2010 Summer Camp at Hawk Mountain Report - Troop 75 by u7Q47l


                    27 JUNE - 3 JULY 2010

Troop 75, under the leadership of Senior Patrol Leader Charlie Moran and Scoutmaster Bob
Brouwers, assisted by many dedicated assistant scoutmasters and committee members, enjoyed a
very successful summer camp experience at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation, located near
Schuylkill Haven, PA. Fifty-five scouts (including eleven first year scouts) and nineteen adult
leaders participated in this year’s encampment.

Youth leaders: Charlie Moran (Senior Patrol Leader); Zach Combs, Kris Hines and Seth
Rosenstein (Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders). John Tomasic served as Junior Assistant
Scoutmaster. Adult leaders: Bob Brouwers (Scoutmaster), Dick Barnes, Peter Blair, Fred Boos,
Paul Connors, Eric Forssell, Andrew Freeman, Tracy Klink, Andy Langsdale, Brian McGivern,
Ken Miner, Scott Morris, Ken and Teresa Rollin, Frank Schick, Harry Schwarz, Cory Sheffer,
Joe Sullivan, and Mike Tope.

On Sunday morning, 27 June, we departed at 9 AM from the parking lot of Hammond High
School, and traveled 150 miles (just over 3 hours, including one short break) by bus to Hawk
Mountain Scout Reservation in Berks County, PA. Our guide (Eric) met us in the parking lot,
where we unloaded the bus and carried gear to our nearby campsite (Tuscarora). While our
guide took the troop on a walking tour of the camp, Mr. Brouwers and Mr. Connors checked in
at the admin building. Since most troop members had taken swim tests before arrival in camp,
we were able to take time to set up our campsite and visit the trading post before dressing in our
uniform for colors and dinner—something we did each day.

Each morning we were awakened at 6 AM so we would have time to clean up our campsite, and
change into our bathing suits for polar bear swim. Afterwards, we went directly to the dining
hall for breakfast (cafeteria style), and then hiked back to our campsite to change into dry
clothes, clean up the tent area and get ready for our morning program (pool, waterfront, shooting
sports, Ecology and Conservation, Handicraft, Pathfinders, Climbing, Indian Village, Outdoor
Skills, Science and Technology, and COPE) for merit badges. After lunch, we returned to the
campsite for “siesta”, which turned out to be taken up with additional program requirements.
Then followed another three hours of afternoon program before getting ready for colors and the
evening meal. .

Weather conditions were widely varied during our encampment. The week started very hot and
humid, followed by the onset of high pressure and a dramatic reduction in temperature and

Special events worthy of note:
*Throughout the week, Bob Brouwers kept Troop 75 focused on Order of the Arrow events (OA
Visitation, call out ceremony, and a service project [gathering firewood and beautifying the
Indian Village grounds]), thereby enabling Troop 75 to earn the Order of the Arrow Participation
*Tracy Klink organized pre-camp swimming classifications for the troop, which greatly eased
our Sunday check-in. All scouts were classified swimmers or beginners, and our first year scouts
completed swimming requirements for first class—a result of her aquatics leadership.
*On Monday, Dick Barnes gave a demonstration on the art of latrine cleaning. He also
serenaded the troop each morning, and on Friday, was joined by the scoutmaster and a choir of
assistant scoutmasters singing “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” in each patrol site.
*Wednesday night, Scott Morris served as one of four adult leaders for a group of 43 wilderness
survival merit badge candidates for an overnight survival outpost, where scouts camped under
primitive conditions to simulate an actual survival scenario.
*Dick Barnes led a presentation of “Sammy the Sea Lion” at Polar Bear Swim on Thursday
*As part of Branden Thomas’ 14th birthday celebration on Thursday, his family came up to visit
and to share a Domino’s pizza dinner in our campsite—the start of a new tradition.
*Friday afternoon was a 5-mile hike for new scouts, which included requirements for
identification of trees and plants, some orienteering, poisonous plants, as well as identification of
signs of wildlife. Dick Barnes, together with Brian McGivern, Paul Connors, Scott Morris, Mike
Tope, Bruce McCanna and Andy Freeman, led this hike around Hawk Mountain.
*Kevin McGivern, Kevin Comeaux, Danny McCarty, Dominic Halstead, and Bob Brouwers
successfully completed the mile swim on Friday afternoon.

Each evening was filled with activity.
        *Sunday night was merit badge sign-up, followed by our welcome campfire held in the
campfire area on the other side of the lake.
        *Monday night was a first year introduction to Order of the Arrow ceremony, during
which time members of the Troop 75 ritual team showed off their plains Indians war shirts and
regalia. Scouts were encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities of Hawk Mountain and
use their God-given opportunities to enjoy the camp.
        *Tuesday night was open program, followed by a campfire and hot dogs in our campsite.
        *Wednesday night was a camp wide chapel service on the theme of “An Attitude of
Gratitude” in recognition of Independence Day holiday, led by Chaplain Anne Girard. Kollin
Miner read the scripture and Kevin McGivern led the responsive reading, while Sam Wilson and
Matthew Langsdale served as ushers. Then followed the Order of the Arrow calling out
ceremony—a ceremony that highlighted fire dancers battling to a story developed by Hawk
Mountain OA summer chieftains of the past. Troop 75 ritual team members Zach Combs, Kris
Hines and John Tomasic participated in the call-out ceremony. Recently elected Troop 75
members called out included: Alec Brouwers, Freddy Boos, Josh Tope, Danny McCarty, Jason
Berke, Charlie Moran, Ben Mogren, and Michael Rees.
*Thursday evening, we enjoyed Domino’s Pizza in our campsite in lieu of dinner in the dining
hall. This provided an opportunity to be together as a troop, to review Scoutcraft requirements
for the younger scouts, for the older scouts to sign off requirements, to conduct CPR training,
and to conduct scoutmaster conferences and review boards.
        *Friday night was the closing campfire at the campfire grounds on the other side of the
lake. Lorencio Lowe was recognized as the outstanding artist of the week by the handicraft
cirector. The older scouts (led by Zach Combs) sang the Rooster Song as a group participation
Rank advancements: Tenderfoot (10), Second Class (4), First Class (1), Star (5), Life (5) for a
total of 25 rank advancements at camp.

Merit badges: Troop 75 earned a total of 182 merit badges (with 53 partials) broken down as
follows (36 different merit badges): American Heritage, Archaeology, Archery, Art, Astronomy,
Camping, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the World, Climbing, Communications,
Computers, Cooking, Emergency Preparedness, Energy, Environmental Science, Fire Safety,
First Aid, Fishing, Forestry, Geocaching, Geology, Indian Lore, Leatherwork, Life Saving,
Mammal Study, Nature, Oceanography, Pioneering, Pulp and Paper, Reptiles and Amphibian
Study, Shotgun Shooting, Space Exploration, Swimming, Weather, Wilderness Survival and

Other awards: Two patrols earned Honor Patrol. Flaming Arrows earned the Gold level award
with 15 activities completed. First Year patrols (combined) earned the Bronze Award, with 8
activities completed. Eleven first year scouts graduated from the Pathfinder program. Zach
Combs, Bill Sullivan, Dominic Halstead, Ben Mogren, Kris Hines, John Tomasic and Charlie
Moran successfully completed COPE. Two scouts earned the Kittatinny Award. Jonah Freeman
earned the first year camper Kittatinny award; Kollin earned the Experienced Camper Kittatinny
Award. Ben Mai and Josh Yellin received the Paul Bunyan Woodsman certificates. Bob
Brouwers and Frank Schick earned the Scoutmaster Challenge Award.

On Saturday morning (our departure date), we were up early, packed up our things, had a quick
breakfast, loaded our waiting bus, and departed for home around 8:30 AM.

This has been a most enjoyable summer camp experience
*There was practically no home sickness.
*Troop 75 was the largest troop in camp this week by far, with 55 out of 59 registered scouts
attending camp—a 91% attendance rate.
*Despite the large number of boys, Troop 75 made it to the daily retreat ceremony on time.
*Campsite inspections were 90% or better each day.
*Troop 75 provided all readers and ushers for the Wednesday night chapel service.
*The daily coffee and smoothies (prepared by the scoutmaster) were excellent.

*Kudos to the older scouts who have worked with the younger scouts on passing requirements.
The troop exhibited good scouting spirit among all the scouts towards advancement.

Report prepared by the camp leaders of Troop 75
6 July 2010

Summary (Added after report was generated)
General. This is our second summer at Hawk Mountain. Last year we were at Davy Crocket;
this year we were at Tuscarora. Overall, we have had an excellent encampment, have had no
major problems, and have very much enjoyed the facilities and ‘can-do” attitude of the camp
staff. Here are some specific comments:
Positive comments:
*Outstanding helpfulness of staff. Pool staff most accommodating; office staff excellent;
program areas excellent as well.

Negative comments:
*cuts in tents were not recorded. Need to change out tents in Tuscarora site.
*food portions are insufficient—especially on Monday night’s spaghetti and meatballs.
*too much car traffic on the main road in and out of camp—not just camp vehicles, but also of
leaders and staff members

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