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                  Topic: Tools and skills in selling consulting services

Training Title                           SELLING TOOLS AND SKILLS

                  One of the most influenced ways to increase demand for consulting services
                  is direct sales. The process of recognized clients’ segments, arranging
                  contacts and the use of selling tools and techniques are very important
                  during negotiation with client. Lack of knowledge and skills affects the
Training          success in getting contract for consulting services. The sale of the companies
purpose           means survival and cash flow. Hence obtaining selling skills, without
                  improvisation and ignorance, is good investment for improvement of
                  professional approach in consulting sector in the CEFTA countries.
                  The training provides the opportunity to train on sales planning concepts,
                  preparation of selling presentations and talks, use of the listening
                  techniques (mirror) to meet the clients’ needs and the close of contract. The
                  course contains four modules which enable negotiation and selling process
                  during direct sale of consulting services.
                  As a result of taking the course, participants will develop the appropriate
                  selling skills so as to improve communications with clients and success in
                  direct sales of their products/services
                   Learn the elements of sale planning
                   Learn the differences between professional and amateur approach in
Training               selling consulting services and recognized the only reason to be
objectives             successful in sale
                   Learn the process of negotiation and listening techniques as
                       prerequisites to success in selling
                   Develop and understand selling tools ( KIS and with me, hard sell,
                       handle customers complaints, rule 80 % people business -20%
                       product/services business)
                   Develop massive action and using of the consultant power base
                  Network and build professional relationships with your fellow participants
                  and course facilitator(s)

                  Elements of sale planning
                      Type of clients
                      Sale targets
Content               Sale action plan

                  Professional approach in selling consulting process
                      Differences between professional and amateur approach
                      The only reason for successful sale
                      Planning and arrangement the contact with clients
                      Preparation of short presentation of the consulting offer

                  SELLING TOOLS
                      KIS ( keep it simple)
                        Active listening tools ( exercises)
                        Different level of communication and how to use them
                        “ With me” sales technique
                        Rule 80/20 – (80 % people business -20% product/services
                        Hard sale and handle customers complaints

                  ROLE PLAYING
                           Direct sale process
                           Tips to handle customers objections

                  Develop massive action
                      Define power base
                      Four type of actions and planning of massive action
                      Rule 10x and how to use it in selling
                      How to close sale
Agenda and
Duration          2 days training
                  Participants are responsible for completing reading assignments, actively
Methodology       participating in discussion, exercises and role playing and develop own
and materials     sales plan. Participants will need access to a computer with Internet
                  connectivity. Course work is approximately 4-5 hours per module.
                  The target audience is consultants who have to sale thier services
                  themselves and are seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills through
Target audience   this practical program.
                   Export Promotion Consultants
Prerequisites     NA

Max number of     25
Training          English, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian
Trainer/          Risto Ivanov, MS.c Marketing and certified management consultant
                  Eight years business experience, eleven years consultant and trainers’
                  experience. For detailed information related to education, working
About trainer     experience and fields of specialization visit:

                  RDF, Nikola Vapcarov, br.7, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
                  NEOL Consult, Mito Hadzi Vasilev Jasmin br 52-III/1 , 1000 Skopje,

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