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My PC Backup Review - A Cloud Storage That Saves Your Life


This My PC Backup Review discusses a cloud storage solution to avoid the pain of losing your music, priceless family photos, videos, financial documents, tax documents, and other important documents when your computer crashes

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									May 21st, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: OliAleHay

Modern Health Trends
                                                                       reliable. Its ease of use, makes it the #1 cloud storage service
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  Creator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF,               Some other great features of MyPC Backup are:
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                                                                          • Automated backup
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                                                                          • Sync Files Between Computers
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                                                                          • Access Files Anywhere
                                                                          • Unlimited Storage
My PC Backup Review – A                                                   • Very Competitive Pricing starting at a low $4.95/month
Cloud Storage That Saves                                                  • FREE Cloud Backup
Your Life                                                                 • Encrypted and Secure
May 21st, 2012                                                            • 14 Day FREE Trial

                                                                       My PC Backup Negatives
                                                                       There are a few minor drawbacks about MyPC Backup. The
                                                                       first is that, at the time of this article, MyPC backup does not
                                                                       support Apple. The last minor drawback is that the scheduler
My PC Backup Review Can Save Your Life!                                does not allow you to schedule hourly backups without an
                                                                       extra charge. My opinion is that you really do not need to
So your are interested in cloud storage and want to backup             back up hourly. There are other great features that My PC
your PC. Deciding to backup your files with a service that             Backup has to offer, but does cost more money. These options
everyone needs is the best decision that any home business             included the ability to sync between computers, have multiple
owner, business owner, or anybody that uses a computer each            computers sync to one PC, and unlimited access to you file's
day can make. If you are like everybody else that uses a               history.
computer, you store a huge amount of data, photos, music,
and other stuff on their computer. It is said that about 70%
of computer users NEVER backup their machines and tens of
billions of dollars are lost each year because of this. This article
                                                                       MyPCBackup Is So Easy To Get
about My PC Backup Review will discuss the My PC Backup.               Started
 I found this solution when I lost all of my downloaded music,         It all begins with entering your name and email to get started
my lovely family photos, videos, financial documents, tax              with the FREE trial and the Software Installation. It is simple
documents, receipts, and business documents. I new better              and takes only a few minutes. The default folder that is backed
too because I once used another service, but was dissatisfied.         up is "My Documents" and is immediately starts to backup.
One word, "Painful"!                                                    This process makes it so easy to start calming your fears of
                                                                       losing any data. The back up is quick and is only limited to the
                                                                       speed of your internet connection. The first backup does take
My PC Backup Review Summary                                            time, but the backups there after are very quick. Once your
Overall, I believe that My PC Backup is the best online cloud          files are backed up, you can then view your Backed Up Files
Storage. I once tried Carbonite, and I found it to be slow and         online under "View My Files". This is as easy as using your
clumsy. I canceled this service in 3 days after my data was still      windows explorer.
backing up over a high speed internet connection. This was a           This My PC Backup Review does like a few advanced backup
mistake after experiencing the pain of losing everything. The          settings that you may like to consider.
installation was simple with my pc backup. The backups are
                                                                       Supercharged Backups: This option allows for quicker backup
easy to set up, quick, and I have never encountered an issue.
                                                                       speeds. I am big on speed and I recommend this option.
 The software itself is easy to use and understand. This goes
for the website too. Everything about My PC Backup is easy             File Selection: Under “Settings” --> “Backup Selection” you
to use. If you get anything out of this "My PC Backup Review",         can manually select the folders and files that you want to
you should understand that MyPC Back up is simple and very             backup instead of the default "My Documents" during the
                                                                       install. This option is very handy when you have specific files

Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                               1
May 21st, 2012                                                                                               Published by: OliAleHay

that need to be backed up. Just like everything else, this is very   the service and want to cancel, you can simply contact their
easy to do.                                                          wonderful support staff.
Max File Size: The default is 2MB’s which will not back up           PS. If you have any questions about MyPCBackup or found this
many photos and videos. When you buy My PC Backup, you               My PC Backup Review helpful, please leave a comment or use
will want to increase this amount.                                   the Contact Us tab above.
File Types: This setting in control panel allows you to put in
the extensions of the files that you do not want to back up.         No related posts.
 Basically, it keeps the junk out of your backup.
Sync Folder Upgrade: This allows you to sync multiple
computers to one "My PC Backup" account. You can choose
between 5GB, 10GB or 20 GB of sync space.

Help Me MyPCBackup Restore My
Should you ever have to restore your files. It is as easy
as clicking the “Restore Files” button on the software to open
the restore files window. Simply find your file(s) and press
“Restore”. Or if you choose to restore files from the website. It
is easier restore multiple files at once from the software, but
having multiple options is very flexible. Yes, it is that simple
to restore your files should you ever need to. The whole point
of MyPCBackup is to allow you to store all of your important
documents in cloud storage as easy as possible.

Final    MyPCBackup                                 Review

Try MyPCBackup Today
MyPC Backup is excellent for home, family, and home and
small business users. It is easy to use, does not use a lot of
memory, easy to install. Best of all it is a very reliable and
worthwhile of your consideration. Do not just take my word
for it, see all of the awards that they have claimed.
I only recommend My PC Backup because I do use it for my
personal and home business computers. I found out the hard
way of why this service is invaluable. The gut wrenching pain
I felt when I lost everything, is something I never want to
experience again, nor do I wish that upon you. That feeling
makes you just sick.
Sign up for MyPCBackup Right Here. Enter your name,
email, and password to create an account. Then download
the software, it's automatic. Before you go any further, I
recommend that you upgrade by clicking the upgrade link on
the site. You can lock in monthly rates as low as $4.95/month.
After you select the package you want you are all good to go. In
the event that you want to change the plan or not happy with

Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                           2

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