campus Apartments/Park/Mendel Hall
Cheating comes with penalties                             7-Feb-97   Academic Integrity Day
Changes for Dougherty anticipated                         7-Feb-97   Dougherty Hall/Dining Services
Academic Integrity Day misses the mark                    7-Feb-97   Plagiarism/Cheating (Education)
Action taken by IFC lacks responsibility                  7-Feb-97   Alpha Tau Omega/Interfraternity Council
Commuter concerns are not met by the University           7-Feb-97   Commuting College Students
SGA lacks men's concerns and tree committee               7-Feb-97   Student Government
University must implement Academic integrity code         7-Feb-97   Academic Integrity Day/Honor Code/Cheating (Education)
Message about King was not political                      7-Feb-97   Abortion/Martin Luther King Day/Fattah, Chaka
Originators of offensive poster need reflection           7-Feb-97   Alpha Tau Omega/Fraternities-Rush/Sexual Harassment
Blue Key has two commuters                                7-Feb-97   Blue Key Society/Commuting College Students
Greeks apologize for posters                              7-Feb-97   Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Council/Alpha Tau Omega
Fattah fights for impoverished                            7-Feb-97   Fattah, Chaka/Martin Luther King Day
Personal beliefs should not get in the way of learning    7-Feb-97   Fattah, Chaka/Martin Luther King Day
Pro-choice proponent has no place in VU Church            7-Feb-97   Abortion/Martin Luther King Day/Fattah, Chaka
'On Campus' urges action                                  7-Feb-97   Martin Luther King Day
Dining Services refines meal plan equivalency             7-Feb-97   Dining Services
Management department in midst of great change                         7-Feb-97   College of Commerce and Finance/Management Department/International Business
Dance-a-Thon surpasses charitable goal                                 7-Feb-97   Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Council/Greek Letter Societies
Political Science department prepares for its yearly Washington mini-mester       Washington Minimester/Political Science Department
Law student holds the crown as Miss Philadelphia                       7-Feb-97   Drummond, Regina/School of Law
Former assistant basketball coach reflects on his years at Villanova   7-Feb-97   Black History Month/Basketball-Men's-Recruiting/Raveling, George/Alumni/King, Martin Luther
Economics professor is awarded Fulbright Scholarship                   7-Feb-97   Wolnicki, Miron/Fulbright Scholarship/Poland/Faculty
Connelly Center provides the use of informational screens              7-Feb-97   Interactive Kiosk Experience/Computers
Sigma Alpha Epsilon observes Groundhog Day celebration in Punxsutawney 7-Feb-97   Fraternities
New professor greeted with popularity                                  7-Feb-97   Lucky, Crystal/English Department/Faculty
Cultural Film Series presents 'Fargo'                                  7-Feb-97   Cultural Film Series
Fab Five is the team to beat                                           7-Feb-97   Intramural Sports
Davis, Sullivan lead resting Cats in Virginia, New York                7-Feb-97   Sullivan Krestena/Davis, Kia/Track Athletics-Women's
IceCats trounced twice by Alabama-Birmingham                           7-Feb-97   Ice Hockey
More racers quality                                                    7-Feb-97   Track Athletics-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                   7-Feb-97   Lawson, Jason/Davis, Kia
Cats overcome adversity and the Orangemen                              7-Feb-97   Basketball-Men's
Kentucky looms on Cats' horizon                                        7-Feb-97   Basketball-Men's
Seniors super in their duPont finale                                   7-Feb-97   Basketball-Men's
Student athletes score a 2.89                                          7-Feb-97   College Athletes/Grade Point Average
Women blitzed by 'Canes in Miami                                       7-Feb-97   Basketball-Women's
Marijuana use continues on campus                                     14-Feb-97   Marijuana/Students-Drug Use/Crime on Campus/Drug Testing/College Athletes
Dining services' profit will climb even higher                        14-Feb-97   Connelly Center/Dougherty Hall
Hazing still an issue: problems may occur here                        14-Feb-97   Fraternities/Sororities/Greek letter societies
AIDS is everywhere and VU population needs to be aware                14-Feb-97   AIDS Awareness Week
Mogan aids in Green Affairs                                           14-Feb-97   Greek letter societies/Mogan, Tom
Shuttle shut down                                                     14-Feb-97   Vandalism/Shuttle Service/Public Safety
ATO: They just don't get it                                           14-Feb-97   Sexual Harassment/Fraternities-Rush/Alpha Tau Omega
Radnor Police reprimands student for being out too late               14-Feb-97   Community and College
Men's basketball program is diminishing                               14-Feb-97   Basketball-Men's/Lappas, Steve
Columnist should keep up on Pepsi information                         14-Feb-97   Burma/Pepsico
Juvenile snipping at Lappas is counterproductive                      14-Feb-97   Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
There is more to life than the men's basketball team                  14-Feb-97   Basketball-Men's/Lappas, Steve
Deferring Rush would be justifiable                                   14-Feb-97   Alpha Tau Omega/Sexual Harassment/Fraternities-Rush
ATO president defends his fraternity                                  14-Feb-97   Interfraternity Council/Alpha Tau Omega/Fraternities-Rush/Sexual Harassment
ATO has positives to offer                                            14-Feb-97     Alpha Tau Omega/Fraternities-Rush/Sexual Harassment/Interfraternity Council
Campus should have a sense of humor about ATO incident                14-Feb-97     Sexual Harassment/Gavaghan, Ann/Alpha Tau Omega
CAT commuter forum offers a convenient and valuable service           14-Feb-97     Commuting College Students/Commuter Forum
Columnist should stop tooting her own horn                            14-Feb-97     Gavaghan, Ann
Columnist has no right to generalize students                         14-Feb-97     Gavaghan, Ann
Academic integrity must not be ignored                                14-Feb-97     Honor Code
Alumna recalls distinguished career in U.S. Army                      14-Feb-97     Johnson-Brown, Hazel/Armed Forces/Alumni/Minorities/African-Americans/Villanova University-Trustees
AIDS Players Impact Concerned Students                                14-Feb-97     AIDS
AIDS Players Impact Concerned Students                                14-Feb-97     AIDS
Villanovans for Life attend speech at the Pennsylvanians for Human Life dinner      Keyes, Alan/Presidents-U.S.-Election
Students take advantage of annual opportunity for summer study in Italy             Foreign Study
New member of Student Development promotes students to make a change  14-Feb-97     Logan, Carolyn
Three facilities workers aid an injured hawk back to life             14-Feb-97     Vasey Hall/Facilities Management/Angels in America (Drama)
Villanova Theatre debuts 'Angels in America                           14-Feb-97     Villanova Theater/Drama (on campus)
Alumni create unique sound in Rugby Road                              14-Feb-97     Kearns, Kenny/Alumni
Academic integrity committee needed                                   14-Feb-97     Academic Integrity Day
Cultural Film Series' latest                                          14-Feb-97     Gould, Glen
'On the Town'                                                         14-Feb-97     Villanova Student Musical Theater
Losses mount for the IceCats                                          14-Feb-97     Ice Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                                  14-Feb-97     McIlwain, J.R./Higgins, Jenny
Campus opinion split on Coach Lappas Stout: Lappas has given the program new life   Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
Nehlsen: Lappas is hurting his team; let him go                       14-Feb-97     Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
Cats poised for run at Big East Championships                         14-Feb-97     Track Athletics-Women's
Men set for Big East                                                  14-Feb-97     Track Athletics-Men's
Penn State roars past 'Nova                                           14-Feb-97     Swimming and Diving-Women's
Men's swimming gets caught looking ahead, falls to PSU                14-Feb-97     Swimming and Diving-Men's
Big Blue much too much for 'Nova                                      14-Feb-97     Basketball-Men's
Sputtering Cats drop another one                                      14-Feb-97     Basketball-Men's
Women bombard Syracuse                                                14-Feb-97     Basketball-Women's
Free speech is not limited to nice people                             14-Feb-97     Alpha Tau Omega/Freedom of speech
Graduates reunite in 'Life is a Dream'                                14-Feb-97     McCulloch, Aileen/Furman, Ty Allan/Drama/Vagabond Acting Troupe/Calderon de la Barca, Pedro
Sullivan and Sheehan go co-ed in fall                                 21-Feb-97     Sullivan Hall/Sheehan Hall/Student Housing-on campus/Residence Life/Visitation Policy
Laptops will be mandatory for C & F student                           21-Feb-97     Computers/College of Commerce and Finance/UNIT
Administration not likely to defer Rush this year                     21-Feb-97     Greek letter societies-Rush/Fraternities/Sororities
Weekend shuttle service could expand despite students' behavior     21-Feb-97        Wildcat Shuttle/Public Safety/Community and College
House surrounded by campus buildings up for sale                    21-Feb-97        Villanova University-Buildings
Sexism at Villanova: Most students are unaware and unconcerned      21-Feb-97        Sexual Harassment/Alpha Tau Omega/Sex Discrimination
Bookstore explains texts' high prices                               21-Feb-97        University Shop/Wildcard
Coffee shop will add perks to South                                 21-Feb-97        Good Counsel Hall/Dining Services/Villanova University-Buildings
Dean Monahan shares vision for C & F                                21-Feb-97        College of Commerce and Finance/Monahan, Thomas/American Production and Inventory Control/Honors Program
Integrity day falls short                                           21-Feb-97        Academic Integrity Day/Cheating (Education)
Audience offended by gay sex and nudity                             21-Feb-97        Villanova Theater/AIDS Awareness Week/Angels in America/Drama (on campus)/Homosexuality
Marijuana article lacks true facts                                  21-Feb-97        Students-Drug Use/Marijuana/Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance
Housing letter was not meant to insult                              21-Feb-97        Student Housing-on campus
Deferring Rush would affect women too                               21-Feb-97        Women's Studies/Sororities-Rush
Increase in letters proves that students are not apathetic          21-Feb-97        Apathy
Honest, open talk about sex is needed on 'Nova's campus             21-Feb-97        Birth Control/Catholic Church/Sex/Condoms
Gene DeFilippo traces Lappas' successful career at Villanova        21-Feb-97        Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's/DeFilippo, Gene
Basketball program has reached new heights because of Coach Lappas21-Feb-97          Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
Where are all the fans?                                             21-Feb-97        Basketball-Men's
Team deserves more than we give                                     21-Feb-97        Basketball-Men's
Basketball program has reached new heights because of Coach Lappas21-Feb-97          Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
Anti-Lappas posters stirred up a heated debate                      21-Feb-97        Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
Editor offends Chris and Bob                                        21-Feb-97        Iannozzi, Bob/Donio, Jim/Kazarian, Chris
Alumnus serves on Pennsylvania Supreme Court                        21-Feb-97        Nix, Robert/Alumni/African-Americans/Minorities/Black History Month
This weekend's Arab Cultural Society's Hafla party is a sell-out    21-Feb-97        Arab Cultural Society/Middle East
Activities for AIDS Awareness Week prove to be educational          21-Feb-97        AIDS Awareness Week
Omicron Delta Kappa members are Villanova's leaders                 21-Feb-97        Omicron Delta Kappa
Physics professor displays proficiency in science and music         21-Feb-97        Faculty/Arrison, Jim/Physics Department
Danny Glover and Felix Justice visit campus for Black History Month 21-Feb-97        Glover, Danny/Justice, Felix/Hughes, Langston/King, Martin Luther
New director seeks to create more internship opportunities          21-Feb-97        Blanchard, Robert/College of Commerce and Finance/Internships
Worldwatch director to speak here                                   21-Feb-97        Brown, Lester/Worldwatch Institute
Wildcard expands its acceptability                                  21-Feb-97        Wildcard
First place Villanova team wins scholarship in MSNBC game show      21-Feb-97        Eckstein, Rick/Jones, Brian/Gavaghan, Ann/Remember This/Scholarships
'Singled Out' sets the stage for Valentine's Day                    21-Feb-97        Campus Activities Team/Iannozzi, Bob/Kazarian, Chris
University attracts a more diverse student body through Admissions Office programs   Minorities/Admissions/Multicultural Education/Multicultural Affairs, Office of
University attracts a more diverse student body through Admissions Office programs   Minorities/Admissions/Multicultural Education/Multicultural Affairs, Office of
'Angels in America' enthralls audiences                             21-Feb-97        Villanova Theater/Drama (on campus)/Kushner, Tony
Prof plays Somethin' Good                                        21-Feb-97           Arrison, Jim/Faculty/Meg's Nightmare
'On the Town' premieres                                          21-Feb-97           Villanova Student Musical Theater
Film series shows award-winner                                   21-Feb-97           'Dead Man Walking'/Cultural Film Series
WXVU: Not just freaks                                            21-Feb-97           WXVU (Radio Station)
1997 Big East Tournament, March 5-8, 1997, Madison Square Garden 21-Feb-97 Page 29   Tickets-Athletic Events/Athletic Events/Big East Tournament
Upsets abound in playoffs                                        21-Feb-97           Intramural Sports
Ice Hockey finally wins one                                      21-Feb-97           Ice Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                             21-Feb-97           Williams, Alvin/Tollefson, Carrie
Klick's Korner                                                   21-Feb-97           Basketball-Men's
Irish eyes are not smiling as Villanova prevails                 21-Feb-97           Basketball-Men's
Men finish sixth in Big East                                     21-Feb-97           Track Athletics-Men's
Williams leads Cats through Storm                                21-Feb-97           Williams, Alvin/Basketball-Men's
Women outrun the Hoyas for the Big East Title                    21-Feb-97           Track Athletics-Women's
LadyCats quell the Red Storm                                     21-Feb-97           Basketball-Women's
Senate inadequacies upset members                                14-Mar-97           University Senate/Cliff Notes/College Teachers-Evaluation/Faculty
Rosemont provides housing for 'Nova                              14-Mar-97           Rosemont College/Student Housing-on Campus
Laurence Romero, admired French professor, passes away           14-Mar-97           Faculty/ Modern Languages and Literature, Department of/Romero, Laurence
Teacher evaluation policy reviewed                               14-Mar-97           College teachers-Evaluation
Rugby club wants to return to campus                             14-Mar-97           Rugby
Chris and Bob: Can they be taken seriously in the election?      14-Mar-97           Iannozzi, Bob/Kazarian, Chris/Student Government-Election-1997
Town meeting addresses students' concerns                        14-Mar-97           Town Meeting/Student Housing-on campus/Public Safety/Dining Services
Rosemont' Lease with an option to buy?                           14-Mar-97           Rosemont College/Student Housing-off campus
Secretaries and work-study students are essential                14-Mar-97           Bonas, Gary/Sex discrimination
Lack of athletic support is discouraging                         14-Mar-97           Football/Apathy/Sports Fans
Anonymous quotes decrease article's impact                       14-Mar-97           Sex discrimination/Alpha Tau Omega
Administration's spoon-fed remedies not fit for college students 14-Mar-97           Honor Code/Academic Integrity/Cheating (Education)/Villanova University-Administration
Disgusted audience members must find true meaning                14-Mar-97           Angels in America/Kushner, Tony/Villanova Theater/AIDS/Homosexuality
Administration supports theatre department's decisions           14-Mar-97           Angels In America/Villanova Theater/Theater Department/Villanova University-Administration
St. Augustine would not approve of 'Angels'                      14-Mar-97           Angels in America/Villanova Theater
Editorial attack on students objectionable                       14-Mar-97           Angels in America/Villanova Theater/Villanovan
'Angels not appropriate for religious campus                     14-Mar-97           Angels in America/Villanova Theater
Students commended for walking out                               14-Mar-97           Angels in America/Villanova Theater
Student appreciates 'Angels' as true art form                    14-Mar-97           Angels in America/Villanova Theater
On Campus...with Pat Foley                                       14-Mar-97           DuPont Pavilion/Villanova University-Buildings
Veal shoud be banned in campus dining halls                           14-Mar-97   Dining Services
Recent graduate recounts her battle with anorexia                     14-Mar-97   Eating Disorders
Workshop enlightens students                                          14-Mar-97   Eating disorders/Anorexia/Bulimia
Nutritional knowledge is the key to a healthy self                    14-Mar-97   Dining Services/Eating disorders/Anorexia/Bulimia
Villanova football office and coach host bone marrow drive            14-Mar-97   Talley, Andy
Students spend their spring breaks helping the poor                   14-Mar-97   Student volunteers in Social Services/Mexico
Rosemont College offers convenient living                             14-Mar-97   Student Housing-on campus/Student Housing-off campus
Annual health fair: 'A hopeful tomorrow begins with a healthy today.' 14-Mar-97   Health Fair
Career planning and Placement seeks peer counselors                   14-Mar-97   Career Planning and Placement
National German Honor Society inducts new members                     14-Mar-97   Delta Phi Alpha/National German Honor Society
International Law Society hosts annual dinner and Keynote Speaker 14-Mar-97       Brower, Charles/School of Law/International Law Society
Environmental group persuades students to conserve campus energy 14-Mar-97        Energy Conservation Index/Villanova Environmental Group
The Force beats Zulu for title                                        14-Mar-97   Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                  14-Mar-97   Thomas, Tim/Jost, Kristine
IceCats lose three                                                    14-Mar-97   Ice Hockey
Men swim to sixth place at Big East Championships                     14-Mar-97   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Men's lax trips out of the gate                                       14-Mar-97   Lacrosse-Men's
Women top Davidson                                                    14-Mar-97   Lacrosse-Women's
Men run in NCAA meet, Howard seventh in mile                          14-Mar-97   Track Athletics-Men's
Klick's Korner                                                        14-Mar-97   Basketball-Men's
Wildcats outlast Providence in a semifinal tilt                       14-Mar-97   Basketball-Men's
'Nova squeezes the Orange; Masked Kornegay provides inspired play 14-Mar-97       Basketball-Men's/Kornegay, Chuck
Big disappointment in Big East final                                  14-Mar-97   Basketball-Men's
Jost claims NCAA title in 3000 as team places ninth                   14-Mar-97   Jost, Kristine/Track Athletics-Women's
Professor questions Openess: virtue or vice                           14-Mar-97   Angels in America/Villanova Theater/Villanovan
Three students vie for SGA presidency                                 21-Mar-97   Student Government-Election-1997
Confederate flag posted by candidate on campus                        21-Mar-97   Racism/Slavery/Ross, Jason/Keita, Maghan/Student Government-Election-1997
Arts and Sciences debate                                              21-Mar-97   Student-Government-Election-1997
C & F and Engineers duke it out on issues                             21-Mar-97   Student Government-Election-1997
Women's conference gives awards                                       21-Mar-97   Neville, Erin/McIlmoyle, Elizabeth/Kirk, Timothy/Women's History Month/Elizabeth Cady Stanton Research Award
C & F offers summer minor                                             21-Mar-97   College of Commerce and Finance
The Villanovan endorses Quisenberry and Lammot                        21-Mar-97   Quisenberry, Eric/Lammot, Dan/Student Government-Election-1997
Candidate apologizes for rebel flag posters                           21-Mar-97   Ross, Jason/Student Government-Election-1997
Eric and Dan will do the job right                                    21-Mar-97   Lammot, Dan/Student Government-Election-1997/Quisenberry, Eric
Women's History month has gone unnoticed                             21-Mar-97                   Women's History Month
Bob and Chris have been dedicated since day one                      21-Mar-97                   Student Government-Election-1997/Iannozzi, Bob/Kazarian, Chris
Article did not paint the full picture                               21-Mar-97                   Iannozzi, Bob/Kazarian, Chris/Student Government-Election-1997
Chris and Bob should get a fair chance                               21-Mar-97                   Iannozzi, Bob/Student Government-Election-1997/Kazarian, Chris
Chris and Bob are taking the election seriously                      21-Mar-97                   Iannozzi, Bob/Kazarian, Chris/Student Government-Election-1997
There is more to Bob and Chris than fun and games                    21-Mar-97                   Student Government-Election-1997/Kazarian, Chris/Iannozzi, Bob
St. Augustine would not have left 'Angels'                           21-Mar-97                   Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo/Angels in America/Villanova Theater
Kushner's 'Angels in America' broadens horizons                      21-Mar-97                   Angels in America/Villanova Theater
Make an informed decision on March 25                                21-Mar-97                   Student Government-Election-1997
ATO should support a women's charity                                 21-Mar-97 Page 9            Sexual Harassment/Alpha Tau Omega/Fraternities-Rush
Students have nowhere to park                                        21-Mar-97                   Parking
Sister Mary Margaret Cribben says thanks for the memories            21-Mar-97                   Cribben, Mary Margaret
Teacher evaluations should be open to students                       21-Mar-97                   University Senate/College Teachers-Evaluation
Good Counsel should be open to sophomores                            21-Mar-97                   Student Housing-on campus/Villanova Experience/Rosemont College
University needs to provide better counciling for eating disorders   21-Mar-97                   Eating Disorders/Counseling Center
Graduate gives Lappas the thumbs up                                  21-Mar-97                   Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
Senatorial debates were a waste of time                              21-Mar-97                   College of Commerce and Finance/Student Government-Election-1997
What is VQI?                                                         21-Mar-97                   Villanova Quality Improvement
Public relations boasts University pride through recent efforts      21-Mar-97                   Public Relations/Internships
Basketball Club revives old tradition                                21-Mar-97                   Alley Cat Tournament/Balloon Day
                                                                     21-Mar-97                   Student Volunteers in Social Service/Habitat for Humanity
Students reach out to help others; Several students recount experiences on Campus Ministry-sponsored Spring Break Service Trips
Student Government Elections                                         21-Mar-97                   Student Government-Election-1997/DeRose, Ron/Manion, Tricia/Iannozzi, Robert/Kazarian, Christopher/Quisenberry, Eric/L
Commerce and Finance candidates                                      21-Mar-97                   Student Government-Election-1997
Engineering Candidates                                               21-Mar-97                   Student Government-Election-1997
Arts and Sciences candidates                                         21-Mar-97                   Student Government-Election-1997
Cultural Film Series' Latest                                         21-Mar-97                   A Man for All Seasons
Harmonizing in the Belle Air                                         21-Mar-97                   Villanova Singers
Men's lacrosse gains first win of season over Drexel                 21-Mar-97                   Lacrosse-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                 21-Mar-97                   Williams, Alvin/O'Neil, Shannon
Klick's Korner                                                       21-Mar-97                   Basketball-Men's
Cats outrun trash-talking Blackbirds                                 21-Mar-97                   Basketball-Men's
Women's lax tops BU, Duquesne                                        21-Mar-97                   Lacrosse-Women's
Cal sends 'Nova home early again                                     21-Mar-97                   Basketball-Men's/NCAA Tournament
Baseball warms up for Big East                                       21-Mar-97                   Baseball
Minors arrested at Smokey Joe's                                4-Apr-97          Students-Alcohol Use
Strong turnout splits the vote                                 4-Apr-97          Student Government-Election-1997
Cliffs Notes recently come under fire                          4-Apr-97          University Shop/Johannes, John
C & F introduces peer advising board                           4-Apr-97          College of Commerce and Finance/Peer Advisors
Homophobia is at home on this campus                           4-Apr-97          Homosexuality/Gay and Lesbian Support Group
Test pledge raises concerns                                    4-Apr-97          Honor Code/Academic Integrity/Cheating (Education)
Wildcard will expand to include banking options                4-Apr-97          Wildcard
Smoking prevails among students                                4-Apr-97          Smoking
Frequent fire alarms have various causes                       4-Apr-97          Public Safety
HIV results are recorded in Red Cross Databank                 4-Apr-97          Blood Drive/Red Cross
Thank's for making the campaign a success                      4-Apr-97          Multicultural Students League/Minorities
Counciling center has adequate services                        4-Apr-97          Counseling Center/Eating Disorders
The election process is a joke                                 4-Apr-97          Student Government-Election-1997/Kazarian, Chris/Iannozzi, Bob
Acton gives his support                                        4-Apr-97 Page 8   Lammot, Dan/Student Government-Election-1997/Acton, Peter/Quisenberry, Eric
Eric and Dan offer experience and compassion                   4-Apr-97          Student Government-Election-1997/Lammot, Dan/Quisenberry, Eric
Quisenberry has a vision for Nova's future                     4-Apr-97          Student Government-Election-1997/Quisenberry, Eric
Eric and Dan will implement change                             4-Apr-97          Student Government-Election-1997/Quisenberry, Eric/Lammot, Dan
SGA Presidential candidates express their views                4-Apr-97          Student Government-Election-1997/Quisenberry, Eric/Lammot, Dan/Iannozzi, Bob/Kazarian, Chris
SGA is valuable but still misunderstood                        4-Apr-97          Student Government
See you later 'Al E. Gators'                                   4-Apr-97          Community and College
Muslim Student Association celebrates Islamic Awareness Week   4-Apr-97          Muslim Student Association/Islamic Awareness Week
Summer distance learning via advanced technology               4-Apr-97          Distance Education/DeCrema, Joseph/Danove, Paul
Dining Services pleads for more student feedback               4-Apr-97          Dining Services/Nutrition
First gay and lesbian support group established                4-Apr-97          Homosexuality
Film Series to present 'Crumb'                                 4-Apr-97          Cultural Film Series
Kuumba Singers captivate                                       4-Apr-97          Musicians
Congratulations to Jennifer Rhines, Honda Award Nominee        4-Apr-97          Rhines, Jennifer
Tracey makes two finals                                        4-Apr-97          Tracey, Tom/Swimming and Diving-Men's
Women compete in Florida                                       4-Apr-97          Track Athletics-Women's
Softball team ready to begin league play in earnest            4-Apr-97 Pg. 35   Softball
Men serve up season                                            4-Apr-97          Tennis-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                           4-Apr-97          Tracey, Tom/Doyle, Megan
Bats asleep as Cats split with Pitt                            4-Apr-97          Baseball
Men's lax wins fourth in a row over Air Force                  4-Apr-97          Lacrosse-Men's
Women beat the Engineers                                                 4-Apr-97          Lacrosse-Women's
'Nova hoop squads compte in City 6                                       4-Apr-97          Intramural sports
Quisenberry wins by two percent                                         11-Apr-97          Student Government-Election-1997
Tuition hike approved                                                   11-Apr-97          Villanova University-Tuition/Villanova University-Budget
Hired contractor causes explosion                                       11-Apr-97          Public Safety
Core Humanities honors two outstanding writers                          11-Apr-97          Core Humanities/Writing Prize/Neary, Thomas/Goldschmidt, Clara
Towing frustrates and confuses students                                 11-Apr-97          Parking/Radnor Garage and Towing
Internationally known teacher, philosopher, novelist and short story writer, Chaim Potok   Potok, Chaim
To the Students, Faculty, and Administration of Villanova University 11-Apr-97             Plagiarism/Cliff Notes/Academic Integrity/Censorship
Options are limited for pregnant students                               11-Apr-97          Women's rights/Villanovans for Life/Villanova Feminist Coalition/Abortion
Sexual minority student alliance is beneficial                          11-Apr-97          Minorities/Homosexuality/Discrimination
Election conspiracy theory is hogwash                                   11-Apr-97          Student Government-Election-1997
Prices on meal contract are questionable                                11-Apr-97          Dining Services
Women's sports deserve more press                                       11-Apr-97          Swimming and Diving-Women's
Homosexual abuse is unacceptable                                        11-Apr-97          Homosexuality/Discrimination
Sigma Nu hosts a successful mission                                     11-Apr-97          Fraternities
Project Sunshine welcomes students from Philadelphia                    11-Apr-97          Project Sunshine/Sunshine Day
Delta Tau Delta initiated on campus                                     11-Apr-97          Fraternities/Greek letter societies
Frist sophomore student named Goldwater Scholar                         11-Apr-97          Ladrigan, Theresa/Young Scholars
Nova Fest '97                                                           11-Apr-97          Nova Fest/Earth Day
Annual Greek Week kicks off festivities this Monday                     11-Apr-97          Greek Week/Greek letter societies
VEMS provides new ambulance service to students                         11-Apr-97          Villanova Emergency Service
Presidents collaborate and unify their two institutions                 11-Apr-97          Rosemont College
Students gripe over the lack of art classes                             11-Apr-97          Art Department
New works to be displayed in the campus Art Gallery                     11-Apr-97          Jansen, Catherine/Villanova Art Gallery
Prospective students arrive for Candidates' Day                         11-Apr-97          Candidates' Day
The Jewish faith celebrates a week without bread                        11-Apr-97          Passover
Annual Balloon Day festivities planned                                  11-Apr-97          Balloon Day
R.O.T.C. hosts largest invitational drill competition on the East Coast 11-Apr-97          ROTC
Bone marrow drive receives large student support and contributions 11-Apr-97               Bone marrow
Honor and biology student named Fullbright Scholar                      11-Apr-97          Keenan, Jeremy
Samples sell out 'Nova Room                                             11-Apr-97          Campus Activities Team
'Novafest                                                               11-Apr-97          Nova Fest
Cultural Film Series                                                    11-Apr-97          Anne Frank Remembered
Intramural indoor soccer heats up                                      11-Apr-97               Intramural sports
Men's lax falls to two nationally ranked opponents                     11-Apr-97               Lacrosse-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                   11-Apr-97               Archer, Kareem/Walley,Kesha
Men's tennis team wins four in a row                                   11-Apr-97               Tennis-Men's
Villanovan staffer is as good as his word                              11-Apr-97               Nehlsen, Jon
Softball team drops two after opening of new field                     11-Apr-97               Softball
Women mired in mediocrity                                              11-Apr-97               Lacrosse-Women's
Men race at Penn and Florida invite                                    11-Apr-97               Track Athletics-Men's
Baseball team looking for consistency                                  11-Apr-97               Baseball
Women impressive in tune-ups                                           11-Apr-97               Track Athletics-Women's
Hewitt leaves Cats for post at Siena                                   11-Apr-97               Hewitt, Paul/Basketball-Men's
Violence plagues student body                                          18-Apr-97 Page 1        Campus Violence/Sigma Phi Epsilon/Pi Kappa Alpha/Sigma Nu/Fraternities
Women on welfare share their experiences                               18-Apr-97               Center for Peace and Justice/Poverty/Kensington Welfare Rights Union
Marijuana more dangerous to students now than in '60s                  18-Apr-97               Students-Drug Use
Parking fines anger students                                           18-Apr-97               Public Safety
Dougherty Hall will cool off after all these years                     18-Apr-97               Villanova University-Buildings
New program developing                                                 18-Apr-97               Environmental Studies
'Nova cheats its way to national recognition                           18-Apr-97               Cliff Notes/Academic Integrity
Johannes defends Cliff Notes decision                                  18-Apr-97               Cliff Notes/Johannes, John
Feminists for Life give new outlook on abortion                        18-Apr-97               Abortion/Foster, Serrin/Feminism
Student irate over tuition increase                                    18-Apr-97               Villanova University-Tuition
A look back to the past and a glimpse into the future                  18-Apr-97               Year-in-Review/University Senate
Surrounding community needs to give off-campus students a chance 18-Apr-97                     Community and College/Student Housing-off-campus
Department of Student Life offers options for pregnant students        18-Apr-97               Pregnancy/Nurturing Network
Earth Day roots must be remembered                                     18-Apr-97               Earth Day
Run-off election was flawed                                            18-Apr-97               Student Government-Election-1997
Saint Vincent de Paul Society and Campus Ministry sponsor end of year charity donations        Campus Ministry
Sigma Delta Pi Spanish honor society inducts new members               18-Apr-97               Modern Languages and Literature, Department of
Career Planning and Placement extends services to students through new site on the Internet    Career Planning and Placement
Weather dampens Nova Fest activities                                   18-Apr-97               Nova Fest
Sunshine Day anticipates on brightening the lives of area children during annual festivities   Project Sunshine
Intern reflects on experiences in Japan                                18-Apr-97               Internships
SGA fulfills an accomplishing year of improvement                      18-Apr-97               Student Government
Villanova Student Theatre to perform Shakespeare                       18-Apr-97               Villanova Student Theater/Tomaszewski, Lisa
Coed softball in full swing                                           18-Apr-97                    Intramural Sports
Women face lax superpower UNC                                         18-Apr-97                    Lacrosse-Women's
Tennis team at 15-5                                                   18-Apr-97                    Tennis-Men's
Struggling softball team drops four to the Irish                      18-Apr-97                    Softball
Men trample Leopards, Hawks                                           18-Apr-97                    Lacrosse-Men's/Lafayette University/St. Joseph's University
Athletes of the Week                                                  18-Apr-97                    Neyland, Matt/Davis, Kia
Cats take two of three from the Hall                                  18-Apr-97                    Seton Hall/Baseball
                                                                      18-Apr-97                    Track Athletics-Women's
Women dominant at the Villanova Invitational; Five Wildcats qualify provisionally for the NCAA Championships
V.U. cable network under consideration                                25-Apr-97                    Cable Network/Falvey Memorial Library
Football rethinks division 1-A option                                 25-Apr-97                    Football
Activist chosen as speaker for commencement                           25-Apr-97                    Villanova University-Commencement/Hunger/Carini, Peter/Nowak, Jeremy/Shore, Bill/Share Our Strength/Volunteers/Allen
Alcohol will not be banned; rush will not be postponed                25-Apr-97                    Students-Alcohol Use/Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Council/Greek letter societies-Rush
U.S. Marine astronaut speaks to VU students                           25-Apr-97                    Multicultural Affairs, Office of/Bolden, Charles
Harassment is in classrooms                                           25-Apr-97                    Sexual Harassment/American Association of University Professors
Motion to protect privacy of blood donors                             25-Apr-97                    Blood drive/American Red Cross/AIDS
The good, the bad and the ugly: the year in review                    25-Apr-97                    Year in Review
Don't have a cow, man                                                 25-Apr-97                    Campus Ministry
Vice present for academic affairs should be commended                 25-Apr-97                    Cliff Notes/Johannes, John
No love loss exists for University's irksome qualities                25-Apr-97                    Students-Alcohol Use/Catholic Church-Doctrine/Homecoming
Tuition increase is unjustified                                       25-Apr-97                    Villanova University-Tuition/Villanova University-Budget
Television creates cultural apathy                                    25-Apr-97                    Television/Apathy
Foster failed to address rape victims                                 25-Apr-97                    Foster,Serrin/Abortion/Villanovans for Life/Feminism/Feminists for Life
C & F class readjustment could have been avoided                      25-Apr-97                    College of Commerce and Finance
Abortion should remain legal                                          25-Apr-97                    Feminists for Life/Foster, Serrin/Feminism/Abortion
SGA says thanks for the support                                       25-Apr-97                    Student Government
Election concerns are addressed                                       25-Apr-97                    Student Government-Election-1997
Lappas thanks cancer program supporters                               25-Apr-97                    American Cancer Society/Lappas, Steve
Commuters feel like outsiders looking in                              25-Apr-97                    Commuting College Students/Neville, Richard
Director of Feminists for Life movement addresses pro-life issues in modern society                Abortion/Villanovans for Life/Foster, Serrin
Presidential summit in Philadelphia kicks off campaign to enhance lives of America's children      President's Summit for America's Future/Volunteers/Project Sunshine/Campus Ministry/Germantown
Senior columnist completes successful college career                  25-Apr-97                    Gavaghan, Ann/Fulbright Scholarship/Villanovan
Student Alumni Association aims to unite students past and future     25-Apr-97                    Villanova Student Alumni Association/Villanova Alumni Association
Return of Alley Cat Basketball tournament proves to be a success      25-Apr-97                    Alley Cat/Basketball Club
Seniors anticipate upcoming Senior Service Day                        25-Apr-97                    Senior Service Day
Student volunteers teach migrant workers                          25-Apr-97             Student Volunteers in Social Service/Hollis, Karen
Facilities plans extensive renovations                            25-Apr-97             Facilities Management/Villanova University-Buildings
Computer science professor writes book on Java programming language                     Lewis, John/Computers
Students attend conference in Washington                          25-Apr-97             Model Organization of American States/Latin America
March protests violence against women in society                  25-Apr-97             Take back the Night/Rape
Honors students attend a national conference in Maine             25-Apr-97             Honors program
'Once on this Island' explodes onto Vasey stage                   25-Apr-97             Villanova Theater
Men top Boston College after loss to Scarlet Knights              25-Apr-97             Lacrosse-Men's
Men ready to run in Penn Relays                                   25-Apr-97             Track Athletics-Men's
Water polo team heats up                                          25-Apr-97             Water Polo-Women's
Intramurals hands out annual awards                               25-Apr-97             Intramural/Sports
Athletes of the Week                                              25-Apr-97             McTigue, Jack/McCoy, Kelli
Women prepare for track's main event                              25-Apr-97             Track Athletics-Men's/Widener Invitational
Columnist reflects on life, happiness and intramurals             25-Apr-97             Intramural Sports
Softball team has sights set on Big East tourney                  25-Apr-97             Softball
Women's lax sneaks by Hawks                                       25-Apr-97             Lacrosse-Women's
Men clash rackets at Big East tourney                             25-Apr-97             Tennis-Men's
Ready or not, Thomas heads for the NBA                            25-Apr-97             Thomas, Tim/Basketball-Men's
Cats continue to struggle after sweep by Irish                    25-Apr-97             Baseball
Art Students Welcome at Rosemont                                  25-Apr-97             Rosemont College
Interfraternity and Panhellenic Council: 1997 Greek Awards        25-Apr-97             Greek letter societies/Panhellenic Council/Interfraternity Council
Hank Aaron addresses campus                                       26-Sep-97   Page 1    Aaron, Hank/Baseball/Racism
Wildcard poses problems both on and off campus                    26-Sep-97   Page 1    Wildcard/Wildcard office
Rosemont phones prove unreliable                                  26-Sep-97   Page 1    Rosemont College/Telephones on campus
The University Senate debates childcare issue                     26-Sep-97   Page 3    University Senate
Housing warrants speed up                                         26-Sep-97   Page 3    Radnor Township/Student Housing-off campus/Community and College
Liberal Arts majors struggle for a future                         26-Sep-97   Page 6    Internship/Career Planning and Placement/Curricula
Athletic Department demands free ads                              26-Sep-97   Page 6    Villanovan/Advertising
Bonas was biased in Pike article                                  26-Sep-97   Page 6    Pi Kappa Alpha/Sigma Phi Epsilon/Fraternities/Bonas, Gary
Simpsons comment could reflect the University's drinking problem  26-Sep-97   Page 7    Students-Alcohol Use/See also Page 3 for cartoon
Athletics and education go hand in hand                           26-Sep-97   Page 7    Football
Beta Theta Pi holds Annual Rubber Duckie Race                     26-Sep-97   Page 8    Rubber Duckie Race/Beta Theta Pi/Fraternities
New ropes course promotes team unity                              26-Sep-97   Page 16   Challenge Course
Parents' Weekend tailgate benefits Leukemia Foundation            26-Sep-97   Page 17   Greek letter societies/Panhellenic Council/Interfraternity Council
Internships expose students to careers                                26-Sep-97   Page   17   College of Commerce and Finance/Internships/Accounting Department
Spotlight on Alumni-Rene Ermilio, Successful Owner of Campus Corner26-Sep-97      Page   17   Ermilio, Rene
Freshman Support Group welcomes new members                           26-Sep-97   Page   18   Freshman Support Group/Counseling Center
Nationally published poet offers workshops during spring semester 26-Sep-97       Page   18   Christie, A.V./Poetry
Campus joins Bread for the World in battle against hunder             26-Sep-97   Page   18   Hunger
IFC sponsors walk to benefit National Hemophilia Foundation on Saturday           Page   18   Interfraternity Council
Students train to be Peer Assistants to handle drug and alcohol problems          Page   18   Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance
World-renowed professor discusses forms of poetry                     26-Sep-97   Page   19   Muela, Joaquin// Modern Languages and Literature, Department of
Villanova Theatre season opens with 'Disciple'                        26-Sep-97   Page   21   Villanova Theater/Shaw, George Bernard/Devil's Disciple/Drama (on-campus)
Cultural Film and Lecture Series presents 'The Miracle'               26-Sep-97   Page   21   Cultural Film Series
Villanova Theatre captures eight prestigious Barrymore Award nominations          Page   22   Villanova Theater/Angels in America, Part II: Perestroika
Softball champions crowned                                            26-Sep-97   Page   28   Intramural Sports
UMBC, Delaware defeat the women's tennis team                         26-Sep-97   Page   29   Tennis-Women's
Cats finish third in Wildcat Tourney after going 2-2                  26-Sep-97   Page   29   Water Polo-Men's
Golfers place sixth at Bucknell invite                                26-Sep-97   Page   29   Golf
Athletes of the Week                                                  26-Sep-97   Page   29   Boden, Chris/Minnich, Kathy
Volleyball team wins two at UVA                                       26-Sep-97   Page   30   Volleyball-Women's
Men's soccer team topples No. 10 Scarlet Knights                      26-Sep-97   Page   31   Soccer-Men's
Women beat the Hoyas after being shut out by the Hall                 26-Sep-97   Page   31   Soccer-Women's
Jost and Tollefson are ready to lead Cat pack                         26-Sep-97   Page   31   Cross-country running-Women's/Track athletics-Women's/Tollefson, Carrie/Jost, Kris
Cats leave Black Bears in the woods                                   26-Sep-97   Page   32   Football/Boden, Chris/Dolbin, Josh
Field hockey team disappoints, loses three straight                   26-Sep-97   Page   32   Field Hockey
Device detecting fake IDs hits home                                    3-Oct-97   Page   1    Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board/Students-Alcohol Use/Minor Checker/False Identification
University prioritizes building new housing                            3-Oct-97   Page   1    Student Housing-on campus
World famous philosophers convene here                                 3-Oct-97   Page   1    Postmodernism/Derrida Jacques/Marion, Jean-Luc/Philosophy Department/Kearney, Richard/Wyschogrod, Edith/Tracy, Da

Campus raises breat cancer awareness                                  3-Oct-97    Page   1    Breast Cancer
Mendel computer lab hours decrease                                    3-Oct-97    Page   4    Computers/UNIT
Lost items auctioned if not claimed                                   3-Oct-97    Page   4    Public Safety
Faculty and 1 student arrested for Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser      3-Oct-97    Page   4    Muscular Dystrophy Association
CAT rocks and rolls on campus                                         3-Oct-97    Page   6    Campus Activities Team
Cash to Chip system is inconvenient                                   3-Oct-97    Page   6    Wildcard
Pike will continue to improve in the 'Nova community                  3-Oct-97    Page   6    Fraternities/Pi Kappa Alpha
More concern for off-campus residents is needed                       3-Oct-97    Page   7    Student housing-off campus/Community and College/Radnor Township/Discrimination
Hepl put an end to hunger                                                 3-Oct-97 Page 8             Hunger/Bread for the World
Respect Life Week sparks discussion                                       3-Oct-97 Page 8             Abortion
Endless options are available for liberal arts majors                     3-Oct-97 Page 9             Liberal Arts
Article on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Center was incorrect                    3-Oct-97 Page 9             Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance
Internship opportunities are available                                    3-Oct-97 Page 9             Internship Program
New housing is atip off the iceberg                                       3-Oct-97 Page 9             Student housing-on campus
Thanks for recent CAT support                                             3-Oct-97 Page 9             Campus Activities Team
Athletics department should not receive free ads from The Villanovan 3-Oct-97 Page 9                  Student Government
Homecoming Events                                                         3-Oct-97 Page 15            Homecoming
                                                                          3-Oct-97 Page hungry; Community Outreach of VillanovaService
Campus Ministry coordinates campus outreach program to aid the city's homeless and 19                 Student Volunteers in Social incorporates the help of various campus organizations
                                                                          3-Oct-97 Page 19
Newly-founded Student Alumni Relations Team to promote unity between Villanovans past and present     Alumni
Recycling program reaches 3 million tons of waste                         3-Oct-97 Page 20            Eco Mug /Recycling
Nursing students train elementary school children in health care          3-Oct-97 Page 20            Durham Elementary School/College of Nursing
Dining Services promotes academic excellence and computer literacy 3-Oct-97 Page 20                   Cyber Cafe
Wildcat Club celebrates 25th anniversary                                  3-Oct-97 Page 21            Wildcat Club
Master chefs on exchange from Shanghai enhance Villanova's Dining Services3-Oct-97 Page 21            China
'The Chosen' explores faith                                               3-Oct-97 Page 27            Potok, Chaim/Cultural Film Series
'The Devil's Disciple' amuses audiences                                   3-Oct-97 Page 28            Villanova Theater/Shaw, George Bernard/Drama (on campus)
CAT show pleases crowd                                                    3-Oct-97 Page 28            Campus Activities Team/Squirrel Nut Zippers/Reel Big Fish/From Good Homes
CAT kicks off fall semester                                               3-Oct-97 Page 29            Campus Activities Team/Wildcat Weekend
Villanova University gets a dose of 'The Real World'                      3-Oct-97 Page 30            Campus Activities Team/Schlichting, Lars
Women look for consistency                                                3-Oct-97 Page 37            Tennis-Women's
GW, Navy sink Cats                                                        3-Oct-97 Page 37            Water Polo-Men's
Swimming greats to be honored tomorrow                                    3-Oct-97 Page 37            Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                      3-Oct-97 Page 37            Tollefson, Carrie/Dunn, Coulby
Tollefson and Jost run away from the competition at Iona                  3-Oct-97 Page 38            Tollefson, Carrie/Jost, Kris/Cross-country running-Women's
Men fourth at Spiked Shoe                                                 3-Oct-97 Page 38            Cross-country running-Men's
Golfers finish sixth at Big East                                          3-Oct-97 Page 38            Golf
Volleyball team ranked No. 2 in district; set for Big East                3-Oct-97 Page 39            Volleyball-Women's
Track celebrates 100 years                                                3-Oct-97 Page 39            Volleyball-Women's
Villanova vs. JMU                                                         3-Oct-97 Page 39            Liquori, Marty/Track Athletics-Women's/Track Athletics-Men's
                                                                          3-Oct-97 Page 40            to earth
Women slay the Panthers, fall to No. 2 Irish; After destroying Pitt 6-0, Notre Dame brings 'Nova back Soccer-Women's
No. 1 team will not move to Div. 1-A                                     24-Oct-97 Page 1             Football/Big East
Logo shows 'Nova the money                                               24-Oct-97 Page 1             Wildcat Logo/University Licensing Program
New AD named                                                            24-Oct-97 Page 1             Hofferth, Tim/Athletic Director
NROTC comments on women in naval combat                                 24-Oct-97 Page 1             ROTC
Many options available for housing                                      24-Oct-97 Page 1             Student Housing-on campus/West Campus Apartments
New library policy needs to be reevaluated                              24-Oct-97 Page 8             Falvey Memorial Library
Athletics should pay for ad space                                       24-Oct-97 Page 8             Athletics Department/Villanovan
Students need to show respect on the shuttle                            24-Oct-97 Page 8             Shuttle Service
Freshman faculty advisement system needs an overhaul                    24-Oct-97 Page 9             Counseling in higher education
Recycling program facts and figures                                     24-Oct-97 Page 10            Recycling
Smartcards are not so smart after all                                   24-Oct-97 Page 10            Wildcard
Seniors chosen for Homecoming Spirit Awards                             24-Oct-97 Page 16            Student Alumni Relations Team (START)/Desmond, Topher/Dunfey, Laura
ROTC freshmen are indoctrinated into program                            24-Oct-97 Page 16            ROTC
                                                                        24-Oct-97 Page 17
Preparations for Hunger Awareness Week are underway; Spirit of Father Jackson continues              Hunger Awareness Week/Jackson, Ray/Oxfam America
                                                                        24-Oct-97 'Freedom           Freedom
Student participates in annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Association for Nonviolence Page 17 Ride' summer tourRide/Civil Rights Movement/Copeland, Doug
Spotlight on Staff: Susan Sandler, M.D.                                 24-Oct-97 Page 17            Health Center/Sandler, Susan
                                                                        24-Oct-97 Page
Habitat for Humanity; South Dakota; Coahoma, Mississippi; Miami, Florida; Bath, Maine18              Habitat for Humanity
'Speed-the-Plow' debuts at Villanova Theatre                            24-Oct-97 Page 21            Villanova Theater/Mamet, David
Cultural Film Series presents Victor Nunez's 'Ruby in Paradise'         24-Oct-97 Page 22            Nunez, Victor
Water polo team goes to Cali, drops five of nine                        24-Oct-97 Page 27            Water Polo-Men's
Golfers place 13th in Lehigh tourney                                    24-Oct-97 Page 27            Golf
Women show signs of improvement in recent play                          24-Oct-97 Page 28            Field Hockey
Athletes of the Week                                                    24-Oct-97 Page 28            Tollefson, Carrie/Boden, Chris
Mounting injuries dampen team's 4-0 Big East start                      24-Oct-97 Page 29            Volleyball-Women's
Tennis team finishes up season by bucking the Rider Broncs              24-Oct-97 Page 29            Tennis-Women's
Take a ride on the Villanova football bandwagon                         24-Oct-97 Page 30            Football
Columnist questions Wildcat Roar's new '70s flavor                      24-Oct-97 Page 30            Wildcat Roar/Basketball-Men's
Men finish ninth at IC4As                                               24-Oct-97 Page 31            Cross-country running-Men's
Tollefson, Douma finish one and two at Penn State                       24-Oct-97 Page 31            Tollefson, Carrie/Douma, Carmen/Cross-country running-Women's
Cats play the Mountain women to a scoreless tie                         24-Oct-97 Page 31            Soccer-Women's
                                                                         five touchdown passes lead the way
Victory vaults Villanova to No. 1; Boden's record 409 yards passing and24-Oct-97 Page 32             Football/Boden, Chris
Cats swashbuckle past the Pirates, fall to the Terps                    24-Oct-97 Page 32            Soccer-Men's
Students arrested for vandalism                                         31-Oct-97 Page 1             Villanova University-Buildings/Engineering Building/Strome, Richard/Holze, David/Flower, Louis/Public Safety
Sheehan catches fire                                                    31-Oct-97 Page 1             Sheehan Hall/Villanova University-Buildings
Senate tables SGA proposal                                              31-Oct-97 Page 1             University Senate/Student Government/College Teachers-Evaluation
Officer monitors student behavior on Krapf's bus                        31-Oct-97 Page 1             Students-Alcohol Use/Public Safety/Shuttle Service
Acclaimed author of Dead Man Walking receives award on campus 31-Oct-97 Page 3                      Center for Peace and Justice/Prejean, Helen/Capital Punishment/Sonnier, Patrick/Dead Man Walking/Villanova Peace Awar
Master mind behind Jurassic Park speaks                                  31-Oct-97 Page 3           Pellegrino, Charles
Unruly students give 'Nova a bad name                                    31-Oct-97 Page 6           Vandalism/Shuttle Service/Students-Alcohol Use
Hazing rules should apply to all groups                                  31-Oct-97 Page 6           Student Organizations/Greek letter societies
Academic integrity begins with trust                                     31-Oct-97 Page 6           Cheating (Education)
Horoscopes have no place in a Catholic publication                       31-Oct-97 Page 6           Villanovan/Catholic Church-Doctrine
Falvey Library is a model for academic departments and administration    31-Oct-97 Page 7           Mullins, James/Falvey Memorial Library/FLASH
The Wildcard is taking over students lives                               31-Oct-97 Page 7           Wildcard
Encourage our senator to end poverty and hunger in the U.S.              31-Oct-97 Page 8           Hunger/Bread for the World
Falvey's 'one renewal rule' removed                                      31-Oct-97 Page 8           Falvey Memorial Library/Mullins, James
Basketball team deserves student support                                 31-Oct-97 Page 8           Basketball-Men's/Wildcat Roar
Campus lacks a smoking section                                           31-Oct-97 Page 8           Smoking
Villanova prepares to host Fall Festival                                 31-Oct-97 Page 13          Special Olympics/Clark, Mary Ellen/Catarcio, Maurice
Students participate in P.L.A.Y.                                         31-Oct-97 Page 13          Participate in the Lives of America's Youth /Nike
Italian department offers innovative ways to learn the language          31-Oct-97 Page 14          Italian Club/Italy/Foreign Study
FLASH Fest marks the start of future improvements to the library         31-Oct-97 Page 14          Falvey Memorial Library/FLASH
Graduate fair receives a large response from students                    31-Oct-97 Page 15          Graduate School
Proceeds from Chi Olympics to benefit Special Olympics                   31-Oct-97 Page 15          Chi Omega/Special Olympics/Sororities
Arts and Science students search for an internship for next semester 31-Oct-97 Page 15              Internship Program
'Speed the Plow' accentuates Hollywood's dark side                       31-Oct-97 Page 20          Villanova Theater/Mamet, David
                                                                          Barrymore Awards
And the envelope please...Villanova Theatre captures three prestigious31-Oct-97 Page 20             Torsney-Weir, Maureen/Villanova Theater/Angels in America/Kushner, Tony/Christy, James/Power, Harriet
'McMullen' explores the Irish male                                       31-Oct-97 Page 21          Cultural Film Series/Brothers McMullen
1997-98 Student Ticket Distribution                                      31-Oct-97 Page 23          Basketball-Men's/Tickets-Athletic Events
Intramural squads ready for the playoffs                                 31-Oct-97 Page 26          Intramural Sports
Golfers top Engineers                                                    31-Oct-97 Page 26          Golf
Volleyball team set for showdown with Irish                              31-Oct-97 Page 27          Volleyball-Women's
Final score: Title IX 1, men's water polo 0                              31-Oct-97 Page 27          Sex discrimination in sports
Men defeat Friars in double OT                                           31-Oct-97 Page 27          Soccer-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                     31-Oct-97 Page 27          Sifford, Curtis/Hennessey, Jeanne
                                                                         over No. 13 William
Top Cats grind out a Tribal victory; Defense, running of Sifford key win 31-Oct-97 Page 28 and Mary Football/Sifford, Curtis
Women net two wins, qualify for Big East Tourney                         31-Oct-97 Page 28          Soccer-Women's
Behavior eliminates need for officers                                     7-Nov-97 Page 1           Public Safety/Students-Alcohol Use/Student Shuttle Service
Students witness Chinese president's visit to the U.S.                    7-Nov-97 Page 1           China/Jiang Zemin/Political Awareness League/Pi Sigma Alpha
Transferring remains an issue                                             7-Nov-97 Page 1           Students-Statistics/Transfer Students/Admissions
Disabled students voice their concerns                                     7-Nov-97 Page 3            Handicapped
Academic Advising?                                                         7-Nov-97 Page 6            Peer Advisors/Counseling in Higher Education
Advertising Apology                                                        7-Nov-97 Page 6            Holocaust
Harmless horoscopes signify freedom                                        7-Nov-97 Page 6            Catholic Church-Doctrine/Villanovan
Violent trend at 'Nova is disheartening                                    7-Nov-97 Page 6            Vandalism/Crime on Campus
Students deserve access to teacher evaluation data                         7-Nov-97 Page 6            College Teachers-Evaluation/Faculty
Holocaust denial advertisement is beneath The Villanovan                   7-Nov-97 Page 8            Villanovan
Football team falls victim to NCAA rule                                    7-Nov-97 Page 8            Football/Tickets-Athletic Events
What determines questionable content?                                      7-Nov-97 Page 8            Villanovan/Holocaust
Inner-City Teaching Corps offers a valuable experience                     7-Nov-97 Page 8            Teaching/Volunteers
                                                                           7-Nov-97 Page 12
Olympic medalist Mary Ellen Clark speaks at Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies                       Clark, Mary Ellen/Diving
Basketball Club suffers from decrease in school spirit                     7-Nov-97 Page 12           Basketball-Men's/Apathy
Students fight world hunger and homelessness                               7-Nov-97 Page 15           Hunger/Homeless
Lambda Chi Alpha organized successful Main Line food drive                 7-Nov-97 Page 15           Greater Philadelphia Food Bank/Hunger/Fraternities
Rape Aggression Defense classes give new confidence to women               7-Nov-97 Page 15           Rape Aggression Defense
Actress to speak on women in television                                    7-Nov-97 Page 15           Campus Activities Team/Cooper, Camille/Beauty, Personal
Congratulations Special Olympics on Another Great Fall Festival            7-Nov-97 Page 17           Special Olympics
'Rumors' take over St. Mary's                                              7-Nov-97 Page 20           Simon, Neil/Villanova Student Theater
VSMT brings Broadway to 'Nova                                              7-Nov-97 Page 21           Villanova Student Musical Theater/Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Nova's singers do the 'Time Warp'                                          7-Nov-97 Page 21           Villanova Singers/Villanova Voices
Web boy tells 'Novans how to make their mark in cyberspace                 7-Nov-97 Page 21           Internet/World Wide Web/Computers
Men tune up for this weekend's Big East tourney                            7-Nov-97 Page 25           Soccer-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                       7-Nov-97 Page 25           Lucan, Jared/Tollefson, Carrie
Rugby club wins title                                                      7-Nov-97 Page 25           Rugby
'Nova ready to take care of unfinished business                            7-Nov-97 Page 26           Football/New Hampshire
Swimming teams beat LaSalle                                                7-Nov-97 Page 26           Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Cats place sixth in Big East with three top 15 finishers                   7-Nov-97 Page 26           Cross-country running-Men's
Volleyball team sputters against Notre Dame                                7-Nov-97 Page 27           Volleyball-Women's
Stick women soar past Hawks, get bit by Hoyas                              7-Nov-97 Page 27           Field Hockey
Cats await regular season, await Irish rematch                             7-Nov-97 Page 27           Soccer-Women's
                                                                           disposing of Rhode         Football/Atlantic 10
Win clinches A-10 title, playoff berth; No. 1 'Nova still undefeated after 7-Nov-97 Page 28 Island, 37-15
Hobbling Cats sixth despite taking top two spots                           7-Nov-97 Page 28           Big East/Cross-country running-Women's/Tollefson, Carrie
C & F peer counselors improve advisement                                 14-Nov-97 Page 1             College of Commerce and Finance/Counseling in Higher Education
Sexual assault: still an issue on campus                                 14-Nov-97 Page 1             Sexual Assault/ Rape/Crime on Campus/Students-Alcohol Use/Public Safety/Counseling Center
INCAR forum promotes debate on interracial dating                       14-Nov-97 Page 1     Interracial Dating/Racism
Estimated Damage to the new Engineering Building (Photograph Building)  14-Nov-97 Page 3     Crime on Campus/Vandalism/Engineering Building/Villanova University
Omicron Delta Kappa inducts new members                                 14-Nov-97 Page 3     Omicron Delta Kappa
'Nova double faults on student parking spaces                           14-Nov-97 Page 8     Parking/Public Safety/Advanta Championships
C &F peer counselors do the job                                         14-Nov-97 Page 8     College of Commerce and Finance/Counseling in Higher Education
Business advisors are efficient                                         14-Nov-97 Page 8     Villanovan/Counseling in Higher Education/College of Commerce and Finance/Peer Counselors
Parking problem is ridiculous                                           14-Nov-97 Page 8     Advanta Championships
The Wildcard system: none of that and a chip                            14-Nov-97 Page 9     Wildcard/Computers
                                                                        14-Nov-97 Page 10
Disability concerns misinterpreted; Administrator feels article misses point                 Handicapped
                                                                        14-Nov-97 Page 10
Disability concerns misinterpreted; Students should just ask more questions                  Handicapped
Lack of campus social life more myth than fact                          14-Nov-97 Page 10    Students-Social Life
Problem lies with the students, not the school                          14-Nov-97 Page 10    Students-Social Life
Glandy should go to SGA meetings                                        14-Nov-97 Page 10    Student Government
Do your part to end world hunger                                        14-Nov-97 Page 10    Hunger
Unruly behavior disgusts professor                                      14-Nov-97 Page 11    Shuttle Service/Crime on Campus/Vandalism
Freshman feels that comment was elitist                                 14-Nov-97 Page 11    Crime on Campus/Vandalism
Free speech requires the use of discretion                              14-Nov-97 Page 11    Holocaust/Villanovan
Have students acquired a general apathy for the University?             14-Nov-97 Page 11    Apathy
                                                                        14-Nov-97 Page
Student expresses his distate for the University's implementation of affirmative action 11   Affirmative Action/Minorities
Superficial stereotype of 'Nova students offends                        14-Nov-97 Page 12    Admissions/Minorities/Multicultural Education/Villanova University-Administration/Discrimination
Center for Arab and Islamic Studies not anti-Semetic                    14-Nov-97 Page 12    Center for Arab and Islamic Studies
Graduate promoted to four-star general                                  14-Nov-97 Page 18    Zinni, Anthony/Alumni/Marine Corps
Students attend National College Media Convention                       14-Nov-97 Page 19    Belle Air/Journalism
Senior receives scholarship from Chemical Club of Philadelphia for second year Page 19       Jacoby, Jaime/Scholarships
Nursing scholar and author delivers speech                              14-Nov-97 Page 19    Kritek, Phyllis/College of Nursing
Public Safety promotes sexual assault awareness                         14-Nov-97 Page 19    Sexual assault/Public Safety
Hunger awareness week honors Father Ray Jackson                         14-Nov-97 Page 20    Jackson, Ray
Wildcat Habitat for Humanity holds first annual Block Party             14-Nov-97 Page 20    Habitat for Humanity
'Puttin' on the Hits' is a success                                      14-Nov-97 Page 20    Ronald McDonald House/Belle Aire Terrace/Fraternities/Sororities
                                                                        14-Nov-97 Page 20
Student participates in conference of National Society of Black Engineers                    Engineering
Villanova Theatre continues its Vital Choices series with 'Racing Demon'14-Nov-97 Page 25    Villanova Theater/Hare, David/Drama on Campus
Cultural Film Series brings 'The Unbrellas of Cherbourg' to 'Nova       14-Nov-97 Page 26    Cultural Film Series
Intramural playoffs underway                                            14-Nov-97 Page 31    Intramural Sports
Volleyball team falls to Pirates, defeats Knights                       14-Nov-97 Page 32    Volleyball-Women's
Fall season ends at JMU Invite                                        14-Nov-97 Page 32      Golf
Men's crew team defends its title                                     14-Nov-97 Page 32      Rowing-Men's
Men tune-up for Nike Cup with dual meet victory                       14-Nov-97 Page 33      Swimming and Diving-Men's
IceCats shoot blanks at Stags                                         14-Nov-97 Page 33      Ice Hockey
Cats to start season with youth and questions                         14-Nov-97 Page 34      Basketball-Men's
Fan favorite returns to provide senior leadership                     14-Nov-97 Page 34      Basketball-Men's/Penn, Zeffy
Women lose to Big East champions                                      14-Nov-97 Page 35      Soccer-Women's
                                                                      14-Nov-97 Page 35
Athletes of the Week: Brian Westbrook and Kristin Stretanski (football, swimming)            Westbrook, Brian/Stretanski, Kristin
Knights slay men's soccer team                                        14-Nov-97 Page 35      Soccer-Men's
Columnist wonders what the future holds for 'Nova football            14-Nov-97 Page 35      Football
Villanova wins Cat fight to go to 9-0                                 14-Nov-97 Page 36      Football
Retrievers unable to catch Wildcats in the water                      14-Nov-97 Page 36      Swimming and Diving-Women's
CATS evaluations approved by senate                                   21-Nov-97 Page 1       University Senate/College teachers-Evaluation/Falvey Memorial Library/Grading System
Housing reorganized to build campus community                         21-Nov-97 Page 1       Student Housing-on campus/Residence Life/West Campus Apartments
Hazing surfaces in VU athletics                                       21-Nov-97 Page 1       Athletics Department/College Athletes
Author addresses BCS conference                                       21-Nov-97 Page 3       Black Panther Party/Brown, Elaine/Black Cultural Society
Actress speaks on the negative cost of beauty                         21-Nov-97 Page 3       Cooper, Camille/Committee for the Empowerment of Young Women
Bank merger will not affect 'Nova financial accounts                  21-Nov-97 Page 3       Core States Bank/First Union Bank
Football needs fans                                                   21-Nov-97 Page 6       Apathy/Basketball-Men's/Villanovan/Football/Wildcat Club
Dear Glandy, please don't let the door hit you on the way out         21-Nov-97 Page 7       Villanovan
Boycott the apartment lottery for the needy                           21-Nov-97 Page 7       Student Housing- on campus
Roller hockey forbidden unfairly                                      21-Nov-97 Page 8       Sports facilities/Public Safety
Marks deserves the honor of the Lindback                              21-Nov-97 Page 8       Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching/Marks, William/Faculty/Biology Department
Happy to hear about swim teams                                        21-Nov-97 Page 8       Swimming
Credit for editorial cartoon due                                      21-Nov-97 Page 8       Villanovan
Andy Richter brings humor to Villanova                                21-Nov-97 Page 16      Richter, Andy/Campus ActivitiesTeam
VEG attempts to clean up cigarette butt littering                     21-Nov-97 Page 17      Villanova Environmental Group/Smoking
Fruit machine causes commotion in campus cafeterias                   21-Nov-97 Page 17      Bartley Cafe/Fruit
Students discover themselves through Campus Ministry's Search retreats21-Nov-97 Page 17      Campus Ministry
CAT will sponsor Merry Christmas Villanova Week                       21-Nov-97 Page 17      Christmas Week/Campus Activities Week
Public safety to implement National Bike Registry                     21-Nov-97 Page 18      Crime on Campus/Bicycles
University students celebrate National Chemistry Week                 21-Nov-97 Page 18      Chemistry Department
Students attend Stand Up for Life dinner                              21-Nov-97 Page 18      Villanovans for Life/Abortion
                                                                       Amazing Technicolor   Villanova Student Musical Theater
VSMT rocks St. Mary's auditorium with a new twist on 'Joseph and the21-Nov-97 Page 22 Dreamcoat'
Webpage how-to, take two                                               21-Nov-97   Page 24   Internet/World Wide Web
Villanova Dance Ensemble showcases grace and talent in its fall performance        Page 24   Villanova Dance Ensemble
The curtain closes on this fall's Cultural Film and Lecture Series     21-Nov-97   Page 25   Cultural Film Series
Romm puts 'Novans to sleep...on purpose                                21-Nov-97   Page 25   Hypnotism/Romm, Ronny/Campus Activities Team
Congratulations to Kristine Jost, Honda Aware Nominee                  21-Nov-97   Page 27   Jost, Kristine
IceCats drop two to Skidmore as tempers flare                          21-Nov-97   Page 29   Ice Hockey
Herd wins game of the ages                                             21-Nov-97   Page 29   Intramural Sports
Rugby wins at Virginia Tech                                            21-Nov-97   Page 29   Rugby
Men finish seventh                                                     21-Nov-97   Page 30   Cross-country running-Men's
Cats wary of Huskies' bite                                             21-Nov-97   Page 30   Football
Netsters kill oposition in record-setting weekend                      21-Nov-97   Page 31   Volleyball-Women's
Golden Gophers maul Wildcats in season opener                          21-Nov-97   Page 31   Basketball-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                   21-Nov-97   Page 31   Sifford, Curtis/Evans, Stacy
Villanova rides past Buffalo Bulls; Cats put game away after defense settle down   Page 32   Football
Wildcats take top two spots at NCAA regionals                          21-Nov-97   Page 32   Cross-country running-Women's
Freshmen exhibit reckless behavior                                      5-Dec-97   Page 1    Alcohol-Student Use/Villanova Emergency Medical Service
VU provides resources for pregnant students                             5-Dec-97   Page 1    Pregnancy/Counseling Center/AMNION Crisis Pregnancy Center
Rugby desires recognition                                               5-Dec-97   Page 1    Rugby
Football player, coach receive national awards                          5-Dec-97   Page 1    Finneran, Brian/Talley, Andy
Judicial board established by Greeks                                    5-Dec-97   Page 3    Interfraternity council/Panhellenic Association/Greek letter societies
Dining Services announces brand new plans                               5-Dec-97   Page 3    Student Government
Concerns expressed about inconsistent pizza delivery                    5-Dec-97   Page 3    Belle Aire Terrace/Dining Services
Laptop thefts threaten dorm security                                    5-Dec-97   Page 4    Computers/Crime on Campus/Student Housing-on campus
Inspection policy adjusted to guard against fires                       5-Dec-97   Page 4    Fire/Student Housing-on campus
Lecture on China raises human rights awareness                          5-Dec-97   Page 4    Aikman, David/China
More time, or at least more places, needed for study                    5-Dec-97   Page 6    Academic Calendar/Falvey Memorial Library
Affirmative action is not discriminatory                                5-Dec-97   Page 6    Affirmative Action
AIDS flyers questioned                                                  5-Dec-97   Page 6    AIDS
St. Mary's is not for everyone                                          5-Dec-97   Page 6    Student Housing-on campus/St. Mary's Hall
Rugby should be reevaluated                                             5-Dec-97   Page 7    Rugby
More support for rugby                                                  5-Dec-97   Page 7    Rugby
Freshman receives Balanced Man Scholarship                              5-Dec-97   Page 14   Sigma Phi Epsilon/Fraternities/Greek letter societies/Sirolli, Mark/Freshmen
Students participate in computer programming contest                    5-Dec-97   Page 14   Association for Computing Machinery/Computers
The University honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.                       5-Dec-97   Page 15   Center for Peace and Justice/King, Martin Luther/Freedom School/Avinger, Steven
University organizations launch crusade against smoking                 5-Dec-97 Page 15   Smoking/Great American Smokeout/Health Center/Student Nurses Association
Guster is back!                                                         5-Dec-97 Page 15   Campus Activities Team/Guster
Students attend chemical engineering conference                         5-Dec-97 Page 16   American Institute of Chemical Engineers
'Racing Demon' touches on sensitive issues                              5-Dec-97 Page 21   Villanova Theater/Drama (on campus)/Hare, David/Anglican Church
Nichols prepares refs for basketball season                             5-Dec-97 Page 28   Intramural sports
Usual Suspects victorious in City-6 championship game                   5-Dec-97 Page 28   Intramural Sports/Flag Football
Women take fifth at Nike Cup Invitational                               5-Dec-97 Page 29   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Men swim against tough field at UNC Tournament                          5-Dec-97 Page 29   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Women win Saint Mary' Tourney                                           5-Dec-97 Page 30   Basketball-Women's
Cats upset G'town after a disaster against Bradley                      5-Dec-97 Page 30   Basketball-Men's/Georgetown
Volleyball teams earns first ever NCAA bid                              5-Dec-97 Page 31   Volleyball-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                    5-Dec-97 Page 31   Dolbin, Josh/Tollefson, Carrie
Comeback kids brush away Colgate                                        5-Dec-97 Page 32   Football
Cats hoping to put the Penguins on ice                                  5-Dec-97 Page 32   Football/Youngstown State
Tollefson sets course record en route to individual crown               5-Dec-97 Page 32   Tollefson, Carrie/Cross-country running-Women's
Freshman contracts meningitis                                          23-Jan-98 Page 1    Freshmen/Weisgerber, Bradley/Health Center
Frank Suwalski remembered                                              23-Jan-98 Page 1    UNIT/Suwalski, Frank
Student hit by car while crossing Lancaster Avenue                     23-Jan-98 Page 1    Anastasia, John/Freshmen/Accidents/Westfall, Matt/Villanova Emergency Medical Services
Political science honor society inducts new members                    23-Jan-98 Page 2    Pi Sigma Alpha
Local pastor reflects on King's enduring legacy                        23-Jan-98 Page 3    King, Martin Luther/Avinger, Steven/Martin Luther King Day
Nike's human rights violations invoke boycott                          23-Jan-98 Page 3    Democratic Socialists of America/Nike/Athletics Department
SGA discusses student concerns                                         23-Jan-98 Page 3    Counseling in Higher Education/Computers/UNIT
Delivery cancelled                                                     23-Jan-98 Page 3    Belle Aire Terrace/Dining Services
Labs open in new engineering building                                  23-Jan-98 Page 4    Villanova University-Buildings/Facilities Management/Parking/Student Housing-on campus
Faculty and staff have issues too                                      23-Jan-98 Page 6    Faculty/Staff/Counseling
Ithan tunnel vision                                                    23-Jan-98 Page 6    Pedestrian Walkway
Parents show gratitude for heroes' deeds                               23-Jan-98 Page 6
Scorned Cat yearns for a little respect                                23-Jan-98 Page 6    Wildcat
Pricey meal plan fills Dining Services' coffers                        23-Jan-98 Page 7    Falvey Memorial Library/Dining Services/Connelly Center
                                                                       23-Jan-98 Page
Roe v. Wade-25 years later; Pro-life Villanovans speak out against landmark decision 8     Abortion
Performing Arts Center needed                                          23-Jan-98 Page 9    Villanova Student Musical Theater/Villanova University-Buildings
Facilities grateful for cooperation                                    23-Jan-98 Page 8    Facilities Management/Villanova University-Building
Students, faculty and guest speaker support message of Dr. Martin Lugher King Jr.Page 12   King, Martin Luther/Freedom School
Career Week returns to assist students in planning their futures       23-Jan-98 Page 13   Career Week/Wicks, Judy
International Law Society welcomes guest speaker Dr. Allan Gerson       23-Jan-98   Page 13   Gerson, Allan
Cultural Film and Lecture Series kicks off spring 1998 season           23-Jan-98   Page 18   Cultural Film Series
'Shine' portrays piano prodigy as this week's Cultural Film selection   23-Jan-98   Page 18   Cultural Film Series
Basketball season tips off with marquee match-ups                       23-Jan-98   Page 24   Intramural Sports
Men have a strong showing in Boston                                     23-Jan-98   Page 25   Track Athletics-Men's
Wildcats claim two top spots at Harvard                                 23-Jan-98   Page 25   Track Athletics-Women's
Cats left in Maryland's wake                                            23-Jan-98   Page 26   Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Men's
Kittles jersey retired                                                  23-Jan-98   Page 26   Basketball-Men's/Kittles, Kerry
Losses continue to mount for IceCats                                    23-Jan-98   Page 26   Ice Hockey
Wildcats unable to keep up with Terrapins in the water                  23-Jan-98   Page 23   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                    23-Jan-98   Page 27   Archer, Kareem/Higgins, Jenny
Cats stumble against Mountaineers                                       23-Jan-98   Page 28   Basketball-Men's
Women squeak by Hurricans in overtime                                   23-Jan-98   Page 28   Basketball-Women's
Intersection proves dangerous again                                      6-Feb-98   Page 1    Accidents/Fidek, Colleen/Public Safety
Greeks attempt to improve image                                          6-Feb-98   Page 1    Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Council/Greek letter societies
Pitcher speaks on alcoholism                                             6-Feb-98   Page 1    College Athletes/Students-Alcohol Use/Drug Abuse/Baseball/Denehy, Bill
First black sorority at VU inducts members                               6-Feb-98   Page 3    Multicultural Affairs, Office of/Alpha Kapa Alpha/Sororities
Student telefund revamped                                                6-Feb-98   Page 3    Telefund/Fundraising
Athletes receive award for strong community relations                    6-Feb-98   Page 3    Student Volunteers in Social Service/Schnieders, Robyn/Parks, Chantell/College Athletes/Community Action Through Sports
Wicks addresses values in business                                       6-Feb-98   Page 3    Wicks, Judy/White Dog Cafe
Racial tensions need to be discussed openly                              6-Feb-98   Page 8    Race/Discrimination/Minorities/Multicultural Education
Troubles at intersection not new                                         6-Feb-98   Page 8    Pedestrian Walkway/Accidents
Student senator looks back                                               6-Feb-98   Page 8    Student Government
Students moving off campus need more assistance                          6-Feb-98   Page 9    Student Housing-off campus/Community and College/Rosemont College
Columnist joins fight for Fine Arts Center                               6-Feb-98   Page 9    Performing Arts
More partial-birth abortion discussion                                   6-Feb-98   Page 10   Abortion
Students encourage safer sex                                             6-Feb-98   Page 10   Birth Control
Institutional discrimination affects gays                                6-Feb-98   Page 10   Homosexuality/Discrimination/Minorities
AIDS Awareness Week educates University                                  6-Feb-98   Page 14   AIDS Awareness Week
Graduate dedicated to pro-life activities                                6-Feb-98   Page 14   Alvare, Helen/Catholic Church/Abortion/Alumni
Falvey Library continues coffee shop craze                               6-Feb-98   Page 15   Falvey Memorial Library/Holy Grounds
Instructional course on Internet offered                                 6-Feb-98   Page 15   FLASH/Falvey Memorial Library
Student organization cleans environment                                  6-Feb-98   Page 15   Villanova Environmental Group
Revisit 'The Boom Boom Room'                                             6-Feb-98   Page 19   Rabe, David/Villanova Theater
Chicken Carver Combo, Fleeces pull out big wins                    6-Feb-98 Page 24   Intramural Sports
Cats run at Classic                                                6-Feb-98 Page 26   Track Athletics-Women's
Men pick up the pace at UVA                                        6-Feb-98 Page 26   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Cavaliers slip past Wildcats                                       6-Feb-98 Page 27   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Men run in Boston                                                  6-Feb-98 Page 27   Track Athletics-Men's
Wildcats prevail in second battle with Hurricanes                  6-Feb-98 Page 27   Basketball-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                               6-Feb-98 Page 27   Lucan, Jared/Olson, Kristen
Huskies Rip Wildcats to pieces                                     6-Feb-98 Page 28   Basketball-Men's
Women's basketball team beats BC Eagles                            6-Feb-98 Page 28   Basketball-Women's
Unlawful trading jams VU network                                  30-Jan-98 Page 1    Computers/UNIT
Leaders study diversity                                           30-Jan-98 Page 1    Multicultural Education/Minorities
SGA senators work to add peer advisors to Liberal Arts program    30-Jan-98 Page 1    Student Government/Peer Advisors/College of Liberal Arts and Sciences/College Teachers-Evaluation
Mendel medalists highlights genetic advancements                  30-Jan-98 Page 3    Mendel Medal/Collins, Francis/National Center for Human Genome Research
University denies rugby team recognition, chance at title         30-Jan-98 Page 3    Rugby
Power plant not a threat to students                              30-Jan-98 Page 3    Facilities Management/Villanova University-Buildings
Pro-life students demonstrate in Washington, D.C.                 30-Jan-98 Page 4    Abortion/Villanovans for Life
Political apathy plagues campus                                   30-Jan-98 Page 8    Apathy
Time for arts center is now                                       30-Jan-98 Page 8    Performing Arts/Villanova University-Buildings
Ithan overpass deserves funds                                     30-Jan-98 Page 8    Accidents/Pedestrian Walkway
Fight hunger with letters                                         30-Jan-98 Page 8    Bread for the World/Hunger/Public Welfare
University's primary emphasis should reamin on teaching           30-Jan-98 Page 9    Teaching/Faculty/Fine Arts
'The Villanovan Online'                                           30-Jan-98 Page 13   Villanovan
Students spend summer exploring Siena, Italy                      30-Jan-98 Page 14   Italy/Foreign Study
Former New York Met to speak on substance abuse                   30-Jan-98 Page 14   Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance
Gallery hosts exhibit of area artists to open season              30-Jan-98 Page 15   Villanova Art Gallery
Part-time faculty form committee                                  30-Jan-98 Page 15   Faculty
Cultural Film takes on issues of violence                         30-Jan-98 Page 18   Cultural Film Series
                                                                  30-Jan-98 Page 21
Campus Activities Team brings Villanovans a new and much improved Casino Night        Campus Activities Team/Casino Night
Close games abound early on in basketball season                  30-Jan-98 Page 24   Intramural Sports
Pittsburgh swims past Wildcats in Big East meets                  30-Jan-98 Page 26   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Panthers surprise Villanova swimmers in feisty cat fight          30-Jan-98 Page 26   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Women storm past St. John's, batter the Irish                     30-Jan-98 Page 27   Basketball-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                              30-Jan-98 Page 27   Lynch, Brian/Beisel, Jenn
St. John's hammers hapless Cats                                   30-Jan-98 Page 28   Basketball-Men's
'Nova halts skid by spanking Irish                                 30-Jan-98   Page 28   Basketball-Men's
IceCats' season is suspended                                       30-Jan-98   Page 28   Ice Hockey
Teacher evaluations may not be available                          13-Mar-98    Page 1    College Teachers-Evaluation/Faculty/University Senate
Geography professor dies                                          13-Mar-98    Page 1    Bosowski, Elaine/Faculty
SGA candidates prepare for battle                                 13-Mar-98    Page 1    Student Government-Election-1998
Student remembers Dr. Bosowski's legacy                           13-Mar-98    Page 1    Bosowski, Elaine/Faculty
Local congressman addresses campus                                13-Mar-98    Page 3    Weldon, Curt
Students question ethics of University's pact with Nike           13-Mar-98    Page 3    Athletics Department/Unfair Labor Practices
Sorority rush process to become informal                          13-Mar-98    Page 3    Panhellenic Council/Greek letter societies/Sororities-Rush
SEPTA strike not to affect VU                                     13-Mar-98    Page 3    SEPTA
Commish's comment cannot be glazed over                           13-Mar-98    Page 6    Sex discrimination in sports/Basketball-Women's
Students respond to Senate decision                               13-Mar-98    Page 6    College teachers Evaluation/Faculty/University Senate
Faculty paranoia hinders progress with CATS                       13-Mar-98    Page 7    College Teachers-Evaluation/University Senate
Corporate sponsorship could help eliminate tuition                13-Mar-98    Page 7    Athletics Department/Villanova University-Tuition/Nike
Freshman objects to comment                                       13-Mar-98    Page 9    Students-Drug Use/Students-Alcohol Use
Letters can make a difference                                     13-Mar-98    Page 9    Hunger
Fraternity regains charter in record time                         13-Mar-98    Page 16   Greek Letter Societies/Fraternities/Delta Tau Delta
Dancing Bears promote drunk driving awareness                     13-Mar-98    Page 16   Dancing Bears/Students-Alcohol Use/Drunk driving
College meet to combat hunger                                     13-Mar-98    Page 17   Hunger
Leading film theorist and author welcomed                         13-Mar-98    Page 18   Wood, Robin/Antonia's Line/Foreign Films
Recycling News                                                    13-Mar-98    Page 18   Recycling
Local artist makes professional debut in University Art Gallery   13-Mar-98    Page 18   Villanova University Art Gallery/Frommer, Joseph
Chinese New Year celebration is a success                         13-Mar-98    Page 19   Asian Students Association (ASA)/Chinese and Asian Students Association/International Student Office
Q102 radio broadcasts live from Sheehan Hall                      13-Mar-98    Page 19   Hammond, Billy
Men's crew team holds successful row-a-thon                       13-Mar-98    Page 19   Rowing-Men's
Midget P defeats Zulu to set up final with Reign Men              13-Mar-98    Page 27   Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                              13-Mar-98    Page 27   Penn, Zeffy/Walpole, Carrie
Men's swim team ends with sixth place finish                      13-Mar-98    Page 27   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Baseball team travels to Florida for early season action          13-Mar-98    Page 28   Baseball
Wildcats defeat Bucknell for first victory of the season          13-Mar-98    Page 28   Lacrosse-Men's
Softball team shines in Florida behind stellar pitching           13-Mar-98    Page 30   Softball
Women finish second at Big East                                   13-Mar-98    Page 31   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Brown's buzzer beater lifts Wildcats past Pittsburgh              13-Mar-98    Page 31   Basketball-Men's
'Nova set for play in inaugural NIT                               13-Mar-98    Page 32   Basketball-Women's
Cats' season ends with quaterfinal loss to 'Cuse                    13-Mar-98   Page 32   Basketball-Men's
Police crack down on underage drinkers                              13-Feb-98   Page 1    Students-Alcohol Use/Sigma Phi Epsilon
Officials review options to heighten pedestrian safety              13-Feb-98   Page 1    Accidents/Pedestrian Walkway/Radnor Township
Penalties for alcohol offenses explained                            13-Feb-98   Page 1    Students-Alcohol Use
VU pays professors comparable wages                                 13-Feb-98   Page 1    Faculty
University not immune to threat of AIDS                             13-Feb-98   Page 3    AIDS
Parking on West Campus aggravates apartment residents               13-Feb-98   Page 3    West Campus Apartments/Parking
Dining Services debates Connelly, Dougherty plans                   13-Feb-98   Page 3    Villanova University-Buildings/Dougherty Hall/Connelly Center
No place exists for drunk driving here or anywhere                  13-Feb-98   Page 8    Drunk Driving/Students-Alcohol Use
Staff makes contribution to recycling                               13-Feb-98   Page 8    Recycling
Solutions offered for Ithan crossing                                13-Feb-98   Page 8    Accidents
University maintains archaic view on students and sex               13-Feb-98   Page 9    Sex/Birth Control
Peer judicial board brings progress                                 13-Feb-98   Page 9    Quad Judicial Board
Campus openly discusses perspectives on racism                      13-Feb-98   Page 10   Racism/Minorities/Black Cultural Society
Dining Services makes more than it gives                            13-Feb-98   Page 10   Dining Services
Condom availability is key to safety                                13-Feb-98   Page 10   Sexually transmitted diseases
Research crucial here                                               13-Feb-98   Page 10   Faculty
Arts and sciences forum provides direction                          13-Feb-98   Page 16   Liberal Arts and Sciences Major Forum
Student Health Center offers stress-relieving program               13-Feb-98   Page 16   Health Center
Student recognized for academics and service                        13-Feb-98   Page 17   Franklin, Raymond/National Italian American Foundation
Villanovans for Life attend banquet                                 13-Feb-98   Page 17   Villanovans for Life/Abortion/Alvare, Helen
Italian Club becomes member of national chapter                     13-Feb-98   Page 19   FILITALIA/Foreign Study/Italian-Americans
Students help disabled children during Gold Heart Month             13-Feb-98   Page 19   Variety Club/Handicapped
Cultural Film Series presents 'Sling Blade'                         13-Feb-98   Page 24   Thornton, Billy Bob
Zulu,. Reign Men end season with wins and await start of playoffs   13-Feb-98   Page 28   Intramural Sports
Cats down Knights                                                   13-Feb-98   Page 28   Swimming and Diving-Women's
Men's track team is building momentum                               13-Feb-98   Page 30   Track Athletics-Men's
Cats land blue chip recruits                                        13-Feb-98   Page 30   Football
Respectable showing not enought to top No. 8 Cats                   13-Feb-98   Page 31   Basketball-Men's/Kentucky
'Nova impresses at the Delaware Invitational                        13-Feb-98   Page 31   Track Athletics-Women's
Rutgers sinks in Villanova pool                                     13-Feb-98   Page 31   Swimming and Diving-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                13-Feb-98   Page 31   Brown, Howard/Higgins, Jenny
Cats win with a first-half knockout                                 13-Feb-98   Page 32   Basketball-Men's/Pittsburgh
Women roll past Panthers, ambush the Pirates                        13-Feb-98   Page 32   Basketball-Women's
SGA seeks more off-campus housing                                  20-Feb-98   Page 1    Student Government/Student Housing-off campus/Rentweb
Student Development, Greek Affairs merge                           20-Feb-98   Page 1    Greek Letter societies/Mogan, Tom
Condom distribution debated Campus vocalizes strong opinions on issue          Page 1    Catholic Church-Doctrine/Birth Control/AIDS/Sex
Drug use continues to increase                                     20-Feb-98   Page 1    Freshmen/Students-Drug Use/Students-Alcohol Use
Phone problem persist for 2 days                                   20-Feb-98   Page 3    Voice Mail/Telephones on Campus
Phone problems persist for 2 days                                  20-Feb-98   Page 3    Voice Mail/Telephones on Campus
Questions about poster aproval are answered                        20-Feb-98   Page 3    Student Development, Office of
Condoms on campus no substitute for personal responsibility        20-Feb-98   Page 6    AIDS/Birth Control/Sex/Catholic Church-Doctrine
Housing acquisition pushed                                         20-Feb-98   Page 6    Student Housing-on campus/Student Housing-off campus/Student Government
Freedom not to have condoms                                        20-Feb-98   Page 6    Birth Control/Catholic Church-Doctrine
Visitation must be uniform within each class                       20-Feb-98   Page 7    Visitation Policy/Student Housing-on campus
Easting disorders a scary reality on campus                        20-Feb-98   Page 12   Eating disorders/Anorexia/Bulimia
Little League dads volunteer security at basketball games          20-Feb-98   Page 13   Basketball-Men's/Public Safety/Radnor Little League
Rotary Foundation offers scholarships                              20-Feb-98   Page 13   Rotary Club/Foreign Study
'Boom Boom Room' shakes 'Nova                                      20-Feb-98   Page 15   Rabe, David/Villanova Theater/In the Boom Boom Room
One Sock Up makes some noise                                       20-Feb-98   Page 15   One Sock Up
Film Series presents 'The Secret of Roan Inish'                    20-Feb-98   Page 17   Cultural Film Series
Unlock 'The Secrt Garden'                                          20-Feb-98   Page 18   Villanova Student Musical Theater
Intramural playoffs set to begin                                   20-Feb-98   Page 20   Intramural Sports
Track set for Big East                                             20-Feb-98   Page 22   Track Athletics-Women's/Track Athletics-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                               20-Feb-98   Page 22   Celestand, John/Lee, Shanette
Columnist reflects on Nagano's coolest moments                     20-Feb-98   Page 23   Williams, Alvin/Winter Olympics
Former Wildcats enjoy success in the Big Show                      20-Feb-98   Page 23   Kittles, Kerry/Lawson, Jason/Thomas, Tim/West, Doug/Williams, Alvin
Orangemen put the squeeze on Cats                                  20-Feb-98   Page 23   Basketball-Men's
Hoyas, Friars latest to fall to red-hot women                      20-Feb-98   Page 23   Basketball-Women's
Racist graffiti defaces bathroom wall                              20-Mar-98   Page 1    Racism/Vandalism/Multicultural Education/Discrimination/Minorities/

Bartley renovations                                              20-Mar-98     Page 1    Villanova University-Buildings/Bartley Hall/College of Commerce and Finance
Two cases of sexual assault reported on VU campus                20-Mar-98     Page 1    Crime on campus/Public Safety/Sexual Assault/Rape
Gender issues discussed in open forum                            20-Mar-98     Page 3    Women's Week/Gender identity/Sex role
Irish conference to honor professor                              20-Mar-98     Page 3    Caputo, John/Faculty
Students win hunger award                                        20-Mar-98     Page 3    Hunger Awareness Week/Oxfam America/Campanaro, Giulia/Grandy, Tim
Pick candidates who are willing to fight                         20-Mar-98     Page 1    Student Government-Elections-1998
Racism and bigotry come back into view                           20-Mar-98     Page 6    Vandalism/Racism/Dougherty Hall
Center has no stance on Nike                                     20-Mar-98   Page 6    Center for Peace and Justice
Graffiti should raise awareness                                  20-Mar-98   Page 6    Vandalism/Racism/Dougherty Hall
Faculty senators seek to silence students                        20-Mar-98   Page 7    College Teachers-Evaluation/University Senate/Faculty
Students endorse presidential candidates                         20-Mar-98   Page 9    Student Government-Elections-1998
Student encourages voting                                        20-Mar-98   Page 10   Student Government-Elections-1998
Dining Services provides assistance                              20-Mar-98   Page 10   Dining Services
Spring 1997 Lindback Finalists                                   20-Mar-98   Page 10   Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching
1997 SGA candidate gives endorsement                             20-Mar-98   Page 10   Student Government-Elections-1998
Living life with anorexia...a personal account                   20-Mar-98   Page 18   Eating disorders
Latin American Studies honors Chilean poet, Gonzalo Rojas        20-Mar-98   Page 18   Rojas, Gonzalo/Chile
Baloon Day returns to campus for 25th year                       20-Mar-98   Page 19   Hunger/Campus Ministry/Philabundance
Plans in progress for Senior Dinner Dance                        20-Mar-98   Page 19   Senior Dinner Dance
Arab Cultural Society presents second annual Hafla celebration   20-Mar-98   Page 19   Arab Cultural Society
International Law Society hosts lecture                          20-Mar-98   Page 19   School of Law
Professor leads summer excavation program in Israel              20-Mar-98   Page 21   Hadley,Judith/Faculty/Israel/Archeology
Students elected to Regional Interfraternity Council             20-Mar-98   Page 21   Walsh, Geoffrey/Northeast Interfraternity Council
Theatre ventures deep 'Into the Woods'                           20-Mar-98   Page 25   Villanova Theater/Into the Woods/Drama on campus
'Antonia's Line' pleases                                         20-Mar-98   Page 26   Cultural Film Series/Wood, Robin
Chicken Carver Combo, Foxfire II & Reign Men win titles          20-Mar-98   Page 32   Intramural Sports
'Nova storms past Explorers                                      20-Mar-98   Page 34   Lacrosse-Women's
Terps topple tennis team in College Park                         20-Mar-98   Page 34   Tennis-Men's
Wildcats sly Dragons, pounced upon by Leopards                   20-Mar-98   Page 34   Lacrosse-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                             20-Mar-98   Page 34   Archer, Kareem/Douma, Carmen
Water Polo team winning in its first varsity season              20-Mar-98   Page 35   Water-Polo-Women's
'Nova extends winning streak to five                             20-Mar-98   Page 36   Baseball
Douma brings home NCAA championship                              20-Mar-98   Page 36   Track Athletics-Women's/Douma, Carmen
Women falter in the first round of the NIT                       20-Mar-98   Page 36   Basketball-Women's
Student Government Elections '98: Special Issue                  20-Mar-98             Student Government Election-1998
Poling, Douglas will meet in run-off                             27-Mar-98   Page 1    Student Government-Election 1998/Poling, Jon/Douglas, Nicole
Senate votes to raise tuition                                    27-Mar-98   Page 1    University Senate/Villanova University-Tuition/Child care
Ugandan nun fights injustice                                     27-Mar-98   Page 1    Atuu, Mary Rose/Uganda
Lewis receives racist phone call                                 27-Mar-98   Page 1    Lewis, Hezekiah/Racism/Student Government-Election-1998
Online registration piloted this semester                        27-Mar-98   Page 3    Villanova University-Registration
Moore discusses evils of big business                            27-Mar-98   Page 3    Moore, Michael/Nike/Motion Pictures
Vandals target campus lots                                 27-Mar-98   Page 3    Parking/Vandalism/Crime on campus/Public Safety
Applications increase again                                27-Mar-98   Page 3    Admissions/Minorities
A little caution goes a long way before a long walk home   27-Mar-98   Page 6    Public safety
Consider helping in a fight against terror                 27-Mar-98   Page 6    Uganda/Atuu, Mary Rose
Students respond to racist incidents                       27-Mar-98   Page 6    Racism/Minorities/Discrimination
Student union needed                                       27-Mar-98   Page 7    Connelly Center/Villanova University-Buildings
Two events tarnish SGA elections                           27-Mar-98   Page 9    Student Government-Elections-1998/Racism
Incensed candidate responds                                27-Mar-98   Page 9    Student Government-Elections-1998/Villanovan
Supporting Douglas                                         27-Mar-98   Page 9    Student Government-Elections-1998
Backing Poling                                             27-Mar-98   Page 9    Student Government-Elections-1998
Dining Halls are for eating                                27-Mar-98   Page 9    Greek letter societies/Fraternities
Counseling an option                                       27-Mar-98   Page 9    Nurturing Network/Pregnancy
Student-athletes volunteer time at area hospitals          27-Mar-98   Page 16   College Athletes
Students run Internet business to benefit Ghana            27-Mar-98   Page 16   Internet/For One World
Irish poet presents life and work                          27-Mar-98   Page 17   Poetry/Montague, John
Bread for the World asks for help                          27-Mar-98   Page 17   Africa/Hunger/Poverty
Sisters seek God through peace                             27-Mar-98   Page 17   Regina Mundi Priory
'Eat, Drink' and fall in love                              27-Mar-98   Page 23   Cultural Film Series
Intramural champs play in City 6                           27-Mar-98   Page 27   Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                       27-Mar-98   Page 27   Campbell, Rob/DeLuca, Jessica
Water Polo team wins sixth straight game                   27-Mar-98   Page 27   Water-Polo-Women's
Cats edge UMBC Retrievers                                  27-Mar-98   Page 28   Lacrosse-Women's
Men's tennis team tops St. Joe's Hawks                     27-Mar-98   Page 28   Tennis-Men's
Softball team splits with Temple                           27-Mar-98   Page 32   Softball
Cats bucked by Broncs, beat Rams                           27-Mar-98   Page 32   Baseball
Men's lax team falls to Radford for second straight loss   27-Mar-98   Page 32   Lacrosse-Men's
Douglas, atkinson pull out close win                        3-Apr-98   Page 1    Douglas, Nicole/Atkinson, Brian/Student Government- Election-1998
More females, campus residents cast ballots                 3-Apr-98   Page 1    Student Government-Election-1998
Organization enables students to broadcast on TV            3-Apr-98   Page 1    Television Broadcasting/Instructional Media Services/Radnor High School
Alleged rapist will not face criminal charges               3-Apr-98   Page 1    Rape/Sexual Assault/Crime on campus
New meal plan set for next year                             3-Apr-98   Page 3    Dining Services
VU alumnus in the spotlight                                 3-Apr-98   Page 3    Zinni, Anthony/Alumni/U.S. Marine Corps
Athletic Dept. plans renovations for Stanford gym           3-Apr-98   Page 3    Stanford Hall/Sports Facilities/Physical Fitness
Political Awareness League                                  3-Apr-98   Page 3    Comment/Political Awareness League/Pi Sigma Alpha
Forum sheds light on presence of racism                               3-Apr-98   Page 5    Multicultural Affairs, Office of/International Committee Against Racism (INCAR)/Minorities/Racism/Discrimination
TV station will require campus-wide commitment and cooperation        3-Apr-98   Page 8    Television Broadcasting/Radnor High School/Television Station, Campus
Letter found hypocritical                                             3-Apr-98   Page 8    Racism/Minorities/Discrimination
Alum offers ideas for understanding                                   3-Apr-98   Page 8    Racism/Minorities/Lewis, Hezekiah/Tenner, Jason
Preparedness through self defense                                     3-Apr-98   Page 8    Rape/Crime on Campus/Sexual Assault
Different perspectives must be heard to avoid hatred                  3-Apr-98   Page 9    Racism/Minorities
Television station would spawn a world of opportunity                 3-Apr-98   Page 9    Television Station, Campus/Television Broadcasting/Instructional Media Services
Katherine Hal not in hot water                                        3-Apr-98   Page 10   Student Housing-on campus/Katherine Hall
University sets precedent in assisting pregnant students              3-Apr-98   Page 16   Pregnancy/Foster, Serrin/Feminists for Life of America
Families and friends of lesbians and gays gather in support           3-Apr-98   Page 16   Homosexuality/Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
Greek god and goddess competition returns for fifth year              3-Apr-98   Page 17   Alpha Tau Omega/Fraternities/Greek Letter Societies
Student travels to Haiti as Witness for Peace                         3-Apr-98   Page 17   Witness for Peace
Psychology colloquium series presents Dr. Robert DuRubeis, Penn professor        Page 17   DuRubeis, Robert/Depression, Mental
New Yorker's vice president speaks on revitalization                  3-Apr-98   Page 19   May, David/New Yorker/Publishing Industry
Student travel to Yakima Valley                                       3-Apr-98   Page 19   Habitat for Humanity/Washington/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Get ready to rock n' roll at Novafest                                 3-Apr-98   Page 23   Earth Day/Novafest
Spires Breakthrough with newly released CD                            3-Apr-98   Page 25   Musicians/Villanova singers
Softball season in full swing                                         3-Apr-98   Page 27   Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                  3-Apr-98   Page 27   Archer, Kareem/Stoller, Keri
Crew team rows past Princeton Tigers                                  3-Apr-98   Page 28   Rowing-Women's
Nicolini finishes third                                               3-Apr-98   Page 30   Track Athletics-Women's/Nicolini, Kristen
Cats run in Coca-Cola relays                                          3-Apr-98   Page 30   Track Athletics-Men's
Men's lacrosse team's slide reaches four                              3-Apr-98   Page 30   Lacrosse-Men's
'Nova rebounds from loss by breezing past LaSalle                     3-Apr-98   Page 31   Tennis-Men's
Women's lcarosse team falls to West Chester, Lafayette                3-Apr-98   Page 31   Lacrosse-Women's
Wildcast take three from Pirates                                      3-Apr-98   Page 32   Softball
'Nova gets battered by Providence, shoots down Hawks                  3-Apr-98   Page 32   Baseball
Kemp to address graduates                                     April 24 1998      Page 1    Kemp, Jack/Villanova University-Commencement
Fraternities face sanctions                                          24-Apr-98   Page 1    Sigma Phi Epsilon/Pi Kappa Alpha/Greek letter societies
Adjunct accounting professor passes away at the age of 71     April 24 1998      Page 1    Healy, Joseph/Faculty/Accounting Department/College of Commerce and Finance
University senate approves academic integrity policy                 24-Apr-98   Page 3    Cheating (Education)
Feminist marchers face jeers from males                              24-Apr-98   Page 3    Villanova Feminist Coalition/Take Back the Night Rally
Several sophomores, juniors do not have housing assignmn             24-Apr-98   Page 3    Student Housing-on campus/Student Housing-off campus
Racist vandalized Dougherty again                                    24-Apr-98   Page 3    Vandalism/Dougherty Hall/Racism
Diversity rally draws crowd                                        24-Apr-98    Page 5    Multicultural Affairs , Office of/Multicultural Education/Minorities
Changes to occur in administration                                 24-Apr-98    Page 5    Villanova University-Administration/Rice, Patrick/McGuire, William/Merritt, Steven
Wildcard to implement changes next semester                        24-Apr-98    Page 7    Wildcard/Wildcard Office
Parking concerns addressed                                         24-Apr-98    Page 7    Parking
Campus Ministry to hold end-of-year Mass                           24-Apr-98    Page 7    Campus Ministry
feud between Pike, Sig Ep a terrible waste                         24-Apr-98    Page 10   Sigma Phi Epsilon/Pi Kappa Alpha/Fraternities
Novafest has potential                                             24-Apr-98    Page 10   Novafest
Many histories are valid                                           24-Apr-98    Page 10   Minorities
Harassment of marchers uncalled for                                24-Apr-98    Page 10   Discrimination/Rape/Take Back the Night
Rivalry is not aim of Greek Week                                   24-Apr-98    Page 10   Greek Letter Societies
The true minority at Villanova lives in fear                       24-Apr-98    Page 11   Minorities/Discrimination/Race/Multicultural Education/African-Americans
Administrators have been open in communicating with students       24-Apr-98    Page 11   Villanova University-Administration/Discrimination/

Events give Greeks a bad name                                       24-Apr-98   Page 13   Greek letter societies
Top Ten disrespects Rosemont                                        24-Apr-98   Page 13   Rosemont College
Dialogue on sexual orientation                                      24-Apr-98   Page 13   Minorities/Homosexuality
Rape victims should not have to fear                                24-Apr-98   Page 13   Rape
Fulbright Scholarship                                               24-Apr-98   Page 17   Scholarships
Graduate follows her heart and finds success                        24-Apr-98   Page 20   Bello, Maria/Jackson, Ray/Center for Peace and Justice/Acting/Dream Yard Drama Project/Alumni
Sports Marketing sponsors 'Fast Tracks, Right Tracks'               24-Apr-98   Page 20   Sports Marketing Club/College Sports/Nike
University expands distance learning course offerings               24-Apr-98   Page 20   Distance Education
Sociology and criminal justice professor plans retirement           24-Apr-98   Page 21   McKenna, James/Faculty/Prisons and Prisoners
Student receives award for chemistry research                       24-Apr-98   Page 21   Chemistry Department/Walsh, Mary
Operation Smile helps young boy from Honduras with facial deformity 24-Apr-98   Page 21   Operation Smile
Greek Week skit night benefits North Peruvians                      24-Apr-98   Page 21   Greek Letter societies/Peru
Environmental racism exists in nearby areas                         24-Apr-98   Page 22   Minorities/Environmental Protection/Chester/Villanova Environmental Group/International Committee Against Racism (INC
AIDS Task Force welcomes guest speak Gary Bailey                    24-Apr-98   Page 22   AIDS/AIDS Peer Educators
New class focuses on hunger awareness and prevention                24-Apr-98   Page 24   Hunger/Toton, Suzanne/Faculty
Villanovans for Life host annual Respect Life Dinner                24-Apr-98   Page 24   Abortion
Stack addresses his role in student issues and needs                24-Apr-98   Page 25   Stack, John/Dean of Students/Villanova University-Administration
Balloon Day '98 was a success                                       24-Apr-98   Page 25   Campus Ministry
Men's crew team holds row-a-thon                                    24-Apr-98   Page 25   Rowing-Men's
Radio station publishes magazine                                    24-Apr-98   Page 25   WXVU/Phrequencies
Students attend National Collegiate Honors Council               24-Apr-98   Page 27         Honors Program/Northeast National Collegiate Honors Council
Professor reshapes music into art in upcoming exhibit            24-Apr-98   Page 28         Stagliano, Jack/Faculty/Villanova University Art Gallery
Practice random acts of kindness and love                        24-Apr-98   Page 28         Random Acts of Kindness Day/Martel, Bonnie
University commits to serving male and female students equally   24-Apr-98   Page 30         Sex Discrimination/Students-Statistics/Enrollment Management
Villanova Student Theatre's latest production is a 'Dream'       24-Apr-98   Page 37         Midsummer Night's Dream/Villanova Student Theater/Drama (on campus)
Young Wildcats to carry torch                                    24-Apr-98   Page 42         Track Athletics-Women's
Ticket policy changes                                            24-Apr-98   Page 42         Basketball-Men's/Tickets Athletic Events
Athletes of the Week                                             24-Apr-98   Page 42         Young, Rich/Grizzle, Tamieka
Women's lacrosse team falls to Hoyas, No. 5 Virginia             24-Apr-98   Page 44         Lacrosse-Women's
Inramural soccer playoffs underway                               24-Apr-98   Page 44         Intramural sports
Congratulations to Carrie Tollefson                              24-Apr-98   Page 45         Honda/Tollefson, Carrie
Columnist reflects on four years of 'Nova highlights             24-Apr-98   Page 46         Basketball-Men's/Football
Men's track team ready to shine in Penn Relays                   24-Apr-98   Page 46         Track Athletics-Men's
Men's lax team defeats Eagles, beaten by Quakers                 24-Apr-98   Page 47         Lacrosse-Men's
Cats tune up in preparation for Big East Tournament              24-Apr-98   Page 47         Tennis-Men's
Crew wins in San Diego                                           24-Apr-98   Page 47         Rowing-Women's
Cats to battle Irish for division crown                          24-Apr-98   Page 48         Softball
Villanova bounces back to beat Blue Hens after setbacks          24-Apr-98   Page 48         Baseball
                                                                             Who's Who in American Education. 4th ed.                                                                           1993
CAT happy to have the Blues                                       4-Sep-98   Page 1          Campus Activities Team/Blues Traveler
VU, First Union begin partnership                                 4-Sep-98   Page 1          Wildcard
Security of phone codes called into question                      4-Sep-98   Page 1          Telecommunications, Dept. of/Telephones on Campus/Voice Mail
James to kick off Falvey lecture series                           4-Sep-98   Page 3          James, Clive/Falvey Memorial Library Distinguished Lecture Series
Mendel renovations will continue until next fall                  4-Sep-98   Page 3          Mendel Hall/Villanova University-Buildings
Students, faculty remember Marks                                  4-Sep-98   Page 3          Marks, William/Faculty/Biology Department
VU buys conference center                                         4-Sep-98   Page 3          Sunbrook Conference Center/Villanova University-Buildings
UNIT upgrades bring e-mail, address changes                       4-Sep-98   Page 5          UNIT/Internet/Computers
Summer internships canprove costly                                4-Sep-98   Page 12         Internships
CAT moves forward again by inking Blues Traveler                  4-Sep-98   Page 12         Campus Activities Team
Father Dobbin welcomes a new year to seek the ideal               4-Sep-98   Page 13         Dobbin, Edmund J./Villanova University-Buildings/Mendel Hall/Bartley Hall/West Campus Apartments
Avoid assimilation of colliding worlds in strides toward unity    4-Sep-98   Page 14         Freshmen/Multicultural Education
Sunday Mass strengthens Nova                                      4-Sep-98   Page 14         Catholic Church-Mass
Villanova University-Campus Ministry                              4-Sep-98   Page 20         Campus Ministry
Next Stop 'Nova: Blues Traveler to play Jake Nevin Field House    4-Sep-98   Page 23         Blues Traveler/Campus Activities Team
Villanova Theatre sets the stage for 40th season                    4-Sep-98 Page 26   Villanova Theater/Drama (on campus)
Core Humanities begins new Freedom Program in Delurey Hall          4-Sep-98 Page 30   Visions of Freedom Program/Freshmen/Villanova Experience Program
Nature Conservancy targets students to promote biodiversity         4-Sep-98 Page 30   Environmental Protection
St. Thomas of Villanova Day returns for the third year              4-Sep-98 Page 31   St. Thomas of Villanova Day
1998 Villanova Football Roster                                      4-Sep-98 Page 38   Football
Wildcats hit the road for season opener with Division 1-A Panthers  4-Sep-98 Page 38   Football
Expectations are running high for 1998 Villanova football team      4-Sep-98 Page 39   Football
1997 Statistics                                                     4-Sep-98 Page 39   Football
Terps spike Cats in season opener                                   4-Sep-98 Page 40   Volleyball-Women's
Rutgers slips past 'Nova with late overtime goal                    4-Sep-98 Page 40   Soccer-Men's
British celebrity promotes latest work                             11-Sep-98 Page 1    James, Clive/Falvey Memorial Library/India
No phones for 'Nova                                                11-Sep-98 Page 1    Bell Atlantic/Telephones on Campus
VU tops region rankings again                                      11-Sep-98 Page 1    U.S. News and World Report/Universities and Colleges-Evaluation
Engineering professor passes away                                  11-Sep-98 Page 1    Faculty/College of Engineering/Baker, Thomas
C & F to offer new minor                                           11-Sep-98 Page 3    College of Commerce and Finance/International Business
West Campus construction to be completed by fall of 2000           11-Sep-98 Page 3    Student Housing-on campus/Parking/West Campus Apartments
Homecoming drinking policies return again for '98                  11-Sep-98 Page 3    Students-Alcohol Use/Alumni
Rabid racoons pose threat to campus                                11-Sep-98 Page 3    Rabies/Public Safety
Recycling bins removed fromdorm rooms                              11-Sep-98 Page 5    Recycling
It's never too early for Homecoming football                       11-Sep-98 Page 8    Football
Outspoken student's courage a positive sign                        11-Sep-98 Page 9    Racism/New Student Orientation
                                                                   11-Sep-98 Page
Community must become ready to accept and openly embrace homosexual students 9         Minorities/Homosexuality
Homecoming arrives early due to football scheduling                11-Sep-98 Page 22   Homecoming/Alumni
Professor to be honored for dedication to University               11-Sep-98 Page 22   Birmingham, Robert/Core Humanities/Doody, John
Renowned artist sculpts statue of St. Augustine                    11-Sep-98 Page 23   St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts/Mach, Peggy/Magee, James/Art on campus/Augustine the Teacher/Augustine, Sain
Core humanities proves beneficial for all involved                 11-Sep-98 Page 23   Core Humanities/Freshmen
Intramural Athletes of the Year honored                            11-Sep-98 Page 28   Intramural Sports/Hill, Aimee/Phillips, George
Giveaways used to boost attendance                                 11-Sep-98 Page 28   Athletics Department/Tickets-Athletic Events
Wildcats withstand Red Storm                                       11-Sep-98 Page 28   Soccer-Women's
Cross Country readies for season                                   11-Sep-98 Page 30   Cross-country running-Women's/Cross-country running-Men's
Tollefson wins Honda Cross Country Award                           11-Sep-98 Page 30   Tollefson, Carrie/Cross-Country Running-Women's
Men's tennis team opens with impressive victory                    11-Sep-98 Page 31   Tennis-Men's
Wildcats horned by Lady Rams, bitten by Spiders                    11-Sep-98 Page 31   Field Hockey
Men's soccer team blanked by Leopards                              11-Sep-98 Page 31   Soccer-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                 11-Sep-98 Page 31   Westbrook, Brian/Jones, Liz
Cat fight ends with Panthers on top                                  11-Sep-98 Page 32   Football
Volleyball team splits in inaugural Wildcat Invite                   11-Sep-98 Page 32   Volleyball-Women's
Underclassmen nowmust register online                                 2-Oct-98 Page 1    Villanova University-Registration
Athletics aims for gender equity                                      2-Oct-98 Page 1    Sex discrimination in Sports/Athletics Department/Scholarships/College Sports/College Athletes
Student say more changes needed in communication department           2-Oct-98 Page 1    Communication Department/Curricula
VU sophomore arrested for making terroristic threats                  2-Oct-98 Page 1    Public Safety/Crime on campus/Volpe, Michael/Radetich, Edward
Part-time students no longer part of UC                               2-Oct-98 Page 3    Students-Part-time/Part-time and Continuing Studies, Division of
Quest helps Freshmen use library resources                            2-Oct-98 Page 3    Falvey Memorial Library/Core Humanities
Special Olympics opening ceremony bumps Wildcat Roar                  2-Oct-98 Page 3    Pavilion/Wildcat Roar/Basketball-Men's
Time is right for online registration, we hope                        2-Oct-98 Page 8    Novasis/Villanova University-Registration
Coursepack policy the best option                                     2-Oct-98 Page 8    Textbooks
                                                                      2-Oct-98 Page 9
Wake up!: Students should raise awareness and concerns regarding student government      Student Government
Fr. Dobbin reiterates University's affmative action stance            2-Oct-98 Page 9    Affirmative Action/Discrimination in Employment
Villanova Theatre presents the unforgettable 'Glass Menagerie'        2-Oct-98 Page 17   Villanova Theater/Williams, Tennessee/Glass Menagerie /Drama (on campus)
'Blue' focuses on liberty and equality                                2-Oct-98 Page 23   Cultural Film Series
Peace Corps recruiter challenges University students                  2-Oct-98 Page 25   Peace Corps/Kane, Brian
New University-wide theme further enhances sense of community         2-Oct-98 Page 26   Learning Community Task Force/Villanova University-Theme
Picturesque campus plant life has aesthetic and educational value     2-Oct-98 Page 26   Arboretum/Villanova University-Grounds
Sophomore students organize Irish Cultural Society                    2-Oct-98 Page 27   Irish Cultural Society
Bread for the World develops new legislation to stop hunger in Africa 2-Oct-98 Page 27   Hunger
Professor delivers lecture on civil war and famine in Sudan           2-Oct-98 Page 27   Center for Peace and Justice/Lesch, Ann/Sudan
Villanovan is on the World Wide Web                                   2-Oct-98 Page 28   Villanovan
Antelope, Zebras going to City 6                                      2-Oct-98 Page 32   Intramural Sports
Field Hockey team beats up West cheste, falls to UConn                2-Oct-98 Page 34   Field Hockey
Leopards and Hawks no match for Wildcats on the court                 2-Oct-98 Page 34   Tennis-Women's
Villanova back on track with Asics Classic Championship               2-Oct-98 Page 34   Volleyball-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                  2-Oct-98 Page 34   Lewis, Hezekiah/Walsh, Cara
Men's soccer team splits two with Philadelphia rivals                 2-Oct-98 Page 35   Soccer-Men's
Wildcats clean up at Monmouth with a win                              2-Oct-98 Page 35   Tennis-Men's
'Nova ties Owls in scoreless game                                     2-Oct-98 Page 35   Soccer-Women's
Cats hang on to beat William and Mary                                 2-Oct-98 Page 36   Football
Social Security access poses threat; Numbers attainable across campus18-Sep-98 Page 1    Social Security Number/ Falvey Memorial Library/Registrar
Exercise options are now limited                                     18-Sep-98 Page 1    Stanford Hall/Athletics Department/Sports Facilities/Physical Fitness
Copyright policies raise student costs                             18-Sep-98   Page 1    Graphic Services/Copyright/Faculty
Crime statistics show little change in '97                         18-Sep-98   Page 3    Crime on campus/Students-Alcohol Use
Mailroom employees cope with crowded space                         18-Sep-98   Page 3    Kennedy Hall/Mailroom
UNIT prepares for millennium bug                                   18-Sep-98   Page 3    Year 2000/Computers/UNIT/Telecommunications, Dept. of
SGA establishes its priorities for year                            18-Sep-98   Page 3    Student Government
Telecom. explains phone outage                                     18-Sep-98   Page 5    Telecommunications, Dept. of/Telephones on Campus
Weekend dining options change in Dougherty Hall                    18-Sep-98   Page 5    Dining Services
Use of social Security numbers not secure                          18-Sep-98   Page 10   Social Security Number
We've been here before                                             18-Sep-98   Page 10   Greek letter societies-Rush/ /Fraternities/Beta Theta Pi
Coach pleased by support                                           18-Sep-98   Page 10   Football/Sports Fans
Aim for better town relations                                      18-Sep-98   Page 10   Student Housing-off campus/Community and College/Students-Alcohol Use
Picnic should bring together underclassmen and alumni              18-Sep-98   Page 11   Homecoming/Students-Alcohol Use/Alumni
Prof: Homecoming and execution closer than we think                18-Sep-98   Page 11   Homecoming/Alumni/Capital Punishment
Drinking safeguards misguided                                      18-Sep-98   Page 12   Novafest
Litter kills ambience                                              18-Sep-98   Page 12   Villanova University-Grounds/Villanova University-Buildings
Beta posters tasteless                                             18-Sep-98   Page 12   Fraternities-Rush
CAT calls for students                                             18-Sep-98   Page 12   Campus Activities Team/Blues Traveler
Student: paper lacks quality                                       18-Sep-98   Page 12   Villanovan
Villanova's Cultural Film Series screens 'La Promesse'             18-Sep-98   Page 15   Cultural Film Series
Villanova Theatre opens with 'The Glass Menagerie'                 18-Sep-98   Page 19   Villanova Theater/Drama on campus
Habitat for Humanity plans for new season of volunteerism          18-Sep-98   Page 22   Student volunteers in Social Service
Mademoiselle returns for fourth year                               18-Sep-98   Page 22   Mademoiselle
Multicultural Affairs offers mentor program for students           18-Sep-98   Page 23   Friends on campus/Mentoring/Volunteers
University Gallery enriches learning experience of students        18-Sep-98   Page 23   Villanova University Art Gallery/LeClair, Charles
Project for disadvantaged kids is looking for help from students   18-Sep-98   Page 23   Toporek, Robert/Children's Project/Computers/Volunteers/Urban Youth
Renowned FBI agent provides insight into criminal mind             18-Sep-98   Page 24   Ressler, Robert/Homocide/Violence-U.S./Capital Punishment
Wildcats get into win column by beating up Owls                    18-Sep-98   Page 26   Soccer-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                               18-Sep-98   Page 26   Sirolli, Matt/Nicolini, Kristen
Intramural season opens with softball                              18-Sep-98   Page 26   Intramural Sports
Field Hockey knocks off Quakers                                    18-Sep-98   Page 28   Field Hockey
Cats finish 11th in season opener                                  18-Sep-98   Page 28   Golf
Cross Country teams dominate at Lafayette Invitational             18-Sep-98   Page 30   Cross-Country Running-Men's/Cross-Country Running-Women's
Crew team wears out Henley competition                             18-Sep-98   Page 30   Rowing-Women's
Wildcats blank Mount St. Mary's                                    18-Sep-98   Page 31   Tennis-Women's
Men play at Bloomsburg                                                 18-Sep-98 Page 31      Tennis-Men's
Losses mounting as Villanova drops three in Los Angeles                18-Sep-98 Page 31      Volleyball-Women's
Cats slip past Blue Hens in overtime                                   18-Sep-98 Page 32      Homecoming/Football
Villanova stumbles against Mountaineers                                18-Sep-98 Page 32      Soccer-Women's
                                                                       25-Sep-98 University
'Malicious rumors' refuted by Marshall Ex-track coach plans to file lawsuit againstPage 1     Marshall, John/Track Athletics/Cross-country running/Athletics Department
Frat poster deemed offensive                                           25-Sep-98 Page 1       Office of Student Development/Fraternities-Rush/Beta Theta Pi
Poll shows students' political ignorance                               25-Sep-98 Page 1       Apathy/U.S.-Politics and Government/Political Activism/Clinton, Bill
Intellectual apathy inappropriate for a University                     25-Sep-98 Page 10      Apathy
New photocopy policy schemes to make money                             25-Sep-98 Page 11      Copyright
Campus dresses too short on comfort and long on conformity             25-Sep-98 Page 11      Clothing and Dress
NROTC student objects to column                                        25-Sep-98 Page 12      ROTC
Monahan a model of excellence                                          25-Sep-98 Page 12      Monahan, Thomas/College of Commerce and Finance
Perjury is not a private act                                           25-Sep-98 Page 12      Clinton, Bill
Africa in need of our help                                             25-Sep-98 Page 12      Hunger
'Ulee's Gold' tells of healing                                         25-Sep-98 Page 20      Cultural Film Series
College guide reviews 'Nova based on student survey                    25-Sep-98 Page 26      Universities and Colleges-Evaluation/Villanova University
Career Week returns with autumn                                        25-Sep-98 Page 26      Career Week/Career Services
Service awards given at St. Thomas of Villanova Day                    25-Sep-98 Page 27      St. Thomas of Villanova Day
University graduate assigned to Naval recruiting district              25-Sep-98 Page 27      Alumni/U.S. Navy/Cronin, Patricia/ROTC
Parents' Weekend festivities planned                                   25-Sep-98 Page 27      Parents' Weekend/Freshmen
Lecture on medical ethics provokes student discussion                  25-Sep-98 Page 28      Kassutto, Zach/Medical Care-U.S.
Public Safety holds annual auction                                     25-Sep-98 Page 28      Public Safety/Villanova Emergency Medical Service
Professor takes part in new swing craze                                25-Sep-98 Page 28      Pelesh, Jeffery/Swing (Music)/Swing Dancing
Class of 1993 holds five year reunion during Homecoming                25-Sep-98 Page 30      Alumni/Homecoming
Students take part in Truman Candidates Summer Workshop                25-Sep-98 Page 30      Scholarships/Truman Scholarship Program/Honors Program
Wildcats sent packing in the Outback Invitational                      25-Sep-98 Page 38      Volleyball-Women's
Softball action heats up                                               25-Sep-98 Page 38      Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                   25-Sep-98 Page 38      Westbrook, Brian/Bonner, Julie
Field hockey team sails past Explorers, sunk by Friars                 25-Sep-98 Page 39      Field Hockey
Cats blanked by No. 3 Notre Dame                                       25-Sep-98 Page 39      Soccer-Women's
Golf team struggles at Hoya Invite                                     25-Sep-98 Page 39      Golf
'Nova drops two more to Big East opponents                             25-Sep-98 Page 39      Soccer-Men's
Wildcats spoil Dukes' Homecoming                                       25-Sep-98 Page 40      Football
Retrievers chase Cats off courts                                       25-Sep-98 Page 40      Tennis-Women's
Fedigan robbed of $15,000 in property                               30-Oct-98 Page 1      Crime on Campus/Fedigan Hall/Public Safety

Oprah: She's every woman                                              30-Oct-98 Page 1    Winfrey, Oprah/Demme, Jonathan/Newton, Thandie
New VU channels limit cable selection                                 30-Oct-98 Page 1    Adelphia/Cable Network/Telecommunications, Dept. of
University initiates self-examination                                 30-Oct-98 Page 1    Villanova University-Accreditation/Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
Kenyan reporter speaks on African politics                            30-Oct-98 Page 3    Kenya/Shimoli, Eric/Journalism
Luksik addresses abortion, campaign                                   30-Oct-98 Page 3    Luksik, Peg/Abortion
Apartment construction to limit West Campus parking additionally      30-Oct-98 Page 3    Parking/Burns Hall/West Campus Apartments
Violence against fellow humans should never be condoned               30-Oct-98 Page 8    Discrimination/Homosexuality
Dining Services takes first step toward WXVU being heard              30-Oct-98 Page 8    Dining Services/WXVU (Radio Station)
Bus issue: Urine thicker than blood                                   30-Oct-98 Page 8    Students-Alcohol Use/Community and College/Shuttle Service
Fraternity row solves problems                                        30-Oct-98 Page 8    Shuttle Service/Students-Alcohol Use/Fraternities
                                                                      has been Page 9
University's decision was rash, but student body's unsavory reputation30-Oct-98 earned    Shuttle Service/Students-Alcohol Use/Community and College
WXVU offers more than music                                           30-Oct-98 Page 10   WXVU (Radio Station)
Spring 1998 Lindback Awards                                           30-Oct-98 Page 10   Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching/Faculty
University exhibits work of local, Egyptian-born artist               30-Oct-98 Page 24   Mushriqui, Magdi Wadie/Villanova University Art Gallery
STOP retreats offer students time off from studies for reflection     30-Oct-98 Page 25   Campus Ministry
Fr. Bourgeois honored with award from Center from Peace and Justice30-Oct-98 Page 25      Center for Peace and Justice/Bourgeois, Roy
76ers president to speak at Fall Special Olympics                     30-Oct-98 Page 27   Burke, Chris/Special Olympics/Croce, Pat
Public Safety offers escort service                                   30-Oct-98 Page 27   Student Escort Service/Public Safety
New crumb rubber method used to protect grass on practice field       30-Oct-98 Page 27   Recycling/Sport Facilities/Villanova University-Grounds
Intramural football gets exciting                                     30-Oct-98 Page 33   Intramural sports
Women's soccer team claims two Big East victories                     30-Oct-98 Page 34   Soccer-Women's
'Nova records first conference win                                    30-Oct-98 Page 34   Soccer-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                  30-Oct-98 Page 34   Hornsby, Donovan/Wiggin, Sarah
Golf team finishes 10th at JMU Invite                                 30-Oct-98 Page 34   Golf
Cats drop third straight game, 36-26                                  30-Oct-98 Page 36   Football
Field hockey team blanks Engineers in final home game                 30-Oct-98 Page 36   Field Hockey
Wildcat winning streak comes to a screeching halt                     30-Oct-98 Page 35   Volleyball-Women's
University considers buying off-campus apartments                      6-Nov-98 Page 1    University Senate/Student Housing-off campus
Man charged with exposing himself on campus                            6-Nov-98 Page 1    Crime on Campus/Sullivan, Brian
Police arrest student for Fedigan burglary                             6-Nov-98 Page 1    Fedigan Hall/Crime on Campus/Alvarez, Jose/Public Safety
Hildegard's ideas discussed at conference                              6-Nov-98 Page 3    Hildegard of Bingen/Women's Studies Program
Financial aid legislation will have little impact on University        6-Nov-98 Page 3    Student Aid
Ethics concentration added to curriculum                                 6-Nov-98 Page 3       Curricula
Oink: Bartley Cafe not a pig pen                                         6-Nov-98 Page 6       Bartley Cafe
Push for fine arts center                                                6-Nov-98 Page 6       Performing Arts/Fine Arts
God sees thieves                                                         6-Nov-98 Page 6       Crime on Campus
Censorship not the answer                                                6-Nov-98 Page 6       Racism/Minorities/Mohr, Jay
                                                                         6-Nov-98 Page 7
Students registering for classes deprived of reliable sources of teacher evaluations           College Teachers-Evaluation/Faculty
'Superstar' will play at 'Nova                                           6-Nov-98 Page 16      Villanova Student Theater/Jesus Christ Superstar
Woolf's 'Dalloway' succeeds as a film                                    6-Nov-98 Page 19      Cultural Film Series
Volunteers and athletes make Fall Festival a success                     6-Nov-98 Page 24      Special Olympics/Croce, Pat/Burke, Chris
Associate dean honored for leadership, dedication to C & F               6-Nov-98 Page 24      College of Commerce and Finance/Liberatore, Matthew/Connelly, John
English department offers new seminars                                   6-Nov-98 Page 25      English Department/Curricula
Intramural soccer action heats up                                        6-Nov-98 Page 29      Intramural Sports
Field hockey team ends season with victory over St. Joe's                6-Nov-98 Page 29      Field Hockey
Golf team finished 8th at Big East                                       6-Nov-98 Page 29      Golf
Volleyball team drops a five-set heartbreaker to Hoyas                   6-Nov-98 Page 30      Volleyball-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                     6-Nov-98 Page 30      Boden, Chris/Tollefson, Carrie
Wildcats slip past Georgetown                                            6-Nov-98 Page 31      Soccer-Women's
Men nipped by No. 14 Hoyas in overtime                                   6-Nov-98 Page 31      Soccer-Men's
Cat's swimming and diving teams split at LaSalle                         6-Nov-98 Page 31      Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
'Nova wins Big East cross country title                                  6-Nov-98 Page 32      Cross-country running-Women's/Cross-country running-Men's
Wildcats run over Rams in 45-12 Bronx bombing                            6-Nov-98 Page 32      Football
SGA to introduce alternative evaluations                                13-Nov-98 Page 1       College Teachers-Evaluation/Student Government
Fight at club sparks mayhem                                             13-Nov-98 Page 1       Pegasus/College Athletes/Celestand, John/Ogunlesi, Simon/Basketball-Men's
Investigation draws media attention                                     13-Nov-98 Page 1       Student Athletes/Television broadcasting/KYW (radio station)
Online registration fails sophomores                                    13-Nov-98 Page 1       Villanova University-Registration/UNIT
                                                                        13-Nov-98 the 3
Affirmative action stirs debate on campus; Two seniors discuss issues surroundingPage policy   Affirmative Action/Discrimination/Minorities
                                                                        13-Nov-98 diversity
Affirmative action stirs debate on campus; The University's efforts to create morePage 3       Minorities/Enrollment Management/Affirmative Action/Scholarships
Nursing speaker encourages international aid                            13-Nov-98 Page 3       College of Nursing/Quinn, Sheila
All eyes are on us: so act like it                                      13-Nov-98 Page 8       Pegasus/College Athletes/Television Broadcasting
Registration collapse no real surprise                                  13-Nov-98 Page 8       Villanova University-Registration
Can't ignore racism                                                     13-Nov-98 Page 8       Mohr, Jay/Discrimination/Minorities
Hunger Awareness                                                        13-Nov-98 Page 8       Homeless/Jackson, Ray
Students must demand end to parking games on West                       13-Nov-98 Page 9       Parking/West Campus Apartments
Kudos to Kitchen                                                        13-Nov-98 Page 10      WXVU (Radio Station)
'Angels' shows Dorothy Day's devilish side                             13-Nov-98 Page 20   Day, Dorothy/Catholic Worker/Entertaining Angels/Cultural Film Series
University promotes hunger and homelessness awareness                  13-Nov-98 Page 24   Human Awareness Week/Homeless
November is National Adoption Month                                    13-Nov-98 Page 24   Adoption
Scholarship honors Fr. Ray Jackson                                     13-Nov-98 Page 24   Jackson, Ray/Scholarships/Student Aid/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Good job market awaits graduates                                       13-Nov-98 Page 26   Career Services/Interviews
Professor leads seminar on culture conflict                            13-Nov-98 Page 26   Worlds in Collision
Upsets make intramural football                                        13-Nov-98 Page 30   Intramural Sports
Wildcats finish the year at Cave's Valley                              13-Nov-98 Page 31   Golf
Cats fall to Irish and Orange                                          13-Nov-98 Page 31   Volleyball-Women's
Noonan's goal lifts 'Nova past Textile, 1-0                            13-Nov-98 Page 31   Soccer-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                   13-Nov-98 Page 31   Westbrook, Brian/Jones, Liz
Westbrook not enought as Richmond prevails                             13-Nov-98 Page 32   Football/Richmond/Westbrook, Brian
'Nova lands pair of blue chip forwards                                 13-Nov-98 Page 32   Basketball-Men's
Wildcats sent home unhappy                                             13-Nov-98 Page 32   Soccer-Women's
Housing redistributed to build community living                        11-Dec-98 Page 1    Residence Life/Villanova Experience Program/Student Housing-on campus/Rosemont College
UNIT revamps website which will accommodate student, faculty use 11-Dec-98 Page 1          UNIT/World Wide Web
Students protest Iraqi sanctions                                       11-Dec-98 Page 1    Villanova Feminist Coalition
                                                                       11-Dec-98 Page
'Nova advises students in housing search; Tips to avoid off-campus housing problems 3      Student housing-off campus
'Nova advises students in housing search; Students' off-campus horror11-Dec-98 Page 3      Student Housing-off campus
University researches telephone options for on-campus residents        11-Dec-98 Page 3    Telephones on campus/Telecommunications, Dept. of
Housing plan needs rethinking                                          11-Dec-98 Page 6    Student Housing-on campus
VU hunger apathy appalls                                               11-Dec-98 Page 6    Faculty
Students should sober up                                               11-Dec-98 Page 6    Students-Alcohol Use/Shuttle Service
American sanctions on Iraq hurt people, not Hussein                    11-Dec-98 Page 7    Iraq/Political Activism
Unappreciated campus radio station offers unique variety               11-Dec-98 Page 7    WXVU (Radio Station)
'Nova should show respect for ROTC                                     11-Dec-98 Page 7    ROTc
Kaul Hall not all bad                                                  11-Dec-98 Page 7    Rosemont College/Student Housing-on campus
Tournament parking inadequate                                          11-Dec-98 Page 7    Tennis/Parking
World AIDS Day reveals shocking statistics                             11-Dec-98 Page 26   AIDS/Day without Arts
Toys for Tots continues to make the holidays merry and bright          11-Dec-98 Page 26   U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots
Preparations begin for Martin Luther King Day celebration              11-Dec-98 Page 27   International Committee Against Racism (INCAR)/King, Martin Luther/Freedom School/Racism
                                                                       11-Dec-98 Page 27
Student-athletes make great strides with professor's 'Super Study Skills'                  Heitzmann, William/College Athletes/Athletics Department
Athletes of the Week                                                   11-Dec-98 Page 7    Brown, Howard/Tollefson, Carrie
FC Nova cleans up to take men's soccer crown                           11-Dec-98 Page 33   Intramural Sports
All three 'Nova flag football teams reach City 6 finals                11-Dec-98   Page 33   Intramural Sports
Stallions get revenge on Shots in the Head                             11-Dec-98   Page 33   Intramural Sports
Wildcats take bite out of Big 5                                        11-Dec-98   Page 34   Basketball-Women's
Swimming and diving teams compete in invitationals                     11-Dec-98   Page 34   Swimming and Diving-Men's /Swimming and Diving-Women's
Loss to Penn State halts 'Nova streak                                  11-Dec-98   Page 35   Basketball-Men's
St. Joe's ticket distribution 'fair'                                   11-Dec-98   Page 35   Tickets-Athletic events/Basketball-Men's
Wildcats fall to the Hall                                              11-Dec-98   Page 36   Basketball-Men's
National Champions!!                                                   11-Dec-98   Page 36   Cross-country running-Women's/NCAA Championship
Westbrook sets unprecedented NCAA record                               11-Dec-98   Page 36   Westbrook, Brian/Football
Public Safety stats show little change in crime                        29-Jan-99   Page 1    Public Safety/Crime on Campus/Students-Alcohol Use
Mendel Hall renovations continue                                       29-Jan-99   Page 1    Villanova University-Buildings
Academic integrity violations increase                                 29-Jan-99   Page 1    Cheating (Education)/Plagiarism
                                                                       29-Jan-99   Page 1    Mendel Medal/Townes, Charles/Mendel, Gregor/Sigma Xi
New stats do not reflect accurate number of rapes                      29-Jan-99   Page 3    Rape/Sexual Assault/Crime on Campus/Public Safety/Counseling Center
Absence of 'drunk bus' creates boredom for underclassmen               29-Jan-99   Page 3    Shuttle Service/Students-Alcohol Use
Celebrated British author speaks about his works at Falvey lecture series          Page 3    Falvey Memorial Library/Mawer, Simon
Students should make effort to attend lectures                         29-Jan-99   Page 6    Visiting Lecturers
Crime log intented to inform campus                                    29-Jan-99   Page 6    Public Safety/Crime on Campus/Villanovan
V-shirt letters draw response                                          29-Jan-99   Page 6    Villanova University-Licensing Department
Support anti-hunger legislation                                        29-Jan-99   Page 6    Hunger/Bread for the World/Jubilee 2000
Race relations can only improve with discussion                        29-Jan-99   Page 7    Racism/Martin Luther King Day
University needs to be more careful with information                   29-Jan-99   Page 7    UNIT/Computers/Internet/World Wide Web
Apathy: Does anybody care?                                             29-Jan-99   Page 7    Apathy
University hosts students from Middle East                             29-Jan-99   Page 25   Oman/College of Nursing
Students discover the many wonders of Italy                            29-Jan-99   Page 25   Foreign Study/Villanova-Rosemont Summer Program
Frat raffles off VW Beetle                                             29-Jan-99   Page 26   Volkswagen/Sigma Alpha Epsilon/St. Edmond's Home for Crippled Children/Fraternities
Villanovans march for life in Washington, D.C.                         29-Jan-99   Page 26   Villanovans for Life/Abortion
Professor Profile: Dr. Charlene Mires                                  29-Jan-99   Page 27   Faculty/Mires, Charlene/History Department
Scorsese's 'Kundun' inspires and educates cultural film viewers        29-Jan-99   Page 27   Cultural Film Series
Athletes of the Week                                                   29-Jan-99   Page 31   Celestand, John/Crippen, Maddy
IceCats fall to Navy, beat West Virginia                               29-Jan-99   Page 32   Ice Hockey
Squad beats Playaz in football rivalry                                 29-Jan-99   Page 32   Intramural Sports
From South Campus to the Super Bowl                                    29-Jan-99   Page 34   Long, Howie/National Football League/Alumni
Crippen sets pool record as women beat Pitt, Brown                     29-Jan-99   Page 35   Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Track teams prepare for Harvard meet with Haverford Invitational     29-Jan-99   Page 35   Track Athletics-Men's/Track Athletics-Women's
Cats' four-game win streak ends                                      29-Jan-99   Page 36   Basketball-Men's
Cats must win last four home games to make tournament                29-Jan-99   Page 36   Basketball-Men's
Wildcats beat Miami in final seconds                                 29-Jan-99   Page 36   Basketball-Women's
Weekend shuttle canceled for semester                                 9-Oct-98   Page 1    Shuttle Service/Vandalism/Students-Alcohol Use/Community and College/Lower Merion Township
Local residents angered by students' rowdy behavior                   9-Oct-98   Page 1    Lower Merion Township/Community and College/Students-Alcohol Use/Shuttle Service
New VU, NBC 10 partnership launches homework helpline                 9-Oct-98   Page 1    Community and College/Faculty/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Academic integrity code enforces high standards                       9-Oct-98   Page 1    Cheating-Education/Plagiarism
British scholar lectures on religion's influence on politics          9-Oct-98   Page 1    Martin, David/Theology and Religious Studies Department
Two new English courses available                                     9-Oct-98   Page 1    English Department
University policy for canceling small classes explained               9-Oct-98   Page 3    Class size
Market's prices competitive with other small grocery stories          9-Oct-98   Page 3    Donahue Market
Students with learning disabilities seek help                         9-Oct-98   Page 5    Learning Disabled students
Shuttle cancellation may do more harm than good                       9-Oct-98   Page 8    Shuttle Service/Students-Alcohol Use
Displeasure with major not evident                                    9-Oct-98   Page 8    Communication Department/Falvey Memorial Library
SGA: cartoon and headline off base                                    9-Oct-98   Page 8    Student Government
Diversity initiatives taken                                           9-Oct-98   Page 8    Multicultural Education
The real meaning of community is caring about others                  9-Oct-98   Page 9    Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance/Sharts-Hopko, Nancy
Film Series presents 'White'                                          9-Oct-98   Page 16   Cultural Film Series/Kieslowski, Krzysztof
Willis shocks fans at Traveler concert                                9-Oct-98   Page 21   Blues Traveler/Campus Activities Team/Dear Liza/Willis, Bruce
First walk-a-thon will raise money for Special Olympics               9-Oct-98   Page 24   Special Olympics
University honors the birthday of St. Hildegard of Bingen             9-Oct-98   Page 24   Hildegard, Saint
WXVU college radio: students who play what students want to hear      9-Oct-98   Page 25   WXVU (Radio Station)
Campus Ministry helps Villanovans share and grow together in faith    9-Oct-98   Page 25   Campus Ministry
Buildings named for people with dedication to University              9-Oct-98   Page 26   Villanova University-Buildings/Klekotka Hall/Moulden Hall/Rudolph Hall/Welsh Hall
Intramural soccer action heats up                                     9-Oct-98   Page 28   Intramural Sports
Change in basketball ticket policy                                    9-Oct-98   Page 28   Tickets, Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Women impressive men struggle at Paul Short Invite                    9-Oct-98   Page 30   Cross-Country Running-Women's/Cross-Country Running-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                  9-Oct-98   Page 30   Allen, J.D./Obsitnik, Colleen
Rainbows, Bruins, spoil trip to Hawaii                                9-Oct-98   Page 31   Soccer-Women's
Villanova falls to No. 1 Huskies                                      9-Oct-98   Page 31   Soccer-Men's
Field hockey crusade yields weekend split for Wildcats                9-Oct-98   Page 31   Field Hockey
Cats win fourth straight match                                        9-Oct-98   Page 31   Tennis-Women's
Wildcats pummeled by Black Bears                                      9-Oct-98   Page 32   Football
Cats win first two Big East matches                                     9-Oct-98   Page 32   Volleyball-Women's
Cardinal proposes increased church control                              5-Feb-99   Page 1    Bevilacqua, Anthony Cardinal/Academic Freedom/John Paul II, Pope/Ex Corde Ecclesiae/Catholic Universities and Colleges/F
Public Safety tows 12 student vehicles for hanging false tags           5-Feb-99   Page 1    Parking
New student committee will speak publicly about homosexuality           5-Feb-99   Page 1    Bisexuals Gays and Lesbians of Villanova/Homosexuality
Stats show grads are doing well in job market                           5-Feb-99   Page 3    Career Services/Alumni/Graduate School
Business and technology jobs are fast-growing, lucrative                5-Feb-99   Page 3    Career Services/Occupations
Accreditation process continues with visit from Middle States representative       Page 3    Villanova University-Accreditation
Radnor House no longer renting to undergrads                            5-Feb-99   Page 3    Student Housing-off campus
Cadinal's proposal may hinder open exchange of ideas                    5-Feb-99   Page 8    Bevilacqua, Anthony Cardinal/Academic Freedom/Catholic Universities and Colleges/Catholic Church-Doctrine/Faculty/Ex C
No need for drunk bus                                                   5-Feb-99   Page 8    Shuttle Service
Need-based assistance inadequate                                        5-Feb-99   Page 8    Student Aid
Pro-lifer denounces killing                                             5-Feb-99   Page 8    Abortion/Murder
Greek system needs reevaluation                                         5-Feb-99   Page 9    Fraternities/Greek letter societies
'Invisible' workers deserve recognition                                 5-Feb-99   Page 9    Housekeeping services
What is 'The Oreo,' anyway?; The untold story behind Jay Dugan's 'Awakening'       Page 25   Dugan, Jay/Villanova University-Art
Church-going a popular trend at VU                                      5-Feb-99   Page 25   Campus Ministry/Liturgical Ministers/Catholic Church-Mass
Spielberg's 'Amistad' plays in Connelly Cinema                          5-Feb-99   Page 26   Cultural Film Series
University Recycling program a hugh success in 1998                     5-Feb-99   Page 27   Recycling
IceCats skate away with wins over Lehigh, Rider                         5-Feb-99   Page 32   Ice Hockey
Men's B League basketball game matches senior team versus freshman 5-Feb-99        Page 33   Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                    5-Feb-99   Page 33   Brown, Howard/Sliwa, Jenn hits home with 'Nova fans                                  5-Feb-99   Page 34   Nolan, Bill/Internet/DePasquale, Pete/Basketball-Men's/College Sports
Track teams tested at Terrier Classic                                   5-Feb-99   Page 34   Track Athletics-Women's/Track Athletics-Men's
Crippen sets sights on Sydney Olympics                                  5-Feb-99   Page 35   Swimming and Diving-Women's/Crippen, Maddy
Virginia sinks swimmers                                                 5-Feb-99   Page 35   Swimming and Diving-Women's/Swimming and Diving-Men's
Football teams signs 13 recruits; adds Air Force to schedule            5-Feb-99   Page 35   Football
Cats continue roll to Tournament                                        5-Feb-99   Page 36   Basketball-Men's
'Nova's bench makes up for lack of superstars                           5-Feb-99   Page 36   Basketball-Men's
Wildcats dominate struggling Hall                                       5-Feb-99   Page 36   Basketball-Women's
Students claim University's towing service is uncooperative, overpriced            Page 1    Public Safety/Parking/Radnor Garage
SGA makes professor evaluations public                                12-Feb-99    Page 1    Student Government/Faculty/College Teachers-Evaluation
Administration sends letters to parents, warns of three frats         12-Feb-99    Page 1    Fraternities// Greek letter societies-Rush/Sigma Phi Epsilon/Delta Kappa Epsilon/Pi Kappa Alpha
Director of Peace and Justice honored with endowed chair by C & F 12-Feb-99        Page 1    College of Commerce and Finance/DeFina, Robert/Center for Peace and Justice/Economics Department/Murphy, John
Arts and Sciences college to implement peer advisors                  12-Feb-99    Page 3    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences/Peer Advisors
Corr Hall ceiling collapses due to weather                          12-Feb-99   Page 3    Villanova University-Buildings
LCB forces Brownie's to shorten 'happy hour'                        12-Feb-99   Page 3    Students-Alcohol Use/Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
Greeks and non-Greeks must openly communicate                       12-Feb-99   Page 6    Sororities/Greek letter societies/Fraternities
SGA surveys much needed                                             12-Feb-99   Page 6    Faculty Evaluations/Student Government
Catholic schools must keep identity                                 12-Feb-99   Page 6    John Paul II, Pope/Catholic Universities and Colleges/Bevilacqua, Anthony Cardinal/Academic Freedom/Catholic Church-Doc
Pope's plan does not limit speech                                   12-Feb-99   Page 6    John Paul II, Pope/Catholic Universities and Colleges/Bevilacqua, Anthony Cardinal/Academic Freedom/Catholic Church-Doc
Abortion issue does not have a simple answer                        12-Feb-99   Page 7    Abortion
Students, faculty should join together to support CATS              12-Feb-99   Page 7    College Teachers-Evaluation/Faculty/Student Government
Cab service could fill the absence of 'drunk bus'                   12-Feb-99   Page 7    Shuttle Service/Students-Alcohol Use
Despite flaws, Greek life is rewarding                              12-Feb-99   Page 9    Fraternities/Greek letter societies/Racowski, Ken
Frats offer positive experiences                                    12-Feb-99   Page 9    Greek letter societies/Fraternities/Racowski, Ken
Columnist ignored reality                                           12-Feb-99   Page 9    Greek letter societies/Fraternities/Racowski, Ken
Greek life fosters community                                        12-Feb-99   Page 9    Greek letter societies/Fraternities/Racowski, Ken
Racowski himself has stereotypes                                    12-Feb-99   Page 9    Greek letter societies/Fraternities/Racowski, Ken
Recycling requires everyone                                         12-Feb-99   Page 9    Recycling
Alternative to finals needed                                        12-Feb-99   Page 9    Final Examinations
Top Ten offends                                                     12-Feb-99   Page 9    Fraternities/ROTC
'The Suicide' opens in Vasey                                        12-Feb-99   Page 26   Erdman, Nikolai/Drama (on campus)
BCS Sweetheart Showcase                                             12-Feb-99   Page 31   Black Cultural Society
Students offer homework help at local NBC studio                    12-Feb-99   Page 31   Student Volunteers in Social Service/NBC-10 Homework Helpline
IHC sponsors Roommate Connection                                    12-Feb-99   Page 31   Inter-Hall Council
'Bitter Sugar' a sweet surprise                                     12-Feb-99   Page 33   Cultural Film Series
Peace and justice students tutor adults seeking GEDs                12-Feb-99   Page 33   St. Gabriel's Church
Professor Profile: Dr. Glynn                                        12-Feb-99   Page 34   Faculty/Glynn, Edward
The Children's Project: 2000 computers distributed by 2000          12-Feb-99   Page 34   Project 2000/Toporek, Robert
Poll: 'Nova baseball to finish eighth in Big East                   12-Feb-99   Page 38   Baseball
Midget P reinforces No. 1 ranking with win                          12-Feb-99   Page 38   Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                12-Feb-99   Page 38   Celestand, John/Skeeters, Jenea
IceCats clinch playoff spot with win over Rutgers                   12-Feb-99   Page 39   Ice Hockey
Swimmer split in final regular season meet                          12-Feb-99   Page 39   Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Villanova proves that experience is still the best teacher          12-Feb-99   Page 39   Basketball-Men's
A win over St. John's tomorrow night should put 'Nova in the Tournament         Page 40   Basketball-Men's
Cats upset Syracuse; remain unranked                                12-Feb-99   Page 40   Basketball-Men's
Wildcats fall to No. 6 Notre Dame                                   12-Feb-99   Page 40   Basketball-Women's
SGA proposes changes to outdated constitution                        19-Feb-99 Page 1    Student Government
Voting policy changed for student government elections               19-Feb-99 Page 1    Student Government-Elections/Internet/Computers
Weekend bus solution may be near                                     19-Feb-99 Page 1    Shuttle Service/Students-Alcohol Abuse
ASA celebrates culture at First Asian expo                           19-Feb-99 Page 1    Asian Students Association (ASA)/Asian Exposition
Individual suspected for sexual harassment returns to library        19-Feb-99 Page 1    Public Safety/Falvey Memorial Library/Radnor Police Department/Sexual Harassment
Proposed chapter of ACLU meets opposition                            19-Feb-99 Page 3    American Civil Liberties Union
Students from Bigs and Littles. 'Photograph only'                    19-Feb-99 Page 3    Student Volunteers in Social Service
University must focus on community relations                         19-Feb-99 Page 6    Shuttle Service/Community and College/Student Housing-off campus
TG theme offensive                                                   19-Feb-99 Page 6    Discrimination/Fraternities/Sororities/Minorities
Student upset with garage                                            19-Feb-99 Page 6    Radnor Garage/Parking
TG theme provides evidence for Greek stereotype                      19-Feb-99 Page 7    Fraternities/Sororities/Discrimination/Minorities
University has fer of homosexual issues                              19-Feb-99 Page 7    Homosexuality/Discrimination
Students' struggle for a VOICE nears an end                          19-Feb-99 Page 7    College Teachers-Evaluation/Student Government
Abortion always wrong                                                19-Feb-99 Page 8    Lawrence, Bill/Abortion
Abortion also hurts mother                                           19-Feb-99 Page 8    Lawrence, Bill/Abortion
Abortion never a choice                                              19-Feb-99 Page 8    Lawrence, Bill/Abortion
Argument based on emotion                                            19-Feb-99 Page 8    Lawrence, Bill/Abortion
Adoption is the solution                                             19-Feb-99 Page 8    Adoption/Abortion/Lawrence, Bill
The unborn have rights                                               19-Feb-99 Page 8    Abortion/Lawrence, Bill
Racowski was right                                                   19-Feb-99 Page 8    Racowski, Ken
The Constitutiion of the Student Government Association              19-Feb-99 Page 10   Student Government-Constitution
                                                                     19-Feb-99 Page 25
A deluxe apartment in the sky; senior engineers design dream tree house for young boy    College of Engineering/Tamagno, Rich/Fritsch, A.J./American Society of Engineers
VEMS celebrates 10 years of service                                  19-Feb-99 Page 25   Villanova Emergency Medical Service
Professor Profile: Dr. Jen Greenblatt                                19-Feb-99 Page 26   Faculty/Greenblatt, Jen/Philosophy Department
IHC crowns winners of Roomate Connection                             19-Feb-99 Page 26   Inter Hall Council/Roomate Connection/Holtmeier, Tanya/Nahajan, Ami
'The Boxer' beats expectations                                       19-Feb-99 Page 27   Cultural Film Series/The Boxer/Sheridan, Jim/Ireland
Carnevale in Tuscany                                                 19-Feb-99 Page 27   Italy/Foreign Study
Volunteer to teach in Germany                                        19-Feb-99 Page 28   Von Burg, Ingrid/English language-Study and Teaching-Foreign Speakers/Catholic Church
Become a peer counselor                                              19-Feb-99 Page 28   Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance/Students-Alcohol Use/Peer Advisors
Too Much beats Magnus in coed battle                                 19-Feb-99 Page 32   Intramural Sports
What ever happened to the Big Five?                                  19-Feb-99 Page 34   Basketball-Men's/Big Five
IceCats to begin playoffs tonight at Delaware                        19-Feb-99 Page 35   Ice Hockey
Swimmers continue training for Big East                              19-Feb-99 Page 35   Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                 19-Feb-99 Page 35   Villanova IceCats/Pellicane, Lauren
Wildcats to begin crucial three-game home stand tomorrow night           19-Feb-99 Page 36           Basketball-Men's
'Nova falls to St. John's, Miami on the road                             19-Feb-99 Page 36           Basketball-Men's
Pellicane scores 19 in defeat of West Virginia                           19-Feb-99 Page 36           Basketball-Women's/Pellicane, Lauren
Ben & Jerry's co-founder stresses morality in business                    22-Jan-99 Page 1           Business Ethics/Ben & Jerry's/Greenfield, Jerry
Complaints prompt removal of pictures from website                        22-Jan-99 Page 1           Privacy/Internet/Faculty/World Wide Web/Students/UNIT
MLK mentors help high school students recognize dreams                    22-Jan-99 Page 1           Minorities-Education/Universities and Colleges/Martin Luther King Day
Staff member arrested for credit card theft                               22-Jan-99 Page 1           Credit Cards/Crime on Campus/Public Safety
Area code changes will affect local dialing                               22-Jan-99 Page 2           Telephones on campus
University Shop claims book prices less expensive than at most colleges   22-Jan-99 Page 3           Textbooks/University Shop/Falvey Memorial Library
Student voice their concerns over privacy issues, ethics of website photographs Page 3               Privacy/Internet// World Wide Web/Students/UNIT/Faculty
Speaker emphasizes justice on MLK Day                                     22-Jan-99 Page 3           Phelps, Jamie/Martin Luther King Day
Storm causes dangerous walking conditions                                 22-Jan-99 Page 3           Villanova University-Facilities Management
Freedom School sets tone for change                                       22-Jan-99 Page 6           Martin Luther King Day
'Nova must be better prepared for storms                                  22-Jan-99 Page 6           Villanova University-Facilities Management
V-Shirts promote spirit                                                   22-Jan-99 Page 6           Apathy/Villanova Band
Bookstore blocked V-shirts                                                22-Jan-99 Page 6           Villanova Band/Apathy/University Shop/Athletics Department
Main Lot not safe                                                         22-Jan-99 Page 6           Crime on Campus/Parking/Public Safety
Sorority shirts offensive                                                 22-Jan-99 Page 6           Alpha Chi Omega/Sororities/Greek letter societies
Professors' access to photos has pros and cons                            22-Jan-99 Page 7           Internet/World Wide Web/Privacy/Faculty
Students must put forth some effort to solve campus problems              22-Jan-99 Page 7           Apathy/Facilities Management
Sophomores want South housing                                             22-Jan-99 Page 8           Student Housing-on campus
                                                                           works of Page 29
'Artistic Journeys from My Inner Self' University Art Gallery displays the22-Jan-99 a local artist   Villanova University Art Gallery/Massey, Cal
Students seeking jobs find solace at Career Services                      22-Jan-99 Page 29          Career Services
Bookstore lines try students' patience                                    22-Jan-99 Page 29          University Shop
Professor Profile: Rev. Peter Donohue                                     22-Jan-99 Page 30          Faculty/Theater Department/Donohue, Peter
InCAR promotes diversity on campus                                        22-Jan-99 Page 31          Multicultural Education/International Committee Against Racism (INCAR)/Minorities
Film Series opens with Icelandic film                                     22-Jan-99 Page 31          Cultural Film Series/Cold Fever
Rissmiller nets hat trick as IceCats beat West Chester                    22-Jan-99 Page 33          Rissmiller, Chris/Ice Hockey
Women swimmers split; men fall short                                      22-Jan-99 Page 33          Swimming and Diving-Women's/Swimming and Diving-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                      22-Jan-99 Page 34          Allen, Malik/Barnes, Brandi
Womne's track team places fourth in New York meet                         22-Jan-99 Page 35          Track Athletics-Women's
Cats crush lame Panthers                                                  22-Jan-99 Page 36          Basketball-Men's
Ogunlesi leaves Villanova, heads to Duquesne                              22-Jan-99 Page 36          Basketball-Men's/Oglunlesi, Simon
Skeeters scores 19 in loss to Friars                                      22-Jan-99 Page 36          Basketball-Women's/Sketers, Jenea
Residence Life makes additional housing changes                     12-Mar-99 Page 1     Residence Life/Student Housing-on campus/Visitation policy
Senate passes resolution to implement new CATS forms                12-Mar-99 Page 1     University Senate/College Teachers-Evaluation/Villanova University-Buildings
CAT to bring Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison to campus                 12-Mar-99 Page 1     Campus Activities Team/Morrison, Toni/Visiting Lecturers
Fraternity hazing incident leave pledge in hospital                 12-Mar-99 Page 1     Fraternities/Pi Kappa Alpha/Greek letter societies
Internet to be used for Lindback voting                             12-Mar-99 Page 2     Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching
Final exam changes made to accomodate schedules                     12-Mar-99 Page 3     Final Examinations
University, former track coach reach agreement                      12-Mar-99 Page 3     Marshall, John/Hofferth, Tim/Track Athletics-Women's
Campaigning begins for SGA election, but candidates are few         12-Mar-99 Page 3     Student Government-Election-1999
Anti-gay comments should not be tolerated                           12-Mar-99 Page 6     Homosexuality
Online grade reporting proves disastrous                            12-Mar-99 Page 6     Villanova University-Administration/Computers/Grading system
ACLU has no place at University                                     12-Mar-99 Page 6     American Civil Liberties Union
Professor's legacy lives                                            12-Mar-99 Page 6     Faculty/Bosowski, Elain
SCSC offers little help                                             12-Mar-99 Page 6     Computers/Student Computer Support Center
Construction noise unbearable                                       12-Mar-99 Page 6     Villanova University-Buildings
Candidates deserve your informed vote                               12-Mar-99 Page 7     Apathy/Student Government
The time has come to legalize marijuana                             12-Mar-99 Page 7     Marijuana-Laws and Legislation/Students-Drug Use
Greeks must condemn ignorance                                       12-Mar-99 Page 9     Llewellyn, Michael/Fraternities/Sororities/Greek letter societies
Community must unite                                                12-Mar-99 Page 9     Multicultural Education/Greek letter societies/Fraternities/Sororities
Columnist's stereotypes are unfair                                  12-Mar-99 Page 9     Greek letter societies/Sororities/Fraternities/Llewellyn, Michael
Llewellyn's criticism is valid                                      12-Mar-99 Page 9     Llewellyn, Michael/Greek letter societies/Fraternities/Sororities
Purpose of TG's not understood                                      12-Mar-99 Page 9     Sororities/Fraternities/Greek letter societies/Llewellyn, Michael
Introducing Dining Services' Newest Meal Plan                       12-Mar-99 Page 12    Dining Services
Child prodigy to play at 'Nova                                      12-Mar-99 Page 18    Choi, Jenny
Villanova Theatre premieres 'Talley's Folly'                        12-Mar-99 Page 21    Villanova Theater/Drama (on campus)/Wilson, Lanford
                                                                    12-Mar-99 Page 25
So, how was your break?: Habitat for Humanity and mission trips extend across Americas   Student Volunteers in Social Service
Horror stories: Spring breakers burned by package deals             12-Mar-99 Page 25    Spring Break
Professor Profile: Dr. Jeff Pelesh                                  12-Mar-99 Page 26    Faculty/Pelesh, Jeff/Accounting Department
'Ma Vie en Rose' explores sexual identities                         12-Mar-99 Page 26    Cultural Film Series
Irish literary invasion begins in March                             12-Mar-99 Page 27    Ireland/Irish Literature/Visiting Lecturers
Photography club announces contest                                  12-Mar-99 Page 27    Villanova Photography Organization
Men's lacrosse beats Denver, falls to PSU                           12-Mar-99 Page 30    Lacrosse-Men's
Young golf team finishes 10th of 24 at William and Mary tournament 12-Mar-99 Page 31     Golf
Baseball team overwhelmed in Florida play, fall to 3-8              12-Mar-99 Page 31    Baseball
Three women compete at NCAA Indoor Track Championships              12-Mar-99 Page 31    Track Athletics-Women's
1999 football scheduled unveiled                                         12-Mar-99 Page 31        Football
                                                                         12-Mar-99 discrimination
Federal court throws out NCAA initial academic eligibility rules, citing fairness andPage 32      College Sports/Minorities/College Athletes-Academic Standards
'Nova will stay with current recruitment policies, for now               12-Mar-99 Page 32        Hofferth, Tim/College Sports/College Athletes-Academic Standards/Athletics Department
After 36-win season, depleted softball team looking to repeat            12-Mar-99 Page 32        Softball
Women eliminited in second round                                         12-Mar-99 Page 33        Basketball-Women's
Lee sets Villanov assist record                                          12-Mar-99 Page 33        Basketball-Women's/Lee, Shanette
Women swimmers finish second in Big East                                 12-Mar-99 Page 33        Swimming and Diving-Women's
Hockey team knocked out in opening round                                 12-Mar-99 Page 33        Ice Hockey
Wildcats get knocked out by Syracuse in second round                     12-Mar-99 Page 33        Big East Championships/Basketball-Men's
Position-by-Position: Ole Miss vs. Villanova                             12-Mar-99 Page 34        Basketball-Men's
Lappas bring experience into fourth Tournament appearance                12-Mar-99 Page 35        Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
NY alumni left fuming over game's blackout                               12-Mar-99 Page 35        Basketball-Men's/Alumni
Cats recovering from late season injuries                                12-Mar-99 Page 35        Basketball-Men's
                                                                         12-Mar-99 Page 36        post-season
Four women grab national recognition: Crippen, Tollefson, Walker and Vance-Goodman dominate in Track Athletics-Women's/Swimming and Diving-Women's/Crippen, Maddy/Tollefson, Carrie/Walker, Charmaine/ Vance-Go
Cats to attempt to put down the Rebellion                                12-Mar-99 Page 36        Basketball-Men's/NCAA Tournament
Presidential hopefuls voice homogenous views                             19-Mar-99 Page 1         Student Government- Election-1999
University discusses potential relationship with SEPTA                   19-Mar-99 Page 1         SEPTA
University offers new benefits for faculty and staff members             19-Mar-99 Page 1         Employee Benefits/Faculty
Dining Services extends meal plan options, hours                         19-Mar-99 Page 3         Dining Services
Wheel of Fortune comes to recruit contestants                            19-Mar-99 Page 3         Television Programs
Con artists target college students                                      19-Mar-99 Page 3         Crime on Campus
Students discuss gender issues at annual conference                      19-Mar-99 Page 7         Elizabeth Cady Stanton Research Award/Women's Studies Program/Discrimination in Employment
Community remains hostile to shuttle's return                            19-Mar-99 Page 7         Shuttle Service/Lower Merion Township/Community and College
Nursing college adds new concentration                                   19-Mar-99 Page 7         College of Nursing
Students should place an informed vote for SGA's next president          19-Mar-99 Page 8         Student Government Election-1999
Registration editorial uninformed                                        19-Mar-99 Page 8         Villanova University-Registrar/World Wide Web/Faculty/Grading System
SGA VOICE disrespectful                                                  19-Mar-99 Page 8         Faculty/College Teachers-Evaluation
ACLU reacts to letter                                                    19-Mar-99 Page 8         American Civil Liberties Union
SGA debates lack professionalism, purpose                                19-Mar-99 Page 9         Student Government-Election-1999
Homophobia in males displays insecurities                                19-Mar-99 Page 9         Homosexuality
Support buds for pot column                                              19-Mar-99 Page 11        Marijuana
ACLU letter misinformed                                                  19-Mar-99 Page 11        American Civil Liberties Union
Curran deserves your vote                                                19-Mar-99 Page 11        Student Government-Election-1999
Bynum has what it takes                                                  19-Mar-99 Page 11        Student Government-Election-1999
Choose Morrissey                                                  19-Mar-99   Page 11           Student Government-Election-1999
Bynum and Choban will impact SGA                                  19-Mar-99   Page 11           Student Government-Election-1999
Support Curran and Myers                                          19-Mar-99   Page 11           Student Government-Election-1999
Morrissey will stand up for rights                                19-Mar-99   Page 11           Student Government-Election-1999
Student Government Elections '99. Special Supplement              19-Mar-99                     Student Government-Election-1999
VU lacrosse players earn their Wings                              19-Mar-99   Page 25           Alumni/Lacrosse-Men's/Rogers, Jim/O'Grady, Paul/McEvoy, John
Students 'VOICE' their faculty choice                             19-Mar-99   Page 25           College Teachers-Evaluation
Lecture addresses prostitution in India                           19-Mar-99   Page 26           Center for Peace and Justice/Women's Studies Department/

Professor Profile: Dr. Nichols                                           19-Mar-99 Page 27           Nichols, Henry/Faculty
'I Like It Like That' is sure to please                                  19-Mar-99 Page 27           Cultural Film and Lecture Series/Martin, Darnell
B.J. Johnson beats out Kareem Warren in dunk contest                     19-Mar-99 Page 32           Intramural Sports
Baseball team splits at William & Mary                                   19-Mar-99 Page 33           Baseball
Track teams healthy for spring season                                    19-Mar-99 Page 33           Track Athletics-Men's/Track Athletics-Women's
Inspired golfers look to prove themselves                                19-Mar-99 Page 33           Golf
Water polo team 1-2 at Maryland tourney                                  19-Mar-99 Page 33           Water Polo-Women's
Notre Dame beats up on lacrosse team                                     19-Mar-99 Page 34           Lacrosse-Men's
Tennis teams prove their depth in California                             19-Mar-99 Page 34           Tennis-Men's/Tennis-Women's
Women's lacrosse beats Drexel in frigid opener                           19-Mar-99 Page 34           Lacrosse-Women's
Rower places seventh in world Crash-B Sprints competition                19-Mar-99 Page 34           Rowing-Women's/ Sarbanis, Meghan
NCAA bid for stay of ruling on eligibility rejected                      19-Mar-99 Page 35           NCAA
One more Big Dance comes to an end                                       19-Mar-99 Page 35           Basketball-Men's/Lappas, Steve
Over and out; Cats' season comes to a close with opening round loss to Ole Miss Page 36              Basketball-Men's
In thriller, The Squad beats Midget P for intramural title               19-Mar-99 Page 36           Intramural Sports
Softball team sweeps Colgate in double header                            19-Mar-99 Page 36           Softball
Bynum, Curran to met in run-off                                          26-Mar-99 Page 1            Student Government-Election-1999/Internet
Presidential candidates: a closer look                                   26-Mar-99 Page 1            Student Government-Election-1999
Union protest VU's potential contractor                                  26-Mar-99 Page 1            Villanova University-Buildings/West Campus Apartments/Labor Unions/Student Housing-on campus/Community Building Tr
                                                                         26-Mar-99 Page 1            Pornography/Internet/Crime Internet
Freshman arrested for distributing child pornography; University officials warn about the dangers of accessing pornography on theon campus
University senate proposes increased tuition rates                       26-Mar-99 Page 1            Villanova University-Tuition/University Senate
VFC prepares to kinc off gender awareness week                           26-Mar-99 Page 3            Villanova Feminist Coalition
Villanova transfer dies after fall at Penn frat party                    26-Mar-99 Page 2            University of Pennsylvania/Students-Alcohol Use/Tobin, Michael/Fraternities
                                                                         26-Mar-99 Page 3
Students seek policy change to offer alternatives to traditional final exams                         Final Examinations
                                                                         26-Mar-99 Page 3
Frat denied full reinstatement, but administration grants certain privileges                         Fraternities/Sigma Phi Epsilon
Need to regulate Internet is growing                                    26-Mar-99    Page 10   Internet/Censorship/Pornography
Web registration a success                                              26-Mar-99    Page 10   Internet/Villanova University-Registration
University lacks culture and diversity                                  26-Mar-99    Page 10   Multicultural Education
Parents thank 'Nova community                                           26-Mar-99    Page 10   Fraternities/Greek letter societies/Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Students should vote                                                    26-Mar-99    Page 10   Student Government-Election-1999
Debate coverage was harsh                                               26-Mar-99    Page 10   Villanovan/Student Government-Election-1999
Students' initiative will offer much-needed relief from finals madness 26-Mar-99     Page 11   Final Examinations
Columnist asks Residence Life to take responsibility for Kaul Hall disasters         Page 11   Rosemont College/Student Housing-on campus/Kaul Hall
'Nova should not endorse unfair labor practices                         26-Mar-99    Page 11   West Campus Apartments/Community Building Trades/Labor Unions/Facilities Management
Students endorse candidates                                             26-Mar-99    Page 13   Student Government-Election-1999
Low voter turnout disappoints                                           26-Mar-99    Page 13   Student Government-Election-1999
Racowski's criticism is unfair                                          26-Mar-99    Page 13   Racowski, Ken/Student Government-Election-1999
Preserving Academic Freedom; What everyone should know about tenure     26-Mar-99    Page 27   Faculty/Academic Freedom/Tenure
Faculty responds to students' 'Voice'                                   26-Mar-99    Page 27   Student Government/College Teachers-Evaluation
Senior Dance Info                                                       26-Mar-99    Page 28   Senior Dinner Dance
Professor Profile: Dr. Carlos Trujillo                                  26-Mar-99    Page 28   Faculty/Trujillo, Carlos/Poetry
Cultural Film Series sparks 'Fireworks' this weekend                    26-Mar-99    Page 29   Cultural Film Series
Black 47 to headline first Irish Music Celebration                      26-Mar-99    Page 29   Villanova Irish Cultural Society/Annual Irish Music Celebration
Twirlers dazzle during competition                                      26-Mar-99    Page 26   Villanova Twirlers/Baton Twirling
Men's tennis team sweeps St. Joe's                                      26-Mar-99    Page 40   Tennis-Men's
Intramural champs win two of three City 6 titles                        26-Mar-99    Page 40   Intramural Sports
Dancers to wrap up first season as Wings cheerleaders next week         26-Mar-99    Page 41   Philadelphia Wings/Lacrosse-Men's/Cheerleading/Villanova Dance Team
Villanova athletes finish eighth in Big East stock challenge            26-Mar-99    Page 41   Tucker Anthony Stock Challenge/Basketball-Men's
Looking for a new Field of Dreams                                       26-Mar-99    Page 42   Baseball/Richie Ashburn Field/South Philadelphia
'Sensational' Feduke co-champ at George Washington Tournament 26-Mar-99              Page 42   Golf/Feduke, Garrett
Track program excited to again host Villanova Invitational on April 10 26-Mar-99     Page 42   Track Athletics-Men's/Track Athletics-Women's
Lacrosse team squeezes out two needed wins                              26-Mar-99    Page 43   Lacrosse-Men's
Doyle's nine goals help women's lacrosse team split weekend             26-Mar-99    Page 43   Doyle, Megan/Lacrosse-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                    26-Mar-99    Page 43   Feduke, Garrett/Crippen, Maddy
Water polo team falls short of home tournament crown                    26-Mar-99    Page 43   Water-Polo-Women's
Crippen wins NCAA 400 IM title                                          26-Mar-99    Page 44   Crippen, Maddy/Swimming and Diving-Women's/NCAA Championship
No-hitter caps Cats' win of Lehigh Inviational                          26-Mar-99    Page 44   Softball
Baseball team continues offensive tear                                  26-Mar-99    Page 44   Baseball
Bynum/Choban elected 1999-2000 SGA presidential ticket                   16-Apr-99   Page 1    Choban, Eric/Bynum, G.T./Student Government-Election-1999
Administration speaks on diversity issues, addresses few questions   16-Apr-99   Page 1    Multicultural Education/Minorities/Day Long Dialogue on Diversity
Brawl sparks animosity between fraternity, sports players            16-Apr-99   Page 1    Alpha Phi Delta/Fraternities/Football/College Athletes
Renowned poets read at festival                                      16-Apr-99   Page 3    English Department/Poetry Reading/Kumanyakaa, Kuman
Center for Arab & Islamic Studies hosts Iraq symposium               16-Apr-99   Page 3    Iraq
Students to discuss heterosexism at campus forum                     16-Apr-99   Page 3    Homosexuality
University hosts 60th annual political science conference            16-Apr-99   Page 3    Pennsylvania/Political Science Association
Diversity can only improve with real communication                   16-Apr-99   Page 8    Day Long Dialogue on Diversity/Minorities/Multicultural Education/Council on Cultural Diversity/Office of Multicultural Affa
MLK Day must change                                                  16-Apr-99   Page 8    Student Government/Martin Luther King Day
Thanks extended to Villanova                                         16-Apr-99   Page 8    Adoption/Pregnancy
Gender Awareness Week should not be taken lightly                    16-Apr-99   Page 9    Feminism
School of the Americas teaches death and destruction                 16-Apr-99   Page 9    School of the Americas/U.S. Congress
Students rank last at 'Nova                                          16-Apr-99   Page 11   Student Government/Villanova University Administration
Battle of the Bands offends                                          16-Apr-99   Page 11   Campus Activities Team
Parking regulations                                                  16-Apr-99   Page 11   Public Safety
Union workers in the right                                           16-Apr-99   Page 11   R.M. Shoemaker/West Campus Apartments/Labor Unions/Student Housing-on campus/Villanova University-Buildings/Comm
Greek God and Goddess a success                                      16-Apr-99   Page 11   Alpha Tau Omega// Greek Letter Societies
Professor responds to alternative to finals petitioners              16-Apr-99   Page 11   Core Humanities/Final Examinations/Romanick, Debra
'Drood's' success is no mystery                                      16-Apr-99   Page 21   Villanova Theater/Mystery of Edwin Drood/Holmes, Rupert/Dickens, Charles
Battle of the Bands rocked 'Nova's campus and succumbed to the Chaos 16-Apr-99   Page 22   Battle of the Bands/WXVU (radio station)
Catch the spirit, share a smile; Balloon Day 1999                    16-Apr-99   Page 25   Balloon Day/Super Cupboard
'Wheel of Fortune' takes students for a spin                         16-Apr-99   Page 25   Television Programs
War in Europe; Words from an international correspondent             16-Apr-99   Page 26   Yugoslavia/Kosovo/NATO/Italy
University Grad submerged in exciting Naval Career                   16-Apr-99   Page 26   Shook, Jeremy/U.S. Navy
NROTC excellence is awarded at successful competition                16-Apr-99   Page 26   ROTC
Leukemia fundraiser at Brownie's                                     16-Apr-99   Page 27   Leukemia/Donohue, Erin
Art gallery exhibit reflects artist's emotional hardship and rebirth 16-Apr-99   Page 27   Villanova University Art Gallery/Naumann, Dana/Leukemia
Villanova Photography Organization (Photograph only)                 16-Apr-99   Page 27   Stoulil, Ryan
Professor Profile: Dr. Theresa Capriotti                             16-Apr-99   Page 29   Faculty/Capriotti, Theresa/College of Nursing
Shake up for NBC 10's FitFest '99                                    16-Apr-99   Page 29   FitFest/NBC
Walk for Hunger attracts hundreds                                    16-Apr-99   Page 29   Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger
'La Ceremonie' concludes cultural film series                        16-Apr-99   Page 31   Cultural Film Series
Softball season rained out, soccer playoffs kick off                 16-Apr-99   Page 33   Intramural Sports
Athletics honors 20 student-athletes                                 16-Apr-99   Page 36   College-Athletes
2000 Final Four ticket applications available                        16-Apr-99   Page 36   Basketball-Women's/Basketball-Men's
Baseball team wins its second Liberty Bell Classic                  16-Apr-99   Page 41   Baseball
Tennis players step up to roll through Delaware, UMass, Fordham and 16-Apr-99   Page 41   Tennis-Women's
Wildcats have good showing at home invite                           16-Apr-99   Page 42   Track Athletics-Men's/Track Athletics-Women's
Disappointing finish for golfers at Navy                            16-Apr-99   Page 42   Golf
Women's Big Five honors announced                                   16-Apr-99   Page 42   Basketball-Women's
Struggling women fall to St. Joe's in 'Holy War'                    16-Apr-99   Page 43   Lacrosse-Women's
Men fallto nationally-ranked Hopkins                                16-Apr-99   Page 43   Lacrosse-Men's
Crippen wins national title in 200-meter breaststroke               16-Apr-99   Page 43   Crippen, Maddy/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                16-Apr-99   Page 43   Longo, Matt/Brickhouse/Mia
Softball team sweeps Pitt, swept by Irish                           16-Apr-99   Page 44   Softball
Crew team picks up four first place medals at Knecht Cup            16-Apr-99   Page 44   Rowing-Women's
Putting it all on the Line (Photograph only)                        16-Apr-99   Page 44   Track Athletics-Women's
Baseball team whoops Hoyas                                          16-Apr-99   Page 44   Baseball
Novelist Anna Quindlen chosen to address students at graduation     23-Apr-99   Page 1    Villanova University-Commencement/Quindlen, Anna/Murray, James/New York Times/Journalism/Curry, Richard/Curvey, Ja
Nobel Prize Laureate Toni Morrison cancels lecture                  23-Apr-99   Page 1    Morrison, Toni
University takes precautions regarding union workers                23-Apr-99   Page 1    Villanova University-Buildings/Labor Unions/R.M. Shoemaker/West Campus Apartments/Public Safety/Student Housing-on
University Senate heatedly debates restructuring system             23-Apr-99   Page 1    University Senate-Academic Policy Committee/Student Government/Strack, Harry/Faculty
Bryn Mawr residents reject shuttle reinstatement                    23-Apr-99   Page 3    Shuttle Service/Student Government
Students participatein national honors research conference          23-Apr-99   Page 3    Honors Program/National Conference for Undergraduate Research
Gays and lesbians come out on campus, prompt discussion             23-Apr-99   Page 3    Homosexuality
SGa proposes new MLK Day celebration                                23-Apr-99   Page 3    Martin Luther King Day/Freedom School
Former VU student needs bood donations                              23-Apr-99   Page 5    Zona, Christopher/Bone Marrow
Students should not be caught in protest crossfire                  23-Apr-99   Page 6    Labor Unions/Villanova University-Buildings/Community Building Trades/Public Safety
Professor clarifies comments                                        23-Apr-99   Page 6    Faculty/Labor Unions/Eckstein, Rick
Terminology should be PC                                            23-Apr-99   Pag 6     Day Long Dialogue on Diversity
Forum intended for discussion                                       23-Apr-99   Page 6    Day Long Dialogue on Diversity
Harrassment of student uncalled for                                 23-Apr-99   Page 6    Chaos/Battle of the Bands
University's decision not contradictory                             23-Apr-99   Page 8    Villanova University-Buildings/R.M. Shoemaker/Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo/Labor Unions
Augustine would have hired union                                    23-Apr-99   Page 8    Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo/R.M. Shoemaker/Labor Unions/Villanova University-Buildings
Student thanks Public Safety                                        23-Apr-99   Page 8    Public Safety
Debt relief needed in poor nations                                  23-Apr-99   Page 8    Hunger/Poverty/Bread for the World
Battle of the Bands was a success                                   23-Apr-99   Page 8    Campus Activities Team/WXVU (radio station)/Battle of the Bands
'Chaos' responds to comments                                        23-Apr-99   Page 8    Battle of the Bands
Novafest boasts a wide variety of musical talent                    23-Apr-99   Page 17   Novafest/Chaos/Battle of the Bands
'Nova senior spins the 'Wheel'                                           23-Apr-99 Page 17   Wheel of Fortune/Khorsandi, Christopher
VST shows 'Our Town' is just like your town                              23-Apr-99 Page 18   Villanova Student Theater
                                                                         the US
The road less travelled; Seniors will spend six month filming poverty in 23-Apr-99 Page 25   Poverty/Dolan,Sean
Pack up, move out and donate!                                            23-Apr-99 Page 26   St. Vincent de Paul
New scholarship sends students abroad                                    23-Apr-99 Page 26   Connelly-Delouvier International Scholarship/Foreign Study/Scholarships
Greek Week sparks friendly competition                                   23-Apr-99 Page 27   Greek Letter Societies/Fraternities/Sororities
University alum promoted to executive vice president of Disney Store Worldwide Page 27       Alumni/Park,Thomas/Walt Disney
Inter-Hall Council wraps up a great year                                 23-Apr-99 Page 29   Inter-Hall Council/Student Housing-on campus
Villanovans for Life celebrate a successful year                         23-Apr-99 Page 29   Abortion
Villanova Twirlers capture regional title                                23-Apr-99 Page 31   Villanova Twirlers/Baton Twirling
Art gallery exhibits 'Nature and Spirit'                                 23-Apr-99 Page 31   Villanova Art Gallery/Doneen, Joann/Gordin, Joanne/Thomas, Shirley
Athletics should do more to promote student fitness                      23-Apr-99 Page 37   Athletics Department/Physical Fitness
Intramural softball teams take two of three City 6 games                 23-Apr-99 Page 38   Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                     23-Apr-99 Page 39   McTigue, John/Doyle, Meghan
Golf team struggles at Rutgers tournament                                23-Apr-99 Page 40   Golf
Men's lacrosse buries St. Joe's                                          23-Apr-99 Page 41   Lacrosse-Men's
Need a lift? (Photograph only)                                           23-Apr-99 Page 41   Cheerleading
Water polo team advances to Eastern Championships                        23-Apr-99 Page 41   Water-Polo-Women's
Led by Bonner, women's tennis 'spanks' UConn                             23-Apr-99 Page 41   Tennis-Women's
1998-99 from A to Z; A Villanova school year in review                   23-Apr-99 Page 42   College Sports
Westbrook, Crippen are Villanovan's Athletes of the Year                 23-Apr-99 Page 43   College Athletes/Swimming and Diving-Women's/Football/Westbrook, Bruce/Crippen, Maddy
Baseball drops conference bout, beats Philly rival                       23-Apr-99 Page 43   Baseball
Doyle now all-time leading scorer                                        23-Apr-99 Page 44   Doyle, Meghan/Lacrosse-Women's
Softball team splits with UConn                                          23-Apr-99 Page 44   Softball
Tenner signs contract with 49ers                                         23-Apr-99 Page 44   Football/Tenner, Jason
Track teams psyched for Penn Relays                                      23-Apr-99 Page 44   Track Athletics-Men's/Track Athletics-Women's
Bookstore vs. online retailers: which saves the most money?             10-Sep-99 Page 1     University Shop/Textbooks/Internet
VU soon to have TV station, programming                                 10-Sep-99 Page 1     Television station, campus/TV Production Club
Students gather to petition visitation policy in St. Rita's Hall        10-Sep-99 Page 1     Visitation policy/St. Rita's Hall/Student Housing-on campus
Police, SGA come to agreement over 'Good Neighbor' policy               10-Sep-99 Page 3     Good Neighbor Program/Community and College/Lower Merion Township
Union protests continue near West Campus                                10-Sep-99 Page 3     R.M. Shoemaker/West Campus Apartments/Labor Unions
Where your textbook dollar goes (graphic)                               10-Sep-99 Pg.3       Textbooks
UNIT upgrades technology                                                10-Sep-99 Pg. 3      Electronic Mail/World Wide Web/UNIT/Computers
                                                                        10-Sep-99 Students   Good Neighbor Charter/Community and College/Student Government
Making a Difference One Student at a Time; The Good Neighbor Charter: BringingPage 4 & the Community Together
Visitation policy in need of consistency                            10-Sep-99   Page 6    St. Rita's Hall/Student Housing-on campus
Drink responsibly                                                   10-Sep-99   Page 6    Students-Alcohol Use
SGA explains 'Good Neighbor'                                        10-Sep-99   Page 6    Lower Merion Township/Good Neighbor program/Student Government
Quindlen's speech not about abortion                                10-Sep-99   Page 6    Quindlen, Anna/Villanova University-Commencement
Both sides must come to an agreement                                10-Sep-99   Page 6    Quindlen, Anna/Villanova University-Commencement
'Thought crimes have no place at our University                     10-Sep-99   Page 8    Quindlen, Anna/Villanova University-Commencement
The Corr of Campus                                                  10-Sep-99   Page 26   Corr Hall/Villanova University-Buildings/Student Housing-on campus
Students teaming up with Public Safety                              10-Sep-99   Page 27   Public Safety/Residence Life/Student Housing-on campus
Brian's Back in Town                                                10-Sep-99   Page 36   Finneran, Brian/Football/Philadelphia Eagles
Tollefson goes from champion to cheerleader                         10-Sep-99   Page 38   Tollefson, Carrie/Cross-Country running-Women's/

LaSalle holds Cats scoreless in second half for victory               10-Sep-99 Page 38   Soccer-Men's
Volleyball team swept at Virginia Tech Tourney                        10-Sep-99 Page 38   Volleyball-Women's
Villanova Football Notebook: Week 2 at Richmond                       10-Sep-99 Page 39   Football/Talley, Andy
Air Force pulls away from Cats for win                                10-Sep-99 Page 40   Football
Football team at conference champt Richmond tomorrow                  10-Sep-99 Page 40   Football
Wildcats shut out St. Francis, 5-0                                    10-Sep-99 Page 40   Soccer-Women's
University gets new dean                                               3-Sep-99 Page 1    Neville, Richard/Stack, John/Pugh, Paul/Byrnes, Kathy/Villanova University-Administration/DeMarco, Tom
VU community mourns loss of student, friend                            3-Sep-99 Page 1    Zona, Christopher/Bone Marrow
A profile of Col. Paul Pugh                                            3-Sep-99 Page 1    Pugh, Paul/U.S. Marine Corps/Villanova University-Administration/ROTC
Construction projects continue                                         3-Sep-99 Page 1    Villanova University-Buildings/Bartley Hall/Mendel Hall/West Campus Apartments/Student Housing-on campus
'Nova named No. 1 in Northeast region                                  3-Sep-99 Page 1    Universities and Colleges-Evaluation/U.S. News/Villanova University
Quindlen bows out                                                      3-Sep-99 Page 3    Quindlen, Anna/Villanova University-Commencement/Abortion
Diversity rally held in response to racial incidents during Novafest   3-Sep-99 Page 3    Racism/Multicultural Education
SGA makes changes for school year                                      3-Sep-99 Page 3    Student Government
VP of Student Life retires; A profile of Dr. Richard Neville           3-Sep-99 Page 3    Neville, Richard/Villanova University-Administration
Orientation Edition rerun to make up for stolen papers                 3-Sep-99 Page 8    Villanova Freshmen
Praise for Villanovans for Life                                        3-Sep-99 Page 8    Quindlen, Anna/Abortion/Villanova University-Commencement/Villanovans for Life
VOICE gives bad advice to students                                     3-Sep-99 Page 8    Faculty/VOICE
SGA prepares for new year                                              3-Sep-99 Page 8    Student Government
Pro-life protest was in University's best interest                     3-Sep-99 Page 9    Abortion/Quindlen, Anna/Villanova University-Commencement
A message from the President                                           3-Sep-99 Page 10   Dobbin, Edmund J.
Naughty by Nature to play on campus Sept. 21                           3-Sep-99 Page 15   Campus ActivitiesTeam
                                                                       3-Sep-99 Page 1
Villanovan Football Preview Edition (Special Supplement: Football Preview: Photograph)    Lewis, Hezekiah/Boden, Chris/Augustin, Duc
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page 2
Talley six wins shy of 100 at Villanova (Special Supplement: Football Preview)                       Football/Talley, Andy
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page 2
Venuto promoted to offensive coordinator (Special Supplement: Football Preview)                      Venuto, Sam/Football
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page
Hobbled by injury, Wildcats playing on thin ice (Special Supplement: Football Preview) 3             Football
All-American Boden is the star once again (Special Supplement: Football3-Sep-99 Page 4               Boden, Chris/Football
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page 4
Year of experience makes the difference for receivers (Special Supplement: Football Preview)         Football/Ward, Steve/Sango, Murle
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page 5
Returning starters strengthen improving offensive line (Special Supplement: Football Preview)        Football
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page
Young defensive line must prove their strength (Special Supplement: Football Preview) 5              Football
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page
Injury-plaqued backfield living on life support (Special Supplement: Football Preview) 5             Football
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page 6
All-American Quarterback Chris Boden (Special Supplement: Football Preview: Photograph)              Boden, Chris/Football
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Preview)
Villanova Wildcats: 1999 Schedule and 1999 Roster (Special Supplement: FootballPage 7                Football
Confidence growing in aging secondary (Special Supplement: Football Preview) Page 8                  Football
Lyons leads Wildcat linebackers (Special Supplement: Football Preview) 3-Sep-99 Page 8               Lyons, Shaun/Football
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page
Off-season training has kicking duo on the ball (Special Supplement: Football Preview) 9             Football
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page 10
The 1999 Season: Week-by-Week, Atlantic 10 Football (Special Supplement: Football Preview)           Atlantic 10 Football/Football
75 years of The Villanovan                                                 3-Sep-99 Page 23          Villanovan-History
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page 23          Student Government/Student Housing-off campus/Good Neighbor Program/Lower Merion Township/Community and Colle
Local police pay visit to all off-campus residents; Good Neighbor Policy aims to relieve town-gown tension in Lower Merion Township
St. Thomas of Villanova Day; 1999 Preview                                  3-Sep-99 Page 24          St. Thomas of Villanova Day
CAT: All set for September                                                 3-Sep-99 Page 24          Campus Activities Team
                                                                           3-Sep-99 Page 24
'Life is Beautiful' one of many featured in this semester's Cultural Film Series                     Cultural Film Series/Benigni, Roberto
University hires Learning Disabilities Coordinator                         3-Sep-99 Page 25          Learning Disabled Students/Mott, Nancy
Administrators hail Class of 2003 as the best ever                         3-Sep-99 Page 27          Freshmen/Minorities/Multicultural Education
Villanovan offers tips to survive freshman year                            3-Sep-99 Page 27          Freshmen/Student Housing-on campus
'Spit the Oreo in the Pit?' Villanova slang explained                      3-Sep-99 Page 27          Freshmen/Awakening (statue)/Art on Campus
A brief lesson in Villanova history                                        3-Sep-99 Page 28          Villanova University-History/Villanova University -Buildings
START hosts welcoming receptions for freshmen                              3-Sep-99 Page 28          Freshmen/Student Alumni Relations Team (START)
Campus Acitivities Team                                                    3-Sep-99 Page 29          Campus Activities Team
Villanova Emergency Medical Services                                       3-Sep-99 Page 29          Villanova Emergency Medical Services
Student Government Association                                             3-Sep-99 Page 29          Student Government
What's the frequency, freshmen?                                            3-Sep-99 Page 29          WXVU (Radio Station)
Villanova offers many chances to serve                                     3-Sep-99 Page 30          Student Volunteers in Social Service
On-campus entertainment sure to please new students                        3-Sep-99 Page 31          Campus Activities Team
Philadelphia's attractions are only a short train ride away from Villanova 3-Sep-99 Page 31          Philadelphia
Main Line, King of Prussia offer history and fun for all                   3-Sep-99 Page 31          Main Line
The many pro options of the City of Philadelphia                           3-Sep-99 Page 32          Philadelphia
How you can be a Great Villanova sports fan                           3-Sep-99 Page 33           College Sports/Football/Basketball-Men's
Inramurals offers an opportunity for everyone on campus               3-Sep-99 Page 33           Intramural Sports
Celestand picked up by Lakers in second round                         3-Sep-99 Page 38           Celestand, John/Basketball-Men's/Los Angeles Lakers/National Basketball Association
Men's basketball scheduled released                                   3-Sep-99 Page 38           Basketball-Men's
Chileans beat men's soccer team, 1-0                                  3-Sep-99 Page 39           Soccer-Men's
Rossi nets two as field hockey crushed Ursinus                        3-Sep-99 Page 39           Field Hockey
Cats upset Syracuse, 2-1                                              3-Sep-99 Page 40           Soccer-Women's
Men's basketball welcomes Kentucky transfer                           3-Sep-99 Page 40           Bradley, Michael/Basketball-Men's
Wildcats in Rocky Mountain showdown                                   3-Sep-99 Page 40           Football
Anti-homosexual fliers found in Bartley Hall                         17-Sep-99 Page 1            Homosexuality/Discrimination/Bartley Hall/Brick
Dean Lynch retires after 30 years                                    17-Sep-99 Page 1            Lynch, Robert/Villanova University-Administration/College of Engineering
Loophole allowed students to send broadcast messages                 17-Sep-99 Page 1            Electronic mail/UNIT
Drought continues in PA; VU gets certain exemptions                  17-Sep-99 Page 3            Villanova University-Grounds/Arboretum/Facilities Management
Admissions, SGA considers creating new application essay question 17-Sep-99 Page 3               Admissions/Student Government
Dining Services revamps meal plan                                    17-Sep-99 Page 3            Dining Services
Convocation speaker urges students to practice kindness, acceptance 17-Sep-99 Page 3             St. Thomas of Villanova Day/Dilulio, John/Volunteers
Falvey lecture series continues                                      17-Sep-99 Page 7            Falvey Memorial Library Distinguished Lecture Series/Churchill, Winston Spencer
Homecoming 1999 Schedule of Events                                   17-Sep-99 Page 7            Homecoming
Senate meeting to bring changes                                      17-Sep-99 Page 7            University Senate
Email situation dealt with accordingly                               17-Sep-99 Page 8            UNIT/Electronic mail
Visitation deserve attention                                         17-Sep-99 Page 8            Visitation Policy/Residence Life/Student Government
Support the football team                                            17-Sep-99 Page 8            Football
New ruling allows rugby to compete                                   17-Sep-99 Page 8            Rugby
Columnist calls for students to spark some controversy               17-Sep-99 Page 9            Apathy
Cherish your time at 'Nova; the real world is close at hand          17-Sep-99 Page 9            Students-Social Life
Good Neighbor Policy will only further threaten students' rights     17-Sep-99 Page 9            Student Government/Community and College/Student Housing-off campus
Celebration full of excess                                           17-Sep-99 Page 10           St. Thomas of Villanova Day
Senior offended by article                                           17-Sep-99 Page 10           Freshmen/Admissions
Student asks Administration to relax                                 17-Sep-99 Page 10           Villanova University-Administration
Villanova Theatre 'on the verge' of a new season                     17-Sep-99 Page 15           Villanova Theater/Overmyer, Eric
                                                                     17-Sep-99 success
Get on da bus!; Student Government Association shuttle to King of Prussia mall a Page 25         Shuttle Service
                                                                     100 hours Page 25           Ethics Department
University offers new ethics concentration; New requirements include 17-Sep-99 of community service
World Peace Day encourages good spirits 365 days a year              17-Sep-99 Page 26           International Day of Peace
Athletes of the Week                                                 17-Sep-99 Page 34           Boden, Chris/Sellers, Lauren
Behind middle blockers, Cats wipe out Bucknell                         17-Sep-99 Page 36        Tennis-Women's
Villanovan editor to appear on TV show                                 17-Sep-99 Page 36        Noonan, Jamie/Villanovan
Men's soccer team falls to Seton Hall                                  17-Sep-99 Page 38        Soccer-Men's
Cross-country gets started in Haverford                                17-Sep-99 Page 38        Cross-country running-Women's
Impressive golfers finish fifth at invitational                        17-Sep-99 Page 38        Golf
Finally, a great home opener                                           17-Sep-99 Page 39        Football
Villanova Football Notebook; Week 3 vs. Massachusetts                  17-Sep-99 Page 39        Football
Wildcats sweep in Cape Cod                                             17-Sep-99 Page 40        Soccer-Women's
                                                                       17-Sep-99 Page
Home sweet 'Nova; Cats to take on Massachusetts in Homecoming game tomorrow 40                  Football/Homecoming
Wildcats flush conference champ Spiders, 35-30                         17-Sep-99 Page 40        Football
University Senate considers changing constitution                      24-Sep-99 Page 1         University Senate-Constitution
Author Toni Morrison visits campus tonight                             24-Sep-99 Page 1         Visiting Lecturers/Morrison, Toni/Nobel Prize
Students show bravery, stop car theft                                  24-Sep-99 Page 1         Crime on campus/Public Safety
Facilities Management beats Hurricane Floyd                            24-Sep-99 Page 3         Hurricane Floyd/Facilities Management/Welsh Hall/West Campus Apartments
Students now housed at Harcum                                          24-Sep-99 Page 3         Student Housing-on campus/Student Housing-off campus/Harcum College/Rosemont College
Villanovans for Life protest at Princeton                              24-Sep-99 Page 3         Singer, Peter/Bioethics/Infanticide
Student-produced trivia 'bowl' wins American Cancer society award 24-Sep-99 Page 3              Smoking/American Cancer Society
Health center to administer meningitis immunization                    24-Sep-99 Page 4         Vaccines/Meningitis
Student wins Literary Experience award                                 24-Sep-99 Page 4         English Department
Community involvement important                                        24-Sep-99 Page 6         Community and College/Voting
CAT rocks the house                                                    24-Sep-99 Page 6         Campus ActivitiesTeam
Fire alarms inspire new Top Ten                                        24-Sep-99 Page 6         Welsh Hall/Public Safety
Pro-lifers far from 'insecure'                                         24-Sep-99 Page 6         Villanovans for Life
CAT thanks campus                                                      24-Sep-99 Page 6         Campus Activities Team
SGa working hard                                                       24-Sep-99 Page 6         Student Government
Naughty by Nature, 'not 'cause I hate ya'                              24-Sep-99 Page 15        Chaos/Naughty by Nature
Get Lucky; Double your money at C.A.T.'s Casino Night                  24-Sep-99 Page 25        Campus Activities Team
Why do we have RA's anyway?                                            24-Sep-99 Page 25        Resident Assistants/Student Housing-on campus/Residence Life
Irish poet to teach at University this spring                          24-Sep-99 Page 26        Irish Studies/Fallon, Peter/Charles E. Heimbold Chair of Irish Studies
                                                                       24-Sep-99 Page 27
Tutoring inner-city teens for credit; Student creats an innovative honors course on education   Kiesa, Abby/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Financial scandals have no place in college sports                     24-Sep-99 Page 35        Athletics Department/College Sports- Moral and ethical aspects/College Athletes/
Volleyball teams learns: 'Don't mess with Texas'                       24-Sep-99 Page 37        Volleyball-Women's
Men's soccer continues struggle                                        24-Sep-99 Page 37        Soccer-Men's
Murlas finishes fifth as golf team takes 10th in Georgetown            24-Sep-99 Page 27        Golf/Murlas, Mike
Women;s tennis team pounds Mt. St. Mary's, 8-1                         24-Sep-99 Page 38         Tennis-Women's
Cats fall short in loss to Richmond                                    24-Sep-99 Page 38         Field Hockey
Villanova Football Notebook: Week 4                                    24-Sep-99 Page 39         Football
                                                                       24-Sep-99 Page 40         Football/Westbrook, Brian
Westbrook who?: A phenomenal showing against the defending national champion has the underestimated Cats proving that there is life without a certain star tailback
Wildcats to take on Penn tomorrow at Franklin Field                    24-Sep-99 Page 40         Football
SGA proposes amendments                                                 1-Oct-99 Page 1          Student Government-Constitution
RFK Jr. to give address on campus                                       1-Oct-99 Page 1          Kennedy, Robert/Environmental Protection
University set to approve movie channel                                 1-Oct-99 Pag 1           Student Government/Swank/Television Programs
Project H.O.M.E. wins 1999 Villanova Peace award                        1-Oct-99 Page 3          Dwyer, Adele/St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award/Homeless-Philadelphia/Center for Peace and Justice Education
Toni Morrison addresses students                                        1-Oct-99 Page 3          Morrison, Toni/Visiting Lecturers
Religious leaders gather to discuss Catholic identity in education      1-Oct-99 Page 3          Catholic Universities and Colleges/Catholic Church/Ex Corde Ecclesiae// John Paul II, Pope
'Letters to Thien' exposes tragedy of hate crimes                       1-Oct-99 Page 7          Asian Students Association (ASA)/Hate Crimes/Minorities/Discrimination
University blocks animal rights group proposal for new club             1-Oct-99 Page 7          Szczgiel, Pam/Villanova Environmental Group
                                                                        1-Oct-99 Page 8
Students' walkout on Toni Morrison demonstrates lack of intellectual interest                    Morrison, Toni/Visiting Lecturers/Apathy/Campus Activities Team
Penn band offensive                                                     1-Oct-99 Page 8          University of Pennsylvania Marching Band/Sportsmanship
Band leader responds                                                    1-Oct-99 Page 8          University of Pennsylvania Marching Band/College Sports/Sportsmanship
Animal testing for the greater good                                     1-Oct-99 Page 8          Proctor and Gamble
Academic integrity may not be useful in the real world                  1-Oct-99 Page 9          Cheating (Education)
Students' actions uncalled for                                          1-Oct-99 Page 10         Morrison, Toni
Property must be respected                                              1-Oct-99 Page 10         Vandalism/Villanovan
                                                                         Dougherty Hall for      Health Center/Vaccess Health
Have you kids had your shots yet?; Health conscious students flood into1-Oct-99 Page 17 meningitis vaccine
Residents rejoice as Floyd floods campus                                1-Oct-99 Page 17         Hurricane Floyd/Delurey Hall
'Character' brings life to the screen                                   1-Oct-99 Page 18         Cultural Film Series/van Diem, Mike
Dr. Ener opens doors to the Middle East                                 1-Oct-99 Page 19         Ener, Mine/Faculty/Middle East
The Parent Trap; The woes of Parents' Weekend                           1-Oct-99 Page 19         Parents' Weekend
Athletes of the Week                                                    1-Oct-99 Page 42         Boden, Chris/Eddinger, Breen
Men's soccer team beats Temple for second win                           1-Oct-99 Page 44         Soccer-Men's
Women's soccer team downs pair of Big East teams                        1-Oct-99 Page 44         Soccer-Women's
Field Hockey team falls to No. 1 Connecticut, 6-2                       1-Oct-99 Page 44         Field Hockey
Volleyball team goes 2-1 in home tournament                             1-Oct-99 Page 45         Volleyball-Women's
Virginia Tech to join Big East in 2001                                  1-Oct-99 Page 46         Big East
'Favorite' status is just fine for cross-country teams                  1-Oct-99 Page 46         Cross-country running-Men's/Cross-country running-Women's
                                                                        1-Oct-99 Page 48
Big 5 Blowout; Chris Boden's 424 passing yards lead the Wildcats in a 34-6 win over Penn         Boden, Chris/Football
Cats to host impressive James Madison tomorrow                          1-Oct-99 Page 48         Football
Bartley construction may push classes up to 8 a.m.                      8-Oct-99 Page 1            Bartley Hall/Villanova University-Buildings
SGA sponsors racism forum                                               8-Oct-99 Page 1            Student Government/Racism/Villanova Diversity Players
New film about fraternity/sorority hazing debuts on campus              8-Oct-99 Page 1            Fraternities/Sororities/Greek Letter Societies/Flicker, Jonathan
Lack of parking spaces on campus remains a problem                      8-Oct-99 Page 3            Parking/Public Safety
Computer upgrades may affect students' computers                        8-Oct-99 Page 3            Computers/UNIT
UNIT to present new server at Educational Technology Day                8-Oct-99 Page 3            UNIT/Campus Pipeline
Communication on diversity has improved                                 8-Oct-99 Page 6            Student Government/Race/Multicultural Education/Discrimination
Take precautions to keep from falling victim to crime                   8-Oct-99 Page 6            Crime on campus
Get involved in Bread for the World                                     8-Oct-99 Page 6            Hunger
Column full of flaws                                                    8-Oct-99 Page 6            Academic Integrity/Cheating-Education
Integrity is important                                                  8-Oct-99 Page 6            Cheating-Education/Academic Integrity
Career Services needs to focus on Liberal Arts                          8-Oct-99 Page 7            Career Services
Scheduling of events ignores commitments of students                    8-Oct-99 Page 7            Morrison, Toni
Greek's negative reputation across campus is undeserved                 8-Oct-99 Page 7            Greek Letter Societies/Fraternities
Integrity necessary to Catholic identity                                8-Oct-99 Page 8            Academic Integrity
Traditions must be respected                                            8-Oct-99 Page 8            Basketball-Men's
Evolution is scientific fact                                            8-Oct-99 Page 8            Evolution
Founder of Project H.O.M.E. receives peace award                        8-Oct-99 Page 13           Scullion, Mary/St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award/Homeless-Philadelphia
Farrera brings Latin flavor to stage                                    8-Oct-99 Page 14           Farrera, Irene
Senior Eric Brown runs for school board                                 8-Oct-99 Page 14           Brown, Eric
Denim Day to benefit Breast Cancer                                      8-Oct-99 Page 14           Susan G. Komen Foundation
Quinn makes students laugh                                              8-Oct-99 Page 18           Quinn, Colin/Fitzpatrick, Buddy/Campus Activities Team
Men's Basketball; 1999-2000 Student Ticket Distribution                 8-Oct-99 Page 33           Tickets-Athletic Events/Basketball-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                    8-Oct-99 Page 34           Feduke, Garrett/Douma, Carmen
Eighth-place finish for golfers at St. John's Invite                    8-Oct-99 Page 36           Golf
Behind consistent play, tennis teams off to combined 9-1 start          8-Oct-99 Page 36           Tennis-Men's/Tennis-Women's
Ugly play spoils volleyball match against Scarlet Knights               8-Oct-99 Page 36           Volleyball-Women's
After Big East win, field hockey team whips Holy Cross, 5-0             8-Oct-99 Page 37           Field Hockey
Douma takes first as women win LaSalle Invitational                     8-Oct-99 Page 38           Douma, Carmen/Cross-country running-Women's/Cross-country running-Men's
Men's soccer team tries twice, but can't pick up first Big East win     8-Oct-99 Page 38           Soccer-Men's
Struggling William & Mary to host Wildcats tomorrow                     8-Oct-99 Page 39           Football
Villanova Football Notebook; Week 6 at William & Mary                   8-Oct-99 Page 39           Football
Women's soccer team beats Rugers, Milwaukee, falls to Irish             8-Oct-99 Page 40           Soccer-Women's
                                                                        8-Oct-99 against           Football
'The worst;' Coach Talley fumes after Cats produce only 285 yards of total offensePage 40 James Madison
World-renowned philosopher enlightens University                       29-Oct-99 Page 1           Derrida, Jacques/Philosophy Department/Theology and Religious Studies Department/Forgiveness
Villanova Football Notebook; Week 5 vs. James Madison                   1-Oct-99 Page 47          Football
University's endowment falls short of BC, Notre Dame's funds           29-Oct-99 Page 1           Villanova University-Endowments
Library internet usage has doubled every year for past four years      29-Oct-99 Page 1           Falvey Memorial Library/Internet/Computers
Speaker discusses supporting people with terminal illness              29-Oct-99 Page 3           McSkimming, Sylvia/Terminally Ill
COLA attempts to unite campus organizations                            29-Oct-99 Page 3           Campus Organization Leaders Association/Student Organizations/Student Government
VEG addresses environmental issues at UPenn conference                 29-Oct-99 Page 3           Villanova Environmental Group/Environmental Protection
Student leaders should show support for COLA                           29-Oct-99 Page 8           Student Government/Campus Organization Leaders Association
'CC' against values of University                                      29-Oct-99 Page 8           College Republicans
Lilik's attacks unjustified                                            29-Oct-99 Page 8           Conservative Column
Band found true spirit                                                 29-Oct-99 Page 8           Multicultural Education/Villanova Band/Villanova Preparatory School
Missionary opportunities on campus often overlooked                    29-Oct-99 Page 9           Priests/Monastery/Nursing Homes
Blair Witch in your Backyard                                           29-Oct-99 Page 29          Alumni Hall/Halloween/Ghosts/West Campus/Barn/Dundale Hall/St. Mary's Hall
Wicked Brew                                                            29-Oct-99 Page 31          Dining Services/Coffee/Holy Grounds
Bryn Mawr Courts disaster for freshmen                                 29-Oct-99 Page 31          Students-Alcohol Use/Student Housing-off-campus
Award-winning artwork on display                                       29-Oct-99 Page 33          Maynard-Sahar, Nicole/Villanova University Art Gallery
Special Olympics Fall Festival 1999 kicks off today                    29-Oct-99 Page 33          Special Olympics
Grduate school an integral part of the University                      29-Oct-99 Page 33          Graduate Student Council
Duffys lead No. 1 Shots in win over No. 3 Phi Sig, 41-9                29-Oct-99 Page 37          Intramural Sports
Intramural Top Ten. Men's Flag Football                                29-Oct-99 Page 37          Intramural Sports
Stay active and fight off the 'Freshman 15' (or sophomore 15, etc.)    29-Oct-99 Page 37          Physical Fitness/Sports Facilities
                                                                       29-Oct-99 Page 38
'Nova upended by Friars and Eagles, shoots down Mountain Hawks; Finishes season today in FairfieldSoccer-Women's
Wildcats will attempt to avoid the eye of the Red Storm                29-Oct-99 Page 38          Soccer-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                   29-Oct-99 Page 38          Augustin, Duc/Shillig, Janel
Cross-country teams gear up for Big East Championships                 29-Oct-99 Page 39          Cross-country running-Men's/Cross-country running-Women's
Villanova Football Notebook Week 9 at New Hampshire                    29-Oct-99 Page 39          Football
                                                                       upend Northeastern,
Duc's a Hazard; Duc Augustin runs for 152 yards and three TD's as Cats 29-Oct-99 Page 40 45-16 Augustin, Duc/Football
New Hampshire up next for surging Wildcats                             29-Oct-99 Page 40          Football
University breaks off 27-year relationship with Wildcat Club            5-Nov-99 Page 1           Wildcat Club/Athletics Department/Block V Club/NCAA
Senate proposes new issues, praises Neville                             5-Nov-99 Page 1           Neville, Richard/University Senate/Handicapped
EPA fines University for oil storage violation                          5-Nov-99 Page 1           Environmental Protection Agency/Environmental Protection
Crime report shows increase in liquor violations, burglary              5-Nov-99 Page 3           Crime on Campus/Students-Alcohol Use
Registration delayed one week                                           5-Nov-99 Page 3           Villanova University-Registration/Computers/UNIT
SEPTA cleans West Campus graffitti                                      5-Nov-99 Page 3           SEPTA/Vandalism
Student wins school board position in landslide election              5-Nov-99 Page 3            Brown, Eric/Coatesville Area School District
Professor denounces demise of family values                           5-Nov-99 Page 6            Pipher, Mary/Visiting Lecturers
Falvey Library hours extended indefinitely                            5-Nov-99 Page 6            Falvey Memorial Library
Advisement system in need of improvement and standardization          5-Nov-99 Page 8            Counseling in Higher Education/Peer Advisors
Fall Festival Director thanks 'Nova                                   5-Nov-99 Page 8            Special Olympics
CC columnist responds to letters                                      5-Nov-99 Page 8            Conservative Column
Bulk emails are intrusive                                             5-Nov-99 Page 10           Electronic mail
Behe not an 'idiot'                                                   5-Nov-99 Page 10           Behe, Michael
USA Today, New York Times and Philly Inquirer offered for free on South Campus Page 27           Student Housing-on campus/Philadelphia Inquirer
SuperNovas explode onto a cappella scene                              5-Nov-99 Page 27           SuperNovas
'Life is Beautiful' opens in Connelly                                 5-Nov-99 Page 28           Cultural Film Series
Racing Robots: Students take Legos to a new level                     5-Nov-99 Page 29           Klassner, Frank/College of Engineering
A visiting 'Dr. Evil' spooks students                                 5-Nov-99 Page 30           Wirth, Jason/Visiting Lecturers
Men's soccer finally finishes frustrating season                      5-Nov-99 Page 35           Soccer-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                  5-Nov-99 Page 35           Sango, Murle/Douma, Carmen
Intramural Top Ten Men's Flag Football                                5-Nov-99 Page 35           Intramural Sports
Golfers still looking to capture team title                           5-Nov-99 Page 36           Golf
Field hockey season isn't over yet for fiesty Wildcats                5-Nov-99 Page 37           Field Hockey
Blankenheim, Eddinger lead Cats in solid weekend                      5-Nov-99 Page 37           Blankenheim, Ruth Ann/Eddinger, Breen/Volleyball-Women's
                                                                      5-Nov-99 Page 38
In flood conditions, women's soccer bows out; heart-breaking playoff game reaches double-overtimeSoccer-Women's
Wildcat Roar was actually good!                                       5-Nov-99 Page 38           Basketball-Men's
In first meet, diver qualifies for post-season NCAA's                 5-Nov-99 Page 39           Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Villanova Football Notebook Week 10                                   5-Nov-99 Page 39           Football
Douma takes Big East Cross-Country crown                              5-Nov-99 Page 40           Cross-country running-Women's/Douma, Carmen
Men's and women's teams each take third                               5-Nov-99 Page 40           Cross-country running-Women's/Cross-country running-Men's
100th win at Villanova                                                5-Nov-99 Page 40           Talley, Andy/Football
Faculty Senate discusses plans to create new faculty body            12-Nov-99 Page 1            Faculty Senate/University Senate
Student-run TV station hits the air                                  12-Nov-99 Page 1            Television Station, Student
Students have trouble booking Villanova Room                         12-Nov-99 Page 1            Villanova University-Buildings/Connelly Center
Committee seeks to rejuvenate St. Thomas of Villanova Day            12-Nov-99 Page 3            St. Thomas of Villanova Day
First homosexuality class to be offered in spring                    12-Nov-99 Page 3            Honors Program/Homosexuality
'Nova students voice concerns about Bartley Hall computer problems 12-Nov-99 Page 3              Computers/Bartley Hall/UNIT
Class offerings are insufficient and detract from academic mission   12-Nov-99 Page 8            Villanova University-Registration/Curricula
Bartley Cafe missed                                                  12-Nov-99 Page 8            Bartley Cafe
Coach thanks 'Nova                                               12-Nov-99 Page 8                 Special Olympics
Villanova students have come a long way over the years           12-Nov-99 Page 9                 Admissions/Freshmen
Community needs to recognize its dependence on University        12-Nov-99 Page 9                 Lower Merion Township/Radnor/Student housing-off campus/Community and College
Professional lunatic dazzles Villanova crowd                     12-Nov-99 Page 18                Newman, Harley
Say What? Backstreet and Britney draw a crowd                    12-Nov-99 Page 28                Campus Activities Team/Karaoke
Student praises Princeton research program                       12-Nov-99 Page 28                Princeton Summer Research Experience/EnHoffer's, Tina
Stop at 'Central Station' this weekend                           12-Nov-99 Page 29                Cultural Film Series
New ethics class includes volunteerism                           12-Nov-99 Page 31                Ethics/Student Volunteers in Social Service
Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week; Brave the cold and stay the night Page 32                 Hunger/Homeless
                                                                 12-Nov-99 Page 33
Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week; Meal donations: Where does the money go?                  Institute of Popular Education/Mali/Jackson, Ray/Hunger/Homeless
Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week; Get involved!            12-Nov-99 Page 33                Jackson, Ray/Homeless/Hunger
Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week; Both sides of the story 12-Nov-99 Page 33                 Guatemala/Ejcalon, Carmela/Homeless
Flag Football intramurals spoiled by poor refereeing             12-Nov-99 Page 40                Intramural Sports
Icecats fall to Navy, Drexel in early action                               Page
                                                            November 12, 1999 40                  Ice Hockey
Golfers finish third in final tournament                         12-Nov-99 Page 41                Golf
Athletes of the Week                                             12-Nov-99 Page 41                Condon, Dugan/Schillig, Janel

Men's water polo club team ends season in national qualifier        12-Nov-99 Page 41             Water Polo--Men's

Determination not enough as Connecticut ends field hockey's season 12-Nov-99 Page 41              Field Hockey
WTA's finest baseliners lead Advanta Championships                  12-Nov-99 Page 42             Tennis
Volleyball puts up fight against tough Georgetown                   12-Nov-99 Page 43             Volleyball-Women's
                                                                    12-Nov-99 Page 44             Football
Out for revenge; Two years after Youngstown State derailed Villanova's dream season in the NCAA playoffs, the Cats will get their chance for revenge
Stay of execution for women's soccer team as ECAC's pick 'Nova      12-Nov-99 Page 44             Soccer-Women's
Board of Trustees rejects childcare subsidy proposal                19-Nov-99 Page 1              Child Care/Rosemont College/University Senate/Villanova University-Trustees
Liberal Arts school launches peer advisor program                   19-Nov-99 Page 1              Peer Advisors/College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Middle States evaluation begins                                     19-Nov-99 Page 1              Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools/Universities and Colleges-Evaluation
Dining Services considers meal plans, locations                     19-Nov-99 Page 3              Dining Services
Proliferation of campus publications adds to dialogue               19-Nov-99 Page 8              College Publications/Conservative Column/Villanovan
Students' inability to book room unacceptable                       19-Nov-99 Page 8              Connelly Center/Student Organizations
Donate extra meal plans to charity                                  19-Nov-99 Page 8              Hunger
C & F peer advising works                                           19-Nov-99 Page 8              Peer Advisors
Conservatism is fear disguised as righteousness                     19-Nov-99 Page 9              Conservative Column
New publication is good for a laugh, but not much else              19-Nov-99 Page 9              Conservative Column
Stop picking on the CC                                                19-Nov-99 Page 11                 Conservative Column
Be mindful of those in community                                      19-Nov-99 Page 11                 Community and College
Money to church put to good use                                       19-Nov-99 Page 11                 Catholic Church/Faculty
Many ways to contribute to a cause                                    19-Nov-99 Page 11                 Hunger Awareness Week
Vasey presents a 'Forum'full of laughs                                19-Nov-99 Page 16                 Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum/Villanova Theater
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: The Pressure is on 19-Nov-99 Page BP 3                  Basketball-Men's
                                                                      12-Nov-99 BP 5                     good
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: When it comes to developing players, these guys areBasketball-Men's
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: As Allen goes, so do the WildcatsPage BP 6              Allen, Malik/Basketball-Men's
                                                                      suped-up sixth man
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: Hard work makes for 19-Nov-99 BP 7                      Caouette, T.J/Basketball-Men's
                                                                      19-Nov-99 BP 8
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: Now a senior, inconsistency is not an option            Lynch, Brian/Basketball-Men's
                                                                       light the way 9
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: Clutch three-pointers19-Nov-99 BPfor Medley             Medley, Jermaine/Basketball-Men's
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: Improvement inevitable for SalesPage BP 11              Sales, Brooks/Basketball-Men's
                                                                      19-Nov-99 Page BP 11
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: Pressure's on Smith as he takes over the point          Smith, Bobby/Basketball-Men's
                                                                      19-Nov-99 Page
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: Cats find another shooter in BuchananBP 12              Buchanan, Gary/Basketball-Men's
                                                                      19-Nov-99 BP ready to contribute
Special Supplement: Basketball preview Edition: After early trouble, Matthews finally12                 Matthews, Aaron/Basketball-Men's
                                                                      19-Nov-99 BP 13
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: Wright to provide more help on boards                   Wright, Ricky/Basketball-Men's
                                                                      19-Nov-99 BP 13
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: Agile Sullivan adds deceptive speed under the net Sullivan, Andrew/Basketball-Men's
                                                                      19-Nov-99 BP 14
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: After a surprising season, heartbreak.                  Basketball-Men's
                                                                      19-Nov-99 Page BP 20
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: Men's Basketball 1999-2000 Student Ticket Distribution   Tickets-Athletic Events
                                                                        Big Five, Philadelphia is back to normal
Special Supplement: Basketball Preview Edition: with the return of the19-Nov-99 BP 21                   Basketball-Men's
                                                                      19-Nov-99 Page 30
Australian film 'Children of the Revolution' a mockumentary on communism                                Cultural Film Series
Students praise an enGaigeing political science professor             19-Nov-99 Page 32                 Gaige, Mark/Political Science Department/Faculty
Shots, Mice, Somebody all repeat as IM champs                         19-Nov-99 Page 35                 Intramural Sports
Can new look Cats reclaim success of last season?                     19-Nov-99 Page 37                 Basketball-Men's
Rollercoaster year for volleyball team ends with a loss to Syracuse   19-Nov-99 Page 37                 Volleyball-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                  19-Nov-99 Page 37                 Tantino, Scott/Moline, Stacey
                                                                      19-Nov-99 Page 38
Cross country teams prepare to run in national championships at Indiana                                 Cross-country running-Men's/ Cross-country running-Women's
Golfers looking ahead to start of promising spring season             19-Nov-99 Page 38                 Golf
Delaware game a must win for playoff consideration                    19-Nov-99 Page 39                 Football
Villanova Football Notebook: Week 11 vs. Delaware                     19-Nov-99 Page 39                 Football
                                                                      19-Nov-99 Page 40                 Football/Augustin,
Heartbreak; the ball starts to drop on yet another season for the Wildcats as Duc Augustin fumbles on the one- yard lineDuc
                                                                         3-Dec-99 Page 1
Bishops approve Ex corde Ecclesiae, strengthening colleges' ties to Church                              Catholic Universities and Colleges/John Paul II, Pope/Catholic Church/National Conference of Catholic Bishops/Academic Fre
Car crash claims student's life                                          3-Dec-99 Page 1                Accidents/Rider, Joshua
Education professor dies after long-term illness                         3-Dec-99 Page 1                Zuckowski, Leo/Faculty
President addresses Senate                                               3-Dec-99 Page 3            University Senate/Dobbin, Edmund J.
Forum evaluates significance of Student Voice, teacher evaluations       3-Dec-99 Page 3            College Teachers-Evaluation/Student Government
Environmental concerns addressed by Kennedy                              3-Dec-99 Page 3            Kennedy, Robert Jr./Hudson River Fisherman's Association/Riverkeeper/Environmental Protection
Editors say good-bye, offer wish list of improvements                    3-Dec-99 Page 1            Villanovan/Year in Review/Performing Arts/Student Government/University Senate
SGA sorry for shuttle problems                                           3-Dec-99 Page 8            Shuttle Service
The Chapter diversifies                                                  3-Dec-99 Page 8            Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Association
Lawrence's attack on charity unjust                                      3-Dec-99 Page 8            Lawrence, Bill/Villanovan/Priests/Catholic Church
Cover up this winter: condoms on campus                                  3-Dec-99 Page 9            Condoms/Birth Control
University welcomes challenges presented by Ex corde ecclesiae           3-Dec-99 Page 10           Dobbin, Edmund J./Catholic Universities and Colleges/Faculty/National Counsel of Catholic Bishops/Academic Freedom
Columnist has it backwards                                               3-Dec-99 Page 10           Community and College
                                                                         3-Dec-99 Page 11
Professor stresses need to bridge gulf between Jewish and Catholic perpsectives on campus           Faculty/Koven, Seth/Judaism
'Witness' a great mystery at St. Mary's Auditorium this fall and judge for yourself Page 23         Villanova Student Theater/Witness for the Prosecution
Color me Bad and Beautiful                                               3-Dec-99 Page 29           Tatooing/Body Piercing/Body Art
Ringing in the feeling of Christmas                                      3-Dec-99 Page 29           Christmas
'Grand Canyon' closes out Cultural Film Series                           3-Dec-99 Page 30           Cultural Film Series
Rhoads Day 1999; University welcomes fifth-grade students                3-Dec-99 Page 31           Elementary School Students/Community and College
Athletes of the Week                                                     3-Dec-99 Page 35           Boden, Chris/Douma, Carmen
                                                                         3-Dec-99 Page
Men's and women's swimming and diving teams split home meet with Yale Bulldogs 36                   Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Success of varsity teams depends on student support                      3-Dec-99 Page 37           Sports Fans/Football/Basketball-Men's
Villanova Men's Basketball Notebook                                      3-Dec-99 Page 38           Basketball-Men's
Cats open season with pair of tough wins                                 3-Dec-99 Page 38           Basketball-Men's
Wildcats crowned champs at Danka Classic, but fall to Big 5 rival LaSalle3-Dec-99 Page 39           Basketball-Women's
Cross-Country teams fare well at national championships                  3-Dec-99 Page 39           Cross-Country Running-Men's/Cross-Country Running-Women's
                                                                           down to Page 40          Football
A win for the ages; in heroic fashion, the Cats came back from 21 points3-Dec-99 beat Delaware in the season finale

Kelly's doors expected to re-open in 2000                           10-Dec-99   Page 3            Students-Alcohol Use
Professors missing class should notify students                     10-Dec-99   Page 6            Faculty/Class Attendance
Thanks for Rhoads Day                                               10-Dec-99   Page 6            Rhoads Day
Fire drill bad timing                                               10-Dec-99   Page 6            Public safety
Semesters abroad should earn diversity credit                       10-Dec-99   Page 7            Foreign Study/Multicultural Education
Response to Ex Corde                                                10-Dec-99   Page 8            Catholic Church-Doctrine/Pohlhaus, Gaile
University students send Santa to local mision                      10-Dec-99   Page 26           Student Volunteers in Social Service/Adopt-A-Kid/St. Barnabas Mission/Christmas
Health: Are you what you eat? Healthy options hidden in Dining Halls 10-Dec-99 Page 27     Dining Services/Nutrition/Diet
Fighting finals and the Freshman 15                                  10-Dec-99 Page 27     Nutrition/Diet/Freshmen
Professor earns rave reviews                                         10-Dec-99 Page 28     Faculty/Little, Paul
Athletes of the Week                                                 10-Dec-99 Page 33     Allen, Malik/Skeeters, Jenea
Wildcats boast young '99 squad                                       10-Dec-99 Page 34     Peretta, Harry/Basketball-Women's
                                                                     10-Dec-99 Page
Despite strong opening game wins, 1998-99 Big East season marked by ups and downs 35       Basketball-Women's
One Eagles fan who still finds a reason to cheer                     10-Dec-99 Page 36     Ziemiecki, Karyn/Philadelphia Eagles/Cheerleading
Women place third, men fifth at UVA invitational                     10-Dec-99 Page 38     Swimming and Diving-Men's/ Swimming and Diving-Women's
Villanova Men's Basketball Notebook                                  10-Dec-99 Page 39     Basketball-Men's
Halftime lead not enought as Minutemen knock off Cats                10-Dec-99 Page 40     Basketball-Men's
Wildcats hold off Owls' run to claim Big Five victory                10-Dec-99 Page 40     Basketball-Women's
Activist inspires students in rare appearance                        21-Jan-00 Page 1      West, Cornel, King, Martin Luther
                                                                     21-Jan-00 Page 1
Thank you, sir, May I Have Another? Concern over Hazing Resurfaces as Rush Ends            Hazing/Sororities/Greek letter societies-Rush
Department offers new opportunities to study abroad                  21-Jan-00 Page 3      Foreign Study/ Modern Languages and Literature, Department of
Villanova would benefit from day off in recognition of MLK           21-Jan-00 Page 6      Martin Luther King Day
Bookstore text prices compromise integrity, wallet                   21-Jan-00 Page 7      University Shop/Bookstore
A message from the president                                         21-Jan-00 Page 8      Dobbin, Edmund J./Villanova University-Forecasts
Villanova Students on a Mission                                      21-Jan-00 Page 13     Mexico/Student Volunteers in Social Service
The Freedom School revives Dr. King's memory at 'Nova                21-Jan-00 Page 13     King, Martin Luther/Center for Peace and Justice
Historic black icons depicted in the University Art Gallery          21-Jan-00 Page 14     Lady Bird/Villanova Art Gallery
Explore the wonders of accounting with Dr. Hiltebeitel               21-Jan-00 Page 15     Faculty/Hiltebeitel, Kenneth
Men's Basketball 1999-2000 Student Ticket Distribution               21-Jan-00 Page 31     Tickets, Athletic Events
Men's and women's track teams place third                            21-Jan-00 Page 34     Track Athletics-Men's/Track Athletics-Women's
Wildcat women victorious in final home swimming meet                 21-Jan-00 Page 34     Swimming and Diving-Women's/Swimming and Diving-Men's
Villanova Men's Basketball Notebook                                  21-Jan-00 Page 35     Basketball-Men's
Athletes of the Week                                                 21-Jan-00 Page 34     Matthews, Aaron/Skeeters, Jenea
Women pull of major upset of No. 9 Rutgers                           21-Jan-00 Page 36     Basketball-Women's
                                                                      win over Page 36
Controversial last-second shot and missed fre throws give Miami 67-6621-Jan-00 Villanova   Basketball-Men's
Storm forces two-day University shutdown                             28-Jan-00 Page 1      Villanova University-Grounds/Facilities Management/Weather related problems
Cancellation of classes explained                                    28-Jan-00 Page 1      Villanova University-Grounds/Weather-related problems/Facilities Management/Parking
SGTV delayed due to technical difficulties, snow                     28-Jan-00 Page 1      Television Station, Campus/SGTV/Weather-related problems
Students collaborate to publish work on MP3s                         28-Jan-00 Page 3      MP3 and Internet Audio Handbook
Don't give up on SGA because of SGTV glitches                        28-Jan-00 Page 8      SGTV/Television Station, Campus
Pride should not be confused with hazing                             28-Jan-00 Page 8      Hazing/Greek letter societies
No connection between VFL and publication                              28-Jan-00 Page 8            Villanovans for Life/Conservative Column
University Shop responds to columnist                                  28-Jan-00 Page 8            Textbooks/Bookstore/Lawrence, Bill
CC becoming official would be a good thing for the University          28-Jan-00 Page 9            Student Volunteers in Social Service
Church is for prayer, not socialization                                28-Jan-00 Page 9            Mass/Worship/Catholic Church
Career Quest 2000                                                      28-Jan-00 Page 17           Career Week
Drug and Alcohol Center warns against date rape drug                   28-Jan-00 Page 27           Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance/GHB/Drug Abuse
Cultural Film Series opens with 'Affliction'                           28-Jan-00 Page 28           Banks, Russel/Schrader, Paul
Attention High Rollers!; CAT sponsors another casino night             28-Jan-00 Page 29           Campus Activities Team
Looking for a Career?                                                  28-Jan-00 Page 29           Career Services/Career Week
Men's Basketball Intramural Top Ten                                    28-Jan-00 Page 37           Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                   28-Jan-00 Page 37           Mulligan, Brian/Olson, Kristin
Weight training leaves swimmers tired before meet in Pittsburgh        28-Jan-00 Page 38           Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Guards need more shots to take pressure off Malik down low             28-Jan-00 Page 39           Basketball-Men's/Allen, Malik
Villanova Men's Basketball Notebook                                    28-Jan-00 Page 39           Basketball-Men's
                                                                       points in loss 40           Basketball-Women's
Despite their upset of No. 8 Rutgers, the Wildcats were drubbed by 33 28-Jan-00a Pageto No.1-ranked Connecticut
NCAA approves video replay for buzzer-beaters                          28-Jan-00 Page 40           Basketball-Men's/Video Replay
Howie changes halls                                                     4-Feb-00 Page 1            Long, Howie/Football
Loeffler appointed Arts senator after Zulli resigns                     4-Feb-00 Page 1            Loeffler, Michael/Zulli, Christen/University Senate
Life Seton Hall, Villanova's fire safety is up to code                  4-Feb-00 Page 1            Student Housing-on campus/Public Safety/Fire
New program tries to snuff out candle fires                             4-Feb-00 Page 1            Fire Safety/Student Housing-on campus
Academic policy links group work to cheating                            4-Feb-00 Page 3            Academic Integrity/Cheating (Education)
Committee forms to revamp St. Thomas of Villanova Day                   4-Feb-00 Page 3            St. Thomas of Villanova Day
Only you can prevent dorm fires                                         4-Feb-00 Page 8            Fire Safety/Student Housing-on campus
University must respect commuters during snowy days                     4-Feb-00 Page 8            Weather-related problems
Student praises SGTV                                                    4-Feb-00 Page 8            SGTV (Television Station)
Transferring? You might want to think again                             4-Feb-00 Page 25           Transfer Students/Admissions
Cultural Film 'Get on the Bus' showing this week                        4-Feb-00 Page 26           Cultural Film Series
TAI CHI classes coming to campus                                        4-Feb-00 Page 27           Tai Chi
Wildcat track teams place well at national invitational at PSU          4-Feb-00 Page 31           Track Athletics-Men's/Track Athletics-Women's
                                                                        ECHA Division 31
Despite obstacles on and off the ice, Icecats continue winning games in 4-Feb-00 Page1             Ice Hockey
Mid-season report card is out on the Wildcats                           4-Feb-00 Page 33           Basketball-Men's
Intramural Top Ten                                                      4-Feb-00 Page 33           Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                    4-Feb-00 Page 33           Buchanan, Gary/Juhline, Trish
Swimmers tune up at Virginia Invite                                     4-Feb-00 Page 33           Swimming and Diving-Women's/Swimming and Diving-Men's
Wildcats' perimeter shooting increasing, so are wins                       4-Feb-00 Page 34             Basketball-Women's
Wildcats tame Hurricanes in Big East Conference showdown                   4-Feb-00 Page 34             Basketball-Women's
With upperclassmen injured, the freshmen start to step up                  4-Feb-00 Page 35             Basketball-Women's
Villanova Men's Basketball Notebook                                        4-Feb-00 Page 35             Basketball-Men's
                                                                           4-Feb-00 Page 36             Basketball-Men's
Just not enough; Cats threaten with second-half comeback, but patient Connecticut holds on for 74-60 Big East win
Students frustrated by overcrowding in gym                               11-Feb-00 Page 1               Sports Facilities/Stanford gym/Physical Fitness
Overloaded e-mail server forces campus-wide shut down                    11-Feb-00 Page 1               Electronic Mail/computers/UNIT
Bill aims to prevent college sports gambling                             11-Feb-00
                                                                                     College Sports/Gambling/NCAA
Greeks unlikely to positively contribute to University                   11-Feb-00 Page 6               Greek Letter Societies
Traveling on campus was treacherous after snowstorm                      11-Feb-00 Page 7               Weather-related problems/Facilities Management/Public Safety
First Union crowd disappointing                                          11-Feb-00 Page 9               Basketball-Men's
Bring Top Ten back was irresponsible                                     11-Feb-00 Page 9               Villanovan
It's all Greek to Me                                                     11-Feb-00 Page 13              Foreign Study
Singing talent found in Chemistry Department                             11-Feb-00 Page 13              Anisor, Khalir
'Smoke Signals' airs this week                                           11-Feb-00 Page 14              Cultural Film Series/Eyre, Chris
Collage Collection displayed at University Gallery                       11-Feb-00 Page 15              Villanova University Art Gallery/Riviera, Giuseppe
Winners of WXVU giveaway ride in style                                   11-Feb-00 Page 16              WXVU (Radio Station)
Icecats split weekend games, look forward to playoffs             Febraruy 11, 2000  Page 31            Ice Hockey
                                                                          Student Ticket Information Tickets, Athletic Events
2000 Big East Tournament March 8-11,2000, Madison Square Garden, 11-Feb-00 Page 30
Men's Basketball Intramural Top Ten                                      11-Feb-00 Page 33              Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                     11-Feb-00 Page 33              Sales, Brooks/Juhline, Trish
Cats stay in middle of Big East pack with loss to Hoyas                  11-Feb-00 Page 34              Basketball-Women's
Sports fanatics are as necessary to the game as officials                11-Feb-00 Page 34              Sports fans
                                                                         11-Feb-00 Page 35              First Union Center/Basketball-Men's/Pavilion
Tacket sales or not, Villanova should not play in the Center; Playing in the First Union Center? Kiss home court advantage good-bye
Villanova Men's Basketball Notebook                                      11-Feb-00 Page 35              Basketball-Men's
                                                                         11-Feb-00 Page 36
Sweet Medley; Cats have won two in a row on shooting from their newly-promoted point guard              Basketball-Men's
UCLA on next season's men's schedule                                     11-Feb-00 Page 36              Basketball-Men's
First Irish Studies chair appointed                                      18-Feb-00 Page 1               Fallon, Peter/Endowed Chairs/Heimbold, Charles/Poets/Ireland
SGA pushes for MLK day, proposal mired in 'red tape'                     18-Feb-00 Page 1               Student Government/Martin Luther King Day
Falvey lecture series celebrates Black History month                     18-Feb-00 Page 3               Falvey Memorial Library Distinguished Lecture series/Dingle, Derek/Travis, Ted/Chappell, Emma
Ethics roundtable discusses healthcare in America                        18-Feb-00 Page 3               Ethics Series/Healthcare
Alcohol not necessary to be a sports fan                                 18-Feb-00 Page 8               Sports Fans/Students-Alcohol Use
Common courtesy isn't so common                                          18-Feb-00 Page 8               Students-Conduct of Life/Faculty
Arena problems can be fixed with Pavilion improvements                  18-Feb-00 Page 10         Basketball-Men's/Pavilion
Greeks really do contribute to community                                18-Feb-00 Page 10         Greek Letter Societies/Freshmen
Quinn wrong about Greek community                                       18-Feb-00 Page 10         Greek Letter Societies/Freshmen
Adam's Mark Hotel not worthy of Senior Dinner Dance                     18-Feb-00 Page 11         Discrimination/Racism
Bella Italia!; How studying abroad can be the opportunity of a lifetime 18-Feb-00 Page 15         Italy/Rome/Foreign Study
Forget Washington, Mr. Smith goes to 'Nova                              18-Feb-00 Page 16         Cultural Film Series/Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Join Graduate Student Council                                           18-Feb-00 Page 17         Graduate Student Council
Thinking of Drugs and Alcohol?                                          18-Feb-00 Page 17         Center for Alcohol and Drug Assistance/Peer Advisors
VSMT does a lot with 'Little Shop of Horrors'                           18-Feb-00 Page 24         Villanova Student Musical Theatre
Villanovan editor engaged on Valentine's Day                            18-Feb-00 Page 24         McBride, John/Fattori, Marie
'Endgame' opens at Vasey                                                18-Feb-00 Page 25         Backett, Samuel/Villanova Theater
Icecats prepare for playoffs                                            18-Feb-00 Page 35         Ice Hockey
University does nothing for intramural athletic injuries                18-Feb-00 Page 37         College Sports/Accidents/Health Center/Intramural Sports/Athletics Department
Wildcat track and field teams compete locally at Haverford              18-Feb-00 Page 37         Track Athletics-Men's/Track Athletics-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                    18-Feb-00 Page 37         Buchanan, Gary/Barnes, Brandi
Student balances duathalon competitions and studies                     18-Feb-00 Page 38         Strait, Erik/Cycling/Running
Freshman Buchanan's 28 points lead Wildcats in Big East match-up        18-Feb-00 Page 38         Buchanan, Gary/Basketball-Men's
Student's lack of attendance at women's games is shameful               18-Feb-00 Page 39         Basketball-Women's/Basketball-Men's
Villanova Men's Basketball Notebook                                     18-Feb-00 Page 39         Basketball-Men's
                                                                        18-Feb-00 Page 39         Basketball-Men's
                                                                        18-Feb-00 Page 40         Basketball-Women's
Defense Wins! The unranked Wildcats held their home court and No. 19 Boston College scoreless in the final 5:44 for an upset win
                                                                        18-Feb-00 Page 40
Irish defense too much for Cats to handle; No. 5 Notre Dame gets 70-52 win in the Pavilion        Basketball-Women's
                                                                       10-Mar-00 Page 1           Adam's Mark Hotel/Racism/Discrimination/Valley Forge Convention Center
Dinner Dance moved from Adam's Mark; Fearing more student protests, University moves annual Senior Dinner Dance to Valley Forge
SGA candidates kick off campaign season with a whimper                 10-Mar-00 Page 1           Student Government-Election-2000
University Senate approves new constitution                            10-Mar-00 Page 3           University Senate
Faculty and staff must stop sending mass e-mails                       10-Mar-00 Page 8           Electronic Mail/UNIT
Vote Gribbin and Russo for SGA                                         10-Mar-00 Page 8           Student Government-Election-2000
Senior Dinner Dance was the wrong social battle for students to fight 10-Mar-00 Page 9            Inati, Shams/Faculty/Handicapped/Adam's Mark Hotel/Discrimination/Racism/Philadelphia Weekly
University did the right thing by moving Dinner Dance                  10-Mar-00                  Racism/Discrimination/Adam's Mark Hotel
Lappas should leave                                                    10-Mar-00 Page 10          Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's
Congrats to men's crew                                                 10-Mar-00 Page 10          Rowing-Men's
University holds unrealistic expectations                              10-Mar-00 Page 11          Art Department/Pavilion/Handicapped/Adam's Mark Hotel/Discrimination
Dinner dance decision not great as it seems                            10-Mar-00 Page 11          Adam's Mark Hotel/Racism/Discrimination
Students should beware of media's influence                            10-Mar-00 Page 11          Mass Media/Adam's Mark Hotel
Spring break service trips: building homes, building lives         10-Mar-00 Page 27            Student Volunteers in Social Service/Campus Ministry/Habitat for Humanity
'Primary Colors' premieres in Connelly                             10-Mar-00 Page 28            Cultural Film Series/Klein, Joe/Nichols, Mike
Wishing you remembered your weekend of intoxication?               10-Mar-00 Page 29            Thundercats/Students-Alcohol Use
Japanese alumnus makes an appearance                               10-Mar-00 Page 30            Sudler, Hasshi/Alumni/Japan
Swimmers fair well in Big East Championships                       10-Mar-00 Page 37            Swimming and Diving-Men's/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Men's Basketball Intramural Top Ten                                10-Mar-00 Page 37            Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                               10-Mar-00 Page 37            Allen, Malik/Volz, Kate
Cats hopes of tournament bid fall fast with Rutgers loss           10-Mar-00 Page 38            Basketball-Women's
As tourney draws near, teams battle for bid                        10-Mar-00 Page 38            Basketball-Men's/NCAA Tournament
NCAA or NIT, this team has come a long way since mid-season        10-Mar-00 Page 39            Basketball-Men's
Villanova Men's Basketball Notebook                                10-Mar-00 Page 39            Basketball-Men's
                                                                   10-Mar-00 Page 40            Allen, Malik/Basketball-Men's
Madison Square Madness; Malik Allen leads Villanova into second round of Big East Tournament with 10-point win over Pittsburgh
Women's track and field wins Big East Championship                 10-Mar-00 Page 40            Track Athletics-Women's/Track Athletics-Men's
SGA presidential debate focuses on experience                      17-Mar-00 Page 1             Student Government-Election-2000
Students okay after South car crash                                17-Mar-00                    Accidents/Public Safety
Tollefson, Douma win national titles                               17-Mar-00 Page 1             Tollefson, Carrie/Big East Indoor Championship/Douma, Carmen/NCAA/Track Athletics-Women's
Irish poets reunite for a poetry reading                           17-Mar-00 Page 3             Heaney, Seamus/Fallon, Peter/Poetry Reading/Irish Studies/Endowed Chairs
SGA's lack of candidates due to poor advertising                   17-Mar-00 Page 8             Student Government-Election-2000
Racial problems here remain unresolved                             17-Mar-00 Page 8             Multicultural Education
College drinking is not the problem it's made out to be            17-Mar-00 Page 8             Students-Alcohol Use
McGeehan had his own inaccuracies about Adam's Mark                17-Mar-00 Page 10            Adam's Mark Hotel/Senior Dinner Dance
Residence Life policies out of whack                               17-Mar-00 Page 10            Smoking/Student Housing-on campus/Fire Safety
SGA Presidential Endorsements                                      17-Mar-00 Page 11            Student Government-Election-2000
Dining Services Presents The SGA Inflation Fighter Mean Plan       17-Mar-00 Page 19            Dining Services/Student Government
VST debuted latest effort in Vasey Theatre last week               17-Mar-00 Page 21            Villanova Student Theater/Kaufman, George/Hart, Moss/You Can't Take it With You
                                                                   17-Mar-00 Page S-1
SGA Elections 2000. Special Supplement. Lack of candidates makes for uneventful campaign season Student Government-Election-2000
                                                                   17-Mar-00 Page S-1
SGA Elections 2000. Special Supplement. Bynum answers the question: 'What does SGA do all year?'Student Government
                                                                   17-Mar-00 Page S-2
SGA Elections 2000. Special Supplement. President/Vice President Tickets                        Student Government-Election-2000
SGA Elections 2000. Special Supplement. Candidates for Arts Senator17-Mar-00 Page S-3           Student Government-Election- 2000
                                                                   17-Mar-00 Page S-3
SGA Elections 2000. Special Supplement. Candidate for Science Senator                           Student Government-Election-2000
SGa Elections 2000. Special Supplement. Candidates for C&F Senator17-Mar-00 Page S-4            Student Government-Election-2000
                                                                   17-Mar-00 Page S-4
SGA Elections 2000. Special Supplement. Candidate for Engineering Senator                       Student Government-Election-2000
University celebrates St. Patty's Day tradition                    17-Mar-00 Page 29            Ireland/St. Patrick's Day
Drumroll please . . . Battle of the Bands decided                  17-Mar-00 Page 29            WXVU (Radio Station)/Battle of the Bands
'Little Voice' premiering in Connelly                                   17-Mar-00 Page30               Cultural Film Series
Villanova's Auto Club starts out with a bang                            17-Mar-00 Page 31              Villanova Auto Club
Annual fund provides financial assistance                               17-Mar-00 Page 32              Student Aid/Alumni/Seniors
Cats' diver places 12th in NCAA field                                   17-Mar-00 Page 39              Swimming and Diving-Men's/Mulligan, Brian
Villanova junior swimmer wins gold at competitive Big East Championships17-Mar-00 Page 39              Volz, Kate/Swimming and Diving-Women's
Softball Intramural Top Ten                                             17-Mar-00 Page 39              Intramural Sports
Midget P finally takes intramural tournament                            17-Mar-00 Page 41              Intramural Sports
Men's Basketball Intramural Top Ten                                     17-Mar-00 Page 41              Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                    17-Mar-00 Page 41              Pizzini, Dave/Tollefson, Carrie/Douma, Carmen
Cats won't 'Dance' with second round loss to St. John's                 17-Mar-00 Page 42              Basketball-Men's
                                                                        17-Mar-00 Page 42
When it comes to intramural softball, the rulebook is cast out the window                              Intramural Sports
Read about NIT second round on                       17-Mar-00 Page 43              Villanovan/Basketball-Men's
Villanova Men's Basketball Notebook                                     17-Mar-00 Page 43              Basketball-Men's
                                                                         Wildcats look to recapture their 1994 NIT title after a first round win against tri-state rival Delaware
Cats hunt down Hens in NIT; Despite losing a bid to the field of 64, the17-Mar-00 Page 44              Basketball-Men's
Michigan State bounces 'Nova women in opening round of NIT              17-Mar-00 Page 44              Basketball-Women's
Knapp/Hansell disqualified from election                                24-Mar-00 Page 1               Student Government-Election-2000/Knapp, Christine/Hansell, Brad
Conservative Column issue confiscated amidst controversy                24-Mar-00 Page 1               College Republicans/Mogan, Tom/Lilik, Chris/Student Organizations
Cash-to-Chip machines inadequate for demand                             24-Mar-00 Page 3               Wildcard
UNIT consultant dies after 19 years of service                          24-Mar-00 Page 3               Buzzard, Donald/UNIT
Lack of competition in senatorial race leaves two spots vacant          24-Mar-00 Page 3               Student Government-Election-2000
Censorship is not the issue with Conservative Column                    24-Mar-00 Page 6               Student Organizations
The Villanovan endorses Julian & Burchett                               24-Mar-00 Page 6               Julian, Richard/Burchett, Peter/Student Government-Election-2000
Editorial was wrong about SGA elections                                 24-Mar-00 Page 6               Villanovan/Student Government-Election-2000
Lappas should have showed Caouette some respect                         24-Mar-00 Page 6               Lappas, Steve/Caouette, T.J./Basketball-Men's
The meaning of Lent is found in sacrifice                               24-Mar-00 Page 7               Catholic Church/Lent
Lack of enthusiasm over NIT basketball is a sign of the times           24-Mar-00 Page 7               Basketball-Men's/Lappas, Steve
Supports Julian and Burchett                                            24-Mar-00 Page 8               Julian, Richard/Burchett, Pete/Student Government-Election-2000
Supports Gribbin and Russo                                              24-Mar-00 Page 8               Student Government-Election-2000/Russo, Lou/Gribbin, Thomas
Terrorism: The Other Half of the Story                                  24-Mar-00 Page 9               Faculty/Harmon, Christopher/School of the Americas
                                                                        24-Mar-00 Page 17
2000 years,many different voices; VillanovaTheatre presents 'The Passion of Christ'                    Christy, James/Villanova Theater/Drama-on campus
ASA's 'Total Recall 2' rocks Connelly                                   24-Mar-00 Page 26              Asian Students Association (ASA)/Connelly Center
Celebrating the History of Women                                        24-Mar-00 Page 26              National Women's History Month/National Women's Hall of Fame
Oscar nominees apear in this week's Cultural Film                       24-Mar-00 Page 27              Resurrection/Cultural Film Series
City 6 tournament hosts three Villanova teams                           24-Mar-00 Page 31              Intramural Sports
Villanova lacrosse opens season schedule against national powerhouses 24-Mar-00 Page 31               Lacrosse-Men's
Softball Intramural Top Ten                                           24-Mar-00 Page 33               Intramural Sports
Athletes of the Week                                                  24-Mar-00 Page 33               Kandybowicz, Tom/Walpole, Carrie
Softball team sweeps Siena, prepares for Big East                     24-Mar-00 Page 34               Softball
                                                                      24-Mar-00 Page 34
Women's lacrosse team splits meetings with Big Five rivals LaSalle, Penn                              Lacrosse-Women's
Wildcats take two of three games against Pittsburgh                   24-Mar-00 Page 34               Baseball
All together now: 'There's always next season'                        24-Mar-00 Page 35               Basketball-Men's
Villanova Men's Basketball Notebook                                   24-Mar-00 Page 35               Basketball-Men's
                                                                      24-Mar-00 Page 36               seniors Malik Allen, Brian Lynch and Brian/Caouette, T.J.
Shocking loss to Kent State in the second roundof the NIT ends Villanova's season; college careers of Basketball-Men's/Allen, Malik/Lynch,T.J. Caouette
Univ. Senate approves tuition hike, Student Life funding              31-Mar-00 Page 1                Villanova University-Budget/Villanova University-Tuition
Julian and Burchett win                                               31-Mar-00 Page 1                Student Government-Election-2000/Julian, Richard/Burchett, Pete
Admissions receives record number of applicants                       31-Mar-00 Page 3                Admissions/Freshmen
Ethics team places third in conference                                31-Mar-00 Page 3                Ethics Team/National Ethical Conference
Smokers need to curtail disgusting habits                             31-Mar-00 Page 10               Smoking
Julian and Burchett thank supporters                                  31-Mar-00 Page 10               Student Government-Election-2000
Lappas not responsible for lack of student support                    31-Mar-00 Page 10               Lappas, Steve/Basketball-Men's/Sports Fans
Hold 2001 Dinner Dance in classy place                                31-Mar-00 Page 12               Senior Dinner Dance
McGeehan's column is unjustified                                      31-Mar-00 Page 12               Basketball-Men's
Parents thank enthusiastic basketball fans                            31-Mar-00 Page 12               Basketball-Men's/Sports fans
                                                                      31-Mar-00 Page 29
Senior Diner Dance 2000; After weeks of controversy, the long-awaited event was a night to remember   Adam's Mark Hotel
Modern-day Italian countryside anchored in history and charm          31-Mar-00 Page 29               Todi, Italy
                                                                      31-Mar-00 Page 30
Villanova involved in United Nations?; Students receive first hand UN experience in Cairo             Model United Nations
Promoting community service through campus unity                      31-Mar-00 Page 30               Graduate Student Council/Student Government/Leukemia/Lymphoma
Indoor soccer and softball competition heats up                       31-Mar-00 Page 42               Intramural Sports
Baseball's Longo is as good off the field as he in on the field       31-Mar-00 Page 42               Longo, Matt/Baseball
Men's lax defends city crown                                          31-Mar-00 Page 45               Lacrosse-Men's
                                                                      31-Mar-00 Page 45
Women's lacrosse team splits meetings with Patriot League rivals Bucknell, Lehigh                     Lacrosse-Women's
Water Polo scores big and often at CWPA League Tourney                31-Mar-00 Page 45               Water-Polo-Women's
Athletes of the Week                                                  31-Mar-00 Page 44               Pizzini, Dave/Bayster, Brigitte
Softball Intramural Top Ten                                           31-Mar-00 Page 44               Intramural Sports
                                                                      tally victories against         Baseball
Two out of three ain't bad; Playing three games in as many days, Cats 31-Mar-00 Page 46 nation power Notre Dame and city rival Temple
Wildcat softball splits doubleheader decision                         31-Mar-00 Page 46               Softball
National rule could restrict sorority parties                           7-Apr-00 Page 1               Panhellenic Council/Sororities/Greek letter societies/Students-Alcohol Use
Nobel Laureate reads from best-selling poetry                           7-Apr-00 Page 1               Heaney, Seamus/Fallon, P