SECTION 4(1) (B) OF THE RTI ACT 2005

(i)       the     particulars  of        its   High Commission of India is headed by High
          organisation, functions      and     Commissioner    and    has    three wings:
          duties;                              1.Chancery 2. Commercial and 3.Defence.

                                               Functions of the Mission include inter-alia,
                                               political, economic, commercial, consular
                                               services, trade and investment promotion,
                                               cultural interaction, liaison with press and
                                               media. The Mission functions under the ambit
                                               of business allocated to the Ministry of
                                               External Affairs under the Government of
                                               India’s Allocation of Business and Transaction
                                               of Business Rules.
(ii)      The powers and duties of its         Administrative powers are derived from
          officers and employees;              IFS(PLCA) Rules and other general rules
                                               pertaining      to     Administration     and
                                               Establishment of Government of India.
                                               Financial Powers are derived from General
                                               Financial Rules and Delegated Financial
                                               Powers of the Government of India’s
                                               Representatives Abroad. Consular, Visa and
                                               Passport issuing powers are derived from
                                               relevant rules prescribed by Government of
                                               India. Officers and staff function under the
                                               overall guidance and supervision of the High
(iii)     The procedure followed in the        Decisions are taken as per instructions and
          decision      making    process,     under     the    supervision   of   the  High
          including        channels      of    Commissioner.
          supervision                  and
(iv)      The norms set by it for the          Norms are set locally under instructions and
          discharge of its functions;          supervision of High Commissioner.
(v)       The       rules,     regulations,    IFS PLCA Rules
          instructions,    manuals     and     Delegated Financial Powers of Government
          records, held by it or under its     of India’s Representatives Abroad
          control     or    used  by its       Passport Manual
          employees for discharging its        Visa Manual
          functions;                           Consular Manual
                                               Manual of Office Procedure
                                               Other relevant rules issued and amended
                                               time to time by Government of India
(vi)      A statement of the categories        Files pertaining to Political, Commercial,
          of documents that are held by        Economic, Administration, Accounts, Culture
          it or under its control;             and Media.
(vii)     The      particulars     of  any     High Commission functions as per norms of
          arrangement that exists for          India’s Foreign Policy formulated by the
          consultation         with,     or    Ministry of External Affairs and implemented
          representation        by,    the     accordingly under the supervision and
          members of the public in             guidance of the High Commissioner.
          relation to the formulation of
          its policy or implementation
(viii)    A statement of the boards,           High Commissioner regularly interacts with
          councils, committees and             think tanks, academics and other relevant
          other bodies consisting of two       public figures to further the objectives laid
          or more persons constituted as       down for the High Commission.
          its part or for the purpose of its
         advice, and as to whether
         meetings of those boards,
         councils, committees and
         other bodies are open to the
         public, or the minutes of such
         meetings are accessible for
(ix)     A directory of its officers and      May be seen at Annexure I
(x)      The monthly remuneration             May be seen at Annexure II
         received by each of its
         officers     and      employees,
         including     the     system    of
         compensation as provided in
         its regulations;
(xi)     The budget allocated to each         May be seen at Annexure III
         of its agency, indicating the
         particulars     of    all   plans,
         proposed expenditures and
         reports     on     disbursements
(xii)    The manner of execution of           Not applicable
         subsidy             programmes,
         including       the       amounts
         allocated and the details of
         beneficiaries        of      such
(xiii)   Particulars of recipients of         Not applicable
         concessions,       permits      or
         authorisations granted by it;
(xiv)    Details in respect of the            All such details have been posted on the
         information, available to or         High Commission’s website.
         held by it, reduced in an
         electronic form;
(xv)     The particulars of facilities        Information has been posted on website.
         available     to    citizens   for
         obtaining            information,
         including the working hours of
         a library or reading room, if
         maintained for public use;
(xvi)    The names, designations and          N.Ram Prasad
         other particulars of the Public      Second Secretary
         Information Officers;                Public Information Officer
                                              Tel: 00-234-7080622800-4
                                              E-mail: hoc.abuja@mea.gov.in
(xvii) Such other information as may          High Commission’s website is updated on a
         be prescribed; and thereafter        regular basis.
         update these publications
         every year.
                                    HIGH COMMISSION OF INDIA, ABUJA
                                         DIRECTORY OF OFFICIALS
                                     Website: www.indianhcabuja.com

                        15, Rio Negro Close, Off Yedseram Street,
                                Maitama, Abuja (Nigeria).
                                  Tel. 234-7080622800-4
                                   Fax. 234-7080622805
              E-mail: hc.abuja@mea.gov.in , hcoffice.abuja@mea.gov.in
          dhc. couns.abuja@mea.gov.in , hoc.abuja@mea.gov.in,
            sdfg g info.abuja@mea.gov.in, trade.abuja@mea.gov.in
                     def.lagos@mea.gov.in, itec.abuja@mea.gov.in
Designation                Name                                   Office phone

High Commissioner        Shri Mahesh Sachdev           07080622800-4
                                                       07080622805 (F)
Counseller               Shri S.K Makhijani            07080622800-4
Defence Attache          Col.Rajesh Sethi              07080622800-4
                                                       07080622805 (F)
Second Secy (PIC &       Shri N.Ram Prasad             07080622800-4
Second Secretary (PPS)   Shri Kuldip. K.Abrol          07080622800-4
Attache (1)              Shri Sandeep Sood             07080622800-4
Attache (2)              Shri Tej Krishan              07080622800-4
Attache (3)              Shri L.P. Gupta               07080622800-4
Assistant                Shri U.S Negi                 07080622800-4
PA to DA                 Shri Naresh Kumar             07080622800-4
IBSG/ HC’s Res           Shri Ranjeet Singh
IBSG/Chancery            Shri Shyam Lal                07080622800-4

S.No Post                    No.     Pay Scale                 Grade
                             of                                Pay
1.    High Commissioner      1       Rs.67000-79000
2.    Counsellor             1       Rs.37400-67000 PB-IV      Rs.8700
3.    Defence Attache        1       Rs 37400-67000 PB-IV      Rs.8700
4.    Second Secretary       2       Rs.15600-39100 PB-III     Rs.6600
5.    Attache                2       Rs.15600-39100 PB-III     Rs.5400
6.    Attache                1       Rs.9300-34800 PB-II       Rs.4800
7.    Assistant              1       Rs.9300-34800 PB-II       Rs.4800
8.    PA                     1       Rs.6200-20200 PB-I        Rs.2800
9.    Security Guard         1       Rs.5200-20200 PB-I        Rs.2000
10.   Security Guard         1       Rs.5200-20200 PB-I        Rs.1900

Apart from Basic Pay, India Based officials are paid Foreign Allowance
which is fixed by Ministry of External Affairs from time to time.
                                CHANCERY BUDGET
                                                                   (in thousands)
 S.No.         Head            Actuals 2009-10 Actuals 2010-11   BE 2011-12
   1           Salaries                  19048           18376         14574
   2           Wages                         0                 2           57
   3           OTA                         288             266            297
   4           Medica                      707             529            894
   5           Local Tours                 830             528           2211
   6           TE(Others)                 4573            2740          4328
   7           Publicity                   158             274           1024
       8       Expense                   7705              8673           12094
       9       IT                         696              1025              979
      10       RR&T                     23373              8665           17204
      11       Minor Works                887               1102            1401
      12       Charges                     344             332           187
               Grand Total              58609            42512       55250
                               COMMERCE BUDGET
     S.No     Head of         Actuals 09-10    Actuals 10-11   BE 2011-12
      1       Salaries                 6777576         5324729        9000000
      2       Medical                    101722         312668         300000
      3       Travel                   1968563
              (Others)                                  1137213        1200000
      4       Office                   1058563
              Expenses                                  1254124       2000000
      5       RR&T                     2808849         3952567        1200000
      6       Trade                       6163
              Promotion                                   3154          50000
              TOTAL                     12721436      11984455       13750000
                                  DEFENCE BUDGET
Ser        Financial Year   Budget Head No. and    Allotment        Expenditure
No                          Name
1.         2009-10          Minor Head 101 – Pay   89,74,000/-      63,51,430/-
                            and Allowance
                            Minor Head 800 (A) –   49,00,000/-      35,44,384/-
                            Unit Allowances & Misc
                            Minor Head 800 (E) –   7,00,000/-       2,95,563/-
                            Tele & Trunk Calls
                            Minor Head 105 –       38,00,000/-      16,34,884/-
                            Passage and Conveyance
2.         2010-11          Minor Head 101 – Pay   96,00,000/-      58,87,028/-
                            and Allowance
                            Minor Head 800 (A) –   45,00,000/-      25,84,159/-
                            Unit Allowances & Misc
                            Minor Head 800 (E) –   7,00,000/-       3,31,381/-
                    Tele & Trunk Calls
                    Minor Head 105 –         38,00,000/-   9,21,188/-
                    Passage and Conveyance
3.   2011-12        Minor Head 101 – Pay     87,00,000/-   47,05,953/-
     (Till 30 Nov   and Allowance
     11)            Minor Head 800 (A) –     40,00,000/-   7,27,336/-
                    Unit Allowances & Misc
                    Minor Head 800 (E) –     5,00,000/-    2,53,399/-
                    Tele & Trunk Calls
                    Minor Head 105 –         35,00,000/-   17,75,932/-
                    Passage and Conveyance
                                                                             ANNEXURE IV
                                  High Commission of India

No.Abuj/HC/551/1/2011                                                   December 15, 2011

                                     OFFICE ORDER

        Following would be the allocation of work in the Mission:

1.      Shri S.K.Makhijani, Counsellor           -        Political, Commercial,
                                                          Consular, Passport & Visa

2.      Col.Rajesh Sethi, Defence Attache        -        Defence related matters
        & Chief Security Officer

3.      Shri N.Ram Prasad, Second Secretary      -        Economic, Administration, Press,
        & Head of Chancery                                Information, Culture and all
                                                          scholarships and education related
                                                          matters, PIO and RTI related matters

4.      Shri K.K.Abrol, Second Secretary/        -        Secretarial assistance to High
        Principal Private Secretary                       Commissioner and all work
                                                          Pertaining to HC’s office

5.      Shri Tej Krishan, Attache/Pol & PS       -        Maintenance of all political files,
                                                          matters pertaining to diplomatic
                                                          bags and secretarial assistance to

6.      Shri L.P.Gupta, Attache (Eco & Comm) -            Commercial and Economic work
                                                          Administrative work pertaining to
                                                          Chancery Project, Telephones,
                                                          Hotels, Cars and other
                                                          Miscellaneous administrative work

7.      Shri S.Mahesh, Attache (Admn & Cons)      -       Consular, Passport & Visa related
                                                          work and Administration.

8.      Shri U.S.Negi, General Assistant         -        Primary work, Accounts,
                                                          Information and other
                                                          Miscellaneous administrative work

9.      Shri Naresh Kumar, Personal Assistant     -       Work assigned by Defence
                                                          Attache, AMA scheme, work
                                                          relating to stationery and IT

10.     Shri Ranjeet Singh, Security Guard            -   Security related work and other
                                                          work assigned by CSO/HOC

11.     Shri Shyam Lal, Security Guard           -        Security related work and other
                                                          work assigned by CSO/HOC

                                                                              (Mahesh Sachdev)
                                                                             High Commissioner
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