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Earliest Probates - Town of Caroline Historian.xls


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									       NAME        RESIDENCE       STATUS         PROBATE DATE
ALDEN, Prime (?)   Owego     Intestate            October 8, 1807

ANGLE, John        Scipeo    Will-Dec. 30, 1815   March 9, 1816

BAILEY, Squire     Ulysses   Intestate            August 7, 1814
                                                  February 23,
BAKER, Elmer C.    Ulysses   Intestate            1815

                                                  December 31,
BANGS, Abner       Ovid      Intestate            1810
                                                  November 5,
BARNABY, Ambrose   Ovid      Intestate            1806

BARNUM, Silas      Ovid      Intestate            Novembr 5, 1808

BARTHOLEMEW, John Ovid       Intestate            February 2, 1813

BEARDSLEY, John    Milton    Will-Jan 8, 1806     March 18, 1806

BEERS, Abner       Danby     Will--Jul 7, 1808    March 13, 1816

                                                  November 20,
BISHOP, Jeremiah   Scipio    Will--Jul 26, 1799   1799

                                                  February 28,
BOARDMAN, Thaddeus Hector    Will--May 3, 1808    1812

BOICE, Jacob       Ovid      Will--Apr 8, 1797    June 24, 1797

BOORAM, Jacob      Ovid      Will--Sep 23, 1812   April 6, 1813
                                                  February 10,
BOOTES, William    Ovid      Intestate            1806

                             Will-Apr 30, 1816
BOOTH, Daniel      Hector    Death--June 1816     July 13, 1816

                                                  June 8, ____ He
BOSSARD, Philip    Genoa     Intestate            died April 6, 1810
BOWER, Nicholas     Genoa      Will--Dec 29, 1810   Feb. ____

BRADLEY, Jabez      Genoa      Will--Mar 1, 1816    March 24, 1817

BRANNON, Patrick    Scipio     Will--Jul 31, 1815   April 13, 1815

BRINK, Nicholas     Owego      Will--May 4, 1802    July 22, 1804

BRITTON, Daniel     Milton     Will--Jun 2, 1803    January 2, 1804

BROWN, Lewis        Ovid       Will--Sept 4, 1813   October 5, 1813

                                                    December 15,
BROWN, Stephen      Milton     Will--Jun 22, 1802   1802

                                                    February 11,
BROWN, Thomas       Scipio     Will--Aug 9, 1803    1804

BURCH, David        Scipio     Will--May 30, 1816   July 23, 1816

BUSH, Richard       Caroline   Intestate            June 19, 1817

                                                    Decembr 20,
CANTINE, Henry      Caroline   Will--Aug 10, 1814   1815

CARMAN, Richard     Ovid       Intestate            July 5, 1814

CHAMBERS, Jacob     Ulysses    Intestate            June 20, 1806

CHAMBERS, Wilhelmus Ovid       Intestate            July 11, 1894
                                                    November 26,
CHANDLER, John      Ovid       Will--Nov 9, 1816    1816
CLARK, Rufus H.                Intestate            June 8, 1813
CLARK, Samuel        Scipio    Will--Mar 2, 1814    April 25, 1817

COCHRAN, David       Genoa     Will-Jul 21, 1809    March 9, 1812

COGSELL, Isaiah      Scipio    Will--undated        March 1, 1817

                                                    November 30,
COLBORN, John        Genoa     Will--Oct 22, 1811   1816

COLE, David          Ovid      Will--Aug 15, 1809   June 2, 1810

COLE, James          Owego     Will--Jan 21, 1801   May 9, 1801

COLE, Mehitabel      Ovid      Intestate            August 11, 1809

CORYELL, Michael     Ovid      Will--Sept 25, 1812 July 28, 1813
                                                   December 11,
COTTER, James        Danby     Intestate           1812
                               Will--Jun 11, 1814,
COVERT, Abraham      Ovid      died in 1815        June 24, 1815.

COVERT, Jacob        Ovid      Intestate            May 15, 1813

                                                    December 16,
CROSSWELL, Jonathan Genoa      Will--Jun 2, 1818    1818

CROW, Ebenezer       Scipio    Will--Oct 6, 1817    March 9, 1818

CULLEY, Elizabeth    Ovid      Will--May 3, 1808    July 3, 1808

CULVER, Nathaniel    Ulysses   Intestate            February 5, 1812.

DAVENPORT, Nathaniel Ulysses   Will--Oct 25, 1815   January 9, 1816
DENTON, Solomon      Genoa     Will--Mar 31, 1813   August 13, 1814

DE VOE, Abraham                Will--May 26, 1814   July 15, 1814

DICKERSON, Mary                Will--Jul 26, 1803   January 2, 1804

DRAKE, Aurelia       Ulysses   Intestate            May 20, 1814

DUMOND, Isaac        Owego     Intestate            January 17, 1806

DUMOND, Peter        Ulysses   Will--Aug 2, 1814    August 6, 1814

EDDY, David          Scipio    Will--Jan 22, 1813   April 12, 1813

ELLIS, Ann           Ovid      Will--May 22, 1816   May 16, 1817

ELLIS, Levi          Ovid      Will--May 3, 1815    July 3, 1815
EWELL, see Youle.

FLEMING, James       Ulysses   Will--Feb 18, 1816   May 10, 1816

FREEMAN, Gideon      Scipio    Will--               April 29, 1809

FREEMAN, Reuben      Scipio    Will--Jun 4, 1817    Aug 30, 1817
                                                    September 9,
FRISBY, James W.     Ulysses   Intestate            1805
                                                    February 24,
FULKERSON, Benjamin Dryden     Intestate            1806

FULKERSON, Fulkerd             will--Apr 5, 1804    August 17, 1804

GARNSEY, Philo       Genoa     Will--Oct 18, 1809   January 23, 1815
GIFFORD, Ananiah     Ovid      Intestate            April 24, 1815
GILLETT, Daniel      Cayuta    Intestate

GILLISPIE, Joseph    Hector    Intestate            February 7, 1815

GORDON, James        Owego     Intestate            January 6, 1812

GRAY, David          Ovid      Intestate

GREEN, Benjamin      Ovid      Intestate            February 6, 1805

                               Will--march 20,
HAGERMAN, Isaac      Ovid      1804                 June 17, 1804

HAIGHT, Joshua       Scipio    Will--Apr 4, 1808    Dec 23, 1816
HASTINGS, Benjamin   Ulysses   Intestate            February 6, 1806

HEDGES, Abraham D.   Ulysses   Intestate            August 26, 1813

HILL, Thomas         Ovid      Intestate            July 6, 1804

HIMROD, William      Hector    Intestate            Feb 18, 1813

HINCKLEY, Bezalael   Cayuta    Intestate            June 8, 1814

                                                    June 2, 1806*
                                                    [these dates may
HIPOLITE, Vincent    Milton    Will--Dec 7, 1808*   be reversed]

HOGARTH, John        Ovid                           January 16, 1818

HOPKINS, Jonathan    Ovid      Will--May 15, 1809   Sept 12, 1812
                                 Will--February 20,
HUMPHREY, Cornelius   Hector     1811                  April 8, 1812

HUNTER, John          Ulysses    Will--Nov 23, 1802    July 13, 1803

HYATT, James          Danby      Intestate             June 3, 1815

HYDE, Robert          Caroline   Will--Apr 17, 1817    Dec 12, 1817

                                 Will--August 9,
INK, John             Ulysses    1815                  Sept 26, 1815

JEROME, Aaron         no Twp.    Will--Apr 14, 1802    June 22, 1802

JEROME, Samuel        Scipio     Will--Nov 23, 1795    April 9, 1796

JEFFERY, Anne         Ulysses    Will--Sept 5, 1813    Mar 19, 1814

JESSUP, William       Cayuta     Will--July 11, 1818           29-Jan-19

JOHNSON, Isaac        Genoa      Will--April 14, 1811 March 8, 1815

JOY, Samuel           Ovid       Intestate             April 17, 1806
KELLY, David          Ovid       Intestate             June 13, 1804

KELSEY, John          Genoa      Will--Mar 6, 1814     Apr 21, 1814
KELSEY, John 2d        Genoa    Will--Nov 14, 1813   Sept 7, 1814

KENNEDY, John          Ovid     Will--Feb 11, 1813   March 4, 1813

                                Will--January 5,
KING, Asaph            Ovid     1806                 Feb 1, 1806

KNIGHT, Horace         Danby    Intestate            Jan 24, 1815

LA BAR, William        Milton   Will--Jun 28, 1802   March 7, 1804

LAMPKINS, John         Scipio   Will--Jun 30, 1817   July 12, 1817
                                                     September 24,
LANGDON, Samuel        Hector   Intestate            1805

LAYTON, Thomas         Owego    Will--Mar 21, 1806   Oct 8, 1806

LEDYARD, Benjamin      Scipio   Will--Dec 7, 1802    Nov 12, 1803

LESURE, David          Scipio   Intestate            Jan 31, 1807

LEWIS, James           Genoa    will--Jan 7, 1817    Nov 10, 1818
LINDSLEY, John B.      Ovid     Intestate            June 5, 1805

LUCKEY, Thomas         Scipio   Will--Mar 20, 1802   Apr 18, 1802

LUDLOW, Henry          mILTON   Will--Apr 3, 1806    Feb 11, 1809
(Lummerton?), Daniel   Seipio                        Mar 7, 1818
LUSE, Israel        Genoa      Will--May 29, 1812   Jun 23, 1812

LYON, Amasa         Genoa      Will--Apr 8, 1816    May 7, 1816

LYON, Amos          Genoa      Will--Nov 13, 1815   Jan 3, 1816 ?

LYON, Aaron         Scipio     Will--May 4, 1818    Nov 3, 1818

LYON, James         Owego      Will--Apr 14, 1808   June 9, 1808

MANAHAN, Hugh       Scipio     Will--Aug 24, 1807   Nov 28, 1808

MANN, Sabin         Caroline   Intestate            Aug 23, 1813

MC DOWELL, John     Ulysses    Intestate            Jan 16, 1813

MC MASTERS, Sarah   Owego      Intestate            Oct 10, 1810

MC MATH, John       Ovid       Will--Apr 3, 1811    June 19, 1815

MESSEKER, Matthew   Ulysses    will--Nov 3, 1805    June 9, 1816

MILLER, Abraham     Ovid       Will--May 6, 1812    June 12, 1813

MILLER, Isaac       Caroline   Intestate            Feb 28, 1818

MILLER, John        Ovid       Will--Feb 12, 1808   Aug 2, 1808
MILLER, Robert       Ulysses    Will--Jan 28, 1813   Apr 29, 1815

MOON, Daniel Jr.     Caroline   Intestate            Mar 15, 1815

MONDAY, Bimah (or
Rimah)               Owego      Will--Jun 11, 1806   Nov 7, 1806

MULLEN, James        Ulysses    Intestate            Oct 3, 1814

NICKLE, Abraham      Ovid       Intestate            Feb 7, 1812

NORTH, Thomas        Genoa      Will--Apr 19, 1813   Sept 18, 1815

OWEN, Anning         Ulysses    Will--Mar 1, 1814    May 2, 1814

OWEN, Jonathan       Ulysses    Will--Aug 19, 1814   Aug 26, 1814

PARKER, Ezekiel      Scipio     Will--Aug 18, 1804   Oct 29, 1804

PATCHEN, Asel        Genoa      Will--Jul 8, 1816   Dec 14, 1816
                                Will--made at
                                Harpersfield, Mont.
                                Co., NY March 12,
PATCHEN, Isaac       Milton     1788                Feb 4, 1802

PECK, Martin         Hector     Intestate            Jan 3, 1809

PELTON, Richard W.   Ulysses    Intestate            Jan 16, 1813

PICKARD, Jonas       Ovid       Will--Dec 26, 1812   Jan 13, 1813
PINKERTON, John      Ovid      Intestate            Sept 12, 1805
PIXLEY, David        Owego     Intestate            Feb 10, 1800

PHELPS, Noah         Ovid      Intestate            Jan 13, 1813

POMEROY, Reuben      Genoa     Will--May 21, 1812   Aug 31, 1812

PROBASCO, George     Hector    Intestate            Jun 12, 1815

PURDY, John          Ovid      Will--Mar 31, 1808   May 2, 1808

QUIGG, John          Spencer   Intestate            Feb 9, 1813

REYNOLDS, Jedediah   Milton    Will--Feb 17, 1800   Mar 11, 1800

RICH, Sibyl          Owego     Will--Oct 9, 1804    Oct 19, 1808

RICHEY, Daniel Sr.   Ulysses   Wil--Feb 3, 1813     Feb 15, 1813

ROGERS, Ebenezer     Genoa     Will--May 11, 1815   Jul 12, 1815

ROOTS, Bardsley      Danby     Intestate            Jul 7, 1814

RUMSEY, Moses        Scipio    Will--Jul 29, 1816   Sept 30, 1816

SALYER, Zacheus      Danby     Will--Aug 1, 1817    Oct 13, 1817

SANDERS, Ebenezer    Danby     will--Sept 9, 1815   Oct 21, 1815
SAVACOOL, Jacob     Cayuta     Will--Dec 3, 1821    Mar 20, 1823

Moses D.            Caroline   Will--Sep 10, 1815   Feb 14, 1817

Benjamin            Ulysses    Will--May 7, 1813    May 18, 1813

SCHOONOVER, Peter   Owego      Intestate            May 7, 1807

SEABOLT, Henry      Scipio     will--Apr 2, 1818    Sept 12, 1818

SEBRING, John       Ovid       Intestate            Oct 2, 1804

SEBRING, Richard    Cayuta     Intestate            Oct 18, 1821

SEELEY, John        Ovid       Will--no date        Jun 24, 1809
SEELEY, John B.      Genoa        will--Nov 18, 1812   Feb 1, 1813

SETEN, Willard       Genoa        Will--May 18, 1812   Oct. 12, 1812
SEVERNS, John        Ulysses      Intestate            May 8, 1806

SHEARMAN, Charles    Scipio       Will--Jan 27, 1807   Mar 14, 1807

SHEPARD, Thomas      Ulysses      Intestate            Sep 19, 1805

SIMPSON, Alexander   Ovid         Will--Feb 26, 1816   July 1, 1816

SLY, Michael         Newton, NY   Will--Jul 16, 1805   Apr 2, 1808

SMITH, John          Cayuta       Intestate            Feb 15, 1813

SMITH, Peter         Ovid         Will--Sep 29, 1809   Jan 5, 1813
SMITH, Ward         Owego     Will--Apr 13, 1811   Feb 10, 1814

SNYDER, Christian   Dryden    Will--Nov 17, 1802   Mar 12, 1803

SPALDIN, Rebecca    Scipio    Will--Jan 29, 1814   May 21, 1816

SPALDING, Timothy   Ovid      Intestate            Oct 10, 1811

SPARKS, John        Owego     Will--Sep 28, 1803   Mar 10, 1804

STEVENSON, Andrews Hector     Will--Jan 12, 1816   Sep 13, 1816

STEWART, Joseph     Ovid      Will--Sep 16, 1814   Oct 17, 1815

STODDARD, Thomas    Scipio    Will--May 9, 1814    Jun 24, 1816

STOUT, Wilson       Ulysses   Intestate            Feb 15, 1808

STRONG, Philip      Scipio    Will--Nov 13, 1812   Jan 18, 1813

STUBBS, Israel      Cayuts    Intestate            Jun 9, 1813
SUTTON, John J.     Ulysses   Intestate            Jun 7, 1809
Swartwout?), John             Intestate            Oct 27, 1814

SWEGLES, Mathias    Hector    Will--not dated      Sep 16, 1814

SWICK, Rachel                 Will--Jan 24, 1817   May 12, 1817
TAYLOR, Daniel     Hector    Will--no date        Nov 30, 1814
TAYLOR, Israel     Scipio    Intestate

TEETER, Henry      Lansing   Intestate            Apr 13, 1805

THOMAS, Joseph     Owego     Intestate            Aug 19, 1803

THOMAS, Joseph     Ovid      Intestate            Nov 13, 1811

THOMPSON, Jared    Ulysses   Will--Jan 30, 1813   Apr 7, 1813

THOMPSON, Thomas             Will--Apr 22, 1798   May 14, 1797

TOAN, John         Scipio    Will--Jan 3, 1808    Feb 9, 1808

TOAN, Phebe        Scipio    Will--Jul 9, 1816    Oct 5, 1816
TOMPKINS, William    Scipio    Intestate            Jul 17, 1818

TRACY, Avery         Scipio    Intestate            Nov 16, 1811

TREMBLY, John        Ulysses   Intestate            Feb 16, 1813

TRIPP, Isaac D.      Milton    Will--Sep 20, 1798   Jan 19, 1808
TURNER, Elias        Owego     Intestate            Aug 18, 1813

VAN DOREN, Abraham Ovid        Will--Jan 19, 1813   Feb 23, 1813

VAN ETTEN, James     Owego     Will--Dec 27, 1805   Feb 27, 1806

VOORHESS, Henry      Ovid      Will--Feb 19, 1806   Mar 18, 1806

VAN TUYL, Amos       Ovid                           Sep 8, 1813

WALKER, George       Owego     Will--Mar 4, 1812    Apr 24, 1812

WARWELL, Isaac       Scipio    Will--Aug 13, 1814   Dec 10, 1814

WHITBECK, Thomas J. Scipio     Will--Mar 8, 1803    May 3, 1803

WHITE, Andrew        Owego     Intestate            Jul 27, 1808
WHITE, Jeremiah      Owego     Intestate            Feb 16, 1804

WHARTON, Henry       Ovid      Will--Jan 5, 1814    Aug 19, 1814
WILEY, James         Hector   Intestate            Aug 14, 1809

WILKINS, Leonard     Ovid     Will--Nov 15, 1806   Mar 13, 1807

WILLIAMS, Ezekiel    Owego    Intestate            Apr 15, 1803

WILLIAMSON, Joseph   Ovid     Will--Dec 22, 1804   Jun 5, 1805

WILSON, Abraham      Ovid     Intestate            Feb 7, 1807

WILSON, Daniel       Milton   Will--Jul 17, 1804   Feb 7, 1807

WILSON, Joseph       Ovid     Will--Feb 25, 1805   May 15, 1805

WITBECK, Thomas      Scipio   Will--Mar 8, 1803    May 3, 1803

WOOD, Isaac          Scipio   Will--Nov 10, 1808   Jan 7, 1809

WOOD, John           Scipio   Will--May 13, 1809   June 8, 1809

WOODRUFF, Chauncey Danby      Intestate            Oct 26, 1814

YAPLE, Jacob         Danby    Will--Dec 31, 1816   Jan 21, 1817

YAPLE, Philip        Danby    Intestate            Oct 31, 1814
YERKES, James           Ovid   Will--Jun 7, 1804    Jun 28, 1804

YOULE? (Ewell?),
Richard D.              Ovid   Will--Jun 24, 1814   Feb 18, 1815

This material was
gathered by George W.
Rice, Grace Stubbs
Rice, Myrte Rice               Transcribed from a
Haynes, Chm. Of the            copy by Barbara
Genealogical Recds.            Kone
          LEGETEES / REMARKS                         ADM / EX                   WITNESSES
                                                Adm-Andrew S. Alden

He to be buried in fensed Home Lot, on Hill,
East of House. Wife: Polly. Bros: Samuel &      Wife, Polly, Ex. Hull     Hull Taylor; John Mills;
Abraham Angle. Nephew: Ralph Price.             Taylor, Ex.               Lule Taylor, Jr.

                                                Admx--Elizabeth Bailey.

                                                Adm--Judah Baker.
                                                Admx--Abigail lBangs.
                                                Adms--Daniel Scott;
                                                Nathan Cole.

Lydia Barnaby, Ovid, Summons.
                                                Adms--Urane Barnum
                                                & Noah Barnum, both       Bondsmen--Oliver Miller;
Abijah & Orpha Barnum mentioned                 of Ovid.                  Enoch DeCamp.
                                                Bartholemew &             Bondsmen--as in
                                                Abraham Irwin, Ovid       Barnum, Silas.
Wife: Jerusha. Sons: Nehemiah Beach
Beardsley; David; Everit; Charles; John;
James. Daughters: Nancy; Betsey; Eunice;all     Exs--Nehemiah B. &         Sally Beach; Joseph
Beardsley.                                      Everit Beaardsley.        Walker; James Beach.
Wife: Hannah. Sons: Jabez; Lewis; Abner;                                   David Clark; Benj.
Nathan. Daughters: Adibail___ deceased, left    Exs--Hannah Beers;        Jennings; Nelson
heirs; Hanna, ___deceased, left heirs.          Nathan Beers.             Jennings.
Wife: Hannah. Sons: Levi; Youngest son,
Jeremiah. Daughters: Sarah Fletcher; Martha
Taylor; Azubah Grandy, Rhoda; Beulah.           Exs--Hannah Bishop;John Tillotson; George
Oldest g.son: Jonathan Holden.                  Jeremiah Bishop.   Moor; Timothy Howe.
                                                                   Charles Everts; Carissa
                                            Son, Simeon--Ex. Co- Everts; Moses
                                            Ex--Charles Deming.    Tompkins.
Wife: Effe (might be Esse). G.son: Jacob                           Isaac VanNortwick; Jane
Boice. Dau: Eleanor Bise (Boice?); Sarah    Exs--Henry Worton;     VanNortwick; Joseph
Ross, has daus. Eleonore & Elida.           Charles Kelly.         Wilson.
                                            Exs: Rev. Minor
Wife: Rosannah. Children mentioned, but not Thomas; James          Peter DeConte; Jerusha
named, not in papers.                       McCall.                DeConte.
Widow: Therziah, renounces Admx. Son:
Benjamin Bootes (found in papers).          Adm--Peregrine Nallett
Wife: Diana. Daughters: Cynthia; Nancy.
Father: Solomon Booth. Papers state that    Exs--Samuel            Benj. Ganey; Isaac
Widow, Diana, married before Sept 15, 18__ Lawrence; Samuel        Erling (?); William
Justus P. Starks.                           Agard; Elijah Hinman   Cooper

The name is frequently called______.
Children: all minors, Malekiah; John; Joseph;   Adm--Melekiah
Susann. Guardian, Christopher Johnson           Conrad.
WIFE: Rosannah. Sons: Jacob; John;
Joseph; Benjamin; Michael; ______.
Daughters: Catherine Essex(?); Margaret,
wife of Sam'l ____; Elizabeth Waggoner; Mary
steffey, has dau _____. Codicil names Ch. Of                        John Sarlls; Joshua
Dau. Catherine Essex: Mary; Jacob; Sam'l;    Exs--Sam'l Davis;      North; Charles
Nancy; John; Saray, all Essex.               Michael & David Bower. Zabris____
                                                                    Nathan Aspenwall;
Wife: Esther. Mentions 4 sons, 4 daughters, Ex--Deacon Bradley      Consider King; Hezekiah
not named.                                   (William Bradley)      Mix.
Wife: Mary. Sons: Henry; Samuel; John;       Exs--Henry & Samuel A. N. Burnham; C V
William; James; Patrick.                     Brannon                McClung; E. Burnham.
Wife: Esther. Son-in-law: Cornelius Taylor.
Sons: David; William; Thomas; James;         Ex--William Brink;     Sarah Smith; Daniel
Nicholas. Daughter: Margaret Westbrook.      Cornelius Taylor       McMarten.

Wife: Charlotte. Sons: John to have $50      Ex--Richard Townley;      Aaron Tompkins;
when of age; Charlson. Daughters: Charlotte; Ebenezer Hoskins,         Lawrence Lewis; John
Rachel; Theodosia; Elizabeth, last 3 minors. Esq.                      Britton.
                                                                       Tompkins Delavan;
                                                                       Matthias Rue; Nathaniel
Mother: Lydia Collins.                          Adm.-John Scoby        Ball.
Wife: Deliverence. Sons: Stephen; Nathan
Luce Brown. Daughters: Elizabeth Cooper,
(surviah; Rachel; Esther, all Brown.) Gr.ch:                          Fulkerd Fulkerson;
Maria Barr (?); Eunice Howell (papers say                             Jonah Tooker; Lemuel
Eunice Hause).                                  Ex--Deliverence Brown Fulkerson.
Son: Thomas. Daughter-in-law: Elizabeth
Brown, wife of Thomas. Nephews: John
Brown; Moses Brown; Edward Brown. Niece:        Exs--Richard Hudson    Isaac Bayley; Fred
Mary Brown.                                     Jr; Asa Harris.        VanLieu; Elsey Quick.
Wife: Susanna. Sons: Jeremiah; Hiram;
Alexander; Seneca; Lyman; Salmon.
Daughters: Dianna Reynolds; Lavinia                                    Philander Kelsey; Benj.
Crandall; Sally burch; Judith Burch; Clarissa   Exs--Jeremiah Burch;   Johnson; Leonard
Burch.                                          William Daniels.       Parker.
                                                Adm--Catherine Bush
                                                of Caroline.
Nephew: Adam Cantine, son of sister Sarah,      Exs--Charles Mulks;
and now servant to Charles Cantine,             Henry Quick; Levi      John Cantine; Elisha
Marbletown, Ulster Co., NY.                     Slater.                Briggs; Sarah Mulks.
Wife: Sarah. Sons: Charles; William, called
"Next of Kin."                                  Ex.--Caleb Carman.
Summons to Delilah Chambers & William
Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Clark; Isaac;            Exs--John Blauvelt;    Martin & Tunis Swick;
Blackford; William. Daughter: Sarah.            John Swick.            Tunis Huff.
                                                Ex.-- Anne Clark.
Wife: Anne. Sons: Samuel, the youngest;
William, oldest; John. Daughters: Mary;
Anna; Sarah; Rebecca, has a son, the eldest, Exs--William Clark;       Elijah Gregory; John G.
Samuel C. Brooks.                              Samuel Clark.           Clark; David Clark.
                                               Exs--Daniel Neal;
                                               William Clark,2d;       John Clark; Francis
Wife: Rachel. Sons: James; David.              James Cochran.          Hollister; Joseph Lyon.
Wife: Meribah, she owned land in Dryden,
given by the late Job Cogsell. Children:                               Thomas Estes; John
mentioned, not named. No papers found.         Ex--Meribah Cogsell     Mosier; Tamer Mosier.
Wife: Sarah. Sons: Jonathan; Robert.           Ex--son-in-law,
Daughters: Lydia; Pollyp Sarah; Hannah;        Thomas Hamilton; son,   Samuel Baker; David
Nancy; Betsey; Ruth; Jemima.                   Jonathan.               Moore.
Wife: Salet. Oldest son, David; son, Cornelius
B., under 18. Daughters: Peggy Hall; Eleanor
Huston; Hannah Stuart; Charity, Lydia,         Exs--David Cole;        Peter LeConte; John J.
Elizabeth R., all Cole.                        Cornelius Bodine.       Myers; James Covert.

Wife: Blandina. Gr.sons: Elijah Cole, Daniel   Exs: Blandina Cole;     Richard Bush; Gilbert
Cole, sons of daughter Cornelia.               Elijah Cole.            Smyth; Emanuel Coryell.

                                             Adm--Junia Cole, Ovid.
Wife: Jane. Sons: Abraham; George;
Alexander; Emanuel; James. Son, Daniel,
deceased. Daughter: Mary Tewilleger Coryell, Exs--Abraham &            Jehiel Halsey; William
unmarried, under 18.                         George Coryell.           SuttonJr.; Silas Halsey.
                                             Jennings, Danby.
Wife: Arian. Daughters: Betsey; Lana; Polly; Sons: Abraham; Peter,     Luke Knight; Joseph
Jane.                                        Exs.                      bootes; Peter LeConte.
                                             Adms--John b. covert;     John Himrod; Tunis
                                             Charles Kelly.            Covert Jr.
                                                                       Sessions Taylor; Isaac
                                               G.dau: Sally Crosswell, Taylor; Russell
G.son: Thomas Varnum, Middleton.               Middleton, Ex.          Goodyear.
Wife: Elizabeth. Neph: Samuel Sturdevant,
"my sister's son." Brothers: Reuben; Jacob;
Asahek. Sisters: Rebecca Kronk; Phebe
Crow. Niece: Mary Sturdevant. Ephraim          Exs--Elizabeth Crow;    Carey Reed; Hannah
Shaw, adopted son of ?                         Zadock Bateman.         Reed; Philander Kelsey.
Oldest son, John culley; son, James Culley.                            Joshua Wychoff;
Daughter: Sally Sulley. Brother: Michael       Exs--James Culley;      Thomas Waldron;
Coryell.                                       Michael Coryell.        Michael Coryell.
                                               Adm--Abraham Culver,

Oldest Daughter: Catherine Martin. Second
Daughter: Rachel Westbrook. Son: Abram
Davenport has daughters Amy, Martaret.      Exs--Henry Davenport; David Coodcock; Peter
Son: Peter, deceased, had wife, Catherine,  Moses Davenport,      Ryerson; Solomon
and sons, viz, Moses & Nathaniel; Son Henry Nathaniel Davenport.  davenport.
                                                                           Alexander Darrow, Fred
                                                Wife Polly--Ex.            Scofield, Isaac Johnson.
Wife: Cene. Sons: William; Henry, both full
age. Sons: Jacob; Isaac; Elijah; George;        Exs--Cene DeVoe;           Josiah Buck; Nathaniel
Warren, all minors. Daughters: Catherine;       Henry Knapp;               Coe; Epaphroditus
Sally; Polly, all under 18.                     Ebenezer Witter.           Strong.
Daughter: Sarah. G.Sons: Livy Reeves;
Stephen Reeves; Benjamin Reeves. G.Dau:
Mary Reeves. Son: Abner Corwin. Daughter:       Exs: Abner Corwin;
Sarah Dick                                      Joseph B. Starr.
                                                Husband: Caleb B.
                                                Drake, Ex.

                                                Sally Dumone, Adm.
                                                Exs: Joseph
                                                Coddington; Jacob          David Smith; Alvin
Wife: Margaret. Sons: Cornelius; John.          Shepard.                   Dibble.
Wife: Mercy. G.Son: Leonard Smeed, a
minor. G.Dau: Polly Smeed, a minor. Son:        Exs--Owen Eddy;            Hallibert Wilcox; Benj.
Owen Eddy. Daughter: Lucy Eddy.                 Zenas Ward.                Loveland; Zenas Ward.
                                                Mother: Elizabeth Ellis,   Jared Sanford; Jane
                                                Ex.                        Berger; Polly Travis
Wife: Elizabeth. Daughters: Anne; Charlotte;
Barbara; Charlote; Barbara; Nancy. Sons:
Moses; Simeon. G.Son: William Morse.            Exs: Jared Sanford;        Stephen Bishop; Isaac
G.Dau: Betsey Perry.                            Peter LeConte.             Fletcher; Lazarus Ellis.

Wife: Rebecca. Sons: James; Joseph; Jacob;      Ex: Silas Colegrove;       John Thompson: John
Stephen. G.Dau: Rebecca Andrews.                Joseph Fleming.            Tyler; Polly Brundage.
Wife: Eunice. Sons: John; Reuben; Gideon.
Daughters: Hannah; Ann; Phebe; Lucy. If         Exs: Eunice Freeman;
Betsey Ford lives with her aunt until of age,   John & Gideon              Thomas Lapham; Sperry
she is to have a cow.                           Freeman.                   Feck; William Rogers.
Wife: Sary. Oldest daughter: Roby Freeman.
Daughters: Anna Freeman; Mary Freeman;
Anne Freeman; Mary Freeman. Sons: Alvin;        Exs: Sarah Freeman;        William Clark; Michael
Gideon; William.                                Robert Knox.               Pearsall; Wm. Daniels.
                                                Exs: Elijah Hartshorn;
                                                Archer Green.

500 acres of land to be administered.           Admx: Sally Fulkerson.

Wife: Sarah. Sons: Sylvester; Benjamin;
Josias; Lemuel; Andres; Chapman; John;        Exs: Sarah Fulkerson;        John Salmon; Serren H.
Philip. Daughters: Anna; Elizabeth; Gertrude. Daniel Cain.                 Jagger; A.Miller.

Wife: Irene. Youngest Daughter: Irene.                                     Titus Howe; John
Daughter: Wunice, wife of John Beardsley;       Exs: Irene Garnsey;        Holden; Christian
Eliza, wife of David Belknap; Polly Garnsey.    John Leavensworth.         Zabrinsky.
                                                Adm: Joshua Gifford.
                                              Adm: James Murray,
Benjamin Garey, David Price, Derrick
Voorhees, On the Bond.                        Adm: Ann Gillispie
                                              Adm: David Gordon,

Widow: Martha. Papers dated June 23, 1824.
Children: Malinda, wife of William Webster;   Adms: Martha Gray;
Wilson; Permelia; Angeline; MariaJane. By     Isaac Blue; George
this date the widow had married Jacob Fisher. Sorter.
                                              Adms: Mary Green &
                                              Jonathan P.
                                              Exs: Catherine
Wife: Catherine. Sons: John V.N.; Jacob;      Hagerman; William          Jared Sanford; Lewis
David. Daughters: Ann; Katy; Sally, all       Hagerman; Grover           Halsey; William
Hagerman.                                     Smith.                     Hagerman.
                                                                         James Whippoo
                                                                         (Whipple?); Paul
Daughter: Marian Winslow. Sons: John;         Exs: Isaac & Jacob         Cogsell; Hannah
Isaac: Jacob; Abraham.                        Haight                     Whippoo
                                              Adm: Jonas Whiting.
                                              Adm: Nathaniel W.          John McLallen; John
                                              Hedges.                    Porter, Bondsmen.
Daughter: Mary Fountain (name found in        Adm: Samuel Fountain,
papers) prob. The wife of Samuel Fountain.    Milton.
                                              Adm: Elizabeth Himrod,     Bondsmen: Joseph Stull;
                                              Hector.                    Cornelius Bodine.

                                              Adm: Sally Gillett, late
                                              widow of Bazaleal;
                                              Daniel Gillett.

Wife: Martha. Sons: willett; Kismer; James.                              Samuel Bowker; Benaja
Daughters: Elizabeth; Tamer.                  Ex: Martha Hipolite        Strong.

John was lately of Suffolk Co., NY. Wife:                                William Sutton; George
Prudence. He gives to Elizabeth, wife of      Ex: Prudence Hulbert;      Wilson; Peter Young;
Matthew Jagger of Ovid.                       Luther Jagger.             Ann Young; Katy Young.
Oldest daughter: Mary, wife of Charles
Carman. Oldest son: Cornelius. Daughter:
Elizabeth, deceased, given nothing because
of losses her husband caused through
association with Drake. Son: william C. From
papers--To daughter Mary, 100 acres in the
2d allotment in Royal Grant. To Cornelius,
deed for that part of the 1st Allotment in Royal   Exs: William C.
lGrant, east side, pluse 13 acres on South         Humphrey; Charles        Charles Carman; James
part.                                              Carman.                  Bowley; Richard Janes.
Wife: Eve. Daughters: Mary Warms;
Catherine Sager; Jame Vomp; Elizabeth Van                                 Rhodes Gander (?);
Devogart; Eve Fleming. Sons: James;                Exs: Benj. Coykendall; Lydia Gander (?);
Jehochem; John                                     William VanOrman.      Richard Pangborne.
                                                   Adm: Hudson
Wife: Elizabeth, given negros, viz. John;
Abram. Ben; Cena. Daughters: Harriet; Polly
O.; Elizabeth; Julia B. all Hyde; Lettise H.
Hyde. Some are minors. Daughter: Dianna Exs: Robert H. Hyde;
G. Heggie. Sons: James P.; Robert H.; Jesse Joseph Speed; John J. Joseph Speed; Robert
H.                                           Speed.               H. Hyde.

Wife: Anne. Yountest sons: Peter; charles;                                  Mary Cooper; Gilbert
Aaron. Daughter: Polly. Sons: John;                Exs: Moses Lovell;       Stevenson; Aaron
Abraham; Joseph W.; George, each 50 acres.         Joseph Bennett.          Cooper.
Wife: Elizabeth. Brother: Levi Jerome.             Exs: Elizabeth Jerome;   Daniel Campbell; Walter
Legatee: Lebeus Ball.                              Levi Jerome.             Colton.
Wife: Lucy. Sons: Samuel; Timothy; John;
Levi; Chaunsey; Aaron. Daughters: Lucy, wife
of Joseph Edwards; Lois, was wife of Ezekiel
Colander, now wife of Elias Hitchcock; Ruth,                                Hezekiah Alcott;
wife of Edward Boylston (Boynton?); Triphena,                               Ebenezer Butler, Jr.;
wife of Gideon Brockway. Youngest son:             Exs: Lucy Jerome;        Jesse Butler; Artemas
Amasa.                                             Chauncey Jerome.         Bishop.
Daughter: Mary Ayers, has sons, Elias J.
Ayers & Daniel Ayers. G.Children: Ruth King;       Ex: son-in-law, David
Nancy McLallen; Molly spaulding; Margaret                            Jeremiah Ayers; Calvin
                                                   King; G.son, Nathaniel
Spaulding.                                         Ayers.            Freeman.
                                                   Exs: Mary Jessup; Nathaniel Tompkins;
Wile: Mary. Sons: Daniel; John.                    Capt. James Todd. Lydia Olmstead.
                                                                     Ebenezer Howe, Jr.;
Wife: Bathena. Son: Benjamin. Daughters:       Bsx: Bathena Johnson; Amos Hurlbutt; William
Elizabeth; Anna; Caroline; Sally Jane; Lovina. Ebenezer Howe Jr.     Howe.
                                               Adm: Hannah Joy,
                                               Adm: Charles Kelly.

G.Son: Henry Kelsey. Wills to Oledine, wife of Exs: Henry Kelsey;           Henry Ludlow; Thomas
Abel Matthews.                                 Abel Matthews                Daugherty; Abijah Miller.
Wife: Betsey. Sons: Ferdenand; Erasmus
Darwin; Americus. In the papers, Ex. Signs                               Josiah Trobridge;
as Elizabeth minturn. She has evidently         Exs: Betsey Kelsey;      Samuel Scofield; John
married John Minturn.                           Samuel Branch            Root.

Wife: Isabella. Sons: William; John; James,
given 300 acres in Military Tract. Daughters:                          Thomas Barned;
Betsey; Polly; Jennet; Sally Nancy. The will    Exs: Isabella Kennedy, Nicholas Rappley;
speaks of the infant children.                  Archibald Douglas.     Hezekiah Allen.
                                                Exs: "Friend and Bro." Phineas Fullerton;
Wife: Deborah. Daughters: Samanthy;             Benjamin S. Ferris;    Joseph Thomas; Thos.
Phebe; Sarai, all King, all under 18.           Deborah King.          Campbell.
                                                Adm: Horatio Knight,
                                                New Berlin, Chenango
                                                Co., NY.

Born 1767, died July 4, 1802. Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: Ephraim; Elias; Abraham; William;        Exs: Henry Bloom;         Abraham Bloom; James
George. Daughters: Catherine; Mary; Sally.     Peter Conrad.             Bishop.

John owned land in Dryden, NY. Wife:
Rebecca. Sons: Isaac; Newcomb; Harry;           Exs: Rebecca
Benjamin; John; Sylvester; Doctor; Charles.     Lampkins; Charles        Consider King; Lucile
Daughters: Antha; Semantha; Betsey.             Kindle; Luther Tupper.   cook; William Clark 2d.

The wife of John Garey is an heir.              Adm: Mary Langdon.

Wife: Anne. Daughters: Lydia; Sally. Sons:                               Charles Coryell; James
James; Thomas; Peter.                           Ex: Anne Layton          Howell; Solomon Taylor.

                                                Exs: bro-in-law, Samuel
Wife: Ann. Sons: Samuel; Benjamin; Caleb;       Forman, Cazenovia;
Jonathan D. Daughters: Mary, wife of Glen       son-in-law, John
Cuyler; Helen, wife of John Lincklaen;          Lincklaen, Cazenovia; Seth Pillips; Elias Avery;
Catherine Ledyard; Peggy Ledyard.               Ann Ledyard.            Christopher Morgan.
Children: Tabetha; William W.; Harvey;
Amanda; Plumey; Lora, all minors. Guardian:
Benjamin Whitten.

Wife: Mary. Sons: John; David; James;
Jacob; Samuel; Reuben. Daughters: Esther;                                Abram St.John; William
Sally. Sons: Thomas; Isaac; Alpheus; Elias.     Exs: Mary Lewis;         Godwin Jr; Fanny
Evidently Mary is a second wife.                James Wiggins.           Goodwin.
                                                Adm: John Lindsley.
                                                                         Joseph Richardson;
Children, all minors: Lettuce; John; Sarah;     Ex: James Riddle         George Barkley; E.
Charles.                                        (Kiddle?) NY City.       Burnham.

Sons: Henry; Thomas. Daughter: Susannah, Sons Exs: Thomas      J M Pearson; Alpheus
wife of Samuel McCoung (McGowen?)        Ludlow; Henry Ludlow. Rouse; A. Miller, Jr.
Children, all infants: Thomas; Harriet;
Rebecca. Guardian: Michael Hathaway.
Wife: Mary. Sons: James; Fleming; simeon;
Israel. Daughters: Lydia; Catherine; Eleanor; Exs: Mary Luce; James James McKinney; Walter
Mary Ann. (Some children are minors.)         Luse.                   Brown; James Bishop.
                                                                      Joseph Chittenden;
Wife: Sophia. Father: Amos Lyon. Brother:     Exs: Amos Lyon; Sarah Nathan Aspenwall; Israel
Harvey Lyon.                                  ? Lyon; David Crocker. Lyon.
Sons: Amasa; Hervey; Amos. Daughters:
Anna, wife of Mathias Reed; Hannah, wife of                           Thomas Salisbury;
Ebenezer Parsons; Eunice, wife od John        Exs: Amasa & Amos       Delilah Palmer; Ruth
Chadwick; Amy Lyon, unmarried.                Lyon                    Seymour.
                                              Exs: Rhoda Lyon;
Wife: Rhoda. Daus: Arba; Esther, wife of      Eleazer Burnham;        Arba Konroe; Jacob
Willard Bragg. Son: Aaron.                    Joshua Conley           Chilson; Samuel Conley.
Wife: Sarah. Shildren mentioned but not                               Joel Starkweather;
named.                                        Ex: Saray Lyon.         Mason Whiting.
                                              Exs: Thomas
                                              Manahan; James          Clark Beach; John
Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: William; Thomas;       Manahan; William        Lamkin; Israel Kosher
James. Daughters: Margaret; Jean.             Manahan.                (or Rosher or Mosher).
                                              Adm: George Blair,
Son of Robert & Mary McDowell, died in the    Adm: Nicol Halsey,
Navy, in War of 1812.                         Ulysses.
                                              Adm: Enoch S.
                                              Williams, Berkshire,
                                              Broome Co., NY.
Wife: Ann. Mentions "Faithful Clerk", Peter
Himrod, who is given #100 ($100?) per yr.
Children are mentioned, not named, all
minors. Brother: Samuel McMath. From
probate papers: Daughters: Mabel, wife of
Peter Himrod; Louisa, wife od George W.       Exs: Ann McMath;
Hathaway. Sons: Alla McMath; Michael          Samuel McMath; Peter Luther S. Jagger; John
McMath; John b. McMath.                       A. Covert.              Berger; Peter LeConye.
Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Abraham; John; Isaac;                          Benjamin Coykendall,
Jacob; Moses. Daughters: Betsey Martin;                               Thomas Martin; Ore
Catherine Messeker.                           Ex: Elizabeth Messeker Linderman.
Natural son: Abraham. Wife: Betsey. Son:
Daniel. Daughters: Rebecca; Catherine.
Brothers: Zebud; William; Anthony.                                    Seth Warner; Arron
Stepmother: Sophia Miller, widow of Daniel    Exs: Betsey Miller;     Miller Jr.; William
Miller.                                       John Goltry.            Randall.
                                              Adms: Jacob Miller;
                                              Jacob Hedges.
Wife, Lydia. Mentions:a wench, Lett, to be
freed at death of wife." Sons: John; James.
G.Sons: John Caton Gould, son of Wm
Gould, his son-in-law; John Gould, son of     Exs: Lydia Miller;
Daniel Gould, his son-in-law. Daughters:      Joseph Miller, Milton;
Lydia, given a slave named Deborah; Sally,    Daniel Buckbee, son-in- Corns. Waring; Aaron
given a slave named Lucy.                     law, of Ovid.           Miller; Thomas Tuttle.
Wife: Peggy. Sons: John Wm. Miller; James
Harvey Miller. Five daughters not named (not Exs: Peggy Miller,           Joel W. Bacon; Hugh
in probate papers.) Brother: Elijah Miller.  Elijah Miller.               Burk; Ira H. Smith.
                                             Adm: Stephen Moon,
Wive: mentioned, not named. Sons: Samuel; Exs: Samuel &
Nicholas. Daughters: Rachel; Polly; Sarah;   Nicholas Monday,(the         John Smith; Elizabeth
Hannah                                       sons)                        Smith; Stephen Hopkins.

                                                 Adms: Catherine
                                                 Mullen; Barney Merion;
                                                 John Wessels.
                                                 Adm: Selah Squires,
(He was born in PA 1757, son of Roger North,
b.1704 in Eng. Roger settled in PA 1750.
Thomas North married Naomi Davis. This
from family Bible records.) Wife: Naomi.
Sons: Joshua; Joseph; Roger. Daughters:          Exs: Naomi North;     Henry Ludlow; Arad Joy;
Elizabeth; Mary Ann; Magdelin.                   Joshua & Joseph North A. Miller.
Wife: Mary Bowen. Brother: Mobray Owen.
Daughters: Christine, wife of Anglebert                                   John C. Hoyt; Betsey
Hartsaugh (or Hartshorn?); Elizabeth, wife of                             Beardsley; Joseph
John Shaw.                                       Ex: Mowbray Owen         Sidney.
Sons: Jonathan, Ulysses; Caleb Carman,
Hector. Farmers. Nathaniel; William; Jesse;
Joseph. Daughters: Polly, wife of Moses
Brown; Sarah, wife of John Coddington;
Eleanor, wife of Daniel Holmes; Susannah,                                 Robert Swartwout;
wife of Daniel Brown. Son Aaron Kortright        Exs: Jonathan Owen;      Orson Dolph; John
Owen.                                            Caleb Carman.            Moore.
Wife: Ruth. Sons in order of birth: Ezekiel;
Ira; William; Leonard; Reiley; Thomas; Philip.                            Samuel Bennett; Richard
Daughters: Lucy; Ruth, wife of Gideon                                     Hudson Jr.; Green
Freeman.                                         Exs: Gideon Freeman      Parker.
Wife: Hannah. Sons: Ebenezer; William;
Jacob; Jared. Daughter: Molly, wife of Elijah    Exs: Sons, William &     Samuel Depree; Henry
Parsons.                                         Jared.                   Duptree; A. Miller.

Wife: Betsey. Daughters: Abigail; Nonna?;                             John Harper; Daniel
Perthenia. Son: Isaac, called the youngest,                           Thorp; William
others not named.                              Ex: William McFarland. McFarland.
                                               Adms: Frances Peck;
                                               Charles Everts; Caleb
                                               Smith, all Hector.
Papers filed signed by Silas Halsey; Jehiel H. Adms: Jane Pelton;
Halsey.                                        Nicol Halsey.
                                               Exs: Nicholas C.
Jonas was a blacksmith. Father: Nicholas C. Pickard; Nicholas N.      Joseph N. Pickard; Mary
Pickard. Brother: Nicholas N. Pickard          Pickard.               Coleman.
Papers in the case name Sarah Pinkerton         Adms: William Purdy;
and Henry Pinkerton of NJ                       James Purdy.
                                                Adm: David Pixley.
The names of Minor Thomas and Benjamin          Adms: Julale Phelps;
Swick on the bond.                              Zepheniah Lott.
Wife: Esther, married by 1817 to Darius
Adams. Daughter: Julia B., married by 1817 to
Lemuel Milliken of Genoa. Sons: Seneca;
Dwight. In 1817 Seneca Pomeroy is             Exs: Esther Pomeroy;   William Bradley; Harvey
Petitioner.                                   Jabez Bradley.         Hotchkiss; Betsey P-----?
                                                                     Joseph Van Fleet;
                                                Adm: Jacob Probasco, Abraham Laboyteaux,
                                                oldest son.          Bondsmen.
                                                Exs: Brother James
Wife: Mary. Sons: William; John. Daughter:      Purdy with wife Mary William Dunlop; Joseph
Rebecca. Brother: James Purdy                   Purdy.               Yerkes; William Purdy.

Widow: Lucy M.                                  Admx: Widow, Lucy M.

Wife: Hannah. Sons: William; Clark;
Jedediah; Joshua. Daughters: Juley; (Silunn?                             Daniel Bacon; John
Silome?); Elizabeth; Abigail. Hannah Sholes,                             Royal; Ephraim
willed same as the daughters.                  Ex: Jedediah Reynolds.    Woodruff.
Sons: David; Joel. Daughter: Lucretia, wife of Exs: James Steel;         Josiah Ball; John Brown;
James Steel.                                   Ebenezer Cook.            Henry Ball.

Wife: Jerusha. Sons: Robert; John; Daniel;
William. Daughters: Margaret Beas; Charity
Williamson. G.Sons: Daniel & John Richey,       Adms: Robert & John      James Dowling; Russell
sons of Widow Richey, minors.                   Richey.                  Andrews; John For.

Wife: Thankful. Daughter: Betsey, evidently                              E. Burnham;
young. Son: Elias. Other children and                                    A.N.Burnham; John
g.children mentioned, not named.                Ex: Elias Rogers.        Almy.
                                                Adm: Joshua Cowell,
Wife, not named, to be Ex. Sons: Isaac;
Moses; John. Daughters: Elizabeth; Polly;
Jane; Phebe Ann; Maraba; Nancy; Lucy, all       Exs: The wife; Isaac
Rumsey, all minors.                             Rumsey.
Wife: elizabeth. Sons:James; Daniel; Peter C.
G.; Seth H. Daughters: Elizabeth Hester;                                 William Collins;
Phebe; Angeline Samantha; Salomy Kotesta;       Exs: Elizabeth Salyer;   Benjamin Oviatt; Hiram
Prob. All Salyer.                               James Salyer.            Crane.

Wife: Polly. Sons: Isaac; John. Daughter:
Sally Maranda Sanders. He wills her a
mortgage against land, occupied by Sylvanus
B. Norton, which becomes due at the death of Exs: Polly Sanders;         William Sprague; Jacob
Sally, wife of Abraham Johnson.              Joseph Casterline.          Brown; Lewis Casterline.
Wife: Pheby. Sons: William; Abraham; John;
George. Daughters: Mary; Peggy; cristine;  Exs: John Savacool;
Phebe; Nancy; Lucinda. Gdaus: Nancy &      son-in-law, Samuel          Thomas Bishop; James
Lucinda.                                   Hendershot.                 Bishop; Lambert Bishop.
                                                                       Jacobus Quick, Jr.;
Wife: Jemima. Brother: Simeon D. W.           Exs: Simeon D. W.        Jacob D. W.
Schoonmaker. Will mentions "all my            Schoonamker; John        Schoonmaker,Jr.;
children", nothing in papers.                 James Speed.             Abraham Hiemans.

Daughter: Hannah, wife of Platt Pelton Smith.
G.Sons: Joshua & Elijah Smith, sons of
Hannah. G.daus: Peggy Van Horn, daughter
of Hannah. G.G.son: ____Schoonover. G.G
Dau: Johannah Richards; Benjamin Smith,
mentioned, no relation given. (Platt P. Smith
married Hannah Schoonover in Walpack, NJ
where wewre born: Joshua, Bapt 1785;
Peggy, bapt. same date.--See Dutch Rfd. Ch.
Records, Smithfield, Pa. Mary, born Aug 4,
1787; Joanna, born 1789; Elijah, born 1791.
Children born in Tompkins co. NY. Benjamin;
Alvah; Hannah; Robert. This Smith family      Exs: Plat P. Smith;      James Crawford;
went ot Tompkins co. between 1796 and 1800 Joshua Smith; Joshua        Annanius Smith; Anna
where Benjamin Schoonover died.)              Smith 2d.                Shepard.
                                              Adm: James
                                              Schoonover, Owego.
Wife: Dorothy. Sons: Henry; John, in PA;
Joseph; Jacob, deceased. Daughters: Anna;                              Reuben Doty; Catharine
Susannah. G.son: Jacob, called John, son of Exs: Henry & Joseph        Warwick; David
Jacob, deceased.                              Seabolt                  Thomas.

                                              Adms: Fulkerd Sebring;
                                              John VanTuyl.
                                              Adm: Cornelius

Wife: Eleanor. Sons: John; William P?; Joel,
a minor; Hezekiah; Harvey; Asa P.
Daughters: Elizabeth Seeley; Arvilla Seeley;
Eleanor Seeley. Son?: Jeduthan Seeley, land
in Ulysses Military Tract, where he now lives. Exs: Eleanor Seeley;    Amos Douglass; William
To Joel Pease and his wife, Elizabeth (Prob. A William P. Seeley or    Tanner; William
dau.). He mentions a slave girl, Susanna.      Ovid; Henry Wood.       Douglas, Jr.
Wife: Sarah. (By records, she had married
Wm. Patton, by Dec. 1823.) Sons: Charles;
Samuel? Daughters:all minors, Azubah;
Sarah; Stella. Brother: Jonas Seeley. Bro-in-
law: Henry Tower, Ontario Co., NY Phelps?)
By 1825, Azubah is Azubah Tuthill and Hiram                           Samuel S. Seeley; Hanry
Tuthill of Lyons, NY relinquishes right to                            Seeley; Hezekiah
property of Sally Seeley.                     Ex: Sarah Seeley.       Seeley.

Wife: Esther. Sons: Willard; Jesse; William;
John; Joel. Daughters: Barbara Alden; Betsey
Petty; Susa Seten. Young Children: Fanny;
James; Charles; Samuel. Sons: Wm. John; Exs: William Seten;           Ishmael Reeve; Amos
Joel given land in Locke, NY.                James Seten.             Castle; Benjamin Raze.

Wife: Lois. Daughters: Eunice; Edith; Lucy;                           John Wood; John
Lois, all minors. Sons: Jonathan; Stephen;                            Winslow; Abraham
Charles; Benjamin Winslow, all minors.        Ex: Lois Shearman       Shearman.
                                              Adms: Jacob Shepard
                                              2d, Scipio; Jacob
Wife: Dolly. Sons: Henry; Lewis: Benjamin:
Charles. Daughters: Mary Catherine; Eliza,    Ex: Dolly Simpson;      Barna Swartwout; Elijah
minors under 21.                              Jared Sandford.         Kinne Jr.

Wife: Margaret, (2d wife) Sons: George;
John; Abraham; Jacob, each 104 acres.
Daughters: Elizabeth; Wynche; Hannah;
Sarah; Mary; Anna, each to have $427.60.
From Church & Family records: Michael Sly
died at Owego, NY. His first wife, and mother
of all the children was Cathering, ---said by
her descendants to have had Indian blood.
Children: George, b.?; John, b.1767;
Abraham, b.1779; Jacob,b,'80. Elizabeth,
b.1769, married Joseph Miller; Mary, b.1771,
married Peter Conrad; Sarah, b.1773, married
John Jennings;Hannah, b.1774, married
Jacob Smith; Anna, b.1776, married Daniel
Beckwith; Wineho, b.1782, married Henry
Teeter, All these daughters, with their                               Matthew Carpenter; Asa
husbands, came into what was to be            Exs: George & John      Misner; Vincent
Tompkins Co.                                  Sly                     Matthews.
                                              Exs: Elizabeth Smith;
Widow: Elizabeth.                             Jacob Wise, Danby.

Wife: Jemima. Sons: Peter; Jacob, who has     Exs: Peter Smith;       Silas Halsey; Joshua
son Peter. Daughter: Mary Swartwout.          Andrew Dunlop.          Wickoff; John Brundage.
Wife: Sarah. Sons: James; Ward.                                             Isaac S. Boardman;
Daughters: Sarah; Elizabeth; Deborah;             Exs: sons, James &        John Ogden; Samuel
Loretta; Mary; Hannah.                            Ward Smith.               Saltmarsh.
Sons: William; Christian; David, still a minor.   Exs: William Snyder &
Daughters: Catherine; Elizabeth; Mary;            son-in-law, George        Peter Snyder; James
Susanna; Sarah; Margaret.                         Dart.                     Bishop; Henry Snyder.
                                                                            Gilbert Roberts;
Son: John. Daughters: Hannah; Rebecca;                                      Elizabeth Roberts;
Mary                                              Ex: John Spaldin.         Nathan Teall.

                                                  Adms: Abigail Spalding;
                                                  Moses Green.
                                                                         David McMaster;
Wife: Lois. Daughters: Arelia; Olive. Son:                               Jeremiah McMaster;
John.                                             Ex: Joseph Barker.     Jacob Gibson.
                                                  Ex: Isaac Avery, "good William McIntyre; Tyler
Wife: Suzanna. Son: Gilbert.                      friend".               White; Horace Hinkley.
                                                                         Enoch DeCamp; John P.
Son: Enoch. G.Daughter: Rhoda Updyke, a           Ex: son-in-law, Joseph Covert; Elijah
minor.                                            Covert.                Duckworth.

Wife: Abigail. Sons: Isaac; Joseph; Chester;
Thomas. Daughters: Polly, deceased wife of
Lot Tousley; Abigail, wife of Elijah Drake, has                             Glen Cuyler; Benjamin
son, Thomas; Mabel, wife of Levi Atwell;                                    Cuyler; Richard G.
Weather, wife of Gideon Freeman.                                            Cuyler.
                                                                            Bondsmen: Joseph
                                                                            Goodwin; Frederick
                                                  Adm: Hannah Stout         VanLeiu (or Lew)
Wife: Reliance. Sons: Joseph; John, a minor;
Philip & Daniel Reed Strong, both minors.         Exs: Abraham Dunning;
Daughter: Phebe, under 21. The mother of          Alanson Tracy; Glen   Lovice Reed; John Toll;
Phebe is dead.                                    Cuyler.               Norman Stevens.
Widow: Susan. From family records: Israel
Stubbs was born in Orange Co., NY May 28,
1788 the son of William & Mary Stubbe. The
birth recd. In in the Chruch Recds. Of            Adm: Lawrence
Goshen, NY. Israel had one known child,           Armerman (or
John T. Stubbs.                                   Ammerman)
                                                  Adm: John Sutton

Wife: Nancy

                                                                            Grover Smith; John
                                                  Exs: Anna Swegles;        Shewett Sr. John
                                                  John Finton of            Shewett Jr. (Papers in
Wife: Anna. Daughter: Julia Swegles. Son:         Romulus; Reuben           the case spell the
William, a minor.                                 Smith.                    witness name, Shuoitt.)
A widow. Daughters: Mascey; Barbara;
Hannah; Rachel. Sons: John; Martin;               Exs: John Blauvelt;       William Chandler; Julius
Benjamin; Andrew.                                 Henry Fulkerson.          Blackburn; John Lever.
Wife: Abigail. Oldest Daughter: Hepzibah,
wife of Thomas Horton. Youngest Daughter:
Lydia McCann. 2dDaughter: Molly Peterson.
3dDaughter: Marget Gray. Nephew: Daniel     Ex: Thomas Horton,        Jonathan Slocum;
Horton; Richard Taylor.                     son-in-law.               Robert Armstrong.
nothing more found.

From Family & Bible Rcds: Henry Teeter,
born 1743, a Revolutionary Soldier, married
Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob & Susanna
Beidleman. Children: Catherine, b.1767;
Conrad, b.1770, married Christine, daughter
of Chrisopher Keller; Jacob, b.1772, married
Mary, daughter of Chrisopher Keller;
Susanna,b.1774, married Honteeter Bauer;
Henry, b.1777, married Wynche, daughter of
Michael Sly, Rev. Soldier; Daniel, b.1780,
married Catherine, daughter of William Labar;
Elias, b.1782, married Rachel ___; Elizabeth,
b.1785; Christine, b.1787, married, Joseph,
son of Thomas Nor-?-; Henry Teeter died       Exs: Coonrod Teeter;
Dec. 10, 1804.                                James Bishop.
                                              Adm: Jonathan
                                              Adms: Rufus H. Clark;
                                              Jonathan P.
                                              Exs: Grace Thompson;
Wife: Grace. Son: Isaac. Daughters:           Saml. Weyburn Jr.,      Artemas Curtis; Zuriel
Lovinda; Lydia; Harriet; Harriet; Sally, all  Daniel & Samuel         Curtis; Saml. Weyburn
Thompson.                                     Thompson                Jr.
He had a ferry boat. Wife: mentioned, not
named. Sons: Alexander; James; John;
Thomas & Maxwell, minors. Daughters:
Betsey Richardson; Jean Sloan; Sally; Pollyp Exs: John & Isabella     Joseph Cole; John Scott;
Nancy; Isabella.                              Thompson                William Richardson Jr.
Wife: Phebe. Children: Petty; Johnp Lewis;
Nancy; Thomas; Jane.
Late widow of John Toan. To:Lewis Toan;
Elizabeth Niverson, daughter of James
Rightmire; Mary Murphy, daughter of James
Rightmire; Phebe Toan, daughter of John
Toan; Phebe, daughter of William Austran?;
Phebe Rightmire, daughter of Cornelius
Rightmire; Phebe Murphy, duaghter of Mary
Murphy; Jane Toan, duaghter of Lewis Toan;
Father: James Rightmire. Brother: James                               Phebe Scoby; John
Rightmire.                                    Ex: Lewis Toan          Brown; Lewis Rightmire.
Only names are: Gideon Tompkins; Phebe
Tompkins; Lucy Tompkins; Luna (or Lura)
Tompkins; William Tompkins; Anna
Tompkins. Guardian of these children: James
Prob. Children, all infants: Stephen; Eber;
Benjamin; Joseph C.; Charles; Alfred, all   Adm: Jeffery A.
Tracy.                                      Farnam.
                                            Adms: Mary Trembly,
                                            Ulysses; Christopher
                                            Cool, Phelps, Ontario      Bondsmen: William
                                            Co., NY                    Atwater; John Sutton.
                                                                       Elnathan Gregory;
Wife: Hannah. Daughters: Sally; Susan; Ann.                            Elnathan Curtis Jr.;
Sons: Henry; Hiram; Daniel; John.           Ex: Hannah Tripp           James Bishop.
                                            Adm: Abner Turner.
Wife: Mary. Sons: Abraham, minor under 21;                             Wits: Richard Drake;
Jacob, minor under 21; Five daughters,      Exs: Mary VanDoren &       James Perine; John R.
unnamed, two are married.                   friend, Fulkerd Sebring.   Sebring.
Wife: Mary. Father-in-law, Adam Shick.
Daughters: Polly, wife of Thomas Baker;
Jemimah, wife of Joseph Langford. Sons:                                Benj. Shick; Alexander
Joshua; James. Daughters: Elizabeth;                                   Annis; Permiel
Cornelia; Caty; Hannah.                     Ex: wife, Mary.            Westbrook.
                                            Exs: wife Peggy; John
                                            Voorhes; Joshua
Five: Peggy. Daughters: Nelly; Peggy; Anne; Coshun?; Cornelius         Hendrick VanLiew;
Molly. Son: Stephen                         Wyckoff.                   Oliver Miller; David Bird.
                                            Adm: Elizabeth
                                            VanTuyl of Minisink,
                                            Orange Co., NY

Wife: Mary. He owes money to Aaron D.
Woodruff in Trenton, NJ. Sons: Jacob; Henry;
John, the youngest; Samuel; Elias; George.                             Charles Coryell; Edmund
Daughters: Betsey; Mary. He mentions the      Exs: Henry & Samuel      Palmer; Emanuel
children of his former wife, unnamed.         Walker                   Coryell.
Son: Isaac; David T.; Guy, a minor.
Daughters: Elizabeth, wife of Josiah Phelps;                           Aaron Ingalls; Elizabeth
Hannah, wife of William Chase; Hulda, wife of                          Coonly; Catherine
Andrew T. Gault.                              Ex: Samuel Coonly        Coonly.

Wife: Mary. Daughters: Tine; Mary; Gitty.                              William Dickison; Jacob
Sons: Jacob; Leonard; Henry.                 Ex: Mary Whitbeck         Hoagland; Jacob Bogart.

Widow: Elizabeth.                            Adm: widow, Elizabeth.
Wife: Eanny.                                 Adm: wife, Janny.
                                                                       Abraham Irwin; Richard
                                             Ex: wife, Eleanor, sole   Henderson; Abraham
Wife: Eleanor.                               Es.                       Bodine.
                                                Adms: Eliphalet
                                                Shattuck & Jane
                                                Shattuck of Snell,
                                                Ontario Co., NY
Sons: David; William; John; George.
Daughters: Eleanor Marshall; Mary Bailey;       Exs: William& George   William Wilkin; Sally
Sarah Gray. G.Son: Leonard Wilkin.              Wilkin.                Gray.

                                                  Adm: Emanuel Coryell
Wife: Mary. Son: William. Daughters:
Charity; Kitty; Lucretia; Alletta, all unmarried.
The testator owned a slave woman, named
Sort, to be made free when Alletta reached
the age of 14. Material found in probate
papers, no date: Heir: Jacob Runyan.
Daughter Dharity married John B. Laraway.
Daughter Kitty, miarried Albert Navins.
Daughter Lucretia married Adam Bellis.
Daughter Alletta, married Geroge Wilkins.
William Williamson, deceased, of New Jersey,                           Samuel Kneelund;
had a Daughter Sarah, who married Jeremiah Exs: John Groondyke; Barnet Styker; James
Rappleye.                                         William Ditmar.      McCall.

                                                                      Bondsmen: Peter
                                                Adm: Abraham Wilson Young; Albert S. Wilson.
                                                                      Andrew Leeman;
Wife: Mary. Sons: Samuel D.; Daniel; John.                            Ephraim Woodruff; Mary
G.Dau: Polly Dibble, a minor.                   Ex: Ebenezer Hoskins. Jessup.
Wife: Elizabeth. Son: John Wilson.
Daughters: Hannah; Lydia Patience; Sarah,       Ex: Minor Thomas, a    Phineas Fullerton; Asa
last two, under 18.                             friend.                Corwin; Asaph King.
Wife: Mary. Daughters: Mary; Gitty, youngest
daughter unmarried. He mentions a married
daughter, unnamed. Sons: Jacob; Leonard;                               William Dickison; Jacob
Henry, under 16.                                Ex: Mary Witbeck       Hoagland; Jacob Bogart.
Wife: Ruth. Sons: Jedediah, given land in Tp.
Of Cambridge, NY; Walter; James.
Daughters: Rebecca Allen; Elizabeth. Walter;    Exs: sons, Walter;     William Renouf; Joseph
James G.Daughter: Ruth Finkler.                 James.                 Follett; Daniel Follett.

Wife: Dinah. Daughters: Cynthia Mosher;
Hepzibah Crippen, left children, not named;     Exs: Jethro Wood;
Hanah whipple. Son: Jethro. A "bound out"       James Whipple; Asael
boy, named James Sherman, under 21.             Mosher, son-in-law.

                                                Adm: Jason Woodruff.
Wife: Maria. Sons: Peter; Henry; David;
philip, deceased, left a son, Jacob.                                    Wits: David Woodcock;
Daughters: Polly Boice; Catherine Baker;        Exs: Maria Yaple; Peter Abner Cashaday;
Rachel Harmond.                                 & David Yaple.          Sylvanus B. Norton.
                                                Adms: Mary Yaple;
Widow: Mary                                     Peter Yaple.
Wife: Rachel. Son: Stephen; another son, not      Exs: Rachel Yerkes;   William Dunlap; Joseph
named. "The family shall be moved to PA."         Stephen Yerkes.       Yerkes.
Testator is just going into the US Service.
Property willed to Nathan Hall and wife, Sally.   Adms: Nathan Hall;
Name spelled Youle on papers.                     Daniel Cole           S. Wells; John Sniffen.
ADAMS, Darius
ALDEN, Barbara
ALLEN, Rebecca
ANDREWS, Rebecca

BAKER, Catherine
BAKER, Thomas
BALL, Lebeus
BARR?, Maria
BESS? (or Best?), Margaret
BOICE, Polly
BRAGG, Willard
BROOKS, Rebecca
BROOKS, Samuel C.
BROWN, Daniel
BROWN, Moses
BURR (or Bun?), Maria
BUEL, Salmon

CARMAN, Charles
CHASE, William
COOPER, Elizabeth
CORYELL, Michael
COVERT, Joseph
CRIPPEN, Hepzibah

DART, George
DAVIS, Samuel
DICK, Sarah
DRAKE, Elijah
DRAKE, Thomas
DRAKE, Elizabeth

ESSEX, Catherine

FERRIS, Benjamin S.
FORD, Betsey
FORMAN, Samuel

GOULD, Daniel
GOULD, William
GOULD, John Caton
GRANDY, Azubah
GRAY, Margaret
GRAY, Sarah
GAULT, Andrew T.

HALL, Nathan
HALL, Peggy
HALSEY, Jehiel
HALSEY, Nicoll
HARTSAUGH, Anglebert
HAUSE, Eunice
HEGGIE, Diana G.
HOLDEN, Jonathan
HOLMES, Daniel
HORTON, Daniel
HORTON, Thomas
HOWELL, Eunice
HUSTON, Eleanor

ISAACS, Susanna

JAGGER, Matthew
JAGGER, Luther
JOHNSON, Abraham

LARAWAY, John b.

KING, Ruth
KING, David
KRONK, Rebecca

MARTIN, Betsey
MARTIN, Catherine
MC CANN, Lydia
MC COUAND?, Samuel
MEAD, Methias
MILLER, Joseph
MORSE, William

NEVINS, Albert
NIVERSON, Elizabeth

PARSONS, Ebenezer
PATTON, William
PERRY, Betsey
PETTEY, Betsey
PHELPS, Josiah
PRICE, Ralph

RAPPLEYE, Jeremiah
REEVES, Stephen
REEVES, Benjamin
RICHARDS, Johannah
ROSS, Sarah
ROSS, Elenor & Elida

SAGER, Catherine
SHATTUCK, Eliphalet
SHAW, Ephraim
SHAW, John
SHOLES, Hannah
SMEED, Leonard
SMEED, Polly
SMITH, Hannah
SMITH, Joshua
SMITH, Elijah
SMITH, Peggy
SMITH, Benjamin
SMITH, Jacob
STARKS, Justus P.
STEEL, James
STUART, Hannah

TAYLOR, Cornelius
TAYLOR, Martha
TOWER, Henry


VAN DE BOGART, Elizaabeth
VOMP, Jane

WAGGONER, Elizabeth
WEBSTER, William
WILKIN, George

Compiled by: (Mrs) Myrte Rice Haynes, Chm. Cayuga Chapt. NSDAR, Ithaca, NY
Transcribed from a copy by Barbara Kone
Wife Esther, former widow of Reuben Pomeroy, Genoa. No dates, but before 1817.
Daughter of Willard Seten, Genoa.
Daughter of Isaac Wood, Scipio.
G.Dau. Of James Flemong, Ulysses.
Daughter of William Anstram? See will of Phebe Toan, Scipio.
Wife Abigail, daughter of Thomas Stoddard, Scipio.
Daughter of Ann Jeffreys, Ulysses.
Elias; Daniel; Nathaniel, sons of Mary.

Daughter of Jacob Yaple, Danby.
Wife Polly, daughter of James VanEtten, Owego.
Daughter of Leonard Wilkin, Ovid.
Leagtee of Aaron Jerome, prob. Scipio.
G.Dau. Of Stephen Brown, Milton.
Wife Eunice, daughter of Philo Garnsey, Genoa.
Wife, Anna, daughter of Michael Sly.
Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Henry Teeter, Lansing.
Wife Elizabeth, daughter of Philo Garnsey, Genoa.
Daughter of Daniel Richey Sr., Ulysses.
Daughter of Jacob Yaple, Danby.
Wife Ruth, daughter of Samuel Jerome, Scipio.
Wife Esther, daughter of Aaron Lyon, Scipio.
Wife Triphena, daughter of Samuel Jerome, Scipio.
Daughter of Samuel Clark, Scipio.
Son of Rebecca.
Wife Susannah, daughter of Jonathan Owen, Ulysses.
Wife Polly, daughter of Jonathan Owen.
G.Dau. Of Stephen Brown, Milton.
Son-in-law of John Miller, Ovid.
Father-in-law of John Pearson, Ulysses.

Wife Mary, daughter of Cornelius Humphrey, Hector.
Wife Eunice, daughter of Amos Lyon, Genoa.
Wife Hannah, daughter of Isaac Wardwell, Scipio.
Wife Sarah, daughter of Jonathan Owen, Ulysses.
Wife Lois, daughter of Samuel Jerome, Scipio.
Mother of Lewis Brown, Ovid.
Wife Mary, daughter of Michael Sly.
Daughter of Stephen Brown, Milton.
Son of Mary Dickerson, Milton.
Brother of Elizabeth Culley, Ovid.
Son-in-law of Joseph Steward, Ovid.
Daughter of David Burch, Scipio.
Daughter of John Wood, Scipio.
Wife Mary, daughter of Benjamin Ledyard, Scipio.

Son-in-law of Christian Snyder, Dryden.
Wife Margaret, daughter of Nicholas Bower, Genoa.
G.Dau of Daniel Wilson, Milton.
Daughter of Mary Dickerson, Milton.
Wife Abigail, daughter of Thomas Stoddard, Scipio.
Spm pf Abogao;/
Prob. Daughter of Cornelius Humphrey, Hector.

Wife Lucy, daughter of Samuel Jerome, Scipio.
Daughter of Nicholas Bower, Genoa.
Mary; Jacob; Samuel; Nancy; John; Sarah, children of Catherine.

Brother-in-law ? Of Asaph King, Ovid.
G.Dau. Of Isaac Wood, Scipio.
Wife Martha, former widow of David Gray, Ovid.
Daughter of John Hunter, Ulysses.
Daughter of Jeremiah Bishop, Scipio.
Niece? Of wife of Gideon Freeman, Scipio.
Brother-in-law of Benjamin Ledyard, Scipio.
Daughter of Thomas Hill, Ovid.
Adm. Of estate of Thomas Hill, prob. Husband of Mary.
Wife Ruth, daughter of Exekiel Parker, Scipio.
Wife Wealthy, daughter of Thomas Stoddard, Scipio.

Wife next of kin of Samuel Langdon, Hector.
Late widow of Bazaleal Hinckley, Cayuta.
Adm. Of estate of Bazaleal Hinckley.
Son-in-law of John Miller, Ovid.
Son of Daniel, G.son of John Miller.
Son-in-law of John Miller, Ovid.
Son of William, g.son of John Miller
Daughter of Jeremiah Bishop, Scipio.
Daughter of Daniel Taylor, Hector.
Daughter of Leonard Wilkin, Ovid
Wife Hulda, daughter of Isaac Woodworth, Scipio.

Wife Sally, sister of Richard Youle.
Daughter of David Cole, Ovid.
Bondsman on Adm. Of estate of Richard Pelton, Ulysses.
Bondsman on Adm. Of estate of Richard Pelton, Ulysses.
Adm. With the widow of estate of Richard Pelton, Ulysses.
Son-in-law of John Colborn, Genoa.
Daughter of Jacob Yaple, Danby.
Wife Christina, daughter of Anning Owen, Ulysses.
Wife Louise, daughter of John McMath, Ovid.
G.Dau. Of Stephen Brown, Milton.
G.Dau. Of Robert Hyde, Caroline.
Son-in-law of Jacob Savacool, Cayuta.
Wife Mabel, daughter of John McMath, Ovid.
Wife Louis, daughter of Samuel Jerome, Scipio.
G.Son of Jeremiah Bishop, Scipio.
Wife Eleanor, daughter of Jonathan Owen, Ulysses.
Nephew of Daniel Taylor, Hector.
G.Daughter of Mary Dinkerson, Milton.
Wife Hepzabah, daughter of Daniel Taylor, Hector.
G.Daughter of Stephen Brown, Milton.
In the papers this anme was Hause. Howell in the will.
Daughter of David Cole, Ovid.

G.Daughter of Nicholas Bower, Genoa.

Wife Elizabeth, daughter of John Hulbert, Ovid.
Ex. Of will of John Hulbert.
Wife Sarah, daughter of Michael Sly.
Wife Sally, daughter? Of Ebenezer Sanders, Danby.

Wife Jememiah, daughter of James VanEtten, Owego.
Wife Charity, daughter of Joseph Williamson, Ovid.
Wife Helen, daughter of Benjamin Ledyard, Scipio.

G.Daughter of Anne Jeffrey, Ulysses.
Son-in-law of Anne Jeffrey, Ulysses
Daughter of Zacheus Salyer, Danby.
Sister of Ebenezer Crow (or Craw) Scipio.

Daughter of Leonard Wilkin, Ovid.
Daughter of Matthew Mesker, Ulysses.
Daughter of Nathaniel Davenport, Ulysses.
Wife Oledine, daughter? Of John Kelsey, Genoa.
Daughter of Daniel Taylor, Hector
Wife Susannah, daughter of Henry Ludlow, Milton.
G.Daughter of Anne Jeffrey, Ulysses.
G.Daughter of Anne Jeffrey, Ulysses.
Wife Anna, daughter of Amos Lyon, Genoa.
G.Son of Jonathan Crosswell, Genoa.
Wife Elizabeth, daughter of Michael Sly.
Wife Julia B., daughter of Reuben Pomeroy, Genoa.
Wife Betsey, formerly widow of John Keley, Genoa.
Daughter of Aaron Lyon, Scipio.
G.Son of Levi Ellis, Ovid.
Wife Cynthia, daughter of Joh Wood, Scipio.
Daughter of James Rightmire. See will of Phebe Toan.
Daughter of Mary.

Wife Kitty, daughter of Joseph Williamson, Ovid.
daughter of James Rightmire. See will of Phebe Toan, Scipio.

Wife Hannah, daughter of Amos Lyon, Genoa.
Wife Molly, daughter of Asel Patchen, Genoa.
Wife Sarah, widow of John B. Seeley, Hector.
Wife Elizabeth, in will of John Seeley, Ovid.
G.daughter of Levi Ellis, Ovid.
Daughter of Daniel Taylor, Hector.
Daughter of William Seten, Genoa
Wife Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac Wardwell, Scipio.
Nephew of John Angle, Scipio.

Wife Sarah, daughter of William Williamson of NJ. See will of Joseph Williamson, Ovid.
G.son of Mary Dickerson, Milton.
G.son of Mary Dickerson, Milton.
G.daughter of Mary Dickerson, Milton.
G.son of Mary Dickerson, Milton.
Daughter of David Burch, Scipio.
G.g.child of Benjamin Schoonover, Ulysses.
daughter of Thomas Thompson, No Twp, at Auburn.
Father of Phebe Toan.
Brother of Phebe Toan.
Daughter of Cornelius Rightmire, will of Phebe Toan.
Daughter of Jacob Boice, Ovid.
Daughters of Sarah.
Heir of Joseph Williamson, Ovid.

Daughter of John Hunter, Ulysses.
Adm. Of estate of James Wiley, Hector.
Adm. Of estate of James Wiley, Hector.
Adopted son of ____. In will of Ebenezer Crow, Scipio.
Wife Elizabeth, daughter of Anning Owen, Ulysses.
Servant in family of John Wood.
Father-in-law of James VanEtten, Owego.
Daughter? Of Jedediah Reynolds, Milton.
Daughter of Thomas Thompson. No Twp. Found at Auburn.
G.son of David Eddy, Scipio
G.daughter of David Eddy, Scipio.
Daughter of Benjamin Schoonover, Ulysses.
1st. Prob. Son of Hannah
Prob. Son of Hannah
Prob. Daughter of Hannah
Prob. G.gr.son of Benjamin Schoonover.
Wife Hannah, daughter of Michael Sly.
G.Daughter of Anna Jeffrey, Ulysses.
Wife Diana, former widow of Daniel booth, Hector.
Wife Lucretia, daughter of Sybil Rich, Owego.
Daughter of Nicholas Bower, Genoa.
Daughter of David Cole, Ovid.
Nephew of Ebenezer Crow, Scipio.
Niece of Ebenezer Cros, Scipio
Daughter of Peter Smith, Ovid.

Son-in-law of Nicholas Brink, Owego.
Daughter of Jeremiah Bishop, Scipio.
Wife of Wynche, daughter of Michael Sly.
Brother-in-law of John B. Seeley, Hector.
Wife Polly, daughter of Thomas Stoddard, Scipio
Daughter of John B. Seeley, Hector.
Daughter of John B. Seeley, Hector.
Lyons, NY, wife Sarah, daughter of John B. Seeley, Hector.

G.Daughter of Joseph Stewart, Ovid.

Daughter of John Hunter, Ulysses.
G.Daughter of Benjamin Schoonover, Ulysses.
            Daughter of John Hunter, Ulysses.

            Daughter of Nicholas Bower, Genoa.
            Daughter of John Hunter, Ulysses.
            Wife Malinda, daughter of David Gray, Ovid.
            Daughter of Nicholas Brink, Owego.
            Daughter of Nathaniel Davenport, Ulysses.
            Daughter of John Wood, Scipio.
            Ex. Of will of John Wood, Scipio.
            Wife Alletta, daughter of Joseph Williamson, Ovid.
            Daughter of Daniel Richey, Sr, Ulysses.
            Daughter of Joshua Haight, Scipio.

Myrte Rice Haynes, Chm. Cayuga Chapt. NSDAR, Ithaca, NY
 opy by Barbara Kone

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