American Revolution by 8nStZ7D


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  Follow the Leader   - 100 Points
I was the leader of the Continental Army
           George Washington
Follow the Leader   - 200 Points
    I surrendered at Yorktown
        General Cornwallis
  Follow the Leader   - 300 Points
I was the leader of Great Britain during
       the American Revolution.
              George III
 Follow the Leader   - 400 Points
I was the leader in the American Navy
and declared, “I have not yet begun to
           John Paul Jones
 Follow the Leader   - 500 Points
I was once a leader in the Continental
Army, but switched to the British side
           during the war.
           Benedict Arnold
You Caused This!   - 100 Points
A tax placed on almost all printed
           Stamp Act
    You Caused This!   - 200 Points
 Citizens of Boston get into a scuffle with
British soldiers. Five Bostonians get killed.
              Boston Massacre
  You Caused This!   - 300 Points
I was a tax on paint, lead, glass, paper,
                and tea.
            Townshend Acts
   You Caused This!   - 400 Points
I was a reaction to the Boston Tea Party
      and shut down Boston Harbor
       Coercive (Intolerable) Acts
  You Caused This!   - 500 Points
I forbid any colonial settlement west of
      the Appalachian Mountains.
          Proclamation of 1763
     Where is it?   - 100 Points
The city where Sam Adams, John Hancock
          and Paul Revere live.
Where is it? - 200 Points
The turning point of the American
    Revolution occurred here
   Where is it?   - 300 Points
The last major battle of the American
     Revolution was fought here.
     Where is it?   - 400 Points
The Second Continental Congress declared
       independence from here.
   Where is it?   - 500 Points
 The winter camping quarters of the
Continental Army during the winter of
             Valley Forge
Primary Quotes   - 100 Points
“I have not yet begun to fight!”
       -John Paul Jones
   Primary Quotes   - 200 Points
“When in the course of human events, it
  becomes necessary for one people to
 dissolve the political bands which have
     connected them with another…”
      -Declaration of Independence
Primary Quotes   - 300 Points
“Give me liberty or give me death!”
          -Patrick Henry
 Primary Quotes   - 400 Points
“…these are the times that try men’s
     Thomas Paine - the Crisis
    Primary Quotes    - 500 Points
“…blows must decide whether they are
subject to this country or independent."
King George III
       HELP!   - 100 Points
Nation who declared war against Great
 Britain after the Battle of Saratoga
    HELP!   - 200 Points
French officer who became one of
  Washington’s closest advisors
      Marquis de Lafayette
       HELP!   - 300 Points
Country, which also claimed territory in
  North America and most of South
 America, declared war against Great
       Britain. (Besides France)
        HELP!   - 400 Points
Spanish Governor of Louisiana who helped
           fight the British.
           Bernardo de Galvez
         HELP!   - 500 Points
Prussian (German) officer who helped train
            Washington's army.
            Baron von Steuben
  I Do Declare!   - 100 Points
The Declaration of Independence was
        approved on… (date)
           July 4, 1776
    I Do Declare!   - 200 Points
The three rights that we are entitled to
   Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of
   I Do Declare!   - 300 Points
Person in the Declaration who is being
blamed for the problems between the
      colonies and Great Britain
           King George III
    I Do Declare!   - 400 Points
Powers that the Declaration states that
     all free nations should have.
   Levy War, conclude Peace, contract
     Alliances, establish Commerce
  I Do Declare!   - 500 Points
President of the Second Continental
           John Hancock

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