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									May 1, 2006                                                        Atkins, Iowa

Council met in regular session at the City Park pavilion. Members present: David Becker, Brian
Cruise, Ron Gaines, Dave McDonnell and Diane Herman. Absent: none. Also present were Bob
Koehn, Sylvester Sebetka, Tony Smith, Jason Sauser, Chad & Tracy Curtis, Florence
Rammelsberg, Kurtis Feye, Joyce McDonnell, Larry Shears, Nicole McFarland, Levi Lawrence,
Connie Jacobsen, Director Mike Jennings and Todd Damon form the Department of Public
Works and City Engineer Brian Willham.

 Mayor Jim Kidwell called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. and read the following statement:
“When a citizen wants to speak in front of the council, I would like them to state their name and
address and advise us of the purpose. I do not want any person in attendance at the meetings to be
disrespectful to anyone else. We all have our opinions of different situations. Please feel free to
express our opinion without being disrespectful to anyone else. I do not always agree with some
of the ideas and thoughts of others and if I feel strongly enough about it, you know that I will
voice my opinion. I hope that all of the council and citizens feel that they can give us their
opinion, even if it does not change the outcome of the issue. I want to thank everyone for
adhering to my suggestions.” The Mayor also asked the Council to review they agenda and be
prepared when they come to the meeting. If they feel more information is needed before a
decision can be made on an item, then action should be postponed until the next meeting.

On motion by Gaines, second by Mc Donnell, council voted to approve the Consent Agenda,
which included the minutes of April 17th, the April Finance Report and a list of bills for
approval. Ayes: Gaines, Cruise, Becker, Herman and McDonnell. Nays: none. Motion carried.

Bills approved:
       Atkins Lumber Co.             Supplies                            $935.05
       Atkins Telephone Co.          Phone Service                        $109.01
       Batteries Included            FD- Radio batteries                 $177.50
       Clemens Canvas & Mfg          FD-Tarp for tanker                    325.00
       Todd Damon                    Wages                                 899.08
       Farm Plan                     Grass seed                             69.87
       Furler Utility Service        BOD Testing                           260.00
       I-Wireless                    Cell phones                            93.35
       Mike Jennings                 Health Insurance                       51.70
       Kirkwood Comm. College        Training- Todd Basic Water Dist.      350.00
         “          “        “       CEU- Mike                             100.00
       Koch Brothers                 Copier service                         11.86
       Dick Lange                    Mileage & Parking class @ Iowa City 36.71
       Jerry Michael                 Building Inspections               1,798.16
       MidAmerica Energy             Natural gas                           431.97
       NAPA                          FD switch                              27.77
       Staples                       Clerk supplies                        324.81
       TrueNorth                     Health & Disability Insurance      1,304.89
Library Bills:
       Cathy Becker                  wages                                  $643.48
          “     “                    Mileage                                  10.53
       Carrol Jeffries               wages                                    18.00
       Atkins Telephone Co.          Phone service                            50.52
       Atkins Telephone Co.          Library rent                            250.00
       American Business Dir.        Books                                   109.44
       TrueNorth                     Health & Disability Insurance           333.25
       Penworthy Company             Books                                   120.96
April Finance Report      Receipts                    Warrants
       General Fund     $81,176.91                  $19,337.14
       TIF               72,264.56                         .00
       Road Use Tax       8,196.05                      816.54
       Water Fund         8,051.95                   10,959.33
       Sewer Fund         4,736.99                    2,316.15
       Sewer Debt Fund    9,833.00                         .00
       Totals          $184,259.46                  $33,429.16

The Council discussed increasing the hours contracted with the Benton County Sheriff’s office
for law enforcement. It was pointed out that additional law enforcement was a concern on the
list compiled at the Comprehensive Plan meeting. Councilman McDonnell stated he felt the
information from the Planning meeting was a projection for down the road, not necessarily
something needed right now. The Clerk reported he had talked with Sheriff Forsyth and the
contract could be increased up to twenty hours per week. Sheriff Forsyth was unable to attend
tonight’s meeting but would be able to attend the next meeting. Mayor Kidwell suggested the
council postpone any action on the contract until the next meeting. Gaines made a motion to
postpone any action until the next meeting. Cruise seconded the motion. Ayes: Gaines, Cruise,
Becker, Herman and McDonnell. Nays: none. Motion carried.

Joyce McDonnell asked the City to improve the lower walking trail in the Roundhouse Area by
adding wood chips to eliminate the muddy conditions on the trail east of the second bridge. She
also asked permission to form a group that would be willing to locate and place signs to identify
the old building sites in the Roundhouse Area. Any improvements to the area would have to be
approved by the Benton County Conservation Board since they are the owners of the property.
The Clerk has a map of the area from 1917 that would help identify the building sites. Becker
suggested Benton Cross Country Coach Marty Thomae might be able to assist with the
improvements. On motion by Dave McDonnell, second by Gaines, council voted to approve the
formation of a group to look into making improvements to the area. Ayes: Gaines, Cruise,
Becker, Herman and McDonnell. Nays: none. Motion carried.

Mayor Kidwell declared it was time to hold a Public Hearing concerning an amendment to the
current City Budget. On motion by Gaines, second by McDonnell, council voted to adjourn the
meeting to hold a public hearing. Ayes: Gaines, Cruise, Becker, Herman and McDonnell. Nays:
none. Motion carried. The Mayor opened the public hearing and asked if any written objections
had been filed. The Clerk reported none were filed. The Mayor then called for oral objections to
the proposal. Jacobsen asked what changes were being made. The Clerk gave a brief summary.
No objections were made. Whereupon, the Mayor declared the time for receiving oral and
written objections be closed. He then reconvened the council meeting. On motion by
McDonnell, second by Gaines, council voted to approve Resolution # 470 to amend the budget
as published. Ayes: Gaines, Cruise, Becker, Herman and McDonnell. Nays: none. Mayor
Kidwell declared the resolution adopted.

Council discussed street seal coating projects for this summer. A map and list of the projects, as
compiled by Jennings and a representative from L. L. Pelling Company was provided to the
council. McDonnell was concerned the city was seal coating alleys and felt the money could be
better used elsewhere. The alley is now graveled. The follow citizens that have garages along the
alley between Main Avenue and Second Avenue and south of Second Street, Bob Koehn, Larry
Shears and Chad Curtis commented in favor of having the alley seal coated. They would also like
to see a hedge and fence on the Rammelsberg property at the south end of the alley removed as
they encroach on the alley right-of-way. Shears stated he is not able to get his pickup and travel
trailer through the alley without the hedge scratching his vehicles. He is also concerned about
fire equipment being able to get to the garages located by the alley should the need arise. Bob
Koehn presented a list of eight items supporting to need for the alley to be seal coated. Concern
was also raised about raising the grade of the alley causing water runoff to enter the garages
along the alley. Jennings stated seal-coating alleys is a program stated several years ago to
improve the surface of the roadway to make snow removal easier. The grade change would be
minimal. Money for the project would come from the Road Use Tax fund. On a motion by
Gaines, second by Cruise, council voted to approve the seal coat list as presented. The list
includes the alley in question. Ayes: Gaines, Cruise, Becker, Herman and McDonnell. Nays:
none. Mayor Kidwell declared motion carried.

In order for the alley between Main Avenue and Second Avenue and south of Second Street to
be seal coated the hedge and fence along the Rammelsberg property needs to be removed to
allow enough room to get the machinery through. Rammelsberg stated she would remove the
hedge as soon as she can get someone to help her. She said the fence was installed to prevent
people from destroying her plants. Curtis said he would like to see the alley seal coated because
he is tired of raking the gravel out of his yard and would be willing to help remove the hedge
and fence. Rammelsberg stated she would file for a variance to allow the fence to remain.

Council discussed the drainage along the east side of Feather Ridge Addition. The City is
waiting for Krug to install a drain tile in the area. Cruise stated the tile from the school should
be hooked up to the new tile to eliminate drainage problems around the playground as well.

Ordinance # 174 was presented. This would revise Chapter 135.04 of the City Code to prohibit
skateboards and roller blades from being used on any city street, alley or sidewalk. Cruise
suggested that a revision to Chapter 76.09, which regulates riding bicycles within the business
district, might better fit the intent. On motion by McDonnell, second by Herman, council voted
postpone action on the ordinance until the next meeting. Ayes: Gaines, Cruise, Becker, Herman
and McDonnell. Nays: none. Motion carried.

On motion by Gaines, second by Herman, council voted to adopt Resolution # 469 which
approves the City’s Flexible Benefits Plan. Ayes: Gaines, Cruise, Becker, Herman and
McDonnell. Nays: none. Motion carried.

City Clerk Dick Lange requested the city pay him $1,577.94 for 78 accumulated comp hours. On
motion by Gaines, second by Becker, council voted to approve the request. Ayes: Gaines,
McDonnell, Herman, Becker and Cruise. Nay: none. Motion carried.

Jennings will look into the cost of spraying weeds on all city owned property. He asked the
Mayor and Council to do what ever they can to expedite the completion of the water treatment

McDonnell asked the City Engineer to look at the drainage ditch between A & B Avenues to
determine if anything can be done to prevent erosion of the banks.

Gaines expressed concern about the lack of progress toward cleaning up the dirt pile around well
# 3. The contractor has been notified and will not be paid the balance due until the work has
been completed.

Gaines also reported of plans to upgrade the sewer line for the restrooms at the ball diamond.
The work should be completed this month.
Herman asked the clerk to prepare a report showing the amount of sick time, comp time and
vacation time earned by the city employees for the council to review on a quarterly basis.

Smith asked that the culvert by First Avenue and First Street be cleaned out and repaired.
Jennings replied this is an on going problem that will be addressed in the near future.

Smith also asked that the council minutes and agenda be published in the city’s web site in a
more timely manor. The clerk replied the web site is not his top priority and he only works in the
site as time permit. The minutes of April 17th were published to the site on April 20th as soon as
they were completed. Mayor Kidwell offered to help with the web site. The City’s web site
address is

There being no further business, on motion by Herman, second by Becker, council voted to
adjourn. Ayes: Gaines, McDonnell, Herman, Becker and Cruise. Nay: none. Motion carried.
Next regular meeting will be Monday, May 15, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. at City Park Pavilion.

                                                         Jim Kidwell, Mayor
  ATTEST: ______________________________
            Richard Lange, Clerk

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