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					There's an ongoing trend of young people calling themselves artists
today. I don't know whether it is such the "craze" of the generation, or
media subconsciously did a bad job over here. With the flock of teenagers
arming themselves with the flashiest gadgets and maximum usage of
internet connection, no wonder the world has become such a shallow place.
There are art students, and art enthusiasts alike, there are amateurs,
traditional, non-traditional, digital and a bunch of titles they've
coined themselves, just for the purpose of feeling good about themselves.
They say art is a continuous streaming fountain of truth, it acts as a
medium between the transcendental world of an artist's imagination to the
realm of reality seen before our very eyes. Art is not only about the
beautiful, the colorful, the nostalgic, the memorable, art is also about
the truth. Most of the time the truth is ugly, something we hate to see,
it hurts, it suck. The truth is not just pure pop candy like art. The
truth has something behind it, a wisdom, a philosophical truth, a belief,
a non-notional non-conformist subconscious.

To be an artist one must know where an idea originated from. It is not
just creating an installation or perhaps a canvass just for the sake of
saying that it's just beautiful. People do not create thing for the sake
of just creating them. "Wala lang." is such a passe phrase, "artists" or
so they call themselves use to sound cool when they are asked about their
masterpiece. It is plain stupid. You do not create something because of
nothing. This proliferation of "vampire" artists-- those who just want to
shock you, with beauty, coolness, neat photography and manipulation, but
doesn't really leave something behind after you've seen it, is becoming a
trend as media especially the internet plays a vital role on it.

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