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					                                                               DHS Track Team Records

Event                   Name                                                        Mark        Year

Varsity Boys Records
100m                    Courtney Williams                                           10.88       2011
200m                    Ian Rock                                                    22.52       2011
                        G. Browning                                                 22.3h       1971
                        R. Kleefeld                                                 22.3h       1981
400m                    M. Davis                                                    47.8h       1996
800m                    M. Bruch                                                    1:54.8h     1982
1600m                   Trevor Halsted                                              4:14.00     2011
                        G. Phister                                                  4:15.9h     1995
3000m                   Brendan Gregg                                               8:30.38     2007
2 mile                  Steve Martin                                                8:58.2h     1972
3200m                   Trevor Halsted                                              8:51.96     2011
                        Steve Martin                                                8:55.4c     1972
110m hurdles            Nathan Hoal                                                 14.55       2009
300m hurdles            Derek Nelson                                                38.45       2010
400m hurdles            Derek Nelson                                                54.48       2010
High Jump               A. Ziegler                                                  6-08.00     1985
Triple Jump             C. Mack                                                     48-06.00    1989
Long Jump               Ian Rock                                                    23-07.75    2011
                        M. Hicks*                                                   23-01.25    1984
Pole Vault              Ian Rock                                                    16-02       2011
Discus Throw            C. Fisk                                                     164-03.00   1987
Shot Put                E. Maxie                                                    58-03.5     1963
4x100m relay            C.Williams, D.Nelson, A.Zavala, M.Njoku                     42.48       2010
4x200m relay            P. Goldberg, W. Singleton, J. Rubatzky, K. Nelson           1:30.9h     1975
8x200m relay            C. Mack, R. Whittemore, B. Burger, E. Billing,              3:11.2h     1987
                        S. Clark, J. Burns, D. Gibson, O. Field-Ridley
4x400m relay            A.Zavala, B.Soto, I.Rock, D.Nelson                          3:19.61     2010
SMR (1-1-2-4)           J.Lubisch, C.Tuttle, E.Stenson, A.Superak                   1:38.74     2008
SMR (2-2-4-8)           M. Payne, M. Stevenson, J. Rubatzky, M. Pratt               3:36.6h     1974
4x800m relay            B. Soto, D. Petersen, M. Petersen, C. Coates                8:00.40     2009
DMR                     S. Martin, G. Green, J. Hull, D. Lopez                      10:21.9h    1973

Varsity Girls Records
100m                    D. Ramey                                                    12.0h       1987
200m                    D. Ramey                                                    24.83       1987
400m                    S. Sampo                                                    56.7h       1987
800m                    Chelsea Reilly                                              2:14.01     2007
1600m                   Chelsea Reilly                                              4:47.45     2007
3000m                   Laurynne Chetelat                                           9:55.94     2007
3200m                   Laurynne Chetelat                                           9:52.51     2008
100m hurdles            V. Matthews                                                 14.4h       1978
300m hurdles            K. Brown                                                    44.45       1989
400m hurdles            Josephine Devanbu                                           66.16       2010
High Jump               L. Eichert                                                  5-04.00     1979
Triple Jump             Kaitlin Clancy                                              37-03.00    2008
Long jump               Jenna Strack                                                17-07.50    2009
Pole Vault              S. Hastings                                                 10-00.00    1997
Discuss Throw           Lauren Guerrieri                                            155-09      2007
Shot Put                Lauren Guerrieri                                            37-07       2007
4x100m relay            S. Sampo, K. Nawrath, D. Treguboff, D. Ramey                49.8h       1987
4x200m relay            S. Mohtes-Chan, E. Smith, T. Alger, S. White                1:39.44     2004
4x400m relay            M.Zavala, E.Bisgaard-Church, J.Devanbu, R.Hammond           3:56.88     2009
SMR (220-110-110-220)   C. Turner, K. Nawrath, D. Ramey, S. Sampo                   1:52.2h     1986
SMR (880-220-220-440)   M. Hiatt, D. Ramey, J. Gamber, S. Sampo                     4:14.1h     1987
SMR (1-1-2-4)           T. Chong, C. Chong, D. Kelly, C. Feliz                      1:57.14     2007
4x800m relay            M. Zavala, H. Teaford, C. Bowlus, H. Krovetz                9:47.16     2009
DMR                     J. Weeks, M. Hall, C. Reilly, L. Chetelat                   12:36.99    2007
4 x 1 mile relay        C. Reilly, M. Hall, J. Weeks, L. Chetelat                   20:49.22    2007
                                                                 DHS Track Team Records

Date and Meet

5/4-dual vs. Laguna Creek
5/4-dual vs. Laguna Creek

4/30-Sacramento Meet of Champions
5/6-Sacramento Meet of Champions
3/30-Stanford Invitational
6/3-CIF State Championships
6/4-CIF State Championships
6/3-CIF State Championships
5/29-SJS Masters Finals
6/4-CIF State Championships Trials
3/26-Stanford Invitational

5/26-SJS Masters
*We are currently investigating this mark - Some report Marc's jump was 23'11.25
6/4-CIF State Championships

5/14-DVC Championships

5/28-SJS Masters Finals
4/18-Woody Wilson Invitational

4/17-Woody Wilson Invitational

5/18-SJS Finals
6/2-CIF Championships Finals
3/3-Stanford Invitational
5/31-CIF State Championships

3/26-Stanford Invitational

5/22-SJS Masters
5/18-Folsom Depth Charge

5/25-SJS Masters
5/24-SJS Masters

5/29-SJS Masters Finals

4/13-Woody Wilson Invitational
3/28-Stanford Invitational
3/30-Stanford Invitational
4/6-Arcadia Invitational

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