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                         Tissue Culture Hormone Project
The 5 pieces of tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris) tissue that you placed in various
Murashige and Skoog media have grown over a few weeks. Each of the sixteen
media vary in terms of added hormones. Each medium has a unique combination
of Benzyl Adenine (a cytokinin) and Naphthalene Acetic Acid (an auxin). Now it
is time to analyze how these hormones altered the development of the tissues.
Each medium combination is shown in the table below. Examine the tissues both
from above and below. Write into the cells of the table where to have ideal
formation of "whole plants", "shoots only", "roots”, and "callus”. Weigh out the
clumps of what has grown from the five or six that you put into culture. Note: it
has to be the same number for all the combinations…or else you need to weigh
each clump from each dish and calculate an average! One way is better?!
           mg/L         0.01 BA               0.1 BA         1 BA           10 BA

    0.005 NAA

     0.05 NAA

       0.5 NAA

         5 NAA

Write an abstract to include with this data sheet.

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