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					Eagle Bend North Homeowners’ Association
          PO Box 9365 Kalispell, MT. 59904 (406) 257-1302

                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING

                         Thursday March 10, 2011
                 Western Mountain Property Office 9:00 a.m.

Call to order and establish a quorum - the meeting was called to order at 9:00
a.m. Board members present were President, Barb Henry; Secretary, Bugsy
Yarbrough; and Lloyd Ross. Present on conference call were Vice President,
Myron Achenbach and John Horning. Also present was Architectural Committee
chair, Carl Henry and David Roberts from Western Mountain Property
management. Vince Taylor, Treasurer; was not able to attend.

President’s Message: Barbara Henry:

  A. Welcome new Board Member Lloyd Ross: Lloyd has agreed to serve on the
     Board. He will be filling out Tim Ryan’s term. We are all looking forward to
     working with Lloyd.

  Committee Reports:

    A. Architectural: Carl Henry Committee Chair: Two home improvement
       projects are pending. 102 Golden Bear, Virgil Jackson; Owners will be
       attaching a flue on the outside of the home to connect with a wood
       burning element in the basement This will be encased on the outside of
       the home. The owners will also be repainting their home to match
       existing color. Owners also wanted to erect a greenhouse, which the
       architectural committee disapproved. Mr. Jackson will be submitting a
       proposal to drill a water well with details as to where this will be located
       on his property. The Sward’s have submitted plans to add a patio to their
    home. The Architectural Committee has approved these plans but the
    Sward’s have not put down a deposit.
 B. Landscape: Bugsy Yarbrough Committee Chair: Dave Roberts will obtain
    one more bid for the landscape so we have a comparison. All of the
    Board expressed their approval of Bloomin’ Flo’s mowing; all enjoy her
    creativity with the flowers on the marquees. Flo has requested that we
    replace the sprinkler system in green area on White Tail Court. John
    Horning would like the Board to receive two bids. The Board also agreed
    we need to plant some bushes in the marquee on the corner of Holt and
    Bridger Drive to hide the electrical boxes from sight of the roads. Dave
    Roberts has agreed to obtain two bids to complete these jobs.
 C. Roads/Signs: Lloyd Ross has agreed to be the new chairman on this
    committee. Dave has the replacement sign for Baylee Street, this will be
    set with a new post in the spring.
 D. Governing Documents: Myron Achenbach Chair and Barbara Henry co-
    Chair: Dennis Yarbrough has been working on the By-laws and the
    CC&R’s. Once he and Ed Nolde, our attorney for Eagle Bend North, have
    the rewriting complete, the Board will then review the documents. Upon
    the Board’s approval, we will be seeking approval from the Members of
    the Homeowners Association.
Old Business: Thank you Dave for removing the Christmas decorations.

New Business: Financials; Letters will be sent to delinquent homeowners.
Street cleaning will be done in the spring please have the cleaner sweep all the
way to the stop sign on Golden Bear and Eagle Bend Drive.

Next Board meeting: May 12, 2011 at 9:00 at Western Mountains Properties.

A. Adjournment: 10:00

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