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					                                                              WORKSHOP MEETING MINUTES
                                                                   SISTERS CITY COUNCIL
                                                                  520 E. CASCADE AVENUE
                                                                         FEBRUARY 02, 2012

MEMBERS PRESENT:                                     STAFF PRESENT:
Lon Kellstrom Mayor                                  Eileen Stein          City Manager
David Asson   Council President                      Pauline Hardie        CDD Director
Sharlene Weed Councilor                              Paul Bertagna         PW Director
Pat Thompson  Councilor                              Lisa Young            Finance Director
Wendy Holzman Councilor                              Kathy Nelson          City Recorder

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Kellstrom at 8:00 a.m.

A. Insurance Agent of Record Request for Proposal

Director Young stated she had collected examples of Insurance Agent of Record Request for
Proposals (RFP) from several sources to combine into one document for the City. She stated that
both CityCounty Insurance Services (CIS) and Don Fullhart, the City’s current insurance agent of
record, look over the RFP for completeness. She asked for Council comment on the RFP schedule
and evaluation criteria and scoring.

Councilor Thompson stated he felt the 5% scoring percentage for community involvement was
low and Director Young stated the Council could raise the percentage if it chose to. Councilor
Weed asked what percentage was used in the recent RFP for City Attorney and Manager Stein
replied it was also 5%. Councilor Thompson questioned how an insurance agent of record is
paid. Director Young explained that compensation for the agent passes through CIS when the
City pays for its insurance premiums each July. She stated the city does not directly pay the agent.
She stated the amount of time the agent is used by the City varies from year to year. Councilor
Thompson asked if the agent would look to other insurance carriers to insure the City was getting
the best value it could. Director Young replied having an agent compare insurance rates from
different insurance companies was an expectation. She added that Mr. Fullhart had done so and
provided the data to the City each year. She advised that the City’s insurance coverage needs
could be packaged together or independently. She stated the City requires worker’s compensation,
general liability and medical insurance. She stated the RFP allowed applicants to propose whether
an hourly rate or commission would be used for compensation.

Councilor Thompson asked how many Director Young anticipated responding to the RFP.
Director Young replied she’d had inquiries from three agents besides Mr. Fullhart and she would
look for other agents in the area that would be good candidates. She stated that CIS’s pricing is
difficult to beat for a small municipality.

Councilor Weed voiced concern that requiring an agent with experience in the public sector pool
experience was too limiting. Director Young replied an agent with experience was staff’s
recommendation and that experience with a non-profit organization could also apply. Councilor

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                                                               WORKSHOP MEETING MINUTES
                                                                    SISTERS CITY COUNCIL
                                                                   520 E. CASCADE AVENUE
                                                                          FEBRUARY 02, 2012

Weed asked who the members of the panel reviewing the proposals would be. Director Young
stated she and Lynne Fujita-Conrads would be representatives from staff along with a Council
member, and the risk managers from the cities of Bend and Redmond.

The Council agreed to leave the proposal as presented and have staff move forward in the process
and bring the RFP to the Council for approval at the February 9th regular meeting.

B. Development Code Update

Director Hardie stated a minor update to the Development Code was necessary to correct clerical
errors, provide consistency with Oregon Revised Statues (ORS) and to provide greater flexibility
within the Code. She stated the workshop would be the first in a series of workshop to acquaint
the Council with the proposed changes and recommendation from the Planning Commission. She
stated she expected the Development Code changes adopted by the end of March. She provided a
recap and the reasoning for the proposed changes that had already been reviewed by the Planning
Commission. She answered questions posed by the Council.

Manager Stein noted there was an opening for presenting information at the workshop of
February 9th and Director Hardie stated she would have additional proposed changes she could
bring to the Council at that workshop since the Planning Commission had met the previous
evening to discuss additional chapters. The Council agreed it would be an appropriate workshop

C. Preview February 9th Workshop and Regular Meeting Agenda

City Recorder Nelson provided a preview of the February 9th workshop and regular meeting. She
stated she will add a workshop topic to the agenda relating to the continued review of the
Development Code update.

D. City Manager Update

Manager Stein informed the Council about an emerging economic development opportunity and
the need to meet soon with councilors individually to discuss an incentive package for the business
which has requested confidentiality. Councilor Weed stated she felt enterprise zone incentives
should be sufficient. Councilor Thompson wondered whether some of the incentives, if related
to the enterprise zone could be discussed in generalities. Manager Stein replied that might be
possible and discussed the length of time water and sewer rate discounts were meant to last.
Councilor Thompson stated he did not agree with Councilor Weed’s view of the enterprise zone
benefits, stating he felt the City needed to be totally supportive of the opportunity to show citizens
and other businesses the City of Sisters was open for business and opportunities for growth. He
stated a company that wants to invest in the City, increase the tax base and create jobs should be

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                                                           WORKSHOP MEETING MINUTES
                                                                SISTERS CITY COUNCIL
                                                               520 E. CASCADE AVENUE
                                                                      FEBRUARY 02, 2012

welcomed. He stated he also felt it was important for the community to see the Council work
together as recent events had rocked the community’s confidence.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

___________________________                               ___________________________
Kathy Nelson, City Recorder                               Lon Kellstrom, Mayor

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